The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, November 08, 1925, Page 19, Image 19

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New Low Rate Applies to All
Advanced Six and Spe
:;. cial Six Machines;, '
-. - jj '-" i -T- T -1 '
. ; The Nash Motors company has
announced a price; reduction on
the Advanced Six and Special Sil
lines. iTba new low prices are ef
fective November 1st. No change
ha3 been made in the Nash models
themselves, and the character and
quality of the cars remain exactly
as before. Thia sweeping Nash
cut In prices Is, in effect, a iionble
reduction according to E. JI. Mc
" Cartr. General Sales Manager of
the Nash Motors company. 'When
. the new Nash rndtiels were nation
ally introduced July 23rd," says
Mr. McCarty, "they presented new
and original body designs, far
reaching improvements in con.
Bt ruction and, many refinements
.in engineering equipment,! all of
which entailed large increases in
manufacturing cost. If Nash sales
and production ' had ' not been
smashing all records for 'volume
f r
-. . - $er v - K
- -w " - . . - r.timnm , - i
it i.'r,., .';;'.T:?rTfffagr,-7 -Ti-, ' T .4
jJ - -r- : -2 r , -1 - ; r -
4 w ' i r ' t ri-rn irtfr TTirr i in-.HH m ,r m, n"-ii .iiwii-iii'Mmwin'ir 1 i , . - t ' ' ykiMaw
' 1 1 1 ii.iij.ix. . "
rrea iv.rswoocr. Tocat Ajat ceaier, expects some of these news cars to arrive in Salem
"There has been a great demand for these machines and they havel been hard for us to Eet."
Mr. Kirkwoqd. - , . I
" said
at that time, we would certainly
have, been compelled to increase
prices materially. But Nash prices
were held at the same figure and
the part of the public to this of
fering of greater value and great
er quality was instantaneous and
country wide. In the three
months period since national Nash
inaugural day, July 4 23rd, when
these new cars were first placed
on display, sale! have more than
equalled one-half the sales for the
. " ElEvER'S ... . y
r USED fi "
LIbertj and IPfanry &
entire year of 1924, which was a
banner year for Nash. So that it
is now possible for us to make
these sweeping reductions on the
Advanced Sis and Special Six lines
and thus pass on the earned bene
fits of record breaking production
to buyers. ' ; x .
"j "Ther has been-no cheapening
"There has been "no cheapening
nfacturing. The same high stand
ards of quality and workmanship
that have earned a world wide
reputation for C .W. Nash as a
builder of high grade cars are
strictly maintained. And the aim
of the Nash Motors company to
continually give greater quality
and greater value in'its product is
now attained in higher degree
than ever before.' Unquestion
ably this present series of Advanc
ed Six and Special Six models are
the finest cars that have ever
borne the Nash name plate. And
the soaring demand from all sec
tions of the world is the best evi
dence, of that."
WRANGELL, Alaska, Nov. 7.
Claude A. Blackington of Wrangel!
is hearing the radio stations of
Toklo and Nagoya regularly, ac
cording to a report sent to Japan
and to the Freed-Eisemann Radio
corporation- of Brooklyn. His
success resulted in a cable inquiry
from Tokio giving details of, his
reception. The first time "he
heard. Japan he called in Mr. and
Mrst Ota and other Japanese
friends who translated .'the anr
(nouncements. This was the fjrst
time the newly established ""sta
tions in Japan had bridged the
Pacific. ; . v
! Mr. Blackington states he hears
WMDF, Miami Beach, Florida,
WJZ, New York. WGY, Schenec
tady, and other stations at very
long range, including Honolulu.
DETROIT Mich., Nov. 7, Ex
ceeding all expectations for daily
output. Ford production went to
a new record of 9017 cars and
trucks on Friday, October 30, it
was announced at the general of
fices of the Fjord Motor company
recently. This remarkable indus
trial achievement becomes more
important when It is recalled that
sixty days ago assembly of cart
had halted while materials for the
improved types were being ship
ped to branches. Sixtce that time
production has steadily risen from
practically nothing to record
breaking heights.
Every week for the last three
weeks as the company's thirty-two
assembly plants swung into pro
duction new daily records have
been created. October will go
down as a record breaking month
for with Saturday's assembly prcv
ductlon for the month was in ex
cess of " 200,000 cars and trucks,
exceeding, any similar period in
the history of the company. '
iwalrf wm .lire
j ' h - , j ----- - - err"?': -
- ''' ,
" : 7... i7f EJ- iC
Jo b. Toledo
.The best Sides talk ever t'nuuc for the:
Overland Standard Sedan was this remark
fade by the owner of another make of
ight ear to Jus wife who came in to. fisita
large Wuly$-Qverland Sales room
Think these facts overt
The price of the Overland Standard ,
Sedan is only $15 -higher than a the 1
i price of the lowest cost sedan it is
; $100 lower than the price of the next;
! nearest enclosed car. The $15 buys i,
; standard sliding gear transmission
honeycomb radiator, foil size brakes,
r more room than in any other light car;
. built, big car frame and drive system
Jand many other features of construe
i tion that go to build op long and saU
isfactory service.; fr
I The $ 1 00 you save is . that xnucK
y money in your t pocket a stwdy of
' Overland specifications wUl quickly;
prove this to you. ;
lit 'seveH, weeks-ihe' price was ' announced
Sept, 13 this Overland Sedan has upset all
motor car tradition To-day it is the greatest
jpopylarslatte the country has ever known.
There are 20 square Jeet-o window;'
Here is what you gel
A full size sedaa plenty of room lot
5 grown people a trim. smartly de
signed car with up-to-the-minute lines
polished lacquer finish with nick
cled trimmings beautiful and dur
able upholstery heavy fenders g
quality car from stem to stern,
JUnusud convenience j v'
i is afforded by the wide doors It's
easy to gct'into the front or rear seats
and the doors are sturdily hung on
four.hinges they'll neve? sag not:
stick. " f.
Clear rtdmg and driving vision
the v result of. big" windows and
the latest type one-piece windshield.
(hum steel srrin7 TimkMi rniier
pace ifs I3te, riding: in an opea caj;. bearings in the front wheels New
with atb trrog prctxctica exjo .Departure ball bearings in the rear
closed ccoastroxlioa. ? ! f r wheeli--Molybdenum steel steering
- knuckles only 27 points to lubricate
rv ouaerjui power,
--is always available tn the 27-Korse-.
power motor Overland ability in
rough going has always been one re
- markable -feature of its performance
-4arge valves in : the L-head motor,
give smooth power, and more of it
and there are fewer parts than in any;
'jpther type of motor construction,
' Sturdy drive system. " V '
' from dut,ch to axle sEafts. ttie 'drive
, system is the finest that can be put into
any; car Borg 8. Beck type clutch.
one of the finest clutches ever made.
selective sliding transmission, Molyb
' clenum steel axle shafts, the toughest '
' steel known,' and the axle shaft is as
large as that used in many; cars ot
double the weight .
Big car chassis' . ;.-
unusually strong, jrigid frame w?tE
. plenty of, ! bracing Chrome yana .
as against 35-60 on other cars.
How Overland can build this car
simply by advanced manufacturing
methods- weeding out overhead here
and there planning and studying
every factory procedure. In this Over
land Sedan you get every essential of
big car performance big car equip-ment-f-big
car appearance arid com
fort arid convenience. And with it you
get the most surprising economy ever
t known jn the light car field. There
are years of trouble free service in the
motor there are thousands of miles
of trouble free service in the chassis.
There is everything you are looking;
for in this tradition smashing sedan.
The terms are very easy
1 a small down payment -and 1 8
months on the balance your old car
in part payment. Come in. Sec what
you can really buy in this car priced
at $595.
1 -i
v - ..
What. Lies Back: of Trouble
Free Performance Explain-
"v Ved. in Article
- v -.' '
The average owner of a good
autontobile whose car, entirely
tree IroTu trouble, glides smoothly
cTef the highways, month, in and
monlli out, marrela "at its unfail
lnsr dependability, unaware, : per.
baps, of the elaborate and ; pains
taking system employed' by the
manufacturer to insure that char
acter of performance. In no other
industry is Inspection . more rigid,
or are safeguards more firmly ad
teed to. ;
'Xo other factor In our entire
program of manufacture is a more
Tital part of the production pro
gram than our system of inspec
tions and tests,? saya D. M. Aver
ill, vice .president, and general
manager of the Ajax Motors com
pany. "It is only by constant, In
sistent and repeated testing that a
manufacturer is in a position to
know definitely, - before a motor
car is shipped, that its perform
ance in the hands of the ultimate
owner will be entirely satisfactory.
Reports received by us from Ajax
owners, many of whom have driv
en their car thousands of miles,
show .plainly that the character of
performance fully justifies our
policy of rigid Inspections and
tests." 1
Visitors at the Ajax factory fre
quently express amazement at the
lengths to which the company has
gone to assure perfect workman
ship and materials. This work be
gins with the raw materials which
are not unloaded from the freight
cars until definite tests have
shown that they measure up to
specifications and requirements in
every particular. Then as each of
the numerous operations is per
formed in the various depart
ments, inspectors must pass on
them. Thus the possibility of
trouble is eliminated at the very
outset; finished units not only are
closely Inspected but are thor
oughly tested before going into
he chassis.
Motors are run on their own
power for hours before they final
ly are placed on hoists and swung
into position in the frame; crank
shafts, when finished, instead of
passing on immediately to the mo
tor assembly "i department, are
checked on a balancing device,' to
assure absolute balance. Connect
ing rode and all , reciprocating
parts are tested fori perfect bal
ance. Definite reports are made
and kept on each inspection of
the multitude of operations en
tailed in the manufacture" of the
car, but even when the AJax,'om
pletely assembled is. run J on "its
own power; there is still one of
the most important tests of all to
be made. This final test, the ac
tual, performance of the car under
all driving speeds, la conducted on
a brick track built and. maintain
ed for that purpose alone.; This
track lies Just outside of the final
Assembly 'and the care as ,' thy
come off the "line, are filled' wka
gasoline and turned 'over to' driv.
fcrs long trained 4 in motor-car
When .the ear. In actual perfor
mance, measures up to standard
In very particular, it Is finally
ran to the loading dock and. tag.
ged for shipment. ;. ;- .
i - ..... , . - - . . ., i
a meat Oiatrcsmmo
; of Goodl
. Evemvhere. the New Oakland Six
Is enjoying unprecedented demand.
Everywhere, it is winning and hold
ing increasing goodwill. And that is
because it merits good will as no car
inthe field has ever merited it before.
Good taste has endowed the New
Oakland Six with outstanding beau
ty. .Skilled engineering has given it
unequalled performance in its class.'
IUUt "".t VJ3 - (Old Price $1095)
Tourteg . w ; xmS ; fCHd Price 1095)
GaIl . . XOff (Old Price 1215)
AB Hco at factory - Ctmeral Xlotort
imOuttry. hav b&n W Kid Imkt. Ym cow how
Honest workmanship and fine ma
terials have made it enduring. More
than 100 improvements including
Air Cleaner, Oil Filter, Four-Whcel
Brake refinements and The Har
monic Balancer have established it
as value without parallel.
True value never failsof recognition.
In Oakland's case the reward has
beenquick and generous. It has come
in a great outpouring of good will
Laadaa Cap '$lf (Old Pric $1295)
San . . xs (Old Pric , 1545)
Landau Sedaa .iatf (Old Pifce 1645)
Tlm Payment Rate, herrtofort tht low fa On 4 '
mtm ma trntcn ma tm ov n ymmr tone fwjmwiM cms
High Street at Trade
" If
m KM
July23rd Nash introduced new models by long oddt
the finest motor cars Nash ever built,
These new models presented new and uniquely original
body designs, far'reaching improvements in construe
tion, and many notable refinements in engineering and
equipment ail at far greater, manufacturing cosU
m f
. ; . - . ' - . v - - - " -.
Reductions up to $300 .
' 'The above price reductions arc effective November 1st
on exactly these same models. . " -
( - ' ; - . ' v- - ' ; . . . . -: -, ..-s ,
. It is possible to make such price reductions only be
... f cause o the tremendous vclume of sales inspired by
. the manifestly QREATER QUALITY and QREATER
. i 5 VALUE of the. Nash product, I -
- In the first 3 months these cars have been on the market - i r ,
. "'J.'- yi. ...'.. ; . the to-ai tiLjes have i iui-k ttran equaled' one-half the - .
sales fos tnc cnii yta of 1924. ;, " ' ! "
i Kirkwood Motor Company i
. i .
;;,( HigK Street ;af Traiclef-. v
i?.ijJd commercial liJt1: