The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, March 22, 1925, Page 17, Image 17

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This is the season ef the great automobile exhibition. .
This is. the opportunity to use some money, a lew hundred
dlJar. or if yon .can afford it, several thousand dollars, and
make the best possible investment. ,! '
Aotoinobiles, in Quality and price, nerer offered such values
as they do this year. i
Constantly tne genins of ; American manufacturers . has
. worked to produce in the automobile a longer life and a shorter
price. ' i '
You can bay for less than it would hare cost years ago to get
a decent horse and buggyy, an automobile that will tarry you
two hundred thousand miles. And the cost of storage, the cost
of .the gasoline used, and the .oil, which i properly used, keeps
good machine from wearing out, are small. Repairs, on the
modern car in the hands of an intelligent owner are negligible.
'A horse doing ten miles a day, six days a week, would hare
-to live about seventy years to carry you two hundred thousand
.miles. And the horse would eat all the time.
A ear eats gasoline only while you are using it.
- Dollars invested in an automobile, of modest cost or of high
- cost, represent as good an investment as the intelligent Ameri
can family can make. If conditions make it important for you
to consider economy, then the automobile represents the high
' est development in economy. ; j
V-i It saves time, increases efficiency, adds to the working
- hours by cutting out the waste of slow transportation.
Far greater than the cost of all the automobiles in the
United States, millions upon millions of cars is the wealth added
: to the nation because of time that the automobile has saved.
Where the farmer lost a whole day in going to the town or
Tillage over muddy roads ha goes now in half an hoar.
The well paid mechanic can take jobs near or far, his auto
mobile carries him. i
And above all, the automobile is important because of its
contribution to human happiness and health. i
Things more important than mere economy most be credited
to the automobile. The small cost of an automobile enables
the entire family to have pleasure with the family united,
: A man can take his wife and children, the baby and the
grandparents where he will, to the seashore or the mountains,
or for that matter all tho way across the American continent.
Automobile travel,' which was once the luxury of the .very
rich, is now the cheapest family transportation in the United
States. ,
Yo know it when- you see men with so-called "jitney
-antomo biles xarryingc passengers at five cents and.:dstrojrfng
,the business of street car corporations. - i , . .
A father can. take his family,' with a camping outfit to the
; mountains or the-, shore, at a cost one-quarter what it would
; have been before the automobile came, allowing for the original
1 cost of the automobile. ' i i
Every year has seen constant-progress, improvement in
quality, production and cost. -And in no year has there been
"greater progress, greater offering of real value,! than this year.
There are, unfortunately, families that, cannot as yet afford
"an automobile. There. are also tans of thousands that think
p they cannot afford an automobile, when the fact is they really
cannot afford to be without an automobile. - .
i- a the home garage without garage charges. Automobiles that
rj ;iavs aireaay taaea xnuuons lo tne country are oeaiinea 10 uiae -
more millions. .-f ' i
And everywhere the automobile has been a Messing to this.
. Mtion. That desire to possess an automobile baa caused many
men, young and old, to work as they have not worked before.
It has Inspired millions with the desire and the ability to save.
Only the foolish talk of the aatomobile as a "pleasure car."
'That which means economy, greater efficiency, health, happiness :
. and families united Js-a blessing and a necessity.
"It does give pleasure, but it is primarily b usefal car, the
. moat useful invention ot the human race thus far.' J .
If you haven't a. car, go get one. ; .
If you have several cars, go and see the latest. ..Entirely
.new Ideas have: been developed. Important improvements have
been added, not oaly without increasing price but often with
. reduction in-price. . : - .. '. ,:,;
The genius of the American manufacturer: has overcome
the high cost of labor and materials in America. ; Yeu can buy
here for your dollar twice the automobile value that yeu can
bay anywhere else In the world. I
v America leads tha world 11" automobiles, leads so far ahead
that there is no second.
Ready io Practice;
Oregon Team Strong
Eugene, If arch 21 Spring prac-
A'ce it the University of Oregon
will be resumed March 30 , the
'jt of the opening of the spring
terms after the vacation period.
Oregon already:, has had six weeks
of practiee, and Coach Smith
thinks an additional amount of
time will be required to drill the
players la fundamentals,, passing,
klskinjr. blocking and punting.
Football candidates will be
divided Into four squads, each
pquad .will have about -15 "men.
Twice a week, on Wednesday and
Saturday, the squads will be put
through, scrimmage practice. Play
erg making tha best showing will
be placed on the varsity squad
at the start ot fail practice. Sep
tember 15. ; 1 1 - V
Coach Smith and Virgil Earl,
athletic director, will coach the
four squads.: Baa Williams, new
coach, will not join the team un
til fall practice begins;
: If all the regulars return in the
fall there will not be a siagts
weak place in: the line. Oregon
will have Mauts and Smith at
end, Kerns and-probably Bliss at
tackle; ' Bailey and Shields at
Guard; and Johnson at center., It
Is generally,, rumored that Fat
WllsoS will not be back at center.
There are several promising play
ers from last year's freshman
team who. may beat some of the
regulars. , -t--A
In the back field will be Aader
. " . ,.; - ;.7';: V VJr- '
i . ! rcr o.V by ' ; '
General Top and Urholtery Work
. ,.,.:i3. i.cmn. cnurxii
Picture Producer Wins Heart of
Fighter E. F.
Now Movie Actor
L ... f.i mi... ASr ft " urn . i-- i -i -' , s
'fw , . " ' 'NS' "
m - " :k v UAii in
I - ' :
- " ' l MAD&
ITolt the 'famous war
dog of the A. E. F. to play
the name part in "Baree,
Son of Kazan, directed by
David Smith.
son, quarter; Jones, full; and
Vitus and Terjesoa, ; half. . Mim
naugh, substitute halfback, . and
several freshmen backs - should
make it interesting for the reg
ulars. ; ;,: - ;", .. :
It has been said that the pedes-
trian possessed the righ-of-way by
reason of longer tenure of the
highway, but this is a fallacy. We
are living in an age of progress
in which the old customs are rap
idly being discarded for the newer
and more practical. Motorist and
pedestrian, alike, have equal
rights and equal 'responsibilities.
The pedestrian then, should be
educated as well as the driver.
and the logical place- to begin is
with the child; for the child pedes
trian of today is the driver of to
morrow; his habits of carefulness
cannot be too well grounded.
. Ilquid tanglefoot makes many
a driver- step, on the gas instead
of the brakes at the. critical, mo
ment., :.- ;. .: -. ,
. YOU TOO ..
-r i ...... t f . - " 1
Harley-Davidson Motorcycle
5 A down starts you on the road to secure tne fjreatest
HP epert in the world MOTORCYCLING. Why
not use transportation you can afford only two
; cents per mile is. all it takes to run a Harley
; Davidson gas, oil, tires and all.
i . Ccine in and Iooh tlicrn over now
: ;, ; "The Cycle Llin!' . ; "
"Scnifcr Catalogue and complete list of cscd machines.
aiii-ii. AninrreiTinti
Local Dealer Is Highly En
thused Over Convention
Held Last Week
G. L. Newton, local Chevrolet
dealer, attended the Chevrolet
dealers and salesman convention in j
Portland last ' week and reports a ;
most enthusiastic - meeting where
the spirit of optimism prevailed.
The convention was held last
Monday afternoon in the Baker ;
theater followed by a banquet at
the Multnomah hotel in the eve
ning. There were about 1200
dealers and salesmen In attendance
and according : to Mr. ' Newton it
was a very successful convention.
The company outlined a change
in policy at this convention in
which they : will cooperate . and
work to the mutual advantage of
the dealers and. salesmen. .They
also outlined a solution to the used
car problem which is confronting
the dealers at the present time.
Mr. Newton, reports that at the
present time the 14 assembly
plants of the Chevrolet Motor com
pany are operating three eight
hour shifts per day and that they
are turning out 40,000 cars a
month. "This, just gives a little
idea ot the, demand for the new
Model K Chevrolet with the disc
clutch and the long underslung
springs and Duco finish. Up to
the present time we have not been
able to get cars enough to fill our
orders', added. Mr.-Newton. -
Due to the increasing poplarity
in X 1 , n
I I f
L-ill-Ui'i' " T iirmn" r"- num- "ttn "vi ixti .... ....,
President end Chairman of the Board f -Qfrsetarv cl C3
IlaxveH and Chrysler Motor Corporations
' " " .' i .i "i ' i i
of balloon, type tires, this styleof 29 by 4.40 inches, straight side;
equipment is now optional on ail with "suira61e";oba wheels and
X ui u cars. iue bite mruiaucu uuu.
)f THIS V c Z- - ' "" " -1
You Cannot Get Equal Style
Performance ! arid ReliaMity Within
Hundreds of Dollars of Its Price
Essex is a totally different type. Its advantages are
exclusive because patented. It gives results never be
fore attained in any car: ;
Low price, without disappointment iln looks or I
reliability. , .;: -i ;- , c . . - ; . ; ; ; -
; Economy without eacriUce of performance..
' Stability and highest rcadabHlry without unneces
sary weight. " , !
, 'The riding ease of larjje, costly cars. The hrmcJUn .;
ease of a bicycle. AJtter simplicity in design-
The lowest maintenance ccsVFe bcllcrs, cf cn7
car in the world.
A Car Yen Will Be Proud to Czv:i
These qualities make it the most
wanted and Jarcest sellins car of its
class in the world. . . .
It-a the nnest.Esscx ever bulk. It is
the smoothest, most reliable .Essex
ever built. It is the best looking, most
comfortably riilrj Essex ever hx
And the pricey because of ro'snc, u
, the lowest at which Essex ever tc'.i.
Surely you caanoe be szihClzd with lets .
-than -Essex c.Tcrs vstea ks cost is tut
little more than csrscf t!ie lowest price.
Hudson-Essex, Largest Selling 5-GyIhiC
4 rr- Closed Gars - itrthaTcrld