The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, January 15, 1926, Page 3, Image 3

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' .-. t . ' , - - ..-.' ' J
Or.'.T Itay iflond1arirtlt)l I) to
'lie's A,-Pttno."-i ikf-
IlcUte -Association vaudevtll
C-"J rr.rti ft
.7- ft!
v t m
. mtgh -Tom
Go Gallagher."
Tyler In
in mn
" t I " i
Vfle's'a :Pf idcfe With payr
t mona brtuiin, oaia desi
- - Herc:NV.iany Monti
.J "lie X' rTlrrci" serves' tl
p u rj4 vror;i)te stiParsifeio u nt
-romed jr ,tha1 0peqed - nt the ; Ore
gon .theater " yesterday and will
continue on the ;- screen (there
ih rough .today's performances.'
neHides--.&rving , as a title! it
be$t describes tfie -performance of
IlaymondVIriffUh, who carries the
title role with' the support b such
opular stars as Mary, Brian and
Tyrone Power. ? V r"""r-. -j
, The.piefure Is one of the! most
refreshing light, pieces tbtj have
come ;to ; the screen j in t-eoent
Athfetib Novelties, .-Dance
; ana uomeay cn.ief las
ers Highly Praised;.-
A tajloeted .gathering of: spark
ling ? noTelties, nich-ptowered r J
i ity una i nt mor toget ner w
.many, cleyer; Jrtta V' of r sonjc and
dance ! -will ho, presented,;, ati llie
BItgh theetee 'naSaturday . night,
matine;id yenins. , 1
:tWs,WtJ?aoTdiri3.ry bill. la. head
ed by ttierArft'wsmithB in an ath
letic novelty; with knock-about and
acrobatic ftttints.Tloinan rinps and
cradle.fln aft actof thls'klKdtiie
male member UsqaUy JIoessLjl t le
I;WI 1.1 0
-. . - - i" - a'
Six Men and One WQrnan to
Take Part in Evahgdis- .
- lic Service f
;t 5ix men' and ont Ionian wll
taktj par ih.he'- hfe Saturday nfsht
evangel istfc meetinn'to jje' Jield
at 'the; local Salrat ion V Army . DalJ
on 'State- Mreefc-''FranJiM M
mari ,.head4, e - group";-and ,wiih
Titinwllt rf ft Tx$ LehmatL-Tl, X.
Meyers',: i:alpU;frofiplest Walter
riotn, f)ph -Wftfvertrtiff and Illoyd
w 11 1 preach ? ', w ldi : special
miigfc and son Jr livll I ' 1ef rendered
by those assistinjSr him'; tUv Mrs.
" It M laUmated that Ue! II.
Shan ks ' of the: r Firsf. 1 Baptist
churchy will be present to lend a
tfahri with the rest. ' ' ;,;: : ;
The meetinE will be She tenth
the little lady does her share. sKifS t?h---rity
. . , , i. . . t- been noWIns Wherein ' ministers
possesses what might J be termfed, &ttd lffy workers , 6f Jocattchurches
supernnman strengtn ana enaar
a'nce. Lyle Harmony Ponr, "The
Stnging Jesters;' render perfciJ
harmony and ; natural comedy in
new songs, sang In , a rolflckthg
months, and the comedy is Merer " . "6r "T8 f Vf 5
and entertaining. As; a jyonng c0paiea styie. jwucn aaaitlonai
& Harcourt, a Tersatlie pair of en-
qnd exceedingly likable prince of
modern time Griffith, j whose life
is "an "endless chain of corner
stone layinRH, paradesJshipichris
.. lenlncH and the like, ideclires a
.Ktrike forshorter hours and; more
fun. "With his appointment S books
filleil tor months ahead he d;ecldes
to run away, and he does, Sneak
ing out of tho palace wjth al party
of tourists, witb one of whbmj he
'falls .in love. : ") :; j i
There the fun beRlns. wthjthe
prince chasing the Klrl arid the
king and his agents chasing the
prince. The possi bill ties aire too
evident to need explanation! More
.hearty (aughs conld only i he
paclked into the film by .malting It
lixtc rnslly
GONSTANT. dosing ife
4 little ; stomachs Mfttrt
nadhets pttfci to treat chil-
dfeii's icolds . externally fwitb
VicYaooRub.' Thcv simply
t rtjS It on. the; throat and; jchest 3
Vicks acts two ways at
(1) like the old-fashioned feoultice
in "drawing out" the sorenefe iucwi
pain; and, at the same time, j
(2) like a modern vapor lamp be
cause the body heat1 releases the
ingredients in tie form of medicated
vapoTT which Are Inhaled all bight
long. These loosen the thlegm and
open the congestea airpassages. j-
Most colds yield by morning to this
double direct action.
tertainers, appear in a:'n'ovel idea
of praeenting a comedy and sfif'g
Ins offering- which speaks for It
self. Dainty TJorothxVaters. "The
birl .with ' the'Vink." ' m the last
word in versatility and clever
ness and Is a revelation In vaudo
yiile. As , a juvenile star," shj has
no equal. , LeRoy & BettMiJn
"Covering Territory" prent?rim-
edy sons and, patter arranges and
presented to make a most amus
ing hit, essayed by two sterling
anisis or anility; and class
. , X., .
i . .' ) i
Meeting Day of Silverton 0
ganization Changed;' to
SIXVERTOJC, : Jan. 14. (Spe
claflo The Statesman. -Vrhe $0
verton Woman's clap held ( Its
first meeting of the year Tuesday
afternoon t the, city library. Jor
merly. tne meetings were heldfon
Monday ftferriooifb'ut hus ps
been changed inj-order to hold ithe
meetings, at the library. Tbe
library. Is open" to the public ion
Monday, Wednesday" ami Saturd4yj
afternoons.' r ' " -i: 1
At the meeting of this month
the study whlch- thfe cWb. women
are taking up on the Chinese Arsa
continued.- Mrs.;,G. ,B. J0eritfeoh
and Mrs. Sorgen .Ostergaard giv
ing papers.. Mrs. -Bentson - spdke"
on the "Great Wall of .rhina',.' ndj
Mrs. Ostergaard had for. her tbplc
"Chiha's Civilization." the .fatter
based her paper t ott ; in article 1
hiidh appeared in the May Vorum
delving info the philosophy of the
Chinese. !
. Eugene rtreat celebration , plan
ned forope'ningi'ft' '-Erfgene-Klam-ah
: Falls cut-off railroad, about
July i.i"-?M:.i ;;1":',v " ! '
are takirfgjnTOinlnent'part.
snioffiT mm
Willamette - University Pub-
firSpeakers.'tb Present
"r . rtiect Pieces' '
For the third titnen1 tire his
tory of the university, all Evening's
ehtertaltlment bf oiic&ct plays is
td he presented, stt - jfUIdmette.
The proir!n WHI taKeL3)Jae this
fw-iiintr at H o'clock ill? Waller
hall;',', f . -p- -V' . '-y.
The,lirist grphp'ot tk4-pJl plaVa
was presented'rtv the fail teintW
a year ago. It- was tnii but an
experimetft to '-ascertain" w fiethir r
.1 V
Watch for Saturday's
. lint I . I I I I I I ! II II II I I I I I '
--I..-' - j - . ----- i ;- - ;'C " : : .
We list ae'ltem fdr thiaek end seUihrlliat.vj
claas.rnerchandise and We4cnow that it is priced to
extreme vaiues. .
, lrge'Gbloht'&fh ijraincTs.with the ;
extra tray "on tfje endiforthe Rmall '
pieces. Made df jhejavy retinried wire.
Take them Saturday for pNLY .
Jof iVo. 2
Another 'bit assortment of Razor :
P rham
Auto Strop khd Fax in the lot. Take
, any kind Saturday limit 4 packages ,
" to one customerjfqr only v ? v r
1 interest y oq. This is .all f irst
tnake it move; fast, otejth'e
Lot ' S
An assoHmeht of large 'pieces of
White jand White Granite Ware. Lofo
br finebig pieces iat 'regularly , sell
- for frdml$1.25 to ?1.S0. "Wesell any
piece tor only
i - IV I ,
7 v - j
fj X
4- ,
Rogers Solid Nickel;Teaspoons.
Wq , have , Gem, p verreadyV . 4 fe00 d :w6rght and will wear a-lif e
Duplex Gillette Enders, I- . .time. . I Also sorrie Dessert" size of tthe
isaine jtnaterial and brand., t -t"
t Special Saturday, Teaspoons
Special Saturday B?sstrt Spoons,
?nly.90c per.&t
. . - -' . . ' j ! " ,, ". ' i. l 11 if f 1 1 1 1 u ' - - ; ;
Thesi values will tolease-you. ..Our.Jherthandise i is always first jclass. cReinember U ;
Anesev u ( j pays to go to ALLEN'S irst ":r 'J.r
f -,', , f , , gpillllll
tr "tot tt sBldC-Otaf atfd ') towns
fkeobie wopfd respdhdit'Ttje ct4?: d"
ast'capaelty h.oua - and .enthtf pl
astic. It was decided t ntakt the
presentation - of one-acr- aa
annual affair. . '7' r
."Willamette Writers'' club.-'miki'ii-sored
by Prof. Horace :. Will
ton, offered an evenlhg's perform
ance of one-act plays the second
semester 'pf the 'same year! iThe
plays presented by the clilh Wert4:
written by its own members," - :
Prewntation was nxad at-,the
little theater. ',In the cilj? library.
Again a capacity house was thptOr
sppnse to the 'one-act plays.'. 'Sev
eral members of. the club .have
written plays since then, and ;it 'is
how pfanned -o give another. eVe
iiirig's entertainment of .plajs wHt
tch by members of the club.' .Ttis
Is1 also' planned to he a '.yearly
event. t : ' ;' -. ' " . . t.
H'WurteVFlubimery,'' Jy A. A;
Milne, one of the plays to be pr'
sented ,his evening, is .considered
to be one of the best "one-acfplays
In English literature. It is a mild
anjd fast satire; on. love for monfy
which Milne assumes 'to be innate
in every one. X '
"Trines," 'another of the plays
to be staged. Is a fantasy. .: '
"Suppressed Desires," -completing
the fist of 'plays for this eve
ning. Is a comiedy. Both of thepe
two latter plays mentlonedjare by
Susan GTaspell. . .. ..
'Portland manufactured' products
gain 47s04, and- number r' em
ployees gain 32-28 per cent from
X921 .to 1923. Products in 1923
were worth $164,414,799. and fac
tory wages were $28,244,478. , . .
1h l.-iflri'Mnfthf rA' ViP knouiuKlthiii ot hlsTwhlch fresia.nQt'he tli
HAUjL iyIflIIr'' -Mfav t, Cottage Ctqr&S U-av "I Q
llHUUltllLII UILU kK fra Conner was born inidhlo'ih JUiMnki; ellev tiawnl
He .Was Fatjier W.'Ci Cdn--lWC
ttitior .NortHwest If
Poultry Journal
; '." 1 ,
. W." C. donne'r, "editor of 'the
lorthwest -Poultry JoWrhal, Ve-V
cetved a telegram yesterday .'morn-!
Idaho; Marble comlhy Vill
work black marble deposits near
Joseph, Wallowa" county '
- - i'Ji 1 1 ; -C 'j --V2 I i
stdard cm. coipan y cip,
1847 and would have ben -7
yea'ra-ef Tagefct hlarixt birtlidpy
in Sinternbe'r, y'He was married .In
Missouri . and went to Kansas to
reside. In 1875 he-wentfto Cal
ifornia with hi family aad after
Ihfee ye.arsv residence In that state
came uregon in.,' sepiemoer,
187$, locating at Cottage Grove,
.wjierer.lie engaged in Sawmilling
Jor several; years. Jle later en-
gagea in rarming in mat neign
borhood and was for. many years
associated with the j late) D. W.
Ilarding fn "conducting Mi. Hard
Ink's 2000 acre stock and rgraifl
farm near Cottage Grove. bout
20 years ago ho bought, ,a. farm
the Cottage Grove Masonlv, lodge
and was closely Identified with
the early growth and development
of Cottage Grove and eommunity,
where he has always been held In
the highest.esteem, r ' ' . "."
lie Is survived " by - seven sons,
W. C. of,. Salem ;L Edward.'. Fred.
Charles and J)ose '. of , Cottage
Grove, Horace of Grants Pass and
Harry Conner of Eugene.
- Funeral services will bo . con
ducted at Cottage fj rove today .X
Springfield Three important
wood manufacturing innsiries
will enlargelhefr plants this win-
adjoining the Harding farm appn ter.
ii .
. . .. ' I. . ! : i ..
Ma rf1e4j7,Coo9 uy : !
Issues 7e-page paper, jarge.-t i i
rpw bUsltei '"1 n Boot hern trs-tfoh.-
and i covering the whola
soit'h west Ipifrt' f state;
I ifl
. - .alt -- : 4 ' f
jSjOl longer ti 'GxUf-i-N
Ith the - screen's .
jg" f e a t e s t -'coVriedian.
4firidVr -In "lie's, a
Prince;: :.he's star 1 1
And rthe. v. cream. , of :
screams i
a . . . t
' , , . . .. & A 1' .
S M If i!T '
WHAT iS & REAL SALE? Incur estimation a reaj sale is one that mves you
ify at prices much below regular. That's the fcin'd 6f a Sale this is! You can tibiotuely HcKhd'onihe teV-
chandise both as to style and iqualiiy, aVd once you see the prices you will know that the
reductions are
Oak Dining
6 foot extension table, - quarter, saw.ed oak,
4 fIid oak chains to. match
Golden jOak Fiirhitiire
Genuine leather seat, golden oak arn rfkers -as
loW as
1'-; m - t
Big Redu(rairalden
t oiak chairs, buffet, triples
androbke- r
I . ; - ' , ' -,-',V
I . " " '
Coxwell tGhairsl
S. : - .'..-t
The most popular design of today is ah easy 4
cnair. upnoisierea in a ncn veiour or tapes-,
try with Ueep spring c6hstrbctfon'lHroogndal '
Living Robin
, The famous. Birchfield overstuffed line of
Living Room Furniture . f
All Mohair Overstuffed $11 (
Davenports ) lOX JU
All Mohair Overstuffed Davenports with
All Jacquard Veiour Overstuffed .Ol CA
Davenports Dpl U
, Heavy .figured, I)enim Over-.,
stuffed Daveilports f.t;.4..-..---:--
Overstuffed Boudoir Chair,
covered in heavy denini.. . ...I.-.
Chaise Lounge, covered in heavy
Stripe denim
mms- rugs
"You Must Make a, Clean
Sweep o f your entire.
Stock of Rugs
.These are the orders from bur rug buyer, Mr
- jpasey.,5 Abd",we are goings to -do just that.
; Our stock is complete and we' arft, going to
',cut priced fooriey' Mr. Casey's orders. Owing
tbUimiteja ; space j we cannot I. list f our. A
nargains so nere are a iew ot inefli.
- t; . rw .
1 1l'
: B5 9x12 Axnnister $47,50
57i50,9xl2 Velvets $2l
$ m
Rye-Piece Complete Bed $a!f l
Xleaatirnl .'enamel .all steel l?d, 'ivnrjr. or. walnut'
iliiikU .with splendid wet of , spring?, ualitie mat
tress ant jj. pa)r feool WntarVea'lher JUJofs,-tho.
complete outfit Of": five piece "'at this very locw ialo
price. . .
; .... ; ,. -4 . . '
Shle $29.75
Regular: Mce-li'6.i5Wg4iWr: l?Tice C 15.50 .
At no other, time during . the year t can yrrti hny
ivory yreksfrs at prices roMow as fhos'c whlcli.p're '
vail rlht how duriiijt IliU wIe. finished iu' Ivory" -4r
siJtrertonc-. ." . --','-. . " ; '"' '
vr! .SaIe:Prices BHnj f
SfFrece Dcwirtirj Sail
t a m -as
: ruice con
Asia Of ine foTlowlrtir tde'ees iill ktze . .
' bed, 38-Inclt. drewsr,' - 2i t28 Inch, m I rror ; . S 4 i i i h
CUlXferctte,.3tcIrarersl.Si traj-s;.S4 Inch 3 Mirror
dressing twble ;-wth' mbol.sterHl tench to i,i,ttJi.
Alliu"CeJiar(l vood Ivory f Intslu lUit of coiimi uc .
ilon .tliroughont.
5 -
Uise .yoitr: jxredit'
... p X
1 J.
e ennrno no :r..irc::
nrr , a -rs ? 'r trrt V s v ' A -Vv in w t v"V , -iv
' "
-- . -a. . . . '
. .''Jit $4
. .' ; i
. i