The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, December 14, 1924, Page 10, Image 10

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Delilah, from your balcony look out upon the dawn;'
There is no time for tragedy when all the world is young.
; ' : - - . v ' r , - '
Oh, Delilah, Delilah the mighty man has gone;
But, oh, he loved you long, Delilah, and now it is dawn.
Delilah, still and sadly sweet, new glory conies this way;
Bind golden sandals on your feet and go out to greet the
! v From "The Lariat."
Gilchrist. Sr., were the honor
guests Saturday evening on the
occasion of their 40th wedding an
niversary at a most enjoyable sur
prise party for which Miss Ethel
(McGilchrist . was the hostess.
Seventy-five guests were present
for the evening, the, feature of
which was the mock wedding cer
emony, and the various responses
Mr. and Mrs. McGilchrist were
also honored at dinner preceding
the party, with Mr. and Mrs. Wil
liam McGilchrist, Jr.. the hosts.
Additional covers were placed for
Mr. and Mrs. Millar McGilchrist
of Portland. . . j
The Christmas program of the
Lincoln school will be presented
at the Leslie Methodist church on
Friday evening. Each room will
be .represented by at least -yie
number. Several numbers will be
given by a favorite vocalist. A
popular quartet will sing, and a
reader who is especially interest
ing has promised to, contribute to
the program. This is the first
program to be given outside of
school hours, and is being greatly
anticipated by pupils, parents and
teachers alike.
' Thn members of the O.A.C. club
ere making Interesting plans for
their Christmas party which will
be held Thursday at the Colonial
Dame Tea Shoppe. Mrs. Beatrice
Crawford Newcomb will ; be the
hostess. A feature of the evening
will be the Christmas stocking
which will be filled with gifts
not to cost a penny more than
ten centsceacb brought in. by the
' Among the program numbers of
the evening will be a piano solo
by Miss Mary Cupper, a ; reading
by Miss Lucille Cummings, a song
by Marjorie McCallister, a vocal
Buy one or more Fur Rabbits,
Price $,0.00. No ;'Poniie
Scheme." Legitimate industry.
Can't fail. We breed, raise,
Bell and send profit annually,
guaranteeing 100 per cent. Con
tract sent on receipt of money.
Money back if not satisfied.
Limited opportunity. Send
money today; tomorrow may be
too late. Buy from this adver
tisement. TULSA FCR FARM
Tuba, Okla. j
as a symbol of love and good - jf I
J j U cheer from the first .Christmas to r JM 1 1
II i the Christmas of today. It was an I
1 1 earlyj custom to give honeyed things that i I j
WW yearj mSft ke ul sweetness, lamps that il 1 1
it might be filled with light; copper, silver and gold
that wealth might flow. Our gifts this Christ-
V mas bear these same messages of love
yYvv and cheer, for Christmas and gift-
Vvv giving are the same in all ages .
duet by Doris McCallister and Jim
Luper, solos by both Mrs. Merlo
Rosecrans and Mrs. Jean Pearcy,
and the review of a three-act play
by Mies Vivian Hargrove.
The committiee assisting Mrs.
Newcomb are: Mrs. Richard Sla
ter. Miss Sylvia Woods, Miss Helen
Lee, Mr. Slater and Mrs. Spit z
bart. ! 1
The Bach program on Wednes
day evening , at the Chamber of
Commerce by the musical section
of the Arts League will be under
the direction of Mrs. Martin Fere
shetian of j the First Unitarian
church, as follows: ,
Song, "Ave Maria,". .Bach-Gounod
Piano. "Soiree" Bach
Mrs. Monroe Gilbert.
Sketch, "Life of Bach" ......
Mrs. G. Ebsen.
Christmas song from Bach.
Prof. John R. Sites will ren
der two cello solos.
Mrs. Gilbert will present a plea
for suitable quarters for the Arts
league where an art exhibit fo
the city of Salem can be built up.
The city at present has no place
for an art gallery or a collection
of art objects. ,
Mr. and ! Mrs. Curtis B. Cross
hare moved from 266 N. Capitol
street to their new home, 222
Lincoln street, on Lincoln hill.
Mrs. Frank Snedecor, who was
accompanied by Mrs. Estes Snede
cor, of Portland, is hame from a
two months' motor trip in South
ern California. Mr. and Mrs.
Breyman Boise met the tourists in
San Francisco last week, the par
ty returning together.
Preparations for the "Made in
Oregon" fair on Wednesday even
ing at the! First Congregational
church are taking more and more
definite form. The various Ore
gon products received will be of
fered for sale. A banquet oC
Oregon products will be served in
the evening, with the committee
in charge including: Mrs. W. D.
Clark, chairman; Mrs. J. J. Rob
erts, Mrs. Robert Fleming, Mrs.
Alice W. Dodd and Miss Edith.
Hazard. j
One of Friday evening's charm
ing affairs was the bridge party
at which Mrs. Hugh Kyle enter
tained at the S. S. East home, in
viting guests for three tables. Mr.
and Mrs. Ted Chambers won the '
high score, the consolation-prize j
going to Miss Dorothea Steusloff. '
Yellow chrysanthemums were
used in" the rooms where a lunch
. 1 1 I i
1 I II I'l I
eon was served following i the
playing. The hostess was assisted
during the evening by Mrs. Claude
Steusloff. Si
The guests were: Mr. and Mrs.
Claude Steusloff, Mr. and Mrs.
Ted Chambers, ' Miss Dorothea
Steusloff, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis
Griffith. Mr. and Mrs. Allan Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Merrill Ohling and
the hostess; Mrs. Hugh Kyle.
The Writer's club will meet on
Tuesday evening at the home of
Perry Reigleman, 940 Mill street.
A reception and homecoming
for Tuesday evening is being plan
ned by Chadwick chapter of the
Eastern Star to follow the special
meeting of the afternoon. A sec
ond meeting- will also be held
for the confering of degrees.
A homecoming is planned,
with a delightful program ! and
social hour. Mrs. F. E. Shafer is
chairman of the committee in
charge. The reception will es
pecially honor the 1924 members.
For the afternoon meeting the of
ficers of the Chapter are making
the arrangements. Air visiting
members of the order are especial
ly invited to be present. :
Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Webb were
hosts at a 24-cover supper party
Monday evening at the Spa fol
lowing the Monday night Christ
mas formal. A beautiful basket
of bronze chrysanthemums cen
tered the table.
The Salem Music Teachers" as
sociation will meet tomorrow even
ing at the home of Professor and
Mrs. T. S. Roberts for a particular
ly Interesting December meeting.
Stephen Whitford. pianist, of
Portland, will give the entire pro
gram of the evening. The busi
ness meeting will be at 8 o'clock
the program following.
Mrs. Effie Hollister of Pasa
dena. Calif., who has been a house
guest for several days at the home
of Mrs. M. C. Petteys left yester
day for Portland before returning
to her home. 1
- -f
Mrs. Alice H. Dodd, instructor
in art history at Willamette uni
versity, made an Interesting jour
ney to Sholls. Washington count
ty, to talk to the enterprising
Woman's club of the community.
Mrs. Dodd, who spoke ! to j the
group on Art, found a very res
ponsive audience.
... -) ; ; ' H '
The members of the Women's
Civic league at their meeting Wed
nesday night at the Chamber of
Commerce elected Miss Ethel
Fletcher! as their new secretary.
The League decided to . fill a
Christmas . stocking for a poor
child, under the auspices of the
Associated charities. Mrs. Clar
ence Hamilton and Mrs. Bernard
Shucking will take charge.
The members of the American
Legion auxiliary will be guests of
the Legion tomorrow evening at
a dance at McCormack hall. ' The
auxiliary will meet for a business
meeting preceding the dance.
: - ' 1 ! ,
The Corona club of the Salem
high school met at the home of
Theodore A. Shanks, North Liber
ty street, on Friday evening. The
occasion was the regular monthly
meeting of the club, and after a
brief business session a fine pro
gram of games and music was en
joyed. The program consisted of
the following numbers. Solo,
Drifting Along, Lois i Plummer.
, f :
Social Calendar j
Christmas concert. First Meth
odist church. 7:30 o'clock.
Missionary Day program. Wom
an's Missionary society of the First
Christian church.i Church, 7.30
Monday Afternoon Bridge club.
Tea at Colonial Dame Tea Shoppe.
Senior Standard .Bearer. 7:15
o'clock. Mrs. Benjamin Blatch
ford, 1745 State street.
Business meeting of American
Legion Auxiliary proceed in g the
Legion dance. McCornack hall.
Music Teachers' association.
Professor and Mrs. T. S. Roberts,
503 S. Summer street, hosts.
Program by Stephen Whitford of
YKK class of the First Method
ist church. F. L. Odom, 1730
State street.
Writers' club. Perry Relgel
man, 914 Mill street, host.
Highland Parent-Teachers' as
sociation program at school by
Moore's Music house. 8:15 o'clock.
Special' meeting of Chadwick
chapter of the Eastern Star for
ther conferring of degrees. 3:30
o'clock. Masonic Temple.
Eastern Star ' reception and
homecoming 'following special
meeting. , "
Wednesday ,
Exhibition' of two pictures in
possession of Col. Hofer. Chamber
of Commerce' rooms. 7:30 o'clock.
Rhonda Welch singers. Armory.
"Made in Oregon" fair. First
Congregational church.
"The Pill Bottle." Tri-C class
play.. First Presbyterian church.
"Made In Oregon" products fair.
First Congregational church.
OAC club. Christmas party.
Colonial Dame Tea Shoppe. '
War Mothers' cooked food sale
and bazaar. S. P. office. North
Liberty street.
Lincoln school Christmas pro
gram at Leslie church.
Piano duet, Flaming Star, Maude
Engstrom and Lois Plummer,
Reading, Categorial Courtship,
Marcia Fuestman. Violin solo,
Netlje Tibbits. Dainty refresh
ments were served, and the dec
orations were suitable for the
Christmas season.
The following were nresent.
Miss Grace Tyler, sponsor. Gladys
hue, Marcia Feustman, Maude
Engstrom, Netlje Tibbits, Lois
Piummer, Louise Lanky, Anna
Lanky, Margaret Grover, Frank
G rover. Harman Garrett, Louis
Almstead, Raymond Miller, Claire
Miller. Gailen Siddall, and Ted
e Highland Parent Teachers
association will sponsor dHeht.
ful program on Tuesday evening
at 8:15 o'clock at the school
nousey tne numbers to be given by
the musicians of Moore's Music
house. The proceeds from the
program will go toward , the soup
1-1 1 B . m L . I
jMicnen ana me mgniand branch
Of the library. i
' ., " -v..-. :
Mrs. S. S. East who has been ill
at the Salem hospital for the past
four weeks will be able to return
to her. home tomorrow.
Mr. and Mrs. Francis Neer and
little daughter. Natalie, left this
morninzr ' for a. trin in Taata,o
The Jason Lee Memorial Metho
dist church will put on its pro
gram of Christmas music a week
early this year on account of the
number of Willamette university
students that are in the choir and
who will be out of the city for
Christmas holidays at the normal
time for presenting this music.
The date scheduled for this pro
gram is this coming Sunday even
ing at 7:30 and will take the en
tire, time of the evening service.
The plan this year is to as nearly
as possible present the wonderful
Christmas story in its wide aspects
rather than centering on the inci
dent of the birth of the Christ
child. Prof. Clark who is choir
director has gone, to considerable
pains to select , the words and
music that would best meet the
larger meaning of the coming of
Christ, and for months' now he
has been working with his musi
cians to make the occasion really
worth while to all who attend.
' The music will be presented In
two parts, and will be composed
of male and female choruses,
choruses of mixed voices, duets,
and solo work. Part One Is group
ed under the title of "The Nar
rative" and is composed of the
following numbers: 'fThe World
in Despair;" "Jehova Promises
Aid;" ."The Annunciation;" "The
Son of The Angels;" ; "The She
pherds;" "The Nativity." Part
Two is grouoed under thp title of
jthe Christmas Message, and. is
composed of the following num
bers: "The Song is Ringing Still;"
"The Star of Bethlehem Was My
Guide;" "Jesus Shines Brigher;"
"Glad .Heralds of Light;" "Give
Praise and Adoration;;" "Messen
gers of Peace;" "Great and
Mighty Sovereign." s, i
To add to the congregations en
joyment of the service the words
printed in leaflet form will be
placed in the hands of all.
j. 4f !
I The choir of the First Methodist
Episcopal Church will present its
annual Christmaa concert on Sun
day evening at 7:30 o'clock, De
cember 14th. Prof. E W. Hobson
of the Willamette School of Music
has been training the choir for
this concert for several weeks, and
a splendid program has been pre
pared. Prof. T. S. Roberts' will
preside at the organ, which in the
last two years has been greatly
enriched in quality and volume by
the addition of several new stops.
The choir is made up of more than
50 voices, most of them trained,
and they have earned-the reputa
tion of being one of the best
cnurch choirs In the northwest.
The public is invited to share in
mis musical festival, s
: me program which is to be
presented will be as follows:
Organ Prelnde i r
i'Noeir ......... Dudley Buck
rror. T. s. Roberts
v-nnsimas Bella . ; . . Forsyth
tne Choir
Scripture. Reading and Prayer
By the Minister
"There's a Song in the
Air , . , . Speaks
Miss Trlsta Wenger
jesu Bambino" ; Pietro Yon
.incidental Solo Joseph Nee
The Choir
Duet "Songs of Praise the An
gels Sang," Shelley
Miss Josephine Bross and Miss
Wenger, :
"Listen to the Lambs" Dett
The Choir
mnau Lament .. .Anton Dovorair
Organ Solo, "Pastoral Symphony"
irom -rne Messiah,': ..Handel
i Prof. Roberts
Two Christmas Carols
inree Kings Have Journeyed"
"God Bless Ye Merry Christmas"
The Choir
unentale Cair
Mr. Chapman
Hallelujah Chorus ..... . .Handel
The Choir
His Rubber Massage
Quickly Reduces
i Waist and Hips
MadameX Girdle Gives
Slimmerlines Instantly
THE instant you put on this marvel
ous girdle, you look injehes thinner,
your body is erect and graceful and
you actually get thinner almost before
you know it. In a few weeks you will
find 3 to 10 inches gone from waist, hips
and thighs 1 j .
The Madame X Reducing Girdle is
made of toft, live rubber (to really grip
and give a genuine massage) the very
kind professional athletes have long
used to reduce aafely. Takes off 1 to 3
inches the first week. Worn over under-
garment instead of a corset. Has garters
uicncu. Kccpi pores open, gives
.wonderful support. '. j
O'tirlr mimm away fat with cvvrr mm ton
f'u makc.Thouaadotwomen'hodofKKnecd
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Srronc. durable won't split or tear -ely ad
luitable dUf by da you become more slender.
See the Mudiaoe X for rourcif. Try i on uxUjrl
'.- t ' ' i .
Christmas Certificates for the pur
chase of Madame X Girdles
The Specialty Sbop
(Miss) Renska L Swart
453 Court St,
A groups of friends of Mrs.
Will Moore were her guests at
bridge on Monday afternoon of the
past week. The rooms were at
tractive with 'flowers. yellow
chrysanthemums decking the liv
ing rooms and carnations and
freezias used, in the dining room.
The score ol the afternoon was
won by Mrs. Daniel Mc Lei lan.
Mrs. E. E. Bragg won the second
A delightful affair among the
younger set was the dancing party
ot the Phoenix club and their
guests Friday evening at which
Miss Josephine Jaskoski and Miss
Dorothy Bell were the hostesses
entertaining at the JaskoskI home
Holly and mistie-to were used in
the rooms with balloons and con
fetti adding the spirit of festivity
to the scene. - ... i
Those present for the evening
were: Miss Hazel Paden. club
adviser, Miss Florence Busch, Miss
Wiima Giesy, Miss Gladys Albin.
Miss Leona Geer, Miss Dorothy
Swegle, Miss Gladys Murphy, Miss
Fay Wassam, Miss Hazel George,
Miss Jennie May Hoppes, Miss Fay
Wolz, Miss Owendolen Harris,
Miss Wanda Jean Heberlle, Miss
Margaret Tucker. Miss Rosalie
Jones. Miss Josephine Jaskoski.
Miss Dorothy Bell, Alvin Kurtz,
Albert Flegel, John Drager, Glen
NaBh, Robert Ramsden, Charles
Coffey. Jerome Hansen, Garland
Simpson, Wesley Ellis Vernon Per
ry, John Schei, Gerald Mero, Mar
vin Headrick, Robert Ashby, Ed
win Goodenough, and Harold din
ger. .
Five hundred and caning were
the diversions of the evening when
the members of the newly formed
"Entrez-Nous" club were enter
tained on Wednesday evening' as
the guests of Mrs. H. W.' Hale.
A group of twenty were present
for the delightful gathering.
" - '
Mrs. E. H. Shanks, or the First
Baptist Church, entertained the
Ladies' Society yesterday after
noon. She was assisted by Mes
dames. Harms. Willis. Vail, D. R.
Peterson, J. V. Dencer. About
seventy five ladies were present
and an attractive program built
around the Christmas theme was
given. The decorations were
suitable to the Christmas seison,
with a tree and red and green
festoons. Mrs. H. S. Gile was the
leader of program which was
made-up of stories and the sing
ing of Christmas carols. Mrs.
Shanks and Miss Ruth E. Ross
sang 'The Angelic Choir," Ash
ford. Accompaniment Miss Gail
McClean. Dainty refreshments
were sered. Mrs. B. F. Heikes df
Dalles was among those present.
Silverton, ore., Dec, 13. Law
rence Carpenter was the inspira
tion of a delightful small dinner
party at the home of his parents
Friday evening, the occasion being
his 17th birthday. The rooms
were decorated in the seasonal
reds and greens, a Christmas tree
forming the center piece at the
table. , Following the dinner the
young people spent the evenins
in dancing. Those attending were
Lawrence Carpenter, Dorothy Neal
Brenda Bowen, Sopha Brendon,
Ida Oss, Isabel. McGinnies, Arthur
Clark, Merle Larson. -
The Senior Standard Bearers of
the First Methodist church will
meet at 7:15 o'clock tomorrow
evening at the home of Mrs. Ben-
ii rr ? m s
We are showing a Christ
mas boxed full fashioned
hose . v ' j '
$1.65 Pair
3 Pair1 4.50
Wc carry a complete line
of hose from the kiddiest
to out-sizes.
Hand , carved I handles
with ferrules to match.
Many different designs
$3.98, $5.95, $6.48
Up to $22.48
Jamin Blatchford, 1745 State
street, for the Christmas meeting.
Esther Lisle and Pira Franklin
will be the hostesses. Miss Ruth
Field will be the honor guest of
the . evening. Mrs. Grace Allen
will have charge of the lesson
hour. .
"Open House" was observed last
night at the three Willamette Uni
versity sororities, the affair being
one of the most attractive, formal
events of the college social calen
dar, .
A color scheme of orange and
blue: predominated at the Delta
Phi' house. 757 Center street.
where calling hours were from
7:30 to 0 o'clock. The guests
were greeted at the door by Miss
Jeannie Corskie, Miss Ruth Ross,
and Miss Zelda Mulkey. Miss
Eloise Reed introduced to the re
ceiving line which included: Miss
Lucia Card, Professor, and Mrs.
E.i T. Brown, Professor and Mrs.
Gustav . Ebsen, Miss Mary Find
ley,' Miss Hulda Hagman, j Miss
Adelia White, and Mrs. John
Reed. Large yellow chrysanthe
mums were used in the hall. In
the j rooms ivory baskets of pink
roses tied with orange and blue
tulle were used. Orange tapers
burned in a silver candelabra.
Miss Marjorie Minton and Mrs.
Charles L. Sherman presided at
the ; punch bowls. . The music of
the' evening consisted of vocal
duets by Misses Mary and Fay
Spaulding. violin numbers by
Miss Kathryn Kirk and Miss
Jeannie Corskie, and piano solos
by j Miss Mildred Tomlinson and
Dinnerware Makes
A Serviceable Gift
Make your gift a practical and serviceable one.
Start a new dinner set from one of our open
stock ' patterns. Prices .to suit your pocket
book. Come in anytime and examine my line
of serviceable gifts.
Wm. Gahlsdorf
135 N. Liberty.
If in doubt or lack inspiration we would call your at
tention to our windows. Here you will find gifts that will
be truly, appreciated.
A Special Lot at -
The kiddies have been
taken care of this year for
they too must have purses
just like mother's.
, 98c, $1.48,
Miss Helene Story, tattle Elaine
Sherman gave the favora which
(ConUanaa as psc 3)
at the
Armory Wednesday
8 P. M.
December 17th
General admission:
Adults $1.10, Students 50c
Reserved seats: -
'Adults $1.63, Students $1.10
(Including Tax) I
. . . i
General admission tickets on
sale at Will's, and Moore's
music stores.
- Reserved seat sale at Armory
Monday, Tuesday and Wednes
day afternoons.
Phone 67
,i -f, f
' !
i I
$1.75 l-SZi