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    The New OSssoit. Statesman, StSem, Orif6n,Wednet3av JTonttw, Orfeii.3f.7W- :5
Local News Briefs
Eiurenrans Here Mr. and Mrs.
C W. Watkins of Eugene were
Tuesday guests at the Marion.
Here From Silrerton Mary
Pottorff of SllTerton was a Salem
visitor Tuesday.
THr.. Myers Here Williams My.
ers. state electrical inspector, was
in the city Tuesday and last night
from Portland.
From Medford Mr. and Mrs.
L. W. Luy of Medford arrired in
Salem Tuesday to spend the day.
Wedding Bells Ring A license
to marry was Issued from the of-
flee of the Marion county clerk
here Tuesday to Robert W. Kelly,
21, of St. Louis, Missouri, and
Viola Davis, 18 of Salem.
Pair Married Here Roy W.
Simmons 32, of Marshfield, took
out a license Tuesday to many
Olyne M. Rennings, 22, of Salem.
MeDougal Fined Walter L.. Me
Dougal was fined ?10 and costs in
Justice court here Tuesday for
keeping a dog without buying a
Hfhse for it.
y Cirand Jnry io .ueei- -a ne neii
v4 session of the Marion county
S grand Jury will begin Thursday,
November 8, it was announced at
If the office of the Marion county
I clerk Tuesday.
I Salem Couple Wed A mar-
f -WNirlage license was issued by the
" Marion county clerk here Tuesday
to Kenneth Rich, 21, and Jean
Hobson, 21, both of Salem.
Marriage License Issued Ed
ward S. Pieser, 28, of Stay ton,
took out a-Jlcense here Tuesday
to marry Doris Hilleary, 20, of
Final Account Filed Final ac
count in the matter of the estate
of Adam Burkholder was filed in
probate here Tuesday. Cash re
ceipts are listed at 127.018.58 and
disbursements at $2,716.50, leav
ing a balance of S24.302.08.
'm K Article Stolen Mrs. Fred
jJThielsen, Salem route 4, report
n cd to the police Tuesday that a
Vhat," a purse and a pair of gloves
had been stolen from an automo-
mobile at Chdrch and Chemek-
eta streets Monday night.
Road Graders Bought - Two
sew patrol graders have been
bought for use on Marion roads,
according to announcement made
Tuesday at the office of the coun
ty road master. The graders are
to cost $1845 each. The county
already owns four similar ma
chines. Road Meeting Asked A peti
tion was filed with the Marion
county court Tuesday asking that
a meeting be called In road dis
trict 51 to vote a special road tax.
The petition asks that Pringle
school house be chosen as the
place of meeting. It Is signed by
E. N. Gillingham and others.
Mortgage Foreclosure The
troubles ol Newton W. Ellis, who
was named Monday as defendant
In a $20,000 alienation of affec
tions suit, continued Tuesday
when suit was filed by Fred C.
Rltner to foreclose a $3500 mort
gage. Suit Stopped Quickly A suiU
for divorce, followed bv a motion
for dismissal, both by Ida Madsen,
were filed In circuit court here
' Tuesday. She mentloneds In her di
vorce complaint that once before
she began divorce proceedings
against Arthur Madsen, her hus
band, and changed her mind.
They were married in South Da
kota May 3. 1915.
Separation Demanded Suit for
divorce was filed in circuit court
here Tuesday against Albert E.
Dahlheim. Iva Dahlheim, the
plaintiff, recites a course of al
leged cruel and inhuman treat
ment on his part including hta
coming home drunk "on numerous
occasions, and once leaving her
stranded without carfare two
miles front home. She had to walk
all the way home she asserts.
They were- married In Vancouver,
Wash., September 27, 1918.
Final Account Listed Final
aicount in the matter of the es
tate of the late J. Frank Dunlap
was filed In probate here Tues
day. The sum of $12C4.41 has
been paid out, as against only
$403.01 received, according to
I the report. The deficit of $861-
.'40 has' been laTten' care of by Ef
L.. fie W. Dunlap, sole heir to the
nastate, the report says.
Vf -New Patrolman Sought Petl-x-Vtlou
was filed with the county
i here, Tuesday asking that. Frank
i - Beully be appointed road patrol
f man for the section of county
road extending from Niagara to
Detroit. The petition, jrhich is
signed by Hal L. McClary and 24
ethers, recites: "Whereas, realiz
ing that the section of highway
lying. between Niagara and De
trait f wnHhr Af tfio nnitvtjtul
attentlon of some energetic and
conscientious cltlxen of this dis
trict . . ." and Indicates that the
signers of the petition prefer
their man to Roy Newport, who
bow holds the position.
Seal Sale Committee to Meet
The committee In charge of the
1928 Jted Cross seal sale in this
county will meet at 2 o'clock this
afternoon at the home of the
chairman. Miss Dorothea Steus
loff. 1185 Court street. Other
members of the county committee
ire Mrs. A. A. Michel, ' Miss
Frances Kantner, Mrs. G. F.
Chambers and Mrs. D. B. Hill. Ap
proximately half of the 35 .sub
agents whom Miss Steusloff ' will
have assisting In the county work
have been selected and accepted
the appointment, and the entire
list will be completed toon.
Dr. Edith -V. Witzel
Osteopathic Physician and Bur.
ffeon. specializes' In diseases of
. v women and children .
Office 428 Oregon Bldg.
Phone 77$ " Res. 1261-J
Title In Issue -Suit' to quiet
title was filed in circuit court
here Tuesday by W. H. Vearrier
against Augustus Engle.
Mr. Pnrcell" Here Oscar Pur
cell, clerk of the schol ' district
at RiTerriew,.was attending . to
business matters in Salem Tues
day and called at the county sup
erintendent's office to confer .on
school matters.
G. R. Speaker Coming The
Girls' Reserve of the senior high
school will meet Wednesday in
room 413 for an address to be
given by Zada French, national
Y. W. C. A. secretary of New York,
who Is visiting the Girt Reserve
groups in a number of Oregon cit
ies. SoDhomores to M e e t The
sophomore class of tne senior high
school will hold a business meet
ing during the aetvityperiodTthls
morning. Robert King is the presi
One Arm In Use George Webb
rot Eugene was arrested by a Sa
lem traffic officer early Tuesaay
morning on a charge of driving
ith only one arm, ana anting
an automobile Improperly lighted.
Light Improper Harry H.
Harms, 1920 Center street ana
Floyd Ambrose, 344 North Front,
were arrested Monaay mgni ou
charges of driving automobiles
with improper lights.
Permit Issued Harry H.
Harms took out a permit Tues
day to 'build a residence, costing
$3300 at 905 Academy street.
Garage Planned F. W. De-
wltz received a permit from the
city recorder's office Tuesday to
build a garage costing $125 at
8T1 South 22nd street.
Returns To . Seattle Mrs. O.
N. Blair, who was. in Salem to at
tend the funeral of her sister, the
late Mrs. Birdeen Perlick, re
turned late Tuesday to her home
in Seattle.
Pastor Visit Kimball The
Rev. Harry Gardner, pastor of
the Jason Lee Methodist church
gave the chapel address al Klm-
ball School of Theology on Tues-
day. He spoke on the subject.
Seaman at Tale Gale Seaman,
former student secretary of the
Y. M. C. A. for Pacific coast col
leges, is now at Yale university,
according to a letter recently re
ceived by President Doney of Wil
lamette university. Mr. Seaman
was well known to Willamette stu
dents working in the Y. M. C. A
Benson Going East Interests
in a Willys-Overland agency In
Fort Dodge, Iowa, will take Harry
Benson there. Benson has been
a salesman for the Alfred-Blllingsley
Motor company for tne
past year. He will leave Salem
uame jet liar Hum As a
result of the. sale of grandstand
seats at the Salem-Albany game
last Saturday, the higs school will
pay sugntiy over $50 to the school
board to apply on the grandstand
cost. Despite heavy exoense for
the dedication events, the school
realized about $70 for its own
Idaho Visitors Mrs A J Mr
Cormick and Robert McCormick
of Caldwell, Idaho, visited with
Dr. John Dr McCormick on Mon
day. Mrs. McCormick is Dr. Mc
Cormick'8 mother, and Robert Mc
Cormick is his brother; he is field
secretary for the College of Idaho
at Caldwell.
Got Wrong Game Apparently
there Is more than one aspect to
the fan problem In Salem when
both the university and high
school athletic teams are playing
In Salem on the same day. At
least Merritt Davis, student bod??
treasurer wno was at the cates
for the high school game, reports
one he witnessed at the Saturday
game. Two students hurried Into
me grandstand late, seated them
selves and began a frantic search
ror familiar faces. A question en-
iigntened tnem: they had fnlinwd
the wrong crowd and were at the
nign scnoi game when it was the
Willamette contest they wanted to
see. They were directed to the col
lege neia and dashed for it.
Hears from Dnffey Principal
J. C Nelson of the senior high
school has received a request from
irvmg uurrey. who graduated
uere wun me class or 1925, to
nave nis credits forwarded to the
University of Washington. Duffey,
" wiwm irom neaiue, was a
gooa football player and Is i
brother of Tom Duffey. who nlav
ea on tne basketball team last
year and who Is now attendlnr
irregon Agricultural college.
Ross In Portland Milo Ross,
wno graduated from the Salem
high school last June and was se
lected by his class as one of the
ciM represeniauves on tne com
mencement program, has written
J. c. Nelson, school principal, ask
ing that his credits be transfer
red to the North Pacific Evange
lical Institute which he has been
attending in Portland. Milo is the
son of Clifton Ross, city mail car,
rler, and was prominent In debate
while In school.
H ADD BUCK, Danlicro
, - r , EstabIIhdi868
'general banking1 business
-Office Honrs from 10 a. m. to 3 p. m.
: . Takes- New ' Job Miss Mary
Huff, secretary to A. C. Bohrn
stedt, realtor, has resigned her
position and will toe employed In
the state '.highway department at
the eapitol. - Miss - Beverly Wy
gant, . formerly with the ; Capital
Realty A company, - takes Miss
Huff's position and began her
work Tuesday.
Health Clinic Today A health
clinic will be held at the McKlnley
school today with Dr. EdwarcfjLee
Russell of the Marion coisnty
child health . demonstration ' in
charge. . Tuesday the first clinic
for the year in the Salem schools
was held when 95 pupils of Gar
field school were examined.
Alfred Visits Reports that the
automobile business in Portland
and throughout the state Is good,
were brought to Salem Tuesday
by J. H. Alfred, president of the
Alfred-Blllingsley Motor company
of Portland. The coming election
has had no affect on automobile
sales In the Willys and Overland
lines. ' -
Atwater-Kent Radios
Vick Brothers. '
Paint, Lacquers, Varnish
Enamels, quality goods. Pres-
nalls, 455 Court.
Vick Brothers for At water-Kent
All Electric Radios.
Dollar Dinner
Every night 5:30 to
8 at the
Marion hoteL
Fresh Homemade Cider-
Guaranteed pure and clean, 35
cents gallon. Bring container.
849 Rural Ave.
Christmas Card Problems
Easily solved Just phone 500
and ask our salesman to call with
samples. Commercial Printing
Dept., Statesman Publishing Co.,
215 S. Commercial.
Furniture Upholsterer
And repairing Giese-Powers
Furniture Co.
The Owl's 80th anniversary-
Sale, Thurs., Fri., and Sat., this
week. Big reduction in all stan
dard merchandise. Look for our
ad In Wednessday'a Statesman.
Capital Drug Store.
Costumes, Wigs, and Masks
For rent, 2266 N. 5th, phone
The Owl's 86th anniversary
Sale, Thurs., Frl., and Sat., this
week. Big reduction In all stan
dard merchandise. Look for our
ad in Wednesday's Statesman.
Capital Drug Store.
Sugar Sacks .
For sale, 60c per dozen.
Bros. Packing Co.
1020 Stock
Of wall paper now here. Best
quality. Preenalls, 465 Corrt bt.
Old Time Masquerade Dance -
Crystal Garden, Wednesday
For Rent Modern
Five-room house, phono 1734J.
Hallowe'en Cooked Food-
Sale today. By War Mothers,
41 Court street.
Vote November 6
Then come to the Original Rex-
all one cent sale, November 8, 9,
10. Perry's Drug Store.
Cooked Food Sale
And Rummage, Wednesday,
October 31
175 North High.
Automobile' Firm
Files Articles
The Braly Auto company, with
capital stock at 3100,000 and
headquarters In Portland, has
been Incorporated by J C. Braly,
R. Lowe and W. H. Masters
other articles filed in the state
corporation department h e e
Tuesday follow:
Cement Building company,
Portland. 35000; A. G. Fletcher,
Lome L. Miller and W. C. Palm,
er. Oregon Hupmobile company,
Portland, $50,000; J. F. McRee,
E. K. Oppenhelmer and M. E.
Lawson. Sears. Roebuck & Com
pany. Illinois corporation (6,000,-
vuu snares no par value); appli
canon to operate In Oregon
AUBURN, Ore., Oct. .30 (Spl)
Mrs. R. Perlick who lost her
itife In an automobile accident in
California recently, waa the wife
of Robert Perlick, who spent most
of hlg- childhood here with his
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Per-
f , J11! father nd one uncle
ull live here although in a dif
ferent location.
While they last
Things Electrical
101 South High Tel. sua
Chow Puppies
Special priree In Petlaad
boarding kennels
" Proprietor
Rt. , Box 8
r i?- jVx
Walter Johnson, former star pitcher of the Washington Senators,
is shewn signing , a contract to manage the ball club beginning with
the 1929 season. Clark Griffith, president of the dub, is shown
on Johnson's left
Family Reunion
Held At Hoyen
Home On Sunday
30. (Special) Mr. and Mrs. Os
car Hoven were hosts for their
family homecoming Sunday. Mrs.
P. B. Hoven, mother of Mr. Hoven
who makes her home with
them, celebrated her 85th birth
day October 26. Mrs. Hoover's
daughter and son-in-law Mr. and
Mrs: Frank Smith also have Octo
ber birthdays as well as two of
her sens. Mr. and Mrs. Hoven's
guests were: Mr. and Mrs. Victor
Hoven, Mr. and Mrs. Adolph
Hoven and daughter Dorothy of
Til sT A x T.
""f":- HB-"-1w """"rlief of Smith ana Watkins who
ana cnirarea iennie. unier,
Virgil and Glen of Middle Grove.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Smith and
children. Eula. Ida, Edgar and
James, the honor guest Mrs. P. E.
Hoven and Mr. and Mrs. Oscar
Hoven's children, Ronald, Loren
and Frances.
Mr. and Mrs. S. D. Crawford
and daughter Gladys recently re
turned from an enjoyable three
day visit to the beaches, stopping
at Taft and Newport.
Sallys Sallies
flguMt paeya pSa girlf wear fewer
clothe nowaday.
John J. Rottle
415 Suite St.
Expert Shoe Fitter
I ByRoECTEyefton I
, 3omqht
Does a Man's Sonl Exist Be
fore He Does? Or is the Soul
Created for Him at Birth? Or.
Does He Inherit It 7"
Get Rid
of that
Will cure your cold in
12 hours or your money
" refunded
- - -4
The Orlgtnal Candy Special,
." " ". Store .- "
X. 1SS Ceml. St. Phone 107
- ' V. renslar Agency .
Big Reductions
In Tire Prices
Announced Here
Reductions of five to 10 per
cent In tire -prices are being an
nounced today by Smith and
Watkins, Salem d let rlbu tors for
the nationally advertised Kelly
Springfield line of tires. Large
production of crude rubber and
consequent lowering of material
costs as well as increased demand
for Kelly Springfield tires and
lower manufacturing costs " are
given as the reasons for the ret
duction. That these tires are now at a
very low level of nrice is the be-
I Vl' J av vv v wf va v w io vaj
stated today that prices in the
future were almost certain to be
higher than the new prices an
nounced today.
Tonsilitis Said
Now Prevalent
STAYTON. Ore., Oct. 30.
(Special) Betty, the small
daughter of Dr. and Mrs. G. F.
Korlnek, has been quite 111 for
the past few days with tonsilitis,
which has been quite prevalent
in Stayton for the past few weeks.
A true example "of Fulopn9
EiffhtStoVe Buyinrj Power.
It enables us to fjiye tho sur
passing values we do in eight
busy Fulops stores.
More than 50,000 men and
young men ore now buying
their clothes on Futons9 TEN
Kcar chzrffQ cccccnf
is invited.
Another break for Salem! A
blaze of color the tap of swift
mOTitfg feet, sway of graceful hod
lea and. you have It right -Fsn-
chon and Marco are at home again
for two days of each week at the
Elslnore. The curtain rolled up
on them and their colorful stkc;s
settings last night after the audi
ence had been put into the right
mood by Rod JLaRocque as he
sauntered his way through all
sorts of difficulties in "Love Over
The Artists Idea which Fanchon
and Marco are presenting this
week is' all that .It suggests. Dan
cing that is better than usual: the
McCune Sisters dressed In feathery
black and white costumes are real
artists. Their teamwork is perfect:
their steps are graceful and ani
mated. The Spanish dancers, the
Romeros, leave one with an im
pression of a swirl of rose, silver,
and white, tapping heels and toes
and graceful bodies, while little
Babe Morris simply "draws one's
breath" with the perfect rhythm
of her flying feet. Her looks make
one suspect that she may have
been the inspiration for the Ar
tists Idea.
Oh, yes, there is something else.,
You will hardly recognize the EI-
sinore orchestra their beautiful
blue smocks, splendid lightio
effects, and a stage setting of co
ors so artistically used that their
harmony almost becomes a pan
of the music.
You really can't afford to miss
t'als show. I would say the Elslnore
for this afternoon and tonight
"has got what you need." OLIVE
Doc Snell Whips
San Diego Negro
SEATTLE, Oct. 30. (AP)
"Doc" Snell, Tacoma Junior wel
terweight, was bis old slugging
self again tonight, and he pounded
a six round decision out of young
Harry Wills, San Diego negro. As
the fight ended Snell was lifting
the game negro In the air with
the majority of his swings, and
bouncing him onto the ropes. Snell
weighed 137 and Wills 139 3-4
roaomooir I
U I f
Ir 1 1
Dr. Cosmo Gordon Long, Arch
bishop of York, above, is to be
elevated to the office of Arch
bishop of Canterbury in Novem
ber. He succeeds Dr. Randall
Davidson, resigned.
Stribling Kayoes
Sid Terns In 3rd
ATLANTA. Oct. 30. (AP)
William L. (Young) Striblin?.
Georgia heavyweight pugilist,
knocked out Sid Terris, of North
Carolina, in the third round of
their 10-round fight here tonight.
Stribling pounded Terris unmer
cifully from the first moment until
he sent him down for the count.
Stribling weighed 181 pounds
and Terris 207.
Tour Oi Valley
Glee Club Plan
Monmouth, Ore., Oct. 30. (Spe
cial) Members of the men's glee
club are actively preparing for a
tour of valley cities. Newly elected
officers of the organization are:
President, Maurice Weis, vice
president, Roy Pulliam; secretary1,
Ralph Long; manager. L y 1 e
Hogue; reporter, Edwin Knapp.
riNK TORIO readiac lni. W io
mre your f-Matea afainat breakar.
Examination too.
Thompson-Glutsch Optical Co.
110 K. Comm'l St.
M I a m jI
I buy my clothes at Fulop's be
cause of the f ino styles, depend
able quality, honest values, large
variety, excellent service and be
cause I can buy them on
You will want one of these ex
cellent coats when you see them.
They are correct in fabrics, style
and tailoring.
456 State Street Salem
PORTLAND, Ore.. Oct. 30.
tAP) Walter- Cleghorn. Seattle
middleweight, scored a 10 round p
decision over Roy Moore, Los"
Angeles, in main event on a box--ing
program here tonight. It was
a hairline decision with Cleghorn
carrying a slight lead In the last
few rounds.
In another 10-rounder, Al
Konze, San Diego light heavy- (
weight, punched out a decision
over Jimmy Dunn, Seattle.
Sam Warren, Portland, knocked
out Tuffy Anderson, Lakeview, in.,
the second round of a scheduled
four-round go. They arsj light kt
heavyweights. ,
Artichoke Sugar
To Be Produced
In Coos Regions
MARSHFIELD. Ore., Oct. 30.
(AP) The growing of White,
French artichokes has been
recommended to Coos county,
ranchers who have suitable land,,
by Harvy S. , Hale, county agent.
Hale is now negotiating, he said,
with an eastern buyer who pro
poses to manufacture sugar from
the tubers. The first artichokes
were planted here last year and
the production was so heavy that
the acreage for 1928 was greatly
enlarged. Production ran from
25 to 60 tons.
We have several late model
Ford touring cars that are in
fine condition and are real
transportation. Priced from
9100.00 to f 193.00.
aaawJ I
Uosm That Servleo rtaUs
T"- III . ,1 , VJ I