The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, December 14, 1924, Page 3, Image 3

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    b U JN DA Y'iUO U jn lis G, D,UUliiuiw 14,
This section of Linn county Is
known far and wide as the home
of full blood stock. The ribbons
Watch Child's Tongue
"California - Rg: Syrup" is
Cfllren's. Harmless -!:
' laxative
that hare been brought home from
every fair- or exhibition on -. the
coast attest to this. Butjthere is
one breeder who has quietly work
ed along aud not worked for rib
bons who Is also making a pro
nounced success, and that's Geo.
Belts with his full blood Shrop
sheep. j I
Georcre introduced this breed !
into Linn county 35 years ago
and ha sold to several other
breeders In the valley their first!
start and among them, he admits,
are breeders who OUtstrin him for
popularity, and for large flocks,
but he wont admit tney nave any
better sheep; , y, - "
It nrnnl TWr. TU-lts has 206
registered ShroDshires. He is also
letting , out about 850 grades onf
share. This is consiaeraDiy more
than he usually, carries but none
too .many for the favorable season.
To look alter the full Diooas ana
keep the registration papers up to
date and keepy .the books is no
small Job, he says, but it goes in
the game and the game is- a reas
onably good tone, judging from
the general standing of all Willa
mette ! valley sheep men. Harri
son iiuuettn. .
- When your child Is constipated,
'bilious, has c'olic, feverish-breath,
coated-tongue, or diarrhea, .a. lea
spoonful of genuine - "California
Fig Syrup" sweetens the stomach
and promptly cleans the bowels
of poisons, gases, bile, ."souring
food and waste. Never, cramps or
overacts. Contains no narcotics
or soothing drugs. Children, love
its fdelicious taste. .
Ask your druggist for genuine
"California Fig Syrup" which has
full directions for babies and
children of all ages, plainly print
ed on bottle. Mother! You must
pay "California" or yon may get
an imitation fig syrup. Adv.
( 1
f 7 v.
" J " r M
( )
at the
Arrangements fbf-the Christmas
program and community tree near
the postof flee, are progressing rap
idly. Pastors of the Independence
churches are .heartily .in accord
with, the plan, and are going: to ask
their .churches to cooperate with-
other organizations of. the city. In
putting' across a "preEraavtbat wiu
be remembered for years. , ".
Hundreds of copies of Christmas
mads roiaxMvmz ":.
I - ' ..n : .
"Collescmen -
and professional
Hinging on age and
vocation are sharply
defined style re
quirements .Those style
are important ,
factors in the
tailored suits and
overcoats of
! Tailor .
471 COIT1T PnOXE 3C0
songs, with which most of the
group are familiar, will be passed
among the people who gather to
observe" the' day, and community
singing will be led by a song lead
er. A group of six eon gs ,is bejng
prepared , by the. Rev. Charles A.
Nethery Xor this printed sheet, and
other familiar. Christmas' carols
will be sung at -request from the
congregation. Independence En
terprise . . . " - ; ,
In Mt. Angel a group of men
celebrated St. Nicholas birthday,
December 6. They visited homes
where there were children Those
who composed the group were E.
Ungen as St. Nicholas; William
Worley as the Sandman, and Joe
Miller as the chauffeur. : They
made the rounds of homes and
delighted the children with, their
antics and make-ups. ',
e While the youngsters were safe,
grown-ups took their chances in
meeting with the sainted trio.
Not that Edward Unger is a saint,
for whoever heard of a gasoline
vendor having the makings of a
saint In him. Joe Miller also be
ing in-the gas business, iua4ifted-
-1. t . ! m. f I
as an auio ussisiani. ! - w.
ley, although a dispenser of pat
ent medicines, is also not yet qital-i
ified to have his photo ..painted j
with " a halo around ";hfa head. !
However, the kids enioyed the j
novelty, and were - afforded not
only amusement, .but good things!
to eat were also forthcoming.
Happy indeed are the kids who
can enjoy . life, ; especially by. o
little a thing as the visit of a
couple of gas merchants and a pill
mixer. , . I u
Late President of American
- Federation of Labor Is
Praised as American
C. W. Barrlck of Tillamook was
an overnight visitor in the. city.
Mr,- Barrlck, Is district attorney .
for his county and was on the way I
home from Portland. i
j Mrs. C M. Smith- was a visitor
in Salem from Jefferson Satur
day. Miss Ida Swarts visited In Sa
lem from Geryais yesterday. " J
Jiena Alphin, modiste of Salem,
is visiting in Woodburn during
the week-end.
- Lei a Reed Self ridge and Pearl
Taylor, members of the faculty of
Stayton public schools, were in Sa
lem yesterday.
u WASHINGTON. Dec. 13. High
Officials in government, and lead
ers in the business world joined
today in expressing, their sorrow
at the death of Samuel Gompers.
president , of the American Feder
atlon of Labor. Secretary Hoover
in a brief eulogy tonight declared
"there is no parallel Jn ahistory- to
his-. career, elected and re-elected
to his high office by the franchise
of .millions year after .year, . for
more than 40 years."
Governor Alfred E. Smith of
New 'York, now In Washington.
"A great Americian passed when
Samuel Gompers died. His Amer
icanism was made finer through
his having been born outside th
country." ',-, y
"It does'not require a! full sup
port of . all .his views to belieye.ln
Mr. Gompers ideals. said Bernar
M. Baruch. In .. a message of con
dolence to Mrs. 3 Gompers. "11
served his fellow men turly "and
In such a way as to entitle him
to the gratitude of his country."
- . '
Mrs. Mather who has been
seriously ill for several I weeks is
reported (much improved.
Mrs. W. ;H. Sharpe and son Roy
were Salem -visitors Thursday.
August Hanson who is spending
the winter with his sister, Mrs.
Oscar Purceli, has been quite suc
cessful in trapping wild animals
of late and has secured a number
of valuable peMs. '
Miss JJernice Colby who has
been in' Ashland since July "last
will spend the holidays! with her
parents. Mr. and Mrs. Geo Colby
of Orville. " i , '
E. T. Coroshaw lost two valu
able does, last week, indications
are that they were poisoned.
1 A party consisting of three men
visited the locality last week
with a view of . establishing a sa,w
mill here. After inspecting the
timber on the.J. U. Cummings and
C D. Query tracts tbey expressed
themselves as ; well pleased with
the outlook and it is probable
that a saw mill -will be added to
our industries here. The two
tracts of imber mentioned will
cruise over two million feet.
" On his first appearance in the
prize ring in California, Monte
Colby a product of the old Hall's
Ferry athletic club, won the bout
in the second -round via, the.
knockout route.
' Under the management of Ker
mlt Sharpe the athletic club was
reopened last week and will hold
meetings throughout the winter.
Some interesting smokers ' are
planned for the near future.
: The" dance held at the hall last
Saturday evening was well At
tended. ' ' - " -
; A large number of Hall's Ferry
people attended the road meeting
at Llvesley a "week ago Saturday.
With the additional tax voted con
siderable' Improvements should be
made on out roads ext year.
Mrs. W. II. South, our efficient
school teacher reports a r u,
ot-new pupils enrolled this m .
Mr. llyland who conducts tl
Pheasant - farm .here in vt -:-rl-
serioubly ,il.,with 'dUlNitU. k;
was taken ' to Broten Springs .
Tillamook last week.
1 vr :PERSOnALS.
Mrs. faille Lynch is leaving f; r
Dayton, Ohio,this morning ov r
the lines of, the Southern Pacl
I company.-
J Miss Alma Halvorsen, form' r
Willamette university student, v
a visitor from. Silvertpn .yest. r
day. . W. T. Miller of Grants Par ,
district attorney for Joseph!
county, stopped in Salem f at jrJ
on his way home from the uta'
gathering of district attorneys i t
Portland. Mr, Miller was elect 1
first vice president of the asso -ation.
Mr. and Mrs. Dan W. 'Ears C
Seattle stopped at the Marion 1
tel last night on their way cou: ..
They bad been attending ths j " i -ering
of hotel men In Portias J.
Mr, Bass is manager of the Frj
hotel in Seattle. .
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semi m Mm
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