The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, November 20, 1927, Page 23, Image 23

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;:ig;i-?r-:s RECALLS mCE7iOX:mm&
Equipped With Aluminum
Jub and Many Other At
A1tratlve Features
Tie announcement of the sew
Maytag Aluminum Washer baa
evaded unusual Interest ' among
rromea ' ererywnere. For 25 years
khe Maytag haa been outstanding
n nwilarity. IUconstructlon and
('rwmancs bare Just suited the
requirements of - modern - house
wives in consequence of which Its
success -has been truly phenom
AL The new Maytag gives even
' ieater home laundering satiafao-
, and Is endorsed enthusiastic
ally by all women who hare tried
It. " -
The New Maytag Tike ita pre
decessor U a Quality 'product and
is produced in the one Quality mod
.al only. Tested high-grade mater
ia - ; nlgn-pricea labor are
used at erery point In the construe
vtlon of the New liaytag. It embod
ies the latest refinement In mach
ine design precision . cut gears.
As a result It Is as ' nearly silent
and perfect Is operation as It 1
possible for any mechanism to be
All moving parts are enclosed and
require no adjustments or atten
tion. . Starting and: stopping- the
washer la a simple movement of
a convenient lever. A general el-
ectrlct motor assures ample, trou
ble-free power at sll times,'
For homes without eleetrlcty an
optional power plant is-available
a' built-in gasoline motor, de
signed especially . for the ilaytat
washer. This motor has made re
markable ' records for - power' and
liability 'and is simple, cure and
iBio ior women iw uyuaio. ; .
J JThe Maytag Is the original gy
ratator washer. It la still original
Cinita application of the gyratator
iNcciple -the simplest, swiftest.
surest washing principle known.
The New Maytag'a advanced; tub
design Imparts to the water action
a continuous deluging effect which
penetrates the toughest dirt - Im
pregnated fabrics.; ' ', ."'; t L
The new Maytag is the only
washer equipped , with a cast-aluminum,
tub. This tub is non-cor
roding, non-denting, satin smooth
at all times, and due to the heat-
retaining qualities tf cast-aluminum,
keeps water hot during the
entire washing." The tub empties
and cleans itself and is equipped
with a hinged corer which pre
vents splashing and serrea as a
handy shelf when open. The shape
of the JTaytag tub give It enor
mous capacity despite compact de
sign, and the arrangement of the
gyraUtoraables the operator to
place the hands at wmttfrtne
tub while the gyratator Is turning.
Wringing and washing can be done
at the same time. :
Perhaps the greatest feature Of
the new Maytag is the new May-
A7 roller water remover the se-
,-vier-wrineer with the non-crush
Jlnger roll. Buttons pass harm-
leaiy inrougn un rouers wnue u
wringer Is operating, yet every
particle of soap and water will be
expelled from a lumpily folded
blanket or from a thin silk hand
kerchief passed through at the
same time. This remarkable re
sult Is due to the construction of
the non-crush roll which allows
the roll to fold itself over ridges
and seams and penetrate into cre
ases, with firm even pressure upon
the fabric at all point. The blank
et or handkerchief can also ' be
wrung dry separately without re
adjustment of the rolls by the operator."-
The new Maytag roller
water remover is an exclusive pat
ented feature, obtainable only
with Maytag washers. It Is years
in advance of other methods of
water extraction from clothes. ,.
' This super-wringer, in addition
to serving as a well-nigh perfect
water extractor, has an automatic
feed, is self-reversing and swings
into 7 positions over eke washer
or over adjacent tubs;
, The Maytag won world leader
ship on demonstrated washing su-
XJBorlty. ' Its ability to do an av
erage week's washing in an hour
C all garments even cuffs and col-
Jb washed clean without hand-
rubbing1- unquestionably p 1 a c es
the r rtasr for all time in the
frodsii nk of time and labor sav
lng household appliances. -
The new Maytag is an, ;, even
greater; performer than its sen
sational nredecessor. It Is' as far
ahead of present day horn laun
dering methods as the .original
Marts years aV was ahead ' of
methods then in rogue.
40 out of every .100 washers
sold are Maytags. More than, a
million .women are satisfied May
tag owners, r Made by F. L. May
tag, the largest manufacturer of
washing machines in the world
a man who has made washers for
1 0 y tars . and who has an
inJfrV&nal reputation for sound
mfcixLHaislng methods and busi
ness integrity,. ,
imobila Maintains ?
Staff At Proving Ground
Oldsmobile maintains a garage
and a staff of men at the oe&erai
1'otors -Proving Grounds eontlau-
'VT. Daj end sight throagheut
lis year oidamoblles are under-
g o!f test : on the Mils, row
rfcad and speedways of tfci Por
fcl Ground, These tests fwrre ft
iJ purpose. They act M ft eofs
C&i check en the aeeuracy and
J "Taction of maaufaeture, and al-
ti trs nsed to find the true merits
Cl tie improvements Us staff of
Caters are constantly working
- Motorists of -every clime and
country, long: familiar ; with '- the
well known sign. "Railroad Cross
ing Stopt i Look! Listen know
nothing of 'the man from whose
brain the legend emanated.
f Visited '. recently I In Southern
.California by a motoring party in.
one of the new Dodge Brothers
lours, according to! a report re
'ceived at the factory . of Dodge
-Brothers, Inc, in Detroit. Thomas
' H. Gray, known as the "father of
- highway safety," modestly recited
the manner in which this univer-
At . the I time r that Gray took
charge of the Southern Pad 6c
Company's repair shops, which
was in 1876, the marking device
on railroad crossings was a com-,
bersome. and costly affair bearing
the lengthy. legend, "Railroaa
Crossing! Look Out for the En
gine When the Bell Rings!"
- A neater and less costly marker
was sought and the solution left
to Gray, whose skSl and aptitude
in the perfection of various other,
small devices used in railroading,
had brought him under favorable
notice. .. -; v ' . ;S rHw-i?
In . a few days Gray- informed
his. superintendent' by telegraph
there were no telephones then -
that he had something to snbmitJ
It was the device now so familiar
to motorists. - t
I. The first pee fo tc put In use by
the company was erected at the
corner of Sixteenth and Harrison
streets in San Francisco v Today
millions of them are in use all over
the world. . . . ' - ? -;c -
Grey still hss the brlgial draw!
log of tne oevsee set down brsr
in the. now. yellowed pages of a
little .book which he kept at the
time and which has since been
reproduced in every country and
we spoosy . j
proper Surfacing of Private
floaefway Often Put Off .
. Until Troubla Comes
Gas Called Subtile Enemy
and Greatest Care Should
' Always Be Taken
The season Is at hand when mo
torists cannot afford to be indif
ferent to the dangers of carbon
monoxide poisoning " which ' in
crease enormously with the com
ing of cold weather. This warn
ing is sounded by Phil Eiker, di
rector of this district of the Ore
gon State Motor association, who
points: out: that while every, sea
son brings knowledge of this dan
ger to car owners, the death toll
from carbon monoxide poisoning
tncTeasee annually. -
enemy," x says ; Mr.l Klker. MIt
strikes without warning. This
gas, which Is generated: in the
combustion process within the so-
tomoblle engine, is colorless and
odorless. But this fact should not
mean that the motorist ' need be
unaware of its presence. He should
know, that wherever there is an
automobile engine running in - a
small closed space, there la ear
bon monoxide. ; In the open, these
potentially poisonous fumes mix
with a far greater quantity of air,
and consequently their effect is
not serious.: si
The small private garage is
the scene of many tragic effects
of this poisoning. . In the conven
tlal sized garage of this type,, the
engine running three minutes will
generate' enough carbon monoxide
to kill. Because of this, the car
owner should exercise extraordin
ary precautions . against running)
the engine with the garage doors
closed. Even the warming-up pro
cess should be completed in the
open air.
The person who has been over-1
come by. this poison In some cases
may be revived It removed to the
open ; air, and if artificial respira
tion methods are applied immedi
ately. But, this, in most cases. Is
inadequate. The only certain way
to prevent tragedy is : to avoid
the slightest contact with this
ever-present danger of winter mo
ExtoIIs Utility, of Ego.
For Stopping Big Leak
fFar be it from , the Lincoln
Highway Forum' says the, editor
of that publication. "to take aiiy
shingles off the automobile aces-
sory dealer but ; If any : of them
has yet offered a cure for. a eaky
radiator . that u as good as .the
white of an egg, dropped Into the
radiator when the water Is hot.;
we have never heard of it. The
editor knows by experience that it
Is a mighty bad leak that one egg
will not completely, stop 'for a
period of several weeks." Motor
r Cinder and crushed Stone drive
ways should come la f of the mot
orist's consideration at this period
if hjk Wlfitl f uinu itxm ru..
lag experienca of being bogged
hopelessly In his own yard when
the rains of late fall and the snows
of early winter begin to fall. This
is the warning sounded by Geo. O.
Brandenburg, secretary of the Ore
gon state juotpr association, who
declares that the season is at hand
when the motor club's emergency
service Is called upon to rescue
many car7 owners from Just .this
predicament. . - 2 .
-"One of the things that is. so
eas to forget in connection; with
one's motoring is the- roadway
leading to the private garage," he
says, - "As long as the. weather is
good4, there is no need tor consid
ering this subject," but when lata
fall ; rains set In scores of drive
ways become veritable swamps
through; Which, passage is Impoi-slble.-:
,Te,clnder-; and crushed
stone, and .'natural; driveways, of
course, are the particular offend
ers .in 'this' respect.'! :'';r-
The surfacing material has a
way of disappearing mysteriously
before the motorist realizes i It
This club and others of , the lis
that make up the American Auto
mobile association had found this
to be true far an amasing ly large
number of cases when they have
been called upon to rescue mem
bers anchored in the mud.
. The expense of resurfacing this
type of private roadway Is not
great in a majority of cases, but
it is not the expense, however, that
holds motorists back In having-this
vital service performed. .They fall
to act merely because they are not
conscious of the need for action.
Motor clubs call the matter to the
member's attention much for the
same reason that they periodically
advise brake and headlight .ad
Justments because - getting the
work done saves a great deal of
trouble and annoyance and frees
winter driving of one of its most
irritating aspects:
Growth of Closed Car
Movement Interesting
- The growth of the closed car
movement Is shown very graphic
ally by an Investigation made by
the, engineering department of, the
Oregon State, Motor association,
It Is a known fact and has been
recognized for the past two years
thai closed ear" pred" actios exceed-
ed thai ef the open eafsY tJeriain
iitiiki erea eUseehlinued
tki iaakk ef eUea eari and have
eeneentf filed en the" inakiaf ef
desed tl&ifeiiajlf els -
agie Iteugjwijf b! the moter
aaeeektfcS tUUd tat . in UH ,
there were bredueed approximate
ly i,OlI,GO0 epen eafn and Z.sOtr-
600 ilosid ears, and it ean be seen
front these figure! that Hi per
cent were elosed ear models.
C The gradual growth of the
oloSed ear in popularity is shown
by Mr. fttesswist by the-' feeuane!
ef the . folio wiflf : percentages of!
elosed ears "to totaj car production
hr former years! If per cent in
l26j 41 per '.cent M 1S: S4 per
cent in ilSSj SO per eeni In 1912
a.M .-a f na.J. m .
is per eent m issi 17 per cent
la iSiOJ 10 eent in iils.
' . '. . -I i. . ' .
Investlgatlctt Shows
037,300 Registered
The Oregon State Motor associa
tion has been asked repeatedly as
to the number of . Ford registra-
.a, . a
tions in tne year isze as com
pared to the registration of v. all
other cars.
This question has been brought
out by the continued absence of
data concerning the new Ford 'car
and the consequent slump of Ford
sales in the last few months.
Investigation has shown that In
the United States the - complete
figures' tor 1918 show that there
were 9,447.100 Ford registrations
and that the total ef all non-Ford
registrations was I, $70,600. V,
These . figures relate to pas
senger ears only.
If the tire flap te cracked when
the tube is removed a new flap
should be Installed, advises the
Western . Auto Supply Company.
The break will chafe the inner
tube or pinch it causing a leak.
TOVUam Fairbanks will play
Buffalo Bill "in the forthcoming
movie, ""Wyoming.
rrnooassnAjr ' ' " .." '.'' tL '
VICK BROS., Salem, Oregon
Byerry Motor Co,, Albany, Oregon Benton Motor Oo. Ine Oorrallfs, Oregon $ fS3verton Motor tfisr
Sllvertoa, Oregon; Fred T. BUyen, Bdo, Oregon; Bones Brothers, Turner, Oregon G. J. Shreeve A B0R4
Dallas, Oregon; Henry C. Hoi lemon, Harrlaburg, Oregon; T. D. Pomeroy, -Independence, Oregon; P. U
Miller, Avror, Oregoat N. J. Arnold, Mora moot h, Oregoai Toledo Snpef Service Station, Toledo Oregosw
S3 1 J1 Of I
Special Sizz
,:' Nov
asje " . !.-. 00 " ' esssf 1 k ' i '
Buich welcomes: this searching test
terial used--vcry nut and cotter - -Go
Into every hidden detail. There :
The man- vrho buys a home goes
over it thoroughly, from roof tr
basement, to malce. certain that it
has the sound conJructW that
VV long "?B
That's the; way to hay ahome
et .iL. motor-car.4 And that's the
v Way to prove the fundamental su
periority'of Buicfc for 1928.
Examine Buick carefully, part by
part.- YouH find every bit of ma-
! jj tr. trv - -
you'll discover the secret of Buick's
famous 'dependability and Ion j
life sound, sturdy c6nstructioa-;
Bulck welcomes this searching
test and invites critical com-,
parisbn. And Buick1 Is wOling'to
leave the decision to you-
C2DANS 1 193 to f 1993 ' t ; COUPES 1193 to -1S50 SPOXT MODELS 1193 to 1323
czs it. cxnrmciAi - 1 - - -TEispnors 2i
r 1 I
XThen Zero is the forecast, you'll be clad
you bought a Nash. ; ,
For even though you keep' a Nash in an
. unheated , garage, here's - one carTthat
starts immediately, and then "warms up
"to smooAoperating efSdency. inno
tifne atalL . ..-v . ; . : ; -
ITash has a blj heavy-duty starter, an
improved carburetor vrhixautcrutilshtzt
control and then thermostatic control of
the water circulation which combine to
produce almost tragical results when
you press the starter .
llzsh Is a great cold weather car In other
. rjySjtbo.The blg-Miweyheel brakes
. of Nash surround you with safety over
every imaginable condition underfoot.
The Nash' cracase ventilator keeps
the car's interior absolutely free of en
gine fnmes, and at the same time pre
vents the usual cold-weather dilution of
lubricating oil - '
And the great Nash 7-bearlnj motor,
now newly reined, is smooth and quiet
every day to tbt ysan
This Is the best time In tha year to tra3
your present car on a new Nash. Come
in and let us show you how much more
csjoytble vlntcr end "vricter drivicj can
be, telm y:u drlz a N;3
- Advanced Six Series
Extra Lena Wheelbase
7 -pass, Sedan .......
6-pass. Ambassador ... . S20J
4-pass. Coupe (Rumble -.Seat)
.............. 203O
4- pass. Victoria ....... 1831
. Regular WheelDase
5- pass. Eedan (4-door). .S1EC3
S-pass. CerJan (2-door) . . 1C70
special Elx Series
5- pass. Sedan (4-door) . .f 1663
6- pass. Cedan (2-door) . . 1430
4-pass. Cabriolet ....... 1505
2-pass. Coupe ......... 1370
4- pass. Vlctorlal fl5l3
5- pass. 4-door Coupe . . .Cicc
Cttzard Elx Ecrles
K-pass. L&aSau Cclan . .Cl
fc-pass. 4-door Eedan ... lie 1
5-pass. S-door Sedan ..." ICC : 1
4-pass. Cabriolet ...... 1 1 ' J
5- p&sa. Ccara ......... 1 l
t '
f 5
ZZZ I?crth Ccrincrelal Street Tc!:rl.-r.e 12 CD