The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, July 12, 1925, Page 9, Image 9

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Ililf of Total Represented By Xew
Dwellings! Fine Buildings
; I Started
The constriction of many large
buildings in Salem during ; tne
lirt slxmonths of the present
war brings tfie. total amount of
(oristructioh work elther'beguq or
tlnlshed during the period; to., ft.
1S2.325. This figure Is, $126.70
more than the figure for the cor-
i cMpond inff -bix months last year,
Of this year's figures $595,924
RjfS into ine erection ;oi new
iwclline houses and. the restils
,4; ' 1
i , i ,nt LUMA-Ut5ISN
JU -1 i-
pattered amorrg me various oiner
Lidding enterprises, j chief of
which are, the new YMCA, the
Lies Linen Mill, Elks Temple.'
two new apartment -bouses -f and
thj Catholic kchurch, school and
plrrinh house. " j ' i'ri""
The monthly record of the con
structions' and alterations if or the
(corresponding months bf the
two years follows: '
! 1923
January . . . ; . 65,220
March ; .
May . .
June -;
April .
May . .
June . .
. .. . . .
: 7.0 00
$1,040,325 $122,000
-.; 160,000
L.: 170,000
U 158,850
;. . 58,203
, 5,000
. A DOW !
PTC?0 -iy7Ly-cr lcufl
pn -tiviNa- aooM-. ; I ec -oMmI
jj ;"-''50 j Jl
1 A
Ideally planned for those whdob trance, with Its" broad windows and
Ject to sUir climblns this delightful iU oheerful open grate. It might
little bungalow is all upon one floor., be used either as a den, a study or
B..uu6ciifciii ia jyiuyic jet i. u. suiau lDrary. it is just sucn a
combines alt te essential comforts retreat as would make the strong
6f a large home. It is Intended'for est sort'oi anneal nn a rnnl autumn
a small faniiljyand is particularly night wltfl alcheerful wood Are and
! ' : the radio! going at Its best. .
And the fiking room, also enjoy
ing an orien krate and an excellent'
outlook upon the street. Is but a
larger duplicate- of the den." It la
amply large for a small household,
being 22 fyy Z feet; with Just about
as much all space as is needed for
paintings j without overdoing IL One
door opens ; apon the side terrace
and the entralnce tol the dining room
is through! French doors. ' Windows
at, the end.Jogethcr with the trio
in - front, j afford excellent-lishtlna
and increase Its cheerfulness..
The dining! room, 13 by 15 feet.
Is well lighted and cheerful, ,wItU'.
French doors also opening upon the
rear, terrace,! and 1 a 'Second pair
tipori the rear garden porch, which
is glassed in lookihg upon the gar
-den. - Behind the dining room" the
kitehea is backed up -with - another
jiorcb, screened and equipped with
a convenient lavatory. It also ac
vommodates the Ice box.
' - The two bedrooms and the bath
i t $18,200 I gQitabi for an4 elderly couple be- room are directly In the rear of the
COAST SAWMILLS BUSY I ease Tn housekeeping. - connected with each by a small
x-roneny tjanascapea -una ?iitne .'".. ftii'u lurouga uie
'. - $63,000 IX TEX PAYS
lletiidence, Investment, Business
and Farm Property Are
fruit -near Salem Heights. Price J
$650:- Seller Dr. M. C.i Findley.
'Mr.-Astlll nurchased a solendid
building lot on Korth Twentieth
between Court ' and 'Chemeketa
from M. C Findley, considera
tion $750. 'Mr.' "Astlll " intends
building a home on his new pur
chase, i .; 1 -v 1
, Frank : Nist - buys a lot in the
Kay addition for a consideration
of $300. ; j Vi
lli f M 4KF RFPORT FOR WEEK I Seni of a common brick home jronld :.diainS room either from front-or
One hundred and twelve i mills
reporting to iWest Coast Lumber
men's Association for i the week
ending July 3, manufactured 73,
966,348 feet of lumber; sold 101,-
322,375 feet; and shipped 98,
025.589 feet. . V' ; " :"-''' ''
Jewr business was 37 above
production. Shipments were " 3
belbWnew business. ..:...'."".
Forty-five per eent of all new
business taken during the week
was for ' future water -delivery;
This amounted to 45,479,u84 feet,
of which 35.514.541 feet was fo
domestic cargo delivery; and 9,
964,543" feet, export. New busi
ness by rail amounted to 1510
cars.' 4 " ' '
. Forty-five per cent of the lum
ber shipments, moved '"by water.
This amounted to 44,192,298 feet,
of which 35,362,05,2 feet moved
.oastwise and- intercoastal; and
8',830.246 fe?t export. Rail ship
mejit totaled 1443 cars. V . j
(Local autq and -team deliveries J eated
lioiaiea iu,&ij,zi ieei. I street
i Unfilled domestic cargo orders
totaled 14 2,8 2 0.9 05 feet. Unflll-
d export orders 87,594,948 feet.
I nfilled rail jtrade iordera, 6Q00
j cars,
j in the
fit into the setting like a painting by fear. Both are, of convenient size
an old master. And what is true of ana well lighted, with roomy closets,
the exterior U, Just as true of the A large linen closet adjoins the
entire outlay within. . There the bath, opening upon the halL
predominant note Is "comforL There ' Built of common brick, without
is no lost motion, no. waste space; busement, this little home has cost
in every detail it is planned with n from $6,300 to f 9,000, according to
view to economy both of financial the section in which it was located.1
outlay and physical effort Every- it is intended for a mild climate
thing is toade ready to hand. where heating, more than Is sup-
An especially cozy feature is the l'iied by the open grates, is unneces
little den to the right' of the en- sftry. " . -: -
Tb ifommoD Brick Maouracturer Atuclatioo, Clelaod. Ohio, can furolsk
come lata 4cwiac for this detiB. Leaflet on brick construction iant apon caqaaaU
The W. H. Grabenhorst
firm report an; active-" movement
in city rproperty 1 as evidenced by
the volume . of sales completed
during the past . ten daysL The
sales' include, business nrlanetty
cl .ty homes and lots and surbur
nan acreage. The followirig arc
all outright sales and do not' irt-
include any exchanges.
Gevirge C. Will iMrchased the
W. C. Dyer lot on South Liberty J
between State ; and" Ferry, for a
-onslderation of il 2.CftO n. A: I
and H. O. White bought th( Bing-i
ham estate property located oni
South Commercial for a co isider-s
ation of $18,000. the Willie m Le
bold residence located' at !285
South Sixteenth was sold t local
parties for an investment, for a
consideration of $5700. 'Harry
Hawkins buys a full quarter
block In the exclusiye Fairmount
Htll district from Clifford Brown
for a consideration -of $5000, Em
ma Whealdon buys a well improv
ed one. acre suburban home, from
W.-H. Harris, located In thelSa
lem Heights district for a Consid
eration of $4000. T : ' !
William Blackley , recently from
Vancouver,;B. i C. . purchased . a
modern home at 289. North Four
teenth .for a consideration of
$4500. t L. W. Bell recently from
California buys i a 10 acre tract
east of Salem from M.-C. Findley
for a' consideration of ; $3000.
James G. Heltzel buys a five room
house and lot on North Seven
teenth from B. K. Tompkins for a
consideration of $2000. j
"L: A. McAllister buys a modern
7 room home, located on j South
Liberty from P.; V. j Klauso for a
consideration of $4000. A. Gass
man recently from California buys
a fine one acre tract In the. Kay
addition I and intends . "building
soon. Consideration $1000: Bes
sie Donaldson buys a fine lot lo
cated on Center near, North Seven'
teenth. from Max Koferj considera
tion $800. j ' I
J.- W. i Barnes buys a residence
at 1875 North! " Liberty I from
Charles Archard I for a considera
tion of $1000. i
M. Cochran .purchased a splen
did one-half acre with bearing
j; i
New llHrdenlng Room I Xeceji-
, tiry To Take Care Of UrmiH
. ' rl BoMlness
Land in Arctic Must Be
Between Pole aind;A!aska
CHICAGO. If any i6w posses
Pioh.3 are added to . khe ' United
States by the MacMIUin-Navy ex
pedition, which Involves no special
efort to' reach the' North Pole, it
is believed the land must be found
somewhere between tie pole and
Alaska. ' But in previous' explor
ations mirages; soundings and ti
dal conditions have beien the only
encouragement that something
other than ice exists Jin that re
gion. " .'
Admiral Peary on his polar trip
stood ut one far northern point
and saw what he-believed to be
land some 50 miles laway. He
called it "Crocker Land." Com
mander MacMillan onj his special
Crocker Land expedition, - wiped
this spot off his mapsj because af
ter traveling 150 mlies across a
field of solid ice to a point well
beyond where "Crocke!": Land" was
supposed; to exiHt, Itjwaa as far
away as when he startled.
; MacMillan returnedjto the point
from wheie Peary had sighted this
supposed land and he too beheld
this imaginary country rugged
hills and wooded stretches. It ap
peared to be a permanent mirage.
MacMillan took a number of sound
ingg in the territory, jhoweer, and
the current indicated jtnere mignt
be land. ' Tidal obserktions taken
at- Etah anad Cape Hubbard,
checked with those taken at Point
Barrow, Alaska, showed also that
the tide at Point Barrow ariied
four or fie hours late. Some ob
struct ion causes it, according ; to
MaeMlllan. '
-: -The ico formation also faored
the presence of some huge block,
Up to 150 miles the ice was as
smooth as a billiard :ablc but af:
ter that it was almost impossible
to tracl oer it because of its rough
ness. MacMilan described it at
that distance as resembling
group of city buildings Which had
been squeezed by huge' hands and
jammed together. I
year, production reported to West
Coast Lumbermen's. Association
has been 2 .6 9 6 ,9 0 1 ,9 7 2 feet, new
business 2,775,098,331 feet; and
shipments 2,820,398,S47 feet. -
Local Business Property
: Is. Sold, by Grabenhorsts,
! D. A. White purchased a tw0
story brick building belonging to
the Bingham ' estate property lo
on South Commercial
for a considetation' 'of
$18,000.00. Mr. White intends
to rem'odel the improvements on,
this property! in the near future.
L 1
? ' - '. ,
1 1 -
353 Cliemeketa
Phone 10OO
first 27 weeks of the! ' jlZSJS. ' - i--'-J: " :-
w- I 'V" A 1 "1 aSS1"
53 .. ' - ' "
Stop heat loss
aim' '
i - I"''':
V robf-lixie!
-.- H4i. : '
If your home Is already built -let
ahcrw you how you can
effect a coastderable fuel saving
and get cteater-att-aeaaott com- -fort
by liolbg youf attic with "
Celotet Inwlating Lbmber; I , .
Celotex brings to th ahnplest
hom a comfort otdy costly ones . .
hare had before. It enables home
builder for the ftrtt tiie Id 6h- 1
tain 6omptet,tarulatiqQ practi
cally without6xtra coat. Phoae ,
tta tot aaora Information. - -
Is there a medicine cabinet
iniyour home?
A - : ;' .' ' i ' ...
NO bathroom is complete
without a medicine cab
inet. " Keep medicine, first aid I
materials and, toilet articles out
(of sight and accessible. Such a
pimple, convenience might be
much appreciated in an emer
gency when moments are preci
ous.- It will add comfort, ef fic
fency and neatness in the daily
care and appearance of the
'home ' J .' :. "
' Spaulding made medicine
-cabinets are attractive in ap
NAtLs, jJearance "jnd have the perfect
lumber. ; fitting and fine finish that dis-
woodwork, : tinguishes all of our woodwork.
Material 'The mirror is included.
. Detroit News (headline) Dry
Agents Dlsgiii8ed,as Gentlemen In
vade Hotels.
. The plant of the Salem Butter
cup Creamery company has been
undergoing a series of important
alterations, during the past few
weeks. The plant while inot
thoroughly ' ad jut-ted to its hew
conditions is running at almost
capacity and expects to handle a
bigger and better business than
ever In the future. -
Maehfhery and motors have
been dismounted and moved I1 to
various Other positions In the
plant in order to make room for
new 2000 gallon capacity i ice
cream hardening room.'-This room
Iixh been completed and adds ma
terially tu the convenience and
efficiency of the plant. The com
pany's business ' ' in brick j ice
cream, eskimo pie, and frozen
uckers hafr grown to such dimen
sions of late that the old harden
ing rom has been given over Tal
aiost wholly to the accomodation
of these products. The new hard-
ening room is so constructed that
the cream may be put in one end
of the room and removed at the
other, thus doing away with' the
congestion in loading and unload
ing that hitherto has been such a
problem. ' jj ..
With these additions and alter
ations completed Mr. Gregory, the
manager and owner of the com
pany can rightfully boast of one
of the most up to date and effi
cienlly organized planta in thL
Fred Meier-haa purchased the
store building and residence locat
ed at Cottage, and 'Union from F.
A. Brindell for $7500. It U re
ported by the Childs & Bechtel
real estate firm. ' ' '
' Mr. Brindell has left for Spo
kane where he is entering busi
dc.h: and accepted as part consid
eration an 80-acre tract valued at
$1500 near Spokane.
Mr. Meier takes possession of
the Salem property, at once and
has leased it and expects to keftp
It as an investment. , -
whirh have" been spept-Jtl the
meat' market business. , ' ,
Mr., Hunt has disposed of hi
interest in the Hunt . & Schiller
market on North Commercial,
V . Lone Slarr
Service Station
and Camp Ground
' ' - .' " c v' i - T
. Tim
Tillamook Pacific .Telephone
& Telegraph company buys Mutual
plant for $20,000 and will extend
service. '
Purchase of the equipment for
the meat, market of I). L. Shrode
and announcement of the opening
of a . meat' market on Spulh
Twelfth, one door South of the
Shrode proiieriy. a anounced by
Guy W. Hunt, a resident of. the,
dry for the last 3j years, 20 of
1993 N. CapUol-Street T
John Wi lljarrLsdn
Builder of Hornet
- for sale on hssy terma. ,j
If you are : looking for
a home call on us.
J - - i'
20 Discpunt All This Week ! 4
. i i Il-tinmng' .Monday, July lj,t offer SO discount -
on all Awning. Porch Curtains and t
1 ' -,l - Sleeping Porches ' .
We will, come 'to yonr home or place of
business, make estimates any time of day or-,
evening at your convenience without 'charge !
or obligation. We are always pleased to Shaw '
you samples. , . . - t ' ! k
;. . .- ... ..:
Salem Tent & Awning Co.
Manufacturers of Teats A wnlrtgs and CVi'nvas Goods
- - or All IVfcerfptloiifl t -'
72 North Liberty Ktt-et, Kalemv Oregon Telephone 415
: ;i 'I ' ' ! J
tt fir n
I. s.
'Douglas 7lr Lumber
DeveloDment of I
Willamette Valley iFarms
. : ! i . f - i
A progressive farmer might be able to
profitably take over the acreage next to his
or increase and better his dairy herd. - To' do
this, many times, -requires financial assist-
ancerr-"" 1 -r Mf ' r
Farmers, who need capital for the develop--ment
of their farm or for other, legitimate
'purposes, will be pleased with the; prompt
ness "and economy of making their loans here
at Hawkins & Roberts. ''.Write or call on us
for further-information.- . . - ' S 1 . i
,Its n disgrace to ask for a j ...
loan when justifiedit's '
' simply good business.
- -rJut receive'd a' car of Cedar Posts
- -l -f -: -Good ones - '
h tart)f Lumber from our Valsetz mill.' Our
trade is increasing? all the time. There is a reason.'1 We handle nothing but
the best .material, in all grades nd our prices are right.",
I Prompt delivery, good service and -
rr" -Si " "a rdeal is .our jnottq .
Wo handle Upson Wall Board and tile, raster Board and aTl( kinds of
' building paper. Sherwin-Williams Paint, Lead and rQu' ;.
TL No question but that it is the best paint made
Special on Red .Barn jPlfot$i:.g0. lier Gallon
m 5 gal cans'. .This is Sherwin-Williams Crack, Barn flTiihl there is
: . -" '- no better - . - ;
Come and be one of our satisfied customers. We can
.handle any size bill prompt from our Jljll. We are fur
nishing the new. Y..M. C. A. and Valley .Motor company '
buildings look them over. ; :
Cobbs & Mitchell Company
" i! "fcferylhing iti Baildine Material- " " j.
349 5outh Twelfth Street, Salem. Oregon
! . ' " .Rhdne 813 V' f
i i ' ) i s . . . . f i
-. - H . . . - 1 M - 4
.a v.
Mortoacc Loans
Bonds' 'ano
. . i" X
V 2d4 FIocC OncON Dloo
t I.. . ......
' n v -a
r t. rr - f
) err
t 4
The Better to Serve You
- j t- -K-m- ... 1 I
. ,? - , - . ' . - :
It will not be Jong before larger, more spacious and
more convenient banking rooms" will be ready for you
here at the United States National
The new lobby will be 2x55 feet, thus giving plenty
of room for. the accommodation of our rapidly growing
irnnnber of patrons. Servitfe which has proven benefi-
crat'to city and farm alike has brought about this step
in our growth.
-United -States
National Bank
;-r(Salexn. Oregon."
, e" . V i -
Oregon Gravel Co.
Hood at Front'SC
j m m m w aw.