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Pure Pork Sausage
'Where a Dollar TZCHDyiILIL
Does Its Duty" VLS A IE ES IS IT
Fire on laurel Street I
The city fire department was
called to Laurel street yesterday
morning to extinguish a fire at
the J. W. Slocum home. The resi
dents were away when the fire,
originating presumably la the
kitchen, started and it was well;
under way when the firemen ar-
rived. The kitchen and back part
of the house were damaged to
quite an extent.
Denntson Craft CI
On Saturday. Miss Hodnett will
teach party favors and novelties
all instructions free. Atlas Book
Reynolds to Iowa
left Portland yesterday noon fori
Des Moines, Iowa. Reynolds will.
represent the Salem Lions club at
the international convention of
that order which convenes there
next week.
American Legion Dance Saturday
Open air pavilion, Stayton. Ore.
Will Repair Dwelling
T. W. Creech was issued a per
mit Friday for repair of a dwelling
at 180 South 14th street."" The
cost was estimated at $1000. J.
E. Cox has the contract.
Old Time Dance Sat. Nit
Domes pavilion, McCoy, Ore
gon. I .a irc. Dwelling Planned
T. W. Creech was Issued a per
mit Friday for repair of a dwell
ing at 180 South 14th street. The
cost was estimated at $1000. J. E.
Cox has the contract.
Large Dwelling Plan
r W. W. Baura took out a
building permit Friday calling for
construction of a two story dwfll
fetng at 390 Fawk street, in Nob
Hill addition, at a cost of $6000.
F. L. Odom was named as builder.
8H500 New Modern 0 Room
Kngllsh type home at 845 Hood
street. $1000 down. $3000 to loan
at 6 Vi per cent. Insurance. Mel
vln Johnson, phone 37.
Springer Soloist
Leslie Springer was soloist at
the Lions club luncheon Friday.
Miss Betty Bedford played his ac
companiment. Y. W. V. A. Camp Finished
C. F. Glese, who has been In
charge of the Lions club's w-ork at
the Y. W. C. A. camp near Meha
ma, reported at the club luncheon
Friday that the camp building Is
finished except for a little work)
that will be done today, and that
the first contingent of Y. W. C. A.
members will go out to the camp
on Monday.
Furniture UfJiolsterei
And repairing. Glese-Powers
Furniture Co.
Lion Plan Picnic
The Lions club voted at Fri-
d?y"s luncheon to hold a picnic at
Taylor's Grove on Sunday, July
15. The picnickers may be able to
use the Y. W. C. A. camp building
which the Lions have just finish
ed building, but this will depend
upon whether Y. W. C. A. mem
bers are using it at the time.
Wedding Gifts in All
Their glory are here for your
selection. A gift in a Pomeroy &
Keene box Is like the mark of
"sterling" on silver. It Identifies
the quality.
Waits Best Students
The registrar of the University
of Oregon has sent a request to
the Salem high school for a list of
the names of the upper fourth of
the members of the 1928 gradu
ating class. This quota of the
graduates would total nearly 65.
as there were 257 who received di
plomas June 1. At a recent date,
less than a dozen of the gradu
ates have nought admittance to
the state university.
Wallet Returned
Charles Kay Bishop recently
lost a wallet on the highway- to
Clatsop Beach. In addition to
money, the wallet held pictures of
his father, the late Channcey
Bishop of Pendleton, and his
mother. So when a letter earn
from a rancher at Globe. Wash.,
saying he had fonnd a wallet with
Bishop's name and address and
that same could be had if Identi
fied, Bishop wrote to keep half
the money. Friday the wallet,
and the contents Intact, arrived
ky mall. i
Three Industrial Deaths
There were three fatalities in
Oregon due to industrial accidents
during; the week ending July S,
according to a report prepared by
the state industrial accident com
mission. The victims were Will
iam A. Moritz, Jennings Lodge,
electrician; Chris Chastaln, Eu
gene, loader, and Paul Gilbertaon,
Portland, loader. There were a
total of 742 accidents reported to
the commission in the week.
Old Time Dance Crystal Garden
Every Wednesday and Saturday
Board Rents Rpaee
The state board of control an
nounced that within the next few
days it would enter into a leae
for several thousand feet of floor
space in the Oregon building in
Portland. A large number of
state functions now located in
Portland will be housed in the
Oregon building. The board of
control inspected more than 20
buildings in Portland before de
riding to execute the lease. Ren
tals of the several buildings ran
ged from eight to 18 cents per
square foot per month.
Colored Band. Kentl Mall
Sat. July 7. The Chanters re
turning by popular request. Salem-Independence
Two Marriage Licenses
Marriage licenses were issued
yesterday from the office of the
Marion county clerk to Hugh E.
Brown, 28. of Applegate. and Ni
na S. Sautter, of Salem; George I.
Gurnea. 20, of North Bend, and
Caroline Sherwood, 17, of Salem.
Bassett Gets Judgment
A judgment was yesterday
handed down in circuit court
against C. A. Roberts and in fav
or of R. II. Bassett for the sum
of $140.52 due on a note. Fifty
dollars attorney's fees is also al
lowed, as well ca seven per cent
interest on the note. At the same
time Bassett filed a cost bill for
Colored Band. Kentl Hall
Sat. July 7. The Chanters re
turning by popular request. Salem-Independence
From Over State
Among the Oregon visitors reg-t
istered yesterday at the senator
hotel were: Mrs. G. Hagman.
route two: Mr. and Mrs. E. R.
Sheldon of Eugene; D. E. Black-'
burn. Lebanon; Mr. and Mrs. O.
Stephenson, Medford; Jack E. Ed
wards, Eugene; J. W. Llnd, Mll-
waukie, route three; Fred M.
Rowley. Eugene; J. F. Mullen
berg, Eugene.
Tullys Relu
Rev. and Mrs. Norman K. Tul
ly are again In Salem after spend
ing a month's vacation In south
ern California.
Special Sunday Dinner
6:45 to 8 p. ni. Marlon hotel.
I will not be responsible for any
debts contracted by anybody but
myself after this date, July 6. W.
P. Hillpot.
Swimming Classes
For the remainder of the sum
mer the YMCA will conduct a
special class for youngsters learn
ing to swim. The pool is crowded
most of the day, and the class has
been put at 1:10 in the after
noon. This hour is very soon af
ter the ordinary lunch time, and
parents whose boys wish to take
this class are urged to arrange for
the lads to eat a little earlier
than usual. Harvey Brock will
have charge of this class; It will
meet on Monday, Tuesday. Friday
and Saturday.
Sue for Price of Tires
Thn Salem Vulcanizing works
yesterday began action in circuit
court against August Lentz, Lou-;
lse Lentz and Benjamin Lentz for,
1256.40 alleged due for tires
bought from the company.
Suit to Quiet Title
Alice Ellen Parsons and others
yesterday filed suit in circuit court
to quiet title to a piece of Marlon
county real property, naming as
defendants the nnknown heirs of
George J- Thompson.
Wedding Held He
Hugh E. Brown of Applegate,'
Oregon, was married last night to
Nina L. Sanlter of this city, the!
wedding taking place at th horn
of the bride, 1820 Ferry street!
Salenu. - J
Every Day
Low Prices
Breakfast. This Bacon is
of best
Pure Lard Our
Own make, lb. ..
Bring Tour Empty Pails
Lb. 20c
173 So"11 Commercial
T,ePhoM 1421
Recklessness Charged
Max FaUin, 345 South 14th!trymen
street, was arrested li;t nlgnt on.
a charge of recklesB driving. The.
officer reported that FaUin drove.
too fast along State street paat the
crown attending me nana concert.
coup Stolen
The Ford coupe belonging to
Gus Patzer was stolen from Win- bay on the municipal tug Macom
ter street last night, Patzer report- with Grover Whalen and the may
ed. It carried license number, or's committee of welcome, a land-
Her From Clatskanie
Mr. and Mrs. S. H. Ellis of
Clatskanie were visitors In Salem
yesterday. Mr. Ellis Is timekeep
er for a logging company there,
and is taking his vacation during
the brief summer shut-down. They
visited with relatives in Marion
county; Mr. and Mrs. Roy . V.
Ohmart at Wood burn and Miss
Valleda Ohmart in Salem.
Construction Head Here
T w Swon of th Swnn r.nnJ
struction company of Eugene, was.
among visitors registered yester
day at the Marion hotel.
Xewlyweds Stop-
Mr. and Mrs. V. D. Frost, who
are on their honeymoon, regis
tered yesterday at the Marion.
They are from Eugene.
From Clatskan
Mr. and Mrs. S. H. Ellis of
Clatskanie were registered at (he
Marion yesterday
Numerous German Drivers
Seek to Find Champaigne
COBLENZ, Germany. July 6.
(AP). -The historic castle of
Ehrenbreitstein, above the t own
of the same name at which Amer
ican artillery was stationed dur
ing the, occupation, was the scene
of a free champagne party Last
night to which expert divers were
especially welcome. But all com
ers to the bathing beach had wine
if they wished it.
The affair started when a bath
er diving into the Rhine discov
ered a cache of excellent cham
pagnes on the river bottom. He
broadcast his discovery and the
entire crowd of bathers fished for
champagne until the last bottle
was brought to the surface. Then
they held a free drinking party.
Inquiry showed that the bottles
had been lowered into the river
by a saloon keeper who was un
der investigation for alleged Ir
regularities in the conduct of his
Alabama Girl Will Wed
Salem Man Here Today
Miss May Goodwin Anderson of
Tuscumba, Alabama, will today
become the bride of Cidric Helgho
of Salem at a wedding ceremony
to be held at the Salem Episcopal
church. Rev. H. D. Chambers will
perform the ceremony.
Mrs. T. H. Ochiltree of Portland
will be matron of honor.
The bride and bridegroom will
leave Immediately after the cere
mony on a short honeymoon trip,
after which they will return to
make their home In Salem.
Mr. Anderson is local represen
tative for a national rubber com
pany. Nearly 8000 Coal Miners
Stage Sympathetic Strike
LANSFORD. Pa., July 6
Operations of all the Lehigh
Coal and Navigation company's
collieries In the Panther Creek
valley were tied up today by a
sympathetic strike affecting near-'
ly 8.060 men. I
The strike was called by the
general mine committee of the
sub-district. United Mine Work-,
ers. as a. protest against the sue-
pension of operations by the com
pany at numbers four, five and
six collieries ae an economy meas
ure during the slack season in the
anthracite industry.
LAKE LABISH, July 6. (Spe
cial.) The Matthes orchestra.
featuring old time music, is mak
ing a record run this week, being
engaged every night. The per
sonnel of the orchestra Is as fol
lows: Mrs. Frank Matthes. pi
ano; Wlllard Matthes, first vio
lin; Frank Bhedeck. secondTlelln;
Frank Matthes, banjo; Glen She
deck, tenor banjo; Merle- Matthes,
trap drums; Lawrenc Robertson,
U ... .....
A late 1921 Ford roadster
fully equipped, has new rub
ber, runs and looks like new
la well worth S275.00.
inn nn n rv t I i
The Hoas Tfcat Service RmUt"
Amelia and 2 Members of
Crew Reach New York
Early This Morning
NEW YORK. July (Friday)
(AP) Miss Amelia Earbart,
first woman to fly across the At
lantic, and the two male members
of the crew of the monoplane
Friendship were home today to
receive the plaudits of their coun-
Aboard the United States liner
president Roosevelt the fliers
8pent th9 night off quarantine as
the ship awaited the change in
tide to proceed up the harbor.
All the fanfare that attended
j the return or other transatlantic
fliers awaited them a trip up the
Ing at the Battery while harbor
craft siren a welcome, a ride up
Broadway to city hall for a for
mal welcome and then a motor
cycle-escorted dash up town to the
Hotel Blltmore.
Wilmer Stultz and Lou Gordon,
a pilot and mechanic, respectively
had a private welcome awaiting.
Mrs. Stultz and Miss Anne
Bruce, of Brookline, Mass . fian
cee of Gordon, arranged to' be the
first to greet the two airmen. Mist
Earhart's family did not come to
New York to greet her, preferring
to wait for her arrival In Boston
w j
The three fliers are to be guests
of Commander Richard E. Byrd
at luncheon. Sir George Wilkins.
Clarence Chamberlin, Bernt Bal-
chen and other noted fliers will
greet them there.
This afternoon Miss Earhart
will greet a delegation of Camp
Fire girls and tonight she, Stultz
and Gordon are to Join other
celebrities at an Olympic fund
benefit at the Palace theatre.
Official delegations from Boston
and Chicago were here to join in
today's ceremonies and tender of
ficial invitations.
Gordon's fiancee is ready to
marry him right away if he say?
the word. He called her by tele
phone from England and asked
her if she would marry him im
mediately after his return. She
said "Yes." but now would pre
fer to wait until they could be
married at Brookline.
That all depends on "Slinm"
though, she said, as "of course,
he's the pilot of our plane."
Joe Coughlln, San Francisco, ad
vanced to the finals of the men's
singles In the Oregon state tennis
championships today when he
eliminated Howard Langlie, Seat
tle. In a warmly contested three
set match. Coughlln won the first
set 6-1, but Langlie came back in
the second and took It 7-5. In
the third set, with the games tiedj
at four all, Coughlln ran out to
Bradshaw Harrison, 19 27 cham
pion, of San Francisco, and Henry
Prusof. Seattle, will vie in the
other bracket to determine who'
will meet Coughlln In the finals.
Harrison Is favored to duplicate
his victory again this year.
In the men's doubles Harrison;
and Sidney Smith, Tacoma. will
meet Coughlln. paired with Lora
son Drlscoll, San Francisco.
Golda Myer Gross of Berkeley,
sprang a surpnse In the women'sj
singles today when she eliminated)
Joseph Crulckshank, Santa Ana, In
a three set match that went 6-0,
0-6. 7-5. Mrs. Gross will play for,
the title tomorrow against Marion;
Green, young Portland luminary'
Marie McNab, seeded star from!
Vancouver, B. C, was eliminated
In the semi-finals by Mrs. Gross, i
Mrs. Gross and Miss Crulck-
shank will pair In the women's!
We are grateful beyond words
to all the friends for their sympa
thetic understanding, helpfulness
and for the beautiful floral trib-
utee In our great sorrow, the loss
of our beloved son.
MR. and MRS. M. T. MILLER.
Turner, Oregon
BROOKS, July 6. (Special)
While running a tractor on the
M. L. Jones farm last Wednesday
George Llesher was over come
with gas. He was taken to the hos
pital and for 36 hours was fed
oxygen to keep him alive. He Is
very much Improved now and able
to be out again.
WttkeeS yctattas mt leu. ml
SSt OncM BUf.
Decreased prices for frnits, es
pecially cherries, loganberries and
strawberries, and a lessening of
merchants receipts due to the
backward spring are held largely
responsible for the fact that there
was a $157,693.70 decrease In the
resources of the four Salem banks
at the close of business Jnne 30
this year, over the same period a
year ago.
Of the combined receipts of
$13,797,144.84 this year deposits
amounted to $11,343,174.87. a
falling off of $25,760.56 over 1337
. . .. . ...
wnen me aeposiw toiaiiea six,-,
3IS.83S.43. Commercial deposits.'
at, were aiso less
this y ear by $308,413 4
..T1 ?DO,lu hd $4,333. -
808.32 this year, with last 'year s
figure less at $4,010480.34
wns aiso suiiereo a aecre,
wun xor lizs ana
$6,741,428,48 a year ago.
Many From Brooks Attend
Woodland Park Celebration
BROOKS, July 6. (Special)
Brooks was well represented at
the Fourth of July celebration at
Woodland park. Those present
were: Mrs. John Lelsher and
children; Edna, Ina and Johnnie
Leulen, Mr. and Mrs. Munroe
Ward, Monroe Sturgls and child
ren, Irene and Oren Glenn Sturgls,
Mrs. Emma Sturgls, Ralph and
Katie Sturgls, Mr. and Mrs. Al
Wood and children. Miss Doris,
Margarets and Warren Word.
John Colyer and family. Mr. and
Mrs. Albert Snook, Mrs. Oscar
Smith, Leon Smith, Rose Wolfe
and Jim Riggle.
Miss Kdna Lleulen had the
misfortune to break her wrist
while cranking the car. '
Guilty; Paroled; Wedded
All in One Day for Gurnea
George Gurnea yesterday en
tered a plea of guilty to the
charge of contributing to the de
linquency of a minor when he
was arraigned on that charge be
fore Circuit Judge Percy R. Kelly.
Gurnea was then sentenced by
Judge Kelly to serve a year in the
Marlon county Jail, but upon rec
ommendation of District Attorney
John Carson was paroled to bis
attorney, Martin Ferrey.
Yesterday afternoon Gurnea
took out a license to marry Caro
line Sherwood, 17, of Salem.
He came here a few
ago from North Bend.
months j
(Continued trim pt 1-)
believe more than a few of the
millions of the democratic women
in this country can be fooled as
all of the democratic leaders ap
pear to have been fooled by it.
The idea of men like Josephus
Daniels, Dan Moody, Joe Robin
son. Carter Glass and Jed Adams
saying 'I am a democrat, I shall
support the party nominee.'
"How many times has Tammany
supported the party nominee in
the past 18 years? Not once. Yet
they have fooled these heretofore
able democratic leaders jnto say
ing 'I am a democrat. I will vote
for Tammany, whiskey and a trick
Smith Held "Booze-o-crat"
"We say a man who will shut
his eyes like an ostrich to the
things which the democratic party
has always stood for is a 'booze-o-crat,
not a democrat.
"The democratic nominee has
always said in his publje utter
ances that the party should make
the platform and a candidate
should stand on it. He has al
ways said that his one outstanding
issue Is whiskey and booze the
return of the legalized liquor traf
fic, which means the return of the
licensed saloon. Every politician
knows jt, and when the party ad
opted a 'dry' platform. If the nom
nee had been either honest or
sincere in his public utterances he
ould have done nothing but de
cline the nomination.
"He did not. and therefore
stamped himself as a charlatan
and a faker."
llU I U
Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Clark of
Trenton, Missouri drove Into the
Municipal auto camp yesterday
and will stay for several days. If
Mr. Clark can find a good steady
job, they will remain here per
manently. Although handicapped
by the loss of one arm, there is
much that Mr. Clark can do, and
one Is surprised at his facility
with his good arm.
Mr. and Mrs. Wiley Wamsley
and daughter of Long Beach, Cal
ifornia stoDDed yesterday enroute
to Alaska. Mr. Wamsley and Mr.!
Polsal went to public school toge
ther years ago In Butler county
phone in
Oregon Electric Ry.A
Willamette Valley Line sarf
Rewound and Repaired. Ke
or Used Motor
Thiag ElcctHcai
I 1 South High . Tel. 2 1 LI
cnnnr nr. m dicto
REMA N 111
Iowa. They had a big visit yester
day afternoon and evening.
Mr. Jackobsen of Bemldji, Min
nesota, who came into the camp
day before yesterday, spent yes
terday looking for a furnished
house. He and his family like Sa
lem, and have decided to spend
some time here.
Old Sol cam. out yesterday and!
fought Jupe Pluvlus to a finish.
1.... J ... 1
- . , fpom tn. hinze later to be nut
nce at all the city playground..0 The door
4UW" -C'D "ul iic uy iu u-
n-Lbut W6r. well p toward
, normal.
The boys aged 8-11 of Yew
j Park met defeat at the hands of
me iin street oaseoau team 7a -
terday to the tone of 32-11. Tbelr.
older brothers also came out at
ine snort ena oi a score oi zu-s. ng ant equipment since the re
in a baseball throw for accur- cent encampment at Fort Clatsop,
acy test. Philip Salstrom, mascot
for Willamette university teams,1 stolen goods, or to get a check on
hit the target 6 times oat of . Must what had been stolen. The
In a similar contest for girls. Del- coast artillery company alone had
ma Poulln and Wllxna Godsey hit some $6,000 worth of clothing
4 out of 5 In an underhand throw
of 25 feet.
Miss Doris Neptune announces
that she has organised two volley
ball and two blffbaU teams among
her girls.
Eighteen of the 'smaller boys
yesterday did S feet 9 Inches In
the broad Jump. Director Louis
Anderson says that this is an ex
ceptional record.
Nothing Is apparent now to pre
vent holding the finals of the boat
contest next Wednesday afternoon,
and all boys are urged to get
their boats in first class condition
nmi.tin, ,..m i nfa.
saving for boys over 12 will bai3lhe 1927 . x
started. This Is valuable Instruc
tion, and a large number of boys
should be Interested.
Additional contests announced
.r ind a. TZVZ ' for 19 26 and the second for
wi?eh fndrr win 27. in each case the sum repre
which Judging will
for the summe
h. k, ' Tk k...i
test will be a button contest. Red uro "ViVv i .Ten
Cross buttons. Hoover buttons.' "" J '"J
anything-the more the better.' o 354.01 ; Hubbard $47153.
Dates for the archery and kite '78-75; Jefferson $537.80. $476.
contests have not been announced. "l- Mount Angel $936-74. "0.
but Louie Anderson says for all '-6: Scotts Mills $14094; $141.
boys to get to work on their kites, 19: Sllverton $2843.07. $2826.
and also not to forget the air- '2; St. Paul $130.60. $115.66;
plane contest, the finals of which Sublimity $135.40, $143.69; Tur
wlll be on July 21. Out of all w $342.10. $342.25; Woodburn
these contests there will be some
that every boy will be interested
in. They are open to all boys In
With the opening tnls morning
of the new Southern Pacific Stage
terminal In the general stage ter
minal building at 185 N. High
street Southern Pacific stages will
no longer make special stops to ho
tels, according to announcement
yesterday of T. L. BUllngsley, su
perintendent. Stops will be made
along their route as usual, and
passengers will be taken on
through flag or telephone notice.
The stages will travel from
Portland to Ashland, and on a
branch route to Monmouth, with
a total of 24 of the big boats in
service at present. With the new
facilities, increased service and
routing are but a matter of time.
The new quarters have all the
accommodations of the best ter
minals, and have been made spick
and span, the old building having
undergone considerable renova
tion for occupancy of the company
Montana Flour Magnate
Denies Bribery Charge
SEATTLE. July 6 (A P)
J. W. Sherwood, Montana flour
miller, denied here at Thurs
day's session of the I. C. C.'s
grain rate hearing the charges of
bribery which were intimated at
the session Monday.
He declared that he offered
simply to contribute to the farm
bureau's fight for lower domestic
r-in frfieht rates, providing the
bureau would drop its fight to
wii,aln t,le lwer export rates.
uu mute
We Need Three
To sell one of the most
popular light cars on the
A former grocery clerk
is now earning over
$200.00 monthly with
greater possibilities in
We will train and furnish
selling equipment to the
men selected.
Only men of character
considered write and
tell us about yourself.
Correspondence confiden
tial. Box 25 in care of
Oregon National Guard Is
some rifles, blankets, unl
and overcoats, number of
Is known only to the
thieves who made the loot some
time between Tuesday and
Thursday nights. The loss was
reported yesterday by Captain C.
M. Irwin, of the coast artillery
headquarters company.
The thief or thieves apparently
felt pretty safe that they would
J ? .'SJSjlJ V
llVJ00" i-?1 .V"
im vi J minus, wuuu m-m,
idJ- lntQ th. office of Cantain
from th hln,M although
medicines aad narcotics were left
intact Most of the supplies were
;kept n the basement
r..,.m th nurd had not
made a complete check of cloth-
officers were unable to value the
land blankets
and other equip-
In an order handed down yes
terday the MarIon county court
fixes the apportionment allowed
cities and towns out of the coun
ty road tax. The erder is for dis
tribution of the last half of the
1926 road tax and the first half
The city of Salem Is not includ
ed In the order.
Amounts were as follows, the
irst figure listed after, each city
enting half a year:
' Aumsville $135. 1 2,
:i892.12. $1881. 6i
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number of state institutions.
Plant Specialists Coming
The meeting which will occur
Thursday, Friday and Saturday Is
the eleventh annual convention of
the Western Plant Quarantine
Board. Sessions will be held at
the state capltol building.
This will be the first conven
tion of this group to be held in
Oregon. Charles A. Park, presi
dent of the state board of horti
culture, is arranging the program.
The banquet wHl be held at the
Marion hotel Friday evening.
(Continued froa par 1.)
would have suspected It.
They sat and chatted, or
strolled and visited. All Salem
getting together. No place for
hermits. Somewhere a band was
playing, but the people kept on
visiting. When the music stopped,
thora was a Rfttrlnp- hanrl rln Ty
ping. The rest kept on chatting.
After a while a man sang, and
then the crowd gathered closer and
applauded more generally, de-
TKK TORIO reading Uas. W la
tor roar glaaa acaiaai brcakM.
KiuuinBtloa too.
Thompson -Glut soh Optical Co.
110 K. Ooan'l St.
Established 1863
Office Hours from 10 a. m. to 3 p. m.
Free Delirerjdo any part of the city
Quotations on Application
Farmers Warehouse
Day Telephone 23 Night Telephone 12S7-W
manding an encore. But after
that they chatted again.
The big fountajn suddenly sent
a stream of water high in the air
thin streams forming grace
ful outlines in the light that play
ed upon them. Colored lights
that was even more beautiful.
Many of the people gathered there
and watched. But the greater
number still sat and chatted,
strolled and visited. -
Wonderful thing. thee band
concerts. I didn't any atten
tion to the music, but early la
the evenjng a boy handed me a
program, and so I know It west
like this:
1. "Hail to Old Glory."
March .Jewell
2. Selection. "Mile. Modiste"
3. Walts. "Souvenir de Baden
Baden" Bousquet
4. Popular Numbers
"There Must Be a Silver
"My Ohio Home"
5. Overture. "Morning. Noon and
Night in Vteana'M Suppe
6. Vocal Solo. Oscar B. Gingrich
"Bells of St. Marys"
"After My Laughter Comes
Tears" j
7. "The Wedding of the Rose"
(In termer ro) . . Jesse!
8. Selection. "Woodland"
. .Landers
9. March. "Olympfa". . . . .Clark
10. "Star Spangled Banner"
Oh yes.
said was '
bring the
What the gate keeper
Watt a minute and I'll
elephant out to see
Died in this city. July 8. Mrs.
W. D. Graves, at the age or 56
years. Wife of William Graves ef
Salem. Daughter of Mrs. Hat tie
Turner of Salem. Mother of Ger
ald Graves of Columbia City. L.
M. Nelson of Portland, Mrs. Paal
Buker of Paulina, Ore., sister of
Mrs. Paul Hansen, Salem. Mrs.
Nellie Bechtel. Cal.. O. F. Turner,
F. A. Turner, of Dayton. Ore.. W.
J. Turner of Camas. Wash., and
Dr. J. G. Turner, of Salem. Fu
neral services at Rlgdon's chapel
at 10:00 o'clock Saturday morn
ing. July 7. Concluding services
In Alpine cemetery In Linn county.
Mrs. Mary B. Prultt died at the
residence of her daughter, Mrs.
Lula D. King, at 462 Hoyt street,
July at the age of 78 years. 8he
leaves also the following sons and
daughter: Mrs. Pearl Reed. E. A.
Prultt, W. J. Prultt, and E. E.
Pniltt. all of Salem, a sister. Mrs.
Halbert. of Salera. Funeral serv
ices will be held at Hayesville
church Saturday at 2 o'clock with
Clough-Huston company in charge.
Interment in the Hayesville cem
Perfect Funeral Service
For Lees
Licensed Lady alnrtlHaa
770 Chenr.eketa 8 tree
Telephone 734
Telephone SS0 IIS Stare St.
We board Dogs at
our farm
27S State
and Pacific HIghwiy
4 -.