The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, April 22, 1925, Page 5, Image 5

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I i . i i i t i '
When you see the beautiful new color
our Spring Suiting?,!
them. - - - - -1
" a.
Lookers and Buyers Are Showering
combinations in
we're sure ! you'll be pleased with
U sWith Many
Our garments are tiilored with so much talent and skill
that they adapt themselves to the figure with a grace
and ease that indicates! the clothes belobg to the wearer
$18 to $45
400 State St.
I .- ; l:
- I I- I t ! - - - I .
" i
. Oregon - Theodore Roberts
r in "40 Winks." ' U
LibertyMrs. Wallace jReid
, c in "Broken Laws.". ,
Bligh Murdock, and "Roar-
ing Rails." .;
Pie Social Planned I
The Hazel Green Parent-Tes ,ch
er association will give a ; pie so
cial and entertainment at the
Hazel Green school Friday j nl ght
at 8 o'clock, featuring E. MeCi-os-key
with bis - musical handsaw;
E. Cooke Patton, the magicjan,
and Joe - Foley in a black face
sketch. F. N. Woodry will auction
the pies.
Dance Tonight
Cole McElroy's orchestra,
tal Gardens.
Has Unique Honor-
Jack Spong, senior at the jSalem
high school, claims the distinction
to be the only 'male membei .to
i haye attended the Willamette unl
Tersity co-ed carnival this year.
It Is claimed that he was dressed
.&a a- girl. and was -brought into
the affair to of fer-"legerdemain
before the participants in the tar-
nival. He claims to have been
Buys Furniture
- Phone 511
:" ' OatMpatar-Snxgezy '.
- i
XlMtronlo Xnagastla and Irtmen
(Dr. Atina'i aitaod)
OftlM Thoam 159 r 4fl?
508 XT. S. Bank Bid.
frightened for fear his Identity
would be j discovered. ' Harold
Fearing," a senior at Willamette,
was admitted after the carnival
was completed in order to take a
flashlight photograph of the gath
ering.) " .
OAC Symphony Orchestra-
Sat; eve, April 25, Waller ball.
I ' I . . ' a25
Birth Reported
Almira Endora Anderson "is the
name given to the baby daughter
born to Mr. land Mrs. Knute An
derson on April 9. Robert Eu
gene Deim is the name given to
the baby son j born to Mr. and Mrs.
Frank T". Deim on April 17, ac
cording to certificates filed with
the city health officer.
Business Course? Summer School?
Inquire at 428 Oregon Bldg.
Finish in three months. - Book
keeping, typewriting, shorthand.
I ' a22
Visits High Schools .
Benjamin !J. Kimber, Marlon
county ; YMCA secretary, spoke at
the high schools in Woodburn,
Gervais, ,.' Hubbard and Sllvecton
yesterday and led. the "singing at
Woodburn and Silverton. He plans
to speak at the high schools of
Turner I Aumsville, . Stayton and
- i ir .
Dancing ! Dancing !
.'-" : j j, . Xdia Ttm
Thomas Bros. Jan Band OzcaMtra,
1 ; ran jof llf and JPe
; j. ' 1 -
r4T r
Skating, Skating, Skating
Thursday,; Friday. Saturday
LADD& BUSH, Bankers
. . i. . i . u s : - -
re i
Established 1808
- , .? 'it.
General Banking
Office Honrs; from 19 a. m. to3 p. m.
: I -I
To Move
Call on us, for we have padded Vans and Fleece-lined
covers for your furniture and piano, First class piano
and furniture movers.
We also handle
LJ ' -
! I-' - '
Stoves, Furnace
Coals and i Diamond Briquettes
Transfer &
Storage Co J
, ! 1
f J i-
Jefferson In "the J interest o the
Older Boys' conference to bejheld
in Salem the last of this week.
Secretary ' Kimber "plans to jvisit
Polk and Linn counties before the
conference is held here.
OAC Symphony Orchesti
Sat. 'eve, '"April '25, Waller hall.
Odd Silk Taffetta Cushions
Extra special $4.95. H. L. Stiff
Furniture Co. : ; M i a22
Suffers Slight Injnrv
Marie Patton, little daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. -Hal D. Patton, Is
suffering .from a .fractured knee
cap which was received recently.
At the present time she is con
fined to her,' home after undergo
ing an operation for tonsilitis.
Cut Flowers, Floral Pieces
Adams, Florist, 453 Court.
McCuIlough Recovers
C B. McCullough, state bridge
engineer 1 who recently underwent
a major ' operation, ! is able to be
up and around at his home! It
is expected that he will be at his
office within a few days.
Ball Is Furnished . J ,
George C. Lyttel, arrested on a
charge of ; , non-support, was i re
leased from the county Jail yes
terday after, having furnished bail
of 250. j : ; v , .. , .
For Rent Right Houses-
Two flats, 22.50 to $4 5
& Hendricks,; U. S. Bk. bldg.
Player Music Rolls f
59c. Large selection.;
Stiff Furniture Co. -
Patient Escape j " ? ! .
Thomas Kinson, a parole pa
tient of the state hospital, eloped
from that institution last night
and has not yet been caught. Kin
son was committed from Multno
mah county In 1924. He Is about
35 years of age, 5 feet 8 inches
tall, and weighs about 168 pounds.
He has brown. hair and eyes: and
was dregsed:. In a dark suit, with
an overcoat and. light hat. . j -
It's battar to Invest th great
er part of your money In the
new linen MlU. Buy one ef
onr nsedi care this year and
when the! Linen Mill rets to
flag wo lean all ride in new
cars, j
Hurra for the Linen Mill!
Is in advance
ceived in the
of the educational
he would have re
public school. "i;
Large Garage Bldg. for Lease
9,000 sju jfeet, cement floors;
quick possession. . Becke & Hen
. U. jS.
Bk. Bldg.
Portable Phonograph
$1 down! and $1 a week.
Stiff Furniture Co.
H. L.
! 1
Committee fleets
Lou Lunsford, -John W. Orr and
H. R. White met with a district
committee at, Corvallls to draw up
plans for the program at the In
ternational: Lions district conven
tion to bej held at Longvlew on
May 28, 29 and 30. Practically
every clnb In Oregon had delegates
at the committee meeting.
Business Course? Summer School?
Inquire at 428 Oregon Bldg.
Finish I in three months. . Book
keeping typewriting, shorthand.
.u, . : a.22
High Grade Auction Sale
Don't miss the modern.,- f urni
ture auction on .Thursday at 702
N. 14th St. 1:30 p: m, Woodry
says its a good aale. . See adv; a22
Hoodoo Holds Jail
The county jail has 13 residents
at. , present, the number being re
duced. Carrol Wright, Joe Polley,
James Williams, Lawrence Mont
gomery and Thomas Traeen were
released from the jail after being
held on liquor charges. ; :
A ILecture Will be Give
On the Principles of the Knights
of the Ku Klux Klan, at the Odd
fellow's temple, Thursday evening,
April 23, at 8 o'clock. The public
is Invited. Admission free, j a23
Truancy Case Settled . i
A doctor's certificate showing
the physical disability of the son
of Tom Watts, Salem heights
rancher, settled the truancy case
of that district yesterday when it
was presented to County Superin
tendent Mary Fulkerson. She has
granted written permission' for the
child to be taught at home The
boy. nine years of age, has been
receiving Instruction at home un
der a plan advanced by an eastern
institution.. The mother, an ex
perienced teacher, declares the lad
San Francisco, one way, $15.50
. . Round Trip, $30.00
Los Angelea, one way. $27.33
Round Trip, $30.00 i
Special Rates to Parties ot
,. Eight or More ) ,
For 'Information and Reserva
.: tiona phone 696, or call at .
Balexfi Oregon , J '
Plans Are pejady
The finished plans for the new
YMCA building are ready, accord
ing to j the announcement made
last night. Kenneth Legge, local
architect, who has been employed
on the plans; arrived with them
in time to
this morning.
step taken
pected actual
meet with contractors
in the direction of a
new YMCA building, and it is ex-
This, marks another
construction will be
building within a
Six Cylinder Coupe, 1020 IodeJ
A-l j condition. Cheap casn
sale. Barrett Bros. Garage 1999
N. Capitol. I a23
Have Substitute LeaCer , i '
Due to the. illness of C T. Mc
Croskey, teacher of the salesman
ship class! of the YMCA, Ci'P.
Bishop filledj jthe vacancy last
night. At I the jlast meeting Allan
Kafoury presided. Mr. Bishop
gave a delightful talk to the class
on many elf pis experiences aa,. a
salesman, j and! , presented "many
highlights Of k successful business"
deau, 10
Bill Hunt
Boxing, Salem Armory
Lewis - vs." Billy Gar-three-minute
vsJ Speed Murphy,' six
3-minute irounds. Two snappy
Friday, April 24.
Ladies jtreej with gentlemen on the
lower floor. i ' : '
I Pv"..
Building Permit Issued
H. H Harms is to build a dwell
ine at 1156 Madison street, which
Is to cost $3200, according to the
permit issued iby the city recorder.
Shrine Dance-r-Elite Hall
Aprii 22nd. Informal. Wear
your fez. Shrlners come. . azz
! 44- ' -
Card Party i
By St. Monica's Altar society.
hall. Prizes,
mission! 35b.
night, St. Joseph's
refreshments. Ad-a22
Address Planned :
I. L. Patterson Is to give an ad
dress on 'Community Spirit" - at
Eola Friday night at 8 o'cloek.
Mr. Pattersonj Is a prominent fruit
grower jof Polk county and repub
lican leaded.1 I ' i.
t-T 4 :
OAC Symphony Orchestra 3 -
Sat. eve,! April 25, Waller hall.
: I i a25
Teachers Hold Meeting
" Teachers! of the Salem: schools
heard reports, of the three repre
sentatives to j the Inland Empire
Educational association convention
at Spokane! recently. George W.
Hug, superintendent of city
schools, Miss Carlotta Crowley and
E. A. Miller, principal of the Grant
school, made the addresses. 'New
officers for the ensuing year were
elected, with Miss Lela Reed, of
McKinley high : school, as presi
dent, - "! -
A Lecture Will be Glvei
On the Principles of the Knights
ot the Ku Klux Klan. at the Odd
fellow's temple. Thursday evening.
April 23, at! 8 o'clock. The public
Is invited
Admission free.
Favor Free Ferry -
The Marlon ; county court. favors
si free ferry at; Wheatland, accord
ing to reports, 'and the matter now
rests with the Yamhill county
court. It Id expected that an elec
tric ferry
wfll be operated at
where the people are
entitled to the free service.
Play Popular Music in 12 Lessons
Free Demonstration. Waterman
Piano School, I McCornack Bldg.
Ships Goods to Congo ' -
Manager jJarman of the J, ' C;
Penny store has shipped goods to
Belgian Cong- la Africa In answer
for service from Mrs. B. E; Schaff-
A Bargain iu Kerchiefs
Miller's Basement Store
Today and Tomorrow in Bargain Square
1 1
Hundreds of
e -
ten s
I Women's
Low Prices
5c to 39c
'Which represents
A Saving of
just another ;
Anniversary Sale
.' Bargain
are to be' shipped to Elizabeth
ville, in the Belgian Congo. . Par
cel post is beng used. '
Deputies Are? Active -
Will Moore, state insurance
commissioner! and fire marshal. Is
greatly ! impressed with the recent
tragedy at Marshfield in which
five lives were lost In a conflagra
tion. He has! placed four deputies
in Marshfield in' an educational
and investigating capacity in order
to prevent. If possible, a repeti
tion in other icities. :
Gardner Touring Car
. Driven only 1200! miles, at the
Certified : Public Motor Car Mar
ket for; half jthe new price. Car
has been in j careful hands and
will give some one the same good
service that
a new 1
Inter-Tnsurersj Barred
Inter-insurers cannot write lia
bility insurance, according to an
opinion handed down Tuesday by
I. ;H. Van Winkle, attorney gene
ral. - Lack of proper protection
.from special bonds is the basis for
the opinion; The r opinion was
asked by the public service com
mission covering insurance on
automobiles, j A similar opinion
was handed down about two years
ago. : . j . , ",
Card Party h -
By St. Monica's Altar society.
Wednesday . night. St. , Joseph's
hall. . Prizes.! refreshments. . Ad
mission, 35c. a22
WI'I Entertain Delegates
C The Salem Kiwanis are to en
tertain i visltirg delegates: to the
Older Boys conference to be
staged here during the latter part
of. this week. .- Klwanlans have
promised to tike one of the dele
gates to luncheon Saturday noon
and discuss Vocational problems
with him. The plan of the offic
ials of the conference was to se
cure the co-operation of the busi
ness men of the city to take one
of, the Marion-Polk county, dele
gates and briiig him Into contact
with the. business life ot the city.
For SaTe
Ford coupe
Co. ..-
Xearly Xew 1924
Newton Chevrolet
Lecture on the Klan
Keith Alleii will deliver a free
lecture on the principles of the
Knights of the Ku Klux Klan at
Odd Fellow's j temple, 8alem, on
Thursday, April 23, at 8 p. m.
The public generally is Invited.
Eagles Stage Social
One of the (first open meetings
and social evenings to be staged
Results in, doughs and Colds
Use -
Schaefer's Herbal
Cough Cure
;--h;r:- -:;'lAt:-';,,;;
to prevent serious sickness
: i - - :
, It Wni Break Up r
' ' . Your Cough '
; 1 i . 1 - .
: -r-f :-:"' " l ; -
v'.i ."The Yellow Front"
.... , . . .
; .t 133 North Commercial
t ' Phone 197
? c'.
The Penslar Store '
by the Salem Eagles will be held
tonight.- A special program has
been arranged and refreshments
will be served. The evening will
be closed with' a dance. Eagles
and tbeir "friends - are - invited to
come and bring their wives.
Red and Black Depart
An Indian and a negro boy es
caped from the boys' training
school while they were employed
in the potato field, according to
reports filed at the police station.
Elgin Taylor, aged 18. negro lad,
five feet 11 inches in height,
weight 160 pounds was committed
from Wallowa county. Sam Frank,
the Indian was sent up from Uma
tilla county. He is five feet and
five inches in height and .weighs
14 0 pounds! ' : : , .
Released on Bond
Chet Ridgeway was released on
$100 : ball Tuesday after he had
been lodged In the police station
x-4?Q ... -
k -i
Consists of supplying
the Business Firms
; with every material
I and, equipment needed
t in their business.
1 ' . , See us at once ;
, "If It's for the. Office
, . We Have It"
on a possession of liquor" charge.
John Painter, who faces . a va-.
grancy charge in addition to the
possession charge was released on
$120 ball. N Monk Wagoner, who's
real name is alleged to be Ralph
Vern, was ; released by order of
Judge Poulsen.i Vern, alias Wag
oner, was involved In an alleged
drunken driver scrape at Dallas
some time ago, which created
wide attention. ! -
Police Court Xipws
Leamon L. Lane of WillamTna.
deposited $10 bail when he was ar
rested ror, speeding yesterday.
Kenneth s. Reed forfeited $10;
O. V; Penjuite P. Klseman, Ray
De 'Merritt. R. W. CovrV and I,.
ILane forfeited $10tih. vhi !i
had been deposited for- their ap
pearance in court.
Special Showing of '
Davenports. H. L. Stiff Furni
ture Co. . a2i
Plans UndciloV
Plans for the high School nm
mencement are still tinsettlpd.
The students cannot use the Arm
ory on June 12, as it is already
taken. If the weather allocs tho
exercises will be held in the oppn.
but if not other arrangements will
be made. The stadium at tho
(Continued on piga 6)
High Grade Modern Furniture
ale !
702 North Fourteenth Street
-' - :. -1 "I i '.'' '." : :-: ! 1 1 !
Oak cabinet: Cheney phonograph and records, like new; ovri
stuffed tapestry davenport and chair, extra good; mahogtny
davenport,- table and 4 mahogany chairs the kind you like;'
mahogany day bed upholstered in blue velour; mahogany dining
room suite consisting of Queen Anne extension table, 4 hlu
leather seated diners and very fine buffet long style; maliog-i
any rockers; oak rockers; oak library table; drop head Sinser
sewing machine; 2. large all leather chairs; Wilton and Axmin
sterrngs; brown Reed chair upholstered In tapestry; Oliver
typewriter; white chair, green velour lounge; very old clock;
Universal 6-hole range; 2 good heaters; kitchen treasure; round
oak stand table; beds, springs and mattresses; roll BeateJ rock
er; sewing rocker; a. lot of good-books; square oak extension
table and chairs; fruit jars, boiler, tbbs, dishes, axe. hoe. lawn
mower, stair carpet, ash dresser, chest, drawers, commode pic
tures and lots of other articles. Be on time 1:20 p. m. sharp.
;: Terms cash. ''
NOTICE: j Goods on inspection on day of sale only. ' : . .!
, MRS. C K. MORTON . .; .
Owner, 702 X. Fourteenth St. t ;
I. "Woodry'Buys Furniture for Cash'or Sells on Commission?'
p. x. woqdrV;
Auctioneer, I'hono " 1 1
npHE SEDAN TYPE funeral car
car that we place at the disposal
. of those who call upon us is the
modern version of the old-fashioned
hearse. .. -: -
It is less COnsDlCUOUS. anr! has far
more divinity and beauty. In every
way this piece of modern equip
I ment serves better and more satis-
"Superior SUncml Service"
... b a arjrcii Street
. Phone 110
l mm
' v r .-
rer for curtain goo ' Tie ood?
" - "': f