The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, June 14, 1924, Page 5, Image 5

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Four Fatal Accidents - ;
,1 During the week-ending June
12 "a total of 625 accidents were
reported to. the state industrial ac
cident commission, of which four
were fatal. The fatal cases were
Bert Nesbitt; - Wendling, head
brakeman; r P. J. PIttelkau,-Se
attle, choke setter; "John Nelson,
Portland, tucker: David D. Brain
ard, NorthDend, laborer. Of the
total number of accidents report
ed 655 were subject -to the pro
visions of the' workmen's compen
sation act, 66. were from firms and
corporations that have not. elected
to come under the act, and -four
were irom public utility corpora
tions not subject to the act.' :
2293 N.
Strawberries Wanted-.
Ward K.' Richardson,
Front. .
Alternate "Whit Issued
-In the-case of the state on re
lation of Joseph Burke vs. Joseph
Beveridge. clerk of Multnomah
county, an alternate -writ of man
ramus was issued by the supreme
court yesterday. .. Beveridge is or
dered to appear and show1 canse
why he should not Issue a writ
of execution on a judgment of
$7,500 against Maurice Seitz. Ap
pearance must be made June 25.
t .
last Dance ;-.'
At Schmiedecker's barn Satur
day night, June 14. Silverton-Sa-lem
road. . , J14
tlement was effected by an arbi
tration board.' The settlement will
avert a lockout of the building
trades which had been threatened
by the Building Construction em
ployers association , unless the
strike was settled before Monday.
Under the decision reached, yes
terday the cement finishers "will
receive $9 a day and shop bands
of varying grades' a flat increase
of 1 a day.r .
Banco DuBois' Dance-
Tonight; also Tuesday, Derby
hall.; Music by Orioles, Come.
the serious illness of his mother.
Many small irrigated, patches of
the berries were seen., while black
berries and raspberries were being
grown to a limited extent. Most
of the fruit was being used locally,
he said. Stockmen afe the heavi
est sufferers . from the drought,
Mr. Staley. learned..' In the Wat
sonville district the apple crop is
so heavy ' that . thetrecs have al
ready, been propped to hold up f.he
fruit. -., Thinning. Is now under
way and the ground , around ithe
trees is almost green with .the
fruit, Mr. -Staley said. ;' V'
"What it means to accepj Christ.' I be presented with the diplomas at
Last Sunday was a day . that was I exercises beginning at 2:30.
enjoyed by all Hayesville. Those
who stayed at home missed a good J Patterson is Pleased?-?
dinner and a pleasant day Hayes Word of the nomination ' o(
rille has lots of them so come as Brigadier General' Charles G.
often as you can. "Will we see you Dawes .as -vice - president of the
next Sunday? Arthur C Bylander, United -States and running mate
Card of Thanks i , .
We -wish to thank our .friends
and neighbors for the kindness and
sympathy' shown in our recent be
reavement; also for the beautiful
floral offerings. .- W. O. Baven-
; J14
Salem Entrants Wi
Salem entries in the Rose festi
val parade , in Portland - won two
blue ribbons,' when,: the Cherrians
took .first place among the" march'
ing clubs and the float entered byport and family.
iae state or uregon, capiurea iirsi
place in Its class. This float was
designed by F. Ray Felker, artist
and designer.. Both awards car
ried $100 in cash. While Capital
Post No. 9 did not place In the
competitive drum corps contest,
which was not anticipated, the
palm beach suits of nearly 100
k- vi School Election Monday
in spue oi me numerous umes
the attention of-the public has
Medical Society Meets ,
Dr. -Robert C. Coffey of Port
land will read a paper, on "Gastro
Duodenal Ulcer": at the next meet
ing of the Polk-Yamhill-Marion
society at the- Gary Belle Tuesday;
night at 7 o'clock. ,
Vote Monday for Francis Xeei
' Put him on school board.
Lincoln Pioneers Have Camp ; .
r The Lincoln Pioneers of Central
Congregational church returned
yesterday from a ' brief camping
trip. They were up above Scotts
Mills. Eight boys - were on the
trip, Donald Barnard, Norvat Ed-
of President Coolidge, was receiv
ed with a great amount of pleas
ure by Senator i: J. Patterson.
who ' had charge-of the .Coolidge
campaign in Oregon. Every effort
will be made between now and
November 1 . to further the inter
ests of the two nominees. Senator
Patterson said yesterday. . v
Sues Unknown Heirs
. Emily Scott, in a complaint filed
wards, Ellis Doane, Robert Bur- against the unknown heirs, of the
ton, George Pointer, Donald Point
er Kenneth Kline and EUia Har
ris. - Donald Barnard proved. him
self the best fisherman; George
Pointer .the best actor; Donald
Pointer the best wader, Robert
Burton the 'best swimmer-and Nor-
estate AOf Samuel" and r.Jamima
WWker, is seeking title to certain
property. , . '. '.
Special . Prices .
On electric fixtures, 25 percent
off on all boudoir table-and floor
val Edwards the best eater. El- floor, lamps. Halik'a .Electric
Bert Powell and John Brockman Shop, ZZl Court St., phone 48 &
brought the boys-to and from' the I Jne 14
camp, and the camp was In charge
of Harry Johnson, pastor of Cen
tral Congregational , church.
Building Permit Issued ;
. W.'M. Smith was Issued a build
ing" permit Friday for the erection
of a dwelling and garage -at 1392
Sneclal Sale j'
On all stamped goods 7 at the . COBl OI Vr
Elite this week, -229 Oregon bldg.
Jnesl 1 - .
and brought more publicity to Sa
lem.; " -". ' ..' ' . ' '
Royal Ann Cherry Growei
We are ready for business
again. Phone Raas & McKenney.
-Jackson Appointed
Phil Jackson .of Portland' has
been appointed by Governor Pierce'
as a member of the board of reg
ents of tjie ; University of Oregon.
; He succeeds the late Charles H.
.. Fisher. ' . ." j .. . v
nt,- Irf... TV... -c
. 1 held Saturday -evening.
f June 14. j; Elfs will s leave Elks
? f - temple promptly at .6:45 and
j 'march to Wifson avenue, led by
the band, where services; will 'be
J gin at T o'clock Fred A." Krlxon.
I'ltf Merritt - Davis, Howard' Hhlsey,
flaff day. committee.' - J14
'- School Bill Appealed ' ( i
Attorney General Van '' Winkle
yesterday forwarded to District At
torney Stanley Myers of Portland
i notice of appeal Mo the United
States aapreijie court in the.-anti-private
and parochial school bill
lease. Bonds have beea provided
! and his and Governor Pierce's sig-
natures attached. ' Both the H111
, Military acadeniy and the Sisters
. 'of the Holy Names are covered in
if i
t K
nhe notice. and 1ohC3., k ; '.r"i'
i Big Warehouse g
f Sat. ve. June 1 4. Brooks' ware-
Vote fanvasied -i; - -; -v c
fail primary 'candidates except del
legates to the' national conventions
- weer canvassed ' in the office of
Secretary of State Kozer yester-
.day. The -vote on delegates was
canvassed several ' weeks -ago.
Daughter ! Born ' . ,
A baby daughter was born, at a
local hospital June 11 to Mrs. A.
L. McCarty of Nehalem. wife of an
Inspector of, the state forestry da
jjartment. - . .
Plasterers Get Raise
. With word front Portland yes-
, terday that the local plasterers
union had been, granted alraise of
been called to the tact that Mon
day, June 16, will be school elec
tion day, people persist in calling
up various members of the school
board ask Ing t when the election
will be held. The balloting will
be at the office of the Associated
Oil company, 'the first door south
of the main entrance ' to the Mar-
Students Form Xew Club.
With a charter' membership of
16, a literary and debating club
has been formed at Salem high
school to forward the interest in
forensic activities.' Officers in the
new club are Edgar Tlbbetts, pres-1
ident Arlie Anderson, vice pres
ident and Homer Richards, sec-
Speeder is. Fined .
-, In, h justice court Friday, Wil
liam Shumacker was fined $10 for
speeding. ... . ;
members-are. Benoit McCroskey,
LeRoy Grote,', Robert Kutch, Ber-
nlce. Mulvey, 'Mildred 'Gilbert,
Half Pint Jails Ma hf 8 -s
. - Possession o a half-pint . of
liquor landed "Rus'sel Crossan in J ion notei, on south Commercial
tne county jail yesteraay. vros-nr. H. H. Olineer. chairman of
I - X " v" " lne L tyr 0 memDe wnose ierm8 X Thompson, Jack Spong, Harold
appeared in the justice court yes- the Wrd expire and who are seek- Mero- Ellzabeth Falrchild. Lucile
leioay eieciea w iuiui luaucn teg tMlectlon. Tanic Jfi. weer is
over for a little tmie ana to enter ian aspirant for the place.
his ntea later. . He was commmea
Replies are Filed , . . s
Two replies to 'complaints were
filed in the circuit court yesterday.
These were, the replies of Frank
M. Ford to Ben Creasy and of J.
Earle to the answers of ' M. R.
retary-treasurer." Other charter Matthews.. All allegations were
denied in both cases.
to the county pall In lieu of $250 (wanted Women to'Stem
Cnerry Pickers ,
. Wanted. TA. Call 133 2-J,
at" Hunt
Pettyjhon and - Helen Marcus.
Meetings will be held on the sec
ond and fourth Wednesdays melom have been
eecn montn.; rroi. normng, ue-
bate coach, will be the adviser.
- M
Watermelons Received
t The first real shipment of water
melons was received in Salem yes
terday and were being offered on
thex local market at 5 cents' a
pound- Only a very few of the
offered here
this year.-- :v ' :
s J ' f
t $. - " ' n -s.
U r ' - . f
h " ' - '
.- . --:. :.rt.-.-...:-v;'--- : :
' v'-- ' ' ;v.-He-
' Harvard established an early
lead in the thirty-first annual
track meet with Tale, held recent
ly at Cambridge, but the New
Haven collegians were the winners.
This photograph shows . B. M.
Nortod", beating Yt. 'A. Comlns by
two . fct In th 100 yard cvr
with J. Locke, also of Ya! tt..
The time was 10 1-5 t
VV-J . s.
yesterday T"ei did not have the
endurance that Crosby has, . but
was good for five or "six innings.
When the prison team played two
games in succession, Tuel was al
ways used. His disappearance,
while not putting a crimp in pris
on baseball, will" cause little em
harassment . ; ' -
Another Typing Contest
Several of the Salem high school
Students who - participated In the
recent typing' contest here will go
to Portland the last bf the month
to compete in a typing contest
sponsored by the Ttemlngton com
pany. The prize" winner will re
ceive a standard: Remington ma
chine.. In order to win first place
the contestant : must J' write 60
words a minute for 15 minutes,
with no errors. ' . , ; . . !. ;
I Auction Sale-
and personal prop-
Estimates Peach Crop
Coshow Elected
Justice ' O. , P. Coshow, of thelerty at 194 S. Sixth St., Tuesday,
Oregon - suoreme court, whose 1 1:30 p. m. Clara Anderson estate,
While there will be a good peach Jhome Is In Roseburg. was elected I consists of over , 500 quarts ot
crop In tne : orcnaras -on. nini grand master for the coming year I fruit. 150 quarts being wild black-
ground, there will be practically ia tne Oregon grand lodge" session berries: tools, etc. -Cash sale. J17
no fruit rn the lowlands and the ua Portland. George T. Cochratf
entire.crop will run about ,40 per l is retiring grand master. Judge
cent, Js the estimate made of his J Percy R. Kelly of Albany was ad
vances to the office or. deputy
grand master. Rev. J. R. N.:Bell
of ."Corvallls grand "chaplain for
the last 47 years, brought greet
ings to the grand lodge for the
2 0th time. Three new charters
were'1 granted yxtHe' session, to
Vernonla, Westgate and Irvlngton, i
in Portland.
orchard by. I. L. Patterson, oi
Eola.' ; The' trees . were found to
have suffered more from the frost
V. n n irB. n,Mnmai1 fit first. . -
Will Par Cash
For' hsed- pianos. : Phono 1659.
J15 .
Guard XTnit Leaves -
Thirty men of Headquarters de- Vote Monday for Francis 'Xeer
tatchment, ?49th Artillery, left onl , Put him on school board".
a special train at 6 o'clock lastl t ;
night bound for Fort Casey, Wash. I West Salem Methodist
wnere .tney wm snenu, m I Church services ; tomorrow as
two weeks in summer maneuvers I follows:' Preaching at 11 aVm. and
and training. The detatcument isi7;30 p m in the morning service
ir r niaAe.t&n In m
in coarse ot juajvi vy. me pasior win preacn on recei
Captain Clifford Irwin and Lieu-1 fal ways." i Certainly the time
tenant A. B. Batea'and will return I nas come when right-thinkfng peo-
about June 28. The 2491B Arui-ipie should consider the ways and
Ierywi!.l have 300" men and 16 i means which make for peace and
ofiicers present for the summer whereby one may edify another.
camp.' , j . i,.--. ' ; ' ' lln thetevening hour Mrs. Kendall
of Merbaugh, Idaho, will bring a
Illc Warehouse .IJance . (message on the-subject: "Is Sal
Satcve. June 14, Brooks' ware-1 vation Free?" Mrs. H. J. Morris
house. ' . .' '
Back at the Key, .
Arthur R. Wils-on, who . for
many years, was Salem manager
for the Postal Telegraph com-
pany is again temporarily; , in
charge of the office here during
the absence of - Manager. -Carrol
Wpma Charges Assault -,.
"?VS.sault" and "battery Jupon her
person is , charged In a complaint
filed in the Justice court, by Mrs.
W. M.T Wilke against R.' C. Madsen
and Harold Madsen. - The men.
upon "' beiij arraigned, . . entered
peas of not guilty and will be
glveaa' jury trial, Monday morn
ing, ' The two men were released
upon promise of their attorney to
have them in' court at the desig
nated time. '- ? "
Class Leaves Case
Arrangements for the . install
ation of a- fine trophy case to dis
play the numerous awards receiv
ed by Salem high school are be-
ng made by. the 1924 class of
graduates .who received their di
plomas, last night, ; The. case- will
be built at the rear of the auditor
ium. A senior bench will
built under the fir tree at the
northeast corner of the building;
Appraisers Named
N.'E.'MahOck; Zeno Schwab and
L. I. Snyder have been named ap
praisers of the. estate of Lawrence
Schwartz upon petition 'of B. F.
Glesy, administrator -of the estate.
Final Account Filed
. Final' account "of the estate of
Estella. Avin has been filed in the
circuit' court- by R.- Avln, adminis
trator. .,. .
day in Portland for tfco Roia
B. E. Maple and J. C. Uar
Jennings Lodge, were la tL -yesterday.
Drill Team 'In Portland-
Miss Gleeson Visits
; i xaemoers oi tne wrusans uru
'MlftVAW'M In PnVH.nS las'? tiTrH
I ''I to "attend: a lodge meeting and to
MIsa Marguerite GleeSon, form-1 participate in a parade." ' The wo-
erly a member-of the-Statesman I mens' organization has beea drill-
news staff, now. with the Ellison-1 ed during the winter tiy Edwin J.
White Chautauqua company, vis-Inynavllaa. and will -narticiDatn in
ited in Salem last nlghtj whili en competitive drills in Oakland. Cal.
routenrom caniornu and otnerineit ' AneHg Mr.: and Mrs Bay-
southwestern territory to districts I lisg accompanied the team to
la tne state or yasningion. ,
Wedel Seeks Divorce
Charging that his wife had been
i untrue to him and had been keep
ing company- with . Carl Rents, of
Quinaby, Ben F. Wedel yesterday
filed for a divorce from Gertrude
Odell - Wedel. The couple were
married in Salem September 18,
1919. Wedel asks for the custody
Soliciting Funds Here t '
Funds for the Albertina Kerr
Nursery home in Portland are be
ing solicited by P. E. A; Smith, of
Portland..' financial - secretary ' of
the Pacific Coast Rescue and Pro
tective association, which , has
charge of the Institution. Buring
the year ending January 1, 1924,
Marion, county contributed eigtit
babies to 'tne Albertina ierjf Nur
sery home, Mr. sinlt said yester
day; ' . ? .;.'..!:'-; ' ; . ' '
of their three -boys. .'About Octo-
' J14 will lead the slnging. commencing oer 1. 1922, his wife became In-
A not her Convict Received
,, Joseph Roggi, ' several times
loser at matching. his wits with the
law and a former inmate of Sing
Sing- prison, was received at the
state penitentiary Friday to serve
five years for an assault with in
tent to' rob. He came from Mult
nomah county in charge of Deputy
Sheriff W. C. Fetters.
Devers Funeral lleld-r- ' -''."; '
Funeral sertlces. for Paul Dev
ers, 16, saiem high school youin,
were .held from the Rlgdon chapel
Friday, morning, with Rev.r Blaine
E. Kirkpatrick officiating. Inter
ment was in City View cemetery.
Among the- many floral : tributes
were two beautiful ; pieces, one
from the high school student body
and the other from the KO club,
composed of high school boys. He
was the son of Mr. and Mrs. J. M.
Devers, the former being attorney
for the state highway department.
Youngster, Sent Home , .
' James 'Patrlsh, 9, was returned
to his home yesterday after Chief
of Police 'Frank A. Mlnto had got
v Ia I A. 1-1 a TtT-J -.1 1
at 7 p. m. Juniors and intermedi- ai .en, eue at-
I . a a-U L l iL.i ssMHi.J
LcRanberries Grown .lates will meet at 3 p, m. , ;t reses' na om
California is. growing its own , ' - ie was too quiet. m
fresh loganberries, according toiBlg Warehouse Dance ; - wauiea a goua uui? wmw sue w
. - - - . . rimt c-. ii r- i r I vnu-n tr " Ho rierl ares tnat ane was
II a dav wArkL .011 tbe new4j. L. : W. I siaiey; secret" I ee. juuo i, uruvii wia- i r- "- . . I ,tn hta fofh
' - r ' - 'I I. i . . . . . i .nnA Tmm hi. hnm Bavarfl 1 ffmAK I t,uu.u. uu..avw '
parrlsh Junior JUgtarsehooI will :1m gon -Growers uooperave nouse... ,i ; :x ... ; r , " XTw-J .-..71 erf vYottV Parrish was picked up
Part of th timA wm knerit n com- tne lermmai noiei; i n.ursaay
pany with Rents, he declares. Last n!ht by Officer James and held as
Monday she -left him and a note, l f
which, she signed, said that there I i "ZT, :
. no of their trvinr to live I Ieu xrusiy riajrr
rothor that aha Hid nnt love , jobh iuei, irusij r we siaie
Mm .Dv ionr- and that he could Prison who escaped from the brick
yarn . xnursaay nigni was uue ui
the pitchers on the penitentiary
baseball' team, it became known
resumed aa well as that on the T. I tion. who Das-returned from Los
A. Livesley residence. The plas- Angeles ' where he., was called by I Hayesvlllo Baptist
ters. who. had- beeji receiving r-S JQ
a day demanded $12, but the set-
147 N. Com!. Hoom .
1 4'
Fcrxi:!zrc: "-'.f '
Phc3 511
411 Oregon Bldg. Phone 437
The Seavy Bell Insurance
' '. . . Agency - y ;r
General Insuranca
Just licturiicd
from the Electronic Convention
st Kansas City and have in-
tailed the latest equlpmentfor
the diagnosis and treatment of
disease (Dr. Abrams method).
Dr. B. H. White 4
RM U. 8. Bank Bldg.
Salem, Oregon ,
ALIt U&9
' $5 Dowm '
5. Monthly :
O, SC. Itoeicmoo.
347 N. Com. St. ;
PbOB 86S
T X 1 1 1:
Can for hire without driver.
PHONE 2020
Day and Night Service .
Sunday school at 1 0 o'clock.
Preaching services at '.'11. Theme:
Biblcal reasons why I should not
be discouraged " BYPU at : 7
o'clock. Preaching at 8, theme,
GUEFFROY The remains of
John Gueffroy, who died at
Yankton, S. D., June 8, 1924,
will arrive, in Salem today. Fun
eral services will be held at the
.Webb funeral parjors Monday,
June 16, at-10:30 a. m. Rev.
Ir, Pollntr and Roeler wilt-have
charge of services.
4 will be in City View cemetery. r
have two of -the boys.
Dance at Turner Saturday
music y Five Entertainers.
Popular Pnced
Tailored Suits $23 to 43
. Men's and Younj 3Ien'
IGRAVMIXG Andy Gravming died
at a local "hospital June 11," at
the age Of 3 years.- Survived
by his wife, Mrs. A. Gravming.
funeral . -announcements . later,
, Webb funeral parlors in charge
- of arrangements. ' ' '- .
Couple Defies Hoodoo - ,
Believing t that love - can 1 sur
mount any obstacles that might be
Interment Placed in their path by King Jinx.
two young peopje yvsteruay wueu
to place any faith In the supersti
tion that Friday the 13 th is an un
lucky day and applied toihe coun
ty clerk for a marriage ' license.
The couple were L. A. Deinlnger,
an attendant at a local; hospital,
and ETdna Rehwaldt, who gave her
occupation as that of a nurse.
. Promotea. Good Health
Cottage Cheese !
. . ; One-Third Cream
II. EjlUDEOUT, Proprietor
Dalcm iHortuarp
nrBAiJczns' ajro
ftldm Wttk-lMttM
LA DD &".B.U3,W
; ; "BANKERS' v
tlatUchcd 18C3
rr. TT'"r3 frcn 10 n. r:. io 3 -p. n.
Firecrackers Banned--
, Any youngster apprehended in
ithe act of firing oft firecrackers
between now and the Fourth of
July will bet arrested, according
to a warning Issued Friday ' by
Chief of Police Frank A. Mlnto.
A city, ordinance , prohibits i the
early nse of fireworks and . this
will be rigidly enforced, he said
. A ...
Motorist is Fined - i v
For permitting a minor to oper
ate his motor vehicle, A. L. Wood-
ard was fined $10 in the justice
court Friday. ; v ' . '
I - I
l "J , '5
:1 h 1
". i
" . ?s"A
'-.vV X ) . . i
;fV V V
( ) t
tOf g. Cfcmreh Tin 119
Give Diplomas Today i
Heaped high with diplomas', a
large clothes baiket reposed in the
office of, Mrs. Mary L. Fulkerson,
county school superintendent, Fri
day afternoon In readiness for the
county eighth grade -commencement
exercises at the? Salem-,higb
.iHinrlnm thin n ftrmnrltlj
Alrs. Arthur J. Wlllaon. promln
ent society woman, who had been
spending the winter In Spain, was
recently commanded to sing be
fore KlnK Alfonso and Queon Vic
torta at a reception s lendered ; the
Spanish royal couple by Alexander
p. Moore. . AiHcan ambassador
to Snain. Ju .rthen Mrs. Willson
received word from" her husband
t hhrrv home, so she; hurriedly
-packed, forgot royalty and started
Final Clarion Out
The final V'-e of the Clarion,
high school paper, was distributed
Friday. The paper contained a
special tribute to PauU Dtvers.
member of the Junior class, whose
funeral was held yesterday.
.i :
rir. and MM. 'F. H, Thompson
and Bert Ford'Jiaveeturned from
k4 motor trip which' took them as
far east as Salt .Bake City.-
Mr. aritfi Mrs, Otto Hoppes and
baby were In Portland yesterday,
combining, business with the .Rose
festival.- , a i ;?-. i
Francis Ellis, who finished his
first, year, at Willamette univer
sity this week',' ieft f or eastern Ore
gon Friday. He will work la the
harvest fields and play , base ball
with the Spray, team:
. .Mr. : .and Mrs, David C- lEUis,
who, .have ; befn teaching : atf the
Tanasket,. Wash., high sohool,
hay returned to Salem for a por
tion of the summer.- Both i are
graduates of Willamette univer
sity. Mrs. Ellis Is ' tne daugni-er
of Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Harris, w3io
live on North' Capitol. ,
: Ml3s Erina Papenfus. . who ; wjls
graduated from. Salem high schoiol
last night.' has accepted a position
as .stenographer , with the Milber
Mercantile company. ,
K. N. Harlan, ef Falls City, was
a Salem visitor Friday morning
s P. ti, J'obnson, Medford 'merch
ant, was a caller in Salem Friday.
j Charles M.' Morrison and fam
ily, of Grants Pass,-stopped of f in
the1 city for a few hours;yesterdy.
They' were onl their, way home
from Portland.1.. : '
Mrs. tC, Jensen aiid Mrs. iW.
D. Ols9n,'of, Mc'jitlnnTiiie, were in
the clty"( recently. 1
; Mr. and' Mrs. O.' J. Hull were In
Portland" yesterday to attend the.
ROse festival.
Miss Florence Pope spent Fri-
No Drugs Juct Rc:t",
- i Hcrba
6 Ounce Dottle, 7Zc
Years ago" 'Dj. Carey
"When backache comes . ;
your kidneys- and fion't wn
"Right at the-start, ro Si :
druggist and ask for Dr. C
Marshroot Prescription o.
take it as directed until ! '
ceases and your eyea are . r
For more than 4 0 y. am
i Carey i-; - .
in di.'Ci i .
: kiJney i - 1 !
der, an.-l v 1
the hM '. t -remark;-'
' :
-life, i ,
to ii: :
N m o s t c :
kidney t 1
der rr ' t .
I.hrou,'.-'i C.
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, ' Herbert Rawlinson
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We carry In Btock'over 115 !e?al blanks tuited to most ny bu-;n:-i
transactions. We may have' just the form you are looking fcr Lt a tij
Bavins as compared to made to order forms. . . .
Some of the forms, Contract of Sale, Road Notice, Will f onr.3, Ae:!s
mcnt of Mortgage, Mortgage Forms. Quit Claim Deeds Abstracts form.
Bill of Sale, Building Contract, Promissory Notes, Installment Notes, Gen
eral Lease, Power of Attorney, Pruii'e; Books and Pads, Scale Rcccipt3, lliz.
These forms are careful prepared for the Courts and Private use Frica
on forms range from 4 cents to 16 cents apiece, and on note books, from 25
to 50 cents, ' - ' ;
The Statesman Publishing Cc.
As Easiness Office,' Groand Floor.
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