The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, October 24, 1922, Page 8, Image 8

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Lecturer of Christian Science
Faith Heard aMheatre
Sunday Afternoon
m W mtish
pid you ever ride in a
street car with someone
near by carrying home
a bag of ground coffee?
The wonderful aroma
that it gave off made
you h ?,ry for a cup of
it too.. That was the
flavor, the real life of the
coffee passing into the
atmosphere. Think of it,
paying a good price to
get a quality coffee and
then losing much of
what you pay for-fla'
vof simply because it
is not packed right i
When you inxy ) Hills
Bros; Coffeeyou receive
all the. strength and
aroma that was in. the
ordinal cfee br the ;
Vacuum Process origin
ated by HiQs Bros, keeps j
all the fiavbrin.; This
Vacuum Process is a :
figurative Tounteiaof ;
Youth' for coffee pack
edbydmethbdretains H
its origmal freshness and
flavor for an indefinite
period There is nothing
magic about the method,
cn the contrary; it is
quite ample. t .
Coffee becomes stale on
account of the pxygeti
in the air oxidizing the j
. essential; elements that
give coffee its delicious
flavor. Under the Vacu
um Process the coffee is
picked in airtight cans
drawn preventing all
deterioration. Hills Bros.
. originated and use this
. niethod as; it insures the
purchaser or" receiving
the fine, rare coffee of
, which VRedCan" is
composed, in, as perfect
and fresh condition as
when leaving; roaster.
'A free Lecture on CarUtian
Science, entitled , Christian sci
ence: The Science of Life, was
delWerefl by TMcknell Young:, C. S.
II.. of Chicaco, HI. A member of
the Board of Lectureship of The
Mrfhr rhurrh. The Firt Church
j Scientist, in IJoston, Mas., Sun
day afternoon at 3 .o'ciock in me
Grand theatre, who said in part
to a large and appreciative audi
ChriBtian Scientists do not fail
cultles which beset the race as
well as the individual. They are
noe engaged in any superficial.
altruistic theory. They claim to
have common sense; and the his
tory of this movement shows
clearly that, as a class. Christian
Scientists are eminently practical
The advantage which they have
over other people is to be found
solely in what they
evidence of our senses gives us
no hint of what Life really is, and
when, from this standpoint, we
consider life, we indulge in mere
speculation, unless Christian Sci
ence comes to our rescue and
gives us the right idea.
The Science of true living ant.
true thinking is thus drawn from
a higher source than tnai 01
mere ordinary human experien
ces. To investigate it required
research of the most unselfish,
painstaking, and persistent na
ture. Such was the research that
Mary Baker Eddy; entered upoa
and carried on for-years. It cul
minated in the dflscovery of tha'
Science which she named Chris
tian Science. She! saw the vast
importance of distinguishing be
tween the true and the false, be
tween the real and the unreal
She observed the permanent na
ture of divine acts, and this led
who is Mind, is it extravagant or
unreasonable to expect enlighten
ment, and even the joy of im
proved health, -through their pres
ence and law? An afflictive ex
perience, giving way to health
and peace, or a crude invention.
giving way to: an intelligent dis
covery, need not be inquired into, j
That which is Imperfect has no
real value, no :real existence, and
it never had. i The best and only
satisfactory explanation of error
is to showlfjtSj unreality. I ser
iously ask you to consider this ex
plafiation and see for yourselves
if you do not find it definite and
sufficient. i
Droper occasions express our grat
itude. loveu and reverence for the
Discoverer and Founder of Chris
tian Science, Mary Baker Eddy.
She established the Cause of
Christian Science on the endur
ing foundation of Christ-healing,
vhera it stands, and will con
tinue to stand, a living and an
ever rising monument to a char
acter and to a career of achieve
ment absolutely unique in history.
God Is Life, and perpetuates
His own creation. Jesus said,
"The words that I speak, unto
you, they are spirit, and they are
life." Mrs. Eddy says in Science
of Health (p 286), "God's
here, and they have tneir neaa-
quarters at the Bliga hotel.
The company is incorporated
for $100,00. and $25,000 of the
stock is be:ng offered for sale.
The managers say this will be
sufficient to make a thorough
test; to finish the present well
and put down another well, if
tion that has been passed or is
in process of passing at . Wash
ington, following the campaign,
he is to spend a number of days at
Salem, his home. Mr. Hawley has
been secured as a speaker tor tl
Six o'Clock club of the First ikii
od'st church for the night of
vember 14, the week following
the election. - - - . , .
Mrv Hawley to Address
Salem Six o'Clock Club
Representative W. C. Hawley.
who is! carrying on an extensive
ramnairn of nolitical education
the I thoughts are perfect and eternal. for the votera of Oregon through
i.. .ki.k t. vntv are substance and Life." We
ih I have been considering those
provements than are yet dreamed thoughts here
his speaking tour of the state, is
to be in Salem for an hour or two
They are easy to ti,.... hotwpen trains. He
of will come to light, and by the understand when sought In sin- gpend mQst of his tlme up
same token, things that are now cerity. because they are more untu e!ectlon visiting the more
rrfnort a. natural will vanish natural to us than other thoughts, llBBftrt,M of the valley.
to the conclusion that such fact under the revelation of the true nearer to our real being than any kfn on nati0nal issues and
..." I - i. ... I Afhn. IhAllffllta flAII M 1 ' . .
i .' -
This M-ill-be.the third Movie Rotogravure section t
appear iu the Oregon Statesman. f ; f
constitute immorality.
naturalness of S;an existence that Pther thoughts could be.
All the prejudices of sectarian- has its being, function, and law in
Ism were instinctively
against such a proposition, am good.
for the state Republican ticket
and- giving a dignified, worth-
the national au-
The Bible is the original revel-
-I - ... I ntlAn r1 iha immnrtol rftiottnTl.
arrayed the uod or creator who is wuoiiy 7' " " ' , ?Z while story of
, ....,.., ministration and of the legisla-
vt l nrnmlMt nniitiir iM than -nr. .....j. v V4 &cence maaes mis reiauonsmu
omniet. rftHnintinn tnr ha h 1 1 . . understood, and in doing this
I. ii iuq viuiumj cuuivuiuiu ui
school nr chIIpca tn valua Mt
Mrs. Eddy's creat work, Christian and beautiful thoughts. Chrict-
bcience is not universally ac- jan Science takes as much far-
cepted; but the signs of the times It her. It shows ua that, really
are portentous and. inspiring, great thoughts and strictly pure
Why should they be otherwise, ideals in themselves constitute
When Christian Science fulfulls tha acivitv of tru Science. Thus
removes condemnation and estab.
lishes redemption in its stead. It
shows beyond all doubt that the
only nnal or possible sequence
to a mistake is loving and com
plete correction.
We are in a new era. We have
emerged from the so-called sci
ence of matter and entered upon
of the true Science of Life and God u infinite inaitn ..... .. k-.j 'he real Science, the Science of
I I - v v.BB.vt tnoo iuvci coi auu UJ t CI UtSJ UUU I i j
V vapor
to be found the hopes of the Christian world? it Is that the thoughts which re
have gained! rjoes not its declaration thatlveat r.nri i rhH.tan
- . j wa a aa yuiuiiu wkjuivo fJ
Over 1 7 Million Jan Uted Ycarb
living, througn tne stuay oi Spirit, Mind, Ufe. Love, immu- anv thoueht. that can h ntr-
science ana tieann wun xvy table, immortal Principle, the tained bv mankind
tne scriptures, ana omer worn., source and substance of all being. Th nower of C.nA vhiofc
..!. Man. V.liAv . .. . ... I
w"lK" UJ ' " . ' i laiij wun our laeau oi wnat con- acterized Christ Jesuts came to
discoverer ana uounaer at w- stitutes the omnipotent, omnl- him not In the realm of matter
tlan SaIohCR I nM.nnf . n J-f . nj .. k. . .. .. .
i . i ui botuu Biiu uiuuiiciBDL I itxi f IT I ii ii r nr nnjiarirannin. . . w.wa
What Is this Science? Do thelthe Bible and of all Christendom?! him domfnion. That is where all
theories of prevailing education-j If it does, then our ideals may. I true power comes to man. That
at systems maicate or reveai miinrougn (jnrisiian science, take is where all true education fits
AH theories of general education on a practical value; they may be I us for Ufe and eauins na with
are predicted upon the certainty brought out of the realm of spec- courage and wisdom to meet the
and necessity of sin, disease ana uiation into that of actual daily difficulties of human
When all the bravery of
the race is enlisted in this Sci
ence; when mortal men and wo
men, never even tempted to lie
or steal, find that they are equal-
ly untouched by the fears and
suggestions of disease; when they!
are so mentally advanced and
spiritually cultivated: that they
never give any power to any de
structive element or action; when
neir rear oi sucn things ceases
?ec.f facts' qf Science predominates;1
existence. I ... ... .
rtonth Such theories ar selfcon-1 experiment nd lfmniutntinn lin.tnnr At-.. uu meir comiaence in tne amne
These definitions of God virtually sary it is for us to awaken to thp
ed and tried for centuries utterly i accepted by the
in vain. With circumstances all in world, constitute the fundamental pure education, w which constitute VL . ,!t -m .or un,"
their favor. Mil annnorted hv the I facts of th SHnn nf trn. Illn m.1 Wfc u ucioiaimiug, iueu iney win waia
, ' " ' "0 I uu wuuiu mm D iL .. ... - .
overwhelming consensus of hu- as revealed in Christian Science. without the power to think? Sal- . H "v, Pweror cence
man faith and education, they But they must be more and more vation is the main obieet u i.lf. In. domuiion of its law-
have utterly failed. Under such clearly apprehended hr the tn- even thA ohio.t'f n ...-.i ine cience ana the law of God,
beliefs.: and uniastructed hy dents of this Science, and mnu. aithoneh that nM-f i. ine cence ana the law of Life.
Christian Science, living Is Unta-lquently Christian Scientists are tioned In the curricula of schools
mount to mere physical endur-i involved in the same research and colleges.. We am n .v. rnmtvi .
1 vamcu uu. cue 1 1 us ivauon, consciously or nn.i n a j .
ColoKKii bVm llonn wUk all moh MVI hat olio f..n v XA I I .. . . I "uu tuugn
:r.:r.:::r.7 r" ;::: 0 ,"z .r ..." ui. rr .-uo,A'"r -.Te aroau years,- writes h. e
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I nnala r 4 a I crK av tmafiii (a ron.l f An Oh Intra onnta (nn1 I t.A riui- t M a
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in tha ScioncA of Life, the Science I who. in tha lftht 'a r.hri.nt, Utmne-a w. n h. Iana Aaa- angering coughs, se-
of real thinkinr. which ia the Science. looks for thm n twllnr mnr.L'1... . "lvere coJas
greatest need of the age. same place. haDninesa. aatiafactinn and bronchial trouble quickly re-
Wa II vln cr an1 tVlnlrtnir I Th. &W. r T.& m.i. 41. I Mra. Edlv wrltAa nn r c ft
.a . .1 f.v 4. a, 1I.I.M I V- . . . Af "Cnfnnnn .HJ TT .a. ... - I lSf,
auu wo iuts lu ev uu nTiuti nui iu uu suugui ana Bougnt in 1 ww.cuvc wiu neaua wua ivey
'Heaven re-
croup; throat, chest
neved with Foley's Honey and
No. need to suffer and take
chances with neglected coughs
and thinkinr tn nrdar tn aecomn-1 vain, mnst ho tha fiitami w-k.V I to the S6rinturM.'
Hah anvthins . whatsoever.-. Thelexnlalna th tma nnia nf nf I Presents harmonv. ni in- and colds- Free from opiates-
ThU Science is obtainable. by any Science interpret the Principle '"sr601611" printea on tne wrap-
person who desires to have it, 01 aeaTeniy harmony." Also in1"5'- e"s cougn meai-
Cured withoutSurgery
MY guaranteed cur for
;, Hies Is a nonsurgical
method, eliminating knife,
brrafdon, anaesthetic, pain
:; and confinement. 1 have
never failed to cure a case
of files in the history of my
practice, proof of which may be
. had by obtaining the lot list of
' prominent Nprthwet poxU
whom I have crcatea.
land costs nnthinr hvnnri f.A o. the same work on num m. TnlFne in the world
Hralnary steps of . equippinr one's hea,,nK the sick and sinning. wnere- AdT
self with the books which, teach J 68,18 eiaoorated the fact that the!
rt. These books are the Bible, neawng-errect followed the under
and 'Science ad Health ,-with sUndiog of the divine Principle
Key to the Scriptures" by kary 8nd of the Christ-spirit which
Baker Eddy. Like other books, sovernea the corporeal Jesus. For
they are mada ux" of ideas, , and tn,s Principle there is oo dynasty,
this Science, like other sciences, no ecclesiaatical monopoly. Its
consists of ideas. .. The difference on,jr crowned head is immortal
between thls Science and- other 80TerEgnty. Its. only priest is the
sciences is, however, that in other spiritualised man." it follows
sciences. Ideas, ' by ' way of in- tn' we niust think our way into
struction, pertain to material neaTn, and nothing can deprive
Sold every-
An Expert Driller Will Have
Charge of Work Near
St. Paul
..... -. Mi. r-;.-.. -. .
; -f
I raiva all 4bt as to noh t
MrMiM to fini fmt t if I fail
! car m( rUmm. Write r call t
day tmt my FREE fcaoUat. -
things, or actions, or the employ- 08 ' or excuse as from that en-
menc or use of material things ai"ng ana redemptive necessity,
or -remedies, whereas in Christian Tnia ,8 being saved through the
science, ideas themselves consti- D,00a or Christ, the life of Christ'
tlltA Knf k . tK maa-nn. mwA v - v I Heaven is natural on
iect of ednetn . hA to God and must b th. There is activity at the oil well
I - - " - fc" "V"! - ty i .
Phenomena of this Science, and ma" I "Is image. near raui- on ine oaiem-i.
are the only remedies used to re- We naT learned to recognised roaa' An expert aru,er nas
store health , and nrevent Hiaa.. Life eternal, and we insiat nrmn been engaged. The well is now
W the ordinary human hine maintaining the fact in snitA nf aown wm, teei, ana tne men wno
CI . . . .1 . 3 t 1 1 . il
lis expressed in his character, that au ence to the contrary. We are on. ine 300 ciaim inere are
is, in his thoughts -and education. wouia not worthy of the name ex e e 1 maicauons 01 on. iney
should It to be considered incred- Bliner or unristians in the ordin- tnmK inai a nuie turiner aown
ible that the divine Mind could re 6X7 ense, much less of Chris- they strike a flow of oil in
veal Itself through its own ideas. Uan Scientists, if we failed to do paying quantities,
and If these ideas come from God tor theory of life contrary Tne company owning the well
iu eternaiuv invnivAa Att, 1 ana tne outm. tne Willamette
. - - " uvam, . -
which is the exact opposite of 1 Valley Oil and Gas company, has
been fully organized, and has a
This Science of living, this Scl- permit for the sale of stock. The
ence of LVe was illustrated by seven directors are R. J. Moore
Christ Jeaus; but as a science It of the Yamhill Electric company,
could not be given to the world Newberg; C. A. Pclland, F R.
in his time for the world could DuRette and John Marthaler, land
not receive It. Jesus said. "I owners near the well; W. Y. Mas.
have yet many things to say unto ters, attorney, Portland; J. E.
you. but ye cannot bear them Windle, Portland business man,
now." . Now this Science has and O. S. Strausburg, Portland,
come. You have the privilege of ' A large number of peoole from
living In the most scientific age Newberg have ben visiting the
of the world, an age in, which the well recently, and have been in
Science of Life has been discover- Testing in the stock of the corn
ed and given to mankind. Con- Danv. believinz ! the indications
skier that fact and realize its I arc cnoh tn 4at.fv a thnmnrh
meaning. Think what it means test of the possibilities of finding
that a person could har WnLn .1 I
awake enough. ffjee enough, clear p v rnmntni, Zn w ti
enough mentally, spiritually, to sayre have come to Jaiem. to act
discover such a Science as thu.l- i... r
the KClAnro nf all atAnn mi. 1-1 1
is exactly what Mary Baker Eddy
aia. ana sne aid something' more
than that: her discernment .
cended to the facts of being and
revealed them, but it also de
scended to the Present netm nt
mankind and met them. she
ssw that the omnipresence of God
would have to be affirmed before
It could be realized and she
snew and taught that the rejec
tion of all other seeminjr power
would have to be persisted in be
fore full proof that good is all
iowerrui aad Life is immortal
could be obtained.
Mrs. Eddy's teachings con
stantly admonish as not to claim
for ourselves or for our under
standing anything beyond what
we . can
that bakes with
Calumetand there
has learned three im
portant baking facts.
First; that she never has
any failures, which means
no loss of time and ma
terial. Second; that her bakings
are always pure and
wholesome, which goes
a long way toward perfect
Third; that the greater
than usual . leavening
strength of Calumet
stands for economy be
cause she uses less.
, -
-' j
ThfTSiconomy Bf&KIRIG
- eth;s are 150 greater than that of
any tfther brand.
A twnd can of Calumet contains full 16 otmcet. Some
bki.n powders come in 1? ounce instead of 16. ounce
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proof. Therefore we. your friends Eon't 8tay crippled!
who have invited you here to a
lecture, and who welcome you up
on all occasions when Christian
Science is being correctly set
forth, make no -claim to have at
tained the fullness of this Science
We are trying to be worthy of
this gift of God to men! We
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mm .
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