The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, December 25, 1925, Page 5, Image 5

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i .
Merry Christmas
; Is Our Wish to You
- -4 "it
's W
. , 469 State Street
fir Qii
A Merry
To All
iras born December 22 to Mr. and
Mrs. G. W. Sturgis of Alsea, and
has been named George William.
Jr. -
I Property Owncro
Have you troubles with your
ireal estate or insurance? It's our
business; bring them in. Becke
& Hendricks, 189 N. High. d25tf
YMCA to be Open
The Salem YMCA rooms -will
I be open this afternoon between
3 and 6 o'clock. The building will
I be open all day New Years, it is
announced. Yesterday the gym
nasium was crowded with boys J
practicing for the Older Boys' bas
ketball tournament to be held at
the gym as a feature of the holi
day program.
"Christmas in Golden Gulch." a
short play, was offered by ; the
children, after which presents,
candy and nuts were distributed.
Miss Myrtle Lewis and Miss And
rey fribble are the teachers in
the Mountain View district.
Asks Roberts' Return
Governor Pierce Issued papers
Thursday requesting the return to
Oregon of B. J. Roberts and B..
Willis who are wanted in Coos
county on charges of larceny by
bail lie. The men are under arrest
at Payette. Idaho. Sheriff Gage
of "Coos county left today for Ida
hoi in quest of the prisoners.
Students Are Home
Among other University of Ore
gon students speeding Christmas
at their Salem homes are the
Misses Lois Hockett and Inez
i Continued from psg 1.)
Cloudy, probably rain sweat:
moderate temperature, frestt. east
and southeast winds. Mat. 50;
Mln. 43; River 10.2. falling; Rain
fall .01; Atmosphere cloudy; Wind
south. - " i
Mr. Pope Visits : :
Mrs. T. Ii. Pope of Portland Is
visiting with her daughter. Miss
Florence Pope, of the Salem
Chamber of Commerce force. To
day they will drive - to Portland
where they will have their Christ
mas) dinner. ,
rhrixtmas Matin
And night at Mellow Moon. d25
Ad Club Meets
The Salem Ad club held a
luncheon at the Marin hotel yes
terday. Dean Frank Erickson of
Willamette university, explained
hifezaethods of conducting Intel tt-M
gence tests and the reasons for
doing so. The matter of the Wal
1 ulan, ."Willamette university year
book, came up at the meeting, but
was laid on the table Indefinitely.
Some trouble was in prospect be
cause the managers of. the book
had taken the contract out of Sa
lem and into a non-union house.
der received yesterday from the
national headquarters at Wash
ington, D. C. Both men are mem
bers of Company F, and both were
in the army during the World
war, Durris being in the aviation
corps and Young in the infantry.
Furniture Upholstery
And repairing., Gieae-Powers
Furniture company, ' s20tf
Here for Holidays
Ellis White, who was seriously
injured while playing on the
Multnomah football team last fall,
is, in Salem for the holidays.
Wanted Family Man
To cut wood or log. See Ter
minal Realtors, Terminal Hotel
Lobby.. U d22tf
Visiting Parents
Victor Reid. a Seattle dentist,
is visiting with his parents in Sa
lem. Mr. Reid made his home in
Salem for several years.
Wanted, Barber
Inquire 299 N. Cora'l. Be on
hand Saturday a. m. Steady job.
Dinner Party Planned -
Archie Holt, manager of the
Heilig theater here, will be host
to all members of the Association
vaudeville j on the Heilig bUl to
day, to members of orchestra and
to all those employed by the
theater, at a turkey dinner to be
held at the Gray Belle at & o'clock
this afternoon.
1920 Calendar Free, Ilomer If.
Smith Ins. Agency, over Millers.
she wHIa remain, Ithrelatlvea for
a few day theft ahewiR go on to
Astoria to! spend-lfc rest Ot the Clothes Stolen
holidays itherarents.-1 J. K. Wright ot 6
V rii' . '. i''T: L
A New Pip Organ Kerdrd H
By th V ' leetrleat f proeess ;
a real treaty $top 4a .v-aL6iift'a iand gl,pgr und(
hear it. VS,' S --'lf' Stf clothing w
9 North 21st
street has reported to local police
that his clothesline was robbed
some time after 10 o'clock Wed
nesday nteht. . Bath towels, pillow
derwear and children a
as stolen, according to
the report.
Home f of' Chi-lfltmas '
Miss Marguerity Loret. instruc
tor in Richmond school, will spend
the Christmas vacation with her
parents in Portland.
Furniture Upholstery
And repairing. Giese-Powers
Furniture company. 20tf
Exclusive Distribution
' For W. W, Kimball pianos. A.
B. Chase, Davenport & Tracy,
Bush & Gerts. Moore's Music
House. 409-415 Court. a20tf
Speeder Fined -
W. Wiles of Sutherlin. or., was
fined $7.50 by Judge Poulsen
J Thursday for speeding.
Goes to Randon
Miss Ruth Purdy, instructor in
history in Salem high school, will
spend the holiday vacation with
her sister in Bandon.
Trade Wlut Yon Have
For what you want. See Ter
minal Realtors, Terminal hotel
lobby. d9tf
Christmas Matinee
And night at Mellow Moon.
Drunk aril Fined
Fred Hollett of this city was
fined $60 by Judge Poulsen Thurs
day for being drunk and possess-J to move into the grey dawn of a
ing liquor. :
this Christmas morn.
Here we sit, playing traffic of
ficer with the news people write
with lueir lives. Elsewhere,
throughout the nation, thousands
of newsmen sit .at their desks,
gathering, digesting, writing the
news of the world, while you
sleep, while Santa Claus comes
and Santa Claus goes.
Why do we do it? What is it
all about? Why should these
good men maintain their vigil, on
through the morn? Chistmas
morn? Why should they remain
at their posts, leaving families at
home, anxious for their presence?
All the world cannot nap at
once! That you may sleep in
safety, we must sit at desks at
headquarters, at centers where
wiros rear h to the corners of the
earth. We must walk our beats.
we must work while Santa Claus
comes and Santa Claus goes.
Hands of the clock move far
Into. the morning. Faint trace of
day will soon mark the eastern
sky. Behind, in the machine
room, operators sit, ready to put
this in type. Below, the press
man stands waiting for the pro
testing elevator to bring him the
last forms. In front, comes the
constant tick of the telegraph,
bringing final news from the
world's far corners. A break
comes in the ticknig. One final
message: "New York, Chicago,
San Francisco join us in wish
ing you a Merry Christmas." and
then that famed signal " 30 ".
which means the great Associated
I'ress has gone to bed. "Thirty,"
we signal back. The wire closes.
Lights, throughout the office.
are turned out. The newsmen
gather their hats and coats, ready
Christmas morn. . The machines
wait to put this into type. So,
with a touch of affection, 1 your
Christmas , morning paper made.
So, on behalf of those who
work through the night for your
safety, not resentfully, but in ful
lest joy of holiday spirit, we ex
tend to you this glad morn our
humble greeting and hope for the
merriest Christmas ever.
So we greet you, and go out into
a new day.
GENEVA, Dec. 24. (By Asso
ciated Press.) Considerable in
terest has been stirred up in Gen
eva over the decision of the United
Sates congress to appoint a com
mittee to investigate the world
distribution of raw rubber. The
opinion is voiced the question of
the world suoply and distribution
of raw materials will inevitably
find a place on the agenda of the
iroposed international economic
Both Americans and Russians to be invited to membership
in the preparatory economic com
mittee and it is now suggested the
United States government may ba
invited to sit temporarily on the
league of nations council number
In this city. Dec. 23. Bernard J.
Moritz age 73 years, husband of
Mrs. Volene Moritz, residents of
Jefferson, father of P. J. and J. J.
Moritz of Salem, Mrs. C. J. Jami
son of Brookings. S. Dak., Mrs. W.
O. Egeland of Glenlefit. S. Dak.,
Mrs. Johanna Baiimer and Mrs,.
Herman .llabben. of Germany,
Mrs. II. II. Bosch of Nehalem.
Ore.. Mrs. Chester C. Lyon of
Portland, Mrs. Henry C. Shields
of Jefferson and Miss Flora Mo
ritz of Jefferson. Funeral serv
ices will be held Saturday, Dec.
26th at 1:30 p. m. from the Rig
don mortuary, interment City
View cemetery.
two. Thia council will act In a
sort of advfeorjr political capacity,
both to be preparatory commission
on the disarmament' conference
and to the economic conference
preparatory committee, fv "T -League
officials suggest that It
the United. States is interested in
the equitable distribution of neces
sities like rubber, wood pulp and
quinine she could profitably join
with certain European countries
.vhich are likely to insist upon dis
cussion of the subject at Geneva
EUGENE, Or., Dec. 24. Trap
pers and guidea returning from
McKenzie pass today reported an
additional three feet of snow on
the summit. The blanket is seven
feet deep, it is estimated. No
Christmas passengers were hauled
over the pass on the snow motor,
officials of the Eugene-Bend stage
Tine said.
' " """""
Wishes you a Merry
Xtnas and a Happy
New Year.
- v
Wishing You
Salem's Pioneer Auctioneer
It singeih low in every hpart;
We hear it each and all
A song of those who answer
However we may call.
But, ot,. 'tis good to thing of
When we are troubled sore;
Thanks be to God that such
have been.
Although they are no more!
John W. Chadwick.
W. T. Rigdon & Son
5L(M3 Table D'Hote $lM
12:00 A. M, to 8:30 P. M.
Fresh Crab Cocktail
Cboiro of St. Julian Puree of Tomato
(Vlpry Hearts Olives Pickled Beets
Head Lettuce with Mayonnaise
Baked Young Turkey, Oyster Dressing. Cranberry Sauce
Hoast Prime Ribs of Beef, Au Jus ,
Chicken Halibut, Mlllinalse
Mashed Potatoes Fresh Peas
Hot Itolla -Pastry
Pumpkin Tie with Whipped Cream Hot Mince Pia?
Chot-olate Cake . j Boston Cream Cake ..
English Plum Pudding, Wine Sauce
. " Drinks
i I
; i
Christ mas Dinner, 1JJ
At 'Hotel Marion. B:45 to 8
p. m. . d25
Stopping Ilere '
Corale B. Dlnsmoor, the sister
of Dr. .W. Carlton Smith, is stay
ing at the New Salem hotel for a
few days.
New Years, Jfew Home-
Take this 4 rooms new with
furnace, fireplace, hardwood, etc.
We have three north, south and
east. 53600 to $3800. Terms,
100 to ? 600' down, balance like
rent. Immediate possession on 2.
Becke & Hendricks. 189 N. High
street. j - d25tf
500 Cyclamens .,
200 primroses, ' 200 ' ferns,
po inset tas, other Xmas plants.
Maruny's greenhouse, '2 11 Miller.
- . All
MLw Drake Visits-
Miss Blanch Drake, an instruc
tor in Bend high school, is staying
at the R. A. Harris home during
the Christmas holidays. . . ' r
Sharp Sign Service' '
Moved to new location, , 5 GO
Ferry St., Salem. Phontf 394. d2C
Christmas Promotion
. Adjutant t General - .White an'
1 nounced yesterday that Paul Bur
rls of Salem would receive a cap
tain's commission in the national
guard for a Christmas present.
and the commission of first lieu
tenant would , be given i to Don
Young, according to a special or
Forheroy & Keene
Jewelers and Optometrist J
Saletni Oregon :
Direct Factory Branch -B19
Cowt Street - T Phone SSS
Typewrlteri Rented, Sold, v
Repaired t "
Special rental rates id itvOeitt
AsoMaa r aa4 rmMn Daalart,
nt tr Vm4 Tmamx.
t7l XacU OMmwtiaL
Of flee Phont 75, cr Ha
line Yhct "
Bays Lot-
Alex Stain recently purchased
lot 1. block 2 of the Highway ad
dition from Miss Ruth E. Fuaon,
consideration being $1800. Mr.
Stain .contemplates improving the
prperty for business purposes.
The deal was made through the
office of R. A. Harris.
Fails to Dim
A. H. Lelschty of this city was
fined $5 by Judge Poulsen Thurs
day for failing to dim his lights.
speeuer tnea - .. , -
RamoncT Ridders of Salem was
fined-$5 by Judge Poulsen Thurs
day for speeding.
Gamblers Fined
John Robertson and Fred Inls
were fined $25 each Thursday by
I Judge Poulsen ior gambling at a
local pool hall. It is alleged, the
men were betting on the side in feu
rummy game. Kobertson was un
able to pay his fine, it is said, ana
I will serve it out In jail.
1026 Calendar Free, Homer H.
Smith Ins. Agency, over Millers.
; New Red Seal Records .
Single faced, 25c and 33c Stiffs
Furniture Co. d5tf
Tree Comes By Mail
' Mrs. T. G. Hoover, of Salem, re
ceived 'by mail a pine Christmas
tree from her brother in Pennsyl
vania.- It lis three feet in height
and arrived in good condition.
considering the long journey by
River at Peak-
Yesterday morning the-Willam-
ette river was 10.3 feet above nor
mat. It reached this stage after;
coming up steadily during th
night. When it reached this level
; it began to go down until the fore
! part of the afternoon, when it had
reached the level of 10. 1 feet.
911.00 Paid Monthly
Will retire a loan ot $1,000 in
140 months. This, applies to new
buildings only. Ralph H. Mc-
Curdy, offiice over Miller's store.
Moved '; ,. ,
Mrs.- McClean, dressmaker, to
241 S. High. . Phone 178 2W d 27
In Seattle . -r
-Miss Leta Marshall, Instructor
in Grant school, with her Bister,
Miss Eva Marshall, instructor in
music at the school for the blind,
will spend their holiday vacation
in Seattle.
3Iarceir Mlrack- : .
Mineral for your better health.
For free; Interview, write G. H.
Gazeley. j special representative.
Box 339. j 3
Goe to Astoria-
Miss Rea Peterson, instructor
in, Salem high school, went to
Portland yesterday morning where
Eastman Brothers
j Furnace.
Salem Offlee 169 S. High
I ' Offie koanr
12:M TO 1 P. If, '
Factory, BBvertos, Ore,
Wood Wood
107 D Street Telephone 2313
Birth Reported
A son was born to Mr. and Mrs.
C. G. Pursley, route 9, box37-A.
on Thursday. Dee. 24. He has
been named John Walter.
Business Building, Cheap-
New brick,-with Excellent lease
to net 9 per cent, $2l,000'f7,000
to handle. Real buy
Hendricks, 189 N. High. d?5tt
Slill's Product Sold
B. C. Miles stated Wednesday
that the linen mill was turning
out twine at normal capacity and
that no difficulty was experienced
in selling all of the twine that had
been made. Both the twine made
here in Salem and the twine that
is imported from Ireland is sold
at the same price, and the local
twine is as much in demand as the
imported goods. An order for
1,000 pounds of twine is now be
ing filled for January 10.
Births Are Reported-
Three 'births were, reported at
the city health officer's office on
Thursday. To Mrpfend Mrs. J. A.
Sumpter of Salem was born on De
cember 22 a daughter, who was
unnamed in the report. Mr. and
Mrs. D. B. Taylor of Salem recelr
ed a son December 21 and have
named him Bruce Edgar. A son
Dr. . Bridgeraan Leaves
rAt-o jtv-l ' -Dr.-M. L. Bridgeman has gone
TfcVJjtot.St.Xonls, Mo., where he will
be-connected with a hospital for
children, tq take a post-graduate;
course for about -a. year. For sev
eral months past Dr. Bridgeman
has been connected with the offi
ces of Drs. Morse and Robertson,
Phone 727
Entertainment Is Held
Between 40 and SO people were
sresent at an entertainment held
in Mountain view scnooi in poik
county Wednesday evening, un
der the direction of the .Mountain
View Parent-Teacher association.
The Battery Mas -
Merry Christmas ' '
B31 Court St. vPhone'lOJI
Treated by Osteopathy and
the latest electrical Therapy
including Dr. Abram's elec
tronic system.
No charge for consultation
Physician and Surgeon
SOS V. S. Bank Building ,
Salem, Oregon
For the Hght llnd of mitsrUli
and the. vert best, irorkmaa
ship call na . .
Powder and Supply Co.
171 8. Commercial' Phone TSt
LADD & BUSH, Banliera
Established 18oa
GcntraJ Bialass Bustibi
to S"JBU.
,: . . .
" Salem's Leading
Pays Cash For Puxmltore,
Bealdeaco and Store -
1010 North Si
PHONE 511 ---C
atabliahed ace IP1"
Important Advance Notice
. Dec. 26 8 A.
i 3 - -
Use Your
T -
We Charge
- T I
Na Interest
5 ,
r : ... f
'11-'. -is. '.
- f"