The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, November 29, 1925, Page 7, Image 7

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atioa tai read by Rev. E.5 II.
banks, pastor ot the First Baptist
church, followed by an eloquent
prayer by Rev. J. J. Evans of the
First Christian church. A fine
address was siren by ReT. DeYoe,
new pastor of Leslie M. H7. church,
who, at the close read a poem,
"Gratitude, by an unidentified
local writer; - Rev. C. C. Poling of
the First Evangelical church,' pro
nounced the benediction., Aug
menting the; congregational sing
In?, a voral solo, r Little Road
Through Nazareth," was beautiful
ly sung byMiss Naomi Phelps with
piano accompaniment by Mrs. Guy
Fitch Phelps.
Mrs. Jackson to S peak-
Mrs. C. S. Jackson, wife of the
editor of the Oregon Journal : of
Portland, la scheduled to address
the Salem Rotarians at their week
ly luncheon Wednesday noon. She
has just returned from a trip to
the far north, and will hare as
her topic, "Iceland' She i3 bring
ing with her Santa Clans and his
two reindeers. Dander and Blitzen
so that he might see the children
of Salem and size them up for the
coming Christmas. The reindeer
will ; be on exhibition Wednesday
afternoon. Children are Invited
to address their . letters to
to the Salem Rotary-club.
ed. T. M. Hicks was elected tem
porary president, and C E. Wil
son, temporary secretary. Perman
ent officers are to be elected Mon
day1 night. All of the churches,
service clubs, social organizations
of all kinds, and Institutions in Sa
lem are urged to send delegates to
the meeting.-
"WcfJen Sell Sloric
Albert Richard Wet Jen ij proml-
I hent Oregon author, has succeeded
' 'yi in selling two stories. "The Fog,"
V ' I and "Pound for Pound,"" to T's
ikjSaturday Evening Post; probably
V, the aeonn1 f mm tha tnw
ww bV,, UVUU
manuscript market in America, as
far as rate per word is concerned.
Roth stories were sold to the Post
within the past few weeks.
Births Are" Reported
Three births were reported Fri
day at the office of the city health
officer. To Mr, and Mrs.. NV J.
Yarnell- of . Stayton was born a
son November 14, and they have
named him Leonard Lavern. Mr,
and Mrs. J. A. Gamble of 350
South Fifteenth received a son No
vember 25, not named in the re
port. A son was bom to Mr. and
Mrs. George Barr of Estacada No
vember 19, has been named Har
Claims Settlement Ordered'
Ladd & Bush, as executor of the
Chester F. Lansing estate, late
prominent Salem nursery man, has
been authorized under an' order
in probate to ; compromise claims
Count- Tun Not to In
County Judge J. T. Hunt de
clared Saturday that the taxes of
the county are to be no higher this
year than last,. although it is said
that the state taxes will be. He
declared that the county budget
for the coming year, to be finally
j passed upon by the budget com
mittee on December 2J, will not
be a cent over that of the past
year." The budget must be ad
vertised twice before the final
budget committee meeting, the
last, advertisement to appear ten
days before the final meeting. As
aeatnst the estate for nurserv
stock that, it is held. Lansing did County Superintendent of Schools
nt denser durin his lifetime J Mary Fulkerson, has to have her
The executor, under the- order, is
also empowered to sell bonds
amounting to f 1500. Claimants
looking for readjustment of the
estate include Ben Rosenau, E. N.
Gillam. .Martha Jane Johnson, H.
G. Black, I. F. Yoakum. J. M. Far
ley, J. N. Conn, and Peter Helger-son.
budget In by December 1, all
school districts that did not sub
mit their census rolls by yester
day, will not get in on the divi
sion o.-county school funds.
Cheese Stolen From Amity
The Marion Creamery com
pany's cheese factory at Amity
was broken into Friday night and
1000 pounds of triplet and loaf
cheese were stolen. The company
is a Salem concern. Most of the
cheese was already for shipment
The thieves, who are thought to
be the same ones who have made
a specialty of creamery robberies
in the Willamette valley this year.
gained entrance to the factory by
breaking the padlock on the door.
All of the cheese that was stolen
is marked with the "Marion'
brand. The company is insured to
cover the loss, having taken out
insurance against theft when
creamery rpbberies became com
mon in the valley.
Chew a few Pleasant Tablets.
Instant Stomach Relief!
i m
instant relief from sourness,
gases or acidity ot 'Stomach; from
indigestion, flatulence, palpitation,
headache or any stomach distress.
The moment you chew a few
'Tape's Diapepsin" tablets your
stomach feels fine. Correct your
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Seeks Damages
Robert E. Keyes, who runs the
Yellow Taxi Cab service in Salem,
has filed suit in circuit court tor
damages amounting to $1286.47,
alleged to be coming to him be
cause the defendants, Troy D.
Wood and R. Hurst, who sold him
the business, misrepresented it to
him. claiming each of the two
cabs gross -$7 a day while in
reality they gross but $4. They
also declared, he claims that they
would not use the stand at the
Bligh hotel, but that they have
done so, and that the company
was free from incumbrances, while
he finds Frank Bligh had a lien
on one of the cabs.
- M eao cm
Once International Outpost
Is Now Resting on Glory
of Other Days
SEATTLE. rratch Harbor, in
the Aleutian Islands of. Alaska,
once a military rendezvous of four
nations, is like a dead city.
Before the fur treaty among the
United States,. England. Russia
and Japan was consummated in
1911, Dutch Harbor was an out
post ot Intrigue. In 1893, when
seal poaching was at its peak,
America maintained five cutters
and four gunboats there, while
the-British had three gunboats,
the Japanese and Russians several
war vessels.
Daring poachers roamed the
peas, and rams were common.
Probably the best known of the
early pirates was Alec Mac Lean,
the Wolf Larsen of Jack London's
"Sea Wolf." His last trip to the
Arctic was made on the schooner
ComanCita, a vessel masquerading
under forged Mexican papers. One
of his best known exploits was
when he eluded a pursuing cutter
and anchored two barrels of seal!
skins to a bnoy. Later he returned
and picked them up. : --:
In - 1911, all governments in
volved in the ; seal industries,
agreed t to handle the killings
themselves. Guards were stationed
t the rookeries and sealing-at-sea
was made unlawful. This treaty
was drawn to run 15 years. The
pact Is expected to be renewed next
year, although British Columbia
sealers are opposed.
At present the entire patrol is
carried on by four American coast
guard cutters, whose greatest
duties lie' in administering relief
to northern residents. Justice and
food stuffs are dispensed by these
guardians o f the north, while
poachers are of minor importance.
Meanwhile Dutch Harbor, nes
tled among the island mountains.
slumbers, dreaming of a glamorous
Inspector Coming
The Salem YMCA's new home
under construction on Court
street between Cottage and Church
streets will be inspected Monday
by D. R. Shotwell, of the National
YMCA architectural bureau. Mr.
Shotwell is making an extensive
tour through Pacific coast cities,
and is coming from California,
where he has been inspecting
YMCA buildings including those in
Los Angeles. Santa Barnara and
San Francisco.
Company Ready to Start
The Western Paper Converting
company, one of Salem's newest
industries of large scope, is ex
pecting to have its plant on North
Front in operation by December
10, according to word received
from officers of the company. It
is expected that a heating plant
will reach completion ' by the end
of this week, after which a few
of the machines now installed will
be put into action. No quantity
production has yet been" attempted
by the company although several
sample moist proof envelopes have
been produced.
Council to lie Formed
The forming of a permanent
health council for Salem is the
purpose of the meeting called for
Monday evening in the auditorium
of the Salem Chamber of Com
merce. At a recent meeting of;
those interested In such a project,
the Monday meeting was called,
and temporary officers were elect-
Notice Is herebv Riven that the County Superintendent of Marion
County, Oregon, will hold the regular examination of applicants for
State Certificates at Salem. Oregon, In the Sunday school room ot the
FJrst Chrlstlan Church, corner Center and High streets, as follows:
Commencing Wednesday. December 16. 1925. at 9:00 o'clock a. m.
and: continuing until Saturday, December 19, 1925, at 4:00 o'clock
P. m. . s
- Wednesday Forenoon
. U. S. Historr, Writing (Penmanship), Music, Drawing
Wednesday Afternoon -
Physiology, Reading, Manual, Training, Composition. Domestic Science,
Methods in Reading, Course of Study for Drawing,
, .1 Methods in Arithmetic
Thursday Afternoon
Arithmetic. History of Education, Psychology. Methods in Geography,
Mechanical Drawing, Domestic Art. Course or &tuay lor
Domestic Art
Thursday Afternoon
Grammar. Geography. Stenography, American Literature, Physics,
a a .all 2 A
. Typewriting, Methods In Language, rnesis ior rrimary eruticaie
; l Fridav Forenoon
Theory and Practice. Orthography (Spelling), Physical Geography,
i English Literature Chemistry
Friday Afternoon
- School Law, Geology, Algebra. Civil Government
- , Saturday Forenoon ,
Geometry, Botany
Saturday Afternoon
General History, Bookkeeping
' i Very truly yours.
I ' County School Superintendent.
r--Ai..-','4tl ft
y va
iff Z sf ' t
rpODAV good-vision has cash value. Are yon Just
- JL thinking j oar eyes may need attention and letting it
go at that.? Find out! You may not need eye glasses.
-If yon consult us and that proves the case, we'll tell yon.
: Rut If yon do require classes, money cannot buy a higher
type of professional service anywhere. Waiting to help you.
Jewelers and Optosnetrlsia
Late Waldo Hills Resident
Followed to Long Home
By a Large Crowd
BERKELEY. Cai. Students at
the University of California are
forsaking the midnight oil for the
daylight dawn. The latest time
for preparing for lessons here is
from 4 a. m., to T a. m.
A girl student, discovering the
efficiency of studying just before
approaching classes rather than at
night after returning from social
functions, started the new scheme.
The funeral of the late Mrs. W.
B. McCalliater of Pratum, held at
1:30 yesterday afternoon at the
Rigdon mortuary, was well at
tended, by both Salem people and
the neighbors from the Pratum
Rev. V. C. Kantner conducted
the services, paying a fine tribute
to the daughter, sister, wife,
mother, grandmother who had
lived a life of service and devo
tion and Christian virtue. Mrs.
Hinges sang beautifully.
The pall bearers were neigh
bors, Charles Rice, Dan Yates.
Joe Ramseyer, Claude Ramsden.
Alfred Keiup and Will Kissling.
The long funeral procession
then wended its way to the Waldo
Hills cemetery, where the body
was laid to rest, near the graves
ot many of the pioneers of that
neighborhood. Deceased was
born close by, lived tout her: long
and useful career, there, and it
was appropriate that she should
rest close by.
Nov. 28. (By Associated Press.)
Struck by a rock slide rolling
Oil U1UUUIBIU, inu cujiuco
seven cars of a .heavy Denver A
Rio Grande western freight train
were derailed in Coorado canyon, ;
15 miles east of here tonight
Three englnemen were injured.
none seriously, j J
! .
Comes to the Heilig Tues. - Wed. - Thursjj
You'll Be Thrillcu
VkV mm4 A tala mi naiwutt lava.
Tv , ndvia leads. aaHCixa tarriaec
miLL nut a r'
Fnm f stmt crM
production unfi ;
Until Dec. 10th
will display in one of their windows
a number of pieces of furniture such
as Desks Library and Davenport Ta
bles Upholstered Chairs Daven-
ports Dining Tables and Chairs
Rugs Ranges ancl many other arti
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We are making a fine display of Din
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every piece guaranteed not to craze.
Also a number of beautiful patterns in
Johnson Brothers English ware all
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The best assortment of children's fur
niture we have ever had now shown
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