The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, January 01, 1926, Page 23, Image 23

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S . ExcfPtional Articles Written by Young People 'Stress Desirability of Perrnanent Residence' m ThisSection Strong Chamber of Commerce Aids Materially 'in Promoting' Fundamental
t Business and Industrial Interests-Assistance to Directors of Oregon' Linen Mills, Inc. First' All American Owned Plant in the Nation, Marks High Point of Accomplishments During 1 925
rrtTrr , - uus occuon, juoacn ucmana, iecessnaung i nira cam on new oetuers oeeiCMnrormation Laiiv V-namber urnciais Active.
IT1HE nam of our city Is Salexn.l thousand. "Most of the people are t
JLi located.,, on ihe. Willamette
river, in the northwestern
Jart of Oregon. It is one I undred
' inllefl by road. Blxty miles by air
. to the coat. 1 " - ? ; f .
. Salem la the capital of Oregon.
-All . of the state's business is
transacted here. ' Such as the leg-
islature. "stiprenie 'court'' ftjnd I nu
merous others. - -j i
The climate is mild. Abundance
of rain in the winter months, and
land Is
( . .Tery delightful summers.
. oil ia cultivated.' antl the
gently foiling.
The vcenery of Salem
is very
beautiful. Mt.? Hood. Mt.i Jefler
e seen
le city.
'eon and Mt. Adams, tan
from many locations of
United States citizens.
' ."We have a" good water system,
which furnishes enough -water to
protect our homes with the aid of
our large -fire company, .r '
. We hare police protection all
over: our, city. ;
Taking all of theso in consid
eration this is why I iiXe to live
in SalemL?''; - 5 .. . ! S
..There aro several reasons why
I like to live in Salem.
First is ;' Us location in the
Willamette t Valley which is sur
rounded with beautiful scenery.
The mountains of the" Cascade
range are in plain sight along
which are. several : high peaks as
Mt. Hood, Mt. Jefferson and the
th climate
have been! In v Salem four
I like to live here because
is . pleasant, It is
neither too hot in the summer nor
too jcold in the-wfnter; '
The roads are good ' in - Salem
audj tho surrounding country One
.If-" !
cahdTire' a car the whole year,
round! 1 can go to the coast in a
short time. . ;!-':y.. . ri --fV ;
Ijiam glad I -have Bach a good
school to go to. and such a nice
teacher. j ;
There is a" good college ' to.
which; I hope I 'can go when i'ani!
old enough. - , . ,
I Iika to lire here because there
is a good library where-1 can, go,
amlj, get good-books when I wish.
j en joy the band concerts thai
Aid in listablisling Oregon 14urn Mills, Inc.. OutftaiMlin;; Acrom-
, I. plJshuicnt; 700 lctliijr Arc UcM.
f - ' -- ' -;" ' ' : i . . r . 1
fTflAaqajiipodJaigaiiiiiBoniiiD L , , ..."
: ; o:rec;on..;: Wl pffl MWV MA '
Material assistance in establishing jthe new Orrston l.inon
Mills, Inc.; in Salem has beet) the outstanding accomplishment of
the Salem chamber of comtutrredarfnr te. past, year. '
1 It was largely through the' efforts! of thi chamber ,more
than -36t .000 rworth of stock' wa sntTilMd to by ryfdMits of
Salem Ticinitics. , Ip additioii to this considerable stock was sold
in .lortland.ii Vi'-' t ; :.i?v-l;- - i -
. Issuing, of tliO-third editJbn of tbc "Come to Oropioa' pamph
let. consider,ed by many to Je? the best pamphlet on tho Willamette
Valley, fwas another accomplishment " of; lh chaHrber during the
Jea'rt f "So great' has cbme .Che'demami fr this pam phlof' through
the a5t that the charaher could easily unload them,-it is said, as
fast as they could 1h printmd.i
, The chamber of commerce is the center of information for all
the tourists and trarelers. coming through Saleai. Issuing of
pamphlets and maps and information of scenic stopping places has
been a prominent, task of the' chamber.
Another phase of champer work to 1 reach lare proportions
during the year was the answering of questions from people from
pjracUcaJUyi erery,r part of s: the -vljnitedj States about conditiopsof
farming tn the Willamette Valley. i 5 t
" During the year between Fix and" Seven' hundred meetings,
civic and committee, hare been beld" in the rooms of the chamber
of commerce. The chamber's rooms are, the only ones in" the city
available for the meetings f civic clubs.
Salem Business and Wofessionaj , Women's club has been as
sisted by the chainber which; iallowed. theclub the use of the audi
torium twice a month for meetings until it has a hall of its own.
Building up of the Marion County Community Federation was,
another task in which theihawbe'helped. There are now over
thirty communities in Marion -cOnuty in the organization.
ing plowed with a tractor, fol
lowed by a subsoil plow, prepara
tory to planting forty acres in
orchard and small fruits, i
During the past 'season $4,856
worth of potatoes, flax, beans,
corn, grain and hay were produc
ed on the farm.
Two bodies of fir-timber, lone
on The south line' bat k of the
building-site, the other on ;hs
east end of 'the farm, add much
to tho beauty . -of , the location,
of fir are gr'at num1efs of cedar1
trees which add to the attractive
ness and beauty of i he place. 4
When completed, ar; paved rad
way will extend frbnT thePaciAc
highway o the main enifathce of
the administration '- building -nd j
back around' the quadrangle in '
- - '
from the -unhappy .congregate
plan 'of the old plant.
front of the cottages. An elab
orate scheme of landscaping with
ornamentals and trees has been
provided by Professor Peck of O.
A. C. .
It is hoped that the new Insti
tution will l? accorded a kindly
place in thej estimation and hearts
of the plendid peoples of this
commonwealth, to the end that i tion of. Will Uawrenco.
the: boys committed to i,ts care
for their W'-U.;re and training
may be, rcrciveJ back again with
kihdlinesi and a fair chance to
continue in: well-doing; to many
of them th institution garetbe
first chance they ever had to be
gin" to "make good." A much
larger measure of moral reform
may be expected from the new
institution than has been possible
i stay' is ii:.ii:i
PHOENIX. Arls.V I)c.- SO (Py
Associated Press!.. T he statu
board of pardons and paroles to
day declined to take any action oh
the petition-for a stay of ex?cu-
Okla,, - man I, condemned to bans.
January 6 for I he. slaying of Ilazo
llurch. Phbcnlx policeman.
POUTI.A.KI,'t,;lec. 3V.!--The Kd
iii on ton ice : hockey team defeated
the Portland Bosebuds iu a fat
game hero tonight by a score of
to 2.
Among these are the state
STfc''ani ""grounds, tiiet'safe1'
are held in the Wilteon parkrtwicQ"
a week In the summertime v 5 ,
There are many places -of Jnler-v.
est in and aroundSalenji thaX
like- to see, and take ray friends
to see when they cme-jtoivWit
house and penitentiary and ; their
grounds, the pheasants, in a cag;e
nea r .the jpeuUent ia ry , , ,t he blind
.school, the deaf school, and the
tuberculosis hospital. j
I like to live in Salem! because
the state fair is held hero every
year and it is both entertaining
and 'helpful.
1 like toiive In Salem so well
that I know I possibly couldn't
get it all in 250 words. j
I hope I may live in Salem un-
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State Industrial
" ill
School at Woodburn
:(Contiued "from .'page 4.)
and i completeness to the. attrac
tive , features found in the other
buiMlngs of ,th,e plant. s
f 'Thei "boys have yet to, provide
the; buildings for the swine and;
poultry, 'and a loafing shed for the
44by herd. . This , lastt will, be
builf "from" the material obtained
when the old farm house and
barn that have stood by the high
way on the west end of the farm
for a half-century have been raz
ed. The farm consists of two hun
dred and seventy-three acres of
good lavnd. A strong force of boys
is engaged in ditching and lay
ing tile through the undrained
portions. Suitable fields are be-
Mortgage Loans
Bonds .and s
2n4 Floor. Oregon Dloo
, Sauem.
wrrer;. y?i: T?r"-C'.
i f
t shrubs, the state flower of Of e
Our capital grounds are beau
, tlful. The park has over; two
hundred different kinds of shrubs;
In It is a beautiful electric water
; fountain. ' ;
- In Salem's vicinity people :om4
for miles, to see our Blossom Day
i We hare pears, strawberries', an3
ncmerous other Tarieties! of, fruitii
.. and berries. -. - . j.j' ;
i : The birds of Salem are) wondert
ful." robins, canaries ? nd I bin
jays are chiefly found, i -
- The buildings are ? beautiful
? There are homes '$ of tail kinds
rTbroe hospitals, a 'nmber o
churches aid grocery atoresj.
There are seven - grade schools;
two junior high, one school fo
jdeaf. dumb and blind, 'one senior
t high and two colleges,; J -f
I ) There . are several 1 kinds of
iiilmnmnort fttlon. SUCh aS bOStS,
pfritieks. air and rail. I
w hint Industries such as tw
r fr i
t naner mill. one flax mill, tw
J brick and tile yards and; six can-
faeries. ' ' ;" 1 , "
The population is about twenty
I ' 1 1 1 '"'!.. 1
Three Sisters. Besides the moun
tains there are V many beautiful
resorts Wnich can easily, be- reack
ed by. the best of roads. The
tVillamette1 river' flows close to
thel city and it gives much recrea
tion, such! as fishing, boating and
swimming, besides there are many
places for picnics on its banks.
V Salem 'has very , good schools,
consisting of six grade schools,
two junior high schools, and one
senior high school. The Capital
Business college f urnishes the op
portunity for . a business education-'
Thenj there is the university
clvine one a complete college
conrsel So i is 'possible to com
plete your education at home.
- Salem is known as the Cherry
City. It, is situated in - a most
prosperous district, where all
kinds of? fruits, vegetables, ber
ries, grains, nuts and other prod
ucts grow.! These products may
be . finished products due to, the
-many mills, as the paper mill.
woolen mill, 'the saw mill, linen
mill. The. ' canneries handle the
many fruits, ' Therefore - it cuts
down living expenses and furnish
es employment for the people.
Use Permanent Materials
In Your
Construction ;Wbrk
':'W:.i.v& ;-:V' --- '-itH- 1 ,v;:. : :.'T' . "- .v---.i'-" '; '.
Costs No More Than Temporary Materials
- ft
yi See' Us tor t.i i. i;.
: Snlem Bricls' aniTile Co.
Builder of
(rood Homes
f ill
A Salem Home, ; Puilt by Adam Kngel
Has Built Many vFine Homes in Salem
He will assist you to become one of Siajem's .Home ..Owners
0-wning your own home stimulates your civic prido, your patriotism and your
personal self-respect. Such stimulation adds ta your productive capacity, either as
an employee or owner. of your own business. jTh is (leads to greater success and
promotion. You will. feel that your feet are more firmly on the ground. v
.; . ; . ; --r t '7. - ... : r w ... -- - k :
.Ur'-! ijij-i) i.',jl,1;;JHli..i;Ij
j ngcl'Apartment.-lJnlH iby ; Adam Engcl. .Coniptctetl last faU
. -i i .
ADAM ENGEL; Builder of Good Homes
t. . in.... . . I. t. . Hill i lp -;.v.? "
i- '-:xrH?.fpV!rL:-.. v'' :'-!:. ' ' '. . . , ; ;'.:.(' ..''j. ;:' ,r
p p 1
.- ' .)' ' J"". - .. - -- '..'.. .-.'-'" i' --'. .r ,. ,'; L.i -
Beautify X Your Home -Interior
Good taste has everythingc to-do with both the looks pf
your rooms as well as the value for money spent, j Consult
experts on interioridecorations and you!ll be satisfied. We
can assure you of what you wjjnt, in .the time you must
have it. Now is the time ' ' i .
2218 State St.
Telephone 2230
Jlit i : " !. s.
Capital Siock OOfOOO
Established 1868
Total, Resources
.t -
Over $6,000,000
V 1- "
- :
-V- .
Salcn, Orccn ; . f
1420 N. 5th
Telrphcne 917
lt-ttlti-irliHfiM-MrH')B--'"jfcr"-f" -