The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, October 21, 1927, Page 7, Image 7

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Jrs. Liresley Hostess at
A ttraetivelBridge Tea I
One of the most delightful af
fairs of the autumn season was
tbe Mge tea for Mrs. T A. lilyes
lwas hostess .Wednesday af ter
iJbo on Falrmoont JIM.
''This affair was the first of a
series which Mrs. Livesley - will
give this winter., -..;.
Mrs.; Charles li. 'McNary . won
honors for pilgh score. Mrs.' Fritz
Slade won second prize..
The guest group Included: Mrs.
Isaac Lee Iatterspn, Mrs. Charles
L. MeN'ary, Mrs. John H.'McNary,
M rs. William - Boot, - Mrs. George
Rodgers, lira. John Jj Roberts,
Mrs. O. C. Locke, , Mrs. T. C
Smith, Jc Mrs. Romeo Oouley,
Mrs. Frederick Lamport. Mrs. J
Shelley. Saorman,. Mrs. Ashael
Bush, Sirs. Frits Slade, Mrs. Mae
llofer, 3Irs. B. O. Shucking, Mrs
Curtis Cross, Mrs. Louis Lach
mund, Mrs. W. H. Lytle, Mrs. Dan
J. Fryj Jr, Mrs Harry .Hawkins,
Mrs. W. H. Dancy, Mrs. John H.
Carson Mrs. Daviw W. Eyre, Mrs
George : M. Dorcas, and Misa Flora
Mason,' Mrs. Harry Cnsick, -and
Mrs. Percy Young, all of Albany.
The tea table was centered with
a lorely combination of crimson
and pink roses, and leep rose ta
pers. Mrs. Will fa m Boot ponred.
Mrs. Fritz Slade, Mrs., Dan Fry,
Jr., and Mrs. Harry Hawkins as
sisted fn the dining room.
Executive Committee of
Woman's Council of Churches
The executive committee- of the
Woman's Council of Churches met
Monday afternoon at the Y. W. 1
C. A. ,
Mrs. Fred Erickson presided at
the business session.
The various committees gave
their reports at this meeting. The;
committee on Japanese work re
ported that nine of the children!
- graduated from the kindergarten j
school maintained near Lake La
bish and had entered Hayes villei
and Kejser schools.
Arrangements were made for
the next meeting, which will be
held November 10 at Pratum.
Mrs. John Humphrey is chairman
of the program committee.
Entertains Her Bridge .
Club With One o'clock
Mrs. John Carson entertained
the members of her bridge club
with a one o'clock luncheon, Tues
day afternoon in her home.' on
North Summer Street. !
i-Tbe luncheon table was lovely
with a ",n(terplece of lemon-yellow
chrysanthemums. Covers were
arranged tor Mrs. Frank Spears,
Mrs. Kejvh Powell of Woodburn,
Mrs. Arthur J. Raho; Mrs. Harry
Hawkins, Mrs. Fritz Slade, Mrs.
R. M. Hofer, Mrs. T. A. Roberts,
Mrs. Dan J. Fry, Jr., Mrs. Prince
Byrd. Mrs. W. Connell Dyer, Mrs.
Krcei nay, ana me nosiess, iurs.
Carson. -
Dance of Fri-Ni-Da Club
This Evening '
The second dance of the club
season will be given this evening
by the Fri-Ni-Da Dancing club.
Members of the entertainment
committee are Mr. and Mrs. Louis
Anderson. Mr. and Mrs. James
Teed, Mr. and Mrs. Howard
Young, and Mr. and Mrs. L. L.
president's Day Will Be
uuserveaat woman a duo
Meeting !
?? Presidents, past and future,
will he honored at the meeting of
the Salem 'Woman's Club Satur
day afternoon.
The- past presidents of the club
are Mrs.' Isabel Geer. Mrs. Lucia
Cusick, Mrs. Sybil Catlin. Mrs
Lulu H. Bash, Mrs. Edna D. Ray
mond, Mrs. Helen P. Gatch, Mrs
Iva H. Kirk, Mrs. Ida Fleming,
Miss Mattie F. Beatty, Mrs. Flor
ence Cartwright. , Mrs. Marguerite
P. Elliott, ! Mrs. Alice H. Dodd,
Mrs.- Elizabeth M. Albert, Mrs,
Louise Riggs, Mrs.. Helen B. Ham
ilton, Mrs. Nora L. Anderson Mrs.
LaMoine R. Clark, Mrs. Eliza
beth Peace Jones, Mrs, Lorah
Spaulding. Mrs. Ida Ruth "Fargo,
and Mrs. C. S. Hamilton. Each of
these officers will wear a costume
appropriate to the year when she
was president of the club.
, A group of club members will
appear as future presidents, also
in costume.
This meeting of the club is a
"get acquainted" meeting and all
members are urged to be present
Mrs. LaMoine R. Clark la in
charge of the musical program.
The committee in charge of the
'affair- Includes: Mrs. William J
Bnsick, chairman; Mrs. William
McGilchrist, Jr:, Mrs. W. S. Mott.
Mrs, .Frank Jaskosi, Mrs. E. E
Kennell, Mrs. George M. King
Mrs. H. H. Olinger, Mrs. J. H
Jennings, Mrs. J. C. Nelson, Mrs.
George E. Lewis, Mrs. Roy H
Social Calendar
Mills. Mrs. Will Moore, Mrs. A. A
Siewert, Miss Esther Morris, Miss
Margaret Schumaker, Mrs. Claude
Steusloff. and Mrs. H. L. Stiff.
Leisure Hour Club Has
Opening Meeting of
Fall Season
Another of Salem's social or
ganizations, the Leisure Hour
Club, opened activities for another
year with a one o'clock luncheon
Wednesday afternoon at the home
of Mrs. Seymour Jones. Mrs. John
H. Scott and Mrs. John Albert
were assistant hostesses.
Mrs. R. E. Lee Steiner was elec
ted president of the club for the
year. Mrs. Wrillis Moore will serve
as secretary-treasurer.
An interesting talk concerning
her recent trip around the world
was given by Mrs. Dan J. Fry, Sr.
Members' of the club-are:' Mrs
Milton M eyers. ...Mrs.. DanJ. Fry;
Sr., - Mrs. U.4 tS. Shipley-; MT. IioX
L. Pearce, Mrs. R. E. Lee Stein
er, Mrs. Fred Steusloff, Mrs. Kitty
Graver, Miss Oda Chapman, Mrs.
John H. Albert, Mrs. Willis Moore,
Mrs. E. C. Small, Mrs. John Scott,
Mrs.' George Pearce, Mrs. Charles
Weler, Mrs. H. J. Clements, Mrs.
Alice H. Dodd, Mrs. Elizabeth
Lamb, and Mrs. Charles, A. Park.
Mrs. Steusloff, Mrs. Moore, Sirs.
Lamb will entertain the club in
November at the home of Mrs.
Steusloff, 607 North Commercial
Woman' 8 Union Will Meet,
This Afternoon
The Woman's Union of the
First Congregational Church will
meet this afternoon at the home
of Mrs. D. R. Ross, 771 North Cot
tage Street.
The missionary box will he
packed at this time.
'FricJajr -----. . ;
Woman's Auxiliary of St, Paul's
Episcopal Church, r Mrs, James
Walton, 1077 Center St., hostess.
Hal Hibbard S. W. B. A. Mrs.
R. .C. Chnrchill, 145,.N. 21., St.
hostess. ' t
Frl-NI-Da- Club- Dance. Castll-
lian Hall. v
"Chicken-pie supper. Mill St.
M. E. Church, 15th, and Mill St.
5:30-8:30 o'clock. s
Woman's Union. First Congre
gation Church. Mrs. P. R. Ross,
771 N. Cottage St. hostess. 2:30.
.Woman's Alliance, Unitarian
Church. Emerson "Room; ;2:30
o'clock. : . ..
Tea. Y. W. C, A. 3 o'clock. Pub
lic Invited to attend,
Friday Bridge Club, Mrs. Cv A.
Olson, 1782 Reservoir St. hostess.
west siae (Jircie, , laaies , aio.
Jason Lee Church. ,' Mrs. Albert
Vlek, ll 9 5 N. Liberty St? 2 o'clock.
.Past Matrons 4jAsso'ciaioni, Or
der of Eastern StarT Mrs. Jams
Godfrey, 4 9 5 , N., Liberty St. hos
tess. ; . 4 .. , ,-
W. O. W. Dance.' Fraternal
Temple. Center St. 4 ,
Golden West Club. Wr. B. A
Mrs. Jennie Miller. 351 S. 19 St
J'Costume Party."
Saturday ;
Woman's Club. President's Day
Club-house. 2:30 o'clock. v ,
"Hallowe'en costume party,"
Chapter AB, P. E. O. Miss 1 May
Rauch. 17 Court Apartments.- ,
Mrs. Paulson Entertains
Adolynk Club
Members of the Adolynk ; Club
were entertained Wednesday aft
ernoon at the home of Mrs.; Earl
Bridge was the diversion of the
afternoon. Mrs. James Tee re
ceived the club prize for , high
score. '.
The rooms of the Paulsen home
were very attractive with baskets
of chrysanthemums, dahlias, and
cosmos. !
Mrs. James Smith assisted the
hostess at the tea hour. ;
Club members present 'were
Mrs. Oral Lemmon, Mrs. James
Teed, Mrs. Reed Rowland, ( Mrs.
Carl Chapter, 'Mrs. George , Nel
son, Mrs. . Jesse George, Mrs.
James, Smith, and the hostess.
Mrs. Paulsen. t. '
tifcrs. Wright in Portland
For the. Dnti a
IT" 7 TPJ ' i r- '
;Mrs. Fay Wright is In Portland
today where she will be In attend
ance at the luncheon given for the
officers of Daughterstf the Nile.
Mrs. Wright is out-of-town officer
of the local organization.
Coiint-Chi-Me Sunday School
Class Entertained at:Davlest
Home , f
.The Count On- Me Sunday
School Class of the First Baptist
Church was entertained .-Wednes
day afternoon at the' .home, of
Mrs. T. W. Da vies on North Cot
tage Street. -
, Hallowe'en decorations and bas
kets of yellow and white chrysan
themums were used In the living
rooms. . , t
Mrs. W. C Pickens was in
charge of the devotions and of the
business meeting which followed.
Officers elected for the year
are: teacher, Mrs. S. Willis; pres
ident, Mrs. Ida Meymyer; vice
president, Mrs. Hoover; secretary
and treasurer, Mrs. F. W. Edgar;
and assistant secretary, Mrs. Har
ry Ralph. '
The songs of Fannie Crosby
were featured at the social hour
Refreshments were served at
the close of the afternoon. ,
Those present were Mrs. New
myer, Mrs. Ross, Mrs. Hoover,
Mrs. E. Mundinger, Mrs. M. Olem
Mrs. AJ. Mathis, Mrs. W. 8. Tay
lor Mrs, E. .E. Barster, Miss Jen
nie Robinson, Mrs. D. D. Socolof
sky, MravF. Jl. Clare, Mrs. W J.
Way man, Mrs, D. Standifer, Mrs.
G. A. McAdams, Mrs. M. D. Skjff.
Mrs. - F.; A. Erlckson, Mrs J. E.
Summers, Mrs. J. C. Lamke. ,.
Special guests for the afternoon
were Mrs. G. W. Rutsch, Miss
Gladya Edgar, and Rer. and Mrs.
R. S. Payne.
Members of the refreshment
committee included Mrs. W.- C.
Pickens, Mrs. S. W. Edgar, Mrs.
J. C. Farmer, and Mrs. H. Lottls,
, The November meeting will be
held at the home of Mrs. E. J
Ross. ; 1
Miss Marjorie Sherwin Be
comes Bride at Lovely
Home Wedding
One or tne loveliest weddings
of October was that of Miss. Marj
orie Sherwin and Kenneth C.
Perry which was solemnized at
the home of the bride's parents.
Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Sherwin at
two o'clock yesterday afternoon.
The Christian wedding service
was read , Rev. Ession of
Albany- before i ther fjfeplace. which
was banked with chrysanthemums
and brilliantly-colored ; autumn
leaves. Seven-branch ' candelabra
with white -candles burned In tbe
' The bride, who was given In
marriage- by; her father, wore a
gown of white flat crepe embroi
dered with crystal beads a,nd with
a circular headed flounce on the
skirt. She ' carried a shower bou
quet of Cecil I Brunner ;roses.
- . . -
She was unattended.
- Mies. Ruth Sherwin. a sister of
tthe bride, played: Mendelssohn's
wedktffcg'-marchess the bridal cou
ple Voolr tlieirjPlaces. , "
- Folio wins the "informal recep-
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