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' 1 1 ii i
. . 4
s ' Probable Uneops
Willamette C ot Idaho
Jloch i .i . i . .E . . . JBaldridge
Woodworth . .'.T. . . Wbittier
&tMcKenxle . J.-. . Q ; . . ; . . .. S toel
UAckerman . v . . . C, . , . . Cillaira
. Jjort ......... G. .. Richardson
Versteer . . . . -T. I , . " Swim
Haldean ... . v
. : Smith
, Brown
, Kim . i
; Burnett
. . Dille
'-'Football season 1s coming to
Salem fn dead ernest "today. Most
v.. of the fans hare thought It was a
- Jong time coming; six weeks after
I U lb . trAinliig.'Beaeon. started, and
,1 -wo weeks after some big; Im
" , j)ortant games have been played
.on me coast. :
But being late, .the season is all
the more welcome, and with Ideal
weather forecast,. Indications : are
tthat one of v the biggest crowds
ever assembled for a gridiron con
test on Sweetland field will tarn
tout to see the Willamette univer
sity Bearcats bUttle College of
Idaho, laet year's northwest con
ference champions and . favorites
to repeat. v ; f -The
Coyotes, headed by Coach
Anse Cornell, will arrive early;
this morning. After, sweeping
1 victories over Pacific university
And LinfieJdi colleae, Ipaho has
.suffered no MjuriesHo Tfrst string
men., and. expected to baat itfcr
maxim jm. strength todays i
4- The Bearcats . ,on the other
feaod, tboMtitttmia&ftmtk
two maJariainesL.played-ju-,far,
-especially ifinAhe-wingaw.-Thwwill'
.not-, be,-erious unless some- rtarere
ends are 4 rj p g Jbai nne'ame
are a capable pair, but the Bear-'
cat defence may .be weakened, if
'iur oi is loreeu io leave
the field. .There is just a chance
that Cranor may be shifted to
end if an emergency .arises. ;aa. he'
was. Willamette's moat capable
wins: man last var - ;'. ; , i
- The lineup given above is only
tentative. . Rogers has been re-'
covering , rapidly from bis injury'
oi ten aays ago, and may, be ready
to return to his position at cen
ter; Glass. Cardinal of Van Nuys
may be selected to start at one of
the ends, and Deetz and Zeller
might appear in. the backfield at
the opening of the game. 1 These
men are -all pretty certain to play
at some time in the contest. Oth-i
era who will probably be used are
,Beek.t.vEJmmons - and '- 'Querry,
guards, and Propp.. tackle.
a? ".WASHINGTON, Oct. 20. (AP)
Peter De Paolo of Los Angeles, to
day was declared winner of the
American Automobile Association
speedway championship for 1927.
The contest board of the associa
ton which announced the award,
said it was based on his winning
1440 points in speedway events
during the year. . v
fDe Paolo was champion In 1925
and is one of six drivers who have
iwon the title twice. Frank Lock
hart was second with 1040 points,
retaining .the plac he won last
year. George Souders, Purdue un
iversity student, who won the In
dianapolis race lasf'May, Jn "his
first start behind the "wheel, won
third -place', with 1,000 points. - ;
Fourth place went to Leon Duri
y and Harry 4 Harts, the If 26
champion, took - fifth.., - position,
largely because - of . run rof bad
i luck during: the seaaon " . , ..
Lock hart led th others Jn in on
ey earnings Sonv'the ratal tracks'
with 143.110. scudert earned ; 31,
S, and DePabJqf f -4
.. .
, vXEW YORK, 0t.-AP)-
; Mike JVIcClRue eren tljk. shorn of
llht heavyweight tiitlerrecognt
itlon here by Tommy. Ixru'ghran tor
day made h peace? with the. Na
tional Boxing association and pav
ed, the way for another "shot at
1 175 pound honors.
McTigue'e suspension by the
N. B.. A. for failure to fulfill a
contract to . box Larry Gaines at
Toronto was lifted by Thomas E.
' Donohuetpresldent i of .the' N. B.
'A!: after the veteran boxer, .thru
'his" manager," Jimmy .Johnston,
agreed to meet Gaines in the Can
adian cily,' between "November 10
and 20 . .
I Ut .tb.e same time 1 AIcTIgue's
'challenge for a match with Jim
my " Rlattery of Buf falo,ecognii
. light heavyweight champion
tbythe N.B. A, was accepted, by
Provident JtJonohue. v
: Lifting pt MeTIgue's snspen-
eason why (x o? UAN)
r Quality the prodaa f
49 years of refining experience. -STANDARD
n: ixmoneyx iif
t. Wi 1
J.- - - 11 .
Bion. Ir. Donohne aId, clears the
last ' obstacle 1 tq ' his scheduled
match with Mickey , Walker, tnid
dleweight champion, via "Chicago,
November lj , , -,"---".
Cal Oct, .'' 20.(AP) Thirty
Stanford ; football" playersaceom
panied by managers- trainers and
coaches, , left .tonight: for Portland
where the JCardinals will itackle
the; Oregon.. Aggies. Saturday. - '
Coach Pop" Warner, and Line
Coach - "Tinq" Ttoornhill accom
panied: the players but backfield
Coach Cbar7esyWintirburn 'was
left at. home. to coach the reserves
who are not making the trip. AH
the players are .In good .condition,
so, Stanford prill be at fall strength
against -the -northern, -oteveiu..
Phil Bayea;. the local puncher,
will meet Jack Nash in the meia
event on the opening card-of the
aeason at Aioany tontgnt. pun
knocked Nash .oat' in .the first
round on a Salem card last June,
and is doped to take the- battle
tonight. M 'v ::, - ,
Bayes has been keeping teadlly
In training, despite ibis misfortune
in losing his father by death re
cently, lamd is pTetoarftvg for a
steady reason of f Ights up and
uowu tue cow,, s
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' J
nsTffm umner appointment at a
sorority houe. in Bugene, tonight
BeforTfh?; address and -my Strain
h?ves in ;len miaates.! Ije jttook
biinas hastily with everyone , and
departed, -..-i;" vt-;'---
Ul:' Ideas Not Radical ?;
'7. Companionate marriage differs
from the present system," said the
judge, "only in that birth control
would .be legalized, j information
regarding it: freely t disseminated.
divorce -made possible by mutual
consent' of- childless couplaS.:and
alimony for ' such , divorces ; abol-
ished. . ; -i".--
"Under my : plan, every marri
age would 1 be a companionate
marriage until children came. So
ciety i cannot have as much inter
est in -the childless . couple, as 4t
does with one of .family. -
ZThe term companionate mar
riage was: not originated by me,
I adopted it, thinking that a ; fit
ted . my meaning; and ; that' . it
would attract attentIon. One has
to -make a lot of fuss to get atten
tion sometlmea. People have mis
understood It. They would not
fear it If they understood.
"Please remember that I am a
monogamist. I believe in the old-
lashioned marriage. , But a new
condition has arisen that must be
faced. A great social problem has
developed in which the younger
generation held from marriage by
economic conditions Is vitally In
terested. : .'.-.". ' .; .
"I am not eonceraed "with the!
increase of divorce, f but with the
decrease of marriage. lO'.OOO,
000 men in the Unlfed States -between
the ages of 20 and 31, near
ly 6,000,000 are unmarried. There
are nearly 4 0,000,000 men and
women In "this country between
the ages of 17 and 35. Not half of
them" are married, and yet -they
are in the period of -fecundity and
marriage. ; : !':'t:?
My plan ; serves as - a lure to
get young beople ':to marry. ' 'I
tell them don't have children
unless "you- want them. Nine times
out of 'ten -they will want child
ren -in' spite of previous-i Inten
tions.. But 'they are urged to wait
until they are certain of each
ther." ; ' :,.' '; '
r. Rabbi Newman- is not funda
mentally .opposed t Judge Lind
ey's . views.ile, t however, objects
to theNis? .of the term companion-a-t
mart fage as opening possibil
ities leadihsfVventually te the
French j3ysteh with fits triangular
.'- a ; . ..ilranguilax i r systems He
5 . 14 tC tt the"; destruction lof the
hnlty '0 the imarriage H&eyl.-
S ' 'TIia ,benefIU of companionate
marriage .acaa be gained through
the present marriage system wath
substantial t modiflcatton," ithe
Rabbi declared. T can. see no harm
in legalization of birth eontrol
knowledge in the right way, in the
legalization of divorce by mutual
consent for childless Couples. Btit
I beiieYe that to tell young men
they owe no' financial obligations
to their! "cionipanionatea" is to
give them a dangerous and irre
sponsible' attitudes -towards -the
duties of .permanent .marriage.
"Young people should be helped
to marry earlier provided they
are absolutely sure of each other.
W should hold forth to young
people through our own : conduct
the r pattern of good -manners, of
respect by men for women, of
faith and loyalty, of self-discipline,
of perfect consecration by two
des tired eon hv each to the other.
Let "s1 reform" marriage from
within not assail' it from with
out, :i:-r':S',:i i fvv -w;' A
The Rabbi end , the Judge are
very good friends and have the
utmost ' respect for -each - other's
views. : 4,They atay at .the same
hotel and jaat thertr meals to
gether when . possible. ; -, .
Judge ;L4ndsey. speaks fronv 27
years of "practical experience 4n
imadllug youthful mischief mak
ers. He lost his juvtenlle Judge
ship la the recent Denver, election
and at the (present time has no
regular pob.jlle will continue for
the present on the speaking plat
form: , t "
.As juvenile Judge for Denver he
was author ot the Colorado juve
nile eourt laws. One of the fea
tures of these laws 4s that pt
putting the boys, on their honor,
when sentenced ?: to : the reform
schooL .They are sent ta tha
sch-ooJ unattendeit "Only "fire out
Crowd Breialts
BARIS. 'Oct. 20. (AP). Ex
cited: murmurs i punctuated with
frequent volleys ef ; passionately
protesting Remarks rose again and
again today from the 'spectators
who packed the " benches at the
third sitting of the trial of Sam
uel Schwartzhard for 'the' murder
of General Simon Petlora. : . .
9 Despite Justice Flqrya banging
gavel, and demands.. -for silence,
the spectators '.apparently were
unable to control, themselves and
the attendants had to threaten to
expel se verakjersis tent i offenders
.before the crowd got a grip on its
emotions. ..Today a session was by
far, the most tense; thui far in the
running oral battle between Henri
Torres, chief ofthe defense coun
sel and , Cesar Xlampinchf, -representing
.! Petlura's family. ; The
duel of ' words , gained in vocal
power and hcrimony as1 the f two
black-robed lawyers stood a few
Xeet apart roaring at .the top of
their' lungs. -
, ' Schwarubard . alone among ; the
actors in the court drama main
tained calmJ ,Even at the moment
whe,n he himself commented on
the accusation of a former friend,
his, attitude was- more one of res
ignation than protest. This ac
cusation was contained in a 'de
position, by M. Dobkovsky, Soviet
commisar for Jews affairs. at Mos
cow in 1918, whoJs now In exile,
fighting his former associates.
Schwartz bard claims to have kill
ed Petlnra in reprisal or Jewish
po grams but', the deposition al
leges - that Schwa rtzbard 'was &
member of a secret committee or
ganized -inv Paris by the Soviets to
11 Pettura in ' order to preveht
his "possible-return to "-power 'In
the Ukraine.' - - ' ' ::M ' : j
I : chwartzbard'g r'h only Ifiare -pi
of several hundred har 2itrAvn
the trust. He was -also author of
the contributory deliQuepcy Jaw
which field parents responsible for
thertr negligence. v .
' The Judge has oecom Interna
tionally known for his books on
sex problems. Among some of hhi
works are 'Problems of Children,"
ine. east and the; Jungle," "The
Rule of Plutocracy la Colorado."
"The Doughboy's Religion," and
"Pan-Germanism in America.": $
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F. R. Borger, of the Monon -road
told the American Association of
Superintendents -or Dining , Cars
here today, is that .the dining car
meals- lose money.! Income pays
only for food costs and crew n.
rolls, he claimed, the average loss
per meals being 32 to 55 oArtt.
The toss Is ''in creased too he,
added, by the fact that 99 per
cent of the Pullman naseeneers
now eat in the diners. 1 ?
: -"wifii i a a man may
go nsefully about his .wpxk minus
a leg, an arm and eye, his tonsils,
appendix, 'gall i bladder, one kid-
i-soi.nia iungsand bralff
andf aa much as ,12.. feet Of his la-
tea uses. v.- ;". s i r - s
Dr. ' John V'' v T.rA m n n - V
Tork, Is authority for the state
ment. ; He tOld th intraft,
post-graduate medical
here today that the! number of or
gans a numan -being can afford to
lose to the knife Is steadily in
creasing due to better methods Jn
ourgery ana increased knowledge
of thesfunctions of organs. '
" Scpat, Convention ! ?
Girl scouts held their annual
convention at New York, Septem
ber 28-October 1. Mrs. Jane Dee
ter Rippin, national director, dis
cussed the problems .of the local
director. .Jr
Mayor Walkerkef ."-Nnw Vr
saya he taught ; f unney how toTcoi
use ms ien ana now maybe Tun-
ucywui try to ehow7Walker how
to run New Tork right. ;
! i
' i -
Willamette University
.! 3 P.I. Today r r
;General Admission 50c
b: Murder Trial
violence came when bloody details
of - a nogram ' were .being de
scribed. '.They cut them jdown
with naked blades." he shrieked.
Then he subsided, in apparent an
guish, rocking his shoulders back
and forth' and muttering, in" He
brew. ; : I .
Another elmilar moment came
during testimony of the- ykranian
general. Shapoval, who jwnred an-;
der Petlura. -Shapoval 1 declared
that regular . troops . never had
carried put any massacres of Jews
and that Peuara opposed, such tac
tics. . -
' "Petlura was not antl-semtic
said the massively-built Slav. "He
was a- humanitarian a friend of
the Jews." -.- . i -
; "no, no, - oe - lies ! " - came 'a
chorus In 'the accent of a dozen
auiereni languages. irom tne spec
ta tors. Th witness threw back
his ; close-cropped head. -'and
straightened his shoulders in. dis
dain. ; Shapoval told the court an anf
archist named Volod ine assisted
Schwartxbard. in the crime, w "At
ten o'clock on the morning of the
murder he came to me saying. Pet-
Jura should .be killedi'l- eaid-Sha
poval. ''Jlalf an hour after the
crime he came back' to-me ob
viously elated." Shapovii ; de
clared that Volodirie stood euard
while Schwartzbard fired the fatal
snots. ' ., 3,-," '"r .
To counteract Shapoval's testi
mony,.; Torres triumphantly pro
duced ; a' jjhotogTaplf .of Shapoval,
been;" taken . a month' after Sbapo-
vai .mafle .nia . original deposition
apmusi, woioaine. ,
Entiife World To Be Combed
, For Markets For Prod
ducts From Oregon -
PORTLAND. . Oct. 20. (AP)
Final details of a plan to comb the
world for markets .for Oregon
prunes were worked out- today by
Professor -Geor re M. Weber of the
school of business administration.
university of California. jnd
members of the foreign trade com
mittee of the Portland chamber of
commerce. :- - :'-..'!
The plan involves the usO of
qnesttonnaire3,hlcn,;if, they..ra-i;
tcivo vuo approval 01 - ine a e part
men t of commerce In Washington,
Di C, will be sent .to every Amer
can : commercial attache through
out the world. The questionnaires
were sent to Washington tonight.
tt.One set of 'guestlotis has been
made .out especially lor non-producing
countries such as England :
another set la for cquntries which
are t-aeml-produclng . such,; as;
France,. w.Wle . a,, third set is for
producing- countries: where is is
hoped markets for Oregon prunes,
too, can be obtained. A fourth
questionnaire Is being -sent to
Washington 'to be answered from
data already -in department "jbf
commerce archives. .
Two major attempts 6li the
Questionnaire plan are to find per
manent .markets for the; Oregon
tart-weet pruney and to find mar
kets -where quality, rather than
price. Is the dominant factor. r
The move on the Dart of Proi;
HTe&sor Weber is in .line with the
university of Oregon's new policy
of actively cooperating with the
ho 1 professes o ie anti-radical.
In compatiy : withyoipe. . The
photograph Vas. certified to have
.uHneiJ $hH. state in the
'4E,aa!SnrPJAgricultural cooperating with the far
mers, other professors in the
school of -business administration
are working on similar problems.
. . r ..1 .-. I 1 ... . '
' When Glasses Jkxc ;
.r, iNeeded ,
. t. -New Location ,-
Dr. C. B. O'NciU
.Fourth Jffloor "3
rirat; National: Ban BnUdljr
! Phone C2I
.TliWTO Fffl :
Bobby Mclntyre andllddie Gra
ham. - ?two vof Salem's - own , fiat
swingers who have been establish
ing themselves as unquestioned
erowd. pleasers. will -have ;a place
on the boxing -card at. the armory
arena next Wednesday night..
Matchmaker 'Plant In putting
these boys on the card did -so at
the. request :of multitudes ot fans
I who know t that, they are in for, a
session of good, hard fighting
whenever and against whoever the
two boys appear. I -
Mclntyre has bee nmatched with
Charlie O'Leary. of Portland In the
six -round . semi-windup event.. Ed
die Graham takes on Mickey Do-
Ian; another .Portland - scrapper.
who Is just, two pounds heavier
than Eddie, and who is -said to
pack A mean punch. ' - i
-Si Flook, of Mill. City, and
Young Union, of Portland, have
been matched in a four-round pre
liminary mill. One more four
round bout will be added to the
card in a few days.
Jack Dillon, headliner In a fight
asainst Battling Slim, will work
out this, afternoon in the armory
at one o clock. He has been tak
Henry Wolffs Marliet
ft ,; iPmfSi 'Peoples Market ;
155' T Iiberty-St l
. Saturday and
. .. '. -1.:. . . ilif
; 2 packages Citrus
' Washing'; Powder' M
i 6 boxes, ; ' QUA
1 Matches ; .,.. " C
Pint Mazola OC
on .. .........SDC
7;lb3.- Bst Cane ylA
- Sugar ..-......-.:...sT!aC
' New Elsinore Peas, 20c
value ; '
- s for
Best ' Swift or
- Marion Butter ..
3 Gulf Kist .
Shrimp i.s.... ,
45 c
49 c
10 bars -Royal
White Soap ...jOOC
4 lbs: . '
;' Macaroni jLuC
49 lb. sack Per- 41 fift
fectfon Flour v eOel .
NottS COMerciai
QKt groceries r
1 pound HiDa Bros L J. B.
7 jMBhd boxlTra Blu
Crax :'
8 pounds Sweety
10 Bars JYhitd Wonder
3 large cana EineapplejOrLo ,
3 large carl3
l! 3 ldfcs;tLi Ultei
-. -
We have ?i wonderful Tajse'in brccra
,J 4.poundboxof Xni Bljct
1C3 pctij.Cane
2 larsratjacfesrea White i
M Half, or whole Ha
ber pound
2 poanda Peanut
Z pounds Ginger s
Com, Peas and String Beans
.2 cans Tor
2 pound Loaf of
Impound WtJtmtter lit"
uartnrrr i ?
6 potrndsS. W.
6 Fr-nd3 EkiUcse Ef,ead
'--Jtf ffa. ',f- f -t
d pound sack Rolled
49 pound sack of Ci&wn
log his "daily doaen" everyj after
noon this week and Is in Up-top
shape for the mysterious Belling-
ham -bay 188-pounder. .
Dillon has moved to Salem and
plans to make It his home if he
can take the match from the Bat
tler Wednesday, night,' so that he
will be established in the .valley;
here as a vreal fighter.
Battling Slim is now In: Port-i
land preparing -for 1. he , fight here;
vv eanesaay. , .
RAINTER. Ore..4Oct.: 20.-AP)
-Pr.vI. S. Ditto was elected roay-i
ojf -of Rainier by wthe' ity council
tonight to succeed A. E. Veatchn
recalled on .Atrgust is. and with
J this election scame 4he announce-1
ment that recall proceedings have
been started against Mrs. Florence
E. Bowen and M. W. Brown.coun-i
eil members.
. Those In touch with boh aides
of the political situation s believe
the bitter strife ol the -past few
months is settled only insofar as
the . Question revolved around
Veatch. . . ' i-v
Ttie second recaU ,is setfor No-
vember 1, -but inasmuch as Mrs
Bowen and-Brown has withdrawn
their support f fVeatch, ho tight
against them is , anticipated.
Read -the Classified Ads
, i ' '.L 1 .-Phone 994 : :
t f- 1 -i
- lift.'. v
Monday Specials ; ;
jiV. 1 S. inspected No. 1;. '
?.: .ui. ; -Steer ;.Beef . ;
Boned and
rolled roasts
Choice .veal Ik Q
rpasts '10C
.steaks .
Our own Pure
Lard, No. 5s ...
In bulk 14c
Our own Lean
Breakfast Bacon
Chickens : dressed sl Q
& drawn; lb. ... OC
Phone 1371 and 1372-
Attractiv Prices r
PluslSerrico . ;' ' . r
cr Golden West
I . ;
-49 c;
Sl;39 ;
49 c
'1 I i- f-gp j;
-,- ;c
f1- - i ''jJ- ol'.il- '-, -n"' . i
, .. '.".7'.: vM'" ';.'i v
. "iM-"' '"lis - r ' V "
4..' - a-J! 'IC HUM
; Ask AJbput Our
I Ju at, been' in ieffect one month, -in vthis .time .has mere,
than .doubled ur business. We are giving our .cus.tom
ters .a .finer and .better selection ,o.f hose at a .yery .low
'cost. All the latest shades now on display in the hosiery
Good apples are very scarce in H;heWillamette Valley
jthis year and a ,short crop the country. over. vQur buyer
hf''-bn;putYera('ay8 ftndbpusht 20G 3 boT.23 cf
i apples so as toassuife ,us i good supply. '.for. tha -.r.c;:t
;two or. three month s.!f .Lay in a supply -at '.these' pricij.
i Delicious, llome Beauty, WlnteilCx.iar.a ; ';.
r ' " 1 i ' ':si:56;per.i)oi;Mv-'--'i ' rr
1 Fancy. :Spitzenbergs -$2.00 ,Qoking Jpplei $i.C0 -box.
j . jPatterson's Dehcious.fancy . wrapped and paclced" .
. $2.75 to 53J5 peri box ,
Meat SpeciaHor Saturday v
Prime -Ribs of Steer Beef, Boned and Rolled, ZZc
Young Rabbits to fry, 35c lb.
! "New Crqp'Valnula i B
Just received1 the .first , of the ew,.Crop Valnuts and
they are fine J)ig nuts.. . ' ' .'
' ' ' !2 pounds -for 53e : . ' . ' .
r Chinese Ncqb JDqk' At!c:i '. l
ComeJn and -try 'this,delectable dish. prepared hre by a
jcefined Chinese lady, .During the sale we will ecII
; 3 , packages Chinese Noodles 23c
For, making Chop Suey-we have the Qhc)? Suey -Z ,
Bean Sprouts and J5amboo Shoots, i ;
j?;;hA ; .TheXyPsAre In .
iXiast yer .we could not;supbly. the, demand fcr th'I "
akigs in jars. We have ordered just five ;
Vmany'thia 'year.-'--;'; :-v
-V I Two Sizes---40c jar and $1.23 jir ....
LIptsns Coffee pour. 4 :Zz
sW va O UWAsVvw V -aw v-
:L!;t:.r..lTc-,r:.:i r C!
New Crop Prunes
Large, 2 pounds : 2:
Ilediura, .3 rtd3 2:
WfxIIcrf Tcilit Pccr; lCC'-C-T
Sales Mari
.She 'is always -thinking ,ct
'them and their .health, plan- '
ntng .oueals that-v?Ul iut
ire Jhe family the proper
proportions ; o the various
foods they should hare. vC he
depends 'upon ithe .jseryjea
. grocer to adTiae .her what 43
tnew in.the market md is-bea
' things are at their best and
- prices' abont as low as -they
'wUl-get, Then, too, ahe-caa
use ;her itelephone, orcler tla
things .she .wants aud fcave
them sent to her not leav
ing home -to ,go to town-.and
carry back the heavy pack-
ages. ' Delivery and 4hlrty
day.aertice accounts save lr r
time and energy - and tl.a
whole ' month's purchases
ipaid or at one -timo. -
Applo Salo J vv
i r