The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, April 03, 1925, Page 9, Image 9

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: ?, 7
iVI talned charmingly yesterday
afternoon at Her home on Lincoln
Hill for the members of her bridge
luncheon club and four invited
guests. In the guests group were:
Mrs. Asahel Bush, Jr., Mrs.! Wil
liam Boot, Mrs.' John J. Roberts,.
ana juiss .Margaret Koagers. ; tu
r m pastel shades were attrac
tire about the rooms. . !
w -.-v.; . ' .
Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Cooper have
returned to their home af 755
Saginaw street after spending- six
pleasant weeks at - their sunimer
home, Laffalot. at Newport, j
Sirs. S. Thompson and Miss
Louise Thompson had .the pleas
ure, the first of the week, ol! en
tertaining Miss Florence Hein, pri
vate secretary to. Pola Negri. Miss
Hein makes her; home in Seattle.
She left Wednesday morning! for
California where she will await
Miss Negri's return-from Europe.
. . ; '' j
The Fonr M club was delight
fully entertained at the home of
Mr. and Mrs.John TJ. Plank, 1043
Norway street, at an all-day meet
ing on Wednesday, April l.j A
bounteous dinner was served at
noon to SO. guests. The table jwas
picturesquely decorated ; in jiar
mony with the approaching Eajster
Sl 1?
By Audred Bunch
Phone: 106
Harry Martin, Mr.1 and-! Mrs. Dan
Miller, Mr. ,and Mrs. John Corn
forth, Mr; .and Mrs. John Tecken
herg, Mr; and j Mrs.; Will Jones,
Mr. and; i Mrs. f Will Farr, Mrs;
Florence? Cannon, ' Mrs. E. L.
Welch, iMrs. Frank
Bath, Mrs"
Those present were Mr. -and
Mrs. T. S. MacKenzie, . Mr. land
Mrs. Jess Martin, Mr. and Jlrs.
IT !
sa.m mm. w um
a m m m i
AFTER BATHING a rub with
Rubbing Alcohol
will stimulate the whole
body and you will feel
that splendid glow of
health and energy. , .
Leading athletes use a,nd
recommend it. . . j
Pint Bottle
Perry Drug Store!
11S South Commei'd&l
Saleni, Oregon f -
John Prince, Mrs. A. . C. Bohrn--
stedt, Mrs. E. Knighton, Mrs. Otto
Schellberg, Mrs. Dale Hilborn,
Mrs. Charlie Garrett, 1 Mrs. H. O.
Taylor, 1 Mary Frances Robinson;
Mr. John U. Plank, Mr. Frank
Robinson,' and the hostesses, Mrs.
John U, ; Plank,:' Mrs.! J. Herbert
Plank, and Mrs.; Frank Robinson.'
: Forty members of the Women's
Home Missionary society of the
First Methodist church met Wed
nesday afternoon at the home of
Mrs. F. L.- Utter for the April
meeting. Mrs. Rice, superinten
dent of Young People's work gave
an Instructive review of her work.:
Mrs. SJ H. Bryan was the devotional-leader
of the i afternoon.
The rooms of the Utter home were
attractively decorated .with a vari
ety of spring flowers. I i;
;, !:' j.j;; i,:Uf:;;:; !
One of, the most attractive club
meetings of the spring season was
that' held on Wednesday evening
when the i J. S. 1 club met at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. H.iC. Cour
sey with Mrs. Coursey and Mrs. Ed
Keene as joint hostesses. , Elabor
ate floral baskets of jonquils, tu
lips and primroses were used about
the rooms where many hints of
Eaater were found, in place cards,
favors jand score cards. High
scores of the evening went to Mrs.
T. W. Davfes and Mr. Louis Bech
tel, and low to Mrs. Charles Busey
and Dr. O. L. Scott. Special guests
included Miss Bcrnice Klrkwood,
La Doyt Davies and Will Bechtel.
At the next meeting of tbe club,
in two weeks. Mrs. Vern Compton
and Mrs. T. W. Davies will enter
tain at the Compton home.
The club group includes Mr.
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in large or small quantity.
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of the highest averages ot
results from our seeds.
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1 ,
! f . - i -. . i r
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. J 5 Today'', i
West. Side circle of the . Jason
Lee aid, society. Mrs. Bertha Love
land, 2010 North Fifth street, hos
tess. 2:30 o'clock. ,
First , Cphgrecatlonal . ! church
Missionary society." ; Mrs.", William
McGilchrist Sr, South Commercial
and McGilchrist streets, hostess,
2:30 o'clock. " ; ;
Unitarian Alliance. ; Mrs. C. H.
Huston, hostess. . .
Hal Hibbard Auxiliary; Armory.
Business meeting.. 2 o'clock. ;
'';; Saturday
; Marion County Parent-Teacher
association convention. Sllvertoh,
10 o'clock. 1 . ; ''
Chemeketa 'chapter of the
Daughters of the American Revo
lution. Mrs. Homer Gouley, host
ess.,1 1 o'clock lancheon. A i .
. . Jason Lee King's Heralds, Ja
son Lee Methodist church. Church
parlors. 2 o'clock. , , -''
! '.. Sunday : :
Palm Sunday special music by
St. Paul's rested choir. Second
anniversary of the completion of
Episcopal church. t .' .
-" j; . '.Monday. ;. ' ,; ...
Salem branch of the Oregon
State Teachers' association. Miss
Margaret Fisher, 790 North
Church street, hostess. 8 o'clock;
and Mrs. 'Charles Kinzer, Mr. and
Mrs. vern Compton, Mr. and Mrs.
John Spong. Mrs. C. E. Barbour.
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Bechtel, Mr.
and Airs. Ed Keene, Mr. and Mrs.
H. G. Coursey, Mr. and Mrs. Chas.
Busey, and Mr. and Mrs. ; T. W.
Davies. ,
Hal Hibbard auxiliary will hold
a business meeting at 2 o'clock
thi3 afternoon at the Armory.
Miss Lyle Murrav. nrincioal of
the Enslewood school, in encour
aging the 10:30 o'clock lunch, is
parrying out a project In the first
ffrade that is Its own" hearty re
commendation. Since the children
nave been having sandwiches or
Apples at the recess hour a dis
tinct gain has been had toward
normal 1 weight throughout the
class. i Two-thirds of the entire 50
Individuals enrolled in the first
grade are now normal in weight,
a, percentage practically twice that
sent out last year. It is gener
ally understood that a child's
weight is as good an index to gen
eral health as any other one fac
tor. The parents have cooperated
in a gratifying manner toward this '
simple manner of breaking a long
stretch between a light, or hasty
breakfast and the noontime meal.
The Missionary society of the
Frst Congregational church! will
meet at i 2:30 o'clock this after
noon at the home of Mrs. William
McGilchrist, Sr., South Commerc
ial and McGilchrist streets. 1
Oregon Agricultural - College,
Abril 2, Miss Gladys Weather-
spooh of Halfway announced her
engagement to Earl . Mason, in
structor in forestry, yesterday.
Miss Weathers poon is a senior in
home economics and , an honor
student on the campus. She is a
Coming to Salem
tn Internal Medicine for the
1 , past twelve years
Will be at Marion Hotel, Thurs
day, April 1 9. Office hours: 1 0
a. m. to 4 p. m. One day only.
No Charge for Consultation
:.:... , ! : .
: Dr. Mellenthin Is a regular
gradilate in medicine and surgery
and is licensed by the state of
Oregon. He does not operate for
chronic appendicitis, gall stones,
ulcers of stomach, tonsils or ade
noids, i j . ;
He has to his credit' wonderful
results in diseases of the stomach,
liver,' bowels, blood, skin, nerves,
heart, kidney, bladder, bed wet
ting, catarrh, weak lungs, rheu
matism; sciatica, leg ulcers and
rectal ailments. J
Below are the names of a few
of his many satisfied patients in
Oregon:' ' . :
Hedwick rWilson. Gold Beach,
Ore., varicose ulcers. '
Frank Kdehler, The Dalles, Ore.',
stomach trouble.
Mrs.: E. I C. Hammock, Myrtle
Point, Ore.i goitre.
,Mrs. John McCue, , Lakeside,
Ore., appendicitis.
Henry Westfall, Ontario, Ore.,
ulcer of stomach. -
Mrs. E. C, Bates, Baker,' Ore. j
eczema. I
OV M. Richey, Boring, Ore.,
heart trouble.
Louis E.jSteiber, 326 E. Buch
anan, Portland, Ore., adenoids and
tonsils. - .
Remember above date, that con
sultation oh this trip will be free
and that his treatment is different.
Married women must be accom
panied by their husbands.
s Address: 211 Bradbury Bldg.,
Los Angeles, California. ,
Rev. ERNEST n, SHANKS, Pastor of the
j First Baptist Church
I ! APRIL 3, 1925
John 16:1-5M. ''Good Cheer."
Jeens Telia Them H Is Going Away. 1-6.
Thei Holy Spirit WU1 Come to Stay. 7-16.
Instruction and I Assurance. 17-24.
Key: "Advent.
Memory verses: j 7,8,0,10, 24. ' .
member of Omicron Xu, national
honorary home economics fratern
ity. Mr. Mason is a member of
Theta Nu Phi, social fraternity,
and XJ -Sigma Pi, national honor
ary forestry fraternity.
. The Chemawa Indian school on
Wednesday afternoon was the
scene of two of the week's most
charming social affairs with one
group of guests assembling at the
home of Mi?s Olive Skipton for 1
o'clock luncheon : and a second
group at the home of Mrs, Har
wood Hall for tea and a complete
tour- of - the echool. Later In the
afternoon both groups joined their
number and tea Was served in the
"Wigwam" to the entire 60.
The guests of Mrs. Hall includ
ed 40 members of the McMinn
ville chapter of the Daughters ot
the American , Revolution who
were accorded ' the privilege of
viewing the! school at the suggest-
Pure Silk
For All Occasions
- JL
V ( . ! i
). Jlavsllsibp
? 'vflhbstsdzz spliced keel and
wr harrowed foot
' ' r ju-
OTT TCJTr'Tu'ra)
Per Pair
; if
r ih I
EI t i
THIS is the chapter of "good cheer." This may seem a bit strange
at first. But when the whole chapter is understood, the closing
words will be found to be well conceived. Jesus is going away, and
persecutions will ; come. , Not a very cheerful prospect. But in His
place the Spirit wfll make His advent ind abide with the saints of
God. His workj of reproving the world of sin, righteousness and
judgment will be with all truth, accompanied by the glorification of
Jesus. Jesus tries to make the disciples understand that He is going
away and that that is best for them. Until He goes away the Spirit
will not come. It is perfectly natural that they should cling to Jesus.
As yet they did not know' the Holy Spirit, the Comforter. There is
really nd excuse for a long face. The religion of Jesus is a joyous
one. - In the midst of tears and trials there is the deep-satisfaction
that God lives, and loves, and-! understands, and blesses His own.
"AQ things work . together for good to them that love God." (Rom.
8:28). Some one has said: J "Accidents do not happen to the chil
dren of God." Can that possibly be true? Think It over.
'r. ' -- " t I : I 1. . A - :
It is expedients for you that I go away : for if I go not away, the
Comforter .will not come unto you;, hut if I depart I will send Him
unto, you.' I ' j
And wien He (is come He will reprove the world of sin, and of
righteousness, and of judgment: , - '
-. i: ' i I 9. ' ':; -: .-. ...
Of sin, becaua! they believe not on Me; j
j: : i- ( , j -' 10. - v - ' :' ',' -.v ' : -. ' r
Of righteousness, because I go to My Father;
3; - ! . . I ! j ' 11.' .. J . 1
Of Judgment, because; the prince of this world Is judged.
' -i -: -i' I : 24. . , -i
Hitherto ye' have aslced nothing In My name: ask, and ye shall
receive, that your joy may be full. v '
' -; 1 i !
ion of Mrs. Virginia Br on son of
Salem, N. J., who,, after visiting
at Chemawa is' a house guest now
in McMinnville. Assembling With
the honor guests of the afternoon
at the Hall home were MrBi Sey
mour Jones, slate regent of; the
Daughters of the American Revo
lution; Mrs. B. J, Milesj Mrs W.
iif. Hughes, Mrs. E. E. Fisher, Miss
Flora Illff. ! Miss' Gertrude Eakin,
and. Mrs. Virjtinlai Bronson, all of
whom assisted with the success ot
the afternoon. The rooms were
lovely with jonquils, ferns and
potted plants. During- the after
noon, punch was served,) .The of
ficial guides of the afternoon were
the Boy Scouts of the school, who
escorted the groups from building
to building.; .1 j- If
, At the luncheon hour the guests
of Miss Skipton included the offi
cers of Cbadwicki chapter of j the
Eastern Star, with places at! the
beautifully i appointed springtime
table placed for !Mrs. Rose Bab
cock, Mrs. Leila1 Johnson, . Mrs.
Ida Babcock, Mrs Katnerine Ber
nards - Mrs. Mabel Minto, Miss'
Gussie Niles, MfS.
Mrs. Pearl Pratt,
Mrs. Betty Smith,
W. C.IKantner,
Mrs. Crawford,
gomery, Stella Henry, Zella New
myer; Bernice jBlodgett, Mrs.
Green, Ola Miller,! and the hostess.
Miss Olive gklpton. j
When Mrs. Hall's guests and
Miss Skipton's guests assembled
at the "Wigwam" the senior; do
mestic science girls tea room,
they found themselves in a veri
table spring garden. The excla
mations were even more, lavish
when it was learned that the boys
of the school built the tea room
themselves, a commendable pro
ject, and that the artistic inter
ior decorating was done by the
girls. The guests were all seated
at the-emall tables, finished in a
dark woodwork. In a program of
informal toasts Mrs. Hall intro
duced Mrs. Seymour Jones to the
group who In turn introduced Mrs.
Apperson, newly elected state vice
regent. Mrs. Hall also had the
pleasure pf introducing Mrs. Lin
field, benefactess of Linfield col
lege, and j Mrs. Rose Babcock,
worthy , matron of the Eastern
Star. Aside from these special
guests the group also had the op
portunity of meeting the heads of
the different departments ' of the
school. After the introductions a
pleasing program of readings and
musical numbers was given In the
"Wigwam," under the direction of
Mrs. Ruthyn Turney. Both the
girls octet and the boys quartet
were heard, the girls appearing
in white and wearing red sport
jackets. 7
When the guests ' assembled
again at the home of Mrs.. Hall
they" were delighted with a short
program by the Chemawa band,
which was played In front of the
house. ?
- -. j ' r
, . - r i'i
AH iSc :b
Rye, Raisin, Whole Wheat
and White
AH 20c Cookie
2 doz; for 25c
A large variety to choose from
Devil Cakes 20c CSC'l
Orange, Raisin, Cherry and Ntit
Your choice
Lest You Forget
Hot Cross Biiiij
j on Good Friday, April 10
Please place your order early
I ;from 7 a, m. to 7 p. m. .
j Mrs. Hall, also invited as . her
guests the education committee of
the iSalem Woman's cluh, the
group regretfully declining on ac
count of thej illness of one of the
niembers. 1; ' . '
The West Side circle of the Ji
son ,Le Aid society will meet at
2:30 o'clock this afternoon at t i
home of Mrs. Bertha Lotelai J,
2010 fforth Fifth street.
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1 1'
f ' !
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