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    r-wjT-, 4-
sATunDAroioRNn;e.: august sine:.
- . j-. : . -. - -
m ones
Oregon -Lettuce., Crop', im
proves,. Rapidly; Under
:t Summer Rains
PORTLAND, Au 20. (A.P.)
r-The peftcb market - weakened
suddenly : today " after opening
v about , la line ,with . yesterday's
prices; 85s and smaller were, sold
at 40 cents per; box In lots of 10
or more and with most dealers 0
cents was the top for large sixes.
A few were asking .75 cents for
fancy stock. . . , '.:Iv--i, n---eS
. California lettuce has been sn p
plying the market at $3.50 V 5
per crate,; but the cooler weather
and rains is Improving the : Ore-
- gon crop , fast so that . It is ex
pected shipping will be resumed
from - this territory In about two
weeks. Local soft heads are sell
ing at 11.50 to SI.? 5 per crate,
The. demand for canteloupes has
almost disappeared and prices arc
; very weak.'
To Tempt You at 4.
' : , Breakfast
'Db you' realize that what you
prepare for, brVkf aiV i and how
you serve j t goey a long way to
ward starting the day right or
wioag? The appetite la the
morning is most dainty, and
breakfast should not: only be
nourishing but also appetizing
. and refreshing.
. The breakfast,' , to attract, a
, family with a languid appetite,
should be as neatly laid as the
dinner ; table. -, This - may be done
the night before to. save, time;
- Silver and dishes. may, be all la
readiness, the , coffee eTen : meas-
ured in. the pot, and. if you, are
having toast, the- electric heater
it the; table; In Its place.;? 'liA
' Srery breakfast " should' start
5 out with fruit of some kind, eith
er X resh, canned or dried. To save
time, orange Juice ' may be pre
pared the night before and kept
la a cool place. Grapefruit is an
other fruit which may always be
.prepared the : night before ; re
raove the seeds and; core,': loosen
the pulp and sprinkle generously
with Fngar.; berries . la c season
may be prepared the night before.
n : Cereals , are another breakfast
, standby, often- disliked and neg
lected... Xet they, aii very nutri
tious. - And of the uncooked cer
eals may be cooked the night be
- fore and, reheated the next morn-!
r Ing.' Ms ny people fall to cook
their cereals long enough.. If the
children ;wlfl not : eat the .cooked
ones, the addition of dates ort rais
ins changes the' flavor. The dry
cereals, , when served with fruit;
are delicious, either sliced:, peach-
es. or crusted ;berries.; i-3 v many
mothers make' the mistake by tell-
Ing "their, children' certain, foods
. are-good for them. ,Thls should
never; be, done for nine cases out
of tea they will refuse to oat these
- foods. . M J:., : c : '"; ;:; .: i l:
v J Hot muf fins 'tnd griddle cakes
will, be enjoyedj by the. men folks
tf the family. ;.;
. -s Toast aad bacon.or eggs cooked
In some tempting way makes an
Ideal, dish tor breakfast' ?
. Did yo. ' ever prepare your
' ,r. toast by cutting a ' slice of bread.
. then placing "bacon over this, and
toast in the oven until both the
' bacon and , bread are crisp .and
- brown? It. Is really delicious and
' the' toast '.requires , no butter.
; Interesting Items
r I. To ripen fruit or vegetitbles
When ripening fruit or.vegeta
bles in the house,' place them over
a wire cake rest, which IS slight
ly raised from the surface of the
r table.. In this Way the air com-
pletely ' surrounds the fruit', or
' vegetables and there. Is no trouble
of turning tbem. over, and no
bruises; resulting' front the pres
sure of a peach or tomato on a
bard, flat surface. , ; ; $
, g. Vicaic Salad.--When going
on. M little picnic sapper; ladlvid-
ual . pa per drinking cups are most
satisfactory as containers tor. sal
. adsv The salad, may be packed In
' t the individual ; J paper ; cups and
garnished .attractively i with , V a
sprig of parsley stuck in one side.
They always call forth favorable
comments and are hot messy to
handle and each person has his
own. portion easily handed - 1
- 1 3. To prevent the worinpw r
a ple'frota falllg add one-quar-
. ter tap. ,-ot Calumet Caking ow
. ' der to the j stiffly i beaten egg
whites at the same; time you add
the. en ga r. , ' --; -s J :. .-' - '
;4.: uWhen sninft vniaffia 'jpaos
re not araibablr, bake your cake
In, a large sheet and n3e a two
. ounce baking powder can to cut
It.- - " ' , - .
. i V
j j . Government
:r Crt Liberty
' -1. .Do not 'rush through . your
meal or stop eating too far In ad
vance of the .rest. . , J
: 2. Do . not fold your napkin,
anywhere except . In your own
home or, "where .you have been a
guest forsseTerat days. -' . . - -i
3. Never lay.' your . napkia oa
the Ubl after v finishing eating
until jour hostess has first done
4. Never, scrape " up crumbs,
collected around; plate, with spoon
or fork.- ; -i
' 5. '; Never use spoon with which
to sip tea or coffee. Lift your cup.
to your lips. ;;- .'t-i.:;'
, ' . : Do aot Stir contents.o cup
continuously Once or twice will
dissolve the sugar, then lay spoon
on saucer and do, not use again.
1. Break only a small portion
of bread, - not more - than two
mouthfuls and spread at a time.
Never batter a whole or hair a
slice of bread.-.
g. " Never-, push la your : chair
Leave it entirely alono. - . -
Hiking and Cooking
i f Out of Doors :
: When the warm days of sum
mer are here, some of us are pos
sessed .with, the gipsy, iastiact - to
wander. To get outdoors and hike
to some near-by woods and there
cook oar breakfast, dinner . or
supper, whichever the case may
be, by the creek., or river. ..
i'The camp-fire is the real Joy of
every., hiker. , It need aot be a
huge, roaring fire, but a small,
practical one. built, between two
rocks ao that they support the
frying pan or broiling rock.
When one goes oa a hike and
is at the end of his Journey,: a
suitable camping place, must - bo
found. 'The, ideal camping ground
is on high, dry land, aot too shad
ed, and; near a stream of water.
If. the. location t la ' too lovi the
ground will be so damp yoa will
find it difficult to build a fire. . .
. First of all, when you decide to
go on such an outing, do aot make
up aa elaborate lot of sandwiches,
fancy cakes f: and stuffed - eggs,
when- all- ono could - wish for Is
plenty of good bacon,: ham, eggs,
coffee, bread; and butter. Along
with these .foods, some, kind:: of
fresh f rait,' and don't forget r the
sugar and cream for the coffee.
. ? To add variety, mis up : some
quick . pancake ' batter, or biscuit
dongh, . and carry; la ') tightly cov
ered utensils To keep them cool,
place the container, in the stream
of ; water; near;- where ; -you arc
camping. Ideal biscuits are made
by cooking them-OTer the fire In
an oiled frying pan,, and my! how
they will be relished, by the tired,
hungry hlkersr If tfley are going
to have pancakes, you must take
a. can of . maple syrup with. you. It
is not necessary to take extra lard
bat save- the fat- from the ,bacon.
The only utensils needed are a
frying pan; a paiL la which ( to
boil the coffee',- knives,' forks and
spoons. ;' It is' always wise notto
take breakable ' utensils;' supply
yourself 'f with plenty of paper;
plates, and tin cups, along with. a
generous supply of paper napkins
and i : plala or; newspapers to be
used for various purposes.
i The foods should be carefully
packed so rtbat they will not, dry
out or spill. No person should be
obliged to carry all the luggage,
but is should be divided evenly.
' A .camp supply list ' with camp
means will ' be sent by writing
Helen H. Downing. 4100 Fillmore
street, Chicago, I1L : r
Don't 'Waste a Drop'
Let a hot. spell come upon as
saddenly and a thunder storm en
ter the scene and presto! you will
find the milk almost a solid mass.
It may : be that only a . small
Pitcher or measure of cream has
suffered front: the summer beat.
Shall It;bo. thrown.away? ; Not A
al. For examolevt here lS.l re-
cf IpV f or delicious ; quick, sour i
cream pie which utilizes a cup of
turned cream. '. Combine it. with
one-half : cup. v plumped, seedless
raisins, two-thirds cup sugar, few
grated nutmeg and powdered
clove, three tablespoons flour, and
one-quarter - teaspoon salt, and
cook over hot water, until the mix
ture . thickens. ' : Then cook ten
minutes more. Beat the yotks of
three eggs and add them to - the
mixture, stirring constantly ' for
two more minutes. Turn iinto
baked Ip ahell and coyer with
meringue. Set .to brown; la la
moderate oven for eight minutes.
This will make an excellent des
sert; oae which, your, whole ,1am,
Ily .wilt aak.for.agalnV;;-;"::.
Ha myj opinion v there ) Isn no
dressing i so delicious' . on k eucum'.
bers. ' i radishes i and, many other
of the i succulent summer vegeta
bles as, sour cream alone-slightly
diluted, with olive oil and simply
seasoned with a dash .'of pepper
and salt.' The delightful Ilusslaa
dish -of sour cream, well chilled
k . , j I
In Moscow-Paris 'Non-Stop Hop
- . - ' . y "
' , '..
" ' ' y-y y , ' ' .
: : :y ' " .SX
w . .-"!
0 ' i
, "As the crow tiles" 'Captain Glrier and Lieutenant Ordilly,
left and right above, cover the 1,589 miles between Moscow and'
Paris in a non-stop flight of; 14. hours. . .This establishes, they
claim, a recerd. They are seen here being greeted by their. com- -patriots
after the landing at Le Bourget, the Paris. air; port. r. . "
and eaten with cut-up or, sliced
salad plants, makos a refreshing
hot weather lunch dish.: JL taste
for the Russian sour cream soups
or for tho custom of pouring clot
ted . cream, over boiled ' beef stek
may have .to be cultivated, , but
those who havo -once tasted he
sour cream dish will certainly nev
er waste even a small amount.. .
Keep that cup of sour, cream,
that: pitcher, of turned milk, for
U can be made into one of any
number of. delicious, economical
dishes. If K you. like. "Sour Milk
Recipes . write llelea H. , Down
ing, 4100 Fillmore St.,. Chicago,
Some Different :.
: 6 ripe bananas.
; ZVa, qts. sweet milk.
: 3 i C. sug-ar. - f t
3 egg whites,
1 tap, vanilla.
; Chop bananas fine. AM milk,
flavoring . and- sugar.: Put ' Ja
freeser and when half frozen fold
In the egg whites . which have
heea stiffly- beaten. This amount
will make one gallon of sherbet.
1 C. sugar. t
: 1-3 C. water.' i ,
H C chopped 'dates.
1-3 C. chopped nuts.
' Pears. , , - . rf 5; '-i
WhJpplng cream. ,
Boil the sugar and water until
hard ball will form when a lit
tle of the sirup is dropped in cold
water. Pour this over the, dates
and nuts. Mix well, flll - the
halves of .the pears with: this, -top
with : whipped cream and serve.
Fill the centers of peach 'halves
with nut-meats, cover with a mer
ingue made of one stiffly beaten
egg white and two tablespoons of
sugar. .1 Then brown quickly in
the oven and serve. ,
, From, the tops, of eight red ap
ples cut off a slice and scoop' out
the 'fruit without break ins Ihe
skins. Set the apple cups on ice
to chilL Cut the apple- into piec
es, and add'a cup' and a half of
tugar (one 'cup is enough unless
the apples are sour), and two cups
of wateV i and cook until tender.
Mash all lumps and add. the Juice
of one lemon and one orange and
one halt teaspoon nutmeg. - Pour
lato an Jee vcreani freezer and
freeze .hard, :: Fill; the apple cups
with the ; frozen mixture. ; putting
a spoonful of whipped cream and
a red1 cherry on .top of each cup.
General ZlarJteta- I
.- . , WHEAT ' . . ' ; " :
PORTLAKD. On- Aaff. SS.1 By A-
MVinted - Ants. 8T. Oct.
R&B hrd whitr
Hard wbtle US Bart.
i.3 t,aa l.a-t
" .nt 1.3:$ l.S
RAffr- whit"
l.asf t.n-i i?Ja
Western wbie j..t-4" 1.33? -Ml 1.32
,! no nohtix coriiicnciAi; stredt
Onr regular. Prices Bread, - ;
lii lb. loaf, 1C;, 2 fcr ZZt; I lb. leaf 9c, 3 for
. . Cookie z, 2 dozen fcr '
'. Butter Hcrn3, 6 for
Apph Tumours, 6 f or.
all varktic3 -
Doughnuts; Cinnamon Itolb;' Tea Sticks end Bans, "
. . . per cozen .... -- - ' " -. , . -y , ?fg
Pic3 . , ' ,",.. . : 1 . lCc tuid '2Zz
Ililk, Crcr.d, French and P.y3 Bread, 3 Ioaves..23c
- " :jj j . ' :
Vc Serve Coffee cnd'LuiicIisi
-1 ""t . Try Ow7 IIrcLu:oa Ccndy, v ! ; -
Hard winter "...,...
Northern spring ., ..v
Wetern red
OaU. So. 2, 36 Lb white
Jfo. 2.6Lb. zrmt
1.29f 1.291 t.28
i .29 1.27
1.2 8 1.28 1.27
28.50128. 50lJ.30
27.OOI27.00 27.00
Barlt-y, No.- 2. 4ttL.b. ..
Corn. i. 2. EY Khia..t38.2528.2U3sl2.
MillroB, itaDdard 3 1.50(2 l.50l. j
CMICAUO, Aag. 20. (By Attociated
Prei.) x porters and millrm coqpet
iog cTe the wheat market lively hoist
today. rally l.OOO.OOO bttkhel of North
AmertvaD wheat waa bonjht lor hi it
men t to Korope in additioa to as raucb
M the Dretioua day. ,i .
Ctoaiog prices here for wheat were ab
sented 15-8 to 2 9-4 cent set Juffeer.
with, corn 1-8 to 3-4 cents un. osts at 1-8
fe l-4 to 3-a cent advance, and provisions
uuvnangea 10 it cents auwu. .
- PORTLASD," Ore., Aug.' 20. (By As
sociated Pre.) Cattle and. calves: Re
eeipta SO; steady. Unchanged. Hog
slow: Receipt 300. L acha oged. : . . Shee
and iambs. Receipts none, nutuiual,
steady. LBcbaaged.
" POKTLANI,: Ore., Aug. 20. (By Asso
ciated Press.) Best chanting eram ,44
cents per ponnd. net . shippers' track In
rone 1. C resin delircred Portland 46e per
pound. Raw milk (4 per cent) . S2.2u
ewt. I. o. b. Portland. ,
' PORTLAXD. Ang. 20. (By Associated
Press.) Hay. baying prices;. Kaster
Oreton timothy, $2022; do valley fit; eneat i3.oo: eat hay 13: eat
and.retch 14.50ai5; straw $707.50 per
ion. , oeuiag prices 93 a ton more.
' daibt '
, POBTLAXP, Ore, Aag. 20. (Bj. As
sociated Press.) Dairy -. exchanre set
prices; Cotter, extras 42 He; standards
ue: prime first 39: firsts 3; etn. t
tras S6c; first 34; pallets 30c; current
receipts uJc. a
- 1'RUIT '
NKW YORK, Aag. 20. (By Associat
ed Apptes.) Evaporated apples slow;
prunes - unsettled; aprieots , and peaches
ouii, avpi sieaoy.
t" ' ' MARKET IS riSK
1 PORTLAND. Ore., Aug. 20. (By. As
sociated Press.) Batter and eggs sold
well and the marketa were, firm." ; No
ebanges in prices vrere made at the adirr
exchange session. ' Receipts for the day
wero moaeraie. ' ivitnsrawais irom stor
ag amounted to 4.798 pounds of batter
slid 174 eases of eggs,- :. ,.-
' Poultry cleaned ap at anrhanged prites.
Dressed veal was steady and pork easy, i
j " Salem Markets
No. -1, wheat, white
-t 1.28
- 1.8
. 1.00
JWki wseat. sacked
Vats, per bu.
' Hay, oati, vetch per ton
posk, anrrroa ajtd tsuxt-x t i
, Top- bog fl4J0t
, Sewa , .jeikvj.ll
Top ateeys .-..,...,., ...... -
Cow ,. ;. - ;
Bans ' - , , ,4tf f
Ppriar lambs, vader 00 lbs. JO
Top veal : . .
. Dreosed nl - .18
; Proaaod bogs , ,, ,. JO -
Ligbt bona
1 Heavy heal
J Spring
) Roosters M
i Heavy irya .
J0? .2 s
.17 (rv .33
' Ptaadsrd - ...
l Soieeta - ' , ,J3$
s ' Per peead . , ., . , , , ( sj.1S
; Batterfat ,. . UMl
Cream batter . . -. , . . ,U4
... .: .. .. . :t '
vegetables, rEtrrrs
Vagatebto. beets, sacked
- -as
Oaioao, oos. bwaoae .
. Radiskee, dos. boaeboo ;
Ksw aabbag ..,
' Loeal lettoeo . , .
' Comb honey, per dot.
- y.04
new peas
- String beana.
Oid sotatoea.
'. Jjoeal new potati
; WatorwiaUoa, .
J - ' - '
.15c cp to
French Combing Stap!e,SeII
ing Best in Fine Grade. "
Bag Is Good4
y. BOSTON, Ang. 20.-i-(By Asso;
elated Press.) Active demand for
wool is centered la Territory, flae
an3 S-8 blood. f : '
i French combing staple Is selling
best in ' the fine grade, altbongb
there Is a call for original bag lot
with, a mixture of the longer sta
ple. Graded fine strictly combing
is ia limited - demand at ; 11.15
scoured baeis. Territory 3-8 comb
ing is fairly .strong. I
4 , Demand fTor 56 grade high,
and Including an edge at S8. This
featnre of 'demand reflects th
tendency of spinners to require
more -.finer la medium tops.
Straight 56 top is called for less
frequently. . "
llMATlliil WHEAT
Is Not in the Hands of Deal-
Crop Lower Than
First Estimated
l PENDLETON, Ore., Aug. 2 0,-
(By- Associated Press) More
than 30 per cent -of the Umatilla
sounty- wheat is in the hands of
the. dealers according to Harry
V. Collins, local mill and grain
man. Mr. Collins also indicated
that the 1926 crop was below pre
vious estimates of from five mil
lion to- five and a quarter million
bushels.: He says estimates of the
crop are now lower than, five
million bushels; due somewhat to
the failure, of heavier lands to
field as expected. This is due to
the frost of the April period.
WESTBURY, N. Y., Aug 20.
tAP).rA card bearing the words
"MraWbitaey, yoa win; Tan-Tan,
tout est atteint ' (all ; is ended ) ,
iras left behind by Gaitan ' Ardis-
son, 74 year old sculptor, whp
leaped to his death from a 100
foot water tower oa the Long Is
land estate of Mrs. Harry Payne
f; Tan-Tan is the nickname of the
sculptor's son, Gaitain Ardlsson,
Jr.. who found the card in his
father's pocket after the body was
picked up yesterday. ,
Bankruptcy: What happens
when others take- from you more
than, you took from them.
; Balance: A commodity that
should be carried i)oth in the head
and ia the bank. : . .
As Tender
as You
Varit It
.Company coming?
M a k e the . dinner
; the more enjoyable
by t serving Tm eat
:that is fresh and
lv-;;:' v..r'
; Delicious roasts ,
chops, steaks that
will v melt in y o u r
mouth r- that's; the
kind we provide.
Our customers rec
ommend us to their
friends, 1 an d our
! success is due to
the endless chain of
I satisfied patrons.
. s. v. . -
McDowell ;
:.'; Market"--.
r. "Where, a Dollar?
' Does Its Duty?
J73 Ss Commercial
Tc? t- ? 1421
State Market : Agent Spence
Discusses Pools and Their
: Effects . ;
- Combinations of farmers, oper
ating througa'big pool and. sell
ing agencies, are becoming strong
factors ; for ? agricultural yald : in
many sections of the United States
and Canada. -says State -Market
Agent Spence.; j JThey are simply
applying tbe systems of large pri
vate business concerns-: to their
ova business : instead t of raising
the products and turning them
over to the middlemen."
When these organizations are
started, right,' hare the right men
to manage them and then .have
control of enough volume, they
are bound to become powerful,
says Mr' Spence Take for illus
tration the wheat pool of western
Canada.- ," , ..
1 It is but three years old yet it
Is the largest cooperative organi
zation of its kind in the world. It
now has a membership of 125,000
farmers, whev control 13,230,000
of the 21000.000 acres Bown to
wheat last: yeac lo the thxea prai
rie ;provinceManItbba, Sas
katchewan and Alberta.. This, or
ganization handles the sale of the
greater part of the. wheat produc
ed, ia Canada, and Canada is now
the lrgest exporter of . wheat In the
world. V- '-' : ,
f If this organizatloii: controlled
but ten per cent of the production
it would sooa go the way of, many
other weak . cooperatives have
gone. Its overhead would be high
and its price-fiving strength would
be nil. But controlling such a
vast volume its "operating costs
amount to but two-fifths of one
cent per busbe! This is real coj
operation. ' The strength of: the
organization lies in its stabilizing
power. ' ' ''t ' '-
it does not permit large vol
umes to 'be rushed to markets to
create gluts and lower prices. Ca
aadiaas are real cooperators.: The
principle is almost "religion with
them. ; . . .
i -These figures comes from the
U. S. department of agriculture,
brought oat by a discussion of the
onion business In the Connecticut
valley.. The '. department ; states
that more than 70 per cent of the
price paid by consumers . for the
onion crop went , to interests ; be
tween the growers and the kitch
ens, and less j than 30 per cent
went ' to the farmers who raised
the onions. Wholesalers and job
bers took 3 per cent, country deal
ers 8 per cent and retailers 54
per cent. There is very much
wrong with a distributing system
that takes such a toll. It robs
both producers and consumers. .
The New.vMuItEiomaSi aclie;'
YoR -vvill not be annoyed by salesmen trying to assist you. We
!l e average woman knows what she wanto, and are
lin,t? h6F juCe the merits of tKi3 wonderful machine.
"' ' f; '-"'' i; " "' - - - ' " -":: ' ' "' "' "' - v . '
, Just phone us and we will send Swasher to your Iicrr.3
, .: " Vc will give liberal terms
.W. L. Close has been designat
ed by the federal department as
supervisor, of. fruits, .vegetables,
etc. for Oregon aad all sUte in
spectors are requested to take up
with him -any matters pertaining
to federal supervision of shipping
point inspection, wheh have . been
sent to P. E.-Baley to Spokane.
Mr. Bailey is now. located t,Lak
ima. Mr. Close's headquarters are
at 306 Fitzpatrlck building, Port
land, with the state board of hort
iculture. j. .--v; .i ': 'r , - ' , ' - ' -r. -; - v -
j. .. . . -( ..."
The Imagination can f hardly
a-rasn the Iminensity' of install
ment buying which is operated in
almost every city ana nam let in
tha United SUtes. - Figures giffen
out state that 750 billion dollars
are paid -each month under this
system. : .i -.: , ... "::.
, --f . ' . ;
' The shipping season for Oregon
potatoes is commencing and grow
ers and dealers are warned that
all potatoes sold or offered for
Alen it reaches to Uio sky,, a single trunk wltli great
froiMl waving grnUy in the Soath Jaciflc brcow. Tho
little figure of a Hamoan Immortal, Po'm "Fljing Fox,
clings to Its slantlnK skl, climbinar steadily Into tbe en
chanted isles of billowing Bouth tjea clouds..
.. V f ia- w -r. .
KILN u L f .
That means much to the housewife and mother. Our milk
comes from fine, healthy cows and. Is handled in the most rmxl
era of. dairies, Yoa'U know its superiority tle minute you
Compare it. Give us a trial. Phone us to have our wagon call
tomorrow with a first order.' :
Capital City Cooperative Creamery
. --.
'-FX RJT -si
Hardware, Paints and Machinery
sale .In "Oregon In lota cT i
bounds or more muei to t --i-
with, tbe crowcr.i
name and address, and wLrn
fhlpped in 10 tons or noj
must be state inspecieu.
o T
O' ' "" " :
The Washington Street corrcra-
tion. with headquarters in Port
land and capital stock of s&".
has. been' incorporated by Oscar
Ilendrlckson, James L. Cohlcy ana
c: M. Seymour. Articles were
Cled in the state corporation de
partment yesterday,
i The Oswego Bond and Mortgage
nmnatv YiA liftflii incorcorstcl
by Charles J. Sadilek. W..B. Cook
and .V' H. Sadilek.- The capital
m m w n A . J am A n a ,tAM
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will be at Oswego. , p-
Tha Commercial Auto company
has increased its capital stock to
150.000- '. p J
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The machine that washes
as gently and thoroughly
as human hands. This
new .Washer has a double
wave action that agitates
the clothes eighty times
per minute; It is fact,
clean, holds heat longer,
and will not tear the
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It is made on the coact,
. owned by local capital,
and backed with their
rhost! liberal guarantee,
v We will deliver a wachcr
to your home, and letyou
be the judge. -
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