The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, August 16, 1925, Page 3, Image 3

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-Whether Home
At the Beach
i d ? -; -
Look Your Best
Always at
469 State
sir raw fittM
' ft
l ift II
H-ku 192 Tr Track
eaipped with, solid Urn ea remr.
' Steel eh end stake Mr. Alee -ku
(pedal tiaaaarfeaioa which
jrea the track itx apeeee ahead. '
Jaat right in real hear? )oe4a
toep grUea. WU1 eU a Bly
SIS5.00. Very liberal terau If,
' seeded.
R. Peterson,
185 South Winter
Eugene. 3Ian Preaches
Services both morning and
night at the 'First Presbyterian
church today will be in charge of
Iter. Bruce J. Giffen. of Eugene
Kcv. Giffen is student pastor at
the University of Oregon and is
au interesting speaker. Special
music is also offered today.
Time to Can Salmon
Fine fat deep sea troll fish at
FItts Market. ' 26tf
Services Postponed
There vrill be no services at the
First Congregational church until
September 6, due to the extensive
Interior ' renovation " which the
church is undergoing. - - - -
500 Pounds Ice
With every refrigerator, s H. L.
Stiff Furniture Co'. ' all
' " Cloudy on coast and fair and
warmer in the Interior; decreasing
humidity In the interior; gentle'
north and northeast winds. Sat
uracil Max. "77; Min. 49; River
-1.9: stationary; Rainfall none;
Atmosphere part cloudy; Wind SE,
' 9
At -
tme Theater Today
. .v.,,;-:;,:,.;;;
Oregon Buster Keaton in
TSeven Chances'! by David
Belasco. v
I Grmd-om VldJlxcrrohy;
f iHdrseliii ' Duke -IBbV "
y in Teeth," ". .. ' ..
t. T Bligh Hippodrome
: iVaudevllle and Pictures.
.;(. .
. if ) -a-
o Sim Phillips. ' Calls were made
for 49 women while 40 were refer
red and 38 reported, placed.! There
were 173 calls for men, 124 refer
red and 116 laced. Agricultural
laborers headed the. list, j there
being 93 men" and 37 womn reg
istering with; demands for- 100
men and ' 42 women. Sixty men
and 33 'women were placed; Com
mon labor was sought by 64 with
45 in demand. Thirty-nine . re
ported placed. . r , j
Kindergarten Opening
ilSeDtember 1. 1925. Lata waters
1S70 Court street. . I al6
65c While .Tbey .Iast .
M f "Mother Machree" by
mlck; DBa" by Wenenrath,
"Banjo ' Song" by Homer and
many others on Victor Records at
Moore's Music House, 409-415
Court, " I i al6
turbancelastTweek It "whs deemed
best by Manager Carey to post
pone the jiame. An effort will
be made to meet the Portland
eain later in the season. ""' Is "","
Ianjr Useful Articles
OAC Picnic Is Planned-
All former students, alumni and
students contemplating registra
tion at the OAC for the fall term
are urged to attend the annual
OAC picnic at Broad Rlple, across
the river and south' of the Marion-
Polk ' county bridge , Thursday
night. Through arrangement with
Captain Spong, free' boat service
will be maintained from "the old
In Stirrs basement i household hp thhouse on this side of the riv-
department. ! al H' to the swimming resort on the! in the guard towers aind to block
successfully carried out.
Owing to the necessity of em
ploying trusties in and about the
guards' quarters and houses oc
cupied by prison' officials .no
firearms are permitted in any of
these with one exception that of
a double-barreled shotgun hidden
upstairs at the warden's house.
The shells are placed" elsewhere.
so that If a trusty should be able
to find one it would prove of little
use until the other equipment was
discovered. "
With the exception of two or
three un-armed ruards who were
Inside the iron fence about the
time of the escape, the only men
on duty were the guards on reg
ular posts and the turnkey. All
guards oft duty were at dinner in
their quarters and the first intima
tion that these received that any
thing' was wrong was the' sound
of firing.
- Warden Dalrymple was waiting
for dinner to he served. The table
was set with everything but the
hot foodstuffs and having a few
minutes decided to go to the book
keeper's office to write a sbort
letter. Looking' out of the'win
dow he saw Tom Murray, convict.
in the yard.
Knowing that there was some
thing wrong his first thought wss
to bar entrance to' the turnkey's
office and thus protect the arsen
al. Besides a solid wooded door
the turnkey's office is protected
by a heavily barred iron door
which is also protected with a pad
lock.' If this door could be closed
It would have been Impossible for
the convicts to enter the room con
taining the arsenal.
Before the warden could reach
the door two of the convicts, car
rying knives made from steel files,
enierea inrougn tne soutn en
trance and the others from the
north, eliminating 'any possibility
of closing the door, j In the hopes
of cutting off escape from 'the
institution the warden turned and
ran for his home across the street
to get the only gun ontside those
of, the. tower. Guard Savage realis- months. It was known that they
ed that the trapdoor 'in the floor had been smuggled but by "whom
of the. tower' and at the head' of unknown. The smuggler was later
the 'Stairs wss open and be at- convicted and sentenced to a long
tempted to enter and gain posses-1 term In the prison.
aioa of one of the rifles. .He was
unarmed .' contrary to current
rumor which has it that be fired
several shots from a revolver. Be-;
fore he could reach the tower he
was stopped by a rifle bullet a bo at
half an inch beneath his heart.
lie became sick and dropped 'to
(Caiune froai pc 1.) .
- i
said. ' .' '
-! Savage, sickened
he had ' received.
the pavement In front of the 8ar-ptTement.
sc. vuara ravage saia yesieraay
that he did not know whether It
was Murray, Kelly or Wfilos who
fired the shotgun fn Guard Hoi-
man's face, deliberately murdering
him. :
Guard John Davidson, on daty.
is believed to have dropped Bert
Oregon Jones from the wall with
a "bullet through the head.' Guard
Sweeney was killed fn the tower
presumably' by a ballet fired
through .the window from the
turnkeys office. '
Warden Dalrymple in the mean
while, and the interval was not
as long as It takes to read this)
had obtained his shotgun And am
munition and came out of the side
entrance of his house to see two
of the convicts fleeing toward the
state hospital. He fired both bar
rels at long range and as he sto
ped to reload. Murray, who had
lagged behind, stepped from the
corner of the wall beneath Post
N'o.'l. and was fired upon by the
waruvn. .Murray wavered as
though hit and then proceeded af
ter his companions, it was re
ported later that he was bleeding
from a cut on his forehead, arm
and chest. His injuries are not
thought to be serious.
. Five or six shots were fired at
him before he was struck. Guard
Savage said yesterday. Several
were fired at the warden .bar
racaded behind two oil barrels
beside the garage. At least one
shot from the shotgun was fired
In his direction, the barrels show-
ng signs of buckshot.
Years ago when armed guards
were stationed In the cage at one
by the blow
dropped to the
Because of his condi
tion he was unable to notice which
of the three convicts fired the
shotgun in the face of Holman as
he mat sittinr near the foot of
the stairs.
The veteran guard is well on
the road to recovery' but ' com
plains of being bed sore, as he Is
forced . to lie on his right ' side
1 A -visit to the home of James
Nesmtth, turnkey, found the pris
on man slightly Improved, it was
stated at the residence,' but still
la a serious condition.
! Since the escape Wednesday
Warden Dalrymple has not been
to bed. An hour or two of sleep
snatched on a lounge has "been
sufficient. The telephone, until
yesterday, has been ringing every
few tainutes. The intervals be
tween calls was noticeably longer
Saturday. -
j Funeral services were held at
10 o'clock In (he morning from
the Rigdon mortuary for J. M.
Holman. with Rev. C. C. Poling,
pastor of the First Evangelical
church, officiating. Special music
was offered with a vocal solo by
Hallle Parrish Hinges, accompan
ied by Viola Verkler Holman on
the violin and Mrs. Walter Den
ton at the piano.
The casket 'was banked with
floral offerings, from the many
friends and from the penitentiary
gardens. Interment was made in
the Odd Fellows cemetery at Dal
las, bis old home. Members' of
the Elks' lodge and guards from
the prison acted as pallbearers. '
I Funeral services for John
end of the dining hall to watchl- .1 - . ,
as WM tu ,wr e,
with Rev. J. J. Evans." pastor of
have tot beta rtaj -wlth'T a-ur j
by the much wider ! audiences j
reacted by our; newspAfs- I j
will add that the army.asd "bavy, ;
referring to some remarks made
last night, have never been and !
are not deterred -from approving!
the reduction In armaments by a
fear of 'losing their own Import
ance. '. Nor ysa the main purpose
of the United States government
In calling a conference for Ihe
Imitations of armaments to re
duce taxation. ' , " "
"Here I want to .say almost
every allusion to the military
forces of the United State's has
t.evn critlctl and nnfriendly. I
believe that this Is the only coun
try in the world In which, before
an audience of this class, such a
condition would exist. Other
touatrles generally. show pride In
the cervices of their army "an i
navy. I claim that the record of
the Cnlted"SUtes"arm'y ahdThAvy
Is not without credit, and that
w should not be here on the de
fensive against our own country."
Dr. Rap pa rd then said: "I
Kimply'wish to thank Admiral
Huso for the admiral temper in
which he referred to my remarks,
and I am sure that he and the
friends who listened to me if not
the much larger audience quite j
understood the sptrlt In which I
made them.'
Salmon for Canning I ' .
.Ti4c per lb. sliced; 2 lbs. for 23c.
Midget Market. " al5
LcttTCH For SpoKane ,
Frank Kellrgg.i public accountj
ant, .will leave. -for Spokane and
Coeur; d'Alene ', where hs
wiiiJoin hia family who have been
spending the last six, weeks in
that' locality j They are expected
back in Salem sbout August 25i
other . side. Julian Bdrroughs,
northwest diving champion, phys-
icial instructor and swimming ex
pert at OAC. will. give a, special
exhibition. . Swimming- races be-
tween active students and alumni
are also on . the program. .. Plenty
to eat is assured. - '
The trip is being made by auU damage. No one was injured.
SUverton Store Files
ThrW Siltertbn . men, W. C.
Peer,' George L. Goar. and Ralph
A, Coan have tiled papers with
the ounty clerk announcing their
Intention of opening the Women'5
Spesialty Shop. Inc.. in Silverton.
The store will handle women's
cl6thlng exclusively, and fsi&cor
porated for $5,000.
W. .W. Kimball Mano
; line 'now complete at Moore's
Music liouse, 409-415 Court. a!6
Iowa Picnic Planned j
J f As Veeetlt meeting of the Iowa
Picnic Committee' arrangements
were made for the Annual Iowa
ip,iftJleldiJfce Fair
Grounds,- Saturday, Augusts.
' ' All Iowa people In Salem and
vicinity 'are Urged to be 'present.
Aj picnic dinner will be served at
noon and a fine program is being
prepared for the afternoon. Mr,
Glenn Adams is ' president of the
association, Mr; T T. Croset.,, vice
pfesident, and U.' S. Dotson,
secretary. - ; . A !;'
Sfercliant's Lnnch 45c f
Choice ' of 4 entries Valley
Grill. ! al6
prficlal IJght Testing Station,
Open to- p. m.
the exit. The. guard in the first
tower north of the entrance, which
controls the locking and' unlock
ing of the prison gate, evidently
saw the "warded and pressed the
buzzer , automatically unlocking
the gate. Contrary td advices
from former ' governor Oswald
West, the gate was not left un
locked Tor it also automatically
swings shut and requires a strong
pull to open. '
John Sweeney, guard at the
first tower known as Post 1, had
Just relieved Lute Savage for din
ner ana evidently was the man
who opened the gate.
" Details' of Just what occured
may never be known for the men
most concerned are dead and In
the subsequent riot men were too
excited to render a. lucid account
own power. The touring car was Urnkey, witn fIsts d a ht.zr;
over the convicts at meal times1
the guard on duty and his rifle
and ammunition were never taken
Into the dininc hall together. The
guard with an empty rifle would
enter the case and securely lock
the door. After which another
guard would bring the ammuni
tion, wnen the meal was over 1
the rifle would be unloaded and! GIB IS AT FOREIGN
Stage and Car Hit i ; ;
; A Portland bound stage and a
small touring car crashed near!
Gervais last night without serious
According to reports the driver of
the touring ear was blinded by
headlights' on machines approach
ing, him and he is said to have
moved 'over to' the wrong side of
the highway. The stage was not
seriously damaged and was able
y SUm&;W4itt4n to-Ttfoceed- to Portfcrnd- under its
Hop Picking- 1
f in the Mlnta . yard
Monday, Aug," 17th.
i n - -v .v.,.. !..."
Moore To Make Trip
j "Will.' Moore, state) insurance
commissioner and fire marshal, is.
slated, to make an address be
fore the convention of the Fire
Marshal's association i of North
America ' at San Antonio, Tex. I
September . 17 to 21. He will
speak on fire prevention.
thrown into the ditch by. the . im
pact and is said to have been
damaged considerably.
Instead of sealing it 4 French
I radio expert has mounted a high
power vacuum tube on a. vacuum
pump that It kept in operation
while the tube is In use.; !
Contractors and Wood workers !
' I 'have a four-in-one woodwork
machine and motor almost new
for sale reasonable. Terms. See
O. J.- Hull. -Top Shop, -rear Fire
Department. i t al6
Genera White Improving .
i General George A. White, who
has been confined to his home by
illness tor several weeks, -isi great
ly Improved nd' Is expected
back aV. hia office in a" few days.
- - ' ---- --
All Slakes of . Cameras Repaired
f Duke's musical: Instrument re
pair shop, room ' 3,' "McCornack
Salmon for Canning.'
14c per lb. sliced; 2 lbs. for 23c.
Midget Market. 1 alo
Park Meeting Slated
- Regular " 'Sunday afternoon
unlrtn larvlM in Wlllann Tiarlr t
4 o'clock will be continned today ferrell of Salem, brother of
with' "Rev. H." F. Pemberton,' pas-
; Ferrell ' f
In this city on August 14,
Charles L.. Ferrell, age 44 years.
Husband of Mrs. Cora- Ferrell.
and 'father of Ronald and Zeda
Ferrell. Son of Mr. anf Mrs.1 D.
bldgrover Mfllers.
tor 'of the f( Wesley I Methodist
church, as the. principal speaker.
Mrs. W.; J. "tintoot will be the
soloist, with TOcal selections oy
C. R. Muston, who will lead the
I In. . k T 11
Takes Teaching Position r s 6'-s- v
; f Robert fcittler, ; who ? atended Preside. , In the weather does
Willamette -: university, fdr the I ot '".?w air meeung. ar-
1n. in Years, has accented a I rouscmcuis ua,0 d" inuo w uo
Mrs. Esther Strickland of Salem,
Mrs. Marguerite Hart and Mrs.
Delia Lamb, both of Portland and
esse Ferrell of Seattle." " The de
ceased was a member of the Cen
tral lodge. Knights of Pythias, and
brass enspidor and disposlnr of
one or two other onarnted guards.
the convicts obtained the keys to
the arsenal and obtained rifles.
one shotgun and revolvers togeth
er with plenty of ammunition.- It
Is probable that they fired the
first shot, several of which were
aimed at the guard In Post No. 7,
the tower just south of the en
trance, and at Post No. 1, which
was the point of attack
Hearing the sound of the battle
Lute "Savage lumped up "from the
table and headed 'for the prison
garage, across the street and west
of Post No. 1. J. M. Holman.. on
duty at Post No. 2, the tower at
the northwest corner of the wall
hearing the shots, evidently came
down the wall In support o
Guard Sweeney. He received two
rifle wounds, one in the arm and
one. in 1 the leg. that in the arm
shattering the bone: Feeling fain
he descended the steps inside the
SSyoSha. fnedlpition, to teach political ?ctence the First Methodist church it the
Farmers' Store Opei
-ti . - i , , Tfi 1 tuversnv. j oi. hwili"
uuiin wi ticumcu ouviness namni.' . -'v - m . t-
ii;;A..i'. ji..!..! Littler has been . attending ; Stan-
inn 1 no 1 in nnon in rirmnmiwvi umnioiu .Vi
Supp'y store Jn .Mount Angel. The
shop will be ready tor business at
ones. '," V" : ' '. -
1 v
Planer Trimming Wood
Immediafe deliveryV'OTder now.
Spauldlng' Logging Co." phone
1830. - -', al9
vlans' andi wasV graduated this
SprUfg.-He Is a graduate bt Salem
hlgl. school.
Woodrv Ru vs Fnrnlt
H6tdr,kt Summer and Norway
itreetsv Phone 6tU i H5
Used Dishes and Cookl
Vtenslls., Stftf's Used
tufe Store. T'. . .
' al
- ' -
Pay Cash for Famitmre -
Ttaoiie' 7S ' 1
' ii
the First Christian church, offi
ciating. Final services at the
mortuary and at the cemetery
were In charge of ' the . Masonic
lodge. Interment was made at
the City View cemetery In' Salem.
School Bay
the ammunition taken away. After
this the guard and the empty rifle
wuold leave the cage. This made
it Impossible for any convicts to
gain possession of both gun and
How the escaped convicts man
aged to gain possession of. tools
with which to cut their! way
through the roof of the building
Is not known and perhaps never
will be known. When and how
they or other convicts . found sn
opportunity to manufacture the
knives Is not known." Every few
weeks, without warning." the con
victs are lined up in the orison
yard and subjected to a minute
search. This never falls to reveal
contrabrand of various sorts. In
cluding money. The "shake down"
general yields a motley' collection
of knives of all kinds, varying
from a pocket knire that the aver
age man carries to crude weapons
made from bits of iron to danger
ous weapons fashioned from files
of all kinds. ; Owing to the tem
per of the file the knife thus made
has an exceptionally sharp cutting
edge. ,
How Tracy and Merrell. who
killed three guards tn an escape
from the prison foundry within
the walls the morning of "June 9,
1902, obtained possession of their
rifles was a mystery for several
(Continued from page 1)
It has been done In a pleassci
vein and the gentlemen from
othT countries who hare thus
spoken have kept entirely within
the bounds of propriety. I offer
co criticism of their actions, but
it Is a matter of surprise' that
their ridicule has provoked
laughter and applause. If one of
us were addressing French,
Italian or almost any European
audience. I feel sure that Such
ironic criticism would receive a
cold reception.
"I believe that the remarks
arc drawinc near . j
The best time 0 j
h a v e s o ri . ,br.
daughter's cyrs '
examined is
We are equipped '
to give you 'any
will not
be' furnished un
less needed
Morris Optical Co.
- .-. -
J01-4 Oregon Bids.
Salem Oregon
Dr.i White, Osteopathy
Electronic diagnosis and, treatment,-
' . ' ;:" : 16
i For "Rent to Responsible
I Hi Women., 7
Well equipped, ' down
1 r . ...
170 N.
Rare Date Is Set .' t v.-p
Motorcycle races will be held at
Independence next Sunday, Aug
ust! 2 S, it was announced yester
day.' Eight events are scheduled
for the Trogf ami with some of the
best. riders. Including Cody Evans,
of Salem, participating. The track
, has- been -entirely ; , reconditioned
and is in excellent shape. .
tion. ; For
Victor and Brunswick' '.i
0 Records at H. U Stiff Furni
ture Co.' :H ;. " :Z I 1
Fifty Dollars
Win sell , bungalow at
23rd St.; en Monday tor
Terms : 9 250 : cash", balance $25
town loca-1 monthly. See Ralph H. McCurdy. I ferment
oiuce over Aimer s store. ais
street car operator. Funeral I tower and sought the open air at
norvinp. Mnn Inrmf 17 at'lOlthe fOOt Of the StatfS
a .in. RIadon fe Son mortuary. Seeing Guard, Holman come out
Interment in City View cemetery.
' MIrlan R. Frye, at the residence
1140 South Twelfth, August J15,
at the age: of S3 years. Shells
Survived by four sons. Charles, I
of salem, A. A. J., of San Fran
cisco, T. R of Camas, and W J.
of Idaho, and by two sisters. Mrs.
A. Gardner, of Salem, and Mrs.' A.
Bell, of San Francisco. The body I
will be shipped Monday by the
Webb funeral parlors to Lewiston,
Idaho, for funeral services and In-
Life Insoraace ' Co.
Res. 140 N. 21st
" 'Phone 1100
vn al8
Von Telephone TJa, 119 , i
, We'll deliver it; no matter how
Ismail (ha item. Capital Drug. :
Salmon for Canning
S4c per lb. sliced! 2 lbs. for 25c
Midget Market.-i al5
Inquest Begins Monday
'j The coroier's 'inquest ' into the
death . of J. M:' Holman, John
we'eney and Bert Oregon, Jones.
the two guards and one convict
who were killed during: th escape Court.
of three other convicts at the
tate prison i Wednesday j night.
will begin at 2 o'clock Monday at
; ternoon.
Supremacy! j - --
"In quality of ; workmanship,
tone, and now price. . 65 and up
tor upright and 'period models,
Moore's Music House, '09-415
Now la the Time to Get Rid of I
Those Tgly Spot 7 5
TWre'i rut loocrr th Blizfite! seed of
frelinr aKhmmed s( roar (mrklea, Oth
iaa donbU trenrtli 1 fuarsntead t
rn tbe kemelr spot.- . T
-McDonald gleaners - 0 '
: .709 Highland 'A venue .
V telephone 2217 r
Wo iTe called tor and delivered
Money to
! By payment of lS.CO per month f Gladlolus-
; for lio Tnonths a wan or ll.un Funeral designs. 'D. H. Upjohn,'
way ivujbu, -9v'' IS64-S. Liberty Phone 1700. al6
terest. see. Raipa it. Mcunray.i sj. ;- -. ..- : r v -
t Miller's store. Phone 96, , k iliavi:
t "r -..-'v " " 1 ii u. .'t .
Dodge Sedan Bargain ,
See'thls af Certified Public
Motor Car Market b? phone 885 'lT't
Moore Cleans "3Ibs1c ;
Latest 'hits .Tn records.
music- at rioore's Ikluslc House,
'4M-ilS Court.,? t. . i 1 al6
'L On his vacation and his erf ice
sheet l" oc .tiiuw; , wuu
evening nnxu aepi. ;isu ? . ao
; 3Iany! Seek Work - ; ..- ..
: J3ni. hsndrc t and. - nlnety-stx
- men And "4 wornVnTeglsteretl at
tfie" iCA'' 'cmpfoym'ent bureau
ast week according to tho report
SixLlcenses Issued i
U G. jBoyef' , Marion county
clerk, issued, six mar riaro license!
yesterday. Those making applica
tions " were Rebcr G. Allen, post
master of Silverton,; and Lora
Ames. 518 Main street, Silverton;
J. 'Verne Chandler, carpenter, and
E. Mar jorle Alexander, both of
Simply ret mm uaet ot OtWe 4tfVto
ttTvatk from any 4rog-r 4vpartaiiit
tor and kd1t a little of it sirkt -and
Mrainr tad Tn tbold gea :m that
Tm tae wont froekVt hTolfC
while the tighter -. vaa.
entirrlr. It i ldr that more
tJ ae-owaee ia oeededu. 1 'templdtely
clear tthe akin aad cai a teali(ul com
plexion. - l., -
Be inre to atk for the kmk!trrvfit)i
OtMae as thla hi aold under rwaraatee- of
ntener heck if it tails to remeve yar .
Othine Laborateriea, lee - Buffalo,
. If. ASt.
v t - : TP CIORXLA "
i -,
4Ua rraactaea, aas way. flaJt ,.
. Xa tzlpk 3.M. - : ri
i "Xae"AaeIa, a w, 1279- '
BeaaA tup, 1 50.00.
Bpecla! Xatea te Parties f"
X- tig at r Mora .
ler Inroraiatlea aad7 aeeerraUeaa
, Phase 9,-er aU M t-
V Salem. Pregoov ;
Swtexnujg Daily
Don't let that summer cold
get the best of you. Get a
bottle of
Schaefers Herbal
Cough Cure
All lrrtrHptlons filled by men
' ' wh know how
The Yellow Front
The Tenslar Store
133 North Commercial Street
, Fhoae 197
Buy any make of
Typewritera Heated
We make Rubber Stamps,
1 Sesls. etc.
Ask us tor prices,.
Atlat;Boclc &
Stationery Cp.
- '4 65 State Street '
1 to 10 p.m
Fainting and Decorating by
V . Skilled Mechanics - ,
Kcrmefly. Pant Shop
.... .Now .located!' at "
4Gabriei Powder & Snpply I
fVmnnn w '
-173 ethComaaerdal - i
' Telephone 728
Residence and store 1610 N: Summer Street
Phono SIH
f r
EsUblished 1916
;' ' . - ' ' "' ! ' - i
. -. - ' . - - - - t "
i. n
IlaHame rostponed--
. schclutc4 1 basebaH tm be- pute,7 SalenlOral R. Rlx, a
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-tays 'Cash For iTuraJtoVe "
Re, and Store 1610 Nortb.
; Summer
Phone 5J1
LADD Cz BUSH,3anIcers
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v 1 General Ban!dnfujncs
, Office Hoars from 10 a-xa. to 8 p.m.
Specials on iWood'
Largo load l-ln. slab wood.. J .7 -
Cord 4-fL slab wood $l.r per tor';
Cord large second growth fir O If. 50 per c
Cords large second growth rrr r? I 00 ptr r o r 1
14 iqcb old fir
4 FU oak .
4 Ft.: akh .
.,. Maple
.... ii.di mi sx.&o per
f 18.00 and $1.50 per
Q 7.0 and t'.OO per
.O J7.C0 per
1 i
c: .
PnOXB 1543