The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, February 21, 1923, Page 5, Image 5

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Hits Service Station
Mrs. Agnes Jones of Gervais
I while going south on the Port
land road ; yesterday; ran into a
Tilling1 station at 'Highland ave
nue. Minor damages resulted to
the car.- : ' J -
Ex-SIstr Mary Angel '
- Will speak at WCTU hall
Thursday, Feb. 22, 7:30 p. in.
, Men only.- Adv.
crowded of the highway and in-?
to the ditch by a car which was
going south. They did not stop
to . glre assistance he stated.
Crowded Off Highway
D. Kanffman of route 2, while
. going south on the highway be-
tween Genrals and " Brook yes
l terday reported . i that , he ,was
by buying your hardware and
fumitore at The Capital Hard-
Ware & Furniture Co., 285 No.
Doiamercial St. Poiie 947,
Diamonds, Watches,
Jewelry and SilTerware.
Pfcoiie I 1255, Salem, i Oregon
C&lexa Ambulance Service
. , Day or Xlgbi
- PLess 666
, . . 173.8. JUberty St.
Balcm Ore.
Capital Junk
- AD kind of junk and
lecond-hand goods, We
pay full raise. v .
21S Center Street
' Ft on 3 i3 "
Mayi be neglected for a
considerable time without
permanent Injury to the eye,
hut Just as eurely as you
neglect ItHoo long you will
lose that most precious of
all nature's giftar the powef
to see, - ' !
SO IS Oregon Bids. -
Oregon Largest Optical :
. Institution it.1
Phone 39 for Appointment'
Speeder Arrfsted
Iioice Graben Lorst of 1735
Fairmont was arrested by Offi
cer Shelton yesterday and charg
ed with speeding at the rate
a! 28 miles per hour. He will
probably be arraigned In the po
lice court today, j
Swift's Fertilisers. For easy
torms, CV S. Bowne. phone 353.
-Adv. . : ;
Another Speeder
Edmond B. 'Kinsman of 1312
Lincoln street. Eugene, was ar
rested, by Officer Shelton yester
day on a charge of speeding. He
deposited a, check for $10 tor
bis - appearance In police , court
today. .. " i !' - -,
Drive On. ; -
The YWCA campaign for funds
for the coming year was begun
yesterday and will continue dur
ing? the - next few days. The
workers will report at noon at
the association rooms" and close
the . days work each day at this
time. . ,v
Many Chicks Shipped
C. N. Needham, baby chick
man, reports - that ho shipped
2100 chicks yesterday by parcel
post alone,! - which is considered
a record' for this season of the
year. .
A Classified AO
Will bring, you a buyer. Adr.
Patriotic Societies Invited '
The DAR have : issued a gen
eral Invitation f to-all - local ; pat
riotic, societies to attend the tin
veiling of the memorial at Will
son : ark, Thursday,; Feb. 22,
which fa to be dedicated to the
memories of pioneer - fathers. and
mothers of Oregon. : The ser
vices ; will 'take place at the
boulder in "Willaon park at1!: 30.
Governor Pierce will . talk . on
George Washington. "
On Thursday night of this week.
he is to BDeak on "Emerson's
'Oversoul,' " The attendance ; is
growing, and the , Informal pro
grams - are. said to be very . en
joyable , j , : -
deliver - the' principal address
R. Harr of 1367 North Twelfth
street left for California on Moni
Rev. W. T. Milken Resigns
as 'Pastor of Local Church
Dr. B. H. White, Osteopathic
Physician and sajgeon. Diag
nosis by electronic reactions of
Abrams and osciltoclastlc treat
ment. Adv. " ' '
Record Mfule . 1
A record of 536 books loaned
out in -one day. last Saturday;
is the report made by Miss Flora
Case, city, librarian. This ' is
said ' to be not only ' a record for
this year but for last year as
well. ; .'
Aid Society Mefcta ---i
The Ladies. Aid society of the
West , Salem M.. E. church i will
meet at the parsonage at 2
o'clock today. Mrs. C. ,D Ross
who has recently been elected
president "Will preside. Full at
tendance desired and .visitors are
welcome.' . " : I'
Rev. William T. Mtlliken, for
nearly three years pastor of the
Salem First Baptist church, ,has
tendered his resignation and will
accept the position of. director
of education for Oregon. Ills
headquarters will - be In Port
land. V iv- ; -; -
The resignation will . take ef
fect May . 1. While In Salem
Rev. Mr. Milliken has , been ac
tive ! In civic affairs and has de
voted himself to YMCA work.
His work as pastor of the local
church has ; been . most apprecia
tively commended by the local
congregation. 1 u ;f
;, ; ' ' v 7 "
Corot was a - prolific painter.
During his lifetime he may have
produced 800 canvases. Yet duty
has been paid at the. New v York
customahouse on more than 10,-
000 Corots. Thus is the American
millionaire and near-millionaire
spoiled by the . European art
dealers. - :.
Legal Blanks
Get them at The Statesman of
fice. Catalog on application.
idv. , -
Unity Club Grows
A growing interest Is report
ed for the Thursday club of the
Unitarian church, before which
Rev. .'Martin Fereshetian - is- de
livering a series f of lectures ?on
spiritual and ' social -.phenomena.
Card of Thanics -
We wish to extend our sin
cere thanks and appreciation for
the friendly sympathy and; for
the- floral ; offerings during i our
recent bereavement. Mrs. Ber
tha E. Manley and children ' and
J. "W. Manley. Adv.
'and only yon .ate the one
who must be satisfied. Come
in and Met us prove, to you
that we have a line of drug
and proper equipment to sat
isfy . yonr most- .exacting
wants.' ; i . . 1
'"157 a Commercial ' t ;
' 4 Phone S3 ; - "'
". EslaK!slid 18S8: ! :' '
; '. t ', . . . . . , . . .
Gcsersl EanUaj Bcslnesf
. . Office JHocra f rest 10 a. rx. to 8 p. cu
i U Of Reel Nice Furniture, Rugs, Piano and 150 Quarts Fruit
. ; Friday, Feb. 23, at 755 North Summer St.
. 1 ' ' . . . . -
" . Come and see This Furniture, It Is Just the Same as New
; v. .. ', : '.. . -,; ': s. ' . , ?,i .
. LEKOY IDEWLETT. Owner ' - O. 8ATTERLEE, AncUoneer
7' ' Phone 430; Office 180 N. ConunertUl Street 't
He Didn"t Speak
Rev. Martin .j. Fereshetian ; of
Salem was scheduled as the prin
cipal speaker at; , the Marion
county federation meeting at Sil
verton Tuesday- night. He ;had
a red-hot speech - all ; laid 'out.
and they'd have stood up on the
benches and , hollered their; ap
proval if they'd heard it;, for the
genial . parson says , things that
make people act . that way they
go out and do things after hear
ing hfs passionate appeals. : But
by a mis-slip of " the overlooker,
they failed to send for him, and
so . he stayed home, with , a per
fectly good speech on . hand ' and
no place to deliver It. Anybody
wanting a good-as-new speech.
can get it reasonably. " '
Washington Banquet
A Washington's Birthday ban
is to be served Saturday night.
at the-TTnitv -church narlors. for
the members and a few .especial
ly i invited friends of the" congre
g&tlon. Justice. John L. , Rand
of the state, supreme court Is to
PAKmilGCO. .
. 219 State St,
Cor. Front St, Phone 937
"Sell Direct to You','
Plumbing fixtures at
: Wholesale Price j 1
3 piece bathset.. 7, $05.00
30 gallon boiler-,,'.. ' 0.5O
Closet combinations, 923 '
and up. ' rl?
Lavatories, $8 and np. ;)
: Sinks, 97 and up.
Soil pipes and flttiQgs. : -'
Malleable pipe and fit-'
tings. All kinds of repair
parts. f ' " . !
Portland.' Plumbing
Supply Co.
103 first Street
Portland Oregon
Hardware, Paints, Oils and Glass t
.Now is the time to paint and varnish the interior
of the house.' AVe have a Bass Heuter product to meet
your every need. -
2S3 N. Ccnmercial St.
? Pfetsrre 639
One Nice Day Does Not
Make a Spring
So do not let yourself be
lulled into a false sense of
security from colds.
' Get a bottle of Cough
Syrup or Lung Balsam. v ?
Drug Store
1S3 North Commercial St.
Phone 197
Judge Calkins of Josephine's
Decree Is Upheld by
. . , State Court,
Governor, Although v Anxious
to Help City, Believes
Tha Astoria relief bill, to pro
vide for the purchase of 1250,
000 Astoria municipal bonds by
the state, vras vetoed , by Gover-
ror Pierce yesterday., . v , s ;
In explanation of his - veto,
Governor 1 Pierce stated that he
was v extremely anxious to see
some measure of relief afforded
the stricken city but was forced
to veto it because ; of its doubt
ful ; constitutionality,; the- ques
tionable legality of bonds Issued
under its provisions, the faet
that it would require an appro
priation of 1250,000 from , the
general fund to make the pur
chase of the bonds with' a conse
quent additional ; tax levyti and
the fact that the deficit in the
general fund - now amounting to
$300,000 would be fncreasedTtQ
$550,000. " ! :-f
' The governor strongly ' urged
the passage otf an Increased gas
oline tax bill which would per
mit ' the state highway commis
sion, under the terms of a gen
era! act applicable to -all cities
In subsequent similar situations,
to " construct a highway through
the city. W ': :K ':
HICKS At i the residence, 355
South " Fourteenth street, , Feb.
19, Phillip T. Hicks.age
' years, husband of Mrs. Nettie
Hicks, father,1 of Mrs.! Alma
; Fisher of Salem Mrs. Audrey
Ewing ;of Brush College, Mor-
, ton Hicks of -Arizona, Tero M
Hicks, Avery M." Hicks . and
Avis Hicks, all of Salem. Fu
neral at 1:30 Thursday from
residence, 355 North - Four
teenth. ..
The following opinions were
handed down yesterday by the su
preme court: xf
' State of Oregon ex rel, A. M,
Crawford and others vs Almeda
Consolidated Mines Co., and Paul
Dormitzer petitioner and ap
pellant. Appeal! from Josephine
County. F. M. Calkins, judge. De
cree of court, below affirmed.
Chebot, respondent vs State In
dustrial Accident Commission, ap
pel lan t. Appeal from Multnomah
county. 1 Judgment of the court
below reversed and remanded.
Opinion by Justice McCourt with
Justices Burnett and McBrlde dis
senting. .. '. .
American Central. Insurance Co.
appellant -vs E. R. Weller, respon
dent. Appeal from ' Multnomah
County. W. N. Qatens. Judge.
Judgment of the court below af
firmed.; Opinion by Justice Bean
Action to recover a loss of $ 3 0 0
resulting from' thereon version of
certain ; automobile. Judgment
of the court below was entered in
tavor or aeienaant and Is sus
tained by. the opinion of Justice
Bean with Justice Burnett "dis
seating. ; " ' ' "
T. R. Sheridan, respondent vs
Pacific States Fire Insurance , Co.,
appellant. Appeal from Baker
county.- Gustav Anderson,' judge.
Judgment of the court below re
versed and remanded.. Opinion, by
Chief Justice McBrlde. This was
an action to recover an an Insur
ance policy ror property destroyed
by fire In which the plaintiff re
covered a judgment of $3100. On
account; of c reversible errors the
case is sent back to the lower
court for a new trial. . ;t
J. H. Cook, respondent vs Le-
ona Mills Lumber Co.. resnon-
dent' and Credit Service Co., ap
pellant. Appeal from Multnomah
County. G. W. Stapleton, ' judge.
Judgment of the court, below Is
reversed and the cause remanded
with leave to the plaintiff to ap
ply, to ine lower court ror per
mission to file : an ' amended com
plaint. , This ease was , appealed
from. an. order refusing to vacate
the oppointment of a receiver for
the Leona Mills Lumber Co. The
opinion is written i ' by Justice
Brown.- ', ..-.
j J. r C. Corbln company, respon
dent vs B. H. Preston appellant.
Appear from Multnomah county.
W a alter H. Evans, judge. Motion
to dismiss appeal denied. Opinion
by Justice Bean.
Chapman vs Cox. Appeal from
Multnomah, county. Dismissed, on
stipulation. Streby vs State Indus
trial ' Accident commission and
McDermott rn 1 State Industria
Accident commission, both cases
advanced , f Or hearing. George N.
Fake admitted to the bar on cer
tif icate from Missouri.
WIEGLAND At the home, 6
miles south, : Liberty district,'
February . -1 9, Herman Wieg-
- land, age 82 years, husband
; of Mrs. Sophia Wiegland, fath
er of Chas. H. Weigland of
Salem. The remains will be
shipped . Feb. 21, from . the i Rig
, . don and Son ' Mortuary to
: White Bear, Minn, for funeral
' services and interment.
HUBBARD The remains of the
" late Mrs. Elizabeth Hubbard,
age 62 , years, wife of S. " N.
. Hubbard of this city and sis
ter of Mrs. Margaret White
of The Dalles, who died ' here
- Sunday, Feb. 18, will be ship
ped from the Rigdon and Son
. Mortuary Thursday, Feb, 22,
to The Dalles where funeral
and Interment services will be
.;. held. : , , , , J ; : :
Funeral services for Mrs. Mary
Brockmueller will" be held ;Feb.
22, at 2 p. m. at the Webb &
Clough funeral, parlors, corner of
Church and f Ferry streets, t yrlth
Rev. Lienlng r officiating. Inter
ment will be In ; the Lee . Mission
cemetery. f Mrs. ' Brockmuellerw
who was 79 years Old, is survived
by her widower, William Brock-
mueller. and eight children.
Webb & Clough
; Leading Fcstral
Dxrectcrs ; ;!
Expert Embakfere '.
Rigdon & Son's
5 Un equaled Service
ed that the bill pass with certain
amendments. ' . Tile minority
recommended that It pass with
the Increase eliminated. v
Senator Clark, speaking for the
minority, , declared the additional
tax would be . burdensome to au
tomobile owners because there
has been, no legislation to reduce
automobile license 'fees. 1
Senator Eddy, speaking for the
majority, declared the additional
tax necessary to maintenance; of
highways which now amounts to
about $ 1,000,000 a year.
The committee ' was agreed f on
the provision of the bill exempt
ing the tax on gasoline in inter
state commerce, v Jrt f : 1:t'V V-
Senators Eddy and Hall' pointed
to the legal - and 1 constitutional
difficulties in the, way of making
a difference in the tax on old and
new cars. i-
The senate turned down the
minority report and the bill goes
to third . reading . with the . pro
posed increase included.
Philip T. Hicks -Dies 'After
- Several! Months z
.-' Illness.; r
Philip T. Hicks, civjl war vet
eran and pioneer resident of Ore
gon, died Monday, at the family
home, 355 South Fourteenth
street. . Mr. Hicks, who was 78
years old; has been In poor health
for several years.
He crossed the plains In 187$
and settled In Marion county, lo
cating 12 years ago in SILverton.
He moved six years ago to Salens
He was a member bt the George
H ' Thomas post of the G. A. R
at Silverton.
During the Civil war he was
member of the 45th Iowa Infantry
and was on frontier duty most vt
the time. a i '
, The surviving relatives are the
widow, Mrs. Nettle Hicks, three
daughters. Mrs. 'Alma Fisher and
Miss Avis Hicks, both of Salem
and Mrs. Audrey Ewing of Brush
College; and three sons. Morton
Hicks of Arizona, Tero M. Hicks
and Avery Hicks, all of Salem.-
pill Would Increase Gasoline
Tax One Cent, Makings
v 3 Cent Total.
Whether the tax' on gasoline
under the law of 1921, is to be
increased "one cent making a total
of Jcents .gallon, came to an
Issue in the senate yesterday on
consideration of majority and mi
nority reports on Carkin's house
bill' 313, an administrative mea
sure. - V - , .
A. majority of. the roads and
highways committee ; recommend-
.,.,. . . ...
Senator From J Marshffeld
; Speaks on Change iri
Spirit ot uregon.
Consolidation Bill to
Come Out as Amended
The Carkin . consolidation bill,
passed .by . the house and now in
the hands of the senate for final
action today, probably twill be re
ported out with amendments early
in the day. The. senate committee
on county and state offices work
ed until a late hour on the bill
last night and heard various pro
posed amendments These in
cluded an appeal from , the State
Federation of Labor. . and ; also
from some of the house members
to eliminate the "state industrial
accident commission : from, the
scheme, 'and, the labor people also
wished the state department of la
bor to be left as It Is.
of bead or chest ars moreeaafly
- treated externally with
t treated externally
attendance they could pull
through winners, .nosed ihe: cut
on the very. last day.
Past President Roy Sh'el-:
reported briefly on the conven
tion of .district trustees at Seat
tle : that he attended last week,
vhere 26 of the 34 clubs in tba
northwest' 4 district were repres
ented." .The district covers Ida
ho, 'Washington- Orecoa and
BritlBh Columbia..
State Senator Charles Hall, of
Marsh field was Introduced' L to
give a bripf talk! at ..the Kiwan
nians' dinner yesterday. r' He ras
presented by Harry, Love, who
had known him from back jbe
yond the - first trousers stage.
Senator; Hall spoke, feelingly of
the ehanfe In the Oregon Spirit,
from- the provincialism, of a . 1 ew
yqars ; ago, to ;: the , broad, booat
everybody - tolerance and helpful
ness of; today. . . ;
He said that " when he f rst
came; to Salem as a member of
the 'legislature 'some years ago
the rest . .of the state couldn't
hold its temper when it thought
of jt : , foreign . district like ;he
coast country, getting roads or
anything from the : state. r But
now they are working together
like brothers, the' coast, the val
ley, the mountain -country , and
the eastern plains. He ascribed
much of the change to the din
ner and fraternal' clubs, like $Ci
wahls. Rotary, and the Liokis.
"If we can keep the legisla
ture from . meeting" too often,
Oregon has a good chance," was
bis 'last remark; ."they gave him
every hand in the house on : the
pronuciamento. '- , , .
U. - o. Holt r drew the atten
dance; prize, a charming little
mantel clock, given" ; by ' ; Dr.
Lynch. - - : - ' .: . j
; The Kiwanians 'voted to chal
lenge the Rotarians to an attend
ance contest as was done : last
year; and beat "em, as they did
not do In their first set-to. .The
Kiwanians were even up to - the
last meeting; when the Rotarians
" t7 Mdlhnfan Used Ytadg Beelng that by a 100 per cent
Hesse Bi!b S:2z:JL
' II. B. 270 -Joint committee cu
Insurance Providing that indem-
nity , bonds shall be placed
through etat,e agents. :
B. 280 Joint committee ca
insurance To license any reiu
larlyj appointed and! license i in
surance agent,
f H.: B. : 306 Umatilla county
delegation Appropriating 1 0
000 for investigation of hydroelec
tric and reclamation projects.
; H. B. 47, Hurlburt Requiriz
all appointive officers and putlJs
employes in the state to be Ameri
can citizens and providing penal
ties f or . violation.
H. B. 292, . Woodward Regu lating
hours of service ia luraber
H. B. , 140--Committee on s
seasment. and taxation Relatlr
to county tax supervising and con
servation commissions.'
H. B. 217, Reyholdsv ProvUIr
for appointment Of deputy courty
horticultural Inspectors. .
" H. B. 246. Mrs. Elcunqts To
appropriate $S5,000 for construc
tion and , equipment . of Ore
state training schooL - '
. - Lincoln ' occupies that exalte 1
position where the eulogy tciicrj
only him who utters it.
1 li t-IA ... v
At. rJ
Jf lit ....'.!- I -
fit im K.4 it
' III .... . ...
.Main Floor Items of Interest in' Men's
. and Women's Shoes. '
Womeu a oxfords in Brown,. Kid,. Goodyear
Welt Soles; Medium High Cuban Heels for
-. . - . Street Wear. . , . . '
Priced $5.50
' r-Main floor.
Women's black . kid lace Shoes.- medium
weight welt soles, military heels' with rubber
top lift.
Priced $5.50
Main Floors
Men's Brown Calf Shoes, built for serviceable
street wear. ' ,
Priced $5.50
-Main Floor
side mm
'Second Floor Offers Footwear for Eoj3
..'1 and Girls at moderate cost.
Children's Brown Calf Button Shoes, medium
weight soles built 100 leather; sizes'up to 11
'Priced $2.85' "-Second Floor
sizes. up to 2,
'Misses', Brown Button and Black Lace Shoe.
very serviceable for every day
wear, moderately priced.
-"Second Floor
- - vf . Q T.i
Men's Double Sole Army Last Shoes, built tor
' i - service. 100 leather.
! Priced $5.50 Main Floor -
One lot of growing girls' Brown Lace Shoes,
sizes to 7. These formerly sold up to IT.50;:
while they last.
$3.85 1 Second Floor.,-
Many items attractively priced to tie
and girls on the second floor.
Atrprits Onvx Hosierv for Women and Children
: I
.,... .-.
1 -