The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, August 13, 1925, Page 4, Image 4

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J. t, f IstMd Dlly Except Moods? 1y '
.-,v-..v.' ' - r tis-Soa Commercial. 8t, 8lem, f -fo. V
contention of the writer.that the loganberry industry can be r suits' For Breakfast
(wTw successfully organized and permanently stabilized by the I : . ,
JjtLjt , "' - - -. - " , -' " "y -irifir.i 'We hare seed boom
right man, with avyision ; taking advantage of all marketing ; s
channel including the juice business. Wanted, a man with
a vision. The thing can be put over on absolutely safe lines.
R. . HttiSrieki ' - . Msnarcr
Fr4 J. Toom -.. MMtiiic Kditor
. t Citr Editor
O. K. Lor an
llU Bmijth
Andred Bntqh
- - Society Editor
ki n i. n. - . - .
W. H. Hedeig , Ciralotloa Maaairer
Ralph H. Kltsia .Mvwnisiag Manager
Frank 4kM &ftfatt J" "pt.
E A- hot V.- IrfTwitoeL Editoi
W, CL Ooa&ei' - Totiltry Editor
But it cannot be overdone.
S , i
We hare the best district in the
United States for a great seed in
dustry. .!.
nfilno- rrn r nnor In rnanv
The necessity of a protective -tariff is continuously ap- hjnes. witness the many upeciai-
narpnt t vprv nnnreiudiced observer. - Amonsr the Indus- ties mentioned in the Slogan
..... ; ... ... 'iBMXZB. Or THE ASSOOTAIBIV PBBSt" ' ' ' "
' - Tho-Aisorfatrd Praaajt MclasivelT entitled to tie a a mmhutht' Vi rw
. dlapatohea credited to It 'or to otkerwiaa credited ttte vavac amA alae. taa Keai
awa pabliabed kereiaf-J - -
'-"'. ,'..: A " BUSINESS ; OFFICES , f-. : .; " .
Albert Byera, 83d Worretter Bldr. Portland, Ore. . ' . .,, :
Thomas T. Clark Ce New Tork, 128-136 W. 8Ut St.: ChfS. Marxt" I . . , : U.mi r V, Qt.0 minprl in fnur I
' Doiy Parma, sharoa Bug. San Franeiwo, Calif.: n.P(tin. BwTiia Miaa. caiu. potteries and paper mills of the country are minea in iouritry
some of the mineral industries of the country.
i ' PiVhtPPn ! tipY . rent 'of clav Droducts for use in the
1"Baitnaaa iOHieSS'or S8S
: Boelaty Editor.. , ,, ,.
arenlatioa 0ffiea.583 Newa' XiLrtaMnt .23- M
10 : Job, tepartnient ' "' ' .583
S !
Salem district seeds will sell
on quality. That is the best, kind
of a foundation for a great Indus-
Trie world will want our
southern states! And through tariff protection ana mien- seeds when it is certain that they
be had.
Kntered at the Post Offiee ia Salem, Oregon, aa aeeond-elaaa .att'
Jr .rtJUJLES FOR RIGHT.LIVINGr Let all irftteniessv and wrfeth, and
anger, a pd clamor, and eril Bpeaklng; be put way. from you, with all
milln' anil ho v klnrt nna ts anothfiTj tpndpr-hpartfitl. foreivin? one
" V another, eveni asjGod for Christ's sake hatnforglven, you. f Ephesians
a Possible gigantic seed industrV
A lot of progress has been made in the seed industry in
J ! tjie Salem district sinceltfee.annuil Slogan numbel on Seeds
i nf last vpar. nf The Statesman iO' iii. 1
k' A lot more since these issues were begun;
J But the possibilities are very great. Only a fair start
has so -far been-made A number of years agor when he was
agriculturist of Marion county, Luther J Chapm? said:
sive effort to improve methods of production and preparation c th best that can
. r - . , . . ... .j..x II... u:il 1
great progress has been maae in mis inuusiry. iuuwiuic Some of the b,s ea8tern seed
tP marwifapturG of this Droduct has increased rapidly espec- houses see the ylsion already. Hut
r.rl r-onfral states. A' tariff DfOtects the what We need ls organization here.
imijr, in vc .mwuuvih w.. . - on a gentle 8Caie. This is no
workmen7 from competition with lower wages paid, to the pent up vtica. it is an4ndustry
labor, of England from whence is imported to this country that can be made world wide in
both raw and finished pottery material. ! ' ;
1 1 - At this time there is before the Interstate Commerce h
As long as men are kept in pen
commission application for reduction in ocean and rail rates itentiaries or put into, jail i there
n the English clav imported for manufacturing purpose and " .fLTL1! .!LS "J
in comoetition with our own American product mined Dy policy to make escapeas small in
our own workmen at American wages which encourage and number as is Poibie by proper
sustain the American standard of living. . II i
i If this ocean and inland freight rate reduction is maae i it is a pity there cannot bq many
J - -j :i Affwfnf ViP Picistinff tariff thousands of copies of this Slo-
ipr tnis imporxea - v.. ""T "V gan number of The Statesma,
... . 111 1 4ln enma rmaltmn Wit n I
TViis is the is nuiiiiied ana tne proaucer wm ue m , Into tne nand8 of tne riRnt men
reference to wages. as if there were no tanu. ahu umess
the manufacturer can 'and will absorb the differential the
producers , of j the raw product and of the manufactured
articles will suffer wage reduction;
The commission should consider. unusually carerui tne
ir t---'. - ? - I 1. . Ui-V. U n -tA-' KAnA miran
ftti which the conditions obtiinrns in this effect of the redaction injes soa, t and
; w v. . ,1,, .Ji' ,i a TYioriVan in'Hnstrv before rendering decision.
i section-warrant. ine wiuamene vauey is p auapicu w - . . .
. ' . ."r-... , . ' jjJ ...i .i'Lf li , j i
( rthe pToducwott ot mgn class seeas, not,oniy(oi uienwui
fem orq crops, or ' grains,' but also of flower an; garden
cedsSiTheJ-ious, types kof ; soil,everal of which jmay be
iliound inaery. limited area, and, the usually dry summers,
' adpt thi locality to the production of high priced, flower and
ganfoh' seeds.'
At that time, that was hke a voice crying in the wilder-
liessJ But "rapid changes have come since ;then, and many
people begin to sens.e the great future of our seed industry, the maxxkiv proclaims
.There must be volume, and certainty of a continuous supply. MAN
But these things are entirely possioie. . , i u is marvellous (as many oth-
Tro pp1 inrliistrv of which Salem is the center now runs ers before me have remarked) how hut that of Justice
-:i,:. n,.. Kf f ic r-oWp f vast arirl ranid Uverv man's individuality (that isL is lair to Denere u to oe a
I II I. II II11111U11S Alill Uail T WUW ACT .uuw.v. " . X I I w .1, mon -wtln l o a wt
development. Realizing the possibility of being accused of fo say. the union of a definite char- conscJence In gmall thlng3 will Le
acier wjm a uemnic 'uicucvw bi RCOundrel In bie things
lous and selfish behavior in small I terestlnj
things that a. sentiment ot justice
is foreign to his disposition, he
should not be trusted with a penny
Unless on dn security.
For the man who every day
shows he ls unjust In small mat
ters other than those which con
cern property, and whose unself
ishness everywhere protrudes
through small affairs of ordinary
life which are subject to no scrutiny,-
will not, it is certain, act
honorably in more important mat
ters without any other incentive
throughout the country it would
start many people this way to en
gage in various branches of the
s?ed industry. We need them;
men of vision and practical knowl
edge, and willing to learn more.
s s s
Read that larkspur story in the
Slogan columns. .The high, walks
of agriculture are wonderfully In-
YAKIMA. Aug. 12. W. L. Car
lyle, manager of the Prince of
Wales ranch near Calgary, Alta..
wiU judge beef cattle at the Wash
ington state fair this fall.! it was
announced today by A. R. Lawson,
fair secretary, who said Mr, Car
lyle has judged at several big
fairs and expositions in the: middle
west and east.
flocked to the vicinity ; of the
evening early in the evening. A
guard waettatioaed. t n. en
trance to the prison grounds to
prevent those, who had no business
from hampering the activities of
the prison officials. Cars were
parked for blocks In the vicinity
of State and,. Twenty-fourth. ;
Orders were received by the na-
tlnnal rnard late last night to
mobilhe about 40 ex-service men
members ' and others who t had
proven, proficient on the rifle
range-' and these took the field at
daybreak. . t
Ilolman's body was taken to tne
nininn moriuarr while tnat 01
Sweeney was taken to Webb's fu
neral parlors. i ;
Doth Holman and Sweeney were
woti-Vnnwn in Marion and Polk
counties ai'iertrad 'beiTr' resi
dents of Dallas for years berore
coming to the penitentiary; as
mards. Holman is a brother or J
Mrs. Dalrymple, wife of the, war
den. . . : I
Jones, the dead convict, was re
ceived from - Josephine county
January to. .1922, to serve 20
years tor assault and robbery, j
Ellsworth Kelly was received
January 20. 192S, from Josephine
county-to serve 20 years for aiding
a prisoner to escape. ,!
Tom Murray was received from
Lane county December 12, 1923.
tn serve 20 years on a charge of
assault with a dangerous weapon
and larceny in conection with the
robbery of the bank at Florence.
Prison record, show that he has
served time In Sad Quenttn. Neva
da, Sacramento and fortiana.;
James Willos was received from
Umatilla county April 13 1924. to
kerve not to exceed seven years for
burglary. Prison records, show
that he had previously served -in
San Quentin and the Oklahoma
reformatory. - I ' 1
Jones, Kelly. and Murray were
three of the five convicts who
Mcanert over the prison! wall the
morning of March 28. 1924. all
five being returned. Jones was at
liberty nearly a year and was
brought back to the . prison early
In the spring from Sacramento
where he was under a 30-day sen
tence for pettit larceny.;
Stars of Big Circus
.Lnjoy Many Jbuxuriies f
( - : - AM
II - l ; .k I
-.Ft. . s' - y-y. yp ,
fey end far cpen air "Dressrig Roan'
Kings and queens of the circus J i'y of world famous acrobats. This
don't mind life on Jhe road now
adays. Traveling with a giant or
ganization liie Ringling Brothers
Ay T)ana XV 111 ! ista mmKlnOri
MAY CANCEL' INSUnAiiCc that boasts more than 100 extra
length railroad cars, is a far cry
(Continned from par 1.)
iLH44n Vio irrraTi" oHitnr is willinor tn risk his reDutation
ICUHtUIIKi fcil. 'Vfc".' -- ... . I . . . . . . , t I !
-'.XilK that if it were possible fbr.tWs issue of The a the .o....-
Statesman to fall into he right hands, this one copy would be important details, as though it
tWp nutnut of a rich sold mine to Salem and were a dye that pervaded Jhem
T v.i Lii - - . w r. . 1 - I . . .1 "I. , l nncanuonna a
mnn'a whole course of life his in-
Fox the result w6uld be. the building up here-of a gigan-lner and outer history turns out
j !.!.. j!ivntiAiinn nf cnnrmniis niiiin. so absolutely different from an-
tities of quality seeas oi grams i;raaocv j aulco
flowers. '
Tne natural conditions are right.
- What we need is the right man-
As a botanist knows a plant in
its entirety from a single leaf; as
zoologists, from a single bone con
struct the whole animal, so an ac
curate knowledge of a man's char
A" man Vith very large capital or able to organize that acter may be attained from a sin
i . j. . ...ji. ,rtdnr, ;,naMa nf hf.rQnin'no-lfle characterlfitle act.
K.1I1U OI CaUlUll, or a V"Q"11- Vi I Tk.t , n r.imlf mav
cooperatively ouagroweri Such a man would be able to make! to some extent be constructed
his lifetolint for great things; v He would be able to make not from it, even though the act in
only two blades of grass grow where only one grew before --v-
lie would be able to produce values running into the millions j These actg ;0f trifling conse- Lome stores.
olW jmiall worth existed before. tquece are, after all; the best key That.when you buy from home
m YTIuVL L ; ZA'j A alrparlv. h man's character, for In a mat- merchants you are sure of getting
! Ill -TOiinwrm mica-, yvc c " : I ter of importance ' people are on Talae received
We are growing the.kale Seed for the wnoie OI tne umieq thelr guard; in trifles they follow That you can't send money away
crV'"- '.: , j their natural bent, without reflec-1 from home and then expect to sit
- ' i . : . . . l . it.!- : .tnlnli ooaH I llOu.
; This IS the only district in tms cuumiy wncic v.v, That ,a vhy Seneca's ! remark.
t , that even the smallest things may
Did You Ever Stop
To Think?
Bt E. R. Waita. Secretary
Shawnea. Okla Board ot Commerca
That the merchants of your city
are offering you the best yarietjr
of real bargains ever offered. The
extent and quality of these bar
gains are amazing.
That you should always read
the advertisements of your mer
chants before you buy. You can
save money by buying from them.
That you should never buy from
a catalog or a peaaier uniu you
first price the same article at
his home suffering from shock, a
possible fractured jaw and other
face wounds. j
OOregon Jones was shot by John
Davidson, guard, as he left the
foot of the tower; One bullet
struck him in the right hip and
another in the side of 'the head.
As the other men left the tower.
Warden Dalrymple, from
(By Associated Press.) Suit o
cancel a $25,000 insurance policy
held by Charles Henry Schwartz.
perpetrator i of the 'too perfect
crime" at Walnut Creek, on the
ground of fraud; was filed in fed
eral court here today by the Nor
thern Life Insurance company of
Seattle. This Is believed to be
from the little wagon show that
bumped its way over the rough
country roads a quarter ot a cen
tury ago.
The stars of the sawdust world
do not envy Ihe railroad president
his palatial private car. They al
most pity the average mortal who
is forced to ride in an ordinary
Pullman, so splendidly are their
own trairrj fitted with conveni
Ib produced profitably.
j Our 'farMier rdceiv
and watch the home city grow
It won't.
..That money sent' away from
TtkeiVe1 lanre 'sums '-"annually- for their red j be taken as evidence of character, home helps to build some other
- l' - " I la i'4iiia I ntlw ttm1 Villa rAn a
is so true.
And it is why trained and dis-j
cerning psychologists can get. at
We raise the best oat seed m the nitea caates, au r"1 " 3t7" " '
clover! eed. 'and for their. Aisike clover seed.,
j We have the greatest bulb farms in the United States.
tiey are world embrac-
i in a wide marked covering, this and, ottier countries ; and w
V 2.r u ..:f o err on the North Amencan.con
raise me iicancaw, v. e--- - ; v'
tinent, sending car load lots to j the manufacturers of bra:
fast foods, who prefer our kind.! . ' : : ' j !
;jyfth the aid of our Oregon Agricultural college, we jiave
put oyer a new industry, in growing Purple vetch seed-j-and
o cittrpfltr virforv in this line is now going over, inj the
production of the new Hungarian vetth seed. One farmer
say iBJs alone Will be worth annually all our experiment
station has cost us. " I
! MAtiv 'other lines bf eed growing are well under way or
lavet5ecureda strfrt here. " .
' s JV the opportunities are great ; t
0. Dickinson, a pioneer seedsman, demonstrated long ago
thai the Salem district was ideal for the production oi quaiuy
garden and flower and grass and grain seeds. He raised them
her. and found a' market for them, j yj y
j While his business was a considerable one for the piotv-
rpr.tavR. the nresent onrwrtunities are immensely greater;
Again, the money would ', come n increasing amounts
frfwniear to year, by the thorough organization of the grow
ers' themselves. They haVe the capital nowIn their indus
lryfcand in their land. - . j , !
: -Thiswould be new money, each year' brought here by our
sunshine and our showers and the fruitfulness of our soils,
properly organized to do the work that they are by nature
calculated to do.
r. This matter-is all irery plain now. There are n dif f icul
titliUt might not be easily overcome. -Here is a distinct call
for the creation of a great industry, the building up of which
would confer much good upon the world, and which would
1 'faring here:immeiise sums of 'tnohfy eaclf ' year, ' honesty
city and kills yours
In order for a city to grow and
Its people to prosper, everyone
must keep busy helping it grow
Cities can't grow without the
aid of better business. Better
If a man shows by his unscrupu-4 business builds better cities.
the street, fired into the group
with his shotgun and one of the
men w-as seen to waver as though
hit. Later reports were; to the
effect that: Murray was the man
wounded by the warden, j
Leaving the. prison the three
men beaded for the. state hospital.
where they found themselves in
tuck as C. V. Ivltts. an attendant
at the hospital who had just been
discharged; was stepping Into Z. J.
Zinn's taxi. The machine was
While the body of Sweeney was
being removed from the tower,
convicts in the north wing ot the
prison staged a demonstration.
Shouts of i "hurray" were heard,
catcalls and whistles filled the air
while the tumult was increased by
banging on the cell doors' and rat
tling the bars. ' 1
Hundreds of persons, iriany of
them women, viewed the! remains
of Oregon Jones at the Rigdon
mortuary.' while ' as -word of the
escape spread;' other hundreds
Gentle Poslam
Heals Eczema
Poslam is the most concentrated
of skin remedies, yet its medica
tion is so safe and gentle that it
mav be used freely, even on a
baby's tender skin. ' It stops itch
ing INSTANTLY and quickly oyer
comes tormenting, disfiguring
eruptions. At all druggists'
only 50c.
On the circus lot the leading
performers' are likewise favored.
"7" 9n,..'.l.ury enough to be uh-
j Gil ered Knind rhl' mysterious . red
curtain ne win see almost a aozen
gaily decorated little tents, or
tops" as the circus people call
them. Thee are the private dress
ing and rest rooms of the ptars.
One of the biggest or the "spe
cial section" departments Is that
allotted to the great Nelson fam-
troupe conUts ot fatuer. mother, -n
seven daughters and a wa. TUlrXf I
costumes alone occupy 11 Jrunks. I J
Another special teat, divided." ' .,
into several sections, is that u-'IV,,
h- Iha u in met -nn t In pnf of itii- ' ,
bijr double circus. This tent hous
es .20 men and women who d
nothing with the cirrus t-ave giv"
rouch-riding exhibitions. There ii
a separate tent for their i0 hors s.
Among the mot arlLtic an!. '
at the same time lomfortabic ,
the smaller tents, are tbo. wni-
pied by May Wirth. greatest i.f J
all somersaulting enuestrtcnn'vs: ;
and Lily Lcitzel. aerial ii-en ot i
the circus. The tents rntsii i
wardrobe, trunks, a drtvi:;r tjl"" i
and chairs. Dainty cretonne ,ox-
ering give the boudoir imnh
dear to the feminine hear?, ru
der the marquee In frtit ar
steamer chairs and hamrn'k.
where ahe artists rest aft r th'ir
strenuous performance.
The big circus with H !"'"?'' ;
of features, hundreds of prforn-
ors. Including the rtars with 1 1 ir
private dressing "tops.", will en
to Salem Saturday, August 29.
To Retain Your Youthful
.Wo rocommond the daily use of
Which contains lfi sf Poslam
Ointmont i.y !
i . Adv.
the only policy held by Schwartz
on which there was any possibil
ity of cancellation. The policy Is
payable to his widow. Schwartx
carried insurance in excess of
$100,000. His suicide, after mur
dering a wandering missionary n
an asserted death hoax, made void
all other policies.
Th Northern Life company
contends that although Schwar
applied for the policy on 'August
2, 1924, it was not dated nntil
August 14. and therefore void
since Schwartz killed himself
within a year after the policy was
The companv In complaint fnr-
hwattx rjf)
ind. in tiiv '
ther contends that Son
tained the policy by fra
he stated he contem;Ut.l Jy
"change of residence ct otu I j
t ion. whereas he Intended to nyr ! !
teriously disappear, jeadinc tV f
company to believe he ha-I V"c
killed"; that be voided the poM.t
by "engaging in blasting" tn tV.
night of the .Walnut Creek r- ;. ,
plosion and by "handling r'
manufacturing explosives" on tb-.
fcame occasion.-
Radio enthusiasts in IJurm
have formed a -lub at Rah ; -
and plan to do their own broal
i 1
s 1 The Statesman of yesterday, iiji this department, re-
lerrea XO ine Closing OI ine loganuerr jjwi ui me irfuuucco
Canning & Packing Company, at five and five-eights cents a
pound.! Yesterday this Icorhpahysent" out checks on their
black raspberryVwfi it 1$ cents a pound, and on their straw
hcxry pool at fl. cents a : pound, . This i3 all in support of the
Jll .U" YNfacwfcxwsK-T'll (I - I -. j ' II " I . I . . T ..... II- I . ' Jl I
' aT
t JU- i ; .; " :; . : : ' " ,. ... . i !
DOROTHY D ARNTT ; '? I ' . By Charles McJlano. j
j VHERE HAVE "i f UP N "THE ) ( THEY HAVE. "71 11 C -r-r-' .' 1 WMATS H I ' I " 1 ') 1L ,1
mmmwmmmwmmmmmmmmm, m-mmmm , mmmmmmm
: J.J.;.:;:. . ' .j.;.1J: ' - ' '