The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, August 18, 1925, Page 5, Image 5

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Whether Home
At the Beach!
. v -iv 4.;!:.''-:-;" -v-;!--::-.
Look Your Best
Always at
469 State
Portland- man for speeding. The
complaint j alleged that . he drove
his car Similes an hour on North
Capitol street. ' He was . released
on 15 bail..
Look' thMo oTr. llo think
tkey at good has. . '
JLal 19 -"J Oakland roup Mili
'n I93S. only . .. .RT,0
13-J1 Ovrrlan4 roaaitc-r, haxa't
ran 200ft mile ..1423
Lata J9J2 Oaklaad touring ear
a taaa : .. $473
1024 Chevrolet touring car
only $400
Coma ia and aee them today.
trial .and was released on bail of
$50. Meyers had his case continued,-and
Janit was fined $25
by Brazier C. Small, justice of the
peace. The hearings all took place
in Justice court. I -
McCormick Scion
Drops Dinner Pail
' fai . vr; ;
Generally cloudy .with mild tem
peratures; light west winds. Max
imum yesterday, 82: minimum.
48; river, 1.9, stationary; ram
fall, none;? atmosphere,
wind, southwest. :
' clear;
The Theaters Today.
, !!
, -
Oregon Buster Keaton' In
'Seven Chances" by David
j.J3elascoJ - T t&kh-
4 A. i v.' "
' r.Mi .ttattv fnmrmon In
Possession Causes Arrest- .
E. :"A. jLounsbeery was taken in-'
to ponce custody Saturday nignt
after a bunch of Yale keys and a
"Jimmy' had ' been" found on' his
person. '. . '"'".. - -a
Inmates tscapc s t
C The escape of Robert . Mackey,
17, aad Clayton Irkley,? 15, in
and a considerable number ! of
guns. Most of .the ammunition
has, been delivered to the pen!
tentfary but a large number' of
guns and a large amount of am
munition, especially shotgun shells
have been sold ; to farmers and
pOBsemen. Many more guns have
been borrowed , and ented than
have been bough V one store re
port. r . -
Not Holy Rollers
Thruogh error it was recently
stated that the meetings "con
ducted In the' tent on South Com
mercial, were held by the Holy
Rollers and in charge of Rev.
XL D. Bullock. 1 This is erroneous
as he has no connection' with the
Holy Rollers but is 'in charge of
the Full Gospel Mission, an en
tirely different organization. The
reports that those attending the
meetings ' threw there arms and
legs about and rolled .on the straw i
are also, untrue, he declares. The
meetings are conducted in an or
derly manner and' are being ad
journed, promptly at 11 o'clock,
he says,-inobeyance to the re
quest 'of the police who had re
ceived complaints that singing
kept residents awake until after
midnight. The meetings will
probably be held for another
y y - 7
I Bits For Breakfast
Luggage for Every Vi
H. L. Stiff Furniture Co.
Fowler MeConnick, grandson
ef John D. Rockefeller embar
rassed by the publicity thrown
en his adventure as a day laborer
in a harvester plant in Milwau
kee, is giving up the job to go
on an African scientific expedi
tion with Dr.. Carl C. Jung, fa-,
mous Swiss psychoanalyst. This
is young McCorpaick's latest
photo. ... ;
genson'and Jack Hanson for be
ing drunk .-over j the , week-end;
Rudolph Douglas, disorderly con
duct; Herman Viesco, speeding;
Carl Wunsch, careless driving.
Leaves on VacAtion
Stephen A. Stone and family
left f Sunday ' for Cannon Beach,
where thev will SDend their va
cation. Mr. Stone is Salem correi-l to Mr. and Mrs- Clarence C. Stnith
pondent for , the .Portland, .Tele-1 pnes". and" one-halt miles east of
Wanted an Experienced ' i
I Saleslady for Millinery gowns,
coats. Must 'have had experience
in selling high class merchandise.
mates' of the state school for the. Address 1652,. care Statesman, r
feeble-mjnded was reported to the
local police Sunday morning. Sun
day s night; the' : police were asked
to cooperate In" a search" for Paul
Schwab, 314, escaped from the cot
tage farm;
'The Ramshackle House'
nilgh Hoot Gibson
"Let Er Buck." J r.
a), a) ...
Returns to Office ! ;; - -
Chief Justice T. A. McBride of
the Oregon aupreme court return
o tnr . ihArt visit trt ' hlaL of flee
here yesterday , from the bedside j 1 3 0
of his, wife who is sick in a St
.Helens hospital.- He left late in
! the day. . Mrs. McBride has been
seriously ill for two' months and
it is said that little hope is held
for her recovery. "
Visit Our Household Dep't . " "i
In thesemteirtrf1 fK""KStnt
Police Investigate Theft
B. I. Stephens of Salem was. be
ing heidf ly police yesterday fol
lowing hl arrest at a local pool
hall Sunday, night when a stolen
motor meter was round in his pos
session. The arrest 'was made by
Night Sergeant Edwards.' 4
Swimmer Injured
! B. E. Sisson received a gash on
his head while swimming at the
new pool at the corner of Ferry
and Liberty streets Saturday
which required treatment at a , lo
cal hospitaL' He was discharged
yesterday morning, " -
Speeding Case Filed '; . j
i'-.K. Barnhardt of Portland was
arrested for speeding yesterday by
Kenneth Bloom, stat traffic, offi
cer. Barnhardt asked trial in the
Justice court. Bail was fixed at
$25." -
Planer Trimming Wood '
Immediate delivery. Order now.'
Spaulding Logging " Co., - phOne
Money to Ioan
By payment of $13.60 per month
for 110 months a loan of $1,000
may be retired,; principal and in
terest.- See Ralph. H. McCurdy,
over Miller's store. Phone 96.
Investigate Actions
The peculiar actions of Judson
Hoover Sunday night attracted the
attention! of police and resulted in
his arrest He ia being held for
investigation. "
Dance Tonight (Tuesday) !
DuBols' dances,-Crystal Gard
ens. ' ''"' . ! ' al8
Blaze Calls Department-
Traffic Case Filed . v I
Arrested for operating a motor
Vehicle for hire without first ob
taining a public! service commis
sion permit, G.f C. Dickson! of
Woodburn was. fined $25 In the
justice court yesterday by Brazier
C. Small, Justice; of. the peace.!
A small fire in the bicycle shop j Rebuilt Used Ranges-
Careless Driving Charged
A charge of careless and impu-
of Harry" Scott sent the police de
partment but. for a brief battle.
The firej started when one of the
mechanics' Ray Newman, lit a
Stiff's Used j Furniture
dent drtvirig was booked against cigarette; ; His hand was eovered
Carl Wanch of Oregon City -at p-1 wlth rreaae anil if ranrtt
lice headquarters Sunday night by He dropped the match hastily
Traffic 'Officer Hickman-He was whIch f into more grease on
release n.i pan.. - the floor and started a blaze. The
" T" flre'r begatt "to spread, and when
Car Reported Stolen water proved ineffective fo check
A Gardner car belonging to the it the fire department was called.
Burdette-Albee 'Motor . company
was stolen from the firm's place I In a short time.
at 217 State street sometime dar
ing Saturday night; it was report
ed to police Sunday morning.
Births. Are Reported
Reports of the following births
have been received; James Court
ney, Jr., to Mr. and Mrs. J. C.
I Jones, 396 Hoyt, Aug. 10; a son
Back From Trip
A. L. Lin beck and - family-' re
turned home Sunday from .a JO
day trip to Crater - Lake and
southwestern Oregon points. Mr.
Linbeck is - Salem correspondent
for the Oregon Journal and a
poultryman of the Auburn dis
trict. . .-" : i
Salem, Aug. 13; a boy to Mr. and
Mrs.- Russell A. i Mohney, 914
Saginaw, Aug. . 13; and a son to
Mr and.) Mrs. Floyd E. White, of
Portland, at the home of Mrs.
White's mother, 24 6 North Seven
teenth. Aug. 15. 1"
Writers Meet Today
-A. 6 o'clock porch party will be
held Vy the Writers' club at the
' Knma nt Mra T .P Molunn 104
t r. - " " w ...... - . -
bition is commissioner, is back j W" - . r - , . . .
at the capitol after a few weeks r""f ; ' ' .L V, ,
in KlaaatkFalls. - where' reasrftenron bot the tin
If. is -a wonder . . .
That the fellow who knows Just
where the escaped prisoners are
does not go get them.
lie could make 3000; easy
money. There is only one thing
certain, up to the time of going
to press. That is, that the men
will be either killed or raptured.
When? That Is in the laps of the
gods, as the ancients were wont
to say. i
Hop picking is on -
Several yards commenced with
the fuggles variety yesterday. The"
main variety Is likely to be
little early.
s s s
The state park at Champoeg' Is
getting to be a very popular place.
On Sunday last, hundreds jot
people were there. Albert Tozler
has charge, and everybody knows
what that means. He is the man
who has been mayor of the ca&tvp
ground city at the state fair
grounds ever since the woods were
burned, and has been elected to
that position for life. He was
much distressed on Sunda'y-over
the death of a good neighbor,
Mrs. Ben Smith, on the grounds,
from heart failure. There is bo
phone at the park, therefore j a
doctor could not be summoned.
It was thought her life might have
been .sated had there been op
portunity to summon a physician
In time. The state ought to prir-
ide for a phone. . It there Is not
money enough, it should be done
by private subscription.
in you know which Is. the
oldest - church in Oregon, still
standing? It is the one at Ft.
Louis, a few miles west of Ger
vals, and only a dozen miles from
Salem. It is about 83 years old.
and it is in a very good state Sof
preservation and a most beauti
ful building, especially In the in
terior. The timbers from which
this church was built were hewn.
There was no saw mill In Oregon
men. ine original seats were
hewn. Other seats have taken
their place. This is a Catholic
church, and the resident priest ,1s
Father Kraus. For a long time.
Father Lane was In charge there.
He is a grandson of General
Joseph Lane, and a son of La
iayeiie Lne, once congressman
from Oregon. He has charge at
Albany now. The first church
built in Oregon was at St. Louis,
Marion county; Catholic church.
But it Is not standing now. The
third church built .in Oregon was
the Catholic church at Oregon
themselves with shouting the re-
fralfluof a ribaLJ. .song Throw
out the Jw-and prothblngto
Tepeat these tactics tomorrow.
The trouble tonight arose out
of the determination of the Hak-
eakruezler and other antiemet
ic elements to hold a meeting In
protest-agaiast the congress de
spite poll prohibition.' . r '
FreauenUrt the police were
obliged to'ehaee groups which
congregated dispersing them with
drawn iwrds..
SEATTLE Anp 17. (By the
Associated Press.) The Paeitic
northwest merchants exposition
opened here today with hundreds
pX.exhlWU; front: alLnolysla f.o
northwest lon dtila. ..t'liar
Matzger.-chalraiau of the fpw
tion. stated, that -he expected OTio.
of ' the largest eroa-ds In the Lis
tory 'of the exposition to attend,
SEATTLE. Aug. 17 Congrer
men John F. Miller and Jpbn.,W.
Summers, members of .the. Jionff.'j
naval affairs committee, are " la
vish the Sand Point aviation, field .
on Lake Washington,! on an of
ficial inspection tour tomorrow -i;.
was teamed here today.
called in answer, to an indictment
by the Klamath .'grand Jury, for
larceny of a revolver taken from
the home of a Mexican during a
liquor - raid.- v - ; - :; -.i-i-V..
plans were again I changed at
meeting Monday noon.
Phone 'System Installed
HnstaHation of ; the new tele
phone system- was made at the
Elk's', temple -yesterday. Several
phones will be installed in various
Bail Is Forfeited ;
Bail of "$10 each was forfeited
In the police court. yesterday for 1 parts of ! the building.
a variety of offenses. ' jack
R. E. WaluoYs died in this city
Sunday the 17th. Funeral an
nouncement later by Rlgdon &
fowjre -Hug Rack
After an absence of more than
two rweeks at Ocean View, George
W. Hug, superintendent of schools
returned to the city from - his
vacation Monday. 1 .
69 Acre Farm, Etc. -
J . Thursday, August 20, 1 P, M.
Located 14,. miles north of Salem or 4 miles north of Ilope--i
. well or10 miles south of Dayton, Yamhill County. .
Consisting of 69 acre farm, 25 acres of which Is under u!
tlvatIoh, balance white fir, ash. and maple timber. all.rivr
. bottom soil bordering oa the Willamette river ..being .firt
class gardening, and graln land with fair buildings. , Sold
' On terms as follows: Purchaser to make a rash payment
of $500 oa day of sale. $2,500 on approval of abstract" -ad
balance of purchase price In five years from date of sale at
( per cent interest. ; '." "'' ' ' '
1 Also at satae time and place the following personal -pro'
perty:, 4 head of work horses. 1350 to 1600. lbs., 6 to 9
years old; 5 head of horses, ages from 3 to Syear. from
1,0 0T) to 1,200 lbs. weighti'4 Jersey cows, now mllkfng"and
to freshen this. Call; double tadem tractor 'disc; two ,14-lnch.r
sulky, plows: sew Deerlng mower; 2-sectIon spike tooth
harrow; 1918 "Ford roadster with delivery1 body! '7-foot
roller; . 6-ft. disc 'harrow;- 2-horse orn cultivator; 'two ,1.4
inch walking plows; good 3-inch wagon; set double work
harness; set single harness; new force pump;' good 3-lnch
farm wagon; hack; double harpoon hay fork; home collars,
traps, blacksmith, tools, including vice, drills, dies, etc. Fruit
Jars and other numerous articles.. s
. Farmers Bring in what you have for sa!e" '
' TERMS: On personal property, cash, unless
' ;' otherwise arranged.' ' '
W. A. Whke, ' F. N..WoodrytJ
i . Owner . . . ? Auctioneer
I ''.-.-. 1610 N. Summer SU Phone 511
PUBLIC NOTICE: ' See F. N, Woodry, Salem's . leading
auctioneer for the past, 10 years' about-your farm' and city
sales. Not connected' with any other firm. "Don't be tie-f
celwed.-. - . r !x
Vacation Is Taken
j Mary L. Fulkerson, Marion
county school superintendent, left
yesterday for a two weeks'. vaca
tion, the first she has taken 'since
she assmued.'offIcer five years ago.
Mrs. Cora Reid, county truant of
ficer, returned from ber vacation
at Neskowin on Saturday and is
..'f-;r Faulkner
. William C. Faulkner . died . in
Roseburg. Ore., August 16,' at the
age of 82 years. He was the
father of Charles -V. Faulkner: of
Salem. He ! was a member - of
Sedgwick Post No. 10 G. A. R. of
Salem, Ore.; Accacia Lodge No.
10 A. F.' & A. M. of Marshall,
Mich Funeral services will
J Tuesday, August 18, at 3 p
from Webbs Funeral Parlors. Rev.
Mr. J. J. Evans officiating. Inter
ment in the City View Cemetefy
HaroM Ware Return
Harold Ware, Boy- Scout ex
ecutive, returned , Monday . from
Seattle, where he was Called last
week by private business.
Chemicals extinguished the 4laze now ,n chlLTg9 ef tne em whIIe
Thne to Can Salmon-
Fine fat deep sea troll fish at
Pltt Market, v i
Dodge-Sedan Bargain
See this at Certified Public
Motor Car Market or phone 885
tor demonstration, j aletf
Traffic Tlolaflon Alleged :
12ltf I HIKl Inslrnctor Improving
uarnet Harra, Instructor in the
Salem high school, is; making aat-i
tatatnrJ. .o-i .I.J .
..-.-- ,i ... . i omvvii icluicii Hum ma recent
A charge of speeding was filed I onpratini m- M LiH
11 1 X ' f J -v.v..a w
i yuim . unuiui wi buhuh; ' i reoorts
JTanic .orncer iuawaras agaiuBvi
Herman ; Vieako of Salem. The
alleged 'offender .was released af-
tefe'payf n g. $ 1 0 bail.
High School Improved-
Several; minor Jobs are being
done at the high school by way of
lmnrovenientA . before' thn nnoninr
iuki .oimiucl .narKi I of schools this fall. One "of the
iDIsofdetly conduct Is alleged In 1 reCent imbrovements ba wn .
a complaint filed by police Sunday I new coat of naint beine riren to
against' Rudolph Douglas. Thethe p0wer part of the walls In the
cbArge waa nooxea at neaaquar-i hau. t
tets by. 'Traffic Officer Edwards
who reported that Douglas - had I p0- nt: to Reenonslbli
not conducted hlmseii property i Women, Established cafeteria.
while in Willson park. ; ! I Well, equipped, down town loca-
Mrs. Fulkerson (is away.
Ton Telephone V a, 119-1.
- We'll deUver it. no matter how
small the item. ! Capital Drug.
,: . y ' 11 ' J22tf
Police Investigate Record j
After being! r held -overniaht
while police locked into his .past
record George Chalupsky was re
leased from police custody Sun
day morning, ' i He was arrested
Saturday night; and held for In
vestigation. -; . ;
Hop Picking Ktarts - - .
Fuggle picking started In sev
eral of the valley hopyards yes
terday and by the middle of the
week hopplcklng will be In full
be I blast. The harvest of the cluster
m. I varieties will begin about Sep
tember l.f r apparently
sufficient'plckers available to take
care of the crop this season.
Woodry '& Woodry
. Pay Cash for Furniture ?
Phone 75 "
If In Need of Luggage
Visit Stiffs Luggage
ment. ; I H -;
i tion. For
r. w. c. a.
Building: Permit Issued
A permit was Issued from the
office of City Recorder Poulsen nirth Report, yuat
yesteraay io unanea resseuueu
for the .erection of a one-story
home at 1425 North' Seventeenth
Fires Said SUrted
; T. Oprls, Wniiam : Meyers and
C. N. Janlt, all of Silverton, were
arrested yesterday by J. W. Fer
guson, deputy fire marshal, and
charged with setting fires withont
a permit.-- Oprls asked a Jury
. McDonald Cleaners
783 Highland Avenue
.Telephone 2217
Work called for and delivered
VIENNA., Aug. 17. (By Asso
ciated Press.) No fewer than 60
or u persons were injured in I a
clash tonight between the police
and antl-semetic rioters. Some o'
them were severely injured. Many
women were trampled under foot.
The riots were preliminary to
the assembling, of the 14th con
gress of the world sionlst organ
ization. .. The Jews left the streets
at an early hour and the stores
and cafes put up their shutters.
Socialists were also absent from
the streets. 1
A second band of demonstrators
tried to rush the bridges leading
to the Jewish residential district,
but were frustrated. - Balked In
their efforts, the mob contented
7 roBTuasjo. on
hnM a-vlstav
When You
; . ' .
! ' i
Are Ready
To Move
Call on os, for we haye 'padded .Vans and nce
lined coyera for your furniture and piano, First"
Hn S3 piano and furniture movera.
We also handle Brooder Stoves, Furnace
Coals and Diamond Briquettes .!
. , "';.-.
L'armer Transfer &
Storage. Co.
Swimming Daily
t : '.' ; ' ' : : -' " !
1 to 10 p.ra
Two birth reports reported to
the health officer yesterday an-
. I vuy .1111.1 VU . M U V
The structure is w ci of William, Jr., to Mr. and Mrs.
William i Frederick- Perlieh. and i
the arrival of Winser Paul to Mr.
and Mrs' OPauI Hobart Acton Jon
August 8; ' '"' rV- '-i.;-
Pnonc727 v
Woodry Buys Furniture .
Store at Summer and Norway
street. Phone 811. J16tf
Speeding Is Charged '
J. A.,Leatherman'-?of Portland
was hailed Into police headquar
ters Saturday night by Traffic Of
ficer "Ed wards who booked the
Guns Selling Fast f :
. ' Local sporting goods stores have
profited by the recent break at
the prison here, cor telnoe Jast
Wednesday, night ' they have '.sold
some 2,0p0 rounds of ammunition
Pays Cash For Furniture
Res, and Store 1610 North
Plicns 511
'," ama rraacfiea, wy, 1SJ0
: aoa4 Trip, 930.00.
Leu Aagal, oa ay. $27.41.,
SoaU Trip, 060.00. '
SpacUl Satas to PaltUs ef
Elzbt r Mora 4
Tec Information and Battrvatioaa '
. raaaa CM, ar call
Salem, Oregon '
Painting aad Decorating by
Skilled Mechanics
Kennedy Paint Shop
( Now located at
Gabriel TPowder & Supply
r Company ! ...
ITS South Commercial
Telephone 728
LADD &. BUSH, Bankers
Established 1S6S
General Baziliinjj Business
r , OfSce XXonn from 10 Jn to 8 pi2U '
J mT J II . . ... - II
tH ai, n ' ' II
g 1 ; ; '-II
- I . . ..... ... .
1 : "What Mam' The Years? k ??.
A The number of years that one has jy vC$ '
k been in business mean-nothing, as lyf - M")Vf!M , ;
such. It is only when one consid- )Jf Itj o
VA - crs that it Is through long exper- ) Ip! " " " '
Kl ' . ience that one learns best how to j " ' h,t "
serve that a long record assumes M Cr
W ' a certain significance. ( 13
.M - Ifc is for this, reason that we l 'T j , ff )
mention the fact that we have been M .-' r D i -
- WEBB'S - - mW 1 ' ' s
"JT' 205 SaCurcIi ZtrzzV yS&c b ' ;
- phone no y - " ifw ; -