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J Phone 106, -
GOLF JIN'THUSIASTS from Sa-cullural college whore she became
lem and" Other 'cities of the north
west hocked1 to Portland :yestev
day to witness the two exhibition
mate iiea, on a, in. tha morning, at
th Portland. Golf club and, the
other in the Afternoon at Waver
ley -Country, club btwen nation
ally known players. -i 'Aniongr those
! neen Jni actions Rudie Wilhelm.
John Junor, Captain" Et P. Car
ter, Jim Barnes, Dr, O. P. Willing,
MeKSmiih.-Chlck-Kvans and Jock
; I Salemites attending the matches)
affiliated with the Sigma Kappa
sorority. .During ' the. past '.year
she tanght.atv the. Lincoln School
In .the .city. -Mr. McGilchrlst saw
service, on, the Mexican border and
overseas. . He" is connected with a
Portland firm,-- ,
.? ; . 4
The Civics committee of the Sa
lem' Woman's club haa heen ap
pointed by Mrs. Wm. Fordyc Far
go, president of the organization,
to assume responsibility this week
for the children's story, hour at
X were Mrs. H. II. dinger, Mrs. E. the Fourteenth stee.playground
L. Baker, Mrs. John Caughell and
Mrs. Ed Glllngham' who motored
ddwn for the day. j They returned!
last evening. ,
' Dr. and Mrs. R. E. Lee Steiner
were week-end. vacationists atNes-
kowln. They jreturned 1 by motor
Sunday evening.
Members of the committee include
Mrs'. A. M. Chapman, chairman.
Mrs. tL. O. Clement,1 Mrs. Ronald
Glover,. Mrs. ..U.,,-0. Boye.r. .Mrs.
Winnie Pettyjohn, and Miss Edith.
Seyeral members of the, commit
tee areTout of the city and it has
been necessary. for Mrs. Chapman
to appoint substitutes. According
to an" announcement made recenjU
)y Mrs. Janets Peridergast . Leigh
V. " . - ... ... - . ; ' S , -
r'Tv- -
: , ' . ' " - , V
.i '.v-' v. ' : ' ,(
., ... . y A .
; ' V ' !
J :- vs ft. . . '- .- i "" .
i 1 1 . - - L'y. : ;
Recent guests at the home of
-1,7 , 1. - I u r r, had charge of the sfory hour on
anMrs;; WaUec Prwden;and;Mis$ 1 M"-i-; ;.rL-W"a-hir-
" . I " ::kiJ Z 1--" day,, Mrs; Ronald Gldver this af-
ouring .ouweruurn uuu ternoon from thre to tour o'clock.
V": w Pa(n pregoH tuve8. Mrg chanman tomorrow at the
Harry Sordy
aj9o; a recent
of Grants 1 Pass was Banie hour, Mrs; Clement on Frl-
guest at the Darby
r, and Mrs, C.:. nazeitme
day and' Miss Fletcher on Satur
day, U ' t'K ' '"rir'v:':,-: X t ' f
The first week the health com
mittee of which Mrs, F. A; Elliott
is chariman took .charge of the
story hour and last, week the ln-;
D, Darnell of Odesta, Call
forma, returned recently from a
taur; Of Oregon and Washington, gtitutions committee oT which Mrs
mey mijjjci fii wn.u rranic rJricRson . is chairman su
friends and relatives in CheTjalis pervised the programs,
last iweek-sndjL,1,.' . ; .1-,- . ....
; i ln: ! , j TheWoman's Missionary society
An enjoyaoie auair 01 asc sun- ot the- First Christian church will
day twas the picnic honoring Mrs. meet Friday afternoon at 2 : 30
Frances uomeu-ana tne Dirtnaay o'clock in Marlon .Square." An ap-
of prJ jValterTLooney? in Taylor's propriate out-of-door program has
Groye, j near; Mehama. . Those at- been arranged for the afternoon
tending the affair were Dr, John and each member, Is requested to
Allan and sons, Jottniana Kooertl bring a cud, and saucer. - Mothers
of MUl City , aHss Wr4 of Los An, 0 small children: are, extended, a,
gelesw a nleceof Dn Alien; Dr,nnd special' invitation" to attend- as
Mrti .Walter Lboney, jMr. and Mrs. there wijl be nurses at tli.e square
Vlctorj Looney of Jefferson, Mr. to talte care pf the children during
ana irsj ueprge uniinn 01 aiem,nne meeting. "'m
Oecfg4 - ebergall ; of AJbany and - . . 1. ,
viaui, otuutuoRu vi.-uiusu-.. , 1 ; Mrs, - ciauaius Tnayer has as
i'"J S'f'l' htllil'l Ft j her., house -'guest, James Hays of
:! Memners ot tne xoung vomers Berkeley. California " Mr. ilav
cluli entertiined tbeij- husbands at was a Salem, visitor' last summer
a picnic at i Woodland .Park last and during his sojourn here made
Thursday evening.: Those in the a host'of friends who are welcom-
gronp wer! Mr. i and Mrs E. J.hng him back to the city.
T JsnXnough, for TJUUn
Klchrtr to havVachiev4 th r
pUttIon 'of n Cot th . f ormoat
authorttI-3- jipor' tlqutt "mud . to
tw't.hw Huthor f .X1m Ctviw ot
Mankind";.out h . hvoki . M4 to
hr laurels the'tilstlnctloa of'btnjr
advisory ' ditorof Kajj)iioktl-
of note.- .- "'r 1
These claims to fame 'are :scT
ondary la Importance, Miss Eichler
feels, to ht-r Jomeatlo tu:hitvt
menta and among -her friendhr
culinary skill Is as -well known
?r literary ' ability. , ; -; i-' i
8h . is ' $ particularly miccossful
vi-lHr l-3ierts.whicW h t-ousldrr
should n4-er b too havy
hc-refore: prvfrrs rliostt rhat:ar
(lie-ate rth-r than too riqh.i f
'or that reason she la fend of
m which she uses In i iany
' ' ThrrBiisv - - ' v t
Djetz, Mr. and Mrs. A, B. McLeod,
Mr. aid Mrs. Ki Smith, Mr. and
Mr jj ii. iviinger jur- ang.irB.
Leal, liarber, i Mrand' ;Mrsi ,E.
Dlnjbat, Jane and Eileen McLeod,
Glen, Smith, Junior Dimbat. Ken-
1 aelha Geneya and Delniar Barter.
;;,Onej of the most: charming wed-
Friends of -Mrs. Ej. A -Breyman
will regret, to hear of .tier death
which occurred in Portland yesfer;
day, -Mrs. Breyman wa formerly
Miss Minnie EdHdge and was ' a
Salem resident for .many years;
Ruth Chapman and her
dints of . the summer season was j grandfather, Charles Parker hav$
that of Miss Marjorie Brown, returned from a week's visit in
daughter of Judge and Mrs. G.. M. 1 Portland 'Where they were'enter-
Brawn, and Thomas McGllchrlst, I talne4 . by .Mrs. Frankf J. Kane
nepnew or ir. ana-Airs.- wmiam They also visited "friends In Van
McGIIchrlst, Sr., which was. sol- couver, - ... , t4j '
emaized j Sunday morning , at 9 - " 4 ' "'
o'clock, at the home or the Dfide sl Mr. and Mrs; E Cooke Patton
parents. ReV. Charles Ward of and daurhter' Mfss'I.onella Pattnn
thfej F'irst Congregational church Rave returned to their home after
ortlciated at the service which was I a dellghtrul outing at Newport,
attended by .only vthe immediate I r " -
relatives of, the ride and groom. I Miss Helen Ramsden arrived in
the bride was lovely In a, gown Salem M6nday" : afternoon -,from
oj ; green ana wnita canton crepe Medfovt where she has been spend
with a picture hat to match. Her ng the 'summer-as" the house
corsage was or briaea roses. There guest of , Miss Jean ,Vilm.; "Miss
were on attendants, i I Ramsden and Miss VHm are both
green and white canton crepe with j members of the Pi Beta Phi sor
a picture hat to match. Her cor- ority. at .the, Oregon Agricultural
ia was Of bride's roses, v 1 college. - M1bs Ramsden plans to
J-,Fouowimt Ui-,ceremony-. Mr. attend. -college again' Jlbis fall. .
and ;.Mrs. McGilchrlst left fori '
Portland: wher6, theyr wlli:make..TMr and:Mrs.7.:.C;it:eikla and
their. homei .- Mrs, McGilchrlst is j son, -Ben.s.were week-end.. vl3ilors
well known, in Salem where 6he I at Neah-kah-nie.; - They :returned
hrf j mad, her home, f or many! to the city Sunday evening. .; .
ypuriAshO'jS'a graduato-of Uiel 1 ... - J. -
Qregon: normal school-and; a ;forJ, Salemitcs vacationing at Pacific
mer,axuuent ?or tne uregon.Agu-icity last w.eekr end were Mr.'an
tiumbtr of different .way. - One Of
her favorite reclpva la given. -
V ,4 Clweolate Charlotte , .. -
.?iCUII Boiling .Walr.
i. vuff, Kvaporatvd - MUk.
J .cup. Crvant ataid-"' . ,
I H square X'hocolat '
H- eup Cold Wnter- "-
cup .Sugar .i . -t1
tbapi CMatine ..
yiiiillU,.-:.,' - : ; , ,
Soak the, gulatloa In.coM watr,
add scalded cream to It .vliHr l!
Is hot. and. stir until srutlt- I'
dissolved. 'Melt chooolatf t.v-r ho;
ntaivr, add aiifrar an.l ! hf n ttv boil
lftlt.'wAtep. H. Httte lit 'lOiJ A4 t
slowly -to gelatine - aiiiurr whli
hoih art hot. v Cool r u. 1.1 th "ar-.
orated milk and- I tap., of untll-i.
and when -well' hi)-- jouri In o
fancy molds lint-d t; utly Bi.i'. iV
Marion - county Veterans' asso
ciation .i will "meet at Sllverton
Thursday m o r n I n g at 10; 30
o'cloclc for an all-day meeting! All
patriotic orders in the city? are
urged. to' attend, - v . 'i i,.:
Mrs. H. R DeQuireMr. anAfUri.'
T. iL,Hi?Tcs, and Mr. and Mrs. Q.
.... W ' ' . it
Miss Olga Gray accompanied by
her mother, airs. C. C. Gray; de
parted Sunday 'for Newport where
tney wm. spend several weeks.
Miss Marion Emmons and 'Miss
Iva Clair Loye, prominent Salem
violinists, made their first appear
ance.m, tne city since their return
from school In' June yesterday at
the KJwanis, club luncheon. ?Mis
Love recently; returned from the
Cornish. School of Music in Seattle
and Miss - Emmons from Chicago
where she studied t at the Ainerl
cad Conservatory of Music. ? i )
Mr, and Mi. Curtis Cross were
dinner hosts last evening at their
home on- Lincoln hill. Covers
were laid for eight. . !
Mrs. Charles McNary who with
her husband, Senator' Charles Mo
Nary, has been the house guest of
Mr.-and Mtb. John McNary, was
called to Chicago the first of tfif
weeK Decause or the Illness ot heT
sister. She expects to return to
Ham Bright and the' hosts. Mr.
aiJTilrs. Claud Steulof f. -
. Adjutant and iir. n. Rooney,
co-leaders of the'Sjilvatloa Army's
work In Oregon, will visit Salem
today and cqnduct'a special pa&Iic
rallin tke a nny'a local hall on I
Stat streetv at SoVlock this eve
ning.4 They wUt be", assisted by
Captain and Mrs. R. Glfford ot
the staff of the Portland head,
quarters. . " t .
Adjutant and Mrs. Rooney have
recetly been appointed . to the
i command of Salvation, Army op-
vianuus luruusnoni me state anu
this will be7 their' first official visit
to". Salem and ; the: local" -corps.
Plenty'of musc, and song., with
good speaking, will feature to
night's service to whlc& the 'gen
eral public Is invited,- "
,m .. j . ,
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Keene left last
week-end for Newport where they
will spend a several weeks' vaca
tion. v 1 . .;.
...' ... , . ;f
, Guests of Mr. and Mrs.iW. D.
Smith last week-end 'were.MrV and
Mrs.Jlirani C, Smtth of Philomath.
Oregon.- '- - V
; IIss) EJoIse i .W'hite, Miss . Flor
ence Wintermute and Mlsi Anna
Wientz are occupying one of the
Seacrest cottages at Newport for
several weeks. ' j-
Mr, and Mrs. J. W. Clifford, left
yesterday morning for-a ten-day
motor and camping trip In south
ern Oregon. They will visit Cra
ter Lake and Klamath "Falls and
return by way of ' tbe McKenzte
Pass.-''-.:.?: : . -
Alien . ana Leo. Katoury are
spending "thtIr vacation by motor-
Ingr tarough Oregon," Washington
and over into Idaho. They plan to
be-a way 'two "or throe weeks.' -f
Mr. anad Mrs. Carl Schmitt, and
son. or Oregon City and Mrs. Ma
mle.Bropklns and, two children, of
Anahlem, CaL, spent yeaterday'af
ternoonat.Oie home of ,Mrs. U C,
flicsnane it4ir sagmaw street.
-Z -fTJeiXeraaa and Portland I
Sixty; marriage licenses, were Is-
Mied by the foiintr clerk's olllce
during tho month' of July,'-accord
ing to records availsble yesterday;
Of the U 0" people represented, 73
Tere Salem residents. r .
5ilverton .was next in the otal.
Salem the first of September. 1 ; '
Mi M. ' I K .
f t
..: a J.
il La :.
Mrs. Clara Patterson and Miss
Dorothy Patterson accompanied by
Mrs. F. W Durbin - will leave to
morrow by motor for a trio that
will take them through the McKen-
zie Pass from-whererthejr- wiir go
to ruamam f alls , and ; to Bend
They expect to spend the majority
or their time at Crater Lake
Miss Charlotte Zelber has as her
house guest ' last ;wek-end, 'Miss
Elizabeth' Garret of San1 Francisco.
miss uarrett who .attends f Smith
College.J.4 being "entertained . this
week.In.ortland by"Miss Jeanne
Elizabeth: Gayt. " 1'. ' a.
:y ' :y
...Mrs. F. G.. Franklin and Colonel
E.JHofer were- among the Salem
members of the Northwest Poetry
Bociety who' attenSed the-meeting
of. the -group" Sunday at Forest
GVove at the home of Dr. and Mrs:
Hlnes on'GalejCreek.; ; J
-:. -1: ' 1
Dr. and Mrs. E. c. Hickman and
famfly are spending the fortnight
at Twin Rocks, r ., c I
krs. .W; T . Stolz and daughter.
Miss Margaret, Stolz, accompanied
by Senator" Charles McNary" will
motor., up the McKenzle, the . first
of next week to meet Mr. Stolz and
Richard Stolz who' are enjoying a
fishing, trip. ,, .
V..,....; .. ... ... j, j. ,
.Mrs.; Alfred McClintock i (Edna
Ackerman) ; ot Weed," California,
who. came . up rrom the south to
attend the funeraf of" jirs7 Mary
rikabeth Qrow,' is the he a guest
cf ;.ds3 Anabelle Goldia
win, depart for her ' California
nome tomorrow. ;
Mrs. Karl' TGeck . cox;-. -lirr-nt .l
Mrs. '..'iClIntpck'wlth a'ce o'ticck ' yesterday r-or..e;
toversera j licei far Mrs. V.'i!
Lara Gosser,';:!. 3 Dorothy Patter
son, the honor'guest, Mrs. McClia
tock and the host -Mrs.iBckei
'- ' y -
The Clearlaka Christian Endeav
or society wilf told, a1 Jaxabouree
atur2ay eTenir.TT"AtJfust 8, fron
7:20 to 10 o'clo " , i.i tte Clear
:;!:3 ttocl t ?. Clov-s, f:r-
tane tellers. Maggie and Jiggs and
many other features will make the
evening, most , enjoyable. . Ice
cream and lemonade will be sold
throughout the evening.
Mr. and Mrs.U.'J. Ackerman
who havo been making their home
in Eugene for the last year return
ed to Salem jesterday. "... Mr: and
Mrs. Ackerman formerly, lived
he're ' and "their many friend "will
be, pleased to hear that they, plan
to ' make ' Salein " their perm'anent
home'" ' ' .
.The members of the B,,E. club
enjoyed a delightful picnic "last
Sunday In the Albany park." An
bid fashioned, chicken dinner, was
served at noon and during the fi
ernooii;swimmlni,'was an ;enjbyi
able? diversion Club members at
tending the affair wre! Mr. and
Mrs: John Spong," Mr. and Mrs. D.
D; Olmstead, Mr; : and Mrs." Ed
Keene, Mr. and Mrs." S." C. Kight
liflger', Mr;nd'Mrs: F. K Turner;
Dr. ana "Mrs. O. U Scott, Mr. arid
irs. , Edward Fandrich, Mr. : and
Mrs.- Charles Shaw, Mr; and Mrs.
Claude Townsend and Mr. and,
Mrs. T. W. Davies: . Additional
gnesta included Mr. and Mrs. John
Busey and" Mr. and Mrs. G. Craw
ford. -
' V; "'.'.'..,.;..,'.. ,''
The Mah Jongg club was charm
ingly-entertained last Saturday
evening at Hager's Grove by Mr,
ancTMrt Claude Steusloff.' Swim
ming followed by" 4" picnic : supper
served under the trees bes'ide the
mill creek made the venfng most
jdeligbtfuL Those attendiar the
affair were Mr. and Mrs. Richard
Slater..: Mr." and' Mrs. Frederick
Deckebach.' Mr J and' Tdn'Z Lewis
Griffith, Mr, nnd Mf s. G. Fl Cham-
Previous preparation makes for
quick - decision. . vv. . . '
oodb;rnIl:Jl,l', Satn is .(a. f red a
in' the order named. " ,
During the' month" of July most
of the appliru&ts for licences were
over 23 years of age. In Jane, a
high; percentage- of the couples
w m a l... Vn r .1.1 .. .
' A large number of people from J .
Hi'iint Lr undo a A.-vliiin 1 I
' , w ' .
made by tbe legislature. j
wtra ftnee at El V-o to kr v t
the rum-runner. If Ihey pt
ppifl ar.y of th tufr oiv-ti, f .
good-fcy ft-nk-e. .' , .
1 w,
Ay iii5;N; 'Liberty " jl
I ' ' Presenting " ?
I y Goats ; t
: t Mliiiery t:
We Have sold; our lease, good will and ffxljures of our Albany
store.--- .. -; - . 4- .) ''
i As .we .did not sell our stock we are now compelled to sacrifice.
, ; Entire stock-. or highj ; grade ?Gab, Dresses and Millinery moved
to Salem for immediate disposal; " " T . .V- Z -
; fGpmmeh 5, 9 a. m."'
. We win place bit Sale EvWy'GafmVnt front our Albany Store at-
, - : i SENSATIONAL :-
i'. ,-,-'
' f DiVdetf into 3 lotk.; One lot of I lata go at . .1
Valueto $10.00 too at:i;:.l..::.:.:.; .:....
or tA ,lomdn r
).",'' . '" "
'.-"-" , , given that
concentrated, at
tention through
wMch" we Kave
gained our repu
tation. ,w v
Fall Opening
, : ! NOW...".;..
3ers, rorothea Steusloff. Mrs. Wll-u
I AnnTciiinH.QAaR;
frt hr- '
Valuekto $20.tX) togo aULL.LJ; OtD' "
ONEtOTOF dresses ;- j! ; ' ; : CO PC 'u
. .-...vJ.Ojr
: ..$7.05
... ..v. r ".-1''
!.Tl: ' .
1 1 1;;
Values to $19.75 to go at.
Values to $29.50 to go at.i.L.J.. , ;-. :
ONE. LOT OF COATS ' r 4 H ; ... : ' ' ', ' - - '
Including Prince of Wales styles-r values to $29.50, at.
-Vetoes to $12.50 to'frot::.:.!:........:.:.-. t:
. t.-
: 115 north Liberty Street
Disposing of-their Albany Stock
. ; , Contcntsjof a jS sren ' R oom; Ipuse - -1-.."
rECcrncVNorthHirrh ndlViaHbii'Stireet'
- - " Opposite" the High School" -,: '
- Today at l;S0.p; m. sharp. 1
The following: One living-room suite comprising daven-
port, 2 chairs, upholstered Baker's cut, Telourtiik n6w;
floor lamp; 2' 3x12 rugs; 1 oak dicing room suite, com
prising buffet, table and 6 dinersr- 1 sewing .machine; .1
library tabler 2 oak rockers; 1 bookcase; 3 becU,-cmplete,
bed; eprlng and mattress,. like new; S.lvory'dressers; chlf- .
fonier; bedding and blanketa; : quantity of linoleums;, ,1
breakfast set; 1 lioosier kltcliea. cabinet; l1 kitchen. range; " .
S burner oil stove; 1 kitchen table cabinet; table with
; pbrcela la top"; I sinking stand; llaby crib; 1 -baby buggy;
1 go-cart- (collapsible) gardes toolsr-cooking utensils and
numerous other useful articles to be sold, t . ' ;
The said furniture is like aewvand is" a very good offer
Vv Parties wanting furniture, 'shoald attend this sale as
everything will be soM, - . 7
, - 'I .- . ; 1 -. - '
Don't forget the Time and Place. '.Northeast Corner
North High and Marfoh; opposite' the High School,
. v ; f , Tciay, 1:30 pjnl thitpZ -.'Terms Cash
-. .vS'- .-"" - f : i . ' '.
!v- TJ above furnintre- U belt's moved 'here ' . '.
--".'TrcforUtiflt ciSCvenUcee of the public. " ,
" - ;.-vVK',C:7Co!:in3Prcp.;;.'t ) .
, ' . Vcc-J ry ' Cz AVp.qryAtictioneers '
2 ?i
'-f r nri4.A
t . . . -. - - !
- . . .. - . - . M. ;, !
When It's Hard to Save -
There is always a great feeling of .satisfaction when
your Savings Account here at the United States Nation- :
i al 1.4 steadily increasing; .. "" ' " J
, And especially is this so when such growth is'mrule
' , or fwhatnot,',' to the .winner" comes riot' only' material ' .
, reward butalso the pride of Achievement. " : ; 1 "J '
i t;
M r
United States -
National Bank
y ;: . SalcmOfcjgprt
.1 ,J.
n r
. am.
7 irm la etock over-llS: irfrj' Tanks ?3 ',r:c "t" t.nyl
: ?aclfn.s? . I. rnay have Just, the form jej axe 1: 1L:j fr t.i t" .
''s-iTU.rti'ctJ3p-ic3 to LiaJa iocrJcr femi."' . - -
." , ",-r -Jtii " '-.ry. ':-'( : - ' ' . ' "
rca-cf-t! ferns: Ccr.iiact cfe Read Kct!:?,- V.'Q fcn2, ' :!
ccni cf Z:;rte, Ucrtzzz forns- Qiili CLdn D:ci -; A!::trr.:'.j f ;r
EI3 orrSilvRuilJIA-Ccntract, Pror.hrcry irctca,-' Ir' I.'C
- Ccrcrtl "Ltisa.! Power cf Attcrr.ey, Prnne Cocks and Pads, C!-
L"' LtcT,"Thes2( ferns are carefully. ?rcp-!rcu fcr the cc:rt3 r.r 1 r
r-s. ; pri. ca ferns rar.jes front 4 cents ta lG'cmlJ zilzt z:. . ..
'18 Years Exrer: r.rft
Phone 75Stcre 217 N: . Ccmrr. ireia! P.csidcntd
; '; 1 . S. Crmrrtrei-l . : '
iYe L.jy usctl f arnitur tr v"l '.1 your f -rt-Jfriref
on cos
fr.. .
P - - - ' f,- -