The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, August 12, 1925, Page 9, Image 9

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G. W.'Johricon.& Co.
469 State
v For Correct
Come in and see our
All the latest patterns
jSce Our -
; t
Straw Hats at
Half Price
Here Is your chance to set
a nice Overland touring la
Up top shape at 4 00.
A Chevrolet toaring which
looks good and also runs
like new, 1924 model, at
And a 1922 Ford touring
with wire wheels at $150.
Judge in 150,000
Cases Now Insane
labor-; 'council: meets
Revenue Is Increased V
Since May 28 the Marion county
clerk has turned over to the state
treasurer $10.5 received as a re
sult of the increase in the filing
costs of divorce papers. The in
crease was authorized by the 1925
legislature and raises the fee from
$5 and $10 to $10 and $15. Prop
erty or money Involved In the case
determines the cost. For amounts
under "$500. the cost Is now $10,
for over that amount the registra
tion lee Is $15. , ....
i - -.
' i . t-- ...-: ..
.v -w . ; 1 : ;Y ;: ;i
Ln J
. . .
dxxgat;l3 to state fedee
found for RFrrr:
'i t
- - - 1, ..... . . . '
Marlon Brand Ftodnrt Cornrnaad
Higher Prices Thau Others j
Through East ' ,
Woodry Buys Furniture-
Store at Summer and Norway
streets. Phone 511. JIBtf!
Fair in, the Interior; generally
cloudy near the coast, cooler;
light west winds. Max. 8i Min
53: River 1.9, stationary; Rain
fall none; Atmosphere partially
cloudy; Wind southeast,. .1
The Theater Today
in .
r ... - Y' . v - ' - - Y i
OregonAnna Qv Nllsson,
Ben Eyon, Ma Jorle Daw
in "OnoWay Street," i
"Craitd Adolphe V Mcnjou
Greta Nissen-in ."tost A
' Wife.' !
IUlgh Eva isWak In "Ra
clna for L4fe.M;; y y :
: , ' ; ,YY'f'j.":;t':s',-!;Y:'.V".'' ?J" '
the estate as exempt and as be
longing to Samue N. Martin who
died recently after being appoint
ed executor of the Briggs estate.
G. F. Mack has now been named
administrator. .
Checks Are Mailed -
Checks were placed l,n the mail
i 3trday by the Producers Pack
ing & Canning company for their
growers who this year will receive
5 Wc per pound for their logans,
Virtually all of their pack this
year went tq foreign markets. The
price is somewhat higher than the
average price paid here. which be
gan at 5 cents and eneded up later
in the season at 5 cents.
I Scotch to Hold Picnic
People of Scotch descent are to
hold a picnic of their own at the
state fair grounds on Thursday
Sunday night. while the superin-a on
tendent was cutting wood, j The kairn,na wnrM. A
basket dinner Is to be served at
six o'clock. - Those who .'plan to
attend have been asked to meet
. Market returns received by tke
Salem Black Cherry Growers' as
sociation indicate that the grow
ers will this year receive slightly
more than 11 cents per pound fer
the fruit packed by the assocla
tion. It was announced yesterday
hr O E. Brooks, manager. T The
association price Is from 1 tolH
cents more than wis paid by fruit
brokers, during the season. ; .
Marion brand cherries packed by
the association brought from 30
cents to a -dollar more on the eaat
rm markets than any other ears
In ompetltioa with the local cars
from any district. Thexoolyex
ceptlon to the consistently higher
prices received by the association
was a car shipped from Hood
I River with the cherries faced lu
the boxes while none of the asso
ciation cherries were so faced.
In one combination car tarry
ing partly Marlon brand - cherries
of the association and other, cart
of a competitor; the Marion brand
brought TO cents higher than the
Others.' In one of the cars shipped
RRAMWP1 I Fll P5 RPTIIR T boxes were stolen en. route aud
v"avl wmm m 9 mm toW I to I W III. .vY. .VI . Via
a inoiuer luiymcui icw :uv
After presiding in ' Chicago
courts for 43 years, Judge
George M. Kentcn has been de
clared insane and placed ia cus
tody of his wife. -He heard more
than 150.000 cases, mostly crim
inaL . i . . j
fingers -were struck by an axe at
the point where: they are joined
to the hand wlrUeJIr.'Purvine was
cutting wood "Jar'.the fire in the
shed where wiJsr4s heated for the
use of tourists. The cut made was
so deep that even if the fingers
are saved he will not be able to
use them actively it was said.
Frank C. B ram well, state ; su-
I . . . . .
on Cnnrcn street Between, tnei r"iujnaeni ol winis, nas uiea
court house and postofflce at one I returns and demurrer to tne
o'clock in the afternoon. I alternative writ of mandamus in
the circuit court in . the case of
Rumor Fouud Untrue I the State of Oregon in the rela-
' ' Reports published in the Capital 1 tion of George Putnam, demand
Jonrnal reeentlv to the effect that I Intr ' t hn mtum f mtata hinVln.
ol . 1 I 7 .. I ; o
v cum.! . . . la ivmnithT itrlra wna imiwnHlnf I ti..j.n.ri... a a o n l A irv. .
oijl-iuuui mouern oungaiow, at the Salem hospital because 01 per a were filed yesterday.
half block from car line, taken on the departure of Miss Steele sup- ia the demurrer, Bramwell's
foreclosure; will sell tor exact erintendent, on September 1, were attorney declares that the relator,
amount of mortgage I $1950.00. found to be untrue by the execu- George Putnam, is without legal
Terms $250 cash, balance $25 tive - committee of the hospital capacity to maintain the proceed
monthly. Ralph H. McCurdy. of- which gave consideration to ' the iBe. .n,t th.t ihrA i. .nMW.c
were missing when the fruit ar
rived - at its - destination. ;These
constituta outstanding claims In
, favor of the association and when
these are collected there will be
Mfor 'damai
(015.42 and
The Salem Trades and Labor
counen is sending James Turner,
president, and S. B. Davidson,
business agent, as delegates to the
State Federation of Labor in
Marshfleld August 24. The mat
ter of financing the delegates oc
cupied much time at the labor
meeting last Bight. . J. w. Brant
was elected trustee to succeed Roy
BVodgetL.-'who . recently moved to
Bend. . Several of the local unions
reportde that they were sending
one 6r two delegates to the Marsh-
field me-ting.'
Dr. John E. Long, chiropractor,
appeared before the council to ob
tain 1 support of organised labor
looking toward a change In the
law that will permit men coming
under the workmen's eompensa
tion act to go to a chiropractor if
they desire and not be compelled
to seek the services of a member
of i the medical fraternity. Dr.
Long stated that bills sent to the
Mate industrial accident 'commis
sion for services rendered oy
member of the drug less healing
fraternity -were not being recog
hired and " the workmen were
forced to psy for treatment where
as bills rendered by the medical
men were allowed.
ages aggregating .
d the fsxce'.latlcn c
rff&t 'graVii? 1 ly the Torm, ser
vkefor rlfiU l s ia tiJ'Dcsi
chutes forcet.
The land in the Deschutes tor
est Is kgpwn as Crane Prairie.
PORTLAND. Or.. Aug. 11.
(By' ' Associated Pre.) Forest
E. Littlefield, deputy - United man for distribution to the SUtes district attorney, today III-
fice over Miller's i Store,
Young People Optomlstic '
The young ; married people of
the First Presbyterian church are
optomistic over the possibilities
for relief here "from the recent
heat spell. Yesterday they an
nounced that In case of rain the
picnic which they are planning for
tonight at Hager's . grove, will be
held in the parlors of the church.
Sounds like the good old days,
someone has. remarked.
Trial Date Set I ; ' j
' The case of the State of Oregon
against Jesse Sheeman of iWest
Stayton, charged with contributing
to the delinquency of a minor, ia
scheduled to come up in justice
court Monday, August 17, at 10
o'clock. The case will be herd
before Brazier C. Small, .Justice
of the peace for1 the Salem dis
trict. ,,Y, . Y.J , y -i :
matter yesterday. Besides the
nurse and dietician, whose resig-l
nations had been submitted some
time ago, none of the staff ex
pressed a desire to leave.
groyera above the 11' cents.J j
Of the seven cars shipped by
the association two were sent to
Xew York; ne went to Boston;
two to Pittsburgh, and two to
Chicago. . Six cars of Lamberts
were sent out and one of Blngs.
About 1(0 tons were packed in alL
In addition to the yield of the
association members the pool also
packed several lots for outside
growers, charging them a 7 V4 per
cent commission.
ed suit in the federal court against
the North Canal company of Port
land of which R- W. Hagood is
president and Oswald West, ex-
governor of Oregon, Is secretary.
Klenzo Dental Creme
Klenzo Antiseptic and a Klenz ,
Brush together make a com-
pleta treatment lor tccth,gums '
and mouth.
Clean and healthy teeth, mouth
and gums help maintain a.
healthy body.
Use the Klenzo. treatment dally.
Perry Dryg Stote
113 South Cora mere lal .
Ralem. Orecbn
Cherrlans; Enjoy Vlxit. '
Members of the local . Cherrian
organization "ho ' Monday night
participated in the Junket trip to
Dallas where .a.coricert was given
by- the Cherrian "band "came back
.... . liU' nosntlnn
Undergoes Operatloi
. Charles Ferrell, operator of one
of the Salem street cars' for the
past 18 years, underwent an oper
ation for appendicitis at a local
hospital recently.:.-- ; 'yj j
To Inspect Irrigation District .
United 'States Senators McNary
and Stanfield, and Representatives
Sinnott and Crumpacker, accom-
Luper and Assistant Engineer "ttn,n oeaaquaners irom , tne
Chadwlck are to meet in Bend to-1 pam oiuce to roruana. it is
morrow later to make an inspec-Jde:lared hy Putnam that i the
tion. tour of the north unit irrlga-1 move w. entirely, unapthorlzed
tion project. The congressional landthat it .was done merely to
tion pending ; between tne same
also declared; that the writ of FIRE LOSS IS HEAVY!
mandamus does not state or con
tain facts sufficient to constitute
a cause of . action against B ram-
well, or entitle the relator to re
lief. : .. - : ; ' ' . ,
The case was started some lime
ago r when Bramwell moved ' the
Light Six Studebaker Bargai
At Certified Public Motor Car
Mkt. This Is a 1924 model tour
ing, original paint, looks like new,
good tires and car - has .been drlv-
there. A program was given In Jen only a few thousand miles. See
addition to the concert. ' Among J tnis one or pnone lor oeraonstra-
the Boeakerawere King Bing J.I "on. : a
A. Perry.f Oscar Haeter, Dallas at
torney, W, O..Holcombe, and Fred
A. Williams, , 4- . ! '
: . '' ''t: :y-
Choice Gladiolus-
Funeral designs. D. H. Upjohn,
964 S. Liberty. Phone 1700. l al2
Clothesline Robbed
Fifteen fancy jshirts, and six
pair of mens" socks were stolen
from a clothesline, at her home be
tween 6:30 and 9:43 o'clock:Mon
day night,, Mrs. W. L. West of
1515 Court reported to police yes
terday. . " : .' " Y '
Ware Plans Trip
Harold Ware, local Boy -Scout
executive, will leave today for Se
attle where he-will remain until
next' week on. private business.
Upon his return he will begin n
sories of hikes which have been
panned for the local Scouts.
Hike Found-
A blue, frame bicycle
brought "to - police i headquarters
earlv thU mornine by Officer
Davis who reported having found
it abandoned on Liberty? street
near the Salem Bank of ' Com
merce. The wheel awaits identi
fication and claim ot.lts owner at
police headquarters. :
Weather Report Denied t
: State Forester F. A, Elliott has
taken exception to newspaper re
ports, that records for the longest
continued dry Spell i have been
broken : this summer. Quoting
yeathcr reports in his office he
asserts that In 1917 Portland was
was! S9 days, without rain, Tillamook
ill days, KoseDurg 3 4 days, Med
ford 119 days. Port Orford 1
days. Bend .-130 days, and Baker
102 days.; In' 1914, he declares,
there was-no rain In the timber-
land districts of the state between"
June 23 and September 6, a total
of 74 days. '
Hearing Set for Today . ! "
-i.?8 Bf I and Iren. Thoms' delegation made the trip by train, accommodate the superintendent.
w"ci fct u mm Jrceny, will 06 tried
in Justice vourt this morning at
10 o'clock. The couple, arrested
a snort time ago in a local room
ing house where they are said to
have been living as husband and
wife, are declared to have stolen
some jewelry from a Salem firm.
Luper. and Chadwlck leaving" by
auto yesterday. ' ,' "' i -
DlTorre Is Asked !
Eva May TIndall has entered
suit for divorce from Charles M.
Tindall, alleging cruel and Inhum
an treatment. They were married
in Salem in October, 1914. jThey
nave one child, 22 months old.
The plaintiff . declares that her
husband has struck her and cursed
her on numerous occasions.; She
asks custody of the child, an un
divided two-thirds Interest In real
property and the recovery of all
her own personal household property.-
: i
W. Yunker of Suver was a
Iem visitor yesterday. , , ,
. Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Gooding of
Monmouth were In the city yester
day. ' ' .- ,. '.';..,.
Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Rabef were
Salem visitors yesterday from Cor
vallls. " '
Martin Zelin ski of 1060 Union
received treatment at a local hos
pital Monday night for an infected
hand. ' " ,
The action has been carried' on for
a. number of months, and a. short
time ago resulted in. the assess
ment of a fine or $50 against
Bramwell when" he was charged
with contempt of court. in that he
did. not appear in, court to show
reason why he filed a motion for
change of .venue and a -declaration
that'ndge L. II. MeMahan was
prejudiced against him:
The case - has been appealed
from the .-circuit to the supreme
court, ' r - -r '
Remains Sent South .
; Remains of Nathan Starker. 27.
and his Infant twin daughter, Le-KroT. under the auspices of the
SEATTLE. Aug. 11. A meeting
LnuRF Tn Hn n P nN n ' Portland Friday to organise a
. W . w i .... . .. I
x-aciuc normwest .snippers' advis
ory hoard for the American Rail
way .association was announced
here today. .
. Funerals : I
Fire In Oregon during July, out
side of Portland, caused an -esti
mated loss of $921,030, according
to a report from the fire marshal's
department. Lumber mills and
contents at-Linnton, $500,090;
Cherry City Milling, and Fred E.
Wells' wood yard, Salem, $133,,-
600.. and mill equipment at Hood
River, $100,000,- were tbt i heavi
est losses, y ';'": . . i"
In addition to. the above j listed,
Salem, is recorded as having lost
a dwelling. . $1500. while, three
other fires in the county amount
ed to $450. ' !
The $ 8. fires Included 28 dwell
ings and contents and 21 farm
dwellings and contents, while the
eight sawmills, equipment, and
lumber destroyed are valued, at
$629.725.. . . , . . j. ..f
Overheated, or . defective .flues
caused - 10 fires, rubbish and
sparks 8, and open fires 7. Thirty-
six of the fire causes are listed as
nnVnown i
. . - i .
TONY Horse
A basket dinner or the MWA
and Royal Neighbor will be given
Sunday, August 16. at Rickreall
oh .Bene, seven montns, ; were
forwarded to Santa Cruz, CaL,1
from the Rigdon mortuary last
night. The bodies were placed In
a single casket.Jhe baby; resting
on her father's arm. .Mr. Sharkey
and the baby , were' killed .last Fri
day when the machine he was driv-
Money to Loan-
By payment of $13.60 per month
for 110 months a loan of $l,00fr
may be retired, principal and In
terest. See Ralplr H. McCurdy,
over Millet's store. ; Phone 86.
Time to Can Salmon .
Fine fat deep sea troll fish at
Fitts Market.: : - - J26tt
Summer 'House-Planned -
Permit or the construction of
a summer house at. his residence
at 680 North Liberty wai granted
to W. D.I Albright through the of
fice of City Recorder Poulsen yes
terday; i, "-.;---.;..,,
Pfcuieers Hold Homecominjr
About 330 ; members of the
Ajumsville - Pioneer association
were present at the -fifth annual
homecoming: that was held in
Highberger's grove Sunday. The
program lasted throughout the
day with speeches of reminiscense
by old timers as one of the most
popular features f of the program-
Tile Warchousej Planned
. The Northwest . Canning ! com
pany Is to build a tile warehouse
Blot ion Is Overruled
Judge Percy R. Kelly yesterday
afternoon overruled a motion for
at the earner of Liberty and. Ferry j modification of the decree granted
to cot $1500.; A building permit
, for the new structure was issued
by City-Recorder . Poulsen yester
day. A permit was also issued to
J, G. Merchan tot the alteration
'and repair of : his residence at
. 1010 South Twenty-second to ccst
recently when Mattie A. McElroy
was granted a divorce from WU
Ham IL; McElroy. r Attorneys for
Mpciroy enierea a motion to re
duce the amount ' of ; the money
allowed for the support and main
tenance of Mrs. MeElroy and i
minor child. r
Yon Telephone Ua, 110
We'll deliver it. no Tmatter how
mall the item. Capital Drug.
- ' J22tf
Camp Superintendent Injured
E. C. Furvine, superintendent 'of
the Salem auto camp, may lone the
first and second fingers of one
hand as the result of an accident
County Court" Reversed
Circtit . Judge.' Percy R. ' Kelly
yesterday signed an order revers-
ing the;; decision, pt . the Marlon
county court, in the case of the
estate of Lucinda Briggs, deceas
ed. ; Judge Kelly declares that the
county cotfrt erred la setting aside
some , real prcrerty belonging to
Stora Sammr ni Krwy Cts.
Salem camp. An invltatloon has
been extended to all the camps
in Claekamaa, Marlon, Polk. Linn
and Benton counties, and a big
crowd is expected. .Portland also
will be represented. ,
The principal address will be
made by Governor Pierce, who is
ing left the highway' eight miles (state lecturer or the order
south of Salem and crashed into! Johnson Smith of Portland, state
concrete culvert. A baby and deputy, will also speak. Good
girl were seriously Injured, though j musit will be furnished by a male
several other members of the party quartet.
escaped with minor injuries.
Board Sleeting Postponed '
The scheduled meeting of the
local school board failed to attract
quorum last night and the ses
sion was postponed until the next
regular meeting dater August 25.
Power Rat Reduced ' '
iteauciion in electrical power
rates In the state; ordered recently
by the state public service com
mission and brings the tariff down
to $27 per horsepower for re
quirements running to 4.000 horse
power or more, will affect one-Sa
lem industrial plant -the Oregon
Pulp & Paper company. The pa
per mill is the only Salem plant
which uses lhe. minimum require
ment. The mill is now on a slid
ing scale, which- under the new
rate, will entitle the company to
a rate of $27 per horsepower when
the mill's load reaches 4,000 kilo
watts. '. - .
Coffee, cream and sugar will
be furnished free. "
McDonald Cleaners
783 Highland Avenue
y Telephone 2217
Work called for and delivered
'I.?.'".. "- KnnUon ;
The funeral of Isabell Knutson
will be held at the Webb Funeral
parlors today at-2. p. m. , Rev.
Koehler will have charge of serv
ices. Interment ' will be In the
City View cemetery. . - '
; ' . MejMrick . .
The funeral of. Mrs. Julia Mej-
strlck will be held at the Catholic
church at Jefferson, Ore. today at
10 a. m. Interment will be In the
Jefferson cemetery. . Webb Fu
neral parlors in charge of arrange
ments. : ,
The Little
That Mean So Much
I ... - f ! t t
In the New Fall attiro the ;b'tt!c. things, pby
I a far more important role than ever before.
I Milady must surely .have at least two parrs of
gloves for wear with her short jacket ?uit.
I And every frock or at least a largp majority
i "will not be complete without a collir and 'cuff
set of lace or linen.
I We have taken extra pains this year with:lho
- "necessities of dress . ' ' 1 ' ' '.-'
Painting and Decorating by
Skilled Mechanics
Kennedy Paint Shop
Now located at -Gabriel
Powder & Supply.
173 Bouth Commercial ;
. Telephone 7SJ
LADD C: BUSH- Banlicra
. i ;'.. Published 18C3 , .
. General Banians Buzmcia
Crflce Hours from 10 sum. to 8 p-m. -
Wbbdry &. Woodry
Pay Cash for Furniture
Phone 73 : . '
; . TO CAUFORXlA ..;
Sa rnaelwo, M wy. flfja ' ;
. kmd Trip, 1 30.00. . 9
, Xs AnnlM, Bswtr.
r KoantX Ii-.a, $60.00. ...
- SpcU1 mu U PftTtUs af
Clsfet sr Ur- ! ' ,
Jtn XiifnBMMi- bS K4rvsUas
rhons 69, or caU at , ;
' Salem. Oregon ' i
Electric f
.-; 1'r? y " "
h M -
111 'J?yY '
j . Y
" v Y'J K Ji '
If It Is To Bd Efficisnt
y ' i I- . : ;
. . , the:mortuary establishment must
be really . homelike, for if the
cheery comfortable atmosphere of
the private residence is absent,
then the funeral parlors cannot
serve their purpose completely.
''I j ;
" It ia for this reason that we have
taken great care to make our es-
tablishment a place where all who
call upon us will feel instantly at
homo and at ease
, ir - -
K A-f W' ..&-K....wC
JIC' if--