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Presbterian Choir to Appear
in Special Program Sun
day at 5 o'clofck j
According to the custom of past
years, the choir ot the First Pres
byterian church will present an
Easter concert Sunday afternoon
at the reaper hour and will con
tinue for one hoar.
The coneert, arranged by Wil
liam Wright, choir director, la as
Organ Prelude, "Chant TrIomph-
. w. OanI
Prof. Churchill
I. The Last Supper
861o, "A New Commandment,"
Maunder v -
Laurence Deacon
Chorus, "Bread of the World"
Mackinson . '
Quartet, "Lore Is the Greatest
Gift" .. . Wlldermere
Tenor obligato, Mr. Wright ;
II The Tragedy
Solo. "Let Thy, Will Be Done"
Wlldemere . '-v, a ;
Frank Ritchie
Chorus, "Soul of Christ". Wehbe
Solo, "There Is a Green HilT
Gonnod - --' ;'.j .
Josephine Albert
III The Victory
Male chorus, f Christ Is Risen"
MlnshsH-Nerln f
Chorus, TJnf Id, Te Portals"
Gounod--- . ' : :. ;";:r'
IV The InritafJoav
Trio. "Jesus Thon Art Standing"
Worthing w"-
Miss Cooley, Miss Albert,
Mr. Wright
Chorus, "Awake Thou that Sleep-
eat" ' :' staxner
Organ Postlude, Hosanna" .
Wschs. -;.. J - :
The choir under the direction
ot Mr. Wright, has been practic
ing tor sereral weeks on the con
cert and has prepared it In good
form. Placing the concert at the
reaper hour has put the program
at a time which will sot conflict
with most of the Easter concerts
to be glyen this year; : - - -
Chetneketa St. SBrangellsal
Sunday, school wilT present an
Easter terries entitled "The Res
urrection" Sunday evening at
o'clock. The program Is arranged
aa follows: ,
Piano solo Opal Slewart
"Fill the World
With Praise" Choir
Scripture and Prayer Pastor
-God's Lore" Choir
-Easter Angels" . . . .Lola Ray
HapBT Easter Time". ......
Wayne Cowdeh and Lillle Nair
"Stars O'er a Hill". . ; . . .Choir
(Solo parts, Dorothy Hubbard and
Clifford Smith.)
-The Best of ' '
Caster .... . .Roy. Strsusbaugh
"Bells of Easter .
Garden" ........Junior Girls
"Awake" ........Oscar Wright
-O Great Thy Works". .. . .Choir
"The Angel of ? r
Victory" ..... . Verne Wright
Address. ..... Rer. Ch E. Erskine
Offertory .... ..Gladys Jehman
Solo . ; ;
"Resignation" '.Ernest Lehman
-The Sign" .Bobby Carper
"Caster Comes" .'...Opal Slewart
-i Know Tnat My
Redeemer Liveth". . . . . . Choir
"Wait In the -
Garden" ..... . .Irma Martin
-Easter Cain ........ ...Choir
Benediction - ............ Pastor
Knight Memorial
Morning Service.
Is Easter Drama
A dramatisation of the Easter
story win ; be, presented at the
Knight Memorial church In the
mornmj service at 11 o'clock. -
The scene win be that ot gar
den with palms, lilies and flowers.
The characters as they will appear
re: uonaw Barnard as Pilate;
R07 Harland ma r-h!f nrlaat; Mrs.
Ethel Thompson as Mary Magda-
iene; iiucjis Harland as Salome;
Olive Barnard as Mary the mother
of James; J. J. Thompson as Pe
ter and H. L. Braden as John. The
cast will be assisted by the choir
ana Everett Craren of Portland.
The musical numbers are from
Bach's "Passion Music," "When
I Surrey the Wondrous Cross.'
' The Cry of the Soldiers." "Sara
Thyself, from the cantata "Morn
of Victory;" "Night Within the
Garden," from the cantata "Our
curing Lord." and "I Know that
'7 Redeemer Lireth"
Children toGive v
Special Pragram
The children of the Free Meth
odist Sunday school will giro a
special Easter morning program,
consisting of class exercises, sonrg
nd readings, during the regular
churcbschooi - hour. The school
fouveaes at t:45 o'clock. Rer. W.
Coffee will preach an Easter
Bf.rmon at 11 o'clock. Special ma
85 has been arranged for this ser
vice. - . , : ..
mar sratxTcrsx
t. W1 T"P " Ceafer Stmt W
?!. , at. Th regular yasUr.
wTiT' w""?1 . La " VaUey ef Fart la ad
a I" V r Mi Mia Saultar.
Directs Choir
JT. William Belcher of Portland,
dfiwrtnr of tha Leslla Memorial
choir which appears in Easter con
cert at 7:SO 'does; mmaay ere-
f ' An Easter vrocram will be pre
sented at the Sunday school hour
at the CalTary Baptist churcn ana
will be followed by the ordinance
of baotlsm. ' The orogram is by
ths nrimarr and beginners de-
Dariments and includes:
8ong "Christ Arose;- . .by school
Prayer . " -,
"Welcome". . ... Stanley Welbon
Song "Daffodils". .Primary Dept.
Exercise .
"Easter" ... Six primary boys
"My Easter Lily".. Jean Barham
Exercise. "What Makes
The Spring".. Six primary girls
"Awake". Primary department
"At, Last"... .;.. Janet Eilers
Exercise. "Haw Far Does
Lore Reach".Four primary boys
Song TTls
Spring" ...Junior department
"Victory" ... .Florence Foster
Piano S0le.....Vere Jean Huber
"The. Resurrection". . . Juniors
Tableau "The Old Rugged
Cross"..... Intermediate girls
At the morning worship seVrice
at 10:8 o'clock Rer. W. Earl
Cochran win sing "The Resurrec
tion" by Shelly, and tho choir will
sing an anthem. "CalTary", by
Rodney. Owen's gospel song,
"What Did He Do?" will also be
suns: by tho church choir. The
sermon wlU be on "The Battle
Orer the Empty Tomb."
SsTeral special features hare
been arranged in obserranee of
Easter by the different groups of
tho Jason Lee Memorial cnurcn,
first of which will be a sunriss
nraver meetinar at C o'clock Sun
day morning with the young peo
ple in charge. Mrs. Robert Fork-
ner Is directing the program. This
will bo followed by -an , Easter
oreaxiasi at ins cnurcn h
a av . A. .e A
The early morning meeting has
become a tradition at this, church,
and while the young folk are in
charge, all are larKed to tho ser
rice. "
Reception of members and bap
tisms with special music wul be
high points in the morning: wor
ship at 11 o clock. - Tho church
school, which meets at 19 o'clock,
wlU hare short programs in "the
radons departments, with the In
termediates to , hare a special
showing ot good pictures on tho
stereopticon. ----- ;-
The big erent of the day for the
congregation will be the Easter
cantata by the church choir and
friends at T : S o'clock Sunday
erenlng. Mrs. 8heldon Sackett Is
directing- th choir. The Blakeslee
sisters will contribute two special
numbers on the program.
Campus Groups
Plan Sunrise
Easter Worship
The two Christian associations
ot Willamette unlrerslty win hold
their annual Easter sunrise serrlce
on the east steps of tho espitol
building at C o'clock Sunday
morning, it was announced Friday.
Hayes Beau ana assistants bare
arranged an appropriate program.
The serrlce will be led by Leslie
Manker. In ease the weather Is
nelement and will not permit the
use of the Capitol steps,, the ser
rlce will be held in the Chresto
cottage on the campus. ,
Ereryone, both Catholic and
non-Catholic, is welcome to the
Easter nerriets in St. Joseph's
church. Father Buck, the pastor,
announces, and gires the ' follow
ing Information. Low mass with
communion at 7 a. m. and anoth
er low mass at t a. m. when a
beautiful program of music wCI
be sung by the Sacred Heart aca
demy choir. .Communion also at
this mass. -
At 10 o'clock there will be a
solemn high mass with three
priests, and 2ft boys from Mi. An
gel Seminary will aifSment the
regular choir, who will sing a sue
clal mass for the occasion. The
offertory Is one composed by Rt.
Rer. Abbott Placidus, O. S. B. . -
Lodge Group to Share Pro
gram at Unitarian Church
: Tomorrow Morning
The DMtlay Commandery of
the Knights Templar will attend
Easter serrices atvthe Unitarian
church Sunday morning at 11:00
o'clock. The Prelate ot the order j
win assist Rer. Martin F. Ferrer,
the minister In the conduct of the
serrices and the sermon will deal
with the historical development of
the order and their part in the
liberalization of the world at large
and Christianity In particular.
, The program for the morlng has
been . arranged as follows: Ser
mon, "The Sword of Truth and
the Shield of Immortality." Organ
prelude; hymn 642, "Onward
Christian - Soldiers." The Easter
serrlce on page 20 In the serrlce
book. Responsible reading by the
Templare. Vocal duet, "Forerer
with tho Lord,". Mrs. Truma Hu
ton and Mrs. Florence M, Ferrer.
Scripture reading, Haggal n. 1-10
and John XX, 1-11. Prayer by the
Prelate of the Knightsv Response:
announcements; offertory; rocal
solo, "Hosanna" . Granier, 1 Mrs.
Florence H. Ferrey ; sermon ; To
tal solo, "Sons ot Men," Mr. Ly
man McDonald; organ postlude.
Mrs. Frank Breckenbridge at the
organ. .
A story-cantata7 with pageant
wti be presented in obserranee of
Easter at the .Reformed , church
at 7:20 o'clock Sunday erenlng.
The cantata is' "The Dawn- of Vic
tory", musical numbers of which
are as follows:
Let Glad Voices Ring Proces
Calrary (solo), Truth Con
tralto. V ' .
Down From the HU1 ot Cal
rary -Chorus.
Remember How He Spake, to
Thee; Faith, Soprano.
In the Midst of a Beautiful Gar
denQuartet. .
Walt To the Victory Day (duet)
Faith and Truth.
Truly This Was the Son of God
(solo) Nlcodemus.
We Haste to the Tomb Chorus
ot women.
A Risen Lord Is Ours, (solo)
Can It Be He Lireth Chorus.
- Christ Jesus Is Liring Today
Closing chorus.
Members of the church who will
take part are: Eleanor Berth,
Alice Wulfemeyer, Mr. and Mrs.
F. E..Kruse, Mr. and Mrs. Lorens
Schmuelle, Mr. and Mrs. Arno
Spranger, Mrs. Anna Wulfemeyer,
Hertha . ToeUe, Herold ToeUe,
Amanda and Lola Lienkaemper
and Rer. and Mrs. W. G. Lien
Ford Memorial
Easier Program
Features Music
Special musle will feature the
Sunday erenlng worship at the
Ford Memorial church in West Sa
lem, The program wilt begin at 7:-
20 o'clock and la as follows:
Hymn -"Low in the Grare," the
congregation; prayer f Rer. M. A.
Grores. pastor.
Pageant "Easter, Morn," Inter
Sir1, 10 Lm
"Calrary." H3. Harris Thompson;
Chorus, "Allellula. Christ Is Ris
en, the choir; Song, the T John
Frleean family; Shorus "The King
of Glory -Shan Come In," choir
Address "Immortality," Pastor;
Solo-'-TheSonrlHeard One Sun-
- 1
Alrin Meade is director of the I
The young people of the church
Epworth League wlU hold .a sun-
rife meettogr at t o'clockv f oUowed
by an Easur breikfast la the com-
nniiif nail A , trim nm nAm.1
J I .L . Iia.i. w x 1
ing Kmcs uu uiut atlases Ajuier
ana Kemington wiu . sine a . duet
and reception of new. members and I
baptism 01 oa eies wul occur.
of Eight y
To Be Baptized
Baptismal serricer for eight ot
the young people of the Interme
diate department will be the main
erent of the Easter moraine aar
rices at the MU1 street Methodist I
Episcopal - church.. Special music
and hymns hare been prepared by I
urn cfliivA koiku groapa ana miw iiuui wucij vi
lolsts with a theme aunroortate to I McKay building, Portland, begln-
the baptismal rites. Following the I
oapusm serrlce and reception of
the children- into preparatory
memoership, Rer. patrfk Dahlln
wiu preach on "Loyalty." ,
Vt Ealaak orar Girtk btwm amd
TSir atrMi. Hmfitk A, OrHNLi
lor. fiaa. S7S E4wstor atrMt. Pbi
1S41S. ScrrieM: EmwUr kckvot S:45
. m. - hfmf DLapp, Kapt. Wonhip
It ft. m. Tl iHt by h UttI Uim
KUr 4 Baiartft. tr unwx,
"Tk Bmmtliwi," by tk pattor. Tkr
will b rptio f araWn mm has-
tmm f abis. at . wm 1 irn. Jmnitt
him Mt at 11 a.
sui Mabel i
km s:9o. tramiaa T:So. Tk J
Saadiy aebaat hri will nHl lfoadaf
at S b. a. Bar 8conU will mat at T
P- m. Taaadar ninr. Bibla ttnir.
Srayar ass praue I y. a. Tltusday. ;
Vain the
Christ hath
American Lutheran Church
Plans Double Observance
Congregation Will Celebrate End of First Year
In Easter DayServices Prepared for
Both Morning and Evening
Easter day.. 1928. the American
Lutheran church held its first
morning serrlce in the church au
ditorium and tomorrow it will
hare a - double obserration In
honor of the rebirth of Christ and
the beginning of a new year ot
work, Easter serrices will begin
with an early communion serrlce
at 10:15 o'clock, foUowed by spe
cial serrices at. 11, announces the
Rer. P. W. Erieksen, paster.
The Sunday school, assisted by
the chorus choir of SOjoices, has
prepared an excellenfrirogram for
the erenlng meeting at 7:20
o'clock. Following are the com
plete "programs for morning and
erenlng serrices:
Prelude Andante Pastorale.
Alexis. Miss Arlene Tlmm, organ
ist,.. : ' , .
Jesus Christ is Risen. Today-
The ppening serrlce. -
"'O Joyous Easter Morning "
audience. ;
Scripture reading.
Male Quartet, "The Awakening
Chorus" Homer; Herman Tasto,
Arthur Tasto, William Brltzke,
Max Gehlhar.
Anthem, "For It The Dead Rise
Not," Gabriel. ,
Offertory, "CalTary." Mreeman.
Solo, "Sheep and Lambs," Ho
mer. Leon Jennlsen. .
Sermon, "The TJaparalled Day,"
The Rer. P. W. Erlksen.
Prayer, and Doxology.
Postlude, "Trlnmphal March.'
Castle Church
Easter Program
Is Announced
Program for Easter at the Cas
tle United Brethern church will
morning; nd Is announced as fol
lows by the pastor, Rer. IV W.
Biddle: - - - '. -
CPrelude, Easter Processional1
by Ira B. Wilson: doxology; inro-
cation, Gloria Petri; congregation
al, song, "Christ Arose." Scripture
'Matthew, chapter 2 ; ro-
urM voeai soio. -iaii- inou
Glorious Easter Morn!ng"-by P. A.
c.v-rr r wi,m-
Sermon, "The Risen Christ" by
the pastor Rot. L. W. Biddle. Re
ception of members. Benediction.
-.1.., Ok. V - M . .
Ji1" S.rS'? "
SSsTaKir P- " T
. -.
. " T
Lr i . ? ? w '
i. SZUer Ax6673i7
Will Broadcast
Easter Message
Rer. Father Thomas V. Keen-
an, pastor ot the St. Vincent de
Paul Catholic church of thl city.
will brosdesst an Easter sermon
Sunday erenlng, March 2 1, orer
station KEX Portland.
This sermon will be broadcast
under the auspices of the Catho-
nlnx at 7:20 p. m. and lasting un-
ui 7:50 p. m.
Early Morning
Meet Planned
The Christian Endearor of the
South Salem Friends church wlU
hare an Easter . mornlns prayer
meeting at the home of Dr. J.
Pembertoa,: 1425 South Commer-
clal street, beginning at 7 o'clock.
,,u TenIng meeting. -
.special iasxer exercises wiu
feature the 1 Sunday school and
1 morning worship at the church.
Christ the Lord is risen today,.
Sons of men and angels say:
; Raise your joys and triumphs high.
Sing, ye heavens, and earth reply.
, ...
Love's redeeming' work is done,
Fought the fight, the battle won;- ,
Lo! our Sun's eclipse is o'er;
Lo! He sets in blood no more.
stone, the watch, the seal :
burst the gates of hell!
Death in vain forbids His rise;
Christ hath opened paradise!
lives again our srlorious Kinsr:
Where, O Death, is nowjthyting?
Once He died, oursotflsto savex
Where thy victory, O Grave?
Ereoinc Serrlce
Prelude, "Erening Prayer,"
Primary department Easter
parade; Sunday school, proces
Chorus "The Resurrection Day".
Respoaslre reading and prayer.
Chorus, "The Word is Spoken.'
Exercise, "What Easter Means,"
Lloyd Relnwald," Aage Rohmer,
Gordon Kraeger. ,
. Chorus "The Song of Triumph."
Recitation, "The Garden," Mar
garet Clare.
Exercise. "The Lilies Easter
Song," Kindergarten class. ' '
Chorus, "Come. See Where He
Lay;"' exercise, "The Message of
the Cross, Gladys Quesseth, Doris
Strand, Marine Stetler.
Chorus." "Dark Was the Vale.
Exercise, "Easter." Dale Reed.
Dale Newman, Wilbur Flnden,
Russell Peters, Wilfred Peters,
Kenneth Peters.
Chorus "Easter Bells' ot Pesce.'
Exercise, "Consider the Lilies,1
Fay Sherman, Grace Johnson,
Marcele Stetler. Lillian Meyers,
Lorene Taylor.
Address, Max Gehlhar; exercise
"Easter Promises," Darid Struts,
Lester Meyers, Gene 'Huntley.
Offertory, "There Is A Green
Hill," Gounod; remarks by Paster
Chorus. "Easter Day is Pass
Postlude, "Esster Day," Hos
Vesper Service
By Joint Choir
In Two Churches
la a reaper serrlce at 4 o'clock
at the Knight Memorial church
and an erenlng serrlce in the
Grand theatre, the choirs of the
Calrary Baptist church and the
Knight Memorial Church will unite
in the presentation of the Easter
aantata. ''Mora ot Victory," by
E. K. Heyser. , ,:
Her. H. C. Storer wUl direct
the combined choir at the Vesper
serrlce and Rer. Earl W. Cochran
will direct in the erenlng at the
Grand theatre.. ..--
" Accomnanists will be Donald J.
Allison, organist of the Knight
Memorial church and Mrs. W. F.
Foster, ' organist of the Calrary
Baptist churcn. ; v ,
Members ot the' choirs who will
sins special numbers are Miss
Grace Fawk. Miss' Myra Gleason,
Beneltta Edwards, Harriet Adams.
IC L. Braden, Leonard Chad wick
and Mrs. Dale Taylor.
Regular Masses
, At St Vincent
. Masses on Easter Sunday will
be held as usual at 0 and 10:20
o'clock at the St. Vincent dePaul
Catholic church. Myrtle and High
land arenues, reports the Rer.
Father Thos. V. Keensn. The last
mass win be a high mass with Rer.
Father Hentges a S. C. of Colum
bia unlrerslty, Portland, preach
ing. This wni be followed by ben
ediction ot the .most blessed sac
rament. 5 : - '
' , 6TJ20I2SB "MEET
The rouns people of the Court
street Church ot Christ wm hold
a sunrise serrlce Easter morning;
berinninr at 7 o'clock, following
which they will hare breakfast at
the church at 2 o'clock. -A short
Easter program will be-gtren at
the Bible school hour. '
Caraar Caateal aa4 Maria itraatc. VT.
O. Ucakaaaiaar. paitar. Bmnity aebaal
t S:43. , t. . ' Kraca aasariaieadrnt.
EaffUa aerrieat aftsao. Subject! 'Te
Tbraa- Marra at tka Opaa goaakara."
Aantaa imifti at 11:15. S abject: "Oor
Eaatar raita." Eaater Cantata it T:M
BishOD Wa T. Sumner of
Portland In Charge' of
Morning Services
The choir of . St.. Paul's church,
under the direction of R. H. Rob
ertson will appear in special song
Easter Day at the 11 o'clock aerr-J
lee. The Right Rer. Walter T.
Sumner, bishop of Oregon,, will
conduct the different serrices dur
ing, the morning. The program
is as .follows: - .
Processional. "Come Te Faithful"!
Christ Our Passorer. .. .Schilling
Kyria. (Tours)
Gloria Tibl. Gratia Tibrd
Nicene Creed ...... (Harker)
"Victory . . .Gaul
"Angejs Roll the Rock Away"
Sermon . . . ."Bishop Sumner"
Gloria . . . .
"Day of Resurrection". . .Spence
Presentation "Praise God"
Sursum'Coda and
Sanctus (Camidge)
Benedietus .". . (Selby)
Agnes Del (Adams)
Gloria Iu Excelsis. . (Old Chant)
Serenfold Amen. (Stainer)
Nunc Dimlttis ..(Vincent)
Recessional "Jesus Christ is Risen
' Soloists Kamed
; The soloists are Louise Robert
son, Margaret Rosecrans, R. H.
Robertson and Tom Tattum. The
personnel of the choir is as fol
lows: Mrs. Louise Robertson,
Mrs.' V. E. Kuhn, Julia Creech,
Sarah Lansing, Irene De Lisle,
Bertha Orford, Mrs. Joseph Law,
Mrs. Margaret Rosecrans, Eileen
Gilson, Jennie Thompson, Mary
Kafoury, R. H. Robertson, Thomai
Williams, Robert Neimeyer, Tom
Tattum, .and. Frank Deckebach.
The organist is Myrtle Knowland.
- At the Good Friday serrices be
tween the hours of 12 and 2, the
Rer. U. H. Gibbs of Portland will
officiate. Persons can attend
these serrices at any time during
these hours. Request is -made.
howerer. - that persons enter or
leare during the singing of a
hymn. .
The Easter serrices of the First
Christian church start with "Syn-
rise Prayer Serrices" at 6:00 a
a' .
to. The Loyal Friend's class, will
meet at the church from where
transportation will be furnished
to West Salem Heights,, the place
of meeting, Ereryone Is cordi
ally invited .to this , serrlce. The
high school class ' Will hare a'
prayer serrlce and special Easter
breakfast at . the church.
Other plans of the church for
Easter Include: Special features
In each department in the church
school which meets at 9:45, Sun
day morning; preaching serrices
At 11 o'clock, when D. J. Howe
will use as his theme "The Resur
rection Gospel." Special music
for the worship hour will Include
a solo by Mrs. Clayton Jackson.
Calrary" (Rodney-Wilson); and
a baritone solo by Ralph Patter
son, "I Know That My Redeemor
Lireth, (from Messiah).
The choir will present a con
cert of Easter music ss a prelude
to the erening serrice. and Uldine
Gartln. the blind singer, will sing
as a solo, "The Stranger of Gal
ilee". Subject for the Easter eve
ning sermon will be "The New
Life of Christ." Baptisms! ser
rices wil close thf day at this
Special Music
By Gospel Team
At Evangelical
A special musical progrsm will
feature the Easter dsy serrices at
the First Evangelical church, an.
neunced Rer. A. L Laytoo, with
the Gospel team from the Nortn
Pacific ErangeUssaoinatltute la
Portland to Jnxniah all the num
bers at the morning hour except
a solo by Lawrence Msres. -Rer.
Carl Wackerbarth of the institute
will also bring the Easter morning
message, -. 7 ; :.. -u
A platform meeting will be
held at the erenlng serrices, with
a special quartet from the insti
tute to sing. Dr. J. A. Goode of
the school faculty will hare charge
ot this hour.
Young People
V Plan Program
. The Sunday school and Baptist
Yonnsr People's Union of tne
First German Baptist hurch are
cooperating in a Bible - day and
Eaater program to be siren Sun
day night at the church, begin-
nlnsr at 7:20 o'clock. Aummis-
tration of Baptism will take place
folio wine the morning - sermon.
when the church choir will Ing
"Behold the King and Who ire
All these Robed in White?''
6 klMk Milk C CttUr m tStk
llrwt. I D. fimitfe. . 134S B.
CoBUMrrisI trot. Saaday . at
:45. Seceial '. fcr th ehildrra'a
itM,' Mrminr prchimg at II lr nrr.
K. J. Lard ( Katrbrf. . Taaac aoal'
Bartlnc at S:SO. Thaa Saanaaa. vrrti-
4nu U eiarr. Mrs. T. A. RiaM,
fea4rr. vsacali&li arvie at f :S. Sola
fcy lira. C. M. LitwUlar aad a Saet hr
Mr. aaS Kra. A. O. SfeTder. ET. C.
H. Ropkla. farmer pattar tai church
os Mr f.fiawBarg, wui yraaca. ,
Both Morning anirx
The rested choir of the First Methodist church wUl appear In
Easter concert at 7:20 o'clock. Easter evening under direction of,
Prof. E. W. .Hobson iind at 10 o'clock Sunday morning the church
school will give a Veil-prepared program, with the cradle roll, be
ginners, primary and junior departments cooperating.
The chorus choir of the Leslie
Memorial church,. South Commer
cial 'and Myers streets, will pre
sent Ira B. Wilson's Easter-can
tata, The Dawn of Easter," at
7:45 o'clock Sunday rveninr, J.
William Belcher of oprtiana, ai
rectingix Cantata OwtUned
- Chorus "For Our Transgres
"The Master is Asleep," L. H.
Springer. Men's chorus, "Our
Hopes, Our Dreams Are Dead."
Tenor and contralto duet, "Let
Not Tour Heart Be Troubled."
William McGilchrist, Mrs.- T. H.
Temple and choir. Tenor solo.
"Tomorrow," Floyd v Mclntire.
"Day .-Is. Breaking." -' Bass solo
and, woman's chorus, ','He Is Not
Here," F. C. Rock. Chorus,
"Come Forth In Triumph." So
prano solo and chorus.; "O Te of
Little Faith." Miss Ruth- Hazel
ton. Chorus, "Risen from the
Dead." Final chorus,' "Thanks
Be to God." ; '
Chorus Personnel
Those who will take part In
the cantata are: soprano, Mes
dames W. R. Bush, Irene Lore,
Clark M. Will, W. J.Llnfoot, A.
It. Mason; Misses Ruth Hazelton,
Helen Curry, piadys E. Miller,
Isabelle Huston. Marine . Ulrich.
Alto, Mesdames'A. ;C. Bornstedt,
Lu T. Beall. T. H.Temple, E. T.
Barkus, C. C. Long, Misses Helen
Ingrey and Gladys D. Miller. Ten
or, Messrs. William McGilchrist,
Floyd Mclntlre.Fred L. Scott, H,
R. White, Ben' F. West. Bass,
Messrs. F.'- C. Rock. Leslie H.
Springer, L. C. McShane, V. M.
Clark, Alfred French, Leland
Scott, Darlew E. Johnson. Ac
companist'' Mrs. S. Darlow John
son. -
The young folk ot the church
are" sponsoring 0 o'clock early
morning - praise service, when
MrsEmma Whealdon will bring
the message on "The Easter Wit
ness." Following this service,
league breakfasts will be held for
the intermediates at the John
Huston home and for the Leslie
and Asbury groups at the church.
Special services will be he'd st
both services and in the evening
hour at the First Congregational.
church, as follows:
At the Sunday school hour,
9:45, Mrs. Gordon McGilchrist
will sing a solo, Miss Irma Bab
cock will give a reading, and the
school will participate in build
ing a white cross by each wearing
In a flower, symbolizing consecra
tion to Christ.
The music at the morning ser
rice will include Eseter hymns, an
anthem "Now is Christ Exalted'
by Scott, and a solo, "The Won
drous Cross",' by Heyjer sung by
Mrs, Harry Harms.
. At : the evening service . the
greatest religious picture yet
screened. "The King of Kings
be shown. Hymns will be sung.
from, the screen, the euartet will
sing "Sweet Bella or Easter Time
by Baines. And Mrs. Harms "will
sing during the closing scenes of
tie picture "The Old Rugged
Cress." 1 '. r
A ttthn r Prhprarh
i 0 J
: lf m ' M fl Ilf4t1ni
czc v:m iiuiujiwu
Mrs. Haxel Corsaw. member of
.the program committee for the'
Eaater day exercises at the Chris
tian and Missionary Alliance, has
written an Easter progrsm which
will be presented during the Sun
day school ' hour tomorrow morn
ing. The exercises will; begin
promptly at 9:45 o'clock. y
Rer. O. J. Stone; pastor of the
Alliance tabernacle at Tacoma
Wash., will bring the message at
11 o'clock. At the preaching ser
rice Rer. J. G. MIn ton.; regular
pastor, will sing a new Composi
tion ot his own. entitled, "Putting
My Trust In Jesus.? -
St. John's Has
Easter Numbers
St. John's. Lutheran
choir .will sing a special number,
"Low He Is Risen, by George
Kessel. ; in the English services
Sunday morning. Mrs. W. Fisher,
wUl offer a solo, "1 Know that My
Redeemer Liveth., from the Mes-H
siah, as an Easter feature ot the
German services. Mr: Fisher will
accompany her. Holy communion
will be observed in the German
serrices this Sunday, and in Eng
lish 'the following Sunday.
ot-ad Tisnroa sossrow -
t4$ H . Coart atrrat. 8. aaataa. I
anator. ' gaaoav tcbool at 3 p. m. rr-
rirtt at S a4 8 . at. Mwtinr TuedT.
Thursday asd Saturday Taiunr. -
soioisis ior me easier cwuceri.
for which Prof. T. S. Roberts will
be at the organ and Miss Ruth,
Bedford at the piano, are: so
prano, Misa Gladys Mclntyre, alto.
Miss Josephine Albert, tenor, Ron-.
aid Craren, bass, Everett Craven.
The program:
Organ prelude. "Easter Dawn'
Mertel .
Prof, ti S. Roberts
Process lonal hymn No. ISO,
"Christ the Lord Is Risen To
day" Invocation .... Rer. F. C. Taylor
Solo. "He Shall Feed His Flock".
Miss Josephine Albert
Chorus. "Creation Hymn" Rach
maninoff Recitative and Air. "Thou Shalt
Break Them" (from Messiah).
Ronald Craven
Chorus "At the Ninth Hour"
Solo, "I Know That My Redeemer
Liveth" (from Messiah)
Miss Glavds Mclntyre
Organ solo. "Andante Cantabile"
Prof. T. S. Roberta ,
Chorus, "The. Heavens are Tell- 1
ing" (from Createion) -Harden
Solo. "The Trumpet Shall Sound"
(From Messiah) . Handel
Everett Crarea
Chorus "Worthy is the Lamb that
is Slain" (from Messiah)
Children to Appear .
. The program for the Sunday '
school observances and the part te ;
be given by each department fol
lows: . Song by congregation and invo
cation by-Rev. F. C. Taylor. Cradle
roll pupils song, "Jeans Bids Us
Shine;" reading by class, assisted
by Vera Vancleave; recitation,
"Told By Pansies," Audrey Skip
per; ''Jesus Lore3 Me," class.
- Beginners' department - "Oh
Bells in the Steeple," Helen Fred
ericksoa; "Spring," Gene Temple
ton; "Happy Easter Day," Mara
lyn Zeller; "Thoughts and Flow
ers." John Reynolds; Easter Song,
class; " Easter Rabbit." Genevieve
Winslow; "Beginning to Grow
Ruth Barton; "Keeping Easter
Day," Virginia Covert, DIx Moser ,
and Ilona Bateon; "Some Things
that' Easter Brings," Mary Eliza
beth Sisson; "Easter Bells," Patsy
Holt. . -
F1a Story Included
Primary department recita
tion, Beth Siewert; readings, eBt
ty May Selander and Mary Joe
Geaier; songs by class; "Spring
Song;" and "Wake Up Little
Junior department "The Flag
That Flies Highest ot All," a skit
with Wilbur Swafford, reader;
Joseph Tringle, North Wind; Sam
Holladay, East Wind; James Se
hon. West Wind; Gordon - Carl.
South Wind; Bonnie June Selan
des. Flag of England; Betty Mo-,
ser. Flag of France; Betty Fargo,
Flag of America; Marjory Knox,
Christian Flag. Other Glags of .
Nations will be represented by
Iris Frederickaon, Marlon John
ston, Grace Bailey, Beverly Swart. -Paul
Uppold. Robert Lorens,
Walter Waterman and Merrill
Ames. Leaders, Evelyn Berger,
Annabelle Hoogerbyde. Gladys ,
Hawley, Margaret Vadeny, Lois ;
Spanoil and Lnella DeHarport. "
Music Feature . :
A t First Baptist
Church Sunday
The church choir of the First
Baptist'church will present spe
cial program .of Eaater music at
the ' erening serrice at 7:20
o'clock. At the Sunday school hoar'
sereral children from the begin
ners' and Juniors' departments
will appear In a short program of
rerse and song. These two depart,
ments will shortly be liven class
rooms in the new basement. .
Rer. Robert L. Payne will bring
av message appropriate to the day
at both serrices, speaking in the
oiuug ob auau Yt ttnw baca
other in Our, Resurrection
ies?" and at
night on
and Savins."
Plan :
tSpeaal' Music
' . Spb!al Easter ' music Is beln't
planned for the morning worship
at 11 o'clock at the Church Of the
Nazareue on 10th a block south of
Center. Rer. Louise Pinnsll will
hare charge of the music, which
will be as folkws: "Hallelujah
for the Cross." and "Christ A
rose," choir; "He Arose." John
Frierson and family; r.end ; the
Word." Ila. Coramae and Cam a- '
gene Hotter. -;
Tit. .tlMfMlll Mrtfl A . . AwtMkM
w V avr, vuasua ; ttsviivwui :,-
. ' Special Sermon . - . " I
Eaater will be observed In the
Center street, Methodist Episcopal
church, . with an Easter sermon
by the pastor, P. J. Sehnert.' Spe
cial musical - numbers - will ' be
glren. : ''.'k.t;; -av:, . -
Caart aaS 7tk trert., , Tt. F. feboa
Jaker. miaitfr. 144 W. lStfc atrrat.
Bia!a.aeSt 'S:45 a. am. A ahart ExMrr '
Psraai will b riT,a darinf fhm Bibla '
acaml aariad. Ifaraiaa warshin It a. aa.
a "Th naaarrartioa rnC Jt Tr'-mnha."
Appraanriata araaie. diriatiait - Wfiw
aaS Jaarar mtetnrf 8:30 p. aa. 6m; rr
rrf aa4 atiraaa 7:30 p. m. p"l'-t,
"How Shall Wa tfpa if Wa
h Gml 8atTatiaat" Itiat Cartia wt.I
aiag and lead taa caarua at all aarvicea.