The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, December 25, 1925, Page 4, Image 4

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IJte Oregon Statesman
laaaai Iily Except Uaadaj by
- IIS 8nit Commercial St, galea. Oragw
, L J. Haadrlek .
tr4 3. Toot
Lae M. "ii errlmaa
UiHt J. Smith
' .Aire4 Bsarh --
.-' Hiuftr
Vaaatlnj Editor
City Editor,
Talasrapk Kditor
- - &citT Editor
W. H. HendefMB
Ralph II. Kietxing
Frank Jankoskt
K. A.Khaiaa ...
' W. U. Conner - -
Clreulatle Maaarer
Ad frl itiaf alaaacer
Manager Job lp.
Litek Editor
- Poultry ditor
fia Aiate4 res U eelnrlOr entitle1 to tha for BubUeatlna of all aawa
ot otbarwlaa eradlte in tfcia papor and ala Ua loeal
I lapatehva eraditod to it or
avawa pnbIUha4 koroia.
I i .
'': . business OFfirKa?
i Albert Byert. 83 W'reeatar Bide, Portland, On. - ,
' T??-?- cu& Ca" S Vork, is-iaa W. 3Ut Str CfcU-ar. Uuqtu BMr.:
Poty Fayaa, 6aron Bl San FracUo, Calif.: Higgina Bid., Loa Anraloa. Calif.
I . .. , '
j Bmftaaaf Offlea.
, Wty JMitor..
ClrcuUtioa Olflti -iM Ktn
10 . .. . Job Dovartmaat
Department J3-10H
IntTd at the Poat Office ia.8lm, Orafo, at aeeond-elaaa feaiter.
' . .- - ' ,; December 25, 102.V !' ' -s -r .'
. TIDINGS OP GREAT JOY: The angel said unto them. Pear not;
for, behold, I bring unto you good tidings of great joy, which shall
, be to all people. For unto yotTisv born this day in the city of David
a Saviour, which ia Christ the Lord. Luke 2:10, 11. y
;When the real meaning ol Christmas awns. upon the
world there will bef no more war and no more selfish aggran
dizement. Then the Christmas spirit will not be limited to
the one day, but will extend over the whole glad year;. We
lenow that it ought to be so '
; That "giving;. should always be the dominant impulse
True giving which is neither aimless nor desultory :
, . The giving of ourselves for others
- '.That is the true note sounded in the song of the angels;
tthe giving of time and talent, of thought and purpose, of
) material and spiritual assistance. '
: This is the true meaning of Christmas.
The building upof our very material civilization has been
such a long, slow process,, that we have failed to realize its
strangle hold upon the finer side of life and character. It
, was necessary to conquer the physical world and develop its
resources. It was ever necessary for a time to allow the
finer faculties of rran to remain subservient to the material
istic forces whose urge was always in the direction of selfish
t possession. All our systems of jurisprudence recognize and
foster this faculty of acquisitiveness in the human race. It
was natural, then, that materialism should grow apace. After
all these centuries, however, it VouId seem to have served
. its purpose The grasp of selfish power and possession has
, transcended human bouhds-r-
. Its undue development would produce a race, of demons
As the over development of the martial spirit would
! result in chaotic destruction -V
" r: And excessive pandering to the lower instincts of animal
.nature would result in degeneracy. &MfM''$
It is high time in the progress of so-called civilization
for the human race as a whole to face about and begin the
Jong, slow upward climb toward the heights of divine human
nature , ; . ' a
Led by the forward looking nalioiis of the world which
fiave the duties of leadership through superior fitness
-.4 And it is a good time to begin at the Christmas season.
Thus we may be worthy to share in the vision of Isaiah,
the inspired prophet of old: - ,
' "And it shall come to pass in the. last days, that the
nwnntain of the Lord's house shall be established in the top
. lot the mountains, and shall be exalted above the hills; and
nil nations shall flow unto it. ... s f
2 "And he shall judge among the nations and shall rebuke
many people; and they shall beat their swords into plow
shares, and their spears into pruninghboks: nation shall not
lift up sword against nation, neither hall they learn' war
fehy more."
star a star of love and hope., Such a humble way for. Him
to come to us and such a straight and simple religion He gave
us yet at the end was Calvary: and so often has if beenf 'yK,lt
ueinsemane anu vaivary- since. : iso simple yei so ;uniicuis
because we make it so. f ; : , . 'f .
f ; v. Coming down the centuries - we realize how slow and
uncertain has been our upward way, though the right road
was ever to be seen and so many have seen it and told us.
Shakespeare was seeing it when he wrote "Love is not love
that alters when it alternation finds," and nothing more
beautiful did he ever write. George Eliot's "Choir Invisible"
tells it, and it is one .of the fine poems of our English lan
guage. We glimpse it in Gray's "Elegy" or we feel it when
we recall "Little Nell's" last request, "Putnear me something
that has loved the light and had the sky above it always."
IF we would only keep near US something that-loved the
light and had the sky. above it always a sad word that "if",
is sometimes.; -: , C.-l '
; , . To, mast of us elder-ones there is a oitlof sadness in the
old greeting, for we recall other days and see faces 4ost years
ago. For us it is a day for memories, and, I think, each year
we see more plainly that life is given us to be of service to
others. "To grow old gracefully,. is it not to grow sweeter,
kinder and more thoughtful ? I wonder.
So with these thoughts, and many others, do I believe
our . smiles are better and our greetings more earnest and
sincere ; and thus believing, we are wishing you, one and all,
a "Merry Christmas" and "Peace on Earth, good will to men.'.'
The Arizona Sheriff
Talti of ait adventures, hit courage,
bia hnmor, hit keen intelligence aa
colloctod by Major GroTor F. Sexton.
"Tkt Deputy from Tarapai County."
How with nimble run and motor car
be brluft i-nrf and -euro Jnrtice to
evildoera. . " n.- ' .'
: Tlie Jap Hitler
Up out of the basement stag-,
gcred the rsiX:fo'ot sheriff.'with a
Chubby Jap'jQfl his shoulders; legs
wrapped in a vise-like grip around
the sheriff' neck. ' '
"Gimme back liquor! Gimme
back liquor!" the " Jap kept
(Contributed by a Salem Priend.)
1 Merry Christmas ! and how many meanings the greeting
ias,' from the joyous, carefree one of laughing youth to the
jquiet, gentle voice of age living in memories of the vanished
rears; and as we write this we hear some one softly playing
jjLong, long ago," and we know others are recalling the past,
fi9We are. . 1 . . . -
Our thoughts turn back through the centuries to a little
cnild in a manger in lowly Bethlehem and over Him was a
.' - . . -
y ... . , 1 - - , . :
screaming, in a frenzy. "Takes
all moonshine; takee ev'yfing,
but gimme real HTfuor."
Sheriff. F. D. Divilbess was the
man staggering .up with a load
like unto ''the old' man of the
sea- He preserves tne peace in
Navajo county, Arizona a giant
county of mesa and mountain and
virgin forests.
Down below the mllltown of
Winslow, at the western end of
the county jon the Santa Fe, where
the National Old Trails road
branches off for Grand Canyon,
was "Japtown," habitat of Jap
anese sawmill workers, home of
saki or rice wine, and fearful
moonshine concoctions even more
poisonous than "white mule," or
Mexican mescal or tequilla. .
Caused lots of trouble, too, and
disorder so Divilbess took six dep
uties and busted into Japtown like
a .whirlwind, getting1 over there in
the ' Studebaker it" is always a
Studebaker with -a 'sheriff- be
fore the' Japs could be tipped off.
Ifow pained and. shocked were the
celestials that the "fine big sheriff
t'Hnk Japanese make bad likka."
He couldn't find it either, for a
nut the sheriff touched a spring
on a great heavy cupboard beside
the wall. Silently, smoothly, the
whole cupboard moved out from
the wall, and behind it was 10
gallons of moonshine liquor.
A card table nulled apart ex
posed another gallon. An unused
electric light fixture on a wall,
when twisted, dropped a panel of
wainscoting, exposing to view five
gallons of saki, or rice wine.
The Japs displayed little In
terest. , Down cellar went the big
sheriff. A stone there swung out
from solid masonry and gave un
another five, gallons. A wall
through the basement appeared
rather thick,..- He kicked it. in and
found another cache, v-v , -,
Among this last assortment of
liquors was a bottle a pint Sot
real Scotch whiskey. This Divll
beBs stuck in his pocket, wbMe
ordering.,the rest of the stujf
brought-ip by the deputies.
The Jap proprietor, standing at
the, head of the stairs, saw the
pint go into the sheriff's poclte,..
It he. had been' stolid and indiffer
ent before,.' he certainly came.' oat
of ittwith a Jomp. - '
wild yell, be leaped
wn tha stairway onto
the sheriff's neck, demanding the
real liquor, though he scorned the
rest. It took two deputies to pull
him off when they got upstairs.
Then was a problem. They had
taken Japanese names wherever
they found liquor, but when they
lined the eighteen of tbcm up.
none of the sheriff's party could
tell one from the other. '
-. 1 Every one of you show np for
that hearing tomorrow.- after
noon'' thundered the sheriff
"names' or no names; I'll skin you
altve. personally. If you dont." "
J But next day appeared one lone
Jap. "King of Japtown." they
call him. and said he. personally,
was every' rniah listed on the
sheriff s' book of bootleggers. As
each name .wa8 called, the same
Jap stepped forward, pleaded
guilty and paid the fine.
"Wanta be good fella." he told
the sheriff, ingratiatingly. "You
Can't tell one Jap boy from otha.
so me be all Jap boy. save troub';
me 'n' you be good friend, yes?"
Now the king keeps them quiet
over there, and the sheriff can
forget that spot.
It Lj the greatest Christmas time
in "the hl8toryJ6f Salem; In volume
of Christmas business; in the
beauty of be displays and decor
ations; in the universality of the
Christmas spirit. Salem is getting
along towards being a metropolis.
The Statesman's New Year- edi
tion will be out a Veek from this
morning, it l$" well, urtfer way.
It you are expecting t haove an
announcement in that edition, you
would bottor not delay much
longer.... . ; . .
Rides Horseback to Hew ,
; York to Prove Hardiness
English schoolmaster .-Is making
the long .tide by, horseback from
Buenos Aires to Xew Ydrk in or
der to demonstrate the endurance
and " hardihood; of .tha
typo of norsev- "-
T. A. ,Tschiffey , left
21 and four months
here AptU
later had
reached Bolivia. Writing: to friends
here, he said tne animate were lu
better condition than at leaving
Buenos Aires. ' . :.
I To Our Many Friends and Customers S
I ' 1 WeWisha ' " . J
I Merry Christmas
i and a '- ' J - :f
Happy New Year
j imimanF :
Bits For Breakfast
. A Alerry Christmas!
And a persistent Christmas spir
it lasting all yonr long life.
A few sticks of candy, some
breakable toys and a good Christ
mas dinner will not get a poor
man or woman or family through
the dull days till spring work
opens up.
It -will' not be very many weeks,
and it looks like an open winter;
but even so there are reported a
large number of cases of need In
Salem. There must h( an organ
ized way to take care of the sit
uation. Let's go.
"Ye have the poor always with
you" may not have been spoken
for a future generation. But we
have them yet, and we have them
in Salem. And how would our
canneries and other packing plants
run without them; thousands of
them? And how would our grow
ers get their fruit and other crops
harvested without them; tens of
thousands of them? It Is a mat
ter of good business as well as
sweet charity and common de
cency to take,carevof our poor.
This is the pear paradise of the
world. Next Thursday's States
man will be the annual pear Slo
gan number. If you can help the
Slogan editor, please do so." L,et's
have a good review of the pear
industry. There are a lot of ques
tions needing settling, in this industry.
et .
-Half of Osaka Mail Matter
rr in Replies to Puzzle Test
OSAKA v. statistician (discov
ered that the' Osaka Central post
WOffJce handled 4,172,829 cross
word'puzzle replies from June 25
AO August 31. which is nearly half
the total, amount of mail matter
"handled by the office during the
Wne period.
cTbe largest number received in
9ne day was 223,237, on July 2.
Ji was stated that if the total' of
.cross-word replies were put end
-to end they would reach from
'Tokyo to Kyoto. '
Ouch! Rub Backache,
Rub Pain from back with small
" ; trial bottia of eld
'; ;'..: 8t Jacobs OIU" '
jt ; Back tort yon? Can't straighten
jap without .feeling sudden paini,
a harp aches and twinges t Now liatea!
'That's. lumbago, , sciatica, or nayb
"front 'a strain, and youll get relief
the moment you rub your back with
Hthing, penetrating "St. Jacobs
OiL" Nothing else Ukea out aore
lieu, lameness and atiffneaa so quickly..
..Yon simply rub it on your back and
-Wit comes tk pais. It is harmless
nd doeantum the akin.
; ..; Limber up!. Doa?t suffer! Get a
mail trial bottle of old, honeit "St.'
'Jacobs Oil" from any drug store, and
after using It just once, youll forget
.that you ever had backache, lumbago'
or sciatica, because your back will
? ever hurt or cause any more misery.
It. never disappoints and baa been
recommended or. 90 yeart. v
In All the World's " -S
W History ': :' ...... 30s M?1' ' $
Kl ; there was , never a date that ap- jz 7$y&
Ki proached in importance that great lea tXlf sv '
V Vi ' .' V r event that we celebrate each year ' ICS fiflr' l w
w on December 25th. - lift i '"
MA ' For since God so loved the world Cjf A.r lO v
Rl " that He ; crave Ilis only begotten -rv " T
, Ml . Son; it is fitting that that reat firfii-
; ' Birthday be most reverently, ob- VrT "T5
J V205SaQurtAStrt . ItJ
May Your
be a
Court and Liberty
. am mmtmmmmiammmmiL
; ?.
New Year
Pl .. -.
31 y t.
1 - fe U L
- Wish at this Time
To Extend Our Sincere Wishes
- For A
Merry Christmas
Happy New Year
. ,J- ' ' :' ' ..'
To Our Friends and Patron?' ?
--' T- -jar! "yj . - ; -''' r'"- '-'"'
2f 'f7
v.:. ; -