The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, December 24, 1925, Page 6, Image 6

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A t tlWThetitres To
Oregon Mary Pickford lit "Lit
tle Anaie- Rooney.-"
. Hellig ."Cheap Kisses'; all star
Rllgb-Hoot, Gibson In. "Tam
ing the West." : . -
'little Annie. Rooney,".Com-
edy Urania, ot I enem.ent
Lite, at Oregon -.
VUttle -AnBieRooneyV" the
comedy- drama of tenement life
In New, York la which MaryPick
ford stars, and which comes to the
Oregon theatre ' today1, tinder
inited Artists Corporation re
lease, appears to have been writ
ten to order for "The World's
Sweetheart" for It is an ideal
Mary Pickford .story.
Combining comedy and drama,
smiles and tears, children's Rang
battles and a pretty love story,
"Little Annie Rooney" Is the type
of play in which the public loves
to"., see .Mary Pickford. and the
type she can do as no other actress
can. - ' " . i
I "Little. Annie Rooney" Is as
t name, and aa Irish as the curly
iaired lfttle ragamnffftt who plays
he title role. It-deals with the
ronng daughter of an East Side
policeman whose; playmates; are
itbont thirty young boys, and who
enters Into the gang, fights i anil
rows -of these- tenement lads with
a 1 1 . the- vigor - at her command. . '
Unexpected tragedy . stalks into
the policeman's family; ' and the
girl is suddenly faced with some
of the grim realities of life that
seldom come to a child of heage.
Through -the. gang battle se
quences Miss Pickford romps
gloriously, a leader of the dirty
fared boys and the-, idol of her
"gang.",". . r ; i ""'-: 4
In' the dramatic scenes she does
Rome of the finest and" most con
vincing work of her whole screen
career. -' .
She is sweet and appealing as
the sweetheart , of her "Joe,"' "and
through the entire , pietare the
artistry of Mary Pickford V again
Last Times Today
. ' Tomorrow :
AHHOt' I .I T I O X r
Matinee 2:3f Eve. 0:45, t4."!
Silverton Students Placed on
Rolf of High School
: Three A Club
SILVERTON, Ore.. Dec. 23.-
(Special.) Forty-one students of
the high school were on the honor
roll for: the past" six weeks. At
the close of every six weeks, stu
dents having a 3a or better grade
are, placed on . the roll of honor
known as the 3a club at the SiP
verton high school.
Those" receiving a 3a or better
grade daring the past six weeks
hre Minnie Albright, Rosetta Al-
rlck, Delia Rallangrud, -, Delmar
Brown, Esther Borrevk",5 Melvin
Bell, Nellie Beuglik. Bessie
Chrishoim. Alice Casperson, Mil
dred Clown, Stella Dybvlk,- Edna
Dick, Ruby Down, ' Eldon ' Fox,
John Goplerud, Inga Goplerud,
Clara Homan, Flodene Heater,
Louise Henriksen, Jerdis Hansen.
Melissa Hawley. Edgar Irish, Hel
ga'Jorgenson. JewelWack. John
Kleeb, Francis Keene, Esther
Kloster, Elma' Lindholm, Evelyn
Lais, Edith Leichty, Orpha Nof-
sker, Louyse Oliphant, Hilda
Overland,. Verd a Oeder, Judith
Severson. Margerite Sather.'Merna
Schroeder, Ada Scott, Lela Stortz,
Marguerite Welch, . Melvin Webb.
Strong . Protest Launched
Against ' Release of Ar
lington Property
The G A R . on record.
The following paper was accept
ed kby Sedgwick Post, GAR, at its
regular meeting on Saturday, De
cember 19J I' i
Whereas, It has been reported
that the organization known as
The Daughters of the Confeder
acy, seek to get possession of the
Lee mansion at Arlington, adjoin
ing Washington' City, and make it
a memorial to. and a musetfm, ot
relics and mementoes of R. E.
liee, the leading soldier in the at
tempt to debtroy .the Union
. And, Whereas, The national
goverfimerit firsLacquIred titi to
this property from a tax-sale, and
afterward paid the heirs, ot R. E.
Lee a most liberal sum for their
supposed equity in the property,
And, Whereas, The government
has established on said property a j
cemetery rhere are buried thous
ands of the men who gave their
lives for the T'nion, and whore are
also-buried many others who dis
tinguished themselves in the ser
vice of the nation,
And, Whereas, The property
overlooks the city of Washington,1
the capitol of the nation oqco
pying as it does, the most sightly
position in the cicinity of tl cit7
Therefore, Be It Resolved:
First That V'e members of
Sedgwick Post, Grand Army of the
Republic, would consider It an un
forgivable insult to the men who
fought for the nation's life, if any
part of said Arlington property
Should be released by the govern
ment to bo. made a--memorial to
ts enemies. .
r s.-Second- U it comes to an issne,
we hereby urge on all the mem
bers of the Oregon delegation la
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Starting ujWday v nd ..continuing during Frldayand Saturday,
the Oregon Theater will offer Mary Pickford In "Little Annie
Rooney." This Is the latest Pickford picture and is proclaimed as
th best of any she has made.
Congress to resist to the utmost
every attempt to glorify treason in
the manner indicated.
At the Post Room, the Armory,
Salem, Oregon, Decmbr 1ft,
1925. Newmyer, Commander.
R. H. Litttefield-May Serve
250 Davs to Work Out
$500 Penalty
-. r
R. H. Littlefiled, alleged boot-j
legger who- was caught some
nights ago by officers Edwards
and Davis, pleaded guilty to a
charge of being drunk and trans
porting and possessing liquor, and
was fined $500 by Judge Poulsen
It is understood, however, that
Littlefield has no cash, and will
be forced to serve out his fine in
the' city Jail. At the rate of $2
per day, he will have to stay in the
bastlle for 250 days.
Littlefield was at first inclined
to enter a plea of not guilty,
is understood, and was to have'
his Portland lawyer defend him.
Upon talking it over with Airs.
Littlefield, his wife, however, he
decided to enter the plea of
When caught, Littlefield, ac
cording to the two officers, had
on his possession in his Star
roadster five gallons of high
powered moonshine.
It Is' said the names of several
persons appeared on cards carried
by Littlefield, with suspicious lit
tle numbers, such as 1, 1M, 2,
marked after the names or
checked off.
QLYMPIA. Dec. 23. (By As
sociated Press.) While the state
legislators were enjoying their
jfirst day of the Christmas recess
today. Governor Hartley signed
19; legislative bills. 12 of which
are honse measures. - k
Plans for Program Opening
on January 17 Are Laid
by Committee
Thrift emmittee of the Salem
YMCA met yesterday noon to dis
cuss plans for Thrift week, to be
held ' commencing on Benjamin
Franklin's birthday, January 17.
Last year, it is said, 25 organi
zations cooperated with the local
YMCA in the observance of thrift
week in Salem. Dave Eyre is
chairman of the committee.
The national thrift organiza
tion is sponsored by the national
YMCA. It is said 49 national or
ganizations cooperate in the ob
servance. About a week after the holi
days meetings will be held of all
organizations interested in observ
ance of the week. Thrift week
in Salem was so effective last year
it is said, that the city was men-
tined seven different times in the
it)natlonal year book.
PRESCOTT, Ariz., Dec. 23.
(By Associated Press.) Three
miners were killed by a dynamite
blast in the Sheldon copper mine
at Walker, Ariz., 11 miles south
of here today. The dead ate
Joseph Canavaugh, 27, Adeardo
Lncero, 27, Enrique Adamarillo,
The blast thought to have been
caused by a premature explosion
of blasting material," occurred in
the north, jdrift on the; 800. foot
level of the mine.. ,
Thf Sheldon. mine,, is na of the
largest nopp.eP. producers In Yava
pai county and'this is'the first
fatal accident there in recent
Fire and Police Chief Retain
Power to Select Their
Own Staff
At the annual caucus held by
the city council Tuesday night, it
was decided unanimously to re
tain the services of Frank Mlnto
as chief of police, Harry Hutton
as fire chief, Hugh Rogers as city
engineer. W. S. Low as street
commissioner. Batty Cooper as
sanitary inspector, and Homer
Smith as member of the' park
Policy of allowing the fire
chief and police chief to pieW their
own personnels was adopted by
the council. Intentions of either
chief have- not been revealed, al
though it is understood few if any
changes will be made.
, Decision was not reached on
the appointment of city health of
ficer, as the council is waiting to
see whether not a full time offic
er is to be retained by the city
and county together.
Only real issue came in the se
lection of city attorney. Chris
Kowitz is present inenmbent. C.
A. Swope and Raymond Dnssett
are seeking the office. Swope has
resided bnt a brief time in Salem,'
it ia said. The name of Allan
Carson was suggeKied fof- the
post. Who is to receive the post
will probably be known definite
I ! riTnr
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Radio Cqbmels
Mahogany Desk
A very attractively de
signed, well construct
ed desk of solid mahog
any. Has large drawer,
pull-out writing! bed
and two roomy com
partments. 36 inches
long. Complete with
ink well and blotter.
'Lady Jane
.Sewing Cabinet
. -
Xlenuine walnut and
Elegant finish
ly at the next meeting of the coun
clL.-to be held January 4.
SALINAS, ,Cul., Dec. 3. ,(By
Associated Press. )4-Patil Brbkaw
and Simon Bubo, alleged partici
pants in the Moss Landing rura
battle of July 6, when N H.
Rader, a special officer, waiilled
anu Sheriff W. A. Oyer, Monterey
cotinty, was wounded, were held
to the grand Jury on charges of
murder by Justice of the Peace
David Wallace today afjer he had
overruled motions for defense
counsel to dismiss the charges.
John B. May, arrested with
Brokaw and Bube on a similar
charge was,. freed when Wallace
dismissed the case against him.
Brokaw and Bo bp were, held in
default of flO.Offc bail each, but
defense counsel said bond would
be arranged tomorrow.
w. iiCdf'
Radio Tables
An attractive desned
radio table, in mahog
any ami panel front
Brown mahogany lac
quer. 18x32 top.
340; Court Street:
Npb Hilt and Morningside
Districts Circulate Peti
tions for Vot6
Residents of the Nob Hill and
Morningdale districts are .seeking
to have the districts annexed to
the city of Salem, it is reported.
The districts are just south of this
Petitions are being passed
around throughout the city, it is
said, seeking to go before the
public on the ballot to be cast in
About 1000 persons would be
added to Salem's population
should the city vote to annex the
Give Him
For Christmas
We Will Remain Open This
Evening Until 9 P. M.
Vase Lamps
With shades. Elegant
two districts.' Approxtraatey . 320
acres are concerned In the matter.
" In order to get on the-ballot,
1500 names hare (o be signed' to
the petitions, it Is understood.
Borrowed . tronble carries - a
high fate of interest.
Wednesday, Dec. 30
A- tanefiil nraaieal' eomey
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