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Phone 108
i.XVX Salem, Tuesday on her first
. lurloneh. following- flv Tears In
Calcutta, India, -where , she has
been aerrlng as head, ot the music
departmer t in the girls' school.
MIss.FieM la a graduate of Wil
. lamette university, where she had
, an especially active part in school
affairs. Arriving: in. the states
early in the year, Miss Field has
been. taking special work at Col
umbia University in New York.
She will be at the home of her
mother and sister, Mrs.-Elizabeth
E. Field and Mrs. Iner F. Flem-
Inv 1 Rrt 'Mstrtfe '91m atrant. dirHnv"!
the, summer, returning to India in
the late autumn,
..; r : -
The thirteenth annual state con
i vention . of the PEO sisterhood;
meeting this week in Albany, will
close with the sessions today.
Every Chapter in Oregon, is repre
sented. 'at the gathering, all meet
ings for which are being held in
the First Presbyterian church. -
Rybka's Plectrum
Orchestra ,
'.Prime Orchestral Favorites:
Admission $1.00 - 75e ;
f and 50c, Including Tax
rickets . on ; sale t Moore's1
slusie and.. Will'a Music Store
Capitol Hardware &
"Furniture' Co,
' Best Pric3 Paid
Ccn'l Si. Phone 347
A number of honor guests are
in attendance at the convention.
including Mary K. Logan of Port
land ; A. Mabell Simpklns, of Mc
Mlnnville, May C. Crady of For
est Grove, Mrs. ' Zollinger, Jessie
Mickey of Portland; Myria Fur
guson ot Portland; Mrs. Bowden;
Maude G. Rankin, and Hattie
Thurston, of Newburg; Lulu Stew
art of Lebanon; Maude E.' Kent
of Corvallls; Lena Odell of Port
land and Mrs. Wallace.
Mrs. L. M. Beechler, president
of Chapter G, was the presiding
officer at the Memorial hour, dur
ing the first afternoon. Follow
ing the scripture ' reading. Miss
Lena Belle Tartar gave an appre
ciated vocal number, and follow
ing the tributes, Mrs. Mollle Styles
an official delegate from Chapter
AB, sang- in her characteristically
charming way. Dr. Daniel Poling,
pastor of the Albany Presbyterian
church was the Epeaker of the oc
casion.' ' ' . ) x
A group of members from Chap
ter G who attended the sessions
yesterday were: Mrs. E. E. Fish
er, Mrs. D. X. , Beechler, Mrs.
Frank Churchill,; and Mrs. F. W.
Selee. ' .1
"; r ; ! : '
The Cinderella Ballet," as was
announced Tuesday evening at the
Apollo club concert, will be given
again for the pleasure of Salem
people, the date to be Monday.
June 2. The colorful and elabor
ate ballet, beginning: promptly at
8:15 will be out shortly after
10:30, , all three' picturesque acts
taking no more time than the
average play.' One hundred and
twenty-five children will partici
pate, -f ; . " L . :
Dr. and Mrs. Ira Barrett of Rid
dle, Oregon, are guests for a few
days of Mr. and Mrs. George Gute
kunst. '; - - ? -
' '-
The Lucy Anna Lee circle was
hostess yesterday for the general
aid society of the First Methodist
church, the day's program taking
the entertaining, form of the "last
day of school." ; Mrs. George Gu
tekunst presided at the , meeting
Columbia Ladles Orchestra ot Portland, composed'of 26 artists,
. under directorship of Madam Francis Knight, . under auspices
ef United Artisans, will give concert and dance
Calcn' Arraory, Thursday, May 29, , 8 o'clock P.M.
Admission 55c
All Goods ca Sals at 10 to 50 Less for 30 Days.
AD Kinds of Goods at Sale Prices ,
: ' We have all kinds of Chinese and Japanese fancy dry goods,
' also we keep a nice line of hosiery, crepe, silks, dresses, kimonas.
I silk waists, blouses and ladies and men's furnishing goods. We
f have, rome very mice table covers and neckwear, Chinaware,
Caskets, etc .:- . . .-4..,.;
ft- , 254 N. Coral St. '
. Oil Sun Parasols, Baskets, etc. ' . 1 "
.We Willi Remain
All Day-
I i
Friday, May 30,
Ealera Etore
:J Ll.-ts Ci.'
I :
t Portland Silk Chop
' ; . CG3 Allej Et,
.- Today s
State PEO convention at Al
banyu. . -V . .v . r.
Thursday afternoon club, "
Kensington. Mrs. Frank Pow
er, hostess. v"
- Golden Hour club, Mrs. Carle
Abrams, 1465 Chemeketa street.
hostess. ;
American Legion auxiliary.
Cooked food sale. 347 State street.
- Friday '
WRC dinner at McCornack hall.
V ' " Saturday f
YWCA social meeting for mem
bers and friends, Jenelle Vande-
vort speaker, reporting on nation
al convention. ,
as teacher. Mrs. E. J. Swafford
presented the awards. The com
mencement address was delivered
by Mrs. John L. Brady, "dead of
women at Vassar." There were
14 members la, the graduating
class of the day, each appearing
in the dignity of cap and gown.
Those receiving awards of merit,
In the form of bouquets of spring
flowers, were Mrs. Reeves, Mrs.
Findley, Mrs. Clark, Mrs. Alden,
Mrs. Shanks. Mrs. Utter. Mrs.
Breithaupt. Mrs. Blatcbford. Mrs.
Edwards, Mrs. Bryan, Mrs. Hurd,
Mrs. Halvorson, Mrs. Miller, Mrs.
Durkheimer and Mrs. Waterman.
At the end of the afternoon the
hostess circle served , a two-course
luncheon. Roses and Dink sweet
peas centered the table.
Mrs. Charles Newton will arriva
today from Oakland. California,
to be the guest of Dr. and Mrs. B.
B latch ford. Mrs. Newton who has
been spending the winter In Cal
ifornia Is on her way to her home
in North Dakota., Tomorrow the
Blatchfords, together with their
guest , will motor up the highway
and on Saturday will go to Sea
side ' :'! " " - v-; ' T :'
Mrs. C. P. Bishop will leave this
morning for Walla Walla and Pen
dleton -on her way to the Cleve
land convention, stopping for the
pageant In Walla Walla, and join
ing the delegation later in Pendle
ton. . . f
Miss Lorlei , Blatcbford ; is a
guest for the week in Eugene.
Miss Helen Pearce chose the de
lightful Informality- of the after
noon tea. In entertaining this week
for the three local sororities, Beta
Chi, Delta Phi. and Alpha Phi Al
pha. ; On Tuesday afternoon the
Beta Chl girls were guests for-a
chat and tea. while yesterday the
Delta Phi members enjoyed call
ing hours with Miss Pearce. This
afternoon the Alpha Phi Alpha
maids will he similarly . compli
mented. r '
T e a t er d a y afterapon Mrs.
George J. Pearce poured, assisted
by Miss Frances . Richards and
Miss Helen Pearce. The tea-table
was centered with a bowl of pink
sweet ' peas. Attractive candles
were used. : The conversation of
the afternoon was delightfully
reminiscent of Miss Pearce's sum
mer abroad. Mrs. C. L. Sherman
was an additional guest yesterday
tor the tea.
Prof. E. WV Hobson presented
Miss Kathleen La Raut, lyric so
prano, last night in her gradua
tion recital in voice. A well ar
ranged program was beautifully
rendered. Miss Jean Hobson,
Miss La Rant's ' accompanist, was
assistant artist for the evening.
Mrs." Carle Abrams. 1465 Che
meketa street, will be hostess this
afternoon for the members of the
Golden Hour club. , ;
The Daughters of Veterans are
asked to meet at the armory this
morning at 9:30 o'clock to assist
in the flag-placing on the old sol
diers graves. , All available cars
will be welcomed. ' This afternoon
the women will meet again, at 2
o'clock, to help with the button
hole bouquets.
The American Legion auxiliary
will conduct' a cooked food sale
today at 347 State street.
Miss Caroline Hrubetz, who is
a member or the zacuity ot tne
Salem high school, will represent
the Oregon 'branch of the National
Education association convention
in Washington, D. C, June 29
July 5. She will he accompanied
east by her sister, ' Miss ' Frances
Hrubetz. also a teacher in the
local : high school. Both young
women plan to take summer work
at Columbia University in New
York City. ,
;; w "ix .
An especially congenial crowd,
much larger than, the average,
met Tuesday afternoon for the
Eastern' Star ' "Object party,"
planned and elaborated, by ai; In
genious hostess-committee j of six.
Forty " interesting, '. miscellaneous
articles were distributed ' about
the rooms, each representing the
concrete answer to an appropriate
question printed on a paper alip.
Mrs.: W. P. Fo wle won the prize.
Rosea and other Mayttme flowers
centered the Ions; tea table. The
day's hostessea. Included Mrs. John
Tt.' Sites. Mrs, Paul Hauser. Mrs.
O. Headrick. Mrs. . Wayne .Henry,
and Mrs. George King. ,
Plans for, the : next meeting.
Junef 10. are In .charge of k com
mittee headed by Mrs. Claire Vib-
hert. ' r '.V'-v-f'"
- No "man would be conceited If
his stomach could express its hon
Adele Garriaoai'a New Phase ef
Copyright 192L by Newspaper
Teatnre Service, Ine.
' I promptly took the cue Lillian
had given me, although I had to
make an effort to bring myself
back from the ' remembrance of
the . terrible time through which
the youth standing before me had
proved so stanch an aid.
i 'No, I shan't ask Mr. Chester
to stay for luncheon I said gay
ly, stressing the verb. "I simply
shall tell Katie to put . another
plate on. and dare him not to stay.
He knows, or should know, that
there is no one in the world more
welcome to our home than he."
I spoke but the truth, though I
realized, even as I spoke, that my
enthusiasm must have sounded
fulsome, exaggerated. ' But the
young chap had rendered us such
signal service In our time of aw
ful need that every one of the
family held .' not only gratitude
but genuine regard for him. -
' Mr. Chester flushed ' from both
embarrassment and pleasure if his
expressive face told the truth, and
he said hurriedly:
1 1 "I hope you know that there is
no home to which I like better to
come." and there was boyish earn
estness in his tone.
Lillian clapped her hands, and
I was sure I detected a note of
impatience in the sound.
"A very pretty speech," "; he
said. VBut 1 must listen to an
other kind. Madge, if you'll just
tell Katie about that extra plate,'
and then come back here, I'll be
much obliged. There are some
points I want to go over with you."
. I hurried away with a tiny feel
ing of chagrin. That Lillian ' had
dismissed me a bit cavalierly 1 re
alized, and I : knew also that1 if
we had been ' alone I should have
cared no whit. But there -was
something in the honest, boyish
admiration and sympathy which'
Tom Chester had given me during
our search for Junior which had
appealed to me and my vanity
eould not help a tiny bit of resent
ment at being belittled in v his
eyes. -
Like a Sentinel.
The unworthy little feeling . was
almost Instantly banished by an
other, a wondering curiosity as to
Lillian's selection of Tom Chester
as her medium of communication
with the government operatives
due in a few hours. . At the time
of Junior's kidnapping, Lillian had
been desperately ill, and we naa
kept all . knowledge of the awful
thing from her until after she
had recovered. She had had no
personal acquaintance with Tom
Chester. ?
Indeed, as I looked back. I was
sure she had never seen him be
fore this hour, for we had kept
her in almost absolute seclusion
until her, trip to the Catskills. And
while I had often spoken of his
kindness and likable young per
sonality, yet it had been Hugh
Grantland to whom we all had
given credit for the wonderful way
in which he had tracked the crim
inals and had restored our boy to
Hugh Grantland, of course!
The name as like a key to the
little puzzle. He must be in com
munication with both Lillian and
Tom Chester, must have recom
mended , the lad to. Lillian. !
stopped short on my way to the
kitchen with almost an eerie little
feeling at my heart.
Never do' I receive any com
munication from Hugh Grantland
save the conventional picture post
card with his traveling address on
the message space, and the single
initial "II," which he mails me
whenever he leaves his perman
ent address tor any time longer
than a day or two. But from time
to time, in odd bits of revelation,
there comes to me the knowledge
that he is like a. sentinel at, the
crossways of my life, that there Is
no detail of my existence of which
u u n i. u
ii i lie I aj.-irwfpj
SUrdCXL penrtiCTM for rues are
lmt-tbr UNSUCCESSFUL, as la
Ltg, 'lltcreyealKraKlocis which
jeyl-lrj raj hotel where out of town pt-
ICMimiT DC anmnKw
ly ani oomfoxtablr locat
Seai Isdsv far an 'Rfl
he is not cognizant, "and that he
stands ready with . royal ' aid and
protection, when ever I shall need
it. "
Madge is Comforted, i :
Of course, I knew that this pres
ent jasociation of Lilljan and Tom
Chester, through Grantland's re
commendation, had nothing . to
do with me or my needs.? But as
well as if I had .heard the words
from Hugh Grantland's own lips,
did I know that the army officer
had kept in touch with the young
er man in order to have a strong
resourceful arm at my service 'in
his absence. . 1 '
I defy any woman in the4world
to remain unmoved ny such a trib
ute, no matter how much she may
be In love with her husband. And
when the knowledge of it comes
to " her at a time " when - the man
who has sworn her love and hom
age has gone away for a little sea
son patently chafing at' domes
ticity into the vicinity of a girl
whom she detests perhaps I may
not be so rigidly censored when I
confess that for. a little while the
knowledge that Hugh Grantland's
thoughtf ulness and care comforted
the soreness - -which Dicky's
thoughtlessness had left in my
heart. . - - '
: (To be continued)
Donald Parents Appreciate
Teacher's Six Years- Work
Appreciation of the services of
Miss Margaret Scollard of Wood
burn, who has been teaching at
Donald for the last five and a half
years, was shown Tuesday, night
when : 12 pupils were presented
diplomas ' from ' the eighth grade
by Mrs. Mary L. Fulkerson, county
school . superintendent. The P-T
association ; of Donald ' presented
Miss Scollard with many floral
tributes in addition to a flue neck
lace, while the graduating pupils
presented her with a silver vase.
Miss Scollard has made an en
viable record during her term of
teaching at Donald, according to
Mrs. Fulkerson. Pupils of all six
classes which have graduated un
der her made no failures. A feat
ure of the exercises were the at
tendance of all members of - the
first class to be graduated under
Miss Scollard and who are ' all
graduating from Woodburn high
school, this year. , . .;
"' Next year Miss Ccollard
teach at. Sublimity end will
succeeded by Mrs. Gertrude Ki .
Patrick of Salem. "Miss Leitl. i
Cone, primary teacher at DonalJ,
will be back in her position next
year. She also was the recipient
of marks of appreciation- for her
25,000,000 FISH EGGS
EUGENE, Or., May 28. Twenty-five
million rainbow trout egri
will have been taken from Diam
ond lake. Wood river. Seven 2.1 11 3
creek, Crooked river, and Spen-
cer creek, in south central Oresc i
this month, according to M. L.
Ryckman, superintendent of Ore
gon fish hatcheries. Fifteen mil
lion eggs. will be taken from Ela- t
mond lake alone, he said.
NlfTf 'Mil -CXJXI
Announce a Sale of the Entire Stock of Jacquettes
Choice at
You can afford one at this small price!
) . . : 1 ' . m r I
Hgaan 'w m'm dim-.--
A very unusual offer considering the fact that every, coat was purchased new
"this season. The styles, the colors and the fabrics are desirable from every
point, of view. The new tans, greys and blues in soft tones areshown in
. plain, plaid and stripe effect. All are f ull . lined with .gocid quality linings.
Sizes 16 to 42. . . . . .1 ,
Included in this showing are a few high.' colors ; Astrakhan Jacq uette3. A
' very smart coat for sports wear, the Beach or Mountain resort.
Hhe sale begins tliis morning at. o'clock. Gome!
est opinion p? hU wisdom. :.