The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, September 29, 1926, Page 5, Image 5

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iBeauty Specialist
of Concilia Laboratories of Indianapolis is at the CAPITAL DRUG STORE
all this week, giving
Free Facial Massage
Free Personal Beauty Advice
It is your opportunity to obtain valuable advice on the care of the skin,
free of all charge. Don't fail to take advantage of this much talked of
specialist THIS WEEK ONLY!
Phone or Call for Appointments
- : teems fW OUL ORUG G
5MT SWcr L'GLftTr
I Ifo 0 (L o j J
Requisition Honored-
Governor Pierce yesterday hon
ored a requisition for the return
to Union county o't- Glen Smith
who is under arrest in Utah
charged with larceny by bailee.
An officer left last; night tor Utah
in quest of the prisoner.
; Purcbrftl Knglish ' Bulldogs
For sale, 1055 Belmont. o3
Going to Europe 'ext Year?
We 'represent all steamship
lines. Let us serre you.' There is
iid extra! , charge. -. Salem Travel
Agency,- "2.1 Ore.. Bldg., Salem
Officers Visii-
Lieutenant It. G. Miller and
Lieutenant II. M. Woodward. U. S.
army officers stationed in Cor
vallis at OAC, were in this city
Tuesday to attend the state fair.
See Oar Display
Of ranges and davenports at
the state fair. Giese-Powers Furni
ture Co. s29
son continued on his way follow
ing: the broadside collision, ac
cording to the report, and Taylor
gave chase to obtain his name.
Failure to sound a warning and
to give sufficient clearance were
given as, the causes of the acci
dent br Mr. Taylor.-.-
We arc featuring some good
lujs in closed cars.
When prices are low is the
limo to buy. Don't wait,
closed cars will be selling at
a premium later on.
Clinton M. DuBois, factory rep
resentative for the Durant Motor
company; of California, is assisting
the Salem. Automobile company
! with "their display at the fair this
, .
George Ashcraft, formerly man
ager of the Ashcraft Lumber com
pany at -ewport, is now the sales
j manager for the Exposition Motor
Car company of Portland. Mr.
Ashcraft is attending the fair with
C. N. Smidt, owner, demonstrat
ing the new Sterns-Knight auto-
I mobile.
T. A. Pigott, wholesale repre
sentative for the Manley Auto
considered an excellent opportun
ity for rabbit - fanciers to learn
about the situation from a recog
nized authority.
Salem rabbit fanciers are ex
pectins to organize soon, it was
stated by F. H. Ziaser of this city,
through whose efforts Mr. Fehr
was brought to Salem. Harry
Carter of Tacoma and II. O. Os
borne of Portland are other rabbit
authorities who will be present.
Plenty of excitement of tho
carnival variety is provided for
fair visitors this year by the large
assortment of amusement devices
furnished by the W. F. Browning
show, a Salem company. There
Case Continued
A Bunks of Eugene was arrest
ed Tuesday for speeding by E. A.
Van De Walker and his case has I sleeve valve type motor, lecturer
been continued in the justice I and representative of the Willys
company of Portland, is attend-1 arc three merry-go-rounds, two
ferris wheels, a giant swine that
pulls people around in dizzy cir
cles, all the old sideshow stand
bys. and other amusements.
The Missouri Mule tosses and
bucks about a small board Diet
ing tho fair, demonstrating the
Chandler line for his company.
Lee Bryant, an authority on the
Overland company, is at the fair! form until the passengers begin to
leinng tne visitors about the I wonder if they will come out alive
See Our Display w uijs-tvnignt motor. Mr. Bryant I It dances on its front wheels and
Of ranges and davenports at I has a cut-away motor which he is then on its rear wheels and top-
the state fair. Giese-Powers Furni
ture Co. s29
Held for Speedinjt
P. Cabelless of Portland, arrest
ed for speeding, has had his case
E. A. Van De Walker.
Small Shop Locations
For sale in Salem's second bus
iness district. $800 to $1000.
Have your home and shop adjoin
ing. Investigate. Becke & Hen
dricks. 189 X. High. s26tf
John Carkin Visits
John II. Carkin was in this city
Tuesday. He is a resident of Med
ford, a member of the state legis-
munity-club, Portland, Jn connec- , ' ,
' choice for the position of speaker
Complaint. Dismissed -
The- public service; commission
yesterday dismissed, the complaint
filed Tiythe Error:Heights Com-
tiori. with '.the operation and serv
ice of the Errol Heights branch of
the .Portland Electric company,
of the house this fall.
Di nnen and Short Orders
Lunch Box. 181 S. Liberty.
Hotel Marlon
Dollar dinner, served 5:45 to 8
very evening. 2tf
Girl's and Boy's Gymnasium
Suits and shoes. , Anderson's
Sporting Goods Store. -16 7 North
Commercial. s30.
demonstrating with his lectures. I pies over backward until it stands
He is in the booth occupied by Ion its rear end. It is called a
me macLionaiu auio company, I male, ?nt labeled "Ford," so H3
local dealers. v I parentage is doubtful
" " The : Merry Mix-up whirls
A library set of Oregon walnut, score of pebple at' a time about in
continued for hearing in the jus-1 consisting of table and chairs, is I circles with little side flips that
tice court. He was arrested by lone of the features of the deaf I leave them breathless when the
school's display at the state fair. I ride is ended
It was marlp hv Inmatpn nf tho I
i i . . .
luc U11lluu Ul u. j c Kluckncr ()f Portlan(1
rpenter. many oiner pieces or is in charge of the MWA cabiQ at
mriiiiure maue oy me siuaems in i the state fair this year
iueir regular ciassworK are snown. i
ine gin students or tne scnooi j Tne honeycombs being exhibit
nave a complete exnihit or the ed at the state fair have been put
work done in sewing classes there, Hnier Kiass covers lo p,rotect them
including sets of dresses for worn- from raids made by bees from a
en and girls, spreads, bedroom nearby oak tree, who gathered in
sets, ana piain ana rancy sewing flocks attracted by the honey.
worn oi an tunas, seven oi tne
girl students are present to show
the sewing as taught in the school
All Barber SJiopi
And beauty parlors will close
at 11 o'clock Wednesday. s29
To C arry at the Fair
Purses bought at F. E. Shafer's
170 S. Com'l. Also a complete
line of suitcases, hand bags, etc.
"Aotning takes the place of
leather." S29
Furnace Heated Horn
Strictly modern; We have seven
Asks Bond Cancelled
Robin D. Day, attorney for Joe
and Bill Brown, alleged bootleg
gers, has filed a motion in circuit
court here to have the bail bond
for the two cancelled because
they were in the courthroom when
the time set for arraignment ar
Most of the visitors at the state
fair go to see the exhibits of the
classes. Mrs. Sylvia Smith is in counties, the livestock and floral
showings but yesterday one group
! visiting the fair could not stee any
of the state's best products in all
charge of the display
More than 2300 birds are in
cluded in the poultry exhibit at I forms and varieties and Jiad to be
the state fair, of which 1625 are! aided in getting around the fair
new homes, to show. you. Priced I rived, but were discharged from I chickens, and (he rest are pigeons, I grounds.
14,000 on up. Immediate posses
sion on three. Becke & Hendricks
189 N. High street, . s22tf
Injured in Crash.. .
Melviu Fitzgerald, of New Mex
ico, received a broken right arm
and cuts on the hand and wrist
when the car in which he was rid
ing collided with a truck driven
by Ben Brown yesterday at
Church and Center streets. The
car was -driven by W. L. Fitz
gerald and contained eight people.
the courtroom because the district I bantams, ducks geese and turkeys.
atorney or his representative was I Barred Rocks have the biggest
not present. If the motion is I numbre among the chickens, 123,
granted, the bondholders will bei I while Rhode Island Reds are sec-
released, it is said, but the state lond with 101. Ed Shearer of Es-
The group was from the statp
can immediately make a motion
to have them arrested again on
a bench warrant.
Fine Belir Bros. Piano
$165. Easy terms. The Portland
Music Co., 355 N. High St. s29
Good Used Plane
$94, terms, $6.00 a month. The
Portland; Music Co.. S35.N. High
street. s29
Will lractlce Law
John D. Oxman of Ontario,
eastern . Oregon, and David E.
Marchus of Portland, yesterday"
were; admitted to practice law in
Oregon by the state supreme
court. Oxman was admitted on a
certificate from the state of Wash
ington "while Marchus was admit
ted on a certificate issued by the
state of California.'
Modern Home, O Rooms
For sale right now. Has fur
nace, fireplace, ldry, hardwood,
extra plumbing, 12x18 cement
floor garage. Now $5250. Some
terms. Becke & Hendricks, 189
N. High street. s22tf
For Real Eats
Eat at the Lunch Box, 181 S.
Liberty. s2!
Visiting Daughter
Mr. and Mrs. T. T. Henshaw of
White Salmon are in this city to
visit their daughter, Mrs. R. D.
Perry Cupper Speaks-
The responsibility of a father to
his son was stressed yesterday by
Percy A. Cupper of this city in a
speech to the Kiwanis club at its
luncheon in the Marion hotel.
Mr. Cupper is a member of the
local club.
Preparing for Success
Do not envy some one when you
hear that he has been successful
in his chosen line of work, and!
say it was "luck." If we knew
the secret of his success we would
find that it was due to thorough
preparation secured by hard work.
The Capital Business College will I on rabbit breeding, and author of
tacada is in charge of the poultry
The poultry exhibit is one of
the best ever held at the state fair
it Is said, and also one of the
largest. The quarters are crowd
ed to capacity. The turkey and
geese exhibits.are the largest ever
held at the fair.
Judges of poultry are William
Coats, Seattle; J. T. Peltier,
Compton, Cal. and L. W. Weis-
enb'orn,' Portlapd.
John E. Fehr of Indianapolis,
Ind., nationally known authority
Funeral services fofr the late
Dr. Otis I). Butler of Independence
will be held from the family resi
dence in Independence Thursday,
September 30. at. 2 p. ni. Inter
ment will be in the City View
cemetery, Salem. Kepiney chapel
in charge.
school for the blind and was com
posed of about adozen. boys rang
ing la as fro11! eight to about 12.
The livestock offered the most ap
peal to the sightless boys and
when the building where the
hoTses "are houses was reached,
many of j them wanted . to stay
right there and "see" them.
Monster Perchon stallions who
would not permit regular fair
guests to come within reach were
perfectly docilo while the boys
walked around them in their
stalls. The boys had no fear of
the big hoofs that could have
trampled thc.m to death. One
young colt kept a number of them
entertained for som time.
Asked what they thought of the
horses one of the boys exclaimed,
"they are so big and foil ho-nice."-"
'.. ' ' -,
Visitors at the "fair ycrday
all stopped and looked sr-Ah
again when they entered the
show pavilion and, saw the j
draft horses of the Damascus
company of Portland in stall
side the Shetland, ponies,
extreme difference in size i
both the subject of much-
ment of those that passe
Photographers were busy, t;
pictures of the horses and w
tendant came down the aisle
Ing a horse that almost' Wo
the passage way. Ho was cl
followed by a youngster o'
years leading a Shetland..!,
thoKo who work around born
a livelihood "could not. Tct
from smiling.
help you to prepare for success.
Call and let us talk it over. s29
Sec Our Display
Of ranges and davenports at !
the state fair. Giese-Powers Furni
ture Co.
Complete Line of-
Monarch Electric Ranges at
Hamiltonav A.21tf
See Our Display
Of ranges and davenports at
tho state" fair. Giese-Powers Furni
ture Co. - s29
For Rent, Modern Flat
5 rooms, adults, $35 6G6
Ferry. Becke & Hendricks. 189
N. High street. s22tf
High Grade New Pianos
Reduced to $200 $245 $298.
Why pay more? Terms. Liberal
discount for cash. Tallman Piano
Storo. S3 5 South 12th. s30
Fined for License
W. Seablon of Tacoma paid a
fine of $25 in the justice court
Tuesday for driving with switched
license plates.
Student List-Gains
Enrollment at the local schools
is the largest in, the history of the
New 4-Jtoom Furnished
Apartment. Adults only. Hot
water, heat and garage. Very close
in. $45. Phone 1422J. s29
Pays Seed Fine-
Alton D. Johnson of Eugene
changed his plea from not guilty
to guilty in the justice court yes
terday- to a charge of speeding
and paid a fine of $25.
Will Build Home
E. F. Mahoney was granted a
buildin permit Tuesday to erect
a one story dwelling at i!M3 5.
High street, the estimated cost I
being given as $6000.
Visit in Salem
Amone the visitors in this city
school district this year, according Tuesday were Mr. and Mrs. L.
to estimates made by George Hug, j Wiulama 0f canby.
t itv school superintendent, wno
puts the "number of students at
nearly 4300. There are 1037 stu
dents at the senior high school.
Will Sacrifice High Grade
Piano left with us for quick
sale. See this snap. Tallmaa
Piano Store, 395 S. 12th. s30
Furnaces In All
Seven new homes we have
priced $3250 to $8500. Reasonable
terms if desired. Immediate pos
session on three. Becke & Hend
ricks. 1S9 N. High. s26tf
Tot Sl .
Tor Beat
Special rental
rates to Studtots
Pdob 864
247 V. Com'l St.
Victor Adding Machine Service
The South Seas & New Zealand
Ten weeks cruise, tour all ex
pense with 5 weeks touring New
Zealand, the greatest thermal re
gion in the .world. Geysers, hot
springs, volcanoes, glaciers, won
der caves, subterranean rivers,
fern forests, lakes, etc. Hawaii,
Fiji, Cook, and Society Islands.
Native feasts and dances, from
Vancouver, B. c, Jan. iz-i(.
$1025. Salem Travel Agency, 216
Ore. BIdg., Salem. K. B. Kugei.
Licenses Issued
Three marriage licenses were
issued from the office of the
county clerk yesterday. Those
obtaining licenses were C. C.
Bower, Portland, electrician, and
Theoma Mae Adams, also of Port
land; Paul Rowe, Sheridan, farm
er, and Reta Phillips of Sheridan,
and Raymond Blanton, Brooks,
laborer, and Ida Lesher of Brooks.
Taken Out Permit
A building permit was issued ,
Tuesday to W. A. Bond to erect
a one and a half story dwelling
at 1440 B street, the estimated
cost being given as $3500. W. A.
Bond will be the builder.
several books on the subject, who I
is acting as judge of the rabbit
exhibits at the state fair, will ad
dress a meeting of all rabbit I
breeders and others interested in i
rabbits at the chamber of com
merce tonight at 8 o'clock. He
will discuss the national rabbit
situation from the standpoint of
markets, breeding and furs.
m - a m . '
mr. renr nas oeen making a
tour of the northwest doing judg
ing and similar work at fairs, and
Is making his first appearance in
this city. The speech tonight is
Kails to Stop-
Frank E. Turner was arrested
l . a . ,
oy locai ponce yesteraay on a
charge of falling to stop at a
through street Intersection.
Fine Kimball Piano
$225, easy terms. The Portland
Music Co., 355 N.. High St. s29
Perfect Funeral Service
For Less
Licensed Lady Mortician
, 770 Chemeketa Street
Telephone ?A24
Eat at The Bungalow
While at the fair. Real meals
served home style. Court Street
Christian church. s?D
Held for Ih-ink
J. P. Harris was arrested last
nignt by local police on a charge
of drunkenness.
PnrnJttxre Upholstery
And repairing. Gels
furniture Company.
107 D Street Telephone 2313
Cars lamaged
t n. Taylor reported at the
sheriff's office Tuesday that a car J court yesterday
driven by M. C: Jacobson or fail
verton attempted to pass his. ma
chine on the highway three miles
south, of Silverton and that the
cars hooked fenders. The front
and rear fenders on his car both
suffered damage, he said. Jacob-
Executor Named-
Earl B. Day was appointed exec
utor of the estate of the lato C.
W. Day by an order of the county
Crash Reported
A car driven -by R. A. Neber
gall of Salem struck a street car
yesterday at 1.8th and Center, ac
cording to reports made at police
headquarters here. W. A. Means
was conductor of the street car.
Damage done was slight.
Largo Home, Vacant, Close
All schools. For sale for $4500
on any reasonable terms. See at
345 S. Winter street. Becke
Hendricks, 189 N, High. s26tf
Business Property Bargaii
Large property having six ten
ants and in path of future busi
ness growth. Owner must sell
now. Priced $22,000 and $8,000
could handle. Becke & Hendricks;
189 N. High. 2GU
The Bungalow Beauty Shoppc ,
For marcelling, shampooing, pa
per curling, facials. Try our hon
ey pack. Open evenings by ap-i
pointment. Phone 1985. 4 ol
Accident Reported-
Cars driven by W. W. Williams
and J.' B. Fairclough of Oregon
City were involved in a collision
at 12th and State streets Tuesday
according to reports made. at the
local police station. Damage was
The Store With the '
- Fountain ,
Underwood Typewriter Co.
Direct . Factory Branch
019 Court St. Phone 263
Typewriters Rented, Sold,
Special rental rates to Students
E. K. WIGGINS, rrop.
Near Woodry's Auction Market
1143 Norway
Telephone 220 1-W
I Visitor Reported
f - - ; in Satam
Held for Speed ; ! q
John A. Marteen of Portland I 'Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Griggs and
was arrested by local polico .ofril fiiatjf f Pendleton are visiting
cers late Monday night on'' a I in Salem todav.
Phone 727
charge of speeding.
Used Pianos Lots pf Them .
$ 5 0 $ 7 5 $ 1 0 0$ 1 2 5 $ 1 50.
See them at Tallman PiaHo Store.
395 South 12th. s30
LADD & BUSH Bankers
, : r Established 1863 j
- General Banking Businet
Office Iloars from lO a, m. to p as. ,
Treated by Osteopathy and the
latest KIcctrical Therapy In
cluding Dr. Abram'a Electronic
SyBtcm. ' l aj.
. No Charge for ;
; Consultation f
Physician and Snrgeon ! I
600 U. S. Bank Building f
- . Salem, Oregon ; .. .
8wed Cliarge Faced
Henry Enuis was arrested by
local police officers on a charge
of speeding. He is a resident of
Forest Grove. . -
Fr Kent, Six-Room House-
Most ail furnished,' $35 a month.
Inqyiro 1185 Marion, or 415
Court. Teleulioco 1911. s2
among tnefvi
Tuesday night
A E., Step.
rs Collide -
Cars driven by Mrs. fc. ll Ttey-2
inohls of Seattle- and, Mr. J. He.
K44n of , Springfield collided at I Tuesday nlgfei
venter and CaDiUI street -TielnT ,Mrn ;
f day. 'according to reports turned I -tUl.
I J: in a local police . headquarters. 1 Toledo Pai
A r . details were-.glreal:., ZlUonalda shlf
C. W. Crandall was in Salem
Tuesday. He lives In Grants Pass.
Mrjand Mrs. J. W. Culver and
daughter visited Salem Tuesday.
They are residents of Sutherlin.
John 11. Carkin . of Medford was
a Salem visitor Tuesday.
X. E. Brltt of Newberg was in
this city Tuesday.
'H. T. Holdeii of was a
visitor in this city Tuesday; ,
A. M.v Cronln. r.. of Garden
Homo was in Salent. Tuesday with
horses to exhibit aUbo stale fair
Alma C. Frllchofr of Corvallls
visited Ha lent Tutelar.
' JS. S. Fortner f- Ontario was
'.this city
A this city
a resident
e 'Corpora- j
9JTDI11 culJ
Sold Only at ;
Penslar Store ; .
108 North Commercial St.
Original Yellow Front
I Wat;-.3 ;
II When the stupor of -a full '1 '
I stomach slows lip; your work
II away and sleep it. off
Remember that WRIGLEY'S
II Chewing Sweet will work won-
ders in spiirring your lagging
ll digestion and in easing that
over-e a ten
feeling. '
Use Wrigley's TIV
ll tohelpthestom- V?Jj
. ach in its work
l vow I
PHONE 885 .
Pretty Plaids, Weight 4 1 Pounds, G6x80 .
Special per pair .
60x76 Blankets
White, Grey or Tan
Pair $1.75
66x80 Blankets.
Grey, Gibs., AH Wool
Pair $6.00
72x80 blankets
White, Pink br Blue borders
' First Quality, pair
64x76 Blankets
White Grey or, Tan
, First Quality, pair
$1.95 -
' Weight 4 lbs. Our Regular $5.00
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$5.00 Blankets for $4.19 Pair
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