The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, July 12, 1925, Page 15, Image 15

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0reT LUTHERAN ; ''
rlTRIST F.VAKGKL,lCALf 1730 State
Qt O. Kohlr, pastor, -nn'idenre: 1750
sia'ls St.. plvooe 599R. Sitticm 10:30
m. Sermon tnjie: "Whither Shall He
(iof Sunday Nchool :30 a, va. lonng
.copies' uietinr 2:3t lp.,m. : Topic: 'Tha
Pn.Krss and Achtevemta -'of the Negro
j America." Mervu-es conducted v lit
Girlish. Mr.. Fred Tneuer, a tneoiogici
"""nudrnt will praacb. the j s-rroou
' ereuiug service, t- -
.Unuii rn st ILl' E.' and Mrs.
Caswell paaUTrt, esidtnce it 8. CutUM
U r,hftn. Jft4l HprVlrM 0. HI. 8T-
mon too'? "Just Brad1 Sunday
..hw.t 2 r. a.. .Mr. J. Wilson, superia
i.n.nt Mr. and- Mrt. Caswell haa
i .u.tlno tn finiiM -where they heard
i:. v( . ... A iim Vitehestain. the school
IClrl eTangeliat. 4 She is the' daughter of
tba "Labi Tribune'! editor, li kuown
bi one of the lineal orators t our conn
try. She expects to Tisit 8alem in Aug
, list and will sptaic in tne -laoernacie
: LESLIE . 'ommereial -and Myet
, Sts.. Ha r. Vemberton, pastor, residence
.148 Mrera St.. phone ; WSJ. Services 1
. or. and. 8 P. m Jiermon Topics: Th
Uardens. sf. the'-Bible and The Broken
Mentetice. HuuUay school J5.
: Jhorti. - itijwrinundent.i Intermediate!
Kpvgorth I.esgue'in' Leslie Hall' at 7 p. m.
lese Epworth. League in the church at
.7 p. m. l'rsyer meeting and Bible study
Thursday evruing at 7 :30.
CENTER ST. liih and Center Sis.,
A,! . llilmer, pastor, residence: 634 .
At'inier. phone 6H0M. Services 11 a. in.
' Sunday -school 10 a. ro H. H. Urallap,
aapetnUndent. KeT. J. V. Beckley will
serrtT lSiiiidsy morning in place of the IMs
' trick superintendent. Cooiiuunioa . service
'"f niter" the sermon. No evening service.
Attend the ramp meeting at the fair
: , grounds. , ".....-
MARKET HTKEKT Corner of N. Win
terand Market tits.. Mortimer C: Clarke,
pastor. .Sunday-school at 9:45, Frank S.
Si-huts, superintendent. There will be. no
preaching service either in the morning
or evening' on Sunday, the -congregation
uniting with the big camp meeting now
beiug held on the state (air grounds. Also
jill the week day services next k will
not be held on aecount of the nbove meet-
0g. . I : - ' .
f 0LAI TIDHCUS 3434 Cotfrt St., C.
R Johnson, nastor. residence: 1835 Ma
ple Ave. Services 3 and 8 p. m. Sunday
"m'IiooI 2 p. m., S.. Berkey, superintendent.
Yonnr neonles meeting rnday evening,
Week day services, Tuesday, Thursday
and Saturday evenings. Full gospel teach
inr salvation. baDtism in the holy ghost.
healing. Undenominational. Everybody
invited, ss -
FIRST Liberty and Center Sts.. C. C
Poling, pastor, residence: 435 Liberty,
nhona 09 1J. Servieea 11 a. m.J and 8 p.
iir. Daniel A. Poling of New Tork city
will preach at 11 . m. This is the only
time he- wm tpeaK in . aaiem.- iio lec
tures .at' Gladstone park at 3 p. The
pastor will speak., Sunday - school at
9:45. J. F. THrich, superintendent. The
League will meet at 7 p. nr. M Ml week
services ' Thursaay evening. riram. i
all. t -.
19th nd Marion Sts C. H. llopkins.
and Miry L. Hopkinv pastors, residence:
1960 Marion t sunuay-scnooi :u a.
l , W. B. Hardy, superintendent, t nurcn
losed the rest ot the day to unite with
the Marion County iloliness camp meei-
intf in the state fair grounus. mere win
be no prayer meeting heldin the church
Wednesday evening.
FIRST CHURCH Corner of liberty
and CbeWketa. Str Sunday morning ser-
vices,at 11 o clock, Sunday evening - .
Subject of lesson sermon. "Sscrament.
Sunday-achool . convene at :au ana u
. m. Wednesday evening .testimonial
meeting at 8 o'clock. -Heading room 20'J
Masonic Temple open every day except
holidays and Sundays from 11:15 to 5:30
p. m. All are cordially invited to our
service and t our reading room.
Pidures BelieWUdccountsrrSqnia-Barba
BF.THANT Corner of Capitol and j
Marion Sts.. M. Denny, pastor, residence: I
fttili Marion St., phone 445W. Services
11a. ni., in Knglwh. Sunday school 10
m Fred K. Krnse. superintendent.
'r: , 4.e. . -''H;);;"-' . - 1
(fiist Anderson, aoperiatendent; Towng
peoples - meeting 7:13 p. m. Thursday
i:3ii prayer meeting. Tnetdsy evening at
" :30i the ladies aid anu in the horn of
Mrs. .Wick berg. The men. are invited to
attend the meeting. Yeu are all cordially
invit dto oar services. .
srboot in -'eloeV.- Mark McCallMev. su
perintendeat, Tharsdar evening at 8
'clock Bible study and prayer meeting.
A cordial invitation is gives The public
to attend these services.
COCRT 8TRKKT Corner Court and N
17th St.. R. It, Putnam, pastor, reoidenre:
llOlt Lealie St phone 1425 J. Services
11 a." taw .and tt p. m. ' Sermon tonics:
"Convention High Lights," and "The
Baptist's Last Message." Sunday school
9:45 a, m Christ Kowitt. auperintendent.S
Junior following the communion services
at 11 a. m. Christian Kndesvor 7 p. as.'
Senior . and Intermediate. Series of re
port on World'a Convention by delezat,
will begin. Mid week service Thursday1
7:30 p. m. 'We extend a hearty welcome
lo all or any of the-e service.
Cora-er 17th and Xebraska. rastor, I.
C. Mower, resident, parsongae. Services,
It a. n... and p. m. Sermon twpUs:
The' Rwklesa Penknife, and F.voJution.
Since evolution is causing sack a commo
tion in the eharehes. the pnblic is es
pecially arced to hear thej wnaogs.
Sunday school 10 a. C. W. Wells, su
perintendent. Younc peoples' meet inr at
:30. I'rsjer and Bible study Thursday
evening. ...
him ita as RnnJsy oornlng ssl ef en-
tag. -'At--4a -vaevwHir eervie the eaair
will sing. Irsw Me to Thee.'." 7 p. as.
Von eg People' societies. Ecaoea treat
th. great , Pan Is ad enavewtiea will ha
hronght by oar delegate who attended.
8 p. eveaisg worship, ftermoa by
lr.-Dirk A. Lay. The chain will siag,
"I've Found a Friead." Brackett. Mea
day 8 p. m.. Cpngtecatioaal meeting called
to roBMder the name ef Ir. ' Norma a K.
Tnlly. bow of Kacine. Wia sa-aew pastor
ef this rharrh. The pulvet eoasmittee ar
unaaiaiots in their choice wf lr. Tally
and u ii heod a larce' eoncretatioa wilt
extend to hi. a asisisMat call aa M sa
dly evening.
I. B. 8. A.
Meet! every "Sunday in Derliy'Hall for
Bible study; 10 to .VS. ' 'The .Atonement
to 4, Kielk Temple. Sunday July i.',
there wfll be a lecture at 8 p. m., subject.
Why Kvil is Permitted," :
J34S IN". Church Sti J. J. Gillespie,
pastor, .'Residence: -131 -N. Church St.,
uhone 1S73M. Services 11 a. m., and
7:30 p. in. riermon topics: waicnmnn s
Duly and Evangelistic Sunday school
10 a. m., Mr&4 Walter tJarkus, auperm
tendent. Y'oung peoples' meeting .6:45
aubiect: "A Hive of Gospel Been. Pray
er ineotina- Wedivsdayevenine-3 :jo. 'in
UOth annual state camp meeting of the
church.' of Ciod, iwill be held on the camp
ground 4 'mile north of .Wpodbiirn, July
1C-.M., tlH2:. Services eacti . day ii a. m..
2:30. and 7:30 p. m. Ministers irom art
ioinina- states are. expected to assist m
the services.. A cordial invitation is giv
en to all to atten dtbe services.
GF.RMAN Corner 1 and Cottage SU
John J. Lucas, piastor. Sunday school
9:45 .f Robert Perlich. superintendent.
Classes for all ages. Morning worship
11 and in the "afternoon at 2:30. Prof
Jj Heinricbs of Chicago. 111., who for 2d
yeara .was a missionary in India will have
charea of this Service. . t-veryDoay win
be heartily welcome.
wtrst tjhertv and Marion Sts.. Ern
est H. Shanks, pastor, residence: 549 N
Liberty, phone 1920. Services 11 a. m.
ml A n. m Sermon tonics: The North
ern Baptist Convention and The Gob pel
a Evolution.' Music by. the.mal chorus,
solos -and readings. A fine prelude to
' The United States Bureau of
the Census, has just printed aw
graphical representation of fatal?,
autpmohile accidents which showsV
that Mississippi with an estimated -'
population of 1,709,618 on July 1,J
1923, had 78 fatal automobile ac-
cidents during that same year,
which is 4.4 automobile fatalities
orr lmnnn nnnulation ' That is
the best record of any state for;j
that rvrar. - - ".t
California with a popnlation of
haa lJV latai accidents ;
(New York had 1.930 and Penn
sylvania 1,592) which is 32.6 fa
talities per 100,000 population, the
highest record of any state.
Under the head oft automobile
fatalities per .100,000 population1
in cities of registration states
states reporting to the Depari
riient -Virginia,, with a -population
of 623,675 in its cities and 84
accidents; or 13.5 per 100,000 pop
ulationrhad the best record of
any state, i Wy'driiing, with 30,314
in its cities, and 19 accidents, had
the highest record of fatalities, or
62.7 per HK).(KX).
j Under- the hea of automobile
JNSr-" J
v v X.
Central Press Phot-I
''M'iwixaX :.aasiy.:.v
c- . .:.:- - v'Wifjs' ' -,- - ' y- . v.-. 'r z ' . .
3 ," "$5$$ --
rvii s saaaa f -
r ?
b. wta 4 . X ay ,-. v-cft.vv
a . . aTC . . . i . r 1 v,' . rf si f . J s.s
kfatMMMsaMN-aMV ' ' '' ' --tt r v-'- 't'"'-veVsflr
..-.. .. e '
li.t 1 .
FIRST Center and Hish StC J. ?i
Evans, - pastor. , Morning aad evening ser-j
icse will le reBeJ an Sunday. Thq
pastor will speak-at both services. Misi
Whisler will have charire of the musirj
Bible school at 0:43. The yoang p-otH
meet at 7 o'clock, to hear reports of th4
Portland convention.
SOUTH SALEM Commercial and
Washington, Sts:, Carl F. and Minnie er
Miller pastors, residence: 1oj5 S. Liber
ty, phone 133R. Services 11 a. m., aad
8 p. m. Sermon topics: "Live Chria
tians." and Evangelistic Me a re. Sunday
school 10 a. m.. Dr. Carl K. Miller, super
intendent. Young peoples meeting 7 p.
m. Prayer meeting Thursday H p. m.
Kliss Zimmennsa.' a Christian Jew will le
present this Thlrsday night and . sveak.
If jou have no church .Jiome w will le
glad to have yon come and worship with
ii . Tourists are welcome in their trsv-1
eung ciomes. - - .
Address, ail Minion St. lator. Rslpt
D. IliilliH-k. residence, -J51 fission Su,
phone 1439-W. Service UnM) a. ax,
2:au.p. m. Sunday school t0;.1O a. ta.
Week-day. services. Thursday at '7: P
m. All are invited to rome hear and
see the old time Apostolic gospci. in op
eration.. "Ey hath not seen, nor ear
heard, . neither has it entered tntf the
heart of man the things that God has
prepared for them that love Him. But
tiod hath revealed them nnto b by His
spirit, for the Suirit searcheth all tbincn.
yea the deep things of Gol." 1 Cor.
3:9, It. Many are finding it so in theie
laKt days.
Addre. Church St. between Chemrke
ta and Center Sts. 9:30 a. m. Sundav
school. 11. K. Barrett, superintendent. 11
a. m. sermon hy Rev. Dirk A. I -ay 11..
who is bead of -the PreobMeriaa work
among the Pima Indians in Anion.. lr.
J -ay U pabtor ot the lsrret Indian church
in the' failed States. He is a strong man
and we cordially invite the public to hear sermon hy
Divine worship will be held ia the Firt
Methodist i-hnrch at II o'clock Sunday
moraine. The pastor. Rev. F. '. Taylor
will preach the' second number ia a cries
of sermon for. summer. on. . "tiaJ's
MouBtaB." Special auie will be givea
hy the clm'r. There will he no evening
service in First church on Sundsy. The
rouTe-4tioti a ill unite in the uaioa ser
vice ia ill-x.n iiars ssm! lttea ta tse
Kev. C. U. lioney. 1H.
1- V r-V,"- . v-r.Aj 1 ' W 1 1 IBs I --aacAT - -
i : ..w: itsic ioi
i--f s.
, is sy-a;r .
W.t- - ; 3ti - We--e j
V- lis , v aij" 1 1 tj 'ki- :
itMtaVsAv . 31 V-v-rT'---if - -- - , n--i r mt i r- ,f,w?,i rr.i i m mim laft-'nr"
Earll-e accounts of huge damage done to Santa Barbara. Calif., by the earthquake are shown,
to be exagj tl by these photos, taken after the excitement had subsided. , They showthe condi-t
tion rthe , From ua airplane' the injury is scarcely visible, most of the buildiagi damaged
were old ones. State street i Keen from two angles. j i '
the evening service .beginninj at 8 p. m.
Solo by Luther Taylor of Tacoma, read
ing, The Sign of the Cross, by Mrs. Car
rie M. Chase. Cheerful choruses and sons
you love. Sunday school 9;45 a.-m.,Ed
Schunke, superintendent. The BYPU
will hold its association rally at Leban
on. lr. Shanks will deliver-the address
of the rally at 2:30 in the Lehanon Bap
tist churoh. No evening BYPU owing to
this rally. Thursday eveniug the mid
week prayer meeting. The appointment
ef delegate to the state convention wheih
meets at Astoria on the 21st. The man
in overalls is as welcome as the man in a
tall hat, at the church of a hundred nana
shakes. ,, '
Winter and Jefferson Sts. Thomas Aclio-
son, pastor, residence: 100 Jefferson St..
pastor, residence: yju wK jm.. pnone
Phone loOtiJ.' Leroy Walker, assistant
1401. Services 11 a.i m., and 8 p. m.
Sermon topics: "Chrixtianity At Its
Best," and "The1 Road Yon Travel."
The choir will furnish .special tnusi.for
both morning and evening worship. Junior
church 11 a. m.; Kev. ; Walker in charye.
Sunday school 11:45 a. m., Harry Carpen
ter, suiiwiiitendent. Wesley and Epworth
leasues will meet in separate rooms down
stairs for their devotional services at 7
p. m. They are always glad to 'Welcome
stunrers and visitors ; toi thet-e services.
t i . hi
- FIRST Center and , Liberty. C. E.
Ward, pastor, 'residence: 440 Center St.,
phone, ii!l R. Services 11 a. m. Sermon
topic: "The Land. of -My .Dreams.". Se
cial muMe hy Uie mixed quartet. Sunday
Special Prices on New
Auto iccebsorle
Ford wheels, 30x3VVVre$3.00
' Ford oversize steering wheels...;.
Fog lights ;..L
.' .1-Ton jacks ....,.t
i. Luggage carriers .
, Mirrors (rear view).... ..... l.
.tjpJ'.pXa .transmission lining sets
.i 5
i t- .-. v r ..... v .... . ' -e, v - -
. AVchave a blgiine of new and used parts for all malces
of cars and can save you -money.
" i aT J w f- a rv l A Tal " en a n "
z-io .teenier oircei rnone .y . h
Cash paid for cars Jo wreck
tin Thursday evening at 7:"0 both Junior
and Senior churches- will meet for devo
tional service at the church. Dr. Leech,
district superintendent, will be present
and will hold his second church conference
with us. All tue officials nrged to attend.
A srtong evangrlistic note will dominate
all our services. '. The Urge stone, build
in; well ventilated will offer a cool and
comfortable place in which to. worship.
An inhpirational song service led ly choir
and orchestra for evening worship.
SCANDINAVIAN 15th Mill. St, Patrik
Dahlin, pastor, residence: 209.VTrade St.,
phone 3773. Services (Swedish) 11 a.
in., and 8 p. m. Sunday school 10. a. m..
fatalsties pejiyvJ.Uyu - popuiaiton
in rural districts .pf rcgtstraiion
'' chlc' .Tennewe with l.yi JJl
of its population in rural districts,
-had $8 fatal accidents, or 3 per
100,000 population., This is the
'best record of an v. state.. Cali
fornia with 1,600.081 in its" rural
districts,, had 618 accidents, or
"38.6 per 460,000. . i
' Eight, here it, is interesting to
note that the best record in the
citjes is 13.5 per 1 00,000 popula
. 4ion, and in. the rural districts 3.0
per 100.000. The hiyh record for
cities is, 62.7 per 100.000, While the
hifh record for rural districts is
38.6 per 100.000.
';'.. JL Uelk
e- I f ii it i . j I . r. j i - A I XXJf ft
mm, m Mmw
- t.
i - i
a c
O 31
Sensational Price Reductions
and New Models' u f
in the eriical-8upe
$200! $400!-$600!
4 -
Mi fMJBurfr ' Tuesb t a rest travel -treat in store IOT
rJSui&f yo if you have never tried to wear out a .
Dtp!? ' r h Mr l.Tn rrni df rmirs thev1 do
vear out eventually.. But Vhat a run.
That is wfiete you save. ? i ; :
-Vou know that quality is themThe tracle
rnark assures it. ice the days of the rst
automobiles in the West, that trade-mark
has symbolized quality. Time tells. Re-
: solve now to equip at the first opportunity
wihsurc-footea, long-wearing C.& L CoADS
and (dWMMtorcdTuBES. Sizes for allcars.
Made in theWest fa tbe Watty 4 pioneer:
firm of the rFeCHAKSib& Lyom Ox, -world's
larxest txduave distributor ef autvmo-
tie producu sW ftrei. Sold, by : 'i
time tells
' Special Show
ing and Dem-
onstrations (of
the Full line of
Ford-biiilt All-1
Steel Bodies
on the
CLAR1C.& yjNCEsrr
660 North Capitol Street
-i, Salem, Oregon
.m mm mm
m . i . m wm m. . . . mi. m m m
July ISth to. Jidy 18th'
Go to the nearest Authorized -Ford
Dealer this week, andsee his -display
' of Ford Trucking Equipment arid the
full line of Ford-built All-Steel Bodies
; on the Ford chassis. This is an excep
tional opportunity to learn how Ford
equipment can bring a new 4econqmy
. into your business. Special demonstra
r tions of Ford Trucks and their appli
cationtoyourbusiness willbe arranged.
Over a million Ford Trucks and Light
Delivery Cars are' in service today..
Chassis and body alike possess those
J in-built qualities of strength and dur
ability that are identified with all
: Ford products. '
Don't fail to visit this interesting and
valuable display. It will pay you to go
now this week while tlie complete
line is on display. '
' . J ,-,- . .. - .
.... -
NOW CX)MES within your reach, in price as it has km been
in your dreams of possessing a Sicktn backer MVertical-8-Superfine.",
'' '
IT HAS LONG beezroar ambition to do this but until row
TWO FACTORS render it feasible. First, desijrn has been
standard! zed and seconc vm are now in volume production.
CAR HAS BEEN thoroughly jjroven. in every day, vtry-where
service. j
'MOTOR HAS BEEN enlarged so as to afford a still tresUr
surplus of power and sri.
DESIGN, CONSTRUCTION every detail has been proved and
confirmed ; bo that now, we are certain thUoijfi- will remain
standard for the next ca yeavs, at bast. ;
IN MANY VITAL FEATURES this 4,Vertical-8-Superfin" Is
years -yesyears in advsECJ of the times.
IN THE REFINING PROCESS we were able to make severJ
parts interchangeable with the Six, thus Jeffeqting . nuoiy
economies and rendering both types easier to service. . ,
HAVINGREACHED THAT POINT, we are now in production in
volume, oni this model as wll as the Six. , ' . j
THESE GREAT PRICE REDUCTIONS are just in line with the
Rickenbacker policy to give the buyer, full benefit of any
.. saving we can effect in production,) without keduemg quality.
THE NEW SERIES ("S-B") U refined to the last degree.
. MOTOR 12 LARGER; cylinder bore now 31 in-saxx as in the
AS PREVIOUSLY STATED, many important parts, such as
pistonsvalves, connecting rodtJr9,i&3ttixuriU
x .are t;bw. interchangeable. '. '
THA TtS A TREMENDOUS ADVANTAGE to dealers in servicing,
aivl To users in lower cost of upkeep also enabUs us l
mari;vcte to better advantage.
SAME RULEi APPLIES to many cbjJ-.U pai-mU of Wich r
.tp ywssdv-ntage. . .
IT OS THIS .COMBINATION of factors whlefy make Oy. loner
prices possible on this new aeries V.VericaUS. .
FfiJCES OF-NEW MODELS-are as follow : " - - -
' Js . ff
''''' '
.1 tio Pru , rr
Phaeton - $2195 v ' 1 i$200
Brougham 233S . $400
-PassJ Coupe; New Body Design
.."Sedan'.. - $',79S..;, . 'G0O
HERE IS THE WORLDS GREATEST buy iri a mofdr-;car of the ,
hrtiriinrn piite iiircfe i j . jl.J. - -i .
svuiuvirAi inu wruvxsu & laeniicai in every respect, wiui
tL.t (. ..L!.L r;J l i i .1 Krn :i
ui w wnin vpuiui rutaeniMKacr.paccu Jka v-uius rats ' ?
on inoiuupous sppeeaway, isecorauon umy, a04. nnes per
'hour. ' ' j ' " ;
HERE IS poWer 'plus. - Here is super-speed and wondrau!
tness. I v -
AZIN ACCELERATION matchless hill-Ability-and
equally rnid; exiua,, thanks to the
t elenJr4l-whcil brakes. . ; . .--
AND YET-his Rickenbacker Yertiupernne,, is priced
. -$2,000 .to $3,C?X less than the only other 8" that 'compares
witl 31 ir. Ukiy or performance. "
DRIVE THIS! erticaJ-8-Superfine, yourself e'xperian the
new,tbfUl" in motoring. fc f
outinuim vviuutctwiar oaiCM, vitauu
' .1
s '
y .1
3 1
r k. .-v I s I
V 0
, , .t . . - . -