The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, February 15, 1923, Page 2, Image 2

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SQUIRE EDGEG ATE It's Awful Hard to Guess Who i.akes Up Bis Mind, Eh ?
M easure Provides for ; Pur-
fchase of $250,000 Bonds
f w 'to Run Twenty Years. 1
, - -i :
?uL- o I lJLy X T- row; J . I) he i -c-
, Mn' H y-"?v' - ; F
1 With only the vote of Represent
to5ftrre'KeeTiey,pl Lane county
cast against It. tib substitute As
. jrtarK;1rlief "bill passed th house
Muring the closing hous of last
. fc'nlght's : se-tsioo. r
The bill provide that the state
!Fhall buy $250,000 of Astoria'?
municInaKbonds. to run' 20 years.
' shearing -4 oer ceat interest! ! It Is!
' a joint .ways anvl-mcans cotnmit
.jtee Wn and now goes to the sen
kate for final "action. . . ' .
; Mott Defend XMll
, ? Representatives Mott and Hard
o jfClateop, tpolve In defense of the
bin Mott citd' the precedent es
"Jtabiiahed i by lother etajea which
granted immediate reliet by state
appropriations, to strltken municl-t
Th' lionsft alan nassed the bill
' H introduced by jMrs. Simmons at
the 5 request of "Dr. Owens-Ad air,
calling f or phyatcaf examination of
. "both men aad rwomen7 applicant
A for marriage HcenaegJ This bill be aubmjtted to" ther People
, at the next lection.
V' A'proTisiotf. calling for a men
i tat ' test pt ail ' applicants; was
stricken from the bill in com mi t
tee. ::: fA T M " ' '
'& Wlthont a fitttter of excitement
Representative 5 Lewis bill which
abolishes chaplains" aT'.he state
penitentiary, and the boys training
4 school passed the house and was
skidded across the hall to the sen
f mta where ir Is destlned to recelYe
' 'esVr cburteotis treatment," if "re--;port
are trne.'
f.Other-Bflla Pamed ,
'.Other bills passed by the house
-Jat night follows: , : ,
, .. H. B. 178 , by , Hanimond To
tpen Willamette Tiver to commer.
.yal fishing below bridge at . Ore-
. tjttix City. i"i -. ,
ft. ; it B. 4 4$ by ; Mrs,- Simmons.
" Prorldtng for, mental and physical'
examination for persons desiring
rnarriage ' licenses, and referring
ftSme . to thpeop!. 7 C
J H. "B. 11521 by Meindl : (byl re
quest) rCr4,tlli te board of
1 -naturopathic" examiners and .de
flning,iti datW. V'i-:
It , B. 231 by( Committee on
t . iVood; and. Dairy .Products Per
f'-'ttlnlrig t'o'mannfacture and nam
".'Jlng ,of tdod products. 7 , V .
. N & It 1 H by Jraham,-Cr sal
ting a' maintenance afad betterment
s account, from state highway funds
' ;and' segregating part, of gasoline
aax( for that, purpose. ' .
IL.BJSTC.tar Lewis Repealing
laws relating to chaplains at state
. Institutions." V C V,
H. B. 2ft by, committee on
...fairs and exposItiorj-RclaUng,to
X compensation and 'trareling ex
.f penses of . members of' board of
Cfetate fairdirectors. ,, '1
ItrjA'.-ZSZr Joint committee"
on ways and means Authorizing
V the Ftate treasurer to purchase
.bondafOf city of Astoria In sum of
-"S26r,Oo0. '. - ' ' 1 '
-k li. u. 3&rf isuosiuuie inr 11. x-
r 226 by jptHulmerlch natinJi
Senate l!i!3s . . - - : '.
."ST-, S. B, 144'by MagladryCby reT
quest- 'Relating , to-.", reports
pwblic eervice commission by rall
4 roads. '. .v. ' ;.,':.'.
?rt S. Bi'l48 by Kieppr .Relating
-vte levy and. apportionment of tax
" or county lairs. r:-tr
S. B. 78 by Moser Relating to
j. licenses' of ; cblropraetorsj . . -' '
T-"- S.,B. 120 by Hall and Smith
- JiD'f'aIiifc? 4 registered j assistant
nharmaclsis , a nd 1 exem ptlog - cer
taln pharmacUls from payment of
'lljnse fees.
; . -.
Armour fire loss great
. ' t Continued from page 1 )
Set his own '''home on ? fire. : He
xwai" later taken to a hospital.
j 5 number ' of other flreroen
ibad narfow escapee.
V . Tb buildings so far destroyed
thoso used for ; hog killing,
.dry salting and (for: storing ear
1 Jcasses'lard and sausages. v :
ItSlB 'feared J that ? if ' the lard
Refinery catches - fire the flames
JwiH get beyond "control. ' ,
General ' Manager . Willis de-
clared that the , loss,' was entirely
t covered by insurance,; MrJ Wll
ttiis inforrard the Associated Preas
J tlat undoubtedly the work of re
' I building would begin' at once.
Babe Ruth Says Stadium V
f; Holds No Terrors for Him
.. KEW. YORK Febi. .14.. Babe
Ruth: Js salfsf led: that the new
' Yankee bitseball stadium holds no
.effort?: tar; him f , lie swung his
V favorltc, tat loutiihere for a few
'.minutes' itoday. .fcuoctng) several
t . i aim over tne-ontlleld stands. '. .f
-r, 'Ho will. leave tomorrow for Hot
-Springs. ArkJ nd win Join his x
j j tfcaai March 7, at New Orleans for
'- , ; , , , . , ' ; ; : : ' " t . ... .. . . i-. T" - 7; -k ,
1 .
Derailment of Car Raises
i Dust, Causing Combus
' tiorij Is Verdict.
DAWSON. N." M.. Feb. 1 1.
Derailment, of an outgoing "trip'
mine car. knocking down timbers
to which - the 1 trolley leed ' line
was attached, raising . a quantity
of dust which was IgnUed -by an
electric arc; caused . the disas
trous explosion in , Mine No. . 1.
here : Thursday last, which cost
the llres of 120 .' men .according
to- the verdict
returned : by the
here - this after-
i Jury
1 .:. L.
The arfr which set -off th coal
dust was caused when the feed
wire came, in contact with' one
of the iron pit cars, t.he jury de
clared. ' . ; " ; ' .-:
Three more' todies .we're recbr-c-red
from the demolished inter
ior af the mine today, 'still leav
ing 11 not? yet found amid the
dabri:.-:.'-..:f-T--:j";; ' '' .
A The ; verdict of "the coroner's
jury represents f essentially -the
sen t' men t .of n?rl all whd are
familiar with the situation here,
Daniel Harrington, supervising
mining .engineer of ; the United
States bureau of Denver, declar
ed c tonight.1 following the an
nouncement of the .verdict.
Mr. Harrington has spent con
siderable time examining the in
terior of the ; wrecked mine since
Saturday, when ;he arrived here
In charge of two l United States
bureau of mijsea rescue cars and
crewg. - - '.r r , '.'.. : .
stops coucras. AJa! COLDS
y Neglected coughs and colds lead
to influenza. : 14. grippe, asthma
and bronchitis, and the old meth
of "letting ; if run Its course is
rapidly . giving - way. to reyeitive
treatment, j Three generations -of
users . have testified to ; the quick
relief given by Foley's Honey and
Tir, from roughs, colds.' I croup,
-u- -7.7 v im ww
Contains no opiates insred-
ient printed, on the. wrapper. Re
fuse imitations; ahd , substitutes.
Sold everywhere. Adv.- l 1 '
Stanford (f lasketbail W r "
Team Tastes " Defeat
' -
BERK 7 LEY, Cali. Feb. 14
SUnford-i .University's basketball
team, the only five in the Pacific
Coat conference i that . had . not
been beaten. tasted defeat to
night wheii it was conquered 20
tc 23,-- by: the University.-of Cal
ifornia In a furious contest that
was ; in doubt until the final
Whistle. lw ,. .''.-.iC
' About 2,009 persons witnessed
the game. ) The jflrst of a series
of . four. to decide which team
will represent the southern divi
sion against the north for the
coast cheropion. , To win ' the
right California has to take all
three remaining games.
Willamette University :
Again Drubbed, 64 to 23
MOSCOW. Idaho, Feb. 1 4.
The Unirersity of -Idaho basket
ball team (drubbed that of Wil
lamette university here tonight
64 to 23. i - --..; - y .
The Idaho, Vandals did not de
velop full ; , power at any time
during the gam their superior
offensive permitting them y to
score at will." a Al Fox of Idaho
was individual star 'of the-game,
caging 11 field goals . and - con
verting 16 of 19 free throws
(Continued from page 1) , .
jaer. Robertson, Staples, Strayer,
Taylor, Toose,: Zlmmermam ' ITp-
ton.;-?-.-: ..s
Noes Clark. Corbett. Ellis
. Farrell, Joseph. Itlepper, MoseT.j
Game at Armory Tonight is
"Jinx" Game for Local j
Aggregation. ,;?
Salem high school plays its an-
riual "Jinx" game here at the'ar-;
mory tonight ' ' when the locals'
meet the McMiniivllle team. Me-.
Minnville has resolutely kept out
of the slate championship clas3,
and , Salem bag as regularly brok
en, in; but McMinnville has been
scalping the locals almost ; as
regularly as the clock strikes.
Last year they did it twice, by a
one-score margin in each game;
this year they did it again, in the
first game the Salem boys had
played for the season.
; They are not expected to do it
again tonight. If the locals do
not pile up enough of a margin
to avenge ail these other microscopically-lost
games there's noth
ing in signs. -- The locals have
what roust "oo fairly class as an
extraordinary high school team if
the visitors can keep within xlht
.of them' they are good ; indeed.
The way the local boys have been
cleaning up everything excepting
this McMlnnville jinx, is an im
pressive lesson to all comers of
how basketball ought; to be
played. . "A
. The return game, with! Corval
lis high was originally ' scheduled
for Friday night, but by agree
ment it has been postponed until
next week, when fhey can play in
the OAC gym with Its full-size
floor. The , locals believe, from
what they, saw in the. game with
Corvallis here in Salem last week,
that on the bigger floor they can
make an even bigger score against
the Corvallis shooters than on the
smaller floor. The Corvallis style
of guarding and charging seems
built to order for a limited floor
space; on the really big floor the
locals expect to show some long
range speed that ought to look"
good to anybody.
Bill HunL Salem Boxer,
on Portland Program
Bill Hunt of Saleni. who 'was
to start in a four-round bout with
Bill Bletch at the Portland 4VV
Ing arena Tuesday night, didn't
appear un the program, for there
wasnt any program at all. Tfiey
called it all off because of- the
heavy snow practically destroying"
the street car service. The en
gagement holds good, however,
and Hunt is to go on when the
weather clears up, possibly Sat
urday night. Hunt got Off to a
bad start in Portland recently
when he niet a big "ringer" fight
er from Akron, Ohio; but ha is
game to show them that it was
a fluke, and that he has the stuff
in his big mitt. The Portland
boxing commission liked him well
enough to offer him a second and
better match. ;
In Her New
"Te of the
Storm Country"
Watch i For Further
Interesting Announce
. ments
. , f '
fc WSMij(JlUlJHai HWMSMaw,',-: A
i 'sail ' i Yi ivr'rr iiiiifi ifrtw - 1 1 ti r mm n N L"n if' f
- It is a coincidence of the news that with the arrival of this photo
graph from LFlorida. showing John D. Rockefeller playing golf at the
Ormond Beach Golf Club, should come the report that the venerable
philanthropist is suffering from a slight cold and has had to forego
his . daily round at the ancient Scottish game, j Despite; his 83 years, the
oil magnate la extremely agile and Is said to show a surprisingly good
rrnk with the driver and masMe.
Big Wrestling Program
at Indian School Today
Six wrestling - bouts are to be
staged thia afternoon at the Sa
lem Indian school, between the
wrestling team of the Salem high
school and the Chemewa Indians,
Last year the Indians almost, an
nihilated tho high school boys in
a match in the high school gym.
This year they have had steady
coaching by Ellis White, former
captain of the high school, team,
and they are said to have, im
proved wonderfully with this
careful training.- There are tome
oif thb same wreBtlers in both
teams, that appeared last' year.
Two" ' short : exhibition boxing
bouts are to be staged between
Cbemawa boys to vary the pro
Profit by-
Reduced Fares to '
The saving in Reund-Trip.Farcg
" the train comforts while you '
Journey, and spring-like days in
the . i Funny Southland aro good
reasons for going now.
Fare3 from Salem' to: ,
Santa Barbara $63.00
Los Angeles'$70.25
Sale dates dsllx to March 31.
Liralt6d April 30. ,
ford frequent and . convenient
service. '
'For further particulars ask
your local ticket ageift.-or write
. . ..-..'. , i . ,
General Passenger Agent i
Portland, Oregon .
i "
gram; but all the wrestling bouts
are for a decision, to the; winner
on points at the end of eight
minutes, or to the winner of
falls, two out of three.
The Indian wrestlers are: Eli,
110 pounds; Edwards, 125; Don
nelly, 130'; Pettelin, 135; Scott,
145; and Hawk, 158. The high
school has promised to match alt
these weights A small admls
ion fee is to be charged. ,
SEATTLE-, Feb. 14. George
Brovold, a youngster who blew
up after a, brilliant start last sea
son with the Seattle ball club of
the Pacific eoast league, has been
sold, Nick Williams, scout, ' an
nounced today, to the Moline club
of the Three-1 league. !-. '
f msi J
- :' .:
Air of Mystery Surrounds
Formation of Inted-
B'all Circuit.
NEW YORK, Feb. 14.
Baseball's chief topic of discus
sion ! today the proposed con
tinental or inter-allfed league,
reported to be In I process of or
ganization in e'ght eastern cities
of the United States and Canada
and to ' have major league ap
proval, f not actual basking
developed a diversity of opinion
in diamond circles here and
through the country. j
An air of mystery cloaked th
actual organizers of the project
end a majority of baseball men
were skeptical in their views ol
o new league's feasibility. On a
or two significant 'developments,
however, lent somo further col
or to the proposition.
Chief among these develop
ments was an informal confer
ence held by John , A. Heydler,
t-rosidont cr the National League
with most ;of the club owners
of -, the senior circuit, who re
mained in the city after yester
day's schedule meeting. ,
Mr. Heydler declined t to di
vulge details of the ' meeting,
but it was said treat Barney
treyfuss. president of the Pitts-:
Here Are
Suit Made to
$25 to $49
Extra Pants
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wool fabric as the suit,
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would , Kt from a suit
with only olic pair.
We make these clothes to
your special order and
guarantee complete satis
faction. Scotch
Woolen Mills
426 State Street '
Real Bargains
burgh' club, said : that he had
been approached by sponsors for
the new league and asked to join
Montreal interests. In backing a
franchise "in that Canadian city.
That similar interests also had
made overtures to, club owners
to Washington and Brooklyn, two
other -cities' mentioned as part
of the new circuit; also was -indicated
but their identity remainl
cd unrevealed. . ; - i
Colonel T. L. Huston, part
owner of the New York Yankees
expressed general approval of
plans ifor a new league .. which
would . afford an outlet for .major
league' material, but otherwise
there was little official comment.
The. majority of. club owners1 de
clined flatly to 'express, their
vfews. ' - . ( v '
As revealed last n'ght . from
apparently : aUthoratlve ! sources,
it was planned to put clubs in
the new circuit in .. Montreal,
Washlherton. ' .. Brooklvn. ! Provi
dence. ' Toronto, Baltimore", , Buf
falo and Newark. 'The latter
four cities already hold J interna
tional' league (franchises. . (
The (Paper.
:-:v::' .::i: -: -:;.'--. :
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'Vttl ywylliwyt llffllllT
DECATUR. Ill- Feb. 14. Jof.
"Iron Man" McGlnnlty, former
Giant star and professional mas
ager has received an offer tu
coach the Princeton 1923 baseba!;
team. His work will be with tl
pitchers. ' -
It'o toasted. Th!3
ono extra process
gives a dellah'Jul
quality that csn
not be duplicated
Buick Four
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- t
T-'. .- - - .