The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, September 18, 1927, Page 22, Image 22

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pWn Nov 563'
' i:
n rTfiuJ . -i til
j-aAxta:- ; cunts. I
. ' 1 'noDE-rui: '
Toe accompanying desjsa jor v K
live i room
house has" won favor with number. ftf;4iacrlm-,;
Inatlng home. bullderjjrh.Qxteriorii attract
tlve ati(l the house is particularly adapted to a,,
corner lot, though 'it -will fit: nicely on any 'well-
located 50x100 ;foot aite,,,;Si?Q maybe. altered
tq.syitfthe needa of tV desin Stucco niay be.'
used to advantage in place. o'shlngjea if the.
builder prefers this material.
The layout of.jthe. rooms, is ..well tsuUedto'ihe
; average., aised family; inie living, rooniv. is 4pf
ample 'size and connects, nicely with .the baU.w.ay
leaMiu?to other pairtofc The. two
chambers are well! placed and each is equipped
'with good closet -space enti with cross ventilation.
, Tbe dining' room, is IJghtnd a'iry an,d may he
made supplementary to, the living room , f pr, en
tertanjijent purposes. The" kitchen has the us
uai'servV;e appojntment-weil arraned"and Its
conn ect ion; with .the -hallway '.will ! 'prove a con-,
vcnienre to the ".housekeeper.. . ; : ,v
Two setsof blue prinfs; will be' furnished at
nominal cost on application to
August Total Approachedm
First Half-ofiSRtprfaer,
i 1 Records Show
Winh 13 day yet to go; the'
month of September' bfds talr to
outstrip August as "a'4 hufiolinr
month. Already permits totalling
$155,90 0.00 have been ' issued, as
Lake Lytle Hotel
;Wr. George Watt, Mgr.
1 'rs. v, "i.- v. .;..V
Twixt Lake and Ocean i
y. - t .". v .
The largest. arid m6st mod-l-
trn hotel pia Tillamook
; Beaches. 5x,'
Surf and lakeT-bathitigi'
boaUng.'sea And laTse fish-i
ingV clatn", disfsin,? hiking
and hvms- ' M''S' ' :
iRockaWay, Oibgcm
-i - ------- ;
agaidst a, '-toUl' at, $06.5S0,O
durtQglJasijnofttii,;, '
The total jLhis month, of purse,
includes the new i Presbyterian
church ' which -.xalls : for an e
peditnrecofiiM)0.000. anda the
new Valley Motor company fcuild-'J
ingTfvaiuea,ai 16,090 Seldom
mojith goes by. .however, which:
projects. ,-. ' j
,Aspdden spyr;in(!the cflntruc
tioi ofdwelljnga'haa been. evir
denced this jnonth,' with north Sa-
S-eatest building activity, A.11
.ngA 'the pacific highway, new
VuflvngB, are ' under way, inciud
ingUwi. ous.iness' structuree,' the
Capital City Mattress concrete
building, and the Gilbert Smith
oil nlant.. Permits for. the a trn.
j tares are not issued f rom the city
receraera 01 1 ice, -as- tney are out
side the city limits, and it is dif
ficult to estimate. the total, of ex
penditure involved. ,
The prospect of proper drain-,
age at an early date, and the
cheap price, has stimulated . - in-
quiries about . property In the
southeast Salem district Consid
erable building is planned there
for an early datey,; ,Wy& ,
Totals of buJWlnS perinita fat,
the :yariQusj. monthar .th'is; :-waf
ruary, 40.9 2 : .Marehl J 1 3 fi R - !
1 .81 5j, Aprili, 2'45;73S May, $ 245 j
Vne, lOOliti JlFil25i;-1
65(T; August, .$2D6.55jO; and so
4 !:"!;
NptHAffected ?
ln its weekly review of, the ma'r-;etfaAeriaVlttmberaaiiV
Sof twood 'demand has .been
showing, some Improvement.durjng
the Jast week' bfao whilertnhl5:re-
.NoW; is the time to, re- (
pair - your roof ; before,
th'e;rainyj ieasri jstajjsjoi
' Have the Job Complete Before7 the Fall Rains .
" ''" r ; ' -J iyVCarrv a Full Stock ? 4; -; t
Roofing r.Iitcrials PcpcrV Fire Resist
inrr Shinnies or Cedar Shingles-
Tarda in West Salem, Albany, Lenta, 'iiuliardi'raniLJlI,
Ilillsboro,. Eugene, CorvaUia, Grants Pass, rarfc Roa
' t
port a larger number of inquiries
from retailers in regard to avail
stocks and' prices!' 'which indi
cate that the' fall movement is be
gfnning? Stocks""a't the mills as" a
whole,, are ;pt . largeecause.dp?-: J
lotne.Airsjt.fniriy-tnree weeks 01
the .year, ielf r.s.hipnients. expeeei
their, cut, py tw.o.perceni, jprpauc-
tton has recently, been a little more
ax uve, ,qmpu( oj, mms re
portlngf or ,th'e week, ended "August
20k and. ha vinga' standard fox. nor
mal pfbiductlon, "jwas, tour percent
knezce':'i't: noirmaIf and was
eqiiaieiby new.rtoookjngs, t, , u
i The midde' west fapd' spnthywest
are'at' present the. most .active, sect
t ions of the nation,a. .market, hut
t(iere ar? jnqicaiions, jnat vaiiior
nia' and the Atlantic coast will
soon be taking . larger quantities
The .southern pine producers re
port, an excellent call from Texas
and Oklahoma, and an increasing
volume. of" business from the mid-
dlf west. 'The west coast fir mills
kjso find, that the movement to the
agricultural districts of the middle
west, Is expanding.
, . These, . western mills have not
been' shipping" heavily to Calif or
pia,' so that unsold stocks there are
at the: lowest nolnt in a lone while.
.f.,il ... .
Shipments rrpm the Jfacinc to tne
Anaptic cqasr , areincreasing. ior
sales' there are expected to gain as
soon as. the vacation season comes
to an end;
Spftwopdprices as a whole re
main at their" low summer 'levels.
but.ere. aiid there, throughout the
lists smalt advances are being put
IntQ'reffecCTWhtji.,eitis not be
licycd thar advances are being put
to( firect, , .wni.Jt is not oe
Ufve4.t'lat':ndVances of
large, ampuiit,; some.,items have
bten jslipg, below cost, and the
nijufacturera wjl welcome, an op
portunity to.4fet the worth of their
lumber. '
Sales of-,' southern hardwood
mlllsimad4 ltt good gain during the
week ended August 20, but it is
oeiievea tnat this was to some ex
tent' due to price concessions. The
larger' man a fact urers point out
that. such concessions are not Jus
Hit led", a mill a'tocks are none too
large tor this season, and the hold
tegs of most consumers are un
usually small. The automobile
-and furniture industries are now
leaking fair-quantities, and there
are. good prospects of a larger
hiovement to flooring; and mill-
' S ."v'." . 1 : -" : -':. -: t
4 Motorcycle a White Elephant
okin - SPRINGS, - o. The
( purchased a .. motorcrcle. -but
couldn't find anyont to ride IL So
1 Luxurious ocean liners traveling
Between rsew Tork ,apd European
patta have made, a' tenpe: cant re-
d;uctl,ln, rates, But, th,eyll have
Jo ?o better than that- before they
fe t mucn ci jour j)Ujl,aess.
1, 1;
ii . ii i i- jfc ton wx-fett' - "j
the right to honors last year, when
aTLTtlte; RocK kWi4W
lished a world's record for the mile
on a half-mile, track by going, the
distance-in S4 and. four-fifths ae&
pnds, 'ovei two seconds 'faster than
Haughd Ahlf "world ;maraX w ;
) s Secretary i ini S. Wilson Is of
the' belief that; Lampkln has the
better claim, and -"that . possession
is'nine joInt."pf the law, so "it is
Jikely that the gaunt Coloradoan,
Who recently went Jnto business In
the, land of mountains, will be the
pilots who; wlll bring - the great
speed creation to Salem. ' h
t The- caf i holds twice as many
world's records on dirt and beach
courses 'as .any other - car; and is
Considered the greatest racing auto
fever built. T Comparison with- the
Seagrave Sunbeam J" with! - which
Major H. O. r, Seagrave made rec
ord time'at Dayfona. this springy is
InUleTaa Seagrave drove jk. freak
and all " accorded "principles of a
face car disregarded.'
The Wisconsin was the first of
one-man race Jobs and set the
precedent for the present narrow
stream-line speedway type. Lamp-
kin is one of the best known pilots
who: has ever Invaded the wfst,
having raced In Montana, WyCfci
ing and-Utah in past years, and is
best known for his great comeback
last .year. . as .world's dirt track
champion after holding the. title
In 1 9 1 7 nd 19 1 8 and then retain
ing it in 1926. :. : r .
; : Mrs, Lampkin,'? former 'tworld"s
woman.champlonVwiil be a special
guest of. the Oregon State Fair if
Lumpkin elects to accept - the bid
being made for the: world's wonder
Wisconsin. ' ..
American, IbotUes, . boasts a
tnanufaeturer, "erg very strong."
They have, to-he" Think of what
iYiav'ra nnttlnf In hm Des
jUggeraaut, with-tread, wheelbaso Moinea Register. .
tea we..,,,
t I - -5 r i f - ; - -i r : : '
, vHf x ,,
' V-'K
r v . .
i -y
' ' - iri
V-Caiasine the ram runnerr from the Detroit river," called by border patrol men'nhe'most ftscinap-
ipg game of today, Is played 24 hours daily as uncle Jama ary .navy wempw h'pwp,' w
booties Uqnor from Canadian border cities to Detroit, Equipped with powerful speed! boats and car
tW border patrol Ja (month confiscated 122 boats booUegginff in$-i-1hMn.ti&tm"JZBrt:
legxwVParadise, as'lh .Ecorse road ia known, is lined with hundreds of tumble down hous each;
with boat shack in " the back' yard in which a spee ly boat is moored. Chased y the border patxol, the.
riim runners slip into, these boat houses and escape .capture, Above scenes at the border patrol dock
In .Detroit, showing cases of confiscated beer loaded on the pier, the aUrt jammed with confiscated beer
nd. several of the luggers" with their cargoes tied outside the crowded slip.'
v fry
Fall Activity : Under .' Way;
Rural Sections ; Exceed
Forecast irr Orders
In its weekly review, the' Am
erican ; Lumberman, Chicago,
says: ' . , . . . , .
In the lum,6er industry, there
s now a great deal moreoptim-
sm,: because of the beginning of
the fall movement. A large t yol
ime' of business has been expect-
fid. f rom . the rura.r sections, and it
4 making Its appearance.
Calculations, ot this year's farm
Income show that it will be much
larger than last year's, and, as Hq
kiidation of agrlenlture , had . al
keiady ;been practically completed.
inere wui be large sums or money
available for long-deferred con
struction. J ; ' '-
Industrial users 6J lumber are
also showing mor,e interest In buy
ing, for their stocks.,, have . been
kept low, and .in,. steel, and - coal
mining, automobiles and furniture J
the , outlook for fall - trade is
brighter. , J. , . ,
City building continues in good
volume, and, the fact that labor
premiums are n6y a thing' of the
past, is permitting costs tQ, be re
iduced' t8utficiehtfy 'tol 'stimulate
Jtresh budding actlyitjr; 00 a some
what"l6w.V price ierel while low
ef In terest . rates are having a
strong.. Influence' In the same di-
' The south and - middle west
continue the most active sections
of the nailonal ,jnar9t,;and ,are
giving a. gqodj 'volume jQf business
to both- southern - and west coast
softwood mills. . -
t.Theref ia " promise of mbre ac
tivity Jn' the east as soon as the
vacation season is over,: while Cal
ifornia' demand should 'soon" be
shoeing' the effects tf one of the
bestr fruit crops, prpduied in' the
state in several years.
softwood shipments have "exceed
ed the: production by about one
hundred and fifty million feet,
pind mill stocks in many cases re
quire filling out.
j ; Hardwood trade gives promise
of improvement as soon as indus-
11 ial buyers start to 1 provide for
(their fall needs. Production of
hardwood "has been active, as the
Manufacturers believe that fall
i-ains will soon shut down many
Mississippi valley mills that, be
cause of broken levees, now lack
protection from' floods, and in fact
good number of them; had their
log supply shut off and were
f creed to suspend in the last week
pr so.'
Northern mills are at about the
end of ' their season's cut. ' Buy
ers are still holding off and prices
are unsatisfactory to the mills,
but the market is expected 10
show more strength as industrial
iactivity Increases, for neither mills
nor consumers have large stocks.
VETERA OF DirtT. ' i
(Continued from Page One) -
ing up, the wires between Salem
'and Oaytona Beach, Fla., and
Pueblo, Colo., : in an attempt j to
straighten out the legal tangle ex
Softwood prices are ' a
Itrmer. and- slight, advances have
been, made in scattered items, hut
thd v Si$ts a l whole not yet
shown much gain from- the 'low
and unsatisfactory level that has
prevailed throughout.? -the '. sum
mer.. The softwood mills are en
couraged over Tall prospects, and
J lCof them reporting -on opera
tions for the": week' ended August
27," add'- having' a' standard'' for
normal ihtpul, cut thfee "percent
in excess of this. - "
, ;.- For the year to date, however,
,; Telephone 1812 ' . ;
Isting between Slg Haughdahl,
former world's dirt, track cham
pion and former owner' of the' car,
and Ray. Lampkin, present dirt
track champion and claimant of
car ownership on a purchase made
when Haughdahl retired.
; Haughdahl is - figuring on a
coine-back'for the 1927 dirt tracks
title, and realizes he must have the
Wisconsin Special to earn back his
laurels. .. . Lampkin claims 'he holds
the bill of sale for the car and ex
pects to retain the- wortd8 .dirt
track title in 1927, having earned
f-t-.-i s .-..,- iA-fr... - .,
a X I w
The ", 'Willamette' Valley is one of the most fertile farming
sections 'in the : tlnlted ..Sta'tesr but ' its productivity, is more
than cut in half by a water-logged condition during most of
the year .' ; " --
Use Burned Clay Drain Tile. 'Ask. for information on our
service and literature.: n
f 11' I' j' ;1 lv I , . li.t: f -1 r f
'.- V-V:
-with thU ;
li"i, r.
"Whhfc; you et always must depend upon where
you'ga for itl Nothing can take the place of an
honest desire to serve." .
and! ALL
I .I
Gl'ria Wi fler ftS0 Co.
, ' Office.Vard and Warehouse
610 r North ; Capitol
Telephone 2213
.V - '
t .' - . t k : - m . ' ,
X - i-r.
On Residence, Dusinesa and Farm Property
art v-f-
3 'ii
: For TlirW'to 20 Years' .
Privilege to pay: part or all of
principal on any interest date
Ourtcms, interest rates and
service cannot be equalled
.r' 1 t
rrRon jorrsponcienu .1 -,vv
VL;hMONT,IOAlvl TUUST 667 " Jf
I-i AW K I WS-;'..a.v"R OBER-TS,-. INC.
r :