The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, January 07, 1926, Page 3, Image 3

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i ;:.ilUIlSDAV.MOnNINttJAN'UAIlt.T.: 1026
' " " .- - -- - - :t , , -'-J ..... , " , , mi mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
BHjgMg.. (.ibiwhi ji ii i i I , .,,...i..Jl , , -t; , .t. - ." J. , . .- ... . J . . ' ., n,
ti 55jK6rth Commercial St.
S&vedf by Phoning for Food
. Why waste your energy! to dree for market, thea shop around from store to store and
lug home burdensome bundles? . It costs you, an hour every day and invaluable energy you
never look or feel the &am as when you started out.- . t, -i " -
i - "Why not 'Phone. U3 for Pood" in the prlyacy .of , your own home? Use this extra hour
and the saved energy lor, twine pleasurable recreation., i , -
A UMU or our service; will make, you say "why didn't I 'Phone for Pood' before?"
Crisco TOs Wfcek Only
3 pduhrf fiizfe Criscb '
1 per can " .":,
6 pound size Crisco
per can
.9 pound . size Crisco
tjer ' Cart 1-
- Snowdrift This iWcelc Only
2 pound size
per can
4 pound size : -!
per can j.
8 pound size ' - ;' i
per can
Quaker Pure Cane-Sugar
per "saCK r...::
Fancy Basket Fired Japan Tea
per lb.;1.:,;.:..-:...;:...
Fancy Gun Powder Tea
.per lb. .....:. J ..'...
Fancy English Breakfast Tea
per lb; ...... L....'.:"...-:.'.;.'.
. "Santos" Steel Cut Coffee . , , A fi
perJlb. i .,.".i.L.,,. -----i---------wJs5ciirr
Royal Baking Powder, 5 lb. . C0 yQ
. size, per can: .....atriJ',
-Royal Baking; Powder, 2 lb. Ol ?
Floiir '
Fletcher's Hard "Wheal! (M ? iio
per sack ; t)l70
fWhite Down Flour I?l rnl
er sack ..2 I
size, per can
now -about, a goo iwil
sedan, late 1024 model, good
rubber, original finish arid
every .abkng' in fine, shape.
This car b&s only run 84KH
miles and has all the service
left in it. J
j r ifc .Yesteruay fternoou j. r. Kim
i"j . 4. t jfbet SpbliHo-tne student body -at
Hubbard high school. He went
to Aurora to get a Pioneer club
etarted JthereJ Tuesday evening
he spoke to the"Aumsville Hi-Y
' PRICED AT. 9400.00
ihlds akJ3iHls Furniture Sale--
N W'Tpnft-.f 1. I Stiff, Furniture
Co, a -I-.- . j9
We Arc -.Stilt Selling
Gasep 'Briquettes at summer
prices, i Capital City Transfer Co.,
26 State. . -. j7
'j i . . ... ; .
ing eompany, defendahts in a suit
'brought by jacpb Swart, acting
for, bis son" ; Howarfj;wartz, .Jt
jm'luof'.H.The pliinUffuficlai-es that
the amended - conjpiifTii!' floes ij
state fact suicientiiafconstitut
la cause of actfon; !biboy ;l4fal-
3eged: to hav received . injuries
some time- agA-Wtieajibie was hit
i by one or tne ' DaKing company
i trucks. .
I Furniture
And, repairiug!
IssueSchMl Report
Aceordins to the first 1928 pub-
id ch6oJ, report, issued at the
oificeV1 of . Superintendent t Hug.
hnhUS-.nnMm.'ari Ahl Hmo Fnr ! Professor aUd Alrs KODertB. wna
th-naWVfifk' Ti.-fnpriMlBelle Tartar had charge of the
has been a littV more ihan 2S per
c$nt.:TJbet number pf Students at
the senior: high- scjjebf is almost
one-fourth i f " ; th&,-v total enroll
ment: Of the total enrollment 2175
boys, an621S4 are girls.
i "W.II...HIIWI . . . wi. im..-. iw.w.mxmw ..Mw'...Ufa...Aw)Ww.. ... .
I - - - - T' - 1 1 .
Pioneers Meet
; The Whitman Pioneers met
Tuesday njight, and Initiated three
new members. iN. M. Finkbiner is
leader of the club.
1 "vXP'?-'
: r Rain on coast; moderate tem
perature;: mild southeast and
'South winds on the-coast. Max.
46r-MIn. 3; River 2.4, rising;
Italnfall .01; Atmbsphero cloudy;
ttiad northwest.,.' !; I
, . . 1 l
rWyer MeUnS'flH1' ijj'
The- Wom en JEyangellstlc
a)rer meeting will be held today
: it & a. m. at the home of ilrs. C.
A, Clark, 638 North Church street.
Mrs: M. S.. Oaks will be leader -
jiSr. Marsliail, 6ateopathl
L 1 Physician- and surgeon.
: Jl lew Pipe "Orgak Records-. .! ; , -g
By the. new, electrical, process;
U real treat. Stop aarSUir and
tear It. V; $ju
Black Bear-i"r'.4"T!' ft!'
Welghmlf.abojUoq fibs, is ton
4ispay in the window? "of Cross
Meat Market.-." - W wiUjlbe' cuip
education to succeed Otto Hart
wig, who has resigned., Mr. Slee
man was indorsed for the office
by the state federation of labor, of
which Mr. Hartwlg, was president
for a number of years. Mr. Slee
man was appointed for a four year
term." v .... ! -'
23 Per Cent Discount
On all used heaters and ranges.
Guaranteed Stiff's used furniture
store. i v J8
Twenty Year t Record -
Twenty years of teaching with
out missing a class is the record
of Drj Timothy-Cloran,-who has
been in 'the department of Rom
ance language faculty at the Uni
versity of Oregon forthat length
of time. Although he how knows
Latin, C reelt; iPortuguese German
and French. Dr. Cloran says he
hopes toi beraUlO" to speak 12
languages before he dies -"Just
for, the fun of it."
Sew Red Seal Recoro
Single faced, 25c and 35c Stlfrs
Furniture Co. ' fd5tf
Reld in Jali--
A. Prey i John Snyde, and Ira
Schanerman were held in the ciiy
JaiL Wednesday night for state of
ficer R. E. Amy.
in cash was all. the culprits could
find to carry away. They holped
themselves, In addition to this,
to about $40 worth of.hickeys.
Whoever committed the , robbery,
was evidently familiar; 'with i" the
place! for he had no trouble' in
opening the electrically, operated
cash register. . The culprit gained
entrance by smashing the lock of
the rear door. -
Hotel Marion t
Dollar dinner, served 5:
every evening.
45 to $
Auburn Club to Meet
Wednesday. January 14, at
7: SO o'clock the Auburn Com
munity club 'will hold its annual
Jolly up.- A general program will
be given after which refreshments
will be seirved. The general pub
lic is invited to attend.
Gudm! Guns!-
Good second-hand ones; one
double barrel goose and duck gun
almost given away. Woodry &
Son, 271 N. Com!. J8
Radio Headquarters, Phone 1035
" Zenith, Fada, Mognavox, and
used Bets.; Good radio poles, 175
South High.
Wo Are Still Selling
Gasco Briquettes at
prices. 1 'Capital! City Transfer Co.,
226 State. j7
President ; IJOney Leaves
Carl G. i0n6y, president of WI1
lamette University, left recently
for New York, to attend a con
summer I vention of college presidents '. He
will return in about a month. He
expects to visit his two sous; Paul
and Hugh, while he is in the; east.
Lessons in Clay, Jesso, Ckitut -
.... And water colors. Mrs. Trover.
1026 Calendar Free, Homer II.
Smith Ins. Agency, over Millers.
Building Permit Is Issued
; Roy Willbanks took out. a per
mit from the city recorder yester
day to t construct -a one .story
dwelling at 2365 South High
street. The structure is to . cost
$3000. . f
Ex-Manager Here-
Arthur. Hile, ex-manager of the
Oregon and old Liberty theaters,
was in Salem yesterday to visit
local motion picture . managers.
Mr. Hile is now working in Se
Card of Thahki
. We wish to extend bur heartfelt
Jh&nlrA' tA thb nMlhnjirnr'it tmit
jieit weeR, r atfd anyone - desiring many other f fiend fpr the assist-
a-piece shou1dplace;"tlierif :6rrer Jance " givenand the" floral offer-
aow. m oaj-..wju jtwieu ,ui - xx. i ine, durine our bereavement:' C.
"Peters and' S. P. Matheny, near I r? - l lenailoji and familv
B liver ureeK-rartsv-r--r-r- tai
;.! IKelbi Coafero
cpfcui amuvenBr itysraui p. Yesterday c. A. Kells, secre-,
. w s T jnrAttK "statA-nrobibitlonl . u. t At -v .
vvuiiiiKiuiKi i-ryrr- '-irortiana : xoi comer rwiin ,r. air tL.
evening at VtheFirst MetBdist-VVnith6us architect on the-local
church, on 'a special ; program I y mca building.
marking the sevent a - anniversary i r. . ; , , x
or national proniouipnj ,i itOiincse JVoodl
. . -T"1; - ; , 1 ; At the. ray .BeUa,today. IS
. . v , i . . . .... -.. . -
Correct Corset litting- .. , ,
. Howard Corset Shop, 153. S. Hi.
' j7
1026 Calendar" Free Homer H.
Smith Ins. Agency, over Millers,
.f .',.r:- . ., d22tf
Loan Members to Meet
Members of th Horticultural
National Farm Loan' association
are. scheduled to meet Tuesday
Default Is Ordered
Arthur Mc Daniel was held in
default in an action before. Circuit
Judge L.; H. McMauaS yesterday.
tndrning at 11 O'clock, January J Ther suit was brought against Mc
12.-- The meeting will be held at
the Salem Chamber of Commerce
auditorium. ..-.......,.. .
Daniel : by his wife, Coila B. Mc
Daniel. . I ' -
..Something 3few and Different
French- doughnuts. They are
wonderful. Bake Rite Bakery. J9
Radio- Poles of Superior Quality-
Good used sets. Phone'1935
Rnslness :Biiildlnl'Cliciin ' .U
i i Npw, brick. wlth.xcellent. teise 1 Burglary Reported
to net 9 pe?nt,2IaOOia 7.wx Patimf Pool . and Card room'
to handle. Re"alby:4rBeei-&TwDrokeil-into somB tme earf
Hendricks, iWmOCtMednesday' m'ornmp- Abodt YS
"Furniture Vpholsterr-.'" t
Xnd repairing. Giese-Powiers
' .rurgltur company.' j "" "iiyil
CutttMar Incorporated i
. The Albftn r , RaUng1 ; compaaiy.
.wilh capttal.stock.ptLJ15.000;nd
'headquarters' In Albany, has teea
Jncbrporated -by1 WIH lam Jeff er-:
son; Irving Parsons ana A. K.;
Isfahan, i ' --y i - ;
It ii 1 ' j ' f,;
' Odds and Knds Furniture Sale
i Now ohl If. Jl, Stia Furniture
Co; i ' : 4t-"
fer.-haa iaiwvnced that there Evan and CW. Holford, to
tOr SrVic
831 Court St. -
will he a meeting of the local
baby chick raisers Tuesday morn
ing, and afternoon, .January : 12.
Tjie meeting ia to be held at the
Chamber -4 of Commerce auditor-
i t . - .- rr .
Linoleum Iiemnaiits - i
ii Some room sizes, Jific a
Stiff's--used-furniture -store;
fileeman Appointed 'l
4 B. E. Sleeman of Portland yes-
tefdav was appointed i a member
f . the state-, board-of' jroc&Uonal
' Free- to Our CustSmcra"
- - -
i XTatU Ju. 10, vary castomer bny
tot 150 W 50Q. fault, or nnt trce.wui
receive JO fruit tree F&SE.
j..vezycutaner Jhnrtu.0O to 1(KM
frnit r tree wul receive 25 f rult
trees PBE. - .
Of Hee tn Kw Salem Hotel building,
169 South SUSh-Si!e rTant U reu
At, Office. .aoae?OiXl 17H;Kr
ery llir21. !- ' !,
A; "jr. 3IATHJS, Prop!
Eastman rothert
. t - fif f?i:
Sal cm Office: 169 S. Iliffh
. i - -Office nprrs: '
r 4it i
Underwood Typewriter Co
t v.rtArv TSrancU -i
-,.nrt street. -Phone. -tw
Typewriters Rented, Sold-,
. nnalred .--'f "r
KnecUl rental rates to studcaU
For the Tight, kind of materials
and the very best workman
chip ,0011 ' , s.'.,, e if
'. Powder and feupplV'Cd.
17i S. Combicrclal Xhouo.7S8l
To Attend Meet
District manager of the Mutual
Life Insurance company of New
"STropcrty' Owners-
Have - vou - troubles with ; vour
Teal estate or Insurance T It's our Yorkf Pi, iDuffetilto
business: bring them in. Becbe foruana tnis weeK to attena ine
ft Hendricks. 18 N. High. d25tf annual meeting of Oregon fepre-
J ' ; 1 sentatives of that company.
Ponltn-men to Meet oanquet at tne Montana notei wm
gether with Mrs.'Duffey, wH make
un-the rst of fhe p4rty.
t. X i - i
The serious diseases that devel
op fromi simple coughs or colds
make them dangerous and they
For Rent One Pleasant Room I should not be 'neglected.. ; There is
In new home, for. gentleman 1 no better remedy for quick relief
Phobe 747-W. 2 i J I from coughs and colds than Fol-
Vi, ..i ' . i eys Honey and Tar Compound-
Dc-niurrrr Is Filed f My grandchild could get no re-
A-aeranrreranB filed In- circuit lief whatever from a very bad
court yesterday by Carson et Car-1 crupy cougu, uuiu gave nun
son. attorneys for the Salem Dak-lf.ys fiamL -iar, .wr"eB
te i e r iLianais, Aieyersaaie, tra..
I f 'OTITI IT! flltlDTl? fn 1 titutloris ? asrset out' in the re
1 71 I I III I III U71 riUII Port, louows;" f-
llfeUlI lUUUttU f illU. .Institution-. Ml-
Total Population , Increases
From 4483 ' to 4639 ,
During Past .Year
J25 1926
l State hospital 1$37 1851
Penitentiary 1. 427 470
Feeble Minded home 774 . 788
Boys' Training school.. 1T4 - 189
Tuberculosis hospital.!..' 147 153
Blind school . -1 42 44
Deaf school 122 119
Girls school ....... i71 .71
Eastern Ore. hospital...; 731 778
Soldiers' home .... 114 116
Blind school, Portland.. 43 51
44S3 ,4639
The population lof the! several
state institutions Increased from
448S on January U. 1925, to 469
a report prepared here yesterday Buy a Waflt Afc-It rayS Dig
for consideration of the state
board of control.
The population of the ! several
TULSA. Oklo., Jan. 6.-4(Br As
sociated Press). : Central high
school of Tulsa is-going; to m&ke
good housekeepers o its! boy stu
dents. .A new ruling .requires 11
boys to take - a year's bourse in
home economics' before receiving
a diploma. -; . t" ' ' " -'
Medford Important I dairying
industry started on. Ellis ranch,
near Talent, and Ge Bauer ranch
at Eagle point. 1 -1
Medford Crater Lakes highway
will be oiled during 1926.
Exclusive Distribution
For W. W. Kimball pianos. A.
B. Chase, Davenport & Tracy,
Bush & Gerts. Moore's Music
House, 409-415 Court. s20tf
Tiike Jioiue a Dozen
i-Tenen oougnnuts.
Bake Rite
program, the subject of which was
Ooeras iand Oratorios." I Lunch
was served iduring the evening.
Damages Are Granted f
Katherine Enns was awarded
damages of $1000 in the circuit
court here against J. W. Pease,
Salem taxi driver, as a result of
Injuries said to have been sus
tained in an automobile accident
on the Pacific highway some
months ago. Mrs. Enns sued for
$25,000. She alleged permanent
injuries, declaring that her left
leg, right knee cap, nose and three
Tibs had been broken in the crash.
Rev. J. Jv Harrington., conduct
ing i a revival at - the Church of
Gbd, on North Ferry street, spoke
to a large audience last night.
The services started Sunday and
will continue for three weeks,
ending Sunday night, Jannary 2 41
A service is held every evening
at 7:30 o'clock. The Sunday
morning services are held at 11
People who suffered from seri
ous diseases that, started with a
simple cough or cold realize the
importance of checking them right
at the start. W. H. Gray, Venice,
California, writes: "Foley's Honey
and Tar is wonderful for attacks
of coughs and colds." Foley's
Honey and Tar Compound gives
quick relief from coughs and colds.
Buy a bottle today and keep it on
hand for the slightest emergency.
Satisfaction guaranteed. Adv.
Rev. Putnam to Sneak-
Rev. R. L. Putnam, popular
pastor of the Court Street Chris
tian church, will deliver a special
evangelistic message at the local
Salvation Army hall on. State
street, Saturday at 8 p. m. Rev.
Putnam will be accompanied by
musical members from his congre
gation. The public- is invited to
hear him.
New Years, New Home-
Take this 4 rooms new with
furnace, fireplace, hardwood, etc.
We have thre,e north, south and
east. S3600 to 83800. Terms.
100 to $600 down-balance like
rent. Immediate possession on 2.
Becke & Hendricks, 189 N. High
street. d25tf
HoiNe Foun.r
Astray bay mare, thought to
weigh mbQttt 900 pounds, was
picked up early Wednesday morn- Officer Wintersteen. The
horse had a white star on its fore
head and a white nose. It was
found at Commercial and Super
ior streets. It now awaits its
ow,ner in the Kapphan Uvery barn.
tfill Sell My
High grade piano, stored in Sa
lem, to reliable party at $10 per
month. Write Mrs. L. B. Cla
bough, 109 Cherry St., Centralia,
Wash. j7
Music Club 3Ieet
v.Tht Musie Teachers' association
of Salem met at the home of Pro
fessor and Mrs. T. S. Roberta.
Wednesday evening. Those pres
ent were Mrs. Bertha Junk Darby
Miss Lena Belle Tartar, Miss Allie
Chandler. -Mrs. Walter Denton
Mrs. , Millie Styles Miss; Lena Sot-
sou, Miss I ma Weller, Miss Mar
garet Fisher, Miss Elizabeth Levy
Miss Frances Virginia Melton
Mrs. - Powers. Mrs. Lena Waters
Mrs. Harry Lee and the hosts
4 WT x 1 TILT Ji
-rr uuu fruuu
. YARD : ; :
167 D Streetr Telephone "2313
Keep a bottle on
emergency. Adv.
hand for any
, . - Salem' Leading 1 .
Pays Cash For . Furniture
" Residence and" &ore 1
"Itablifchel Since 1010"
' iB i if n
! ittHM vrocnntY & son ;
th rill lor Ced IHrmture. blow
"--Tt-r.-'rt Cofflwrrciel. j-,;" '
Office-Phone t-
General Banlunn Busxnscs
t -; ' Office Hours from10 a. m. to 3 p. m. .
4 if u
,j -x ft f J r
VHi .
will break ppour
cold in 24 hbuYsror
money refuncled
At Fargo, N. D., January- 2,
Wesley Glenn McEIroy, Jr., dge
14 months. Son of lr. and Mrs.
W. G. Elroy, and grandson of Mr.
and Mrs. Thomas W. Brunk of
Polk County. Funeral services
will be held Thursday at 2 p. m.
fro mthe Rigdon mortuary. In-
ternieitt in City View cemetery.
At the home, three miles south,
on I'actnc nignway, January b, j
John G. Heck, age 69 years; hus
band of Mrs. Eliza A. Heck; fath
er of Mathew D. Heck of Boone,
Iowa, and James V. Heck of Sa-1
lem. The remains will! be for
warded Thursday, January 7, by
the Rigdon & Son mortuary to !
Boone, Iowa, for funeral services i
and interment-
Mrs. Mary Alice Rotzlen, 377
South Twentieth street, Tuesday,
January 5, at the age of 6 4 years.
She is survived by two sons, O. V.
Rotzien and F. W. Rotzien of Sa
lem; two daughter?, Ruby and
Violet Rotzien of Pasadena, and
two sisters, Mrs. L. T. Calbreath
and Mrs. Leith Faulkner of Can
ada. Five brothers also survive
her. They are Andrew Wortingj
of Canada and Lyle, Charles, Jac
ob ahd Marion Worting of Minne-1
8 o.t a. Funeral announcements
will be made later by the Webb
funeral parlors.
Funeral services for the late
Mrs. Dora Esteele Corby, wife of
Rev. Charles W. Corby will be
nem from - tne Rigdon mortuary
Thursday at 10 a. m.. after which
the funeral cortege will depart for
me nooeri Kirn cemetery near
Wilsonville, where concluding
rites and interment will take
Mrs. Belle Kcliantz
Funeral services for Mrs. Belle
Schantz will be held Thursday
from the chapel of the Webb fun
eral parlors at 2 p. m. Interment
will be in the City View cemetery .-
Rejoice, O "grieving heatt!
The hours fly fast;!
With each some sorrow dies,
With each some shadow flies,
Until at last
The red dawn in the east -Bids
weary night depart,
And pain' is past.
Rejoice then, grieving heart,1
The hours fly fast!
Adelaide Proctor.
; - - t
W. T. Rigdon & Son
- - ; , ! t . '-. V' V 1
The Yellow Front Phone it7
135 North CommerclaT Street
' - ' " - , . :
The Pcnshr Store ,
; ' . ; j " !-; i.
W"""-1" " - "nMwnMMi ii i i luu m iiihl i in
City Property Salesman
Farm Property Salesman
Exchange Salesman :xr
Opportunity for Advancement i
We Have 3000 Exchange
t ;: V. "Listings -,!; . .
Average salesmen-develop into-$500 a '
month men under our system
- j ' .
See Mr. Gaskill personally, . Parker
Realty5 com paffy; 40S-40D United States
National Bank ' Dldj Comiaercial al
State, Telephone- 22 12, Salem, Oregon.
-- rmctzg-, m&j &l&m ergHK .; .,
toiMifflft Safe
i. Tj. .ii, j i" Ji. X J.
1690 North Cottage, Corner of Cottage
s and Jefferson j :
Tomorrow, January 8, Commencing at
' 1:30 p;m.'-' 1 ""- i -
; '- . .: , . . . - - I
Consisting of one 6-roonied fully modern house, full rchicnt
basement, lot 501 20. This bouse Is nearly new and: well
built and will' be sold on very easy term. .One block to
car lbae; tltreq ;b!ocks to - school;, also the furniture, com
prising: ' !; ' . J. .:--.-, - .
Two bed springs, mattress and dressers; 1 bed spring
and mattress; commode; 1 oak library table. 4, drawers 1
plush lounge; , 1 sanitary. couch; 1, china cabinet; 2 plat
fnrni meters 2 n holstered mahogany chairs: 2 rocking
chairs: 2 dinine chairs-; 6 kitchen chairs; 2 congoeum..
rugs; 1 standard sewing machine; 1 round extension Uble;
1 kitchen table; 1 stand; 1 book rack; 1 clock; .1 hater,
board and pipes; 1 kitchen stove and pipes; 1 large kitchen
combination cupboard; Qaantity of dishps; 50 feet of . gar
den hose; 1 lawn mower; 80 quarts of home 'canned fruit;'
empty fruit jars; 4 Cords of dry wood; gardenvtools;.8jfeood
hens, laying. - - ' . i"" - . " ?f '
Parties looking for u home should attend thI-4 svAo. as
the proprietor is leaving for Canada. Terms, : furniture
cash: Terms of real estate made known-on dayofl salo
prior to offerings. '. " . ' f : r.
lroprietor -
-; Salnn1 Auctioieef!
Store iJ71; North Commercial
Phone 73 . I . .
I. II. F. WOODUY. of Woodry & Son, Auctioneers, bavo
purchased the Mrs.' Thomas Kay .property located at J 29 3
Center street, corner; of Fourteenth, which will be our '
future home. Anyone wishing to see us: will findus at our
store, 271 North Commercial, during business hours -or at
our new residence, 1293 Center street.
, We are the original Woodry Auctioneers. Having;: had
18 years' experience." we feel confident that we canigive
satisfaction either in farm or city sales.: See us personally -or
write for dates. ' - ' - 1
Are Salem's Auctioneers ami Appraisers j
I mmmxmmarwr 7 , .uu:";,.!,1 1111 .j " i, ., I.
'..ilium ' ..'F
Again He Aims For
the Heart - and Hits!
- uiiiiir
E 1. I
ill I;ri 'Ts
1 .. -- . . .... V S i , ' '. , ' -
. Our JMck,. looking out of the Ghetto'throiigh'Th
of love looking for the rainbow's end bidden 'beLf
slcyline of "tenements. ',:''--
See him give all for a brother-the -way hTsf'brol! fs
' doIiving role that sweeps- on -to tho; heights iLj
lHiightii orsa'cririco love lrama. - - - - - r--
V . ItV Splendid! ' V
1. t r
, V MATIN KK 25c- S-V KVKXINti 35c - 50c J
homepw Mcdonald's
"JIuical InJerrrtitatlon Adds Ct.Uch Volc'o
"' To Ah Oregon -Program -