The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, April 19, 1925, Page 14, Image 14

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, HE Gamble Roof is sometime?, I though not" always, a "detail of the Dutch:
colonial house. This type of honje is constantly growing more popular. One
of the reasons for this no doubt lis the fact that It is adapted to any climate
and is as applicable in the west as well jas in the east.
The Germantown hood or cornice just oter the first story windows is a typical
e apparent height of the home- an effect so
live good rooms In addition to a hath. The
detail -of this style and helps to lower th
much desired In a cottagei
t Although small, the home contains
first floor contains a liv- - ,t:
ing, room,, dining j room
and kitchen. On the sec
ond floor are two bed
rooms and bath. !
A I full basement pro-
ides ample space for.
laundry, 'fuel, furnace and
storage space. j
, The main building is ;
31 ft. by 18 ft. .
Let Us Figure With frou on Your New Home
I 1070 . Twentieth. ;
Watch this space for new Ians each week 1
North, Satero.
Alexander Daue, sold to Elmer
A. Daue, i lot $ 1, brock 1, Owens
addition to iSalem. i j
T. Al Garbade. ! sold to Leo
Kinch,' 50 ; Sacres of land in Jos.
Matfe CI. ii.1 ri -1
Theodore Robens, executor of
the estate tf (Eliard Dupuis, de
ceased, sold to R. L. Freeburc,
52.t5 & 5.?70s acres in State 17,
H. VVehrnmi 17, F. Malvoin Cl.
Benjamire Jelderks, sold to
Bank of Woodburn 64.56 acres of
reproof Houses Are Now
From: Gypsum Concrete
"Houses made fireproof by gjy)-
sum concrete walls," are described
iu the ' current issue of Popular
Science Monthly. The magazine
says: ' ... ' -y ( &
Gypsum,, -commonly called
'jlaster of 'Paris." whlch has
been used for centuries fpr ' jlai- j compares with that of a wooden
While - it taker' ordinary ' con
crete several ' days to ' harden,
tering walls, is the essential Anart
of a new ireprdof building mat
erial. Mfxed with cfnders gravel
crushed stone or furnace slag, and
poured in jforihs, it can be used
to construct miln walls and parti
tions of jonej: and two story
buildings. It is possible now to
erect an ehtiro house of-this In-.
combustible mineral at a cost that
gypsum- concrete; will harden
within 36 minutes. This speeds
up construction work, lessening
labor, costs. Also, since the ma
erfal sets so rapidly, a compara
tively small number of forms can
be used over and over as the
Arrive : .
-H7 .. :
V - Be Preparedly Having
of your home. tTood screens Will? give you a peaceful:
niffhfs sleep, a-undisturbed home, and help to keep
your children healthy. I I ! i
We Have a Large Stbck
Rust-proof Screens Ready f
for the windows and "doors of your home
... - . !
ikW; Copelaridl Yards
j .Yarcb in West Salem, Albany, Lcntz, Ilubbari, Ysrnhill, Hills-
walls go Up. Another adrantage
1s that' gypsum is considerably
lighter: than other concrete. i
All corners; and openings are
reinforced by steel rods or welded
steel fabric, j In one-story con
struction, utside walls are made
at least six Inches thick; in two
story bulldfngs eight inches, wh?le
partitions heed be onlv thrpn hr
four inches ' thick. MM . . . 7 . .
In a,i laborajtory ii test made re
cently by the .department of civil
engineering at Colombia -university;
awal ibf gypsum concrete
was expose to fir and kept'un-
der temperature of 1700 degrees
iur an iiyur. ; Aiier. ine tesi-ine
exterior sufface of 'the 'wall show
ed 'no signs "of the heat. When
the side of the wall exposed to
the flames ivas washed with water
from al fire-hose, it showed only
a little of the cement washed away
leaving ; a $lightly pitted surface.
realty Transfers
J. C. Xadon. sold to "Edgar T.
PfeJ-ce, i part of tlock 4 9. North
Salem. . .
May 10 to 17 to Be Observed
Through AmQnca Says
Mrs. Pettyjohn . '
Better Homes in' America week
will be observed from May 10 tp
1.7,; it as announced by Winnie
Pettyjohn, chairman i of the Mai-ion-Polk
Realtors. The moves is
better described as an attempt to
help all American" families, bujt
particularly those of modest in
come, to make 'their, homes morb
convenient, attractive and wholes
borne. Educational publications,
better home demonstrations, and
research methods are used in puti-
tfhg' the idea across.
The move is a national one, an
i3 controled from a central officfe
HX rw'rIin Washington,1D.: C. and, the
Maierart of lot 5 btock 17, UemonatMona .,n! thfi vaHOBk
jetties are staged' byVoluteer chair
hien, and a committee of their
pwn choosing. : ' j
j President Coolldge, In accepting
the post of chairman of the Ad
visory Council of Better Homes in
America , wrote Mr. Hoover: ,
j "The American nome Is this
foundation of national and indi
vidual well-being. ,Ita steady ; im
provement, is, at the same time
& test of our civiliztation and out
Ideals.'- The Better Homes in Am
erica "movement provides a chanj
hel through which men and wom
en in 'each community can encourj-
jage the 'bunding, ornamenting and
owning of private homes hy the
people at Jarge. We need attracj
tive, worthy, permanent homes
that lighten ther burden of housek
eeping. We need homes in which
borne' life can reach its finest level
and in which can be reared happy
children and upright citizens.
''I commend, participation In
Better. Homes demonstrations and
in other, work of the movement
to the American people." i
land in-A. Bonenfau claim:
R. J. Becker. sold to' ; Jacob
Becker, W pilots 1 and 2 block.
1 Pratta addition to Salem.' Ore.
George Allen Metxker, sold to
Madge; E. Jloofe. lot 7 block a
Salen Height addition to Salem.
Christopher Johnson,- sold to
Bessie Cowles, "correction deed
land in E. CoColey claim. i
Jas. G,! Heltzel, sold to Peter
Zerr. lots 20-21 subdivision Of
block 28 and 33 Yew Park an
nex No. 2. Salem. : !'
-Richard Carlson, sold to Daniff
Evans part of J6t 3 3 Capital Home
addition to, Salem.
Miner M- Gray eold to Alice
B. Gray, his wife.part of block
15 Capital Park addition to Sa
lem. ! j : '.'
R. A. Blevins, sold to L. A.
Thomas, lot 1, block 3 Queen Ann
addition to Salem.
William Cordier. sold to W. F.
Eiszele, lot 2 (block 11, Riverside
Park addition to Salem. L
Mabel Settlemier, sold to Cath
erine B. Sanderson, lots 3 and 4.
block 3 Park addition to Wood
burn. t -.. i : ... )'
James ,Mj Mishler et al by O. I.
Bower sheriff, sold to August
Will, land In E. Purvine claim.
G. H.
G, H.
Dedrick, sold to Theo. A.
land -Jin J. Barger
Madsen, sold to Teo. A.
land in J. Barger claim.
Dedrick, sod to R. C
Madsen, land in J. Barger claim.
Harriet; Lj Scobee, sold to C.' C.
Vogt, ; 10 i acres of land in A.
Nixon claim. : : i ,
Elizabeth i R. Fletcher sold to
W. W. Ratherford, land in I.
Headrick claim." I -
Carl A. t.eglum. sold to W. IJ.
Vearrier, 1115.79 acres in B. Smith
claim'.M '11 ' .jliit; !;'.;; , '- U
Carl i A. Leglum, sold W. H.
Vearrier, 1 4-81 and 7.10 acres In
J. Smith claim. . !
W. J. Savage, sold to Joseph T.
Cole, land in I. N. Gilbert claim.
B. F. poughty, sold to -W. M.
acres of land in N.
ft .... .; - ",. 1
Robersoni 40
Coffey claims
Herman iNUttman, sold to John
T. Caldwell, j land in P. Bilyen
claim. ::iHi ij 'i ------- :- r
One Home Each Day
Is Record For Week
Building permits issued during
the last week amounted to $22,4
150 and average one each day
fThe six permits" ranged from 2,4
ijOOO to $5750 and all were for
new dwellings. '. j
J e Permits issued for the first 18
days of April, including those is-t
sued Saturday, amount to $165,4
Saleqi Tent & Awning Com-(
pany Getting Opwn to- Bu
siness, With Much Work I
Bend Has Distinction -of
Makng First Annourtce
ment ForAnntialShow
To Bend Oregon, goes the dis
tinction pt making the first entry
in Portland's 1925 Rose .Festival
parade. The. Shelvin-Hixon com
any lot Bend will send ifs 30-piece
band, according "to a ; letter -from
Frank It. Prince'bf that company,
and j it is possible they also will
enter a float.:.
This year's festival will be be
yond comparisDAvy itb! ahy previ
ous one, according to.O. W.Mielke
who again heads the, Portland
Rose Festival, Inc. If such a
thing is possible, this year's floral
parade will be more beautiful
thanj any ever seen, he says,, and
roses will abound - every where to
remind " visitors thit "."For you "a
rosei In Portland grows."? Besides
the parade are to be many other
features. Present plans indicate
a four-nnit show, as follows:
line,; and to build up their busi
ness; on service and quality.
They make anything in their
line! to order. " ,
1. "Rosaria." a , beantuui, nu
man' interest pageajt romance of
the rose, with " 2,000 'dan.cer,
2,000 singers and' 1.000 actors'; to
im nrpspntpd niehtlv 'June 15 to
20. ,
has accepted the offer of the Shev-
lin-Hixon J company to sena ..
band and his enebnragehe entry, ;
Of a'float.' P." B. McCord is direc- . ,
tor of this1 musfcal organIzati6n. ;
I which has been playing, for seven. ,
- t - --- -- .
2. The Rose Festival floral
parade, loveliest., spectacle of thd
West. , . ; . !
. 3. Regatta Day. with the lar4
gest fleet of racing hydroplane
boats in the country. - i
4. The. grotesque parade . and
carnival, to which every organ izar
tton in the Northwest is invited to
contribute a comic stunt.; ,j
Information about participation
in, the festival affairs is' being
given in person and by mail from
Rose Festival Headquarters, 605
Oregon building. :.- j
General Manager J. R. Raley
.Wanted; ; Two good
dogs: must; be hotrads.'
box 191, Kelso
Iongview News.
. Lone
Sdrvicb Station '
aiid Cfahip Ground
BA S E !
355 Chemekota
Phone lOOfl
' ' 1998 N. Capitol 'Street
John iWillidmson
I Also
Builder of Homes "
for sale on easy terms. ,
If you are looking for '
a home call on us,i , :
The Salem Tent and . Awning
company, manttfacturing tentsi
awnings and canvas goods- of ' all
descriptions, a new line in Salem
is getting started In ' fine shape
with much work. ;
1 Frank Mohner, i the manager;
and several members of the Mon
ner family help' in the work.
Their shop and', home are a
729 North Liberty street, and the
are already getting ; orders from
outside towns. ,s They expect
Cover the vaieyvfor work in their
Cozy Homes That Last
They are beirf built every year. . . m , ; .
Cozy modest homes that will maintain their value for
years to come. ! - .
It is a matter in which our crnpSiny jts roud that we have
furnished material for many' of fnese homes. I ' 't.
As a matter of good busiAr pnman like to be able
to point to such! sulDstantial '.nomesjyam-'tjie knowledge
that the owner will never regret "having choser 'depend-'
able lumber from 'our yard. !
Now is the time to Kalsomine. We have the largest and
best stock in Salem. Our prices are the lowest. T
j Come and see us .i ' '
A. B.-KELSEY, Manager
349 South Twelfth SU near Thos. Kay Woolen Mill
Mills at Falls City and Valzets
in . " . . f
I'i4 -: , :
Beautiful and Comfortable
With Awnings; :
t : i
For Samples and Prices Call .
Salem Tent & Awrtik Co.
Manufacturers of
Teiitc Awnings and Canvas
Goods of All j Descriptions
723. N; Liberty t.
f F
;-.j "Ih'-' '.: ;f :;""'
' "Salam, Oregon ,
Phone 616
- r -
If youare going to Build, it will pay you to see us foe.
Baberoid h Crtala-ted Boofiai
0mdninc Feha ,
Asphslt Sbectlnf - ,
SnilOIng Papers
Perfection Fluter Board '
Pabco Paint ft Oils
Pabco VamiskM ft- Stains
Peerless Ballt-lEs '
- MaUo IfaU Boxes
V Cedar Shingles :
Standard Oypsnm Plaster
Waterproofing s for Cement
Mantle Brick i
Mantle Tile K .
Metal rati,-Corner Bead
Marshall ft Steraa Wall Beds
Bleketsos'sr-Vomr tTolon - -Cabot's.
QmIlt--hrt, and sonnd aeadeners
Duplex Joist ttancers and Beam Caps
Concrete, Hardeners t
Cabot's Bhlnle Stain
Baberoid Shingles- '
Certain-teed Salnfles ,
Basement Sua ,
1 Livcruu
1 . .- 1 . i.
I -'""-'
hg for Blaslmg"
Povdcr end Supply Co.
, ..... v- - . ...
" South
A .
i i u i ii i t iii u ( i i u i 4 i m i i m k i i i i 4 ( u i n n ( i m i i h h i i u i i ( n n i
I I i a i i
' 4. ,