The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, December 25, 1925, Page 6, Image 6

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iff iiritai
sir lilpi
i- Phonft-106
A CHRlSTIAS tyisfi
Jj J
,ic ,rKW Kosa. May iwwjey, Hester.) , ... , - .
If I wef e a muse I miht 'readily fhid '
-; Okiine' pretty Siot 'M ,
The thoughtof my heart'aiia ttie'ivjsh if myioni'
- dypuihis Christmas day. 5 ' ' T-Ktv-
r ' But I am not so gif ted and the words come slow -
; ' ; ? When . heart would speak to you,
And though 1 pu22le my vthe!tnffKat I-Wite
Is far from the sentimentfrue.
i - . ' , - ; . . - .J ,,
So I'm frlUnjr back to the suoW wish ,
.thai-Hi carried Iteitesliihei . .
' ;vTo; a itnlUhearts, andmyhuiyoii
. ."K Merry Christmas aiid si Happy New Year.
Emmons-Lindle Wedding ; "ins "At Dawning.- miss LucUe
koss i .wm play Mendelssohn's
weddia? tuarcb. :
The bride w'Ul wear a lately
frock of -pencil bine crepe; back
atln, with lace trim. v 5 r
Miss Anne Llndle. a slsteirot
The outstanding social eTent
of Christmas- day promises to pe
the wedding of Miss OliteiRandle
ofV 'Portland t'o DT.CrVW.
Emmons, whkh will - Le solem
nized at high noon today.-at the
Emmons, home at 828 Htfrth Com- tihe br(de, as maid of honor, and
inereiai street, with Dr. Norman
Kendal!. Tally, pastor ofthe First
rresbyterian chn'ech Officiating', i
- Poinsettias and lattices, inter
twined with . holly.. mJsUe(ber ad
evergreen, will 4 bna Mh back
ground of the imprOTised alta'r.
Immediately precedlng-the cefev
mony Mrs. Merle Rosecrans win
Ralph Em mops, a brother of the
groom, as beet man. will be the
ydoiigcosiple'a only atendanU.
Ufhdle is a graduate nurso',
having, completed training, at the
Cfd6d BamaTitan.-hospital in Port
faod.' Dr. - Emmons, who fe i
prominent Salem physician, la' a
graduate specialist. of the Unlver-
t' l"- The thought of goodrwill everywhere." . . 7
To Yoil Who Have Made
rr Happy :
- : ' " and
Happy .
New Year!
Christinas Special: Rev. and Mrs. Carl F. Miller'
-at our hall, Saturday, December 26, at 8 p. m.
Bity of rOregon- Medical - scnool.
with ontstanding post-gradnate
work In Chicago. Prior to locat-
(ng- W-aJfm"iie was connected
with thr - Unitersity " of Oregon
clinic in Portland. Friends of Dr.
Emmons wHl also remember that
he Is a graduate of the' satem high
school. " '.' '.;
) Dr. Emmons and his .bride will
leave immediately after the cere
mony, for a wedding trip north.
After the f irst"tf 1 the year ihey
will be at "home to their friends
in the Engle apartments on
North CapUol street.
Vanishing Parties Close
An tinnsually ' suecessfal chain
rbf -vanishing' parties, sponsored by
Saletii 'matrons for the 'benefit of
the Doembecher "" hspftal ' fund
Came to a close this -week, after
continuing for, six -week'sj, -
Among -" those who ' have taken
part 'In these affairs are the lot
lowing, with additional names to
come later: - ' v ' . , ' ; ':
' Mrs. -F. A. Elliott. Mrs. Harry
Hawkins, Mrs. T. A. Roberts, Mr
E. Irltt Slade, Mrs. Frederick
Deckebach, Mrs. A! J. Rahn.-Mrs.
Cards "B. Cross. Mrs. Ercel Kay,
fts" Dan J. Fry, Jr., Mra. Frank
H:' Spears, Mrs. C "K. Spaulding,
Mrs. O. K. Price,' Mrs. W. F. Far
go, Mrs. H. T. Love, Mrs. Allan
Carson, Mrs. George Hug, Mrs.
Don Young, Mrs. P. D. Qulsen
berry, MraTGus Hlxon, "Airs'. Louis
Griffith.' Mrs; F. G. Deckebach,
Mrs. Daryl Proctor, Airs; Clifford
Farmer,: Mrs. J. Shelley Surman
Mrs. R. , 12 s Ed1iPardB, tMrs; Cart
Webb, ; Mrs;:. tfoy -Farmer, jirn.
H, H. i Coraoer. Mts. Don Jtta
erts. Mrs. Ronald Jones, Mrs. Aj
R.- Rankin. Mrs. V?. V. PoornianJ
Mrs.' Karl Becker Mrs. Ernest P
Thorn; Mrs.; H. At. Rpome, Airs;
ft. V. Compton, Airs XV. J. Bu
Sick, Airs. Walter Kirk, Mrs. Ed
gar Pierce, Airs. E. Al. Page, Mrs.
W. L. Spaulding, Airs. W.-lt Phil
lips, -Mrs.- Morton Peck, Mrs. Grb
ver C." Bellinger, -Mnr. ElHott Col
ony, Mrs. Charles's. Bates, Mrs.
Leonard Nelson, Mrs. Karl B. Ku
gel, Mrs. Merle Rosecrans, Airs.
Frank B. Bowersox. Mrs. Phil
Newmyer. Airs. Janles Nicholson
Mrs. C B. tfcCnllocb, Alias Zoe
Stockton 'Miss 'Grace Wolt. Miss
Merl AIcKelvey, Miss Vivian Har
grove. Miss Edith' Bragg, Miss
Anielia Babcock, Mis Prudertce
Patterson, AIIss Dorothy Pattfer
fcorir Mrs.' Richard Slater. Airs.
McKerfey, Mrs. Crowley, Misses
Anne Simpson, Plppy, McNeil,' Mc
Kayi. Carlotta Crowley; Dorothy
Nicholson, Cornelia - McDonald,
Mabel Carry. .Mrs. AC. Eof f. Mrs.
Paul'HepdricksvMrs: Clifton Ir
win, Mrs. H. G. Mason, Miss Mar
garet Rodgers, Mrs. S. M. Endi
cott, Mrs. George H. Alden. Mrs.
R. K. Ohling, Airs. Arietta AI.
Page,.Dr. Fannie' Brown.
Golden Wedding
Anniversary ?
The 50th wedding anniversary
of Mr. and Airs. W. A. Taylor,
which occurred on December 19,
was fittingly celebrated with
family reunion and ' dinner, party
on Sunday, December 20, the day
following, at the Taylor home at
Macleay. Air. Taylor is an old
pioneer of. this section, his father
having come to Oregon in 1845
and settling on one of the old
homesteads in the Waldo Hills.
Mr. and Mrs. Taylor now make
their 'home on part of the orieta-
al home place where Mr. .Taylor
was born. Airs. Taylor, who was
Rosalia Hughes before tcr mar
riage, came to Oregon from Iowa
In 1874.
Mr. and Mr. Taylor - are : the
; ,. ' ' - i -
parents ot eight children, includ
ing Walter Taylor-and Ada Jer;
minv botfi'of 'Salem: OWrge Vlrt
W Tayl6r ot "Mfft CitTJi Eary JE.
Taylor of PIxley, Cai:;KaUh Jer
m an of Salem ; Alfred Taylor 4 of
Pixley, Cal.; Fay Lifeschty of
.Pratum, and Myrtle Clymer of
Sihrcrtoo. ' :" ' 1 A
t In the group 'invited for tSe
weddWg anniversary "were three
brothers afnd klstefs of Sir. Tay
lor,' these 'being Alarion Taylor sof
Menarira, Harvey 'Taylor of, Mac
leay, Amos Taylor of Albany. Tars.
Marion Baker of California, Mrs.
N. A. Bond and Mrs. Nellie
Humphreys of MsMInnvllle.
. Roast tuiicey, roast duck and
roast chicken formed the - "piece
de rasi8tancfe, of the elaborate an
niversary feast.' Vellof ahd
white chryBnthemnms were lotef
"fV ,'abotit the 'room ami-on the
table-where the feature1 was the
lkfge.- richly Iced eddim- cake;
ornamented with tho golden nn--merals,
.: Covers were placed for Mr. and
Mrs. George Clymer, Airs.1 Addle
Taylor of Salem, Mr."Jand Mfs.
fDan Humphreys of McMInnrille,
Afrs. Marion -Baker or California,
Mr. and Airs. Jack Patton of
Macleay, Mr. and Mrs. H. O. Tayi
lor. Air. nad Airs. R. W. Craig of
Salem, Mr. arid Mrs. Amos Taylor
of Albany. Mr. and Airs. Marion
Taylor of Alehama. Mr. Russell
King of Alill Cityjf Air. and Mfs.
Lowell Taylor , of Mm City, Air.
and Airs. Carl 'Clymer, 'Mr. and
Mrs. 'Albert Llechty, Miss Lale
Ltechty and Howard Liechty of
Pratum, ;Air.,ajiMr9.:j:d: Taylor
Lol Mehama. Mr. andt Airs. Elvy
Taylor of , SlJtertont Berth Lois
rTaylor ot Salem. -Margaret Sav-
ad, - BUIIe Welch; VlrgiirTaylor
of - Aliil City, Maude Humphreys
bt'Idne.'Or.'i Adolph, Craig of port
land, Mr: and Airs, Walter Taylor,
ttalph Emmons of Seattle. Mr. aad
Airs. Dort Jerman of Salem. Mrs.
Ada Jerman, Air. Albert J aegqs,
"and the hosts. Air. and Mrs.'W. A.
Taylor. - ' . ' f
Holidays in Salem ; - r; i
v i5JtrS and Mrs. Q'. II. Taylor and
daughter 'Barbara- Jeanne of Port
land, and Paul E. Davles, marine,
of Bremerton, T Washington, iwill
spend tneTChristmas'holidays with
their parents, Mr. and Mrs. T. W.
' " - , . ' , ,
M iss Dateon Is Home
. Miss Mabel Dotson is spending
the Christmas holidays at 'the
home of her parents? Mr. and Mrs.
;IJ. S. Dotson. Miss Dotson is a
member of the high school at
Philomath. ' -
Gue&ts at AfcCallister Home
! '.'". m Wat" jf
mr. ana xars. mara mcuaiiisier
are -entertaining as - their house
guest for the Christmas holidays
Mr. . and'Mrs. John Buchanan st
Corrallis. Additional guests - for
the family -dinner today will, in
clude Air. iW. B.: McCallister of
Portland, Mrs. Mary Cauthorn,
and Miss Caathorn.
jfomeFrom Yakima. ,
- AIi88 Jenelle Vandevort, daugh
ter o'f Mr. and Mrs. II. II. Vande
fort, will arrive home this moan
ing from Yaklmaj Washington, to
spend the"-holiday ' season. Miss
Vandevort is successfully engaged
in Girl Reserve work in Yakima,
having accepted the position early
last fait.
Town and Gown Club Tea
The members of the Town and
Gown club are anticipating the
tea which they are planning for
early In January. The; attract ire
evefe will take 'place' at the home
of. Mrs. C. P Bishop.
GvcstriU Portland
Mr and Airs. A. H. Aloore and
daughter,: Alls? Helen Moore ;and
Altea R'ut& 'Moore left on Chriit
mas efo for 'PortIa'ndJd. spend, the
bolidayswita -Aira n-Durar; a
sister of Airs. Moore. 1 ; -
Christmas Carols
' Tho singing ;of Christmas carols
by a group from the -Salem Alac
Dowell club is an annual custom
among these singers as quaint as
It Is delibtfuL Going from house
to house, and singing to hhut-ins,
is the part this group took in the
festivities yesterday of Christmas
eve. ' '
Home From U of W
Miss Bertha tols Taylor, who
is a student this year at the Uni
versity of Washington, is spend
ing her Christmas vacation at tnc
home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Walter Taylor. Miss Taylor will
return to Seattle January 4.
Reunion at Poling Home
One of the most enjoyable fam
ily reunions of Christmas day will
take place this noon and afternoon
. the hnmn of Rev'afid " ArravC.
I mw ,
pv. luuua " :
family group: will meet together
for tne, iirsi.iwue i uuwi
years. Dan Poling, who is in New
York City, and Charles Poling,
bith regret that they will be un
able tqcelebrate with the group.
Seasonal decorations of " ever
green, mistletoe, and holly will
deck the rooms, while in the af
ternoon hours both music and a
- - - ' - t - -
family Christmas tree will be fea
tured. Dr.and Mrs. J.' A. Goode
o Portland special guests
SfM'Jb? day, "J
At the dinner table at the noon
hour the following will be Sealed i
l (Continued on pile 7.) : " ' w
1 1 if
i ! . - H
f X I
' '' " '"' '
? Moore's Music House 'mll
r s . : and . ,;
' -BEST WISHES : -:".v
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Pickens & Haynes
- '.-,-! .--AM K
' u motfh hih tTairr : -;
tuaoMtc tcmm.s
.ti. Jk
"' 1
Sincere Are Our Wishes
That This Ghristrrias
Will Be Your Merriest
' "7
y all oregonparents )
I : Bhonldi l J. .
Link the Future of Tlmi Children r ';, '
I with af " : (f ' r
P Uncoln National Life In surance Company
, Juvenile or Educational Trjuat Fund Policy- ? .
A they make thftir College 'training sura, - ;)
J . , at a noihfnaJt'coat ' . -
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j . victor Schneider! special Agent ' v !
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. , 147 North Commercial Street, Salem W
.;c - -' ' Phone Si 7 ' "j
y J i. -
mSF- : jT .
Holiday Beastiti
TO ALL) - v -
Salem's Leading Department "Store
I - M
I ,'r.t
New Tear's Edition
n statesman
mry 1, 1926
' A chronicle bf progress, of the Salem district wliich you
. Tin cents a copy postage prepaid, to any point in thfc
United States'. Fifteen cents a copy outside the United
' States! - : : --f-- . f- ".
Circulation Department,
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SalerhOregon. .
Gentlemen: Enclosed defray cost of 'mailing copies of New
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;- - :. .. -- , - ... v.:. ... - . . "'' . -v . ' ." ;
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. " T " - .....
.... - '- . V
- ' III 1
... .j,, . .: ; v a.. ...... . .