The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, December 14, 1924, Page 21, Image 21

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Total of 5896 Machines Re;
istered; Showing Gain,
Over Prior Year
Receipt! from the Salem Auto
Park for 1924 season were
$5255, while tourists who stopped
are estimated to bare- spent at
.least $100,000 while In the city.
There were 5896 machines reg
istered this year against 4535 for
,1923. The auto park ia now
closed and! will remain so until
next March.
?- The 1924 season by months, had
the following registrations: March
124 tears;' April. 291 cars; May.
71 cars;:june, 843 cars; July,
1459 cars; August, 1434 cars;
September,' 866 cars; October, 224
cars and NoTember, 84 cars. A
few stragglers were, permitted to
1923 Essex Coach $575
1920 Oakland 4-Pass.
Coupe, good condi
tion .:.$280
Used Tires and
A lcohol for Your
i7 ad fa tor
You can rely on
everything we tell
.you about the capa
city and quality of
any used car you se
lect from our show
room. Select one to
day. . . "
- Certified Public
. Motor Car Market
255 N. Church St.
Phone 885
I 1
You Can Have a i j
For Christmas ;
Pay Only a Few Dollars NOW
Christmas morning and a Chevrolet of
your own at the curb! What more ac
ceptable , gift could you buy for your
-family? . j
: i " ,- 1 i
And it's so easy! Call at our show
room NOW and buy a Chevrolet? 6
Purchase Certificate. Pay a few dol
lars down iand regular weekly or
monthly payments thereafter. -
Every dollar you Invest In this certifi
cate earns 6 per cent interest and
your money Is absolutely protected by a
strong and well-knoWn insurance com
fpany. You can complete-your payments
f in a surprisingly short time. What you
t need to do now is to decide upon a
Chevrolet as the family Christmas gift
and begin the purchsae of a certificates
You can pay a small amount weekly
without missing It. . j .--" j
j i;
We will gladly give you ff ull details of
this new and wonderfully easy way to
buy a Chevrolet.
stop at the camp grounds early In
December, but the number was al
most negligible, m
Homesteaders Take Up
5,530,781 Acres of Land
-Legislation providing for the
setting aside of public lands suit
able chiefly for grazing, to be
leased by the government in such
areas as will insure their preser
vation for -pasturage and forage
purposes, was recommended today
in the annual report of the general
land office commissioner, i
Another recommendation called
for consolidation of the public
land service organization of Alas
ka so as to place the duties of the
surveyor general and registers and
receivers of the district land of
fices under charge lot one officer
to be known as superintendent of
public lands. I
The total area of public and
Indian' lands entered and allowed
during the year was 4,564,412
acres, of which 2.812.624 were al
lowed under the stock-raising act
of 1916. Of 8.826,039 acres pat
ented, 5,530.781 were patented
under the homestead laws. Cash
receipts from sales. . leases and
other disposition of public lands
during the year totalled $16,013,
915. Plats of surveys and resur
veys covering 6.593,440 aces were
approved. I
Previous Record of High
Gasoline Milage Broken
Again : -
In 1923. Oakland won both the
sweepstakes and class cup in the
Yosemite Economy Run,1 held un
der the supervision of the AAA
and incidentally smashed all exist
ing economy records with a gaso
line mileage of 36.92.
During the last of November, a
stock Oakland touring car made
the run from Pittsburg to Phila
delphia, a distance of 297.3 miles
on 7 gallons of gasoline or an
average of 38.95 miles to the gal
lon. . -' i i'--;
Thus the previous record for
high gasoline mileage was again
broken by Oakland this time by
a margin of two miles more per
gallon. ' M
The run was made by the Eng
lertMcKean Automobile. Oakland
dealer of Pittsburg, with Earl
Ritts, assistant service manager
doing all the driving. , He left
the Pittsburg dealer with 10 gal
lons of gasoline. When he drove
up to the front doors of the Phil
adelphia branch of Oakland, he
still had two gallons and three
pints of gasoline left in his tank.
To prove that the car was an
ordinary stock model, without any
special appliances, Mr. .Ritts made
the entire return j trip to Pitts
burg In high gear.-
There was no attempt to prove
anything but economy of opera
tion on this run. i 1
and High I
New Hudson River Bridge Opened
f r 7
yrr v v v? -iiti wiMra.ri'V "i inr
DRIVERS of automobiles, tour-
ists and truck drivers in every
oart of tlie. country and es
pecially those of New York State
and New England had special cause
for giving thanks on Thanksgiving
Day this year the opening to traffic
of the great, new highway suspen
sion bridge across the Hudson River
above New York City, where Bear
Mountain and that other , hump of
the Peskskills, Anthony's Nose, face
each other from opposite banks.
The running time by motor from
Albany to New York is now coti
f iderably shortened via the new
Storm King Highway and the new
bridge, since the bridge will relieve
motorists of tiresome waits for
down-river ferries. The new bridge,
the only highway span south of Al
bany, was built by a private cor
poration. It is "the longest single
span highway bridge of the suspen
sion type in the world, j It s fire
proof throughout, and the last thing
to be completed before the structure
was thrown open to traffic at 7 a.
m. on . Thanksgiving Day was the
Purchase of Chevrolet May
Be Started at $5.00 a
Hundreds of dealers of the Che
vrolet Motor Co., have already
placed In effect- Ike-Six Per Xent
Purchase Certificate Plan and dur
ing early next year it ,1s believed
that all the dealers wjll have this
plan In operation. j ;
Thousands of families have al
ready taken advantage of this new
method to acquire a Chevrolet.
By means of this certificate the
purchase of a Chevrolet can be
started with a first payment as
low as S5 and weekly or month
ly payments to suit the conven
ience of the purchaser. Six per
cent interest is credited on the
certificate on all monies paid to
the dealer until it reaches about
one-third the price of the car.
when delivery is made.
In addition, six per! cent is al
lowed present car owners who pur
chase a certificate on all acces
sories, service and repairs on their
present cars, and this amount is
credited toward the purchase of
the new car. i
The purchase of such a certifi
cate Is fully guaranteed against
loss, as all monies paid in are de
posited by the dealers in a separ
ate trustee's account in the. bank.
This money is not held as an asset
of the dealer but is insured by a
policy in a strong and well known
insurance company, which pro
tects the purchaser' against any
possible failure of either the deal
er or the bank. I .
The six per cent on all accessor
H l!vi2&
Electrical Service
RoIIin, Dort, Willis-Knight, Buick, Flint, Star, Oldsmobile, Chrysler,
Maxwell, Oakland, Jewett, Packard, Chevrolet, Durant,
: Gardner, Hupmobile, Nash, Overland, Studebaker
Guaranteed Raltery
For Forda, . Clievrolets, Stars, : Diirnnts,
OvcrlandsJ etc. Sells for f 13.93
238 North High Street
n n . i
t I '
I r , V
f . tu !
The Nex Hudson
River' Bridge at
Bear Mountain
2 novo opeii. Last
work was laying
of a 38 foot wide
asphalt roadway.
s 4
38-foof. wide asphalt roadway over
which motor vehicles will cross the
bridge. Work on the roadway was
rushed to the last minute in order
that the opening ceremonies might
not be delayed.
Of steel and asphalt the new
structure is not only fireproof but
storm resistant. The huge span, 15S
feet above the river, stretches for
a distance of 1632 feet and, with the
approaches, gives the bridge a total
length of 2260 feet.
The main towers are 350 feet
high and carry cables a foot and a
half in diameter, each cable being
made up of 7,462 parallel wires each
192 one-thousandths of an inch
thick. The roadway contains 10,000
square yards of asphalt, two inches
thick on the main span and 2 '
inches thick on the approaches.
From the bridge, wonderful pan
oramic views of the Hudson and the
Highlands are seen. The ride across
the bridge and thence via West
Point over the Storm King highway
provides one of the most magnificent
scenic routes in the eastern part of
the United States . "
ies, service and parts serves as an
offset of depreciation.
The plan is simple, safe and
profitable, as the six per cent in
terest on the payments is a very
profitable rate of interest. .
The certificate is always trans
ferable and the money can be ap
plied toward any Chevrolet model
The Salem Statesman has pro
posed that some form of i party
council be devised by the coming
legislature. There is no party re
sponsibility now, observes the Sal
em paper, because there is no par
ty platform. That Is quite right.
The Salem paper might have gone
a step farther and observed that
there is no party responsibility
because each candidate for office
runs on his own platform and is
nominated by a hybrid vote at the
primaries. That is, comparing the
party registration in May with the
party vote In November It is per
fectly plain that IS or iO per cent
of the party registration is false
and ft often happens that this 15
or 20 per cent, or even less, nom
inates the candiate for office. In
fact, the great- affliction visited
upon the state of Oregon in the
election of its present set of tear
glands in the state-house came
upon us as a result of men and
women of another political faith
than Republican voting- in the pri
maries and nominating the Repub
lican candidate two years ago. Had
the Republicans been allowed to
nominate their own candidate Mr.
Patterson or Mr. Hall' would have
been nominated and Pierce would
have no more show than a cootie
has In making a living off a tri
cycle. 11
If the primary law cannot be
amended to provide for nominat
ing conventions, then It should be
amended to make registration
more strictly adhere to proper
We Give Authorized
On the Following Cars
s r rW a
v I'm
1. 'Sjwljl 4TiJ
Substantial Cut Made in All
Passenger Car Types
Announcement of a reduction in
the prices of all Dodge Brothers
passenger cars was received today
by Russell Ftoneateele, of the
Bonesteeie Motor Co., local Dodge
Brothers dealer. 1
The new prices are now in ef
fect. ,
The announcement from Dodge
Brothers also carried the informa
tion that balloon tires are stand
ard equipment on1 all passenger
cars. .'
The special types carry, such ex
tra equipment as nickeled radiator
6hell. motometer, front and rear
bumpers, body stripe, steel disc
wheels, scuff plates, cowl lights,
and five balloon tires.
Announcement of l these reduc-'
tions provoked endless discussion
throughout the entire industry.
The year 1924 has been the most
successful in Dodge Brothers his
tory and It is now evident that
the factory is ; determined ,to es
tablish an even more enviable
record In 1925. Obviously, the
market for Dodge Brothers motor
cars will be broadened immeas
urably by the lower prices, par
ticularly the closed car types.
Substantial improvements in the
appearance, riding, comfort and
other important details of con
struction and design, plus the car's-long-standing
reputation for de
pendable performance, 1 were re
sponsible for the greatly accelerat
ed demand during 1924. For a
number of months production was
maintained consistently at a rate
close to 1000 cars per day.
Prices of Dodge Brothers com
mercial cars and chassis are not
affected by the reductions.
party lines. No othei way is fair,
no other way is honest, no other
way can properly perpetuate the
ideals of a republican form of gov
ernment. ;
There is one other election re
form that he legislature could
very profitably bring about and
that is a law making it possible
for. a man to vote a straight party
ticket if he wants to. The present
system of scattering the parties
all into the same column is con
fusing and takes a lot of valuable
time. If the different parties are
represented in columns by them
selves, it is Just as easy to scratch
the ticket, if one wants to. and it
can be done more intelligently
and with less chance of error. The
present ballot : tends to promote
error and to cause the old, the
slow and those not fully alert to
names, to vote contrary to the
way they want to on many occa
sions. This should not be. There
is -no excuse for it and the only
reason it is permitted Is because
the minority party, which It fav
ors, always makes a strenuous and
misleading fight for the thing as
it is and the legislators have not
had the nerve to take the gaff
and do the Tight thing It favors
the minority party because, it 20
Republicans and 10 Democrats
go to the polls, the Democrats
have only half as many chances of
making mistakes as the Republi
cans have.: The minority counts
on this law of chance and so favors
the present scheme, not because
it is any more democratic, scienti
fic or conducive to better govern
ment, but because it favors the
minority party C E Ingalls, in
Corvallis Gasette-Times
(Continued from page 2.)
past three years farm values had
shrunk twenty billion dollars and
that during 1922 over 1,100,000
tillers of the soil had left the
farm and there probably were
more during last year.
The cooperative system of mar
keting and production, was also
touched upon, Mr. Taber declar
ing that both required careful
In the old colonial days sugar
cost 75 cents a pound, but please
don't let your grocer see this.
Our starter specialists can make your car
start easier then winter mornings.
Phone 203
The Touring Car is now bought for
, winter use as commonly as the closed
types are bought for summer use.
This is largely due to notable improve
ments that have been achieved in the
cut and design of the curtains. They
fit closely, open and close with the doors,
and make it possible to keep, theinteriors
snug and warm in cold weather.
We also carry special curtains with
glass windows which practically convert
the car into the closed type.
471 fioulh
New Method of Selling En
ables Owner to Buy in
Convenient Form
According to Smith &Watkins,
local distributors for the Strom-
berg carburetor, the new Strom
berg package equipment have been
well received by owners of many
different makes of automobiles.
These equipments consist Of a
special made carburetor with all
- ! - i
.... ODDoy B.P
) -- )
tV v
Many tell us that sturdy closed-car construction,
roomy comfort and low price have never before
been combined in such a satisfactory manner as
in the inew Oakland Coach with body by Fisher.
Knnin romforr for five
Duco finish in Sagebrush
Green with orange striping
Luxurious upholstery
Four-wheel Brakes
One-piece V.V. Windshield
Commercial Street
necessary fittings for every pop
ular make of car. The equipments
are. jacked in a neat box. This
enables the dealer to sell them
over the counter the same as any
other staple commodity. The
services jof an expert mechanic
are not needed as the installation
is not difficult. Complete in
structions . are included in each
: During the last year over one
hundred thousand Stromberg
carburetor with Hot Spot for
Fords have been sold, to say noth
ing of the great number of equip
ments sold for other popular
makes of cars, not using Strom
bergs as standard equipment.
The special OF model carbure
tor used for th Ford installation
holds, the world's economy record.
An A.A.A. ,. test with a regular
Ford touring car on the Dixie
K. m
Features that art winning and holding geoJ
Balloon Tires
Disc Steel Wheels '
Unit Instrument Panel
Automatic Windshield
Automatic Spark Control
Vick Brothers
o t
Phone 423
highway near Chicago, shows that
only one gallon of ordinary 57
test gasoline was consumed in
covering .51 6-10 miles. ,
' Besides making" a special car- '.
buretor for every carJor replace-
ment sales, over 135 passenger '
car and truck manufacturers use.
Stromberg carburetors as stand-
ard equipment. ?
In one of the cross-word puzzles 1
going around, you have to supply t
the "name of a city of divorces, , has four letters. Wonder
what city that can be. Perhaps ;
the chamber of commerce of Reno 1
could make a suggestion. Path. '
It's a cold day. when the Rus
sian government doesn't want rec
ognition or an apology or a
loan. Milwaukee Journal.
Controls on Steering Wheel
Permanent Visor
Rear -View Mirror
Transmission Lock
Dome Light
Extra Wide Doors 34 incbe