The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, October 23, 1927, Page 20, Image 20

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??3& HSUEE
Distinctive Design ofJgJeeve
, Valve Makes" ft '."Adapt-
" able To Trend. v..
One of the most Important de
velopments of : tbe year In auto
mobile design has been the steady
trend by many manufacturers of
engines to the high, compression
type. .Marked evidence of this
trend can be noted in. the special
(Trades of gasoline for high com
- presslon motors, now being widely
distributed all over the country by
the larger oil companies. . ;
; This trend, howerer, merely fol
lows a pac,e set i more than ten
years ago by the ! Willys-Overland
company. It was back in 1915
that the "Willys-Knight sleeve
ralve engine first employed high
compression and 'since that date
owners of this car hare been able
. to enjoy the advantages of in
creased power, greater vitality,
unusual hill climbing ability and
a trenerat smoothness and economy
of operation throughout ; 1
."Engineers point out that the
patented design of the Wlllys-
Knlght engine readily lends Jifi'f
to the requirements of ha com
pression, the limittn9 Imposed
In other types pi Tigh compression
engines be entirely abeiit tn
the Kitght sleeve valve power
One of the best proofs offered
'to justify the claims that the
Willys-Knight engine is naturally
,; adaptable ' to ..high compression
" work is the fact that this engine
does not require a special grade ot
i gasoline T to 'obtain the " maximum
; cmcieicy It la notable that other
j manufacturers ,;ot high cdmpres
. 1 Hon '-engines iooqmtd , the Jose
Xi'4t special 'grade fit rueA In 'order
: to secure the result claimed and
to eliminate knocking. The
Willys-Knight' engine, it to said,
pexates mm succesjfulJj on the or
dinary fael u i dees on the
grades required tor alga compres
sion saglne of other design. '
Namaroua teats hare bared the
fact that tha WIllys-Kaight sleeve
Talve combustion chamber where
in the gases are highly compressed
- before firing, is Ideally designed to
" provide a rapld,j&e&oy burning at
- the fueLStonatloasoareralent
' tn jit types of Mgk ompreesloa
engines; ahssut la the
r wnixs-Snight. ! : ::..
- -With tit aflfitflaaal -, tares toe-
r. partedoiaepteteaslaUMlTinys-
' .Knight acsav the ear Is
, of greater
- speed, catcher
' naval vtta&ty aae! smooth
; formaaes which as aSaavta
- In other types f hlh
englaea, wspecliTly
-'. grades of
It Is ths charactarlstls dastgrn at
: ' the SalghT ilarrs tarra t tabes
. tloa chaaaat, wtta ths spark ales
; ; located la the asset eeatar at
comKassel ' fiat eharga.
provide the ssssrpssisl high
- coiuprssshra asifuisissn of this
- . othar
caamber mt ta irByo-Salght ss
glae Is MeaSy daatsaad far kfgh
intlra emrtesv mt the
- walla
. a
. spats." ' The locatlam oX ths spark
- ping recalls la xha spark
thaishrtast ' asssTils' dtstsaca - to
travel. In afl. It la ths ceeapsct -
at ths slssrs -ralrs
tiaa chamber that flsrsi
gins as ths Ideal typs 1
BuicJc Sales Since Models
-?4 1 fntrdc&jced, Break Rcccrd
'-FLIrrr. . MlcXrf Bale laalss
sines - tha tntrodnctlea ot : new
models ts J sly hars shattered all
records la ; Bnlck history. C. W.
Chabchlll. general salee manager
of the Bnlck Motor Company, an
nounced today. The Jaly. August
and September total this year Is
8 2.9 8 S cars, as compared with
70,941 cars sold daring ths cor
responding period la lt2.
"Ths average monthly increass
daring the last three months, over
the corresponding period la 19 2 1,
. amonata to mora thaa 4.990 ears.
said . Mr. Churcb.HL "This repre
sents aa average Increase of 1,009
cars a week, or considerably bet
ter than 10 a day."
Llartiss Family Hc!ds,.f,
I- si;AnniYcrsarv-' Reunion
'-lis r
Berlin ap
-To celebrate
, the : anniversary of -lire
r-.ij. rtart jof juplaterrnpted tamCy, his
tory, men and women bearing the
' name ot Martins flocked to Ber
lin recently from all parts of Ger-
t&aay and several foreign lands.
- The family .roll call showed . that
taere are Martin uses In Austria.
Garraany. Hungary, Poland, and hands of Georg Langv and ths
America. , - ' jrotos f Judas sad tlarr tl?4a-
ThA fftnnder of " the MaiUaruiUras ara played ty Xaax aal
family. Caleotas Martlnus, 'was
torn 142T la the Italian city of,
. 2TamL"-: Us . achlsrsd .'.talis.' aj a(
. tnicher of ...jthOososhy;" as!';JJologna. , Lstef he ..satertJ;
else at ths universities of Tain
tie service of Kins Hsthlas Cor-
-xm cT Hungary and throttth hi
-rti- . to a nwiariia glxl
IL J. Khagler, general sales man
ager of the ChTrelet Motor Com
pany. Is now on a tour of the west
ern territory. Bringing a message
of optimism from the east, middle
west and th -Pacific northwesji
KUngler reports an unpreceqxed
oemuKi ipr the new Giroi8t a
demand that will nfessltate a pro-duction-Moord-V
year ta eX.
cess of million ears.
' AWatt and September mamtatoed
K.elr sales stride throughoot the
cosstry, according to KUngler. and
tall baring has been remarkably
strong especially on the Paciftc
Coast where seasons do not play
so important a part as they do In
the middle-west and the east.
Chevrolet production records for
ISM which -established a new high
mark, were passed the mid-part of
August whett four and a half
months remained to add ts the tre-lof
-- " ; ; 1 ; - -
Rush of Applications for
' Agencies Accompanies
Remarkable Demand
Record breaUag sales of Chrys
ler cars this summer and fall ars
bains; accompanied ty a corre
sponding increase in dealer
sentatloa at ths Chrysler
Host awwrdtag ts
' T li " yamarkaMa rscapUoa
whidl fcas greets tha three ,bww I
Chrysler monels. ;'' together
1 the strong demand 1t tha Imper
ial to," Is saarmg ant ar -
tatlsn at ths -best fan an4 w
Ateesa la evr cosrpanya
tory.- says Br. risssr.
mssaet rlt mt b that thai
secoad six maatha at 1TST wtlj
taraarpass the ttrst liaU s ar
books. :',f'-- 'f -fli V".:
-Qratlfybag as this
at Chrysler car moHt naturally Is
to as. wa teal especially pleased
wh tha targa prays
asw isman that is eactlaf tram
small towns aaeV tana oommunl-J
ties. Tbls teatnre ot Tecent
IS plessfeg ta as set nly be-j
cause u raraais easrai recognj-i
tlon ot tha aartorsisaea shuttles 1
bant mso. nr cars bmt
It radacts an tanproveisentl
In ths agrlcnlloral sltnatlon that
cannot bat result la
benefit to the coantry ttsnerally.l
and that assures a ceatraaance oil
lltT coot times wsa Into the!
eamtar yaar.? .
Hew Biblical Play For
City of CbT2mmcrgM
Cross?, JahaWKsrrrra.:
snnearsuta? it. only a jaon-
work ; ar ' citamt: ; U 1' tbros a
visions f rilats's srtfa , and the
daughter ot Klag Balliasar. Ths
balk at ths action Is aomesntratsd
arwand 1 Jadas and Harj Mag la-
lens. .". I
Ths slags managsment Is la ths
Traeulela PraSslcser. tt raatloa
wisv fame. :
Since tha Passion xiay is pra--
seated onr ayery teath year.
hecamaa aacassaxy t tralaap asw
slayers, and ft ,waa ta Xi&t end
that the "School ot the Cross: was
waaks'-aT-'Stsw' gsslsrs svpOsd
Car aad:. wsr: gransed Chrysler
tfesKsBVaBBsBsMsBsa CastsMVk " "fftffMssaal ' 4ftsVtss
Tha assihsr is sail ta a Caa Ur
csst that has sjssr Jalaad ana MMr
tosebOs atxtslsitlsm ta aach a
shan tteta. mm -
trbatad by J. V. Tis sar. Chrys
ler amiss saaaagsr. ts tk caasisl
knraiadgw that a tatxaarks&Sa ra
ssptlsm has hsssi wrtsadad hy tha
fisiaa tm tha tlras ssrsr caaCa2s
tha ' Crya3ar.:' cars ar aflasi - tslra-
tha aav tha CcssJtaasr-tl-Bd
tha Oastrtaaa ajasr Tr ts
pssUsg'ta stsilsss Csijrtss
salas assrks ta aatSrstr asrsr high
ImiIs, "km atatssy whfla at ths
sasss) tSass tha IsapsrhU "Is.-Iks
teaaaTs; s,i ss sst iTTi s ta -tha
laxary car class aSsa asOsytas
a aata asijasrisflsatst la Oa aasa-
rehearsed ta "i-Sil ot jiaa I , . . ,
Instituted. , ThT5h the w r.b-
lical ray added taterest Is
ti ths werJc ... ; '-
; - V " ' " ;
: X1 V
- -: '-i' w V-- ; '5;-.:
mendous totals which h!j.-beQ
piled up due to the ftaordinary
demand for thew Chevrolet.
KlingWJ, jjj associate with
ln cJ.arge
of ealrs. tor many years. He joined
the Chevrolet organisation in 1924
as sales manager for the St. Louis
aone. A year later he Was called to
Detroit as assistant sales manager
and his appointment; as general
sales manager for Chevrolet was
announced tn June of this year.
This Is his first trip to the west
tn his new capacity.
KUngler was met lai the Pacific
Northwest by X. W. Fuhr, regional
sales manager of the Chevrolet Mo
tor Company and. after a week's
stay la the bay cities, will visit Los
ngeles and Southern California,
retnraing to Detroit the latter part
S. Barber Secures Agency
; For Willys-Overland Here
has been' appointed iWlUys-Orer-j
land dealer In Salem, dt was a
nonaced here Friday.' 1 Mr. Bar
bar's son will- be ln active charge
of tha agency, which will ha local
ad la tha new huQdmg now being
completed tor the TsBey Motor
conspanx est Center street aear
Oecimsrclal, vhsra ! tha Bana
steele Voter eompany need car
lot was formerly wRaated.
Ths aew company lisre will
Wlirys-Kalght and Whip-
Tfce state alstrtbutor Is
th BOUngaley Motor company,
ac l'arUaAa.
-Ctztua cf Etzd Pwmoved
VBSllLmljfAl't'-iTha .sacaat
OarsMra Aassc li Moo Jeetlnx tear-1
aamsnt ta tSnalck was aaarksd by
an arsce4aats4 attsadaaos. . :
Mara thaa 4.M Irsrashaatai
1.X Ot msxkasaes at ssaani
ttctg - tha
0zmc halts pending a plajci'g return to
n tha f2
o lonj tsa-
. . i -e .
tea ir-ccci
sa i i rw - .
Turkey Bean i Event Gels
. Jnto FuIJ Swing During
. Month of October
With more than 27,000 persona
who make up ths selling organic
ation ot he Chevrolet ijotor com
pany involved, the unique "tor
keyrbean" contest Inaugurated by
by this company a year ago Is
again Jn full swing during Octo-
per, ,
This huge sales organization
has been divided for the duration
of the contest Into conxpf tfve
groups of which the, rlnaers will
eat turkey ra'e the losers wlU
dne only oa beans and pay the
dinner check. Two major
divisions of the country hays been
made, with an assistant general
sates manager of the Chevrolet
Motor company in charge of each,
D. 12. Ralston has the western half
of the United States, and M. D.
Douglas the eastern half.
Each of these ecttons has been
subdivided. The Flint sales' re
gion has been pitted against the
Atlantic coast region, tne bouih
eastern against the middle west
ern, and the Great Lakes againet
the Pacific coast. Every one of
the 4S cone sales offices in the
United States also has
squared away against another:
zone; cities are competing against
cities, as are dealer organisations
and Individual salesmen.'.
Officials ln the sales depart-
ek mm - as at - aa . u it : em
Let us suggest a few needed accessories
which are needed for comfort and safe win
ter driving:
its . . . :
G. & L.
Cocdct Vary & Ufccsix
never cadlrdfe
- - csfr Va the dde liaeaeJf tfam-is
to be cisds, yoa caa depend on Bcldi to
ttrtd h field - U il ; Arlocs
rrojl.? . XL Gtzji fiZMpteur
tp jhs Great Lakes region, lot (me
week and then wQ justs Id other
regionj; IL-J..Klliiglef, general
sales XBA&Ager, 20 ctatloned pa the
Pacific fcoastl iMr. Halstoa Is Con
centrating pn, the middle vesti
Mr. Ponglas on the) outheast; R.
K. Whits, sales promotion jaina
ger, has the Atlantic coast; and
Sidney Corbett manager ot ; the
truck dlrislon, is at Flint.
' Mr. Grant, in an address to
dealers at the beginning of the
contest, , stated that Chevrolet
plans to sell 71.451 cars this
month He also stated thfti 'sell
ing condition yti Cctober loom
considerably Vrighter than in Sei
tembr. " j. lI i
"l am optimUUc also for No
r ember and the ensuing months,
ie declared. ."Last November our
sales' caota called for 43,000
units, .whereas we sold and de
livered more than 73.000 ears and
tracks.. What we accomplish tMs
jyear in wovemoer ana iUeceraper
will hinge largely upon pur Octo
ber fiiowine. I Iook forward to
1988 with confidence in fontTha.'
leadership &ni costinued t-rcgiTs
for Chevrolet rei-ord nrsafcltis
WcmafVS Hair OCCaSlOOS
Quick Death by Lathing
BERLIN APt.-rHcr longhair j
proved a fatal conductor of ;e:et:-!
triyity to Grtttchen Schaprer i
young, peasaat v.-oiuan of SteltJ. i
She was struck aud instantly Ikill-
ed by lightning wliioh shot down
the electric lisrhUng to a lamp,
and from there to iifr hair as eO
was combing it etiL.
Telephone 666;
the line-up.
Jm-JI.1, -ha? ''
Winter AnT5oyanc6 jn Form
of Imperfect Equipment
Jo Be Warded Off
? U- ' . !'.
FLINT, . Mich., Oct. 22. It's
time for the car owner to prepare
for cold weather. This is the re
minder Issued by C. AW Jacobs,
service manager of the Bnlck Mot
or Company, who adrfses ; atten
tion to batteries, oil, tires and
brakes as a precaution against
winter-annoyance. '
. The following suggestions made
by Mr. Jacobs hold good for most
cars: ; ' !
1. Have battery checked land If
necessary charged to insure vlg
orors cranking in cold weather.
Hv? generator cleaned and "charg
ing rate advanced to maintain bat
ter j- in proper rendition.
7. 5wie to liahter; oil fit
" f ' T ,
; '
, nrrS2Z2S2--Z3
Wben tou can trade in your old slick tires on new Miller Tires. Slick tires are the
cause of many accidents Now at the start of the rainy season you should have
iew tires with a tread which prevents skidding. ,
T; Miller Tires Are Equipment on ' America?
19? S. Commreial .
- ,4
Bonitele Motor Co. - 474 So; Com'l.
Does Youhf
Stsurlteir SiLsuriL?
-4 ,
rA- ;.
- ';--'
.1-,. "
;..r : t
- 'i
A -
having hard wort Cranking the
engine. 5
tires ate sodhd. tt
lk lees troublesome Xi tepalr them
Aow than to mako emergency
changes ini cold weathef. "
I 4. Have brake action equalised,
particularly oa two-wheel brake
cars. 'The 1 newer the car, of
course, the less the chance of In
terrupted service due to cold
weather. "With the new Bulcks,
for Instance, most of these pre.
pa rations may be omitted Bulck
of 1 9 2 8 Is equipped with an auto
matic charging control which pro
longs the life of the battery by
preventing over-char gin g. The
charge Is adlusted for winter and
summer operation without any at
tention. 'Addition of water is all
the new Buick's battery is likely
to need for a long time.
I 5. Sufficient, alcohol,, should be
added to radiator to prevent dam
age by ireeaing, but not until
weather requires It.
I 'The crankcase oil In Bulck for
1928 need s not be changed very
ef ten. - It must ot course be re
lefcprt from time to time, and
fas cold weather approaches, tnese
be made
all winter; f
"Ross" Smith
Profit Jby:Mcnsy Fx.rnincfPricea
EtKQ'1 " autoSol'na electricians. ' flxfag , self-
sartrr Cry'Tsi ctirtand rcpsirtag them1
A'-. -t-v as ;Cirti li.e7fc-wia perfinitt their !
.w.-ptwpesyhik,. ta- iayBstleaJa-"aroa;
"1 arwliavln any UCad Ntr tr6Ci: erlth yomr starter. "
' I brtf yctr cr L ia Voremedled. It wm
V t rc4 ca 'a fLa rata and yoa wfll know froai
' : Um Uzoo yoa feri&s yoar car la aatfl yoa take tt
V. (mt-r-r Just what It Is fofa ta cos yea to have
'-' Jfhatf atartar repaired. .
T ' . : . Battery & Electrical Service
i. liberty SlI PHONE 23
with lighter oil. - :
? "Unless they fare very Svidpaty
Out A of : kdjustfaent, the Baic
preparatloh tot winter Jjut for
iub bici ge vai, iue snouiij a
Checked over carefully, for jt7
streets and badlyequalizod brai;. 4
are a dangerous combination.
"Pretty nearly every one , ,
Is driving a car today can rp:r;r, .
ber when the majority of owc,'M
tne winter, drained the
water, and deflated the
7 mat o tumosi unneard-o'
There Is no reason why, with a
little extra care, the modern tr.oto
car should not So through tr 3
winter without a single Int
tlon of service.'
French milliners are makh?
many models of velvet. Brovn aa,i
yellow as well as black, dark T?i
and dark green are favorit. rr
ors with Beboux, as well as be:a
and gray. Agnes makes us 0f &-
the blues and bright rink aaA
black is also used by her.
Man In Kansas City Bays ho ,a,
a cigar 37 years old. That' Both
Ing, we got a box full last Christ
mas. Iwest Caw Sachas
Telephone 313
To Sslt yc'rJeda
To Fit Your Puree
- . : i ' :