The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, February 04, 1926, Page 7, Image 7

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Faor 181
Daughters cf tile Kile to
bponsor Attractive. ,
Benefit Affair j '
ui 5 partirniar : interest f anions
the affairs of , th pre-Valentlria
season will be the bridge- t
whieli the Salem Daughter? of the"
Nile club will epOnsor e"tt Mon
day arteicctoa at the liome lorjtfrs.
Hal P. Fattoa, SS3 Court street. ;
Mr. George Crater is Injehar'-e
of the reservation j of $ables.f
. Asichalrmam'-od the committee
in charge of the! affal Mr. Cra
ter will be assisted-by Mri. G. I
Newton, Mrs. William McGHchrist,
jr.. Mrs. fjnanes trait ana Aire
Hal D. Patton. -
Guest From Portland
.' Mrs. -Edwin L. Jlaker. Is enter
taining as; her house; guest this
week Miss Nean West of Portland.
Card Party Series j
The second affair ; in the. series
4of card laurtleai; being ispbnBored
by1 the ; Woman" Benefit kssocia-
Maccabees, will be held thfc after- JAttfttZiari' to Meet
soon-in the Fraternal temple.
Mrst. M.'C. Mdyer; Mrs.' A. 'Cad well,
Mrs. E. ET. Oilliam. Mrs. P. G.
Stearns " and ' the hoMtess, Mrs.
George Martin; - : A - , -
IFomnn's Alliance; 1 ' i. '
The "Woman's Alliance t of the
UaiUrian ehureh wlllieeat 2.30
o'clock Friday afternoon; in tu-i
Emerson room6f the phurcb. Mrs.
Liazie Smith- and Mm D. II. Little
field .will be the esse. , i . .
Leave for Canaddj ; .
i Hit, and Mrs. James FDougias
left on Monday for5 their! former
home ;in Alberta,; Canada where
they will again take 'up their resi
dence Mr. and AIrs Douglas ave
been sojourning in Salenv for- the
past year. ; ! .'..: j.
Storjj TeUmgSecttfP
, The; story telling section of the
Salejn Arts .league Will meet af
7:30 o'clock Friday" evening- nt
the apartment bC Mra. Ivan Betl'n-
ger ,at,the Court. .
Guest Front Springfield :-
" Mrs. JT. R- Pollock 'entertained
as her house guest .during the
early part of the w'eek, Mrs. O.'W.
Hobson of Springfield j Ori
r ' t -Missionary
Society to Meet ,
The Wojna-n'a .Miastonary- aoci-.
ety of Ahe , First ;iCoB(gregational
churclL;Will meet kt ?:3jo'elock
1 It i Jay j aftefnooa' it ;the home.: of
' Mrs.-'. Je-ha J. Roberts; 76S: Btate
retreefc.r Ataistant bb3tes3e$ tor the
-fcfternofffl will be Mrs: Ti A.- Lives
Jcy, Mrst tdoyd Fariaer, Mrg.4'Earl
-laaisen Mr a. A A. Gaeff roy an
lira, s Edgar. Pierce 3f AuimsTille;
Mrs. Frank Neer will be l4'eaar&e
-of the: re8e.oo while the devotional
P leader Will be Mra. II. cj Ftr - ;
.Attend Portland 2Uetuig .
i . Mrs. H Kennedy, Mrs. . Geo.
Crater and Mrs. George 'ttJ Duns-1
Jord; were ia af tendance i' yester
day fni Portland' at .the business
meeting. of Kydia temple.
ters of the Nile
( Mrand Mrs. Robert Kxnney of
'Astoria," who are ' always Ipoptilar
house guests ' in Salem, hare rur-
turned as - f ar as, Portland, ; 'Mf .
, and Mrs. Kinney were house gtrets
i; at the tome of Mrs. Kinney's par
ents,' Mr. and Mrs. A-.N. Moores.
Needlecraft Club-Meets "
, Members of the Needlecraft club
' were- delightfully' '.entertained Kon
- Tuesday afternoon at the home
' .' of-Mrs. George 'lartlo. at 31190 E.
1 "Feurteenth street, At 4:30: o'clock
' tha Lui.;css fi-ervtd a d-liclous
" .luncheoa, "following ' the sewing
' and social time, t -' ' "
L The nex hostess - will t e Mrs.
J. W. La Bare, who will estertam
at her home, 1S3S D street on
' " February 1. " ' - ' -'"
Guests-at 'the Mart la hbma in
eluded Mrs. J.-1-Baaey, -fflirs.- 1
C. Brotherfon, Mrs; 1- Bechtal.
The auxiliary of United' Snanieh
War Veterans :WlH,irfeet at 3:30-
o'clock Friday afternoon; la' the
Armofy. " All; members are urged
to attend. ; . , . i .' .", ' '
Engagement Announced
The engagement of Miss- Eva
Roberts to Mr. -"Walter Ei'Taylor of
Portland was- announced i ia a
uaiaue iSanner" on Tuesday .eve
ning at the home-of Mrs. (Ed- barr
age when ra- groap- ; of , iatimate
frienda. were- bidden under the
ruse that they were- honoring Mrs
Savage. The happy Bew-sHwaa re
vealed bytmeaasoi. j.aevei- plae
eardarwhichi marked dinner covers
for Miss Eva -Roberts ilra. Ed
SavagerMIs Myrtle Beecroft, Mr
Arthur E-Oldenburgi Mrs.! Charles
Chase, rMrs.f Otis Ackermin; Mrs.
Arnold Ackermaii, "Miss "Etliel Bol-
Uer, . Miss fColdft Wheeled Mrs.
Saul Jane, Mfss Nina Marshall.
Mia Wiaifred Gamble;: Miss Kreta
Janz, Miss Geratdine- Collins and
MIss Alpba Ilolcombl ft-Wi?':
Mias Roberts Is , an. employe of
the -! Cudahy - Packing v ctompany
whne - Mr". Taylor is a Portland
druggist" '-,-'" r- f.'-.-
Whil the" ' exact date; of the
Wedding has "not been set, tne
marriage will occur'- iome tfm
during the" approaching spring. '
ilf tc Teachers 'Entertained
Thf home' of Mrs-.'? Heary-, lee
Was the scene on Tuesday ievenlng
coders cjz
rrjs apt:
will brealiup yptr
cold in 2.4 hriuro or
money ref lindpd
of an intrfstina: riootins of "tho
S.ilem Music Teachers association.
Mi Mar?,..rfct Fisher j,ave a most'
ins . resting tre-.ttment of the les
son study, the topic of the evening
o lag "Piano- and ; the - Smaller
Forms." Miss ,Elma Weller fol
lowed ..with, niustrativa selections
on the' piano sne executed
In a flr-4rtitifl ma&Mr.
Miaa 5Weller alBO, gave an enjoy
able Interpretation of ' Ifandel's
'.'Largo." ; At the close of th& eve
ning the, hoitewt serredl refreah
ment. j
In the group on Tuesday eve
ning V ef e Bertha f Jung Darby;
Mrs. Walter A Denton, MlSs Elma
WelleK Miss Margaret .Fisher',
Miss Beatrice' Shelf'oa. MiasiEiiz.
beth Levy, Miss Lena WatersMisa
France Virglnlel f Meltea; .Mias
Allle Chandler MU Lena Belle
Tartar.. Mrs. Harry- M, Stylsa" and
Mis. Henry Lee, the hostess .1 ?
' At the next meeting" of the sluj
Miss Melton will . entertain. -
Prayer League
i The r W o'm a n's Evangelistic
Prayer League will "meet 'at 2:30
o'clock this afternon at the Old
Peoples home. ; Mrs. Jd.!3. Oakes
will be the leader,9 Especial at
tention is called to-the change in
the hour -at: 3:30 o'clock In the
afternoon instead of - at 9 in the
morning. . ' . t
it. . - I
... TTm BTntTT! t -.
Th Tellow Front Phnoe 19T
lCKorti Coicrr.:rclalEret
... " ... ,, .' : , .. . i- j -1
The VczzLx Ctcre .
BridKe'.lea.,. ua'Uo'r sposoT-ship
of St.' Paul's Junior Guild. Mrs.
J Rhea Luperv 185 . Sotttb Ff
teenih street, noBtcs&, ; j '
' Card Party. Wonmn'si Benefit
associatian-J ; Fraternal Temple '
Rapheterfaxn club. . Mrs H, .V.
Compton, 1010 N. Summer street;
hostess. "' - " s ' '
Chapter G of the, PEQ Sister
hood; 1 o'clock luncheon. f Mrs. O
E. Price.44 N.Cottagw street.
Choir party. ' St Paurs Ef isco-'
nal church. . ' : i
r Woman's i Evangellstics Prayer
League. Old People's home. 3:0"
oclock.', " "' .-
t Friday- J 'i
:' First CongregatCSaal !? church
Missionary society. Mrs John J.
f Roberta, 76Y'"StateK street, S:30
o'clock.'' y'"; '- -- i
' First Christian ; ehurch Wom
an's Missionary society. ?r Church
parlors. Business meeting at ;
o'clock, v Program at 1:30.: - I
- Reception-, v honoring, p Hattia
kitehell.' First . ChriHtian church;
West Side' circle of the Jason
Lee Aid society. Y Mrs: Nellie Knot
1541 N. Front street r. i s i.
Woman's alliance, Unitarian
church.. f Emersoa ? rood, 2:31
o'clock. ! ! - - f
Story telling section blithe Sa
lem- Arts' league. -Chart? aparti
menta. 7:34 'O'clock.. Mt Iran
Bellinger, leader. '- - Jl
Auxiliary, of 1 United ! Spanish
War ' Teterans. Armory, 2:30
o'clock." 1 :,:
.5 ' Saturday ' 1 - ' ' -
Chemeketa . ' chapter i of the
Daaghters- of the Americaia Revo
; Sunday t ' ' ; ?
Young People's program cota-
memoratincr Lincoln St,-- Paul's
Episcopal church, 7:30 o?clock. f
' ' ' Monday, i'- f
Daughters of the Nile bridge
tea. ' IXrs. Hal D.! Patton, 8S
Court ? street. ! Cards; 2 j o'clock;
tea at'4. ' - - - i
--a-y f i ' rT2rfrlTr
; ' ' ?"'' ' . ! .
7n addition to u fins assortment of varietiea suita.bla :
for this :-ti::i we -have a 'limited -number of i& ;
jd 34 foot . j .' V 'j; .
An crc!." -I I n thcse scedlir.3 will be:l
Ijr.jlivcdiar.d- successful .
. : i rc::i,V'ith Us at Ones , . .
0Booir stATrssuor Airro coktcst
Hit of CaaaldAtM 10 A. M.-Wadaetdiv,
t . iewumry sra. , T
Koto A eandldatn la Termttld to soil
not mar than 10,009 Vubscriptioa Tote
ia any onu dn? until furtliar notieo but
war pUwh a many 100 coupons a tbey
Arpko. . .,j.
Barnard. louald " .-.... .
Brfrf e. Saw . '
Cntnulen, Ma arjri
Compton. isru ire rt tin jj r
Campbell, Kennt T
Crai. Pearl ........j,...
Crrw;hr. Krv B. 8. J:
Stodret Jlattis .....
Inuham. . Clark ' .-I . ...
Knirdakl, Otto W ' J;,. ,
dwards.. NorTa.l . , .
J'antrich. ' Marie
East, Winitt
Grrtt, -. Robert r
Garrett. IlarTnon
Ciibertb, Jrfildrod
Ortrnke, Hr La
Godacr. 1 Doria-
Ball. Mi E. O. i..., ...
IInaly Jlra E . . .
KRdmM. Fa ye !
Hirwy, ,Mr$ 1 X .
Holcowb, W B .....i.'-. 1
Hrrneek. Rth-
Hirkmaa, .Clara . ...
Hoddletiloa,. Mr Lee r"
trwrav Hn JUy -.l ..,.., . '
Kmajiar Jlra . Arnea ......x
Lea yell, Mrr. Geo.
Laaner, Mia BUh
Loeao, Nina
Jiumra. Mr O ......J-.. ,
Mdd, lira C . j
Mathewa, Cloydiit .
iiinnoH, Percy . ; :
Hay, Vf Itnar .. .-, . . . ...
Monti, J J"- ..--
Miller. Litha
Martin Mra. I Van .'. - '
McVey, Mra E B
IftAdama. Mt 1
Nuihana. Mr. T E
Kaah. Mnr1 Mildred j.mU.i
Oglby.. Hw Orvilto
Pcmberton, -'. Laura
pponirten. II r J &
Fitt, Capt Allen
Poulin. ' Mrs I -
Kontb. Mr 11 C
Rice. Fraocea
RotW Carletoit ,.,-., ' .
RetimbaL E . J
PJtchie-. Jmhie
Rir,. Xlararrt ,.r,
fiobertK; io ward ....... . .
KamiMOft. Tho . ...
8hepard. Marvin .w-
Hi i ..... ....T.
Skopii. Mr. Ralph
Swops, Mm O A
Kteiwer, IlaMoll -,
Rharo. Mra E A .-, ...
Bondqniat, Mra B E r,
Thorapaon. E A
Thimpnon, E. Parry
wullaaia. nmw ,..
Water,. Mm l'tf Jr l-.
Weidpkehr. fabel
; 60,00
' 5O,0
' 80,400
. so.ooe
' AO. 100'
, S4.100
- .V,000
- 50,000
. 84.2O0
' 81. lOO
v 60,000
- "so.ooa
" 90.40O
1 00.200
. 50.60Q
- M),eed
" 62,100
; 60.200
r 50,2 00
r 784100
f. 50.000
. 59,100
. 50.000
Wttori, Ifoward ,
Wbeeler. Mrs HssUm ....v... :
Woolfery. ee!l ........i;
Welrh, Elizabeth " ......, .
Wolfe, Lois 7
Wotf,. Lola- i-i-f..
Yea tec,, tirsco ....-......-i
Ifrj-V;" COtJKTBT' , -AHtrkras,.'
Aber, Knwens .' 'J,'...: '
Aaber, -Ht r
AvpinwaLLr Mra Man ,.'
Brantner, Z.eota M- ....... ........ .
BuelL, Mr Kandslt ,.
Hoelc,. Mrs G it '
l'.radm, MM Wlnnls
Balderree, Mrm B. ti
I5-l, I.ily, j........ .... .
LiurcU. lanie , b . -
To.-. j itr Leit '
Cortioane, . Marie ......
Coyne.1 Mra Herd ...i...jui
Clark, Mrs, K .... .-
Clark, Mr P -...i-i.fc-M
Ciiandler, Mra .Guy .J...: j
Coa 'ArKyt- i.h....,..-.
(look, Lseilo ......,-. ;
Cochrsn, ilra 1'rank v-..
Bn,i Mande .m -..
fbbe Mra M erle
i'ontafne. J O :. ....
Goodj Mrs AdS -
firren, Ethel . ,
Gilliam. - Mian ...v
Hick. 31 r V R . ;
Hopkins, Marirurih- ,
Harper, Edwiu ,
Henrikaen. Iler Gao .
Hoperv Helen .
Hatrb Francia
,!rnMi, Hiniil
Knanf.. M li
Kaiser, Jo'pl"
Kellorjr. Mra Vers
Kennedy, Mra nuel .'... ;
Lais, 1 Mm .
Lrmon, Catherine .
Ljhhy, fr- Ciarenrs . i.
Lytlj Elfi - s -
Marroa, Helen -w. 1
Mi lies, Mra- Hyd E .
Mi lea, .Rev 11 II ...........
M paiter, l?ona-
Jamm,i ifr Cliritins ' u..w.
Morris AlrtAVm .
Ndham, laisy .. .
"rhant; litiw ;
Owin.- taVern
PoltH, E J1 k....i....4.........s. '
rsrihb. W E .
Ti'a, Uorothy ...
. ngmn, Kp
I'ona, Rnth!
t-ieiion, ' fcimon :
J-anth, Lnciie ..., ......
t-rott, Gladya
h i f ihatnmr, John
t hU(, D :
"J ooley, H
Vrie, 1 aymond ..... .
TVolfr, Mrs - 't-r
Vsh,. Mrs Ar-u-iiL.tJ -
Vtieil,.Kei...r l -
' 80,20
. 69.200
i 90,400
" 84.20W
i 75,400
- 60,000
'. 50,200
. 84,200
: 65,100
: li8,2o
- 70,100
' 60,200
, 60;00
64, H5
' 84.200
. ett.lOO
' 53.000
, 80,100
50.01 M
5 ,0O
. 5d,0iO
100.4 U
7.", 00
. 5H.2 IO
71.2 10
'2.13 e: j-..
zl'SJ tlx.
:ne Garden
-Wlutt t Home Wit!. out C;ns1cn? Tlnw ly Matter and JlluHtrntions
FuitjIhImmI by tLf Xatlouat CJaiflcn i;artu,..J;It North "ll
. Kt rret, 'Chlcasf IlKprcially - fop- the Amate-nr Gamlnrr of the
' Salem District.' ' . - , ' -J . - - ' . . .
'i Thiii 'U the" period .of - the ; year
whr.-n a certain form' of ltelrt. liter
ature has a vast appeal" to thotr-
sandVof tXttttt.Z Tf : "arks:;tbe'
& waken in k o t- t ho ! year and th
promise 'of Hhines to come. ; it H
A Garden Editorial
Iog"ui-n1i , Encyclopedia in itself,
Ko -a-onder itn understanding devo
tees mslr for the mail to seize iip
6lt T1f& hewlssueift, ft t -t tr real
liarbinser of spring for tbtra." a
4 U briagB v!sion.W garffena et
the. annual arrival of the seed cat rjoy colors rajrrauceV. of luscious
aiogue.. ; Jo tQose yno do not
kndw the joV of gardenincvthe in--tease-
perins over of 4hee aaga4
zines seemn to be an inexplicable
manias tiyhese 'ighoramnsesajre
inittelnsr: isomethinff.'; ;"v v " ;Sfv.
The modern seed catalorue I .
tforipendlum ; ef ithef actentifle re
search ' in: slants of -centuries. It
aniiounces the products of the by-
hridist whose -wizardry In creating
new; plants is one of the modern
woadersj It tells how- to' grotv
everything, the soil it needs., th
amount or sunshine and moisture
ft needs, all the minutiae. A great
work is I the . modern seed c-ala-
and tasteful vegetables, of health
and. strength. . Give "credit, where
a-edit fo.-dtte -to .the .'sKteraen.
Xhey.have made our gardens what
Uiey areteday: i Theirs is Jan-enormous
aad - complica ted . task, the
constant testing of seeds, improving-of
strains, study of new plants,
sleaning seeds of weeds, orginlia-'
tiens-for'the wide diaibution of
his Output. ; . '. t
He gives his - catalogue - away
with Uarast Btores of e,altitral in
ft rmatlon. Write for it and study
rt." - Y5tt rtll rncrea.rr yotrr Trtonsa
of inforraattorr even if it falls to
tempt you to hujlng. i v v j
Rotate Vegetable Plantings
Mtiurv JLu ALU-StA5CJ4 - r. '
SU$$ CHAH.D . ill i a i , ',-,-.',
I.TTltrC - , fQlirXVtft'. : MAMS -
tant;Hr. - - - ' -
ydUnq r, ' it;
rtis''--' . s trtMATrr . ' - '
, Vf ; ' '-' !;), '--. .,t f S--"'
''s-f - l;-'-i r 'e.
KOHl a A.M - ' .' -,.- - ,
r--w, ---- ii rfAlP.Aw)f .. ...,.. 1 i . . ."
- - ' r-. i i i ii T i ii ' - -,i -
-. ..---.
" ' 's -
:- -- - .T--. , . , ; 'v
I a I - - " -',;V;'' ' " '.'r' - fy
linaa His I laassssaaa m mi
The':tmoet,'sucee8sful.; vegetable
growing demands that the cirops
be. rotated m u chaa' field crop ar
rotated i The farm -crop, rotation
after' many ; years - of experiment
decrees that'the 8ameScroi should
not be put"hack:.for foarjseasdea
to'jaecii'ris 'the -highest 'production
endlj ideal - soil : commhmsf r Vegei.:
table gardenswhere there a space
available; 'ehould ; be mov" ,f rGm
time to-time Tor best reaalisV hui
this ia impiar.cicable in' the mai
garden -htch' most citiicaa hav
avaliablewao the -best ae can d
In planning his planting lit ta.mak
it a point ta see'' that the sami
crops do-not occupy the aantepace
in.' jthe' .jgaxdea in succeeding ' sea.
-Xt may be ut down' aa ar .settled
fact that practicanyiaH vgei bales
dislike being - cultivated ' ori 4 he
ara&; ground v for .two- success Lye
years. ' : While - they , will flourish to
a" certain extent the 'deterioration
wiljl show if they afe growu season
after season. i?Repetft ; garden
experts toll .us,' should, not-he oft
soil to liberate planffood isfurn
ished in decaying vegetable "mat
ter. , " .-. 3 , ( , .j
: Soil is what we make it. If it Is
lifl;ht, sandy ' soil, we - make. , it
heavier -by spading in manure or
turning under green ; crops, to de
cay. . If it is heavy we make it
lighter- by incorporating sand, or
rrrratred limestone and draining it.
If tt la heavy clay we breakclt up
witfi humus, decaying vegetable
matter, limestone and sand. Chem
ical element hrcktngwe -' f ur4
nish in commercial f ertiliierj We
are reaching soil optrol" ; t
of the people
,AU eorre spon denes for til depart-'
sieut matt bs signed by tUs writsr,
-isnst be wrttten on ons side" of the
.paper only, sod aboold not bs laassr
tbsa 150 wotda. -. : ' .
To the fedltor: 1 . - ! ; ? ; ;Vt.'
- "And there a pear ed a. great
wonder , in Heaven." Will you
please - allow - me I space s m your
valuable paper for a few lines on
a-common practical of
forty yeara ago? rForty years ago
the farmer that-paid $100.00 tax?
es was , considered a rich farmer,
and indeed r he was rich; he had
plenty and .to spare. Forty years
ago our teachers, were paid . ac
cording to the , certificate they
heldiVA Ifo. 3 receivedj $16.00 per
month, No. 2 received $ 2 0.00 per
month and No. 1. received $25.00
per month.' And.they.only taught
three and four nxontha In the year.
No wonder VthV Jariner ! that paid
f 106.0 'tajea had plenty , and to
Bpare ; i.,rj;' ' lfi, ?
.Tpday )l aoW a f arnier ; ; who
Jives ; 4n4Mar lon'fccwjhty. Oregon,
and-whovhas a:-deed'.for;40,hcres
of; land and pays .'" 6ver' $300.00
taxes altidi her iayrf he doesn't know
eaer tnu e-rery. two years. -- 4. ?ai
.Where s you planted; yoi r corn
last year, -try beans thht year.' Do
not, plant cabbages and turnips in
the same place you- grew them last
year' and ". expect the best resulU.
Cabbages' develop diseases when
planted in . the same placee In suc
cessive seasons such a club root.
Onions are a good crop,' t alter
nate' with early cabbages.'. . .
These: facta' should- be- kept In
mihd -when maklag the plarx for
the vegetable garder this i yeari
tAst" year's plan con
sulted" an if erersed so f ar as pos-
sible" Jxi smair gardens, u Bmail
that Jt Is ' not practlcaole -j tp :o
much of -anything , In 4the -way4 of
crop" rotation .extra; deep 'digging
will be helpful bringing, up some
of the subsoil and Jiming -t aloijg
with the- fertilizer. , 1 -' j
w. If .yon . didn't keep , a. plan " of
your garden last year, make one
this spring and lay 4t away Tor
reference ac yoi can. vary the la
cation -of the- yegetahlea another
- year. v i i ' ? -'
ixalit Vegetables Home Product ;
Vegetables arenever of. so. high
ahtt fine-.a- ualiti aa yrhen fresh
picfted. :aaalUy ipafinot be bought
because 'the marketing "hialiea . it
imposiible' t stock ! lTeh -picked
vege tablevon ,-Porder.K -. They - are
bound 'to have., been out of, the
garden ''. for. sxmeH hours, at best
when; they are soid to cuatomera.
It is likely that, earn pitted fn
dollars! an dt- cnta-,;-dn .a wcrkiag
lime basis,! the amateur gardener
might find, that Be- saved nt paoni
ey ;on. growing his.' vegetable ' at
home.': I lo wever ,. garden 1 ng" shou 11
regartled 'as arecreatlon.and
as uch ft cat! hot be properly est r
matecf otf a - working tlma basis.
It la easier to' hire cheap labor.
But he gels Quality for" hi. table
which he can't buy.- " ' .--. t - -'
t Two .garden- crops ; are onpnr
cnasahler in first. las top-no ;-3j
quality sweet corn ; aad greeo
peasi - - Theso- have to be- ea ten
their best.-' Chemistry " prevents
thej best intentioaed green grocer
from -sellhig .sweet corn that' is
reajly sweet, and green peas that
arej as sugary as. they reallyought
to he. .ft la now a matter of com
mon., knowledge that a chemical
change;- begins . as soon as these
popular vegetables are picked that
changes tb sugar to starch wbleh
IstllhejjeasoiSi tar ; Jfreen bulletsT
'or i Mfield' corn, -.charges often
made agafnat tne grocer who is in
no, war to nla'me. . YoA have got
fo i gfovr them yourself to have
them or else get them fresh picked
from . somebody! else. . , . .:-.-
jfi Strlnir , hean are muca higher
In quality-when fresh picked -thai
after they have had a chance to
wilt In the? market. Jloot vegt
tab lea are the only- ones (fiat can
ee 'bought practically as good :ta
they, can-be grown at home.. . Ri
baby carrots; and baby, beets iire
home ' garden ' products not ' often
td he f had- in the market of first
class quality. i - ' 1 '
.r Qnallty vegetables can he grown
1' the home garden," ' They can't
be-' bought,' and thi' factor ' alone
makes it welt wortlt whiUs. .o plant
a garden no- matter how wall the
plot avalablev . It will. pay. for. 16
selt fat qaality produce. , A square
f dot will give you , a tomato vine
that' wil furnish; many a salad.
No place i toe .small far a gar
den. .'-., . v , .
Old Time Fiddlers' ,
f Contest -j-
Friday Eve. 8 KTOock
Xd8pice9 Salem Lion's Club,
BenefJy'Cnity Paad. $50 in
' In Cash PTlzes ASJJty Merchan
dise Prizes; -v:. ' ,.
Big 'Program and" s Old klinf.
Dancing Everyone ; come and
i bring; arfriend. . - : ?. r,.
that he is worth one dollar, t To
day we fay our teachers $f ".tro
and up; 1 don't. know how j high
whether they J.ave a certificate
or not; for 1 bare known t cithers
to teach on a permit . and I they
draw ! pay from nie to eleven
months in the year and tLc)' g-t
more for teaching pne 'month, than
they got forty years ago for. teach
ing tbe. whole terhi. JN'o wonder
that the- farmer in Marion county
that lias the deed for 240 acres of
land arid pays over $300.00 taxes
doesn'tiknoW; that he, is woirth a
single dollar.; -fz :: Lf -r, ; 1 ? i
High i taxes and high education.
I have heard, (hose highly educat
ed educators say - time after time
that, our boys and girls know more
at the age of. fourteen years than
they; knew' forty, yeara ago; alt the
ageof 'twenty years and I must
agree wfth them.on part of it for
t'l do believe they co,:know nord
about , things that they -should not
know af the age of fourteen .years
Ciitors. ty
(l. i I un.
tal -s to I
V ?S ) t!
cc puI.or
r-,-.s met .
-i i -
The teacher
pulstory rod ivhon it . i.. . .-
tet-u oV frfective t:.
pulsory 1aw of ' Ores'" :i I
child re ri -today,:.- '0r n
Law 1323, chapter 12.4 3r.. II
' (Cunt n i. 4 en rage 1".)
than thercjdl forty .years;ago .atJ03. the rp1
the age, of twenty years. - Bot so
faraS practical .education I cfn
cerad,thej must. show me!; But
why not? ;Tbe average fourteen
'year old boy and :girl have been in
school more than' tly would have
been forty years ' ago had they
gone-to school until r they ; were
twenty, five years' old. ' ' y-. : 1
".-.I didn't have j' the , opportunity
for an eSucation that; our iboys
and girls have today. . i I was abont
seven or eight years ; old .when ; I
started to school and 1 1 never got
more than four 'months. In a term
and Ivnever went a full term.- I
quit going to school Iwhen Ijwas
fifteen years old, probably that is
the1 reason that I was and. a nr a
little Ignorant. i
-Forty years ago we had j two
compulsory School, laws; today we
A Feci OUR-'
- - . -a.
- aw- m -a
tv,) t!.;- -
ii i t:
I Cnvci
1 ! Of 1 IV
ef . - .. . :
than our compulsory J.iw ri t
i. . ... - 4 f' ;
.. Forty v y r5 a;ro I f-i!
mother sai l to liittta yc. r
John and Mary, "Go to sc! I
day., and - they went to t I.
And they B&id, "Mary, stay Ik
today- and telp mother v. -oi k
the house ciid plant fcarilen, J
help father jplow and vrc,
plant corn," and they t-ta i '
And that t the first rr ;.; . '
law. The second was 1- r
thisr when John and ? ry
school theyj Eav in Jai, i I
written on ihi t'P cf t' :
board like , tLese. "Id ri
Study and learn theyjl-- ; '
today"; anil .just a5rv
Of nii!
v : i :
1 1
i n r '
ft Wlk... .
. . .
a ci tr;
on ailrn ent i is 1 " . ' .1-:
most scia...-. : a t.. .ivc
day. Among tie thousanii t.
amany p:'.tz icat ts z.z S y c :
clans, n here r.o to
no-confiment, ; no ret r f.
My treatment is safe, r . J, soo
cure rapid. Ar- t I re --e s i (
U,.V -si tuic any tu.
0 s r una t-.a i
poattAa c. ' -,-f
Or Dean Bu -T f i
t ,.,:r
of .1
Gardeners MIie .Their' Soil J
, ' --
: Gardening by prescription is the
up-to-date1-; method. We? riow
know that the soil is made up of
chemical .elements. All we need
to-do is send' a sample to -the slate
experiment station or to a chemist
and,' we j Will i get. back a t report
showing i lust what j la . In It' and
just: what; Is 'needed to make .'it
right to grow crors, either of flow
ers, vt ;.iblc- or frr.i crcr1?. The I I.itror, :i
cLtuiial treatu..t of tl.c- ii t'-c".
one 't t3 rn v- !-r? cfiarl
l.orti. .1. .rc. , - , Uit:. . .rj
T: .rs c:3 ten ch:r:::: It' ' :rt3 1 1 to ri
necessary t oplant growth and not
a spear of. grass could be grown
If any one ..of ; them were com
pletely absent. ' ; The late Dr. CyrJI
G HopkIni of the University of
Illinois,' a famous-soil expert, had
a little memory trick by which to
remember ' .these , necessary '- ele
ments . Ha said : .' "Remember C.
Hopkins' Cafe.' , If you repeat C.
ITaplUns' cafe,' you have the
chemical symbols.' for the essential
soil elements for, plants. They are
C, ; carbon: H. hydrogen ; , O, oxy
gen ; P,"phosphoru9; K, potash; t,
iodine ; Nr . nitrogen: S "sulphur
Ca, calcium, the chief element of
lime,' and -Pe,-Iron., '.
- iC Hopkins" Cafe" feeds- the
plants the nutrimeift they need to
flourislwand we place fertilizers In
the soil according ttf'the deficien
cies of any one of these groups
Oxygen, i hydrogen. Arotc and - sul-'
1 1. a r are always- present in sjffi
cieat quantities so that tLe gard
ener stu-jing .his fertllher prob
I :a needn't worry abcut tLvtn.
;.:d cakiDr.-,, are
fcrtllltcrs- viihi i ,'. ,
or- . cIo-"1 up ia-1 .
i9t. ' 1 11 3 :IL C :
C T f'l Ii 1-3
i.J - . ..." t4.
? r 1 - 1 ' I
?" - 4 -A '..- .- . "c
n r i i
.... I ' p
Mire Si
v i i i r i-- . . i i
rael-stop fa
; s
'( Hi
Extrct Lcnllv Over llio Ilr.r. I-cc":
- The special features of .theses make Yn era crdra vc! ; !
has the ravel-stop-between silk" and JIsI'2 tcp.. Er:!i x
. , " heel, foot and toe -see them in our, corner v.indc ?. I
. from which to choose: Blonde, Piping ILock, CaLra, Eu.
, French Nude Black. All sizes SYi to 10's. i
1 -