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:Iax. temperature Saturday
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maiv - March as. 1851.
Salem; OrimaC Sunday Morning, February 10;
o&irer. Takes Pleasant
Cruise Along Southern
Coast in Friend's Boat
Disagreement of (GO; Years
Standing Brought to final
Close Monday
Detailed : Announcement: o
Terms Will Be Made Be-
fore Parliament
ROME; Feb. 9. (AP) A sue
cession r of ' developments today
brought nearer to the formal .con
summation Monday; the settlement
of the Roman question. The pope
- today ' with the assistance of his
negotiators corrected final proofs
of the texts of the treaty and its
accompanying concordat.
The Italian government notified
all Italian ambassadors and mln
lsters abroad of the agreement
and of , the forthcoming signing.
This was - the first official more
made by that government" in con
nection, with the question, Car-
dlnal Gasparri, papal secretary of
state, although : snf f ittog from a
severe cold,- reeetred I the diplo
mats accredited to the holy see
this morning and heard their con
gratulations before retiring to his
room. - - -
Pope Visited By
King Gustav of Sweden
King Gustav of Sweden visited
the dodo today and congratulated
5rnr-dnring the 15 minute chat
on the reconciliation with Italy.
He was the first crowned head of
Europe to do this. French Am
bassador Defontenay was the first
diplomat accredited to the Vati
can to present congratulations to
the pope, which he did this after
noon. ;
It' was learned today that the
Vatican and the Italian govern
ment have agreed not to publish
the texts of the agreements until
they have been presented to the
Italian parliamnt, which meets in
April following upon the general
election In March.) In the mean,
time only a summary will be pub
lished, giving a mere skeleton out
line wblch will probably be less
comprehensive than the : summar
ization already , carried-by .lbs
SEATTLE. Feb. 9 (AP) Aer
cused of embezzling- $28,000 from
his clients, A. V. Williams, real
estate operator, was charged with
grand larceny and released tonight
under $1600, baCU v
The charges-accuse him specif
ically of embezzling $1400 belong
ing to Rasmus Jensen which WiT
liatas received in rent from'a hotel
owned -by Jensen but failed to
turn over t othe hotel man.
" : This, Deputy Prosecutor R. M.
' Burgunder said. Is Tint one of for
ty similar claims filed with Wil
ham'li. Marks, receiver for the
bankrupt corporation, A. V. Wil
liams Investment-! company, of
which the accused was treasurer.
.The, firm went into the hands of
the receiver several weeks ago:
Burgunder declared Williams
collected $23,147 In rents which
he failed to -turn over to his li
them for taxes , whicb-he Votlte PtOlll CODS
Williams' attorney, H. 8. Frye,
said that his' client had commit
ted no crime, that all money re
ceived was paid oat and that the
firm failed because, it bad. insuf
ficient Income.
Friends?; Meeting
For Quarter Will :
Convene inSalem
The quarterly meeting of the
Friends of the Salem district. com-J
prising Salem, ; Rosedale, -Marion
and Scotts Mills churches, will be
held at the Highland Friends
church here next Friday, Saturday
and Sunday. William Allen, pastor
of the Scotts Mills church, is su
perintendent r the quarterly
meetings..---: v
Sessions will open Friday af
ternoon at 2 13 0 o'clock with the
quarterly meeting on Ministry and
Oversight. The Foreign Mission
board will meet fox, a program at
7:30 o'clock that eveningV 'Ar
rangements . are belng made to
have Earl Dean, a Friend who re
cently returned from two terms of
service in Africa under auspices
cf the Presbyterian church, to ad
dress the .evening meeting.-
Saturday, .morning the "group
will meet: for worship,, luncheon
will be served in the church base
ment at noon and in the after,
noon, beginning at 1:$0 o'clock,
the quarterly Vusines session will
.be.lheld, - :-
Sunday aTternoon the Christian
Endeavor groups' will bold special
: services,-;; marking the .quarterly
meeting .rally. -j ,fCv;v;
In addition to I members from
thte d lstrlct. Friends are expected
to attend from Portland and New.
President-elect To Attend
; Birthday dinner with J
-Thomas Edison r
- HIAMI BEACH. FlaV Feb. 9.
(AP) President-elect Hoover
was cruising' leisurely ; tonight
around the southern end of Flor
Ida on the house-boat "Saunterer!
completely ouf of communication
with land.. He is en route to Fort
Myers, on the west coastt where
on Monday he, will attend the
birthday anniversary of Thomas
A. EdUon fhventor T and patri-
Wlthhlmi were Mrs. Hoover.
Mr. and Mrs. Edgar rRlcard, of
New-York- City, and Jeremiah
Mllbank, eastfrn treasurer of the
republican national : - committee
and owner of the "Saunterer:"
The "party left Belle Isle in auto
mobiles and drove 80 mile
southward to a point north of
Lonjc; Key. where the house-boat
awaited 'them.
Saunterer To Dock
Some Time Monday
In mid-afternoon the craft put
off westward, ; picking Its way
through the numerous keys which
dot the waters between the Atlan
tic and the "Bayi of r Florida. The
route lay across that bay and then
up the coast tohe mouth of the
Colooskatchee river tend : thence
to Tory Myers, where the Saunt
erer will dock Monday? A
While there was soma talk of
Mr. andlMrs. Hoover- landing
down river so that Mr. Edison and
his friends. Henry Ford and Har
vey S. Firestone, could greet
then at the city limits and ride
with them 'to the Edison estate.
It was stated here as the president-elect
departed that the
Saunterer" would dock at the
wharf on the Edison place and the
greeting between the inventor and
the next president take place there
Grist of Bills Tossed Into
Hopper as Legislature
Half Completed
CAPITOL, Olympia. Feb. t -
work for the first half of the ses-
(AP) - Legislators - ended , their
slon today ' by. Introduction . of a
flock of bills touching on subjects
runnings the scale from dog li
censes , to matters -affecting the
supreme. court.
Two - proposals making Impor
tant changes In laws regarding the
supreme court were introduced., A
resolution . proposing a - constitu
tionals amendment creating an In.
feTjpedJate court of. appeals .was
offered jby- the chairman of the
house judiciary committee. Ap
peals from superior courts in civil
suits, involving less - than $5000
and criminal cases not carrying
the death penalty would go to the
intermediate courts. The legisla
ture would divide the state Into
districts, providing such a court
for each district. ":,N . J -
The other measures would pro.
vide for four commissioners to be
named by the supreme court ' to
aid it In: disposing of cases. Both
court measures v embody- recom
mendations of the judicial coun
cil and are designed to relieve the
supreme court of a mass of minor
Cases. '. r -i;-.-- -f
Fines Are $6725
Stafe prohibition bf fleers partic
ipated in 75 arrests during; the
month of January, according to a
report filed in the governor's of
fice Saturday. - - . . ;
Fines imposed , in the cases ag
gregated $6725; with1 jail sentenc
es totalling 1191 days. The offic
ers destroyed 3891 gallons of
mash and seized $80, gallons of
liquor.Twelve stills were taken in
raids. Four cars were confiscated
and are being held pending sale.
010 I ov
BraviBly, Facing Squad of -SlRiflemeii
Whout Quiver
MEXICO Cm,: Feb. . (AP)
The pistol -shoU that killed
General Alvaro Obregon last July
had their last echo today with the
execution by a tiring . squad of
Jose de. la j Toral,, the president
elect's -assassin. y :- ' '
The young slayer, who through
out had maintained that he felt
his act was for the good of Mex
ico, went to his death calmly and
bravely, facing tho tiring squad
quietly and ; dropping swiftly , be
fore a rapid hail of shots. :
vi-'--; Slaying 'Postponed';-"?- fi
The execution had been set for
noon, but it; was put over until
12 : 0 pr m.r A few minutes be
fore that hour Torsi was taken o
v small patio and. Instructed how
to act before the firing squad. He
listened calmly to the instructions
In . the presence only; of : photo
graphers and newspapermen.
Only Short 'Sfir.rTjf'
Is On Schedule ' '
- The luncheon tp celebrate the
zna anniversary of the birth of
MTr - Edison was set for 1 n. m
and Mr. and Mrs. Hoover planned
to board the "Saunterer". again
about z. o clock and : start south
ward for Ponce de - Leon bay.
where the-: president-elect was to
spend a couple of days fishing for
tarpon, the largest of. the Florida
game fish. : ' .
Landing early Thursday at Mar
co of Naples. Mr. and Mrs, Hoo
ver will motor back to their pre-
inaugural home on Belle Isle so
the 5 president-elect can clean up
any work that has accumulated In
his absence and - be .ready early
Friday for his two days Inspection
of the Okeechobee lake flood dis
trict in company with" Governor
Doyle E. Carlton 4 and other offi
cials of Florida. - ' '
office euiLDine
Bm to Designate Accident
Commission Fund as Trust
Is Supported
" All parties to the recent un
pleasantness "concerning the state
office building i and the borrow
ing of funds fronr-lhe industrial
accident commission to finance
its construction, are expected to
be satisfied when a new bill is In
troduced in tne senate mis wees
designating the accident commis
sion fund as-af -trust ftfnd"
- This blU was brought to Salem
last; week by Frank Ransom and
James . Wilson, representing eer
tain contributors to the fund. It
contains a saving clause to the
effect that its provisions will In
no ; way affect the borrowing of
$500,000 for office building
structlon. and under this consld
eration State -Treasurer T... B
Kay has agreed to ' lend his sup
port to Its passage,
j At, the same time Mr. Kay if
still confident that the safety of
th accldlnt commission fund has
never been and is not now In any
danger. He agreed to support the
bill In-order to satisfy contribu
tors who may be troubled by the
agitation' which was aroused, as
to the safety of the fund in an ef
fort to repeal the office building
" The: proposed bill, drafted by
Mr. Wilson, sets out thatthe stab
has made no contribution to the
accident fund since 1923. that the
suggestion that it could be drawn
upon by 5 the state has caused ap
prehension among employers and
employes, causing threats of with
drawal from the compensation
act. .. "- ' ....
I It sets out the "any uncertainty
as to the security and protection
of the fund or doubts as to the
rights of the . state,. . militates
against the fullest acceptance and
proper1 ' administration" of the
law and the commission. The
principal provision is as follows)
i "The i state . of .; Oregon . does
hereby declare that' the industrial
accident fund created i by.. tV
workmen's compensation act bg
and the same is a trust fund for
the uses declared In said act and
no other, and that, -the; contribu
tions to said fund., heretofore
made by the state of Oregon have
become an integral part of. said
fund . and either expended or al
located to the se grated ' accident
fund; and that the state of Ore
gon does hereby declare that " it
has nonproprietary interest in- It
to vreelaim the same or any. part
thereof for its own use. and does
hereby t waive j any such right of
reclamation If any It ever had,
to said tnndj'i h-:ir:-.'--:i
: .'The state board of control has
not yet taken any. steps to have
the plans for the new office build
ing completed, but expects to do
so within r a few rweeks The
plans were being prepared, prior
to the filing of the first suit at
tacking, the legality of the office
building ; law.- by , Knighton and
Howell, Portland architects.
and - even smiled . a Uttle ; aa ' the
men told him how to die. v Then
he was led to a jstone wall in a
large courtyard of the federal
penitentiary , and was placed .be
fore a portion scarred by the bul
lets of many: ottrer executions, v
At 1 2 : J 5 p. yn.' (1:35- eastern
standard time), the - fatal shots
rang out and Toral slumped down.
His body twitched and Captain
Rod digues Rablela, in charge of
the squad, fired the coup de grace,
using a - pistol once presented to
him by General Obregon, Torsi's
victim, f;:-xi f f S-i '
, ' Just '! as .Xh 'Vifles ot thTflr(n g
squad cracked, . Toral f tried to
shoult : ST- ? w-trs"''
Cry-Is'.. Cut Short ) i
' .That was as far as he got He
RlinIDIIQ IC rrinrn
Murderer Dies
(Turn U Pas ft, 0tuma . S.)
Army Engineer Investigating
Cost of Mobile Dredge
. , - Recently Asked ; .....
Senator McNary Sends En
couraging Report; Haw-'
: ley Backs Proposal . r
Encouraging progress In the ef
fort to obtain a mobile dredge on
the Willamette river between Sa
lem and Oregon City to: keep the
channel open for year around nav
igation. Is - shown In "recent com.
munlcations received by the Salem
chamber of commerce from Sena,
tor Charles L. : McNary and Con.
greesman W. C'Hawley. .
The chamber, of commerce has
ust received from the senator a
telegram reporting that he obtain,
ed the following statement; from
General Deakyne, acting chief of
I engineers: - ..
I v - "Havine ; further - reference. . to
your' request that, a dredge be
built for work on the WiQamette
river 'above Portland.' permit me
to advise yon that the department
Is giving careful consideration to
- (Turn to. Page 5. Coltfmn S.)
Rumor Says1 Attempt Made
y Against Life of Star Wit
itess For State -
- LOS ANGELES, Feb. 9. ( AP)
Asa Reyes, former district at
torney, garbed In jail dungarees,
today faced his prospective sen-
con-Uence on-one to 14 years for al
leged bribery with defiance.
-"The trial was only the first
round," he said. "I didn't want
sympathy. I want justice.' I am
going to fight, this case to (he
end.'f . " 1 , - - -
The alleged recipient of up
wards of $175,000 In cash and
gifts was visited-br hU wife and
daughterwjvfter- - be ' ha break
fasted on hash, -prunes and cof
fee. Mrs. Keyes and her daugh
ters appeared hysterical when
they left the cell. -
E. H. Rosenberg, co-defendant.
who had collapsed when the
guilty verdict "was read last night,
had recovered his poise today.
Many an Innocent : man has
been in-jail before," he said, "and
I guess I can stand It a day or
Ben Getsoff, the tailor and al
leged 'fixer, appeared very III in
tne jail ; hospital ward. I m , a
sick man," he repeated over and
over as he lay. shivering on the
hospital cot. - . - v .
" Attorneys for the men Indicat
ed that - they will . ask the ; court,
when the three are ap for sen
tence Monday, for several days'
time in. which to prepare their
arguments for a new triaL Mean
while the district, attorney's office
was Investigating .what - was said
to have been an apparent attempt
on the life of Jacob Berman, the
state's star, witness in the alleged
bribery 'case, last night. 5
EUGENE. Ore4 b. 9 (AP)
Robert W. Kelly, Hollywood, Cal.,
sophomore at the University of
Oregon, was fatally Injured and
Sherman -Ixckwood, San Fran
cisco, , tennis sUr, - was seriously
injured here today when the au
tomobile in which ' they were rid
ing crashed Into a" fire struck.-;
Kelly died Ibtu hospital tonight.
He suffered a -fractured skull and
internal injuries. Lockwood will
survive, ' physicians ; believe, - L
The - accident " occurred when
Loekwood - drove j Kelly to his
stalled . automobile with . a gallon
of gasoline? The fire truck, an
swering an alarm at the home of
Mayor Wilder, was speeding down
th . thoroughfare with .sirens
screaming. Lockwood drove his
ear broadside Into the truck; ' - .
Inmates Would Be
Under state Body
Bills are being prepared which.
if approved, will place the Inmates
of the state training school for
boys ; and the , state ' industrial
schooL for girls under the . state
board of i hygiene. ; These s bills
werer recommended by the super
intendents of .the institutions, in
mates: of r the- state " penitentiary
and " the iwo sUte- hospitals al
ready ; .are - : merthe hygiene
board.-.-; - .r-
. pounciAX forger
tAL,LAS. Jex,. Feb. -(AP)
Een C. .Richard," Jr Dallas' pol
itician, .was found guilty, of lor
gery by n Jury here tonight en
sentenced - to - three, years In th.
penitentiary. "
I J -Z A : 2-.rJr VIVWAV .'2'-,- ' .11
'Jwi -liW ffrf&Zy
r V & MiFwM 0tW
Washington, FeW (AP)
Without a dissenting ballot,: the
house today passed a -senate bin
to fix a ten year program for the
establishment of refuges to care
for the country's migratory game
birds. The vote was 21 9 to 0.
The measure, designed to carry
out the-' terms, of the migratory
bird treaty with Canada, would
create bird' sanctuaries in accord
ance - with - plans worked out by
a commission' provided for under
the bill. The measure goes back
to the senate for" consideration of
changes made by the house.
Thereywas no opposition to tne
bill during debate 4n the house
and when he question of a vote on
passage is reached there was a de
mand for a record ballot to dem
onstrate the unanimity of the
house in favor of the proposal.
Several members clamored . 'for
recognition to request a roil call.
but the speaker declined to hear
5bRATISLAVA. Csechoslovakla,
Feb. " 9 (AP)--Sharving ; wolves
today fell upon the village school
master of Bayda. near here, and a
parish priest, and inflicted serious
injuries. The wolves were driven
of f by peasants armed with guns
and pi tchf orks. ;. The victims f were
unconscious when rescued.
(AP)A. furious : bllxsard and
packs of wolves have caused, ter.
ror In Broussau. Three Gasman
tourists exploring the outskirts of
the city- near ' the green; moscuq
were '; reported to l have been de
voured by wolves
The billiard destroyed - many
houses In Moudania. Here the cold
is the most. Intense In 25 years.
The upper Golden Horn and the
Bay of Bosphorus are frozen.,' ,
Veteran Clerk of -
Senate Lauded
Upon Anniversary
7! tndation of John Hunt; chief
clerk of the seoate. was contained
In a communication . prepared hy
Fred-Drager, chief clerk of the
honse. .on the' occasion 7 of Mr.
TT..t. lAtk Vt V Am w .ii nlrnr.l T-r
The communication .'was read in
the senate and resulted In a round
of cheers." - -: :.-7"
JJr.JHtfnt has been employed.on
the senate desk since "1$ 07 and has
been In attendance at 11s sessions
of the legislature. He first served
as assistant chief clerk, but was
nromoted to chief clerk In 1 1 9.
J r. Hunt lives at Wood bam where
he Is prominent In . civil and com.
mercisl affairs. He has served as
mayor of Woodburn and prseldent
of the -chamber of commerce.
Oregon Medical
School Is Given
Sum of $400,000
$300,000 to be Spent on
Bundino.With Remainder
For Equipment
PORTLAND, Ore.. Feb. t.
(AP) A gift of $400,000, to be
used by the University of Oregon
medical school for a clinic, which
will also be used to continue the
work of the Portland free dlspen
sary, was announced tonight-by
the general education board of
the Rockefeller Foundation - of
New York, in a telegram sent to
Dr. Richard B. Dlllehunt, dean of
me meaicai scnooi nere, oy w. w.
Brierly, secretary of the founda
tion board.
The funds become available im
mediately, and the gift Is made
without conditions of any kind, it
was announced. No money must
be raised to "match" tho gift. (
. Request for the donation . was
made .more than a year ago by
Dr. Arnold -Bennett Hall, presi
dent of the. University. of Oregon,
and the board ' of regents, upon
recommendation of Dr. DlUehunt
Immediately . after ' the request
was made, a detailed study of the
medical school and Its affiliated
institutions, the Multnomah .coun
ty hospital. Doernbacher Memor
ial hospital for children, and . the
Portland free dispensary was made
by Dr. Norbert A. Lambert; secre-
i tary of the Foundation at New
York, upon the basis ; or bis
study .the full request was granted.
The new building will be erect
ed upon the campus 'of the medi
cal school here The structure It
self will cost about $300,000 and
the other $100,0 0q will he used
to purchase". equipment , , ,
fore adjourning at midnight the
Philippine legislature appropriat
ed one million pesos: ($500,000)
for typnooa reuet. : v
Mercury arid Opinions at ;-;
Y ariance in Estimate of .
-7 Deee of Arctic Warmth
Just why the 'official . govern
ment thermometer maintained at
Salem ' by the Weather. bureau
should register a-.' minimum tem
perature of 1$ ' degrees early Sat
urday morning when other- ther
mometers registered from eight to
11. degrees higher is question
rv"T - T" k r"r" '
Portland,: notoriously colder
than Salem during the winter sea
son, doe presumably to the east
west sweep of the wind up " and
down the Columbia" gorge, had a
minimum . temperature of 10 de
grees above zero, according to the
government 'report given out there.
The minimum here should reason
ably v have been, above C 20 -t
the same time, it was declared by
mnay, and this was' the tempera-
Lr-0v V.; , A
STAYTON,- Feb.,? (Special)
The Stayton. Lions elub was pre:
sented its charter formally tonight
at a banquet attended by 150 per
sons Including representatives of
all Lions clubs in the Willamette
valley. The presentation address
was delivered by, Carl O, Lrosan.
a director of Lions ' International,
of Seattle. Acceptance was by Dr
H. A. Beauchamp, president of
the newly organized club..
An address of welcome was de
livered by Mayorr George Keech.
and the response was - by C. A
Swone. secretary of the Salem
club. The invocation was led by
the Rev. W. Wright. A violin duet
was offered by Mrs. W. M. Swift
and Mrs. H. E. Whirry with Mr
Whirry at the piano, and a vocal
duet by-Mrs. J. W. Mayo and Mrs
G. F. Korinek, accompanied by
Mrs. H. A. Beauchamp.. .
Representatives of other Stay-
ton-organizations were "W. A-
Weddle of the chamber of com
merce, Mrs. C. A. Brewer of the
Woman's Community club, H. R.
Rauscher of the ' American 'Le
gion. . The " woman's club served
the banquet, which was followed
by"dandng.v .;-' y ' ::-:::
Postal Receipts "
Ovet$lpQ0 Daily
More than $1000 a day, includ
ing holidays and Sundays, has
been received ' at the Salem post
office since January 1, ' 122$,
Postmaster John Farraf announ
ced JSaturday. This amonut repre
sents a- blgb mark ' In postoruce
reints. Total reeelnts for the
year of is 28 were slightly more
than-$225,000. . '
"Of course we" can hardly ex
pect, this figure to continue," de
clared Farrar. -.....:'.-- "
ture'recorded on 'at least two Sa
lem' thermometers. ' One of these
is attached to the Marlon hotel
building In such alnanner that it
can be read from the hotel lobby
by. looking out through the win
dow. The other is a recording In
strument attached to the east side
of : the Hartman Jewelry sore at
State and Llbery streets. -v:p:V.
; It was noted by a reporter, last
month on the advent of . warm
south-wind that : brought a re
spite lp . the cold snap, that - the
red line of Hartman's thermom
eter ',. showed a steady rise' during
the evening., and passed the 32
mark: at abont 11 o'clock. At 1 1
o'clock the fine drifts of snotf that
had collected on the pavement in
Salem began to melt. Since scien
(Turn to Pass 5. Column 1.)
Two Important Memorials
, and Senate Vetoed Bill to
Get Attention '
Bill on Election of Supreme
Court Justices Made Spe
cial Business 1
Senate and house will be con-'
fronted with crowded calendar
when, they resume Monday, after
the week end recess. The house
calendar especially la heavy for 1 ;
the reason that it contains a ape -cial
order of business, two In-.
portent memorials and a senate ,
vetoed bill. j 1- '
Probably the most ImporUnt
senate bill to be considered ; on
thlnkreadlng in the upper house
Monday is one introduced by
Senator. J. O. Bailey providing .
that maritime workers, may come
under the workmens' compensa
tion act. At a public hearing held .
recently the statement was made .
that these workers are paying as
much as 15 per cent for protect
tlon under the 'federal law. It
was thought that they might re- .
ceive the same protection under -the.
compensation act at a lesser
rate. In case the bill Is approved
It will be necessary for the Indus
trial accident commission to work -out
a schedule of rates applying - .
to these workers.
Authorizes Fire
Hazard Districts
Another bill up for third read
ing in the senate Monday was in- - '
troduced by the forestry commit,
tee and authorizes the establish
ment or tire hazard districts. The
bill provides that these districts -may
be found at special elections
called upon petition of more than
50 per cent of the land owners in
the proposed district.
There also is up for considera
tion a senate bill Introduced by " '
the livestock committee, author-
king state traffice officers to as
sist in running down thieves of
livestock In Eastern and Central .
Oregon. Eight house bills also ,
are on. the senate calendar for
third reading Monday. '
A bill vetoed by Governor Pat
terson at the 1027 legislative ees
slon will come' up for third read
ing in the house. This bill pro .
vides for an Increase in the sal- -aries
of certald.Lake county effl.;",
clals. It was passed over t be
veto of Governor Patterson In the -senate.
The .bill originally ws
introduced in the senate by Sena-
tor Upton and Representatives -Collier,
BuTdlck and Hamilton. -Joint
Memorials : v i ,
To Be Considered : I
-Another senate bill on third -
reaamg in the house provides
that all. funds collected by Malt
nomah county officials
turned over to the county treas
urer daily. Tax moneys collect
ed by- the sheriff are exempted
from the bill. This bill' wss in
troduced by the Multnomah coun
ty delegation, and was declared to
be in the interest of good bust-
ness. -- : . ' '' - . '
A" bill by Representative Ma-
Turn to .fas V Column 4. V
Governor - Patterson - Saturday'
signed, the following bills which
were approved- by- both the ' hotrse
and senate: V
H. B. 25. by Carkin et alR- -
pealing section of Oregon laws re-
latlng to appropriation for; Indus
trial school purposes. "
H. B. C3. by Carkin et al Re
pealing section of Oregon laws re- ,
latlng to armories. "
H. B7 100, by Carkin et al Re- .
pealing section of Oregon laws le
1 sting to Oregon buildnig at Cat.
if ornla exposition.
H. B. 130, by Carkin et al Re- .
pealing sections of Oregon laws
relating to estimates for schoelaJ
. H. B. 133, by Carkin et al Re
pealingsectlon of Oregon laws re
lating to compulsory school at-.,
tendance ' , - - :
H. B. 140, by Haxlett Helatlnr. .
to liens on crops. i ' Y'-'; ';-';' .-..,
IT. B. 218, by Collier et al Re
lating - to levying of assessments ,
by Irrigation districts. . , -
H. B. 221. by Chinnock Te re
lieve Irrigation districts Jta certain
eases from the obligation to repay
to the state on district bonds.
H. B. 222, by Chinnock Pro
ridlnsrfor the organization of tiri-"". .
Ration district boards and outlin
ing their duties. -; Z
H. B.- 24$, by Lonergan Tp .
amend section 1, chapter 241, gen. .
era! laws of Oregon for 1927, and
declaring an emergency.
H. B." 244, by Lonergan Pro
viding that railroads shall keep
pass lists open tSf public service
commission Inspection. "-' ': .
Bu B. 282, by .Lee Relating to
the return of a writ of attachment
1 1 matters of garnishees by sheriff. -
S. B. 24, by Kuck Relatin to
meeting placse f of military organ,
izations. - - . .'
, 8. B. 44,- by committee on edu
cation Relating to standardiaa
tlon of colleges, . universities and
J normal schools. - v ; . -
-0 V
r '
.1 ;