The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, December 04, 1928, Page 10, Image 10

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lT'S ill VE z
Byra im Larry Brownlac bM Dea
rM onry a snort um. it naa Dcn
at first slfcbt betwn a man who
ited Ufa to move swlfUr and excit-
fy and a girl of golden beauty, aim.
pty broucbt op In a small town, who
expected to settle down and have a
iMsae ana children
There were many thing that threat
ened their happiness light from the
cdnnlnc: Larry's partnership with
NSMsmipuloas Jack Duncan in a spec.
- venture, floatln the stock of
ta Builders Supply company, Larry's
cMtinual wane from By rd father,
whe was president of a bank In Jack
sonville; the succession of parties with
a sast-mvlnc crowd, consisting of Tiny
aaw Fred Oberman. Jack and Margy
Etancan, Chet Everson and India Camp-
n, a former sweetnean or uarry s ;
Laftt'b KrowtnK extravagance ; his re
fusal to break off his friendship with
India ; lastly their Increasing- number
ee quarrels over bills, over liquor, over
card games, over all sorts 01 auier-
Byrd's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Hamil
tesv arrived to spend a week with
taem. Mrs. Hamilton, who loved to
Maage other people's affairs, was bit
ter in her criticism of Byrd's extrav
agant manner of living; and Byrd's
friends. Byrd couldn't tell her the
truth without Involving Larry. Her
Barents fall for Larry's clamorous per
seaality, and her father gave him an
other loan.
Before they left. Mr. Hamilton con
fided to Byrd his greatest worry,
which was Pat. Byrd s young sister,
who was "hitting the trail like the rest
mi these vouna eolta" It was arranged
that Pat spend the summer with Larry
aaa Byrd. Pat coming bad more ser
ious results than anyone anticipated.
TT was Just a week after Byrd's
parents had returned to Jack
sonville when Pat arrived.
Larry's attitude was enigmati
cal, for be bad seemed delighted
with the arrangement when they
first discussed it with her father
aaa mother. Now he had grown
greuchler and grouchier each day
over the prospect of having one
ore person In the little apart
saent. He would wait until it was
tee) late to write, thought Byrd.
with an agony of pain wrenching
her heart.
How In the world were they go
tag to put three people In the
breakfast alcove, he wanted to
kaow. Pat would have to use the
tm-a-door bed that opened Jnto the
Irving room, and a sixteen-year-old
ought to be in bed at nine o'clock,
or ten at the latest. Where was he
apposed to spend his evenings?
Sitting In the kitchen. Or take bis
books and papers into the broom
closet? pat was too young to be of
any help at a party, and too old to
be told to stay at home every
sight. What were tfiey going to do
with her?Well, he'd, be darned
If he'd torn nursemaid .'He hadn't
gotten used to being married to
a person, not to mention two.
He wound up each diatribe by
wondering why he'd gotten mar
riod. anyway!
Patiently ByrdV?ir$red every
Ingle queruloustt&tement.
"Why, Larry, I hadn't the least
4ea you weren't wiling to have
Pat come up for a little while."
she burst out. In tearful exasper
ation. "You told father you were
going to be out of town practical
ly all the time now since you and
Jack decided to work the small
towns around the state first, and
It would be company for me."
Silver sheets of brimming blue
water filmed Byrd's deep-set eyes.
"That" another thing again."
argued the argumentative Larry.
kid her age- is bound to want
lot of excitement. She'll be drag
ging the entire neighborhood In
ail hours of the day and night."
"I can manage her," answered
Byrd quietly.
" umph ! " shrugged Larry,
with a belittling shoulder. "You!"
You'll have Just about as much in
fluence with her, as a fly with a
monkey. Well, If she starts going
a pace, I'll take a hand."
" umph!" thought Byrd to
herself, with a scornful mental
The idea of Larry managing any
woman was ridiculous. Still, if he
felt responsible for Pat, as a mem
ber of bis family, who, like her
self, was expected to reflect only
credit on its male member, Larry's
Influence might have a chastening
effect even on the irrepressible
"She's probably got the appe-
w o a yan." said Larry, grinding.
"You needn't worry about the
expense," said Byrd, quickly.
"aru take care of that."
Byrd felt a momentary resent
vnat Larry could borrow
money with such equanimity from
box father and Quibble Ilka thi.
ever a little added expense to the
gjweery DUX.
"Dott't you really want Pat to
mboI "i Byrd eyed Larry ehallen-
sgly. for her deep love for Lar
ry wouldn't swerve her from her
"a duty toward her sister
rwrtans It wouldn't be to bad. she
decided, with sudden Intuition, to
permit the tlnjest little breech to
take place between her father
and Larry,
Oh, let herr como Larry de-
cs magnanimously, fbut for
s-eco-s sk, see that sbe doesn't
a wviua us au me VIM.
And nw here she wasOr rath
er here Cy, wore! ITorjome inex
plicable reason, Instead of sending
Pat to the apartment In a taxi, as
ho said ho would do, Larry was
escorting her In person. Byrd
could hear their gay voices echo
ing down the corridor. She frown
ed. What a racket they were mak
"Here's the Jazx kid!" Larry
said, as Pat rushed by him and
threw herself into Byrd 1 arms.
"Gee. I'm glad to see you, dar-
lln" and she embraced Byrd rap
turously, again aue again. How s
the old straw hat, anyway?"
"Great, Pat, dear, and how are
you?" asked Byrd, patting her
hair back into place, Pat's embra
ces were like a mountain slide.
"You don't have to put quite so
much muscle into your greetings,
"Well, here's your little hay
shaker right from the country,"
Pat stood with her feet, far apart,
"fresh as this morning's milk.
How do you like It?"
Byrd surveyed her helter-skelter
tomboy of a sister, while Pat. dis
daining a chair, Jumped up and sat
on the edge of the somewhat fra
gile gatelegged table that served
as a dining room set, swinging her
legs violently.
She wore a little green felt hat
bright as a blade of new grass, a
yellow sport coat with an Easter
egg lining, and underneath one
glimpsed a sport dress of brightest
rose, in the latest design.
"Bought the whole darned out
fit in a sport shop on the avenooo
in Cincin in fifteen minutes, with
time out for lunch. It's my snap
piest model."
Byrd, slightly bewildered, stood
looking at her, one hand moodily
drawing her Hps together.
"You look like a purple mo
ment," she said weakly.
From a slight, slat-ribbed, red-
haired tomboy that had paled with
every boy in the neighborhood,
shinnying up trees, operating on
grubby worms, swimming in the
creek, boj scouting with them.
dexterous with a rope or a knife,
and inventive as any of them when
it came to constructing radios and
aeroplanes, Byrd suddenly realized
that Pat, still possessed of that
electric vitality that started sud
den excited gusts of air stirring
wherever she went, had lost some
thing of her boyish simplicity, and
in its place there was a bright,
hard blatancy.
In a word, she was loud. She
still had, however, her one dis
arming charm, a directness and
lack of self-cbnsclousnesa.
"Not a word to throw at a
dog," Pat said, winking broadly
at Larry. "I gather it's not as
swanky as it thought it was."
"Ob, you look wonderful," lied
Byrd, and then hastily changed
the subject.
"The office has been trying to
locate you, Larry. Better hurry
before they call again."
Looking as If he'd rather stay.
Larry departed.
"I'm here to stay," Pat announ
ced, after Larry had gone, jerk
ing open her suitcase and dump
ing its contents on ono of the
twin beds. "I brought along all
my Junk and I'm ". here she
burst into a' high soprano, cutting
a caper to its beat, " never go
ing home any more! The whole
family have gone batty since you
left. Henrietta is simply impos
sible. Why the day you were mar
ried she hauled out all that mil
dewed fancy work that you start
ed years ago, in your unbalanced
moments, and made me start
working on my trousseau. Can
you see me married? I'd rather be
thrown to the crocodiles! Then
father got sore about my falling
down on the old geometry for the
third time."
Byrd helped Pat arrange her
clothes in the dressing room clos
et, four hooks of which had been
generously emptied to accommo
date a dozen violent-looking dress
es, coats and hats, and then they
sat down and discussed Pat's fu
Bat balked openly on going to
a city high school, and they com
promised on a business college.
The next day she promised she
would start at the Cleveland Com
mercial school.
While Byrd shelled new peas
and scraped now potatoes for din
ner, Pat moved restlessly about,
examining and commenting on ev
erything in the apartment in her
decisive, outspoken way.
"How do you like married life.
anyway, Byrd?" she asked cur
iously. "It didn't take Larry long
to tot mo know now he felt about
"How was that?" smiled Byrd,
"Oh. he thinks a man of his
temperament isn't cut out for It,"
yawned Pat "I wouldn't let him
get away with that point of view
much longer. He got you Into it.
not you nun."
Byrd chuckled.
And say. Toots, how can tou
stand this crowded apartment?
uosn, i haven't been able to draw
a whole breath yet!" Pat gave a
groan, much muffled with breath.
My exhaust Just cant work I"
"Larry thinks we're better off
in town ror a while. He thinks he's
going to make a little fortune on
Serving as .Trustee under tiring and
Life Insurance Trusts, and as Executor
and Trustee under Wills, pUl for a
confidential interview regarding your
estate. -
A. N. Bush, Pres., W.S. Walton, V.-Pres
L." P. Aldrich, Sec
Jos?H. Albert, Trust Officer.
Warden Under Fire
feumors emanating from too U.
S. department of Justice Indicate
that there is a movement on foot
to remove Warden W. Snook from,
hit post as warden of Atlanta,'
GaV ederal penitentiary, and that
a congressional Investigation will
be held ahortly after election:
!Once before prison matters were
'investigated at Atlanta and tho
Warden was exonerated o f any
some stock he and Jack Duncan
are floating. Then we'll buy a
place In the country," explained
Byrd, flying to the cupboards and
back again to the kitchen stove.
"Rav. I hroueht alone my box
ing gloves," Pat said, pouncing up
on her suitcase which naa Deen
Dashed under one bed. "Dad let
me take lessons Just to work off
some of this surplus energy."
Drat ilnMnmlv at the
grotesque pillows of pig-skin
which Pat bad slipped over her
Pat's hair was bright,-burning
red, and Just washed and- fluffed,
it gleamed In the evening light
like a living flame. Her skin had
the same radiant quality save for
the spatter of freckles across her
little pug nose and her eyes were
bright blue. A shining arrogance
and undaunted sense of life gave
her a challenging air. She made
Byrd think of a prickly porcupine,
ready to fling her sharp quills at
any one who opposed her. Pat
hadn't the slightest idea in the
world what she wanted, but she
meant to go right after it and no
body could stop her. In a childish
way, sho was wary, calculating,
perceptive to an uncanny degree,
but very human and loveable.
She looked at Byrd now as if
she were thinking that some peo
ple were awful fools but catch
her being one!
"Take those things off before
Larry comes," said Byrd, as she
finished setting the table, "Larry
"There you go, deferring to Lar
ry again," laughed Pat. "Why do
you care so much what he thinks
or what he wants? I'm-Just wait
ing to practice on him!"
As she mentioned hie name,
Larry appeared.
"You're earlier than you've
been for a month of Sundays!"
said Byrd, looking up, surprised.
What's going to happen?"
"Suffering fish I" retorted Lar
ry, "can t a fellow change his
schedule once in a while without
it being tho subject of a lecture?"
v Then Pat stepped in. .;
"Cut tho barbed wire!; Come
on, let's have a skirmish before
dinner," sho cried, gayly,-waving
tho gloves at him. "We'll take
tarns unless you've got a pair."
- Larry did have some.
He stood regarding his little sister-in-law
with amusement, her
figure straight and boyish, her
eyes laughing with that sense of
mischief that made her lsseslstlble.
Her school life had been interrup
ted almost daily by some unto
ward act that had kept her father
In an almost perpetual Interview
with the principal and her moth
er's lips pulled down with great
weights of disapproval.
Larry removed his coat ana the
scrimmage began. . Byrd ran
around, moving back the furni
ture and placing the bric-a-brac
in safer places. Pat's light, sinu
ous body, was the essence of
grace, as she ducked, dipped, man
euvered, covering her opponent.
recovering lost ground, or giving
way, as she finally had to, to Lar
ry s more skillful arm.
"Your round," called Pat, pant-
ingly, every little while.
Finally, her' breath gone, she
leaned against Larry, completely
spent and the tears of laughter
still brimming in her blue eyes.
"You're some fighter!" he ad
mitted, laughingly, enjoying the
sportsmanlike way she had stuck
to the end. "You've had a poor
trainer! Jim doesn't, know any
thing about fighting! I'll give you
the right dope!"
"We-ell, I'm I'm pretty good,
don't you think?" she stuttered,
taking in her breath and wiping
the perspiration off her broad,
low forehead. She tossed her head
like a high-spirited horse.
"You're dam good!" laughed
During dinner, Pat and Larry
discussed all the points" of the box
ing ring, dipping into prise fight
ing and its allied industries.
Tou know, if it hadn't been for
Henrietta dads would have taken
mo to the Tunney-Dempsey fight
at Chicago. ; she nodded solemn
ly. "I cried tor two whole days
because moms wouldn't let me
go." -
Fine lines of worry began to
crowd the creamy surface around
Byrd's eyes, Sho wished Larry
wouldn't encourage Pat's way
ward propensities.
"Mother was right, Pat," Byrd
began slowly. "You're almost sev
enteen years old, and it's time you
grew up. The things you've been
doing in Jacksonville would look
crude in a city. People wouldn't
"Want me to be a little Lord
Fauntleroy?" Pat and Larry
looked at each other understand
lngly and burst Into laughter.
Byrd looked nonplussed.
"Listen to me, Pat," began
Byrd, earneetly. "You can't jgo on
tearing around like a crazy boy
all your life. On the other hand,
you can have a Cam good time,
and be doing' something worth
while at the same time. A general
improvement In your manners
won't be any social barrier." She
added this with a smile.
"Thus endeth the first lesson,"
Jeered Pat.
She saw that she had hurt
Byrd's feelings. She put an arm
around her shoulder.
"Now, please don't be snooty,
Byrd darlin'! But you can't strut
that family stuff 1 I've had too
many doses of family castor oil,
and I'm going to be my own boss
for a while. If you start worry-
In' about me, you'll suffer from
tho rush of blood to th,e cortical
centers and have a stroke or
"Go fry an egg, Byrd!" Larry
Joined In, easily. "Let the kid
alone. Why, she Just came today,
and you go jumping all over her."
He turned to Pat. "Byrd thinks
she's General Booth, and has to
revolutionize tho world. She wants
everybody to be cute little an
"You're certainly a great help!"
said Byrd to Larry with a long
look which had no effect at all.
"Come on, let's go to a movie,"
said- Larry. "We've just got time
to wash the dishes and get to the
second show.
"Pat spent last night on a sleep
er 'and she's got to bo at school at
eight-fifteen in the morning," ex
postulated Byrd.
Wow don't be a flat tire."
chirped up Pat.
"All right, you two go," said
Byrd. "I've got some mending to
Pat flew around like an ani
mated Easter egg, and in two min
utes she and Larry were cake
walking down the hall. Pat always
hopped and skipped and Jumped
to the place she wanted to go.
"Don't know how to use her legs
like a lady," her mother used to
.After they were gone, Byrd
realized she would hare tp change
her tactics in regard to Pat, for
any open criticism would arouse
Larry to her defense. And Pat
had to be curbed. She certainly
did! And she'd be ruined if she
wasn't! And it was up to Byrd!
Byrd settled down finally to
her aewine. after washing the
dishes, her deep violet eyes cloud
ed with many new problems whicn
Pat's coming had suddenly precip
itated. There was a light tapping at the
door. It was probably one of the
neighbors on their floor, but now
that she had gotten to know them
all, they usually walked right in.
Something warned her not to ans
wer the door, but she did.
if and Mrs. Alfred Ericlson
are . receiving the com raUlations
of friends on the birth: of their,
first child, a girl, December 1 at
their homo on Franklin, avenue.
The little lady has been- named
Shirley Ann.
The regular W. C. t. U. busi
ness session will be held this af
ternoon beainnlng at X:S0 o'clock
In the Unlqn hall on Commercial'
and Ferry street. The aevoiiona
will be led by Mrs. D. J. Howe.
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