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    Or egbn " State Newis
Cantaloupes are Ripe
Along Columbia River
: V I ' .. :.
fHE DALLES, Aug. 13. First
large snJpmenta or .cantaloupes
from, The Dalles were reported in
Portland yesterday. Tbe report
; said taai there had been but
tevf email direct hlpnenta , ' oC
cantaloupes from The' Dalles pre
vious to;Syesterday. ' Sales were
said to W at '$3.75. Calfioirnti
; stock is j being held steady at uh:
changed, prices-, Tomatoes are re
sales at $1 anda $1.50 per box
Apricots! continue to drag-at var;
Ions low prices. There is- elight
ported moving 'better "with - most
increase: In offerings; of Crawford
peaches? with sales around $1.10
and $ 1. 15- a box. CaWornla' El
bertas were n6t plentiful and the
price was inclined to stiffen.
- Off for IndJa
CORVALL.I9.-r Aug. ' 15. Mr.
and Mrs. William C. Whittaker
and two children left Corvallis to
day for San Francisco' and sail
from California on. August 22 for
, Burma, ..India, where they are to
be stationed at. a Baptist mission
school, -Mr. Whittaker is to be In
charge qf agriculture.' The Whit-
. takers, who had resided in,, Rose-,
ville. California, the past year or
so, had. spent several weeks' ai
the cosntry home - of Mrs." Whit
taker's parents, M$,, and- Mrs, F.
S.? . Paynev and with Corvallis
friend?,' before departing for for
eign field
I High School Auditorium
I . &
EUGENE, Aug. ; 13 A Baying
' oi several hundred dollars yearly
t'a city eohools and patrons is be
,V lieved ? possible by the board,
which 5?Fr1day -night : authorized
, preparation of specifications, and
estimates on additional equipment
; for the Eugene high school stage
aid .for slight "alterations with
restoration of the partition and
the front - addition- inaie last
year. 'By having more adequate
facilities : for school entertain
ments, - which have heretofore
been staged-in1 theaters at ' con
sUer&ble 'cost, the 'saving In ; a
. year should be considerable, the
board believes-" f -',: -;- J i
; LestlerA'ewton, former advertise
lag manager for: The Statesman;
visited his family ? here : Sunday.
rir.'STewton has done specialty ad
vertising in recent weeks in Eu
rene and Walla Walla and is now
ia Vancouver, .Wash.;. ;v ; rr ,
.Senator Charles Hall of Marsh
field was a caller at ; the - state
. house'yesterday, ,-,- K H.
Senator George Joseph was here
from Portland yesterday conduct.
'zg the case before the state pub
He s serrlee ' om mission? fof - the
rickwlck;. stages. .-J
. Henry fit. Hanxen, political edi
tor of the Portland Telegram, wai
Salem yesterday. r ;
(Mrs. J. L. Shorey and children
re enjoying an outing at New-
jrt. ; j-r
Kr.;nd MrsLi Bitney and
i ub ter.t Hasel of Portlandr re
i iraed from a trip to the Yeriow
f oue. EajX-going . , by , , way of
oise xlnXo rthe Jackson ; Kole
juntry and into-the Snake Rivr
r i r southern entrance, . enjoying
ieder Pf .the park for nine
'ays And returning by the north
ern: entrance or Gardner;," going
t s far,: north as "Wallace, Idaho.
5 topping at all . the- large- cities
and towns, making thetrip itt i ft
C ays, I arrlvlngll home- Thursday i
nisht.; o z--.rz ' 1
; .MrsC Sayerreturned -fromn''"s?X'
"weeks visit in Iowa and Montana
Thursday evening. :' ;
; Miss Zola Birdwell, stenograph
er for P, J Knntz, has returned
frcm her summer vacation, spent
La Newport and Portland.' ,
D. B. Jarman, manager o the
y. C. Penney store In Salef." left
r.Ionday night for a business trip
i ... -
tr-.ct Tasha, plenlrotentlary of Turkey, leaving-the' Palace at"
z-z tizzlzz tl treaty wit!x the Cri3.mce again esteb:
Z r ace ia ti:a t;r' t area, . .
Southern Oregon to f
" 7 " Have Great I Picnic
"MEDFORD,. Aug. ' 1 3.Pebple
from fvery section of southern
Oregon will gather at I Cfater
Lake Sunday, August 19,! to parv
tlcipate In the" first big! anneal
southern " Oregon ulcaio.' This pic
nic will be the first of a series
of similar, events each , year and
1 being sponsored 4U -season by
the Klamath Falls Chamber of
Oommterce. Bedford's chamber
has entered the . movement with
characteristic ; enthslasm j and s
com m it tee is . already at work,; ex
tending every" effort to; make
Medford's showing the very best
possible. Many prominent Med-
ford people are interested In the
plan and will baek the commit
tee in making 'the event a suc
cess. . j
Believe Dairy Profits I ! i
i Have Reached Limit
ALBANY, ;Aug. 13.Bigger
profitis ,in dairying cannot be ex
pected from higher prices because
higher prices are unlikely. Due
rirst to tne tact tnat prices are
dependent . on the ability or the
Consumer; to' pay, and-- they are
how paying about alt. they" vfill
stand, , and . second, a price raise
of one cent per pound would bring
in large quantities of foreign bat
ter which would flood tb$ market
and in turn would lower the
price. "-' ' ' :- ; ' f
But. nresent prices -have been
profitable to 20. per .'cent of the
100 dairymen in Portland district
from whom records .were-obtaln-
Coos Bay Is Scared
MARSHFIELD, Aug. ! 13.-A
cougar Is reported roaming; about
the woods of Perham park, right
in the city limits ofMarshfield.
come lime ago similar r rumors
were spread broadcast, i but the
scare partially blew over. .; ,
The alarm, however,' has been.
revived, according to George M.
Munger, who resides in that sec
tion of the city. .He says that Jib
heard the cougar calllne ' nizht
before last. . -
to Seattle. He wl return Thurs-
aay or Tiaay. .. j -
President Carl G. Donev of Wil
lamette university was called to
Halsey Sunday to deliver an ad
dress. He la to go next Sunday
to the Rose City Park church in
Portland to speak. ' ' "
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tlon of the profits they have been
making from operations 4n the
Rocky Mountain states, according
to officials of; some of the- big
companies serving this f territory;
i LOS ANGELES, Aug. H 13.A
new - rate of seven - gallons ' -:of
gasoline for a dollar was announ
ced by a number of independent
dealers here today. ; The, larger
companies still held to their price
of 17 cents a. gallon or IS cents
with .script, ;: f - : i
""TAHBES," France; Aug. 13.
(By The I Associated i Press.)
Twenty-three tourists, were , killed
In a motor bus accident tnAnv n
aint-saueur, a Pyrnennes
sort about 25linlles south
WALLACE, Idaho. Air 1S. A
forest fire, thought to have broken
out Saturday, now burning over
200 acres near the west fork of
Pine creek, -was reported at the
local forestry office by E. C. Pul
aski, rangerin charge. I . . j
'0veKCrovvdeB:)ld&e Greets
Offering ;at Grand Theatre
' ; It was an hilarious and at
times- tumultuous audience' that
saw and heard the presentation of
the -Spice of IS 22. Last night
the Grand theater was crowded
and there was not a dull minute,
not a minute without Its laugh';
ter. ; Of course there was no sus
tained plot but there was .just
one rip-roaring scene after an
other, one laugh-provoking joke
followed another In rapid succes
sion. The play pleased and it was
a fine innovation, on the : taut
times of the last two weeks. ,.
. The world needed to laugh and
this plotless play is presented to
fill this. need. There " was ', an
over-crowded house at the Grand
and no better pleased an audi
ence- ever assembled in Salem:
Prices Highest Since Middle
of July; First Tendency
Downward i
; . CHICAGO, Aug. f 13. -Highest
prices the fheat market has touch
ed since the middle of July were
brought about today, chiefly
through active buying ascribed to
a ; big. eastern trader. ' ' The"ciose
was Unsettled at 1 to '1-1-2 net
advance with September 1.01
1.01 1-8 and December 1.04 .3-8
t6 i:04 1-2. Corn gained 1-8
1-4 to 1 cent, oats finished at a
shade off to 1-4 up and provisions
at a rise of 15 to 35 cents., . .
Sudden strength In the wheat
mkrket developed after prices had
drifted f downward Tor ' almost' an
hour. The temporary decline Seas
ascribed nearly altogether to cur
rent news about strained relations
between Great' Britain and France
and about disturbed conditions In
Germany. -"With francs back at a
new low level -and-with wheat
prices at Liverpool showing a set
back, bears appeared ; at first to
have an advantage although sell
ing was checked by talk of a pro
bable shortage of : j bread - wheat
this season east of the Rockies.
European Politics Have Little
Effect Upon Trading;
Day Is-Dull
NEW YORK, tAug. 15.Prices
moved within w narrow and Irre
gular range in today's stock mar
ket, one of the dullest full day
sessions thia year. "Trading was
almost entirely a professional af
fair with little disposition to ex
tend commitments being shown
by either the bear or bull, specu
lators. .: - - r -
!;The week-end political develop-
low record for all . time ; and
brought about some sharp reces
sions in the French and Belgian
bonds.- -French francs were Quot
ed ; as low. as 5.5J W, Demand
sterling held steady around 4.5S
3-4 and Belgian francs advanced
stock ' prices but resulted . in
French francs dropping to a new
ments In Europe had. no effect "on
nearly 10 points on reports of a
500,000.000 franc loan from
France to Belglam. German
marks dropped from 35 to 27
cents .a million and then recover-
ed to 33 cents. , c ., -
Widespread agitation .for lower
gasoline prices which has result
ed in state Intervention in Sotith
Dakota, was held responsible for
the liquidation: of till shares by
frightened Investors but the re
cessions In active issues were held
to a point or, less. V The unfavor
able trade developments in the pit
Industry arising from the heavy
over-production of crude oil in the
California fields have been well
discounted by: the oil shares, some
of which are reported to be in an
oversold condition. This probably
accounts for the caution exercis
ed . by professional bear traders
in . extending their operations in
this group. s
Pickwick Staaes Receive
Z Rearing at State House
'The Pickwick stages of San
Francisco were given a , hearing
before the Orgon public service
commission yesterday on the bas
is ofnnofficial complaints against
the company, alleging negligence.
The stage company Introduced tes
timony to show that their drivers
had been cautioned repeatedly to
observe all state traffic i laws,,
while the state on the other hand
Introduced testimony to show
that two of the company's drivers-
bad been arrested for speeding.
An accident near ; Shedd, Or.
wuere one stage passenger.; was
killed when one. of the stages was
run down bV a train was recalled.'
The commission took the case un
der tdvissment. I j -
iw wheat: r i .
; LIVERPOOLT-Aug. 13. Close
-f-Wlieat - October1 - 5-8 lower. 8 -.
5 1-4 di" December 7-8d lower IE a.
Highly Successful - Sessions
Held Sunday at Court
Street Church
; A big home-coming service was
held Sunday at the Court Street
Christian ' church and $35,00' In
pledges and cash was received on
the hew building-proposed for con
structlon.' George Lee Snlvely o
Lewiston, 111., was director of the
day. j At : 9:30 he gave an Illus
trated lecture entitled "The Can
die Drill," using scores and scores
of various sized colored candles
At the close of this was a de
; -.i ' !
clslon service and four additions
to the church were received at tha
time. -. i :; . ... ...j.. . .
i Orerflow Necessary 4
At 10:30 there was an overflow
meeting at J the Central Congrega
tional church for children. Miss
Grace Von Behren was in charge.
Their.' program consisted of read
ings and songs, illustrated - talks
and an address by Superintendent
L. M. Gilbert of the state training
SChOOl. .
The meeting for adults was held
at the church and for them Mr
Snlvely delivered his 'address on
the relation of the church to the
school, home' and state. - 'At the
close of this meeting there was a
campaign for raising funds, and
it was .completed during the rest
of the senrlces of the day.; .The
building is estimated at 350,000
Isincheon Is Served
At the noon hour luncheon was
served for the guests. They were
seated at - laden tables.
At 2:30 In the' afternoon the
memorial services and the observ
ance of ; the Lord's Sapper took
place. 1 Memorial addresses' were
made in honor of the following:
Alice Baker, J. M. Flake, P. A.
Shipley, Maurice Allen,' Mrs. P.'; A;
Caspell, Mrs. M. C. .Park, Mr.
Belten. Mrs. ! W. N. Ash, Mrs. C.
A;. Hoven.' Paul Bennett.; Mm.
Mary Howd, Prentiss Simpson and
Mark Flike, by Wl AJ Bullock and
E. B. Flake. - Special1 numbers
were a solo- by Mr. Bruner of S1I-
verton and an address by Mayor J.
B. Glesy on,"ThS Value of the New
Church to the Community." Mrs.
W. P. Babcock and Mrs, Slnieral
sang a duet on One Sweetly Sol
emn Thought.", .... ,-...
Epley Tells History
The address of this service was
given by Dr. ' H. C: Epley. in which
ne recited the beginning- andhls
tory of the church. ;
In the evening an evangelistic
meeting was held by Evangelist
Snlvely on the higher values of
life. .
i - The new church; plans 'were on
exhibit during the day. Next Sun
day they "will be ratified by the,
congregation. The plan is to go
uueaa wun ine pians for, the con-
Btrucuon-'of the building in the
very hear future.
Some of the Big Ones
Some ot the largest givers wer
Mary-Martha Society, (women of
the church) 35,000; H. C Von
Behren. 32,500: C. C. Armstrong
s 1,250? R, L. Putnam. 31.O00; W.
A. Chute. ; 11.000; W. M. Lee
11,000; N. A- NewbilL- $1,000 and
K. F. Long. $1,000. ; ;
There wast one $750 gift, two
or three $600 gifts, and aU the
rest were smaller . ones, making
the aggregate amount.
!...;- ' ii Ji
PeaicH Recipes '-t.
Are Given
" ' Hot Peach Padding ;
cream two tablespoonfuls : ot
butter with half a cupful of sugar;
aaa one oeaten : egg and . half; a
cupful of milk. Beat ; well and
blend witn one and a bilf cups
ful of !fI'our' sifted .with two tea
spoonfuls of Bait... 1 Fold in the
stiffly whipped egg whites and
turn into' a shallow greased dish.'
Cover with a layer of sliced
peaches,' sprinkle" with sugar and
a bit of grated nutmer and baka
half an hour in a rather hot oven
berve not With . an Iced custard
sauce, flavored with lemon juice. 4
; . Peach ouffle
. " Pare and jress through a rlcer,
three peaches from which, the pits
have been removed. Add two and
a half tablespoonfuls of powdered
sugaif and the lightly beaten yolks
of three eggs. Then foldf In the
stiffly, whipped egg whites, to
Which a pinch of sal t has been
added, and tarn into a buttered
souffle dish. Bake in a quick oven
about 15 minutes. Served with
thicVcrea&v :,V svJ'V r- ' i
Peach MarshmatloW'Ice Cream i
i Seald three cupfuls of jich mllk.
nd add ..three; eggyolks , beaten
with 6ne and a : half cupfuls of
?. sugar and a quarter of a teaspoon
rful of salt. Cook brer hot water;
stirring constantly. Cool, chill
and. 5add ohe , cupful of doable
cream. Whipped solid and - a? tea-;
6poonful of ranilla extract. Turn
tato.-a, chUled freezer and "when
the mixture begins to congeal, -add
half a "pound of fresh marshtnaK
lows, ; cut in . shreds, and a large'
cupful of sweetened .'peach pulp.
Continuei toeezelintirniia""attS
Slice the fruit after pfeeling and
remove the stones. " Add aa -equal
amount of sugar, as you have of
the prepared fruit. Mix, well and
let stand covered for one - hour.
Then: add for three quarts of the
combined ingredients the grated
rind aad laice or two lemons and
a dozen kernels taken; from the
stones. Cook very slowly for hall
an hour over a "moderate heat,
stirring frequently, and store
when cold like jelly. ,
- Peach' Surprise '
Peel one quart of peaches, 'cut
in bits, add two cupfuls -of sugar, a
few drops of sweet almond extract
and chill on 'the' ice; for several
hoars. Then add the whites of
five eggs unbeaten , and a quarter
pint t thick double cream. , Turn
Into a freezer and: freeze slowly,
using three "parts -ice to one, of
rock salt.: j i , -: ;--L ".f';.
Spiced Peaches
' Make a 'syrup, cooking for 10
minutes, with two, pounds ot
brown sugar, one quart of milk,
vinegar and one. ounce of broken
stick cinnamon. 'Blanch one neck
of freestone peaenes,' remove the
skins and stick ' each fruit with
four whole cloves. ' Cook, a few at
a- time, 'in ; the syrup until ; soft,
but - not - broken, and transfer to
hot, sterilized jars. Cook down
the syrup until quite-thick and
fill the jars to overflow. . Adjust
the rubbers and ' hot covers and
seal as for canned , fruit.. Divide
the cinnamon equally, among: the?
jars. -t . . . - ;-;
, Peach Marmalade ;v -
Cut the fruit in halves, remove
the stones and cut in small pieces
after peeling, : Allow ; an equal
amount of sugar, measuring after
cutting up, mix well and let stand
covered for one ; hour, i Then -add
tor three quarts of the combined
ingredients the grated - rind and
juice ot -one lemon and - a dozen
kernels taken' from the pits. Cook
very slpwly for half an hour, over
a moderate heat and stir frequent
ly. Store when cold as for Jelly.
Itepoited by Union Abstract f
Corapanr ,1
- - .
Salem Deaconess Hospital .to Carl
F..Gronke,,Iand ia CU 37-7-2 W.,
Marion county. Ore, . $,1. :
"Jacob Denny and wife to.T&os.
E. Andrew and wife, land in CL,
1 and: 12-7-$; W.p Marion, county.
Ore.; $900. ; , i r . ;
T Jos. Schulte to Emma .Walter.
land, in O. ,55-8-1 W' Marion
,county, Ore $"100. . 4. '
David F. Logan and ' wife to
E. L. Dale and wife,' lot 4, Blk. 1.
Central Add to Salempre.V 1925.
T. Slater and wife to Emma
Ori-lls and husband, lot 28, Fair-'
ioage Add' to Salem, $2t0. -
Claude Waters to Ed RlimmQk
and ' wife: art of lot 1," BIK C,
COwings Add. to j Silrerton, Ore.,
f z&o. - : r , - .' '!
T. L. Benedict and wife to J TT.
Crawford, lots 45 and 4$, Ireint
i. ,.! -it I, .friar.. j4--f ! .I . fi i i.T . i, - - -- n ii . . , . i f
J'ruItFafms; Marlon county, Oie:;
$10. ' ' "" ' .
i Albert Chenoweth and wife
to J.-W. DeLap and wife, lot? 40
and 41, , Hampden Park Add to
Salemk $10, j : , . . ;
Cbas. Hopkins and wife to Bry
an H. Conley, lot 4; Blk, 12, High
land Add to Salem, $800. .
, , J. C Yantls and, wife to, J, A.
Burns, lot6, Blk. 3, Richmond
Add to Salem,; $400.
K. T. Barnard and wife to E. T.
Foster, and wife, lot 9, Blk. 21
Highland Add to Salem,' Oregon.
flO., .., ' .. ,..;-,:
Irwin W. McAdams and wife
to' K. T. Barnard and wife, Wt
9, Blk'. 21, Highland Add to Salcoi
$900. , S
Irwin W. McAdams and wife
to K, T. .Barnard and wife, o
9. Blk. 21, Highland Add to Salem
J2.1': - j,.,..;w ;
. E. A. Hannah and wife to It. A.
Harris, lot 3. Blk. l Parrlsh
Grove; Add , to Salem. $10. .
Albert Dahlen and wife to Os.
car Dahlen, part of lot .34. Pn-slts
Add to Woodburn, $10. ; ;
E.-B Grabenhorst and wife ' to
A. J. Wenger, part of lots 11.' 12
Blk. 18, . Falrntount Park Add t
Salem $10. . ;
' Pauline Skinner and husband
t6 Dwight B. Tibbet and wife.' lot
1. Blk. 7, Richmond Add to Salem
$400. V ,
Jacob Idlewlne to W. J. Page.'
lot , Blk.' 2; Idlewlne's Annex
Riverside Add to Salem,! $1. 1
W.1 J. Page and wife to Loo
Huddleston and wife, lot 6i ik.1
2, ' Idlewlne's . Afenex : to RiTeri.I?
Add to Salem; $10. i '
Cornelia JL.' Davis- to John s!
Marshall 'and wife; land In CI. 15-7-2
W. Marlon county. Ore.,; $t:
L. B. Hansen et al to L. H.
Turner, land In CL 38-7-2 ;'W.
Marlon county. Ore., $27504. ;'
W: ' D. ' Allbright . and wife to
Cyrus Butler and wife, land in
- -- .jy rv--ev
- .".Vy,;,'.: A
r It tT)C 1 1 l:fi
A7HY suffer the iricoh-
venience and tain'
rrom riles when you will
be guaranteed a oositive
and perrnent cure by
my .nonsurgical, pkin
Treatments mav b taken weeldv
if it Is inconvenient to be here for
daily attention.
Write ioJaV for air FKEK
hook oa tb ytoym tr f cat
ttfOu. - ' - - -'
i r it i
Was "Robin Hood'
. .
T.IGH on to a thousand years ago wealthy wayfarers.
tingham, rather than the
through Sherwood Forest.
a-or .the forest was 'Knhin Hnnri'c 'RiirTiwrirf 7 ." h,
doughty Robin and his merry men were eager coin coV; . -lectors.
. -
People who buy without regard to advertising ndwa-
days journey at high cost in rbundabbut ways, to rrTr-i
their purchases where values : are idubiotis. For: 1 tlie'
shrewd buyer of anything, m our times, sends his Tnbney;
to maket the straight, sure way, guided by advertising.
I Whatis not advertised niay,' perhaps; be worth buy-
ing. But what is advertised simply must be beyond 'ques
tion. He would be a foolhardy! merchant," or' a recHess i
rrianufacturer,who dared publicity for anything question- s
, ; All. the risk these days is: irr going : 'rbUndl Robin
Hood's barn. Buying1 on the strength 6f the advertised
promise, is the way; to buy with least risk of clrsappcint
ment and greatest certainly bf satisfaction.
Mdlce tice'of the:
C1; i?i-S ' W.,iMarfon ' ' county.
ore.,'$,o. r-M' . ;
JJN. Jones and" wife' to" W. H.
Battlftand wife.4 land in CI. 7.4-1
3 W.," Marion county, Ore., $10.!
- L. . Parsons to ETa J. Doh'-JT-ly,
part ef Blk. 23, Capitol Park
Add to Salem, $19.. :
O. H. McElroy et al to Wi V.
Taylor and" wife,' part of ' lots ' t
and , Blk: 7, Fairmount Park
Add. $10. - ' ,. '
. Orange E.' Osburn. by Elehors
a: ZlellnSi. lots 10, M. 12..13 aal
14 Bik, 17, Capital Park Add to
Salenu $2150. V,,, :;
: .. . This is the feeling
"coraes ove? the home-bwrier .. whfl ' jearrisy after, he ,
has Completed a lhs'dfespir
r :- materials, that he could have built)o-ght.h!s "
hbMe bf dura"ble fire safe; cdnlf jrtable' arid 'ith-
for such a moderate first
, But next time he builds orbuysVrjri
He llas yearneu lor me aavaniage, ana enviea t
; j other, people enjoyiiig 'the charm and, economy of . ,
; . true1 perxzlanence that: comes from the union of
MILESTONE tile and stucco. ; v v '
: Can you afford to jnake-this mistake?: - .
We suggest that you change your Tyishirig and
? desires into full realization of permanent satisfac
; ' tibn JbrbuildinoflnEStONE fcondrete hollow v
. tile.- '" ;"''-!-'." , ; .. '-v
As a "preliminary, stepiet ui' h yOUih; :
, , ; your, plans 'and'detaiisl . ; . , - :.'.;..V
' . Concrete tucl . : . " ' :
Father Time Bays: I hhd tliat
vaiaa per ootiar estca." - -
I ...... .... ..;
short cut thatIed- ttrdjcht
-' joTrn Matter Vndv wil !e 'to A. it
RamWg- and wife,' part of Bile 2,
Schwadder"s Add f ta VWoodlurn,
kbd t land in CL 4T-6-i-iW.. $10.
v Frank Barber- and wife" to a;
M. VasaalL-lota C and 7, Bllu-IS,
North Salem. $19.u.ur
are very hard on thejlirJev one
Summer dworders t .Sach
bowsla, weakening dUrrhoj choleta
infantum, quickly controCd by r . ,
Helps children and. pUer Jront j-xy
'of disappointment that
cost. i' r ' .
Phone ISO
VJpEioVi Tl-Jl lvrs 'fciW
1 1
u-n.J .0' a'.;;
"4 tfA
4.- r
. '
r I
t. .
f !
smooth.' ; - 4 -':.-- - i