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Four From Oregon and two
rem Washington Plan
ned; Reorganize
Monday night. , ! '
Interest In baseball is running
high this year and the Salem Sen
ators expect to get a strong team
together. They have some good
timber in prospect and will, be
ready to practice goon. ' j
; Aspirants and others interested
in baseball will hare a limbering
up at Oxford park this afternoon.
Organization of an ; inter-state
baseball league will be perfected
at ai meeting of a board of direct
or fit the Chamber of Commerce
at lp o'clock this'morning. Teams
X to be included In the league are
Salem Senators, Hilisboro, Oregon
City, the Lukenbeck ship com
ptny team of Portland, Camas and
Vancouver, Wash. The season is
scheduled for April 12 to July 19.
Members of the board of directors
are j Roscoe Shelton, Clifford W.
Brown, .Joseph .-Adolph, fcuyler
Van Patten. August Huckestein,
George Riches and Carl D. Ga
brUilson, v- -V I:,
Tit Is planned to run the Sen
ators on a business-like basis and
forthat reason the directors were
appointed. They in turn will elect
a manager who is to be in charge
of the activities. The "directors,
however, will arrange -the sched
ule! arrange games and to aid in
the! management as much as pos
sible. - - iCIS
one ot the first sWjps Ihe board
has taken is the appointment of
a Relegation for the purpose of
attending the meeting of the in
terstate committee in Portland
S ; i ; ,
Hills Catarrh Germ
In Thrca Minutes
Chronta catarrh, no matter how bad.
(M cum of bronchial asthma now
, yield Instantly to tha amasinc discovery
of I a French scientist. This druglesa
method called Laves: kills the germ in
thro mi n a tea. yet la positively harm
to th most delicate tiasuea Your
head and lung are cleared like manic
Sufferers are relieved In a single night.
To prove it and to Introduce La vex
to "a million sufferers In one month. I
offer te send a treatment free and
postpaid, to any one who will writ- tor
It. I No obligation No cost. If it cures
yotii you can repa the favor by telling:
your friends if not. the toss Is mine.
lie matter what you have tried. Just
aad me your name and address for
tMa reneroua free treatment and prove
that you can be rid of catarrh.
IW. B. SMITH. 1845 LT Bldg, r
- .Kansas City. Mo.
D. M. Sanson, of Canada to
Talk on Linens at Cham
ber of Commerce
The Chamber of Commerce will
be - privileged to hear oner of the
outstanding men in the linen man
ufacturing field, D. M. Sanson at
their meeting Monday noo.
Mr. Sanson is of Toronto, Can.,
and is recognized as one ot the
leading linen men. He has brought
a number of : samples ; of linens
with him to be displayed at the
luncheon. All of these 'samples
have been manufactured in the
United States. Of course, his sub
ject will be on "The Manufacture
of Pure Linen Goods in America."
He will draw from years of ex
perience in the business field, as
his present connections will tes
tify: "V " t , i , '
: President of Dominion -Linens,
Ltd., operating two linen mills in
Canada; President of Flax Spin
ners. Ltd.. with a mill at Guelph.
Ontario, Canada; vice president of i
Donegal Linen Mills of Lockport, !
N. Yo? Tice ' president off William j
Neilson company, Toronto,, the
largest manufacturers of ' choco
lates and ice cream in the British
Empire; vice president ot Ross
Can company of Brownsville, On
tario; vice president, of Graham.
Sanson & Co., bankers of Toronto.-
-. - :
iii wi ,yre.::.Yv.ji.s r.-, sjiiiiiinii i
: :
"""" , .--
.... ..-. v "
y i
- .: ... ,.
' .. :. , V
I - - I
, , v '
? ' , ? '$
; - ' " . - 4
i si. " " "
" - ' t -' i
t . - " - ' - ' .
COPENHAGEN, March' 14.
This is the mildest winter Den
mark has known in three cen
turies. Not once has the tem
perature fallen below the freezing
point in the daytime, j and the
nights when this has been the case
have been exceedingly rare,.
Cnan Butter
From the first of the two snappy
.preliminaries until the final tap of
the gong Wednesday night there
will be entertainment of a high
class offered Salem fight fans at
the armory, according to the card
Matchmaker Harry Plant has ar
ranged. Charlie Dawson, of Eug
ene, will meet Johnny Goggins. of
San Francisco; in ten 3-minute
rounds unless one of the lads con
nects at an earlier time.
In the semi-finals, Bill Hunt, the
husky Salem fireman, is scheduled
to go sis 3-minute rounds with
Chan Butler, a clever fighter from
Portland. Hunt has It on his op?
ponent by about 0 pounds.
As a special event Match mn tor
Plant is offering Kid McCormick
a clever and snappy fighter from
Oregon City and Billy Robbins of
The fight Is under the sanction
or the Salem boxing commission
J ..MI
uu "in oegin promptly at 8:30
o'clock. Tickets are on sale at
amun s Cigar store.
staged, the Willamette gymnasium
must be .made to hold a larger
crowd." The way the Interest is
growing in the game means that
some method . of caring for the
crowds must be worked oa. One
method offered is the building of
a gallery around the inside of the
Willamette gymnasium,' which
could be completed at a nominal
sum. lit is ; predicted that some
attempt would be made to build
the addition.
pulled .back the lid of the tin.
The others ducked, and shielded
their faces with their arms. Then
they looked at each other again;
nothing had happened. ? The in
side of the can appeared to t -filled
with brown paper. Dis
playing a certain bravery, cons'd
ering the gravity of the occasion.
Bert Macy reached in and slowly
pnl.ed the paper "out. A pair of
raise 'teeth dropped out of the tin
onto the tabie .with a clatter. ,
The mystery turned out to be
a whizzer. A few Weeks ago Mr.
Macy was the attorney in a di
vorce case. The woman left her
husband and she also left her
false teeth in a cupboard. She
wanted them, and Mr. Macy wrote
for them. The man sent them
in a tobacco tin. I '
Willamette Girls
Start Tour Today
' ' ; (Coatlnaed freat pace 1)
next stop where the club will sing
in the evening. f
i The following Sunday will be
spent' at Yakima where a morn
ing service! will be given at , the
Methodist church. A special con
cert will; be given the following
evening.:!.; .. ;. ,
Telton. Wash., rwi:i be visited
March 31. '
Two high schools will be visited
in the first two days of April.
Whapito high the first and Gold
etidale high the second. -.
The club-will arrive home on
the evening of April 3, after giv
ing a concert at Newberg.
A home concert April 11 will
close the season.
The club will travel by bus to
all points visited. Ruth Heinick,
manager, reports that good guar
antees have been secured at niost
points so that the financial out
come of the trip is secure.
Call Is Issued For All
ENGINE; PROVES Willamette Snort Man
i TO BE INNOCENT A11 Willamette university men
(Continued from page i ,; interested In spring ' sports that
. JhaS: nnl left Saloni llnrlni, enrin wr
! vacation will report at the Wil-
f iamette gym at 2 o'clock Monday
Tornado Path Is Cleared
By Heroic Efforts
(Continned from pace 1)
ed. , De Soto with 71 dead, Gor
ham with 64 killed, and Parrlsh
with a loss of 43 lives were almost
annihilated. " ;
- Griffin was the heaviest loser
in Indiana aud in fact in the whole
storm, for only a builuing or two
were left standing and of its meag
er population 58 were crushed to
death and 200 were ihjuied. Yet
even this town will rebuild, the
few survivors said today. And
Griffin is still in the throes of
death for it reported four dead
topight to add to its previous to
tal of 34.
Wednesday, March 25; ;8 :30 p.m.
j' . "Ten Thrw Minute Hounds ' ' A
I - Six Three Minute IlountL !
kid Mccormick vs. billy robins
SU' Two Minute Rounds
Tickets at Smith's Cigar Store
Coast Tournev Planned For
Salem Next Year Is Idea
An attempt will be made next
year to stage the Pacific coast in-
erhcnojastic basketball contest in
Salem next year., according to the
Ptatemont of Guy L. Rathbun.
mentor or Willamette university
Arrangements will be made so
thart the state tournaments-will
not. interfere with the intra-state
contests. , , :
Even 4f the tournaments are
.$8O0f H. S. Howard lla.ver
This player piano can hardly
be told from new; has bench
and over 25 'rolls of music.
. : Terms $10 a month
Geo. C. Will, 432 State
i i
v ;-i ..:,: ... . ". .-( -,
s ' -j '' -
7 J 1
rplay on the address on 'the pa
per. Written in most ordinary
handwriting, with a pencil: 'Ah,
the "postmark! It was totally
obliterated. Identification was
impossible. N'o return address ap
peared on the paper. To the most
casual observer, dirty work at the
cross-roads seemed to be indi
cated.; I 1
And the lid of ihe tin appeared
to have been jimmied up. After
a cautious trial, something rattled
ominously inside. Bert Macy
reached for the telephone. No,
the poxtoffice did not keep a re
cord of insured packages; only of
registered mail. Indeed? Was it
an ordinary tin? Could Mr. Macy
bring it to the postoffice at once?
He could.
A conference was held behind
one of the wicker windows. Ffour
pair of "eyes peered at the tobacco :
tin; fronii every angle. Nothing
happened. Cautiously. ahd'aVarm
length oneT of the clerks slowlf
,afternoon. It is expected that the
question of what sports the uni
versity will engage in for the sea
son will be settled at that time.
Willamette has a number of
veterans back from last year's
track, tennis and baseball squads
and it is expected that a success
ful season will follow.
Daniel Boones Defeat
Leaders by 11-10 Score
The Daniel Hoone Pioneer club
beat the Leaders at the YMCA on
Saturday by the score of 11 to 10.
Hobson and Houton. forwards, tied
for high point man with 4 points
each. '
The game was the snappiest of
the season and the defense of the
Daniel Boones the best seen at the
YMCA for same time. ' '?
Afady""Byrd was high point man
for 'the losing team. '-
1 ,,- - : ,
Two ! Champions of World Meet
i When Nurmi and BeHrihg Greet
Resolutions Are Passed ai
Monthly Meeting Satur
day; Delegates Named
At the monthly meeting of Sa
lem grange So. 7. held Saturday
afternoon, resolutions were ; pre
sented favoring cooperation among
farmers, j The resolution will be
ofiicially i acted on at the , next
meeting of. Salem grange to be
held April 18. The committee of
fering the resolution 'included J.
McDonald, F. A. Myers, -W. D.
Mohney and Milton Brown. An
other . resolution on proportional
representation was offered at the
request of the state grange. This
will also be acted on at the next
Delegates to the state grange
meeting to be held in June at Dal
las, were appointed. These were
Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Taylor of
Turner. Alternate, Dr. A. Slaugh
ter. ytJ: -v .
Announcement was made that
invitations had been received from
the Woodburn grange to attend
the April meeting and also one
from Stay ton, when the Salem
grange will be asked to confer the
first and second degrees, on five
candidates.') - ? . -.- v n
At the meeting held yesterday
Mr. and Mrs. -Edward Dencer of
The Packard Six fiv' passenger aedan, $2585 at Detroit
The Packard of Today
Scion of a Distinguished Family-
Many a Packard owner remembers, as a child, standing
wistfully, watching a Packard roll by and hoping
that some day he, too, might own such a car.
Perhaps a "24V a "30" or an ,"18. What memories
the names recall! And later, the 38V and "48V and
; then the mighty Twin Six, which reigned for eight
years truly a distinguished family.
And now, today, the finest and greatest Packard's
of them all the Packard Six and the Packard Eight ;
alike in beauty, in quality and in distinction
i A liberal monthly payment plan male U possible for
i . , . . immediately enjoy Packard distinction, quality
: 4 . ond beauty purchasing out of income Instead ofcapUaL
Motor Cars " .
Corner Cottage and Ferry
Phone 2126
w...rror;-....-.r-:.Tr..."...r ?:-.. . Jv. Lrr-w!.-7?wr---:..:,i;.:" ww-vr. w-rww-sy ,v-.rvv..':., VA....,
A ' j. V .V s s s s x - "
f a v ' ,s, wv y-yy . I ii-ii hi - -s-
it A. - . ' , S ' s , it' 1 -. , . .
- ' . , f . I - r - " .
' - ( v' ' lev-
i " j( y
. 7- .";vv
A thrill that comes once In m.
life tim," Is the way Esther Beh
ring, ; catpUJn of th Prudential
Insurance A. A. relay team and
American champion woman shot
putter and banket ball thrower, de
scribed her experience of being
photographed with Taavo Nurmi, j
of JFtnland. . the world's champion
runner. v . - . .: .: '. " " ; .
The photocraph Was made dur
ing an athletic meet In Newark,
J. J where ' Miss Behring Is em
ployed ia tbe home offices of the
ZrudenUaL vv- .
"Soma, girls,' ,Misa Behring said,
wsuld have been more -enthralled
by going to luncheon - with; Rud
olpr .Valentino or-being- aeea with
Xtoug J-'atrbanks or Jack Dempsey,
trat I 'don't hope ever -to be more
axclte.than I was when 1 was in
vited to pose for a picture wit h
Nurmi before six thousand cvi
tracK rollowers. It was a Im
surprise to me when 1 was toM j
that I was to. be introduced to!
Nurmi and to be the first and only
American girl photographed with
him since he arrived in this coun
try. ;- ;-
" The sclection'of -Miss Bc-hrlns to
pose with Nurmi was not iaie
without due regard for bT right
to be in inch a picture. Fhe is a
record breaker herself and an ath.
lete of national prominence. At
the national A. A. U, outdoor cham
pionships, in PitUburgh last year,
h won the title la the ahot put
for .women and aha has thrown a,
basket baU further, tndoorr than
any. member of her aex in all time.
the Liberty district were Initiated.
Also Mrs. Elsie De - Vine, who
transferred her membership from
Colorado. Memorial services were
held for Miss Ella Smith and Jas.
II. Gibson. : ,
The address of the afternoon
was delivered by Clarence W. No
ble, owner of the famous Skyline
walnut orchards. Mr. Noble has
just returned from a six months
visit in Japan and China. He
told many ; interesting . facts re
garding agriculture and indus
tries in those two countries.
An invitation to attend a meet
ing of Pomona grange, which will
be held April Id at Turner, was
; : .
Rickey is among the first of
the schools. Ten have an exam
ination conducted by the Marion
county child health demonstration,
All' parents are asked to bring
their children to the schoolhouse
Thursday or. Friday between 9:30
and 3:30, where they will be ex
amined by Dr. Elnora Thomson,
a child specialist. No child will
be examined without the consent
of the parents and no child under
6 years unless a parent is present.
A special request is made thai the
babies be brought.
Mrs. T.. Wallace has returned
from a visit with relatives at Eu
gene. '.V- . i -- .- j-
Miss Hazel IIarrl3 and Allen
Van Cleave of " Portland ' were
week-end guests of Mr. and Mrs.
D. A. Harris. , ..- i:Atl
Mr. , and Mrs. A.y W.f Binegar
spent part ot the week iia Port
land. - . .... ' ; :
Mary Mae Parson . who
quite HI is much improved.
DENVER.HColo., March 21.
Dr. Harold E. Blazer, 6 1-year-old
physician. , accused of killing JjIs .
32-year-old "child woman" daugh
ter. Hazel, today was declared by
alienists to be sane at the pres
ent time and on February-24, the
day of the alleged slaying. . -
Lift Off-No Pain!
Doesn't hurt one bit! Drop a.
little "Freezone' oh an - aching
jorn," Instantly - that corn stops
hurting, then shortly you lilt it
right off with fingers. .
. Your druggist sells a tiny bottle
of "F'reezone for a few cents, suf- "
tlcieat to remove every hard corn." "
soft corn, or corn between the toes, -and
the foot calluses, without-,
soreness or Irritation. AdT. ,
. i j
llll, fjj EUGCrUV
LtrpH0 f,f&
aes!? IBr?IIiGim
1,550 Miles, la 40 Hours, 47 RUsutca
Elapsed Time!
And now, Rickenbacker Six vrith Cannon Ball
Baker at the wheel, lowers the . longest North-
. ooum roaa recora. .
This is the famous "Three Flags", run from the
C n aril n RrsrAw r TSm a ; r 1
... v "Oi mciitu Dnmn :
Columbia; Washington Oregon; California; 5 ,
Mexico. . -v
Same carf ' same driver, which made the great Coast 4
to Coast drive 3106.5 miles in 71 hours 33 min- -4
utes, actual driving time did it. ' -
1558 miles, in 40 hours, 47 minutes eopW t imel
Consider that, since 1911 when the first "path
finder" took weeks to make the drive, one car"
after another has gone after this much coveted '
Three Flags" record. V; '
As roads improved and cars improved still mors
each in turn clipped a few minutes nff. TUU
record has been lowered and lowered, until finally
the time came to be computed in hours.
Seemed as if no car no driver could lower the
record as it has stood for some time now 52
hours 41 minutes.
Remember, this route crosses three mountain
ranges Cascades, Siskiyous and the Tehachapi.
And the road zig-zags back and forth as it climbs
switches back and forth hundreds of times as it
descends with steep inclines on the other side.
It's a gigantic game of "crack the whip." Only r
car that is a phenomenon in stamina easy steer
ing and positive in control could stand the strain.
4-wheel Brakes made this record,? says Baker. .
Only a car that could take the steepest up-grades
at 45 miles per hour and 50 on down grades;
brakes that could decelerate so quickly as to take
the hair-pin turns, in safety, then get away again.
If brakes failed the precipice was the only alterna
tive. Rickenbacker mechanical brakes never fail.
But this great car wasn't content to shave seconds
or clip minutes off the former record.
It chopped hours off 11 hours and 54 minutest
Let what car can, lower that! It will have to be
some automobile.
Does not this test prove that this car possesses all
. the qualities you desire in your next car?
PrTf,r",ncd Pwer? Speed sustained speed;
hill-climbing; wonderful acceleration and de
celeration. Perfect brakes.
Lprive this Rickenbacker Lix yourself it will be a
revelation to you.
Phaeton -
Roadster . - -' A
Cooeh'Brougham -
Coupe " ' - - - m
Smdmn - - -
An strim ar .'. S. Detroit . pi m
lnAjuMU 219 N. Commercial
Phcns 12 CD
i i