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12 Pager
' IT. .
''yt , V'?- yv SALEM ORfcGON, SUNDkY MOltNING. JAXTARX ."1921
.vnrrr-second ear;
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vims, i i . f r
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it i in :m i i , f
I J A I L. I I J I
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.: .Ell MSS
VS England Believes France
and Belgium May Have
Already Disappeared '
Situation Critical.
Believe Invaders Have Play-
ea Losing uame uerr
v -
" many solidifies , r
. r.v -l;ii ik ,r I rf I- t- r
''IXND6yJtlt;-0vV''(B, T11'
Xssclitedf"PrfcBs)---The teii days
or "military J occupation of ' the
n'uhr" 'with , the a.Vpwed purpose of
forcing Germany to -par long' de
layed' reparations findi Europe
and Industrial abyss, OTer
i the edge of which France and Bel
gium with their, burden of warl
I trappfcs adXittiarhaTe d.aapi
1 pea red according to the riew held
in British eflicfal circles, f
' , - John Ball Alone
EUsLI Jpli.a Cuil sits far to one
b! - 3, immovable and almost unap-
Iprcachable by the fourth member
of the disrupted r allied t famjly,
: It !y, , whose lierrous 'efforta to
tt lag about Franco-German medl-
; at ion were features of today's de
velopments Is- tHe European sltua
tl a as viewed from London.
: v & '', f - -.- - -, .
f i no iiauan amoassaaOT who
i ji. it returned troi Uonie has'Just
. .a: proached -official' tlrcles here
a . 1 broached the question of me-
V v c tion which If the British Ini-
tuted It might determine, the vir
tual state of war in the llhlneland,
t j the Mussolini emissary has re
cti yed no encouragement. '
J i
4--' "V - i. .
am Failure
I British ofUcials- 'assert that
e cry card the r Franco-Belgians
I I .ve played in the Ithur has 'been
a losing one, pointing out that the
:: r'c ?ults thus far have oeen entirely
ii ;ative, the only benefit tlng to
Great Britain in increased coal
oi Jers from "f Germany. At the
sk :ae time It is : admitted ,; that
' tt ere is still a ery-.reniotep3i
si . llity that the French
rf jlt. for if it Is'recalled'that Pref
mier Poincare predicted ,that It
possibly would be 'weeks before
r writable results of the occupa
tion i!!cy.-were evident.-
N'an Who ' Shot Two to
Dsath and Wounded An
; pther Said. Caught
KLf PASO, Tex.i Jan! .2Uf.J-3t
niaa believed io bo- W. :M.Vt"pra-
tc a ? of Paris, Md o escaped
. fit . :a a Southern Pacific' train
neap Lanark, N. M., early today
aficr shooting Harry Turner, El
and Herbert E, Brown, In-
di iola, Okla,, to death and ta-j
ta. wounding P. O. Cochran.
I'rason, Mo.i, was killed late to
day5 near La Mesa N. M., by a
PC - e headed by Sheriff Donic-
faYi Rodriguez, or Lascruces. Me
w3 practically without clothes
whe n tilled, hating dlstfarQed" aU
of his outer garments and shoes
In his flight. . Officers expressed
Mho belief that he was demented
' ROME, Jan.' 20. The death is
announced of GHdal Par in, fav-
orite' niece ot thei ' late
1' Tius X
OREGON:- Sunday, fair and
.continued cold.
4 (Saturday)
Maximum temperature, 46.
I'lnimutu tehiperature, 38.
Hirer, ll.a. feet; falling.
JUinfall, none.
Atmosphere, partly cloudy.
VIM, north.
' arl T M It T7S -
Label of One Young Mart on
r Bluster Roll Contains
Twenty-five Letters
The long and short of ' the
," - - . . - ....
war, so i far as tne. names oi
Oregon " men who served ' In tne
xallitary forces 1 are concerned,
has been" discovered In the class
ification of official war records
which Is being constructed by
George A. White, adjutant gen-
cial of the states ' -
The longest name on any unit
muster roll contains 25 letters.
The assembled hieroglyphics are
Aiklbiades Stamatelopoules, ; 'the
pronounciatlon of which at : roll
call each morning during the
war 'is' said to have" delayed the
young "man's company in' report
ing 'promptly for drill or 'battle.
according to , the Aevents '"'of.' the
day.: The first sergeant who "had
the "shortest Oregon name on his
book;,',ad;iitU to say on Mhls
name which' vis that of J. Re. Mr.
Stain, 'etc.,' was in'ducted jato ser
vice from Klamath Falls "and
served with the 63rd United
States. Infantry. 4 Mri Re was one
of . the. .early Oregon .volunteers.
enlisting in September of 1317
at Thef Dalies and' serving in
battle oversea 'with"5 the Fourth
en gineers; -v "" ! : I "ill - ?; 4 '; -t--
The records of more than 34,
500 men have now heen set up.
indexed , and ' verified by the ad
J li tant " general." - Classifl cation
of the records i for record and
historical purposes vhaa just, be
gun on this huge mass of "World
war records, 1 1 $ r -
Crippled Montcllo About to
Go Down With Crew
f As Help Arrives
NEW YORK,; Jan. 20. (By
The Associated I ; Press.) The
Giuseppe Verdi steamed into port
today, two days late from Naples
with the graphic details of the
rescue of the crew' of the Italian
freighter Montello, which suc
cumbed to a mad mid-Atlantic
storm last Wednesday. ;
'".The rescued men, 33 in all,
Were aboard, one of ; them in
sick bay with a cracked skull
an-smashedrkfeet. The others
had fully - recovered.
-OnJaiitftry' io.1: tho' M6ntcllo
sailed from - Philadelphia for
Marseilles, -her-wheat filled' holds
pushing her far down into the
water. Two days later about
400 miles north rbrBerffiTra'asHiB
encountered, a
Continued on 8
Estirtiated 10,000 Persons
Crowd Church and. Cem
etery to See Rites :u
20. A
throng estimated"? at KT.-OfO per
sona, late todays filled tho First
Congregational church here and
overflowed upon the pavement in
front; of the edifice while fuiier-
ai services were - betng hold ' for
Wallace Reld, popular actor who
died in a Hollywood sanitarium
Thursday as a result' of illness
brouzht on. accord in 2- to rcla
tives. by his struggle to quit the
use of narcotics.
All day a line of men, women
and children, drawn from the
ranks of f ilm worterspf Uni . fan s
and admirers of : tha dead actor
from every .; walk of - life, passed
quietly before the bier where
the body of rIte!d, attired Ih (brie
of his favorite; tweed 'spdTt suits,
l&y- In state.,;
There was ;a vcrita1lo moMiit-
lain of - flowers. Tne services
consisted of a double t ribnte.
the public servlcW t the 'church
and private rights at the, ceme
tery. Reld was 31 years of age
and oho of the leaaing"Jfstbrsi
,of the screen." '
Il l i
Dl!ngn"R Wall irsTdlnt
Blank at Three " Men on
Train All Are Instantly
Killed; "i - - :
After Committinp Crime .
Run Down by Posse
TUCSON, Ariz., ..Jan.. ?0d The
story of the shdoting to death of
a southern racuic .company .01-
ficial and two other passengers
on 'a Sottthern . Pacific train .at
Lanark. . N. ' M:, ' today la i told in
a report submitted': to -.William
Wilson, superintendent , of 'f the
Tucson division ' of .the railroad
here tonight. ' The Teport t which
contains the stories of 'eye wlt-
neeses,' was 'prepared" tinder . the
direction of Trainmaster C. ."K,
2wlch..-..;;.f-:.-.,".i -il , ; ,
i Thb report aeclaree that .
if." &pague; also a passenger :oa
the train, shot and killed Harry
turner of El Paso, livestock ag
ent and traveling, freight, and pas
senger agent Of the Southern Pa
cific; Herbert E. Brown of Indi
anola, Okla., and H. O. Cochran
of Branson, Mo., and that Sprague
later was tilled by "posse. :
. -j. - y " ui f r
- 'Actions Susplciooi
j Testimony of S. A. Sloan of San
Francisco and Glen C. Hewson of
Tucson, contained in the report,
was declared by railroad officials
to' ; give a "complete narrative of
the murders -.-f ?;
Sloan, who , was seated in the
ihnokirigr ';car 'chair 4mmei'ateiy
opposite Sprague, prior to : the
shooting, related : the actions of
the demented man, of whom I he
was ia fear S for 'sohio time, t '' A
short time before the shooting,
according to his account, Sloan
went to the rear of the train to
report to Conductor J. F. Wad
dell that he feared the man might
become, violently Insane at any
moment. Waddell, according to
his1 story, . mentioned the matter
to Turner, who was seated in the
ear and requested that he go tt
the smoking' ear vand ,watch " "the
insane , man until he completed
taking"of a humber of tlckret;
Would Leave Car
' Turner complied immediately,
and accompanied Sloan to the
smoking car where he seated
hlmg'einw sears Trehind Sprague
while .''Slbin re'ttrrned to a seat
dptyosjte Sprague. ( j- r i
"Thedemeafed-man, who had
been addressing persons passing
by in the; car with the request
that he be permitted to return to
his5 home in "Mobile to his wife
and 'seven children, addressed, sj
number 'of spniarts? to' garner J
Sprague demanded "that he be per
mitted to.lekvd the'; train, ; s!hd
declared that""Turner;"hhd others
in the train were trying to kill
hlm,nd iiaofheenslnce the night
before. "urner replied thai; he
antl the Others were friends' and
urged Sprague to be seated and
await thes,dPprtnre-;ot;the train.
Without ah further .'argument.
Sprague. .who had had his hand
In his p pdctet during the con
versation, crew" an automatic re
volver and fired at Turner, - the
first "shotr directly thrOugJr" the
heart, causing fcU instant, death.
Fires Point Blank f :
where two men were seated on
atbenchrthe demented :an fired
point blatik - at - Brown,';, killing
him instantly and walked back to
the other end of the car and fired
third shot, 'killing instantly P.
O. Cochran. Neither of the vic
Hnis ; was give'n anj opportunity
for resisting or flight, due to the
unexpected manner In which the
rassaurtiOccrted. A fpujth shot
was fired through the ceiling of
the rar fafter; which'"-, Spraguo
Walked to - the ve'stibate and re
loaded his gun.
ifghtibs ftrt " -Mie train.
Sprague'then Started Tlight across
the desert, walking Jor a time and
then breaking. Into a run. ; When
.(Cqatlaufrl oa tsi 2).
SA'ND, ffQOK : .
Poriibllion Aifents Act as
Customers and Tnke IFif
i en CaW df Xiqudr
JS'EW YORK, Jan. 20.- The big
rum fleet of 18 vessels -lying oft
Saady Hook had customers 'toh
riiWht i
I ' " ; ; . . ... -. , r! !
Jphn O. Appleby, zone chief ih
charge of operations' against, rum
runners' using the New York and
New "Jersey coasts, announced
that 'his ''men had captured i
launch loaded with 1& cases Of
Uquor off Lawrence, Long. Island
j A smaller' launch, also . bef
lleved to have been a rum runnerl
made JlsVscaW "hesaid.. ,;.. I
: .Three prohibition .enforcqraeni
agents. cruising 4 aloiij- tho Long
leland shore, , sighted the two
launches almost simultaneouslyi
They gave chase to the larger
which was captured and let the
omer one gots 7t 't
Flyer Drops Three Hundred
: Feet Into Sah Frandlsco
I Bay Crew Drowned I
1"&XS FRANCISCO; Jan. 20.iEi
C.; Da'vis, pllbt 'for a ominerclai
aviation "' ' company' abd Wiiliain
Trialip'e'r, "autbiriobrie mechanic
ftil sfttdent ; "flier, .wef e : killed
here today wh'n the alrplaoe Irt
Which ;(hey werO f lyfnff plunged"
300 fee t ' Into San 'Francisco Ba
near the Presidio military; reserf
ation. ; - - I
A k crew f roia CrissV field was
dragging the bay-waters tonight;
In an effort to 'recover the bodies,
j' 1aTlar formerly Was ah air mail
pilot ahd during the war' was a
lieutenaht" in' the army: He lived
,in Sari IFranelsco. . Trapper, it was
said; lived in Spokane, Wash.
The airplane's fair was caused
.by1 an explosion in the 'fuselage,
which tore, tho ' wings frbm . tbo
machine.' The' men fell close to
the JJlace where Lincoln "Beachey
was killed '. when, his airplane fell
during -the Panama-Pacific Expo
sition in 19-15.' ;
i CHiCAGO,- Jan. 20liWlth vthe
sisnlne of Howard "Dud"
dent Ban Johnson of the Amert-
sf af f " of um'pTrek'for ' the 192;
season. Holmes officiated with
success In the western league 'for
the last two seasons.
C. G. Miller Would , Have
Rate Depreciate as Car's v
Years Lengthen
C. G. Miller, of Salem, formef
ly with the Marion . Automobile
company, is interesting - blmscu
in a proposed ' new schedule for
automobile taxation that may
get t into the. .legislature during
the. coming (weck.jf It proposes
raising the licenses generally, es
pecially on new cars, to amount
in fact to a property tax. These
licenses will be reduced accord
ing? to a specified rating, as the
cart begins to grow whiskers and
rheumatic of age, until' the "old
bus? gets off for a price fairly
well JttstI fled i t o its "decrepitude
dr t last Its sworn; ago.
UMr,. JMi Iter. has been going over
the matter with a number oi
local automobile ' men and 1 with
legislators who ; have been sen
iously studying - the auto tax
agitation. Some form of : prop
erty taxation. under any kind; of
a name, is generally . recognized
ar ' essential for any v equitable
tax. and the Miller plan alms to
inert this demand - by . Its higher
tax for the brand new car and
'f Tib " "grafl u a ted ' let-do wn for
find .' depreciation.'
Man Hunts Fifteen Minutes
For Alam Box Finally
Runs" Across Policeman
"LAWRENCE, Mass;, Jan. 2.
Theories of Incendiarism ; in Con-
I nedlon with the tenement house in which eight lives were lost
i early today 'were dismissed later
j when ther early spread of the
flames was explained as due to
the -fact that the man who dis
covered, them ran, around for, 15
minutes trying to find the nearest
alarm box., Owen Ferris, told
state and local officials that he
saw the fire In the coffee house
on , the first floor "and tried to
find'a box from which to pull the
alarm; Ite .never did find it, he
ssid and .he 'eventually, met a
pitliccriian and told him.. .When
the 'f irt Y a pparalus arrived the
flahies Hid tun. Well through the
fiveforV: bulldlngV t f L ;j
L The "family , of' Angelo Degiorla
Mrs. jBeglpria and , four chlld
ren -was, ,wiped"out, by the fire,
except for t the , father, who was
on ; the .danger ; list at a hospital
here tonight, "the "restilt of. Jump
ing1 from the; third floor, The
other .victims were Joseph. Reyees
and hfs 'son Roman us anil Mrs.
Mary Kelld. ' '
i t i - " '
Next Hemn ftirie' Killings
Trial to Be February 1 2
t r-fRetry I Acquitted : v
-t I if- ,
f ARIpN,;n J11-. Jan, 2 O.t liy
pThe . Associated Press. )-r-Nine
men will be tried on . charges
of murder., in.; connection ..with
the Herrtn mine killings at the
next rlal in ; circuit court begia
nine February ,12. It was an
nounced, late .today by Assistant
Attorney General C E. . Middle
kauf f in a notice, sent to the at
torneys of . the defense.' These
nine : men will i be tried oaf a
charge ; of having killed Antonio
Molkovich of Erie, Pa.,' one ;oI
the A .employes i of ' tbo. Lester
fstrip mine, who. wera killed dur
ing the rioting June 22, last, i
increase Jn . General Tension
I is NotedPersia Want-' '
:i : ed-atr Conference j-r
. 4
j; LiiwaAssptiii, jjian. - .iu. Auy me
Associated ' Press. )-; As ' the Near
East con terence 'approaches-what
is expected to : be its final .chap-j
icr, an aiaas oi reports ana coun-i
terrreort8ltreJiln clrdlati6n, itr
Qlcatthg an increaso"ih tile gen
eral tension. !j .
j' The Turks,' announced " today
kha-tv the "British delegates had
refused to entertain a suggestion
Lhkt! the Mogul disputebe Jeft to
the league of nations. The Brit
ish replied with the remark that
the Turks had : never advanced
such a suggestion to -the JBrlush.
' Thet-e waji ahotjxer protest to
he president of the conference
it had not yct recelVecta'cbpy of
tho ''. projected' treaty coneernliig
ihn straits.! The soviet v foreign
jmlnister, Tchitcherin. demands: a.
copy immediately and declared
the Russians must have ,-ltbree
days to study it before discus-
fIo in plenary session. ,'. 0
Vi The Assyfo-Chaldean;5 represen
tatives have Issued a f lengthy In
dictment of jPersia, accusing: that
Country of torturing and massa
creing Assyro-Chaldeans .and in
sisting that Persiarshould be in
vited to the conference to justify
her acts. Persia recently protest
ed because she tyad .not been in
vited to senddelegates to the con
ference..; . -' ; . ' ., '. . ;
4 WASHINGTOX," Jan. 20. ln
Cstigatton by 'tho interstate com
r.icrcc, commission of alleged fail
ure i of ' railroad transportation
lest year .in tho northwest Pa
cific states ; was requested by
tlie senate 'today in adopting a
s se. resolution , by Senater; , rolndex
" .Her, " Republican, Washington.
! ' ' .- : . .... .
v t ..- - ." : . T
fflfitt 11
fjight mm
Youngest; Son of Captain
Skipwith Said Member
of Kidnaping Band; State
Moving Fast.
Klan Leader Seen in Consul
tation by Another on Way
to Attend Celebration
. BASTROP, La., Jn.A 2 0. ( By
The Associated Press Efforts
of the, state Of Louisiana' through
ah open hearing here to fix re
sponsibUity for: the,' kidnaping on
August 24 of Watt Daniel and T.
P.1 Richard,' whose "mutilated bod
ies .were discovered. December 22
in, Lake La FoarcL'e, moved tor
ward today with unexpected ra-
'pldity. - .
Three more. names wore. added
to the.alleged roster of the mask
ed band which made captives of
Daniel and .Richard and the truck
in which they .were whisked away
"was Identified. -
' ' Young Skipwith Seen
'Smith Stevenson and' 'Oliver
Skipwith, the latter the youngest
son of Captain J. K. Skipwith, ad
mitted leader pt ther : Ku Klux
'Klan in- Morehouse Parish, and a
third mail - identified ( only . , as
Blacksmith" Smith,' were de
clared by Witnesses today to have
been.; members., of Ihe kidnaping
hand, and ;) the state put in evi
dence a telegram from the state
bureau of motor vehlcles at Baton
Rouge,' giving the name , of the
man registered as the .owner : of
the truck. ,' i,u:.iV'-
. The name of: Captain Skipwith
also was connected with . the
events when -one witness testified
that he saw him at the fork of thef
Monroo-Colllhston highway4 ihl
conversation .with the hooded
men. . :- .
Truck Passes Witness
The. captors and their prisoners
were last seen at Qollinston.
II. B.l Blankenship of Bastrop
was the' witness .whose identifica
tion of young Skipwith, Stevenson
and. the truck created one of . the
greatest sensations since the hear
ing opened. Blankenship testified
that in the late afternoon the
hooded band" In "several automo
biles and with Daniel, Richard
.and three oXher prisoners were
blindfolded "and, . with their hands
tied behind their -Mcks, went by
his home. The caravan, he said,
passed within 15 feet of him.' The
prisoners were aboard the truck.
, He did not feeo, the license num
bers of the truck or cars but having-been
forv tome , time; familiar
with cars of the kind ho 'observed
the truck closely in order that , he
might; recoghl ze it if he ; saw It
again . Asked is he searched for it
later,, be replied that' "he had, and
that because of various distin
guishing marks, he had recog
nized; it. - He said ,it , bore 1&22
Lou islaha 'license' tag No." 7 46 5T,
Attorney General Coco then intro
duced In evidence the telegram
from Baton Rouge declaring, that
car 74J857 fas 'registered in' the
name, of Smith Stevcnbh.
Elankeosbip was then asked if
he had,Veof nlzcd any of 1 the
.hooded men".. , '
'"Yes, I amf posUive; Oliver
Skipwith and Smith Stevenson."
x Smith , Itec-ognizrd
' The 'witness explained that he
had identified Skipwith by the
manner in which he ! was attired
and added" that he was on the
running board of one of the cars.
'close to me." Stevenson, he said,
was driving the machine. "It was
his car. and from his appearance
I am sure it was him," Blanker
ship testified. . ' ,. ; -
. The. man identified as "Black
smith Smith . was ' namfed as a
member of the kidnaping partty
by Mrs. B. ID.' Carlisle. After
Mrs. Carlisle had tqld of Idenlify
iug.T. Jeff Burnett, former More
house -deputy sberifr, as having
btfen the masked man who liber
ated hor.liorsolfroui a tangle of
severat tel(pl6ue"wlkcsat the
scene of the wholesale holdup, she
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!. i - - - . . . .'... , -- t ,-t- - 3
r . - -t. ' . i -"- - ' ' -. '-
German industrial leaders in the Ruhr to the number of
18 have been arrested for obstructing the occupation orders
of the French. They, were sent to French ltary licadquar
ters; at Mayence, where they probably will be placed on trial
Monday. . ' j-'-:.v ''"'."-" "v: "
. In consequence of this drastic action, the occupying au
thorities are menaced with strikes 6f a far spreadins nature.
These are not likely to be confined to the mine workere, but
all classes in the Ruhr .valley may cease work in synpathj.
Their feelino; already inflamed by the events of tha past
week, the workers have beebme further incensed by the ar
rest of i the Tnine directors: They declare -they will not con
tinue work while the' directors are held. ' -
Indian's Child Dies Before
Father Reaches Home
Decision, "Popular."
DALLAS,;. Ov Jan. 20."(Bpei
ctal to The V Statesman.)- Dallas
ct owds ' attending the' show at
tbe Majestic; 4heatre last night
cheered ...lustily: when -thVhews
announcinc the verdict i tn; "the
murder 4case""'b 'the. State , of
Oregon vs. "Thillip Warren, .the
Grahd Rohde . Indian tor Ihe al
leged iaurtier jot rQienjO. "Price,
a prohibition, agent, was'. " an
nouncedV and -Hhrown'; .-on . the
screen.' - 1
', Baby Dies , "
Only a small crowd' was la
tho court roomv at s8 : 1 &,' when
the f Jury filed in aad the ver
dict;, was read by Judge Belt
Warren, was . the : first man oh
his .feet ahd shook"hands with
the t jurymeh as they filed out1
of ; f.he,; jury box. They .lopied
worn and" haggard and "most of
them , left immediately' either tor
their various hotocs Or" to. rooms
in . the local hotel to rest their
weary bodies. -
, The"; facial expression of War
ren was not changed -a particle
when 'the" good news was. read
but one .noted the ; pleased ex
pression that , came i from his
eyes and "they lighted up. ahd
filled . with " tears asUhe shook
hands with the jury, Judge 'Beit,
his attorney Oscar Ilayter,. Dis
trict ' Attorney J. ' X."- Helgerson
and other occupants oi 1 'the court
rOOmVV'rrt .' ;-U2'i-. -Mii '
Warren, left the court house
immediately,, and , went ;, to "-. the
rooms 'ot Ws' father and mother
in the Dallas hotel. Ilia motheT
has been ill for the last few
days and was only able - to be
.(Continued, on page 2)
1 iBEir
Bad Check Artist .Taken by
' Salem Police Claims to
Bq Army Deserter " v
Frank Austin, or Gilbert Lyons
as he later claimed' his , name - to
me, was arrested by Officer Put
nam Saturday night a she was
preparing to leave for not "easier
but safer clinmesl lie had on him
about $73 in cash, which was just
$2 less than the sum of three bo
gus checks that he was alleged to
have paassed on Safcm business
men Saturday.
The police were notified, and
they set out to find the checker.
There were two of the operatorst
Lyons, aged about 38 years, and
another, a younger man who had
not yet been apprehended last
night. Officer - Putnam was the
one to find the check-passer and
bring hm in. .
' : Lyons said last night that he is
a deserted from the army at Van
couver barracks. -The police ex
pect to wire there for information
this morning. An, army con rtni ar
tial for desertion "might be life hter
and more desirable than an inhos
p! table Jurri on a bad-check
charge, the police believe. "
During the 10 days of occu
pation about 100,000 .tons of
requisitioned " coal " has been d 1
verted to Francey six coke ovens
and; four mines, all state owned,
haVe been taken over and about
10 ..billion 'marks ,ln customs 'ro
celpfs' "and ."tax collections fcava
been " requested, 'according to tua
Ifrehch. , . v 1 , '
London r appears to be water
ing the Ruhr proceedings anx
iously, .but the spokesmen of ; the
government are v not over Kin
guine. . The question of medita
tion: by .'Great, Britain, . as en
geeted "by r the "Italian, ant::. -dor;
In behalf cf. his country trs
met. with no response.". -
ESSEN,1 Jan; 20. (By : T h o
Associated Press.) A grira r.a: a
is" being played by the Trer. i
and Germans along tte valle: 3
ot the Ruhr and the "n.i.'3. r r
every; "turn - whereby - tho Fre: a
and Belgian, occupation f ore 3
register, a tactical . or rnHUsry
advantage theiGerman "rcsli-r.'.s
carry out a new form of rasciva
reelitance. - v ; , - '
- .The- "day ; was hectic witli a
succession of arrests .of Lis!
German industrial "and pcrul of
ficials, . quickly " -folios e d .;WHl
clock-like precision by prot?si
strikes Of '- workers--who stncJ
doggedly by "eBrlin's instruction!
to aid in nowise the "invaders."
- . All Banks Closed
- The workers .counsclzdisciiss
ed with Lord ilayor Luther the
advisability oL calling out . some
of " the five thousand postal tel
egraph and telephone workers in
a. general ' sympathetic strike, .but
tb4. decision will 'not be announc
ed until tomorrow. - A large" part
of the forces- at the various
mines whose directors 'were ar
rested, f "responded almost": imme
diatelywith protest i strike or
strike - .ultimatums expiring early
next week: French ""authorities
sent additional troops .to guard
the mines;" A- f 5 ' v '
Th.a people of -Es'sea awoke
today to find all the private
banks in the city closed because
a patrol . had been placed over
the Relchsbank ahd the . person
nel ofi thlaS institution' refused
to"" continue -.further duties., . Be
sides a number of email con
cerns there . are , 2 0 large private
banks in Essen.
. Businessmen anticipate a ser
ious : stoppage of trade increases
if ; the suspension of banking
continues over , the coming week.
COBLENZ,VJan. 20. (By The
Associated Press.) Count von,
Reedern, chief German represen
tative in the Wiesbaden district,
has been deported, to unoccupied
Germany by the French. . He is
charged with, refusing to obey
the new, ordinances of the ihter-
( Continued on pars C)
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