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Does Your Family Like
V ' By Rath Clapp ; Apple Croquettes
Perhaps one reason why your To add variety to a noon-day
family does not eat as many ap- meal a croquette made from ap
ples as yon think they should is pies is a satisfying and healthful
because there is little variety in dish. ,
the .way in which . apples are
served. Isn't it true that most of
the apples used in the home are
eaten by hand or made into sauce
or pie? Apples are particularly
appetizing In hot dishes. ;, Even
apple pie is much better served hot
than cold. ' -; ..
By way of introducing variety
1 cup boiled rice
cup thick, tarf apple sauce
1 teaspoon lemon Juice
Grating of lenron peel
1 teaspoon butter. , ? !
Mii inrredients; well. When
cold, sha'pe into croquettes. RolI
? in the use of afrples try Including the croquettes in crumbs and then
.w i ' I in beaten egg. to which has been
j Vr meal plans.' Apple muffins are
I i! particularly good for breakfast or
supper,.. , t ,
i Apple Muffins
! 2 cups flour - ,
teaspoons baking-, powder
, r A 1 teaspoon salt
' rl tablespoon sugar
1 1 cup milk i
' ' .': . 1 egg i 1 ,
;l 4 tablespoons melted fat
f ; 'Cooked and ; sweetened apple-
' I sauce. '
' . Sift the dry Ingredients. Add
1 s th milk and the beaten egg, and
i j nix well. To this add the melted
t . fat. Drop spoonfuls of the mlx-
I . i ture separately ; in greased muffin
V .. ; tins.' Add one tablespoon of a p-
":; plesauce to each muffin, and then
j cover the sauce with the; muffin
; mixture. ' Bake from 25 to 30
minutes in a moderately hot oven.
This recipe makes one dozen muf
fine. . .;' . . '
Apple breakfast cake is a novel
ty in breakfast breads. It takes
longer to make than other hot
K-' breads', but the family's apprecia
; v tion repays the extra efforts.
. Apple Breakfast Cake
, , lJi.cups. lepid water
f X j'fiil 'alte compressed yeast
Jections were for -quality, except
3,666 pounds which were rejected
for being below the government
standard In parity It Is Import
ant to note, however, that the im
purities did not consist of , arti
ficial color or facing material.
- . . l 1
again roll them in crumbs. Fry
in deen fat. and drain bn soft
paper. Serve with cheese sauce.
Cheese Sauce
' 1 cup milk u-
51 tablespoon flour
" 1 tablespoon butter-
Salt and paprika to taste
3 tablespoons grated cheese, i
Heat the milk. Mix the flour
and butter and add to the hot
milk, stirring until smooth. Add
salt, paprika, and cheesa. Just
before serving, beat the sauce
with a Dover egg beater. j '-;
Ham1 en Casserole With Apple
Have you ever wished for a new
way to 'cook ham? A ham and
aDole casserole - dish solves the
problem. ,; I I
Select a slice of ham 1 inch
thick, rub well with brown sugar.
and place in a baking dish. Stick
2 cloves in the ham, and add ; 1
tablespoon of onion juice,
core, and quarter tart
' i.
.cup sugar
1 i teaspoons salt
!;3 (, cups flour
4 tablespoons melted fat,
r Dissolve the yeast in the tepid
jwaten Mix and sift the dry in
.-ftCH&iUs and, then add the yeast
and water,-mixing well.' Add the
fat, and beat thoroughly,
set the mixture in a warm place
in rifle, anil when it has doubled
its bulk stir it well and turn into dked
. shallow, greased baking tin.
Spread the dough -evenly over the
pan. . -Cover .the top with good,!
tart cooking apples, sliced thin.
When the dough has doubled its
bulk, bake it in a moderate oven
' (3S0 to 400 degrees F.) for about
, 4-1 minutes. About ,15 minutes
b-fore it is done, remove the cake
from the oven and pour over it a
syrup made by combining and
boiling for 5 minutes 1 cup brown
sugar, A cup of water, 2 tabled
spoons of butter, and 4 teaspoon
' nutmeg, - Return the take to the
oven to finish baking. - Serve hot.
This cake may be baked the day
before using, and heated by
, . sprinkling! it slightly with water
and covering the pan it is in with
another pan before it i put in
tthe oven. Allow 20 minutes for
; re-heating. ; 5
Apple Rings
If bacon is on the breakfast
. menu, why not serve apple rings
with it?; These are excellent with
bacon and liver, roast pork o
pork chops, v
Select firm, tart apples.: Wash
and core, but do not peel the ap
pies. Cut them in rings or slices
about -Inch thick. Place the
rings in a frying pan (do not
crowd them). with a small amount
of bacon fat. and sprinkle them
with , brown ;. sugar. , Add:' Just
enough boiling water to cover the
rings, f Cover the uan and cdok
the apples until, tender, browning
them on both' sides. "'Lift them on
to a hot platter and serre them
with a border of crisp.bacon.
Cover tha ham withj apples.
Sprinkle with 4 tablespoons 1 of
brown sugar, and add 1 table
spoon of butter, cut Into pits. "Add
1 c'up of boiling j water.ifd bake
in a covered dish until the meat
is tender, v '
' Apple Salads
Apples may be used In salads
in a variety of ways. Here is a
meat salad in which apple is used
to give succulence and flavor
1 cup cold veal or poi;k,xcut in
small pieces
2 medium-sized tart
Vt cup celery, cut
pieces. - :. j
1 pimento cut in small, pieces.
. Mix well with mayonnaise or
boiled dressing. Garnish with
slices of stuffed olives
In small
The report shows that the per
centage of black tea imported dur
ing this year increased, that tb?
percentage of gTeen tea Imported
decreased to a very noticeable ex
tent, and that the percentage of
Oolong tea imported remained
about the same. The largest In
crease, In black teas was shown
In the .Ceylon variety. There was
also a considerable increase in the
percentage of India and Java black
teas Imported, and a decrease of
more than 62 per cent In the im
portation of Congou teas. The
only variety of green tea which
did not show a decreased importa
tion was , the India green tea.
which showed an increase.
The variety which showed the
most rejections 4.8 per cent
was Canton Oolong, the tea which
is consumed principally by the
Chinese in this country. 1 The vari
eties showing the next largest re
jections were the Ceylon green
and India black teas. These teas
were not found below" the govern
ment standard in quality but were
damaged en route.
San Francisco showed the larg
est percentage of rejections, ow
ing to the fact that much of the
Canton Oolong tea, which showed
the largest percentage of rejection,
was examined at this station.
- Many rejectionswere made be
cause the teas had become dam
aged by water or by sweating' en
route. Very Tittle tea was reject
ed as being below the government
During the past fiscal year there
was imported more than 11.500.-
000 pounds, or 11.50. per cent less
than was imported during the fis
cal year 19 23-24. This decrease
may be sttributed to several
causes: O) There was a small
surplus of tea on hand at the be
ginning of the last tea season.
(2) With an increased consump
tion of black teas from the British
East Indies and the Dutch East
Indies, much less tea Is needed by
tea drinkers who drink with their
eyes; a smaller quantity of the
heavy-bodied East India teas will
produce so much more liquid of
a certain color than the non-East
Indian varieties, especially green
The Equivalent for Milk
' The well balanced diet should
include the equivalent of a quart
of milk and plenty vf green vege
tables daily. One of the . best
equivalent for milk Is cheesy be
cause It contains all the elements
of milk in condensed form.' In
food value it is equivalent to
three pounds of lean beef. When
purchased in cans there is absolu
tely no waste, not even the rind,
and no danger of its getting hard.
of peas while heating gives an un
usual and delightful flavor. A
slice iOt bacon chopped fine, also
may be added to the peas, giving
s splendid flavor and saving but
Cheese With Potatoes
Take 3 or 4 medium sized pota
toes, half a small onoln. half a
small green pepper, a teaspoon of
salt, a pimiento, diced, two table
spoons butter, two tablespoons
flour, one and a half cups milk,
which , may be made from evapor
ated or' powdered, and a cup V)f
canned cheese rubbed through the
rrater. Melt the butter, stir fn
the flour, add water and milk
Cook two minutes, add the cheese
And stir until melted. Add onion,
green pepper and pimiento. Place
layer of diced potatoes In a but
tered baking dish, then a liyer of
sauce, repeating alternately. Put
sauce on top, and bake twenty
String Beann and lirnion Jnlrc ;
Add lemon juice and a sprink
ling of nutmeg to the butter sauce
when heating a can 'of string
beans for the table. This makes
a . . . m t
a remamaoiy gooa comuinauou.
For ImMinpi and Other Pcjwwrt:
Puddings and other desserts
made with milk hold such an im
portant place in the menu that the
housewife should never" be with
out Jnilk. She may obviate this
danger by keeping powdered or
evaporated milk ' always on her
inch thick. Put Into a shallo
buttered pan. pressing well on
the sides. Pare, core and slice
thinly sx apples and place them
over the cake in even rows.
sprinkle with a half cup of well-
washed and dried currants and
the Juice of half a lemon, dust
with a half cud of sugar and a
level teaspoon of cinnanron. then
pour over three tablespoons of
melted butter. Bake a half hour
In a medium oven and If the ap
ples brown too quickly coTer with
a buttered paper.
Prime Choice
When Mixing Powdered Milk
To liquify ' powdered milk, al
ways place the powdered milk on
top of the water, and stir or shake
It until thoroughly absorbed. Four
level tablespoonfuls should be
used to make one cup of rich
milk. .
teas. (21 An ever tnrreaslnv
For thoe who like onion flavor I amount of tea is being sold In tea
orange andlbaes. a form nf narkiner which, it
in salad an apple.
onion salad will soon become
favorite. . I
3 large, tart apples
1 orange j
1 medium-sized Spanisb-onipn.
One-third cup choped
Salad dressing. Salt.
Dice the apples, orange
onions,. and add the salt and the
nuts. Mix thoroughly with boiled
Serve in
With Canned Apricots ;
To extend the mayonaise for
lettuce sajidwiches and give it a
distinctive flavor, , add canned
apricots with, the luncheon souffle
fn place of .salad. The nutritive
value is about equal to the salad.
and the apricots combine quite as
well with meat or cheese.
For Soup Stock
If spinach is drained when used
from the can, the liquid should
be utilized as stock for soup, as
it is rich in the mineral salts for
which spinach is noted. No food
value should be wasted.
- Quite the smartest tea sets of
the hour are those of glass used
over the lace cloths. These sets
are fragile, of course, but fascin
atingly dainty. Whether amber
crackled glass with handles and
lined rims of a solid color, or deli
cate colors with ' frosted white
hunriloa Mich I n rtalntr It is
Hlftrr I I hard to decide which is the pret-
The silver tea pot and kettle
are usually used with the glass
sets, yet many prefer the pots and
jugs to match. The sandwich
plates and cake plates come to
match, as do the Jam pots, the
latter figuring so generally on the
English tea table or tray.
The black Basaltes ware having
gold handles and linings always
makes an unusual table.
It will pay you to take advantage of prices
we offer you this week. Quality and fresh
ness guaranteed. 0
Breakfast !
Cooked Cereal with Top Milk j
Popovers Sliced Apples ;
Cofree !
! Luncheon i
Baked Potatoes Tomato Salad
Warmed up Popovers j
Peach Pie Tea Milk
, Dinner
i Meat Balls j
Boiled or Fried Potatoes j
Buttered Beets Apple Cake
ar salad
or mayonnaise dressing,
lettuce cups. i
Apple and pineapple
with celery is a famil
combination that is always a' deli
cious treat. !
2 large, tart apples.
)- -1 cup celery, cut in small pieces
2 slices canned "pineapple cut in
pieces or two tablespoon shredded
canned plneaple.
j Mir the Ingredients with apple
mayonnaise dressing and serve on
a lettuce leaf or on water cress.
. To 'make apple niayonnaise
dressing add 1 2 . tablespoons of
bright colored apple Jelly to 1 cup
of mayonnaise . dressing. Mix
lightly and serve at on je.
Recipes from "How io Use Ap
ples as Food. by Lucije Brewer,
school of home economics, Cornell
is believed, checked much waste
in the process of preparation. The
quantity of liquid tea consumed
in the United States probably has
not actually decreased
" "Although the' ilercentage of, to
tal ' tea imports examined at tho
Puget Sound district remained
and I about the same, that in New York
made a substantial gain, and that
in San Francisco, in Boston, and
in Chicago showed a slight de
crease. This decrease at Chicago
is surprising because all teas for
merly examined at St. Paul were
examined at Chicago.
Statistics of the department of
commerce show that during the
past fiscal, year 1, .8 17.2 8 5 pounds
of tea were exported from the
unuea states, nearly twice as
much as was exported during the
fiscal year 1923-24
Something New In Sandwiches
If you would like to prepare
something a little out of the or
dinary for the picnic or a light
Sunday night supper, try tomato
and peanut sandwiches. Drain the
liquor from canned tomatoes, and
chop enough of them to make a
small cupful 'of tomato pulp, or
you may buy tomato pulp canned.
Work the pulp into the contents
of a jar of eanut butter, and add
salt to taste. Spread between thin
slices of bread. ; .v '
Unusual Flavor For Pes";
A sprig of mint added to a can
Iopovcr This recipe makes
twelve popovers. Break one fresh
eggj into a cup of sifted flour add
onehalf teaspoon of salt and one
cup! of rich sweet milk. Stir well
with a' wooden spoon. Heat the
pans hot and butter : them well.
Fill; the pans full of the' batter
(only half full if the pans are
small); put into a hot oven and
bake for fifteen to eighteen minutes-
If they brown too quickly
cover with a brown paper until
they finish cooking. Serve at once.
Tomato Salad Cut cool, peeled
tomatoes in rather thick slices and
arrange on crisp tomato leaves.
Have ready some cauliflower tips
and arrange on the tomato slices.
pouring a thick golden mayon
I naie over the vegetables. Sprinkle
a very cnoppca picaie over ine
dressing. i
! l
Apple Cake Sift into tho mix
ing! bowl two cups of flour, four
level teaspoons of baking powder.
a heaping saltspoon of salt, and a
tablespoon of sugar. Rub In
lightly a tablespoon of butter then
mix to a soft dough with a cup of
rich milk. Turn onto a floured
board and roll out about a half
Peerless Bakery
Pare, quarter and core six
or eight large apples and place
them In a pipkin with a cup
and a half of brown sugar, a
teaspoon of mixed spices, a
teaspoon of butter and a cup
of cider or juice strained from
the boiled down peelings. Cover
and cook gently until the ap
ples are tender, but not boiled
to pieces. A thinly sliced le
mon may be added if the ap
ples are not very tart. This
makes an excellent breakfast
Sirloin Steak, pound 5c
12 l-2clb. 15c ib.
10c lb. 20c lb,
i 7c lb 22c lb.
( Freshly Ground
j 10c lb. 12 l-2c lb
IMum Catsup One-half peck
blue plum, one pint of vinegar, one I
teaspoon cloves, one teaspoon cin
namon, one teaspoon allspice. Tie
the spices in a muslin bag. Pour
the vinegar over the plums in an
enameled pan, add half the weight I
of the plums in sugar and the
spice bag. Boil all together until j
the plums are . soft, put them
throuKh a colander and cook again
until thickened. Seal.
IMcf f ftmafot.Tl:a f vrillc mm I
nsual, add .half a cum of cooked
rice, season, fold in egg whites
beaten stiff and rook as usual.
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jBest Shortening, pail 1 . :.80c
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midget marke
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i Four acids, useful in the, h n man
w I l system, are provided by fruits. In
ine process rof digestion these
acids are oxidized and. this process
releases potassium, sodium..-, and
magnesium, which are changed in
to carbonates and overcome the
acid in the blood because of their
alkillnity. This process explains
the reason why certain acid fruits
as prescribed for rheumatics such
Beneficient Acids in Fruits
" f oBaur
1 whita i...
No. 1 red, stektd ..
Tap hog .. .1
Sowi kia.50iO.50
Drsid liofft ,1
Top tawt . . . .OS
Cow 2.50 5.00
BolU 8fe4e
Ppriitf Iraki, 80 lbt sad noder Bctf9H
Hfrier : ; - .08 H
f . MUX.TKT . ' i, :jV
I4rM lien, .4 .15
Hry hen ...23eW24
B r oi Irri 'I tfe g "J 5
Buttrfiit 53 ,
f'rtamerjr butter ..... ;.. 53c54
' Y.fZ . .28
Standard! ." . .3
' KelocU t ...i.. .32
Milk. pr ewt. .. $2.40
as lemons, limes,! grape
oranges, apples, " pearsl peaches,
apricois. gooseberries, currants.
rhubarb and tomatoes. .
The acids ; furnished; 'by these
truits are as follows: !
Citric . acid Lemons, oranges,
grape fruit, limes and bitrons.
Malic acid Apples, pears, apri
cots, peaches.; gooseberries, cur
rants, strawberries andj tomatoes.
uxaiie acid Rhubarb.
Tartaric acid Grapes.
An increase In the percentage
of black tea imported and a mark
ed decrease In the percentage of
green tea imported r daring the
fiscal year ending June) 30, 192.
is reported by' the supervising tea
examiner of the bureau of chen-
Istry, United States department of
agriculture. . ; .
The text of the report follows:
A compilation of the tea ex
aminers' monthly reports for the
last fiscal, year shows that 92,-
925,470 pounds of tea "were exam
ined at all of the stations. Of this
tea 81.137 pounds, or 0.09 per
cent was rejected. All of the re-
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: . wrinkles, and should be
left on the face when re-.
tiring to act.-as a. tissue
builder. .
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- Skin Cream all through
the trying; tall months.
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