The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, November 16, 1922, Page 3, Image 3

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t Toe women ol "the W. K. C.
; will sponsor a allver tea this
"afternoon at the home of Mrs. Ar
thur T. King on Capitol street.
Assistant hostesses will be Mrs.
pr.' Everhardt, Mrs. Robert Hen
derson, Mrs. W. M. Short, Mrs.
f Nora Robertson, Mrs. Nora Royal,
J:, Mrs. W. J. Hagerdorn, Mrs. M.
Lickel and Mrs. J. Crossan.
, The women of the Hal Hibbard
Auxiliary of the Spanish War Vet-
erang will be at home at a tea
V this afternoon for the wltes of
Spanish War veterans.. -Tie. at-
. fair will be held in thr'annory.
? Mrs. W. C. Kantner Is spend
ing several days In Seattle. as the
juest of her daughter, Mrs. Thom
Mrs. John Carson is going to
- Portland today and will return
Friday. H v
The Salem men! and women in
terested in the organization of
Salem Symphony I Orchestra aaso-
' elation will meet tonight at
' o'clock in the Chamber of Com
j meree rooms ta consider org&niz
I tag. All Interested are Invited! to
t attend, according Jo - the small
Mtmmittea sDohsorln? the-meet-
X lnr this eveninc'l
Tha Salem AdoIIo club sane
delightfully entertaining jrosrm
tt" the-alem Electrie -store last
sight which was broadcasted by
:the local t station. t. This Is the
r f.rst time such a large group has
ang for the. radio near here. F.
8. Barton sang for the radio audi-
. t j xt. . t - . 1
t ; ence earner. jwie wees.
L- '" I
; - The women ' of the Englewoqd
'r district of the Jason Lee church
V met , Tuesday with - Mrs. John
Barker, Jr., and organized the
. .' East Circle of the Jason Lee Aid
society. The other. group will bo
"."known now as the West circle.
V- A number of ! members of the
i west circles were present for the
'. organization meeting. Mrs. Al
i'. bert Fuestman was chosen presl
? dent, Mrs. J. Morgan, yiceprest
i dpntr! Mrs: A. W. Rook stool, sec
l retary, and Mrs. William Pur-
bnck. s treasurer: Mrs. FurbrieK
W. R. C. with Mrs. Arthur T.
King, 463 S. Capitol.
Chapter G of P.E.O., with Mrs.
D. X .Beechler.
Symphony Orchestra Associa
tion meeting in Commercial
Hal Hibbard Auxiliary tea, at
Armory. , .
Friday' .",
Woman's Alliance pt Unitarian
church with Mrs. J. R. Pol
lock, 602 N. Winter. :..
Woman's Union of First Con
gregational church, all day
at church. k
P.E.O. meeting at Chemawa.
St. Paul's Auxiliary with Mrs.
Frances Newberry.
Faculty Women's club with
Miss Richards, Lausanne
Jason Lee Aid Bociety at the
A.A.U.W. in public library.
W.R.C. at hall.
cipLenta of many beaatiful and
useful gifts.
Those present Included Mr. and
Mrs. Otto Legard, Mr. and Mrs.
Oscar Satern, Court Land Roe,
Miss Clarice Steen. Tom Cor
house, Miss Marie Corhouse, Har
old Larson, Alvin Madsen, Mr.
and Mrs. Henry Torrend, Mr. and
Mrs. Bert Iverson, Mr. and Mrs.
B. Lyons, Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Lar
son, Miss Marie Tinglestad, Mrs.
Iverson. Mr. and Mrs. Jalmer
Refsland. Mrs. A. O. Legard. Mr.
and Mrs. Albert Sather, Rer. and
Mrs. George Henrlksen, Mr. and
Mrs. A. Holland. MisS Eva Rue,
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Hatteberg.
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Satern, Hen
ry Fluher, Willie Hatteberg,
George Ilauge. Edwin Hatteberg,
Elmer Johnson, Melvin Reviness,
Axel Larson, Amos Benson, Clay
ton Benson, . Willia Thompson.
will entertain the group at her
home December 1.
. -Mrs.
H. J. Clements and Mrs,
C. S. Weller entertained the Leis
ure Hour club Wednesday at a
one o'clock luncheon at the Pied
Piper Tea rooms. The occassion
was in honor of Mrs. T. H. Ray
mond, who expects to leave soon
for California. The guests, other
than the Club members, wert:
Mrs. J. H. Albert, Grs. George H.
Burnett, Mrs. J. A. Churchill,
Mrs. C. S. Hamilton, Mrs. A, F.
Marcus, Mrs. A. N. Moores ' and
Mrs. Willis Moore.
SILVERTON. Ore., Not. 14.
(Special to. The Statesman) The
beautiful Hamre home on North
Water street was the scene of a
gay surprise party Monday even
ing when 76 friends. met to ex
tend congratulations to Mr. and
Mrs. Otto Legard, who have just
returned from their honeymoon
An amusing and pretty feature of
the evening was the serenade
which Trinity band gave the sew
lyweda, Tom Corhouse also gave
a few TocaJ aoloa. He was ac
companled by Miss Esther Larson
Mr. and Mrs. Legard were the re-
Hacs Hansen, Miss Dora Henrlk
sen, Walter Toft, Harry Larson,
Mrj. Orscar .Bentson, Mr. -4 ajad
Mr3. Helmar Bw, Lewis Bue,
Lewis Rue, Miss Mabel Evns,
Mrs. Clara Boltimore. Miss Nettie
Benson, Mrs, Hans Jensen, Miss
Elvira Vikstrom, Mrs. Esther
Weaver, Mlaaf Kette Hatteberg.
Miss Esther Larson, Miss Lillie
Madsen, Miss Cora Satern, Miss
Ruth Ormbreck, Miss Aide Jen
sen, Alfred Jensen, Chris Halvor-
son, Percy Shenander, Edwin
Hamre, Mr. and Mrs. G lady a
Hamre, Miss Edan Johnson, Miss
Lena Barenett, Mr. and Mrs. W
McDonald, Mr, and Mrs. Nye
Mr. and Mrs. Helge Rue eater
talned at a family dinner Thurs
day evening, the occassion being
their fortieth wedding annivers
ary. Those present were Mr. and
Mrs. Helge Rue, Mr. aad Mrs.
John Moe, Mr. and Mrs. Helmar
Rue, Lewis Rue, Torkel Dukken.
all of Silverton, and Mrs. Clara
Baltimore of Corrallis.
convention will be held in lied-
ford, the remainder being: "When
yon mention Medford you think
of pears, gateway to Crater Lake
and the 1923 convention."
Several pages are devoted to
the reports of the various offic
ers and committees given at the
Tillamook convention. The club
roster at the end of the book
shows there are 136 clubs in the
Dr. Bellinger to
Address Women oi
AA.U.W. Saturday
The second meeting of the
women of the A. A. U. W. will
be held in the auditorium of the
public library Saturday after
noon; ; Following the expressed
desire of a number oi the mem
bers at the last meeting, the pro
gram committee has arranged for
a speaker, Dr. Grover C. Bel
linger of the state tuberculosis
hospital, to address the organiz
ation on "Hygiene and Us refer
ence to Tuberculosis." Doctor
Bellinger is superintendent of the
state tuberculosis hospital.
An appreciation of Edward Llv-
u J
iagston Trueau will be given by
Mrs. Viola Price Franklin. Mr.
Truean is known for his work for
Mis3 Frances Richards, presid
ent of Salem branch of the Amer
ican Association of University
women recently received a letter
from the committee on eligibility
for local membership within the
northwest district, saying that
women who are graduates of
Willamette. Oregon Agricultural
College. Linfield and Pacific col
lege are eligible to local member
ship. Former students of these
colleges are eligible to associate
membership if they have had two
years of work there.
This ruling admits to associate
membership women who have at
tended any of these schools for
at least two years, while before
only graduates were admitted.
The graduates
Agricultural college were not ad
mitted at all before because of the
technical ruling of the national
organization requiring a bachelor
of arts degree, which is not con
ferred by O. A. C.
An invitation to all women
eligible to membership to attend
the Saturday meeting is being ex
tended by the association.
: a
Articles ef incorporation were
filed yesterday by the Smith Jk
Woodburr company, a new mar.
chandising firm of Portland,' cap
italized at 9100,400. Ward C.
Smith. Sidney F. Woodbury and
George Black are ' the Incorpora
tors, Other articles were filed as fol
lows: -r
Sable, Obertueffer, Peterson,
Inc., Portland: incorporators are
Delvln L. Peterson, w. G. ObJ
tuetfer, Jr.. N. Sable;, capftalixa
tion, S2M06: automobiles.
Hygienic Humidifier company.
Portland; incorporators J. O.
Wren, E. A. WjJd. Jr., Blaine B
Coles; capitalization. $10,000.
Falconer-Hoke Trading com
pany, Penaieton; incorporators.
Fred W. Falconer, Mae Hoke,
Donald Cameron; capitalization,
$25,001; live stock.
tat and nam of the dlsedTerer
of Uesa Itlaada U mnctrfai. It la.
eoneedet! th name was dtea i
rani at the number of hawks flT-
tug about. Acore signifying- haw
is Portaguas. , .,
XanMMl for the Hawks
The first name gtren to the
Atores was Acores, and while the
Appty ttuckiy over throat
covet with Dot ftanftal
i Vapo Rod
Cpct 17 M-' W an Umi Ym
Cut out thla allp, enclose with
5c hi man it to Foley Co...
t 25 Sheffield Ate.. Chicago. IIU
writing your -nam aad addreaa
clearly. Tou will recette U. t-
turn a trial packtg oa tattle g
Feler'e Honey and Tar Cotnpean
for ourta. cold and croup: Fo
ley Kidney Fills tor tula ta Hda
and back: rheumatism, backache,
kidney aad bladder ailments: and
Foley Cathartic Tablet, a whole,
some and . thorontaty cleanslag
cathartic tor constipation, blliona
ness, headache,, and sluggish
bowela. i Sold verywhere. Adr.
The year book of the Oregon
Federation of Women's clubs for
1922-1923 is Just off the press.
The book contains 120 pages ot
readine matter and advertise
ments, including greetings from
the president, Mrs. Ida B. Calla
han, of Corrallis, also the mes
sage given by her at the annual
convention at Tillamook. There
is a directory of each of the six
department and division chairmen
and their sub-chaUmen-
One page is devoted to remind
ing the club women that the 1923
What is rheumatism? Pain
only. St. Jacobs Oil will stop any
pain, so quit drugging.
Not one case in fifty requires
internal treatment. Rub sooth-
ilng, penetrating St. Jacobs Oil
directly upon' the tender spot and
relief comes instantly. St. Jacobs
Oil is a harmless rheumatism and
sciatica liniment, which never
disappoints and can not burn the
Limber up! Quit complaining!
Get a small trial bottle from your
druggist, and in Just a moment
youll be free from rheumatic and
sciatic pain, soreness, stiffness
and swelling. Don't suffer! Ke
lief awaits yon. Old, honest St.
Jacobs Oil has cured millions ot
rheumatism sufferers lmfVk4amt
half century, and Is Jnsf as kood
for eciatica, neuralgia; lumbago,
backache, sprains aad swellings.
.... "
At 10 o'clock A. M.
.-' "-.:,--4;
At a j
4 ;
"(Tlu was written by a woman)
, Whv I Use. Ad
In my capacity lis housewife I am the
general manager of a household. Upon
me devolves the duty of making rather
'large purchases which leads into an
other duty that of the economical ex
penditure of the household funds.
My husband reads very assiduously
what the calls "trade papers." These
papers pertain almost entirely to his
business.' ; He says he could not get
along without them because they keep
him posted on matters which come up. "
in his business life every day.
In running my household I find that
the Newspapers 'and. the magazines are
mytrade papers." The advertisements ,
" tell me ne'ariy everything I wish to know
about the purchases I should make, like
my husband who spends hours upon
hours engrossed in his trade magazines
so that he may conduct his business
more successfully, I study with care the
advertisements in the newspapers and
the magazines which I have found out
enable me to conduct my business, which
is my household, more economically and
In doing, my neighborhood buying I
think that I am able to choose the store
that gives mo the greatest value for
my money My choice is always the one
where I am sure to gethe advertised
goods I ask for and where I am not told :
"Here is something' else just as good."
I buy advertised goods because experi
ence has taught me I save money
. thereby.
It has been my observation that the
storekeeper who handles advertised ar-
verhsing as
g Guide
tides sells more goods and it isn't hard
for me to figure out that if the dealer
wants to make only a fair profit he can
sell me goods cheaper if he sells a great
many goods than if he sells a smaller
amount. Coincidently, I have noticed
that dealers who do handle articles
which are advertised seem to grow and
I have often wondered if it isn't be
cause the goods which they see on their
own shelves remind them constantly of
the forward-looking work which is be
ing done by the manufacturer of those
goods, thus setting an example for -
greater industry.
I know that if I want to buy a barrel
of flour or a very large sack of flour I
can buy it cheaper than I can buy a ten
or twenty-five pound sack. My store
keeper can do .the same thing in buying
his merchandise. I have heard ray hus
gand talk of ten enough on the question
of small profits and rapid turnover to
know that it isn't the dealer who makes
the long profit" that gets ahead but the
one who makes the small profit and
turns his capital over and over. But
.Jhis is not the only benefit I get in buy
ing from a storekeeper who "sells his
customers goods which are advertised.
The goods I buy are fresher and newer
and I feel that because many of them
have been advertised for years they are
more dependable.
For how could people continue to buy
them if they were not? And. how could
the manufacturers continue to advertise
them if they did not buy;
1m im-fw .sjtsr'
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faiiiilyWilliston and Laurels high grade cotton blankets
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seconds Remember the size is 66x80 and ridt jyia
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