The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, August 09, 1922, Page 5, Image 5

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Did Yob Know Lv .'
That, late laEt spring this house
was completely refurnished, the
seals were made more comfort
able and a new pipe organ was In
stalled You get service, here; we
Invite and appreciate yonr patron.
aRe. The liberty Theater, Salem,
Oregon. Adv.
Tube Free '
.With each tire, 20x3 Vacuum
Cup, $10.15; 3 0x3 M .Vacuum
Cup, $11.95. Fairgrounds Store.
AdY." - , . - -4.. .
Fire Hazard Runreyed -
George W. Stokes and Horace
Sykes, investigators" for the state
fire marshal's department, are in
Lincoln county where they will
make fire hazard surreys at New
port and Toledo.
Girl Wanted , ,
, ,The Spa, Phone '227. Adr.
New Corporation r ,--r ?,
The Du ndee Walnu t G rowers'
Cooperative ? association, '' with
headquarters at' Dundee," filed ar-
tides of incorporation yesterday.
The Incorporators are R. A. Olm
stead. FV W. Meyer W. H. Bent-
ley, E. S. Greer and others. The
membership fe& Is $2. Articles
were filed by the E. J Mills Shin
gle company, capitalized at $v00
and having headquarters at Ver
non ia, Columbia county. The in
corporators are E. J. Mills, John
Hay and W. C. Tlsdale.
Food Expert to fyeak
PanlO. Sarapron, the food ex
pert, will speak at the Roth Gro
cery Co. at 3 o'clock Wednesday,
and at 'J o'clock, Thursday morn
ing on the correct combination of
foods. Every housekeeper in Sa
lem is interested in this subject
and is asked to come. . Ton may
ask Mr. Sampson any question
you wish. Mr. Sampson has noth
ing to sell. Adr-v
A Classified Ad
Will bring you a bnyer-AdT.
Crossing Allowed
The public service commission
yesterday granted an application
of the state highway commission
for authority to construct an un
dergrade - crossing beneath the
tracks , of the Shanlko branch of
the OregonWashington Railroad
& Navigation company near Moro,
in Sherman county. ' -c-
Trwake, Bag d Leather Cases
Before yon take a trip call and
look at those Betterbllt trunks at
F. E. Shafers, 170 a Commercial.
' , "WHY GIRLS ;
127:159:15 p. m.
fMatinees 35c
Evenings 50c
AtteatJoa, Grocers and Grocery
Salesmen: Paul O. Sampson,
the food expert, will speak for 20
minutes on food and food values
from a salesman's standpoint at
the Commercial club auditorium
at 6:10 Wednesday evening.
Everyone connected In any way
with the selling of foodstuffs ia
requested to be there. Come af
ter closing the store, the lecture
will last only 20 minutes. Adv.
Girl Wasted
The Spa, Phone 227. Adv.
Corey to lbanon
H. H. Corey "of the public ser
vice commission, went to Lebanon
yesterday to participate In an in
vestigation into the cause of the
accident Monday in; which a
Southern Pacific train ran down
an automobile, killing C M. Shel
ton and injuring other persons.
Girl Wanted
The Spa, Phone 227. Adv.
"'"' In
Special Attraction
C. D. Babcock H
C. D. Babcock, who was one of
the first members of the state in
dustrial accident commission, un
der appointment of Governor
West when the commission was
first organized, arrived here yes
terday and will leave early today
with a motoring party for San
Francisco where he is now lo
cated. Mr. Babcock is secretary
of the Insurance Brokers' ex
change, located in the Merchants
Exchange building in San Fran
cesco, lie formerly was in news
paper work in Salem.
Accident R"prted :
J. J. Loter. living at 13S3 South
Twelfth street, reports that a car
driven by A. O. En gel hart, struck
his car while on the Pacific high
way near Gervais, Tuesday, and
did it considerable damage.
Woman Fob ml on Highway
E. F. Long, of Salem, brought
in to the city on Tuesday Mary
Erickson, whom he found on the
highway near Jefferson and need
ing help and guidance. She was
given over to the county court. It
was soon ascertained that she
bad been committed to the state
hospital, but had been paroled to
her husband, who i had returned
her to their home. She had wan
dered away, to be finally brought
back to the hospital, where she!
now is.
Legal Blanks-
Get them at The Statesman of
fice. Catalog on i appllcation.-Adv.
Bid You Know-
That late last spring this house
was completely refurnished, the
seats were made more comfort
able and a new pipe organ was in
stalled You get service here; we
iuvite and appreciate your patron
age. The Liberty Theater, Salem,
Oregon. Adv.
Iowa Picnic August 17
. The Iowa picnic will be held In
the state fair grounds, August 17.
according to V. S. DoUon. secretary-treasurer
of the association.
It is estimated that Salem has
more than 700 former residents
of Iowa and all are being urged
to come to the annual picnic. Bas
ket dinner will be served at noon,
those in charge state and a pro-
cram will feature the afternoon
Marriage Licenses-
Two marriage licenses were Is
sued at the office of the county
clerk, Tuesday. One was to Carl T.
Pope and Dorothy Chambers, of
Salem, and the other to Alfred M.
Lull and Edna J. Sanders. Two
others were issued on Monday, to
T. E. MeGraw and Esther P.
Schrelber, and to George A. Rich
mond and Gladys Fulhr. The lat
ter couplq called upon Judge
Busbey to perform the civil cere
mony that made the license of full
' " . '
f i.
Adole Garrison's Sew Pnaa ot
"Hew do you do. Mrs. Lukens?"
MaJ. Grantland stepped out of
the limousine, hat ia hand. . The
little woman on the steps glanced
trp in surprise, then put out her
hand cordlcl greeting.
"Why. Hugh Grantland! Where
In the world did you drop from?"
"I ni down In this section for a
little while," he returned. "ITe
brought some friends over from
Aberdeen, the Grahams. I be
lieve they are to have your cot
tage." "Oh. yes!" Mrs, Lukens replied.
"I've received two or three tele
grams within the last few hours
from Mr. Graham about being
readv to receive their party, one
of whom is ill. Came near not
getting them, too, tor th?y were
addressed to 'Mrs. Watk'-ns. But
as thev were signed Graham, and
everybody Xnown everybody else's
business down bere. the telegraph
operator guessed I was the one
Meeting Thursday
The regular monthly business
meeting of the Y. M. C. A. coun
cil is to be held at the Y on Thurs
day noon, to consider much reg.
ular and special business. A full
attendance is desired.
Coat and Valuable Loaf
R. M. Ingraham, a resident of
Mt. Vernon,- Mo., reported to the
police, Tuesday, that he had lost
somewhere in Salem, an overcoat
containing $50 worth of war sav
ings stamps. The finder has not j
yet reported them to the station.
The trreatest matrimonial surprise of the season thus far came
with the announcement that Mrs. Arthur Scott Burden was married
to Mr. Guy Fairfax Gary, internationally known lawyer and sports
man. Mrs. Burden, who was Miss Cynthia Roche, is the only daugh
ter of Mrs. Burke Roche. Her father was the late James Boothby
Burke Roche, Lord Fermoy, which title is now held by her eldest
brother. Maurice Roche. It is Mrs. Burden's second marriage. She
was married in 1906 to Mr. Arthur Scott Burden, who died in 1921
after a lingering illness. There is one daughter, Miss Eileen Burden,
about 9 years of age.
EtUblisked 1868
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Outing Promises Well
Miss Mabel Hudelson. Miss
Grace Babcock, Miss Charlotte
Laily and Miss Broyies. left Sun
day for a two weeks outing that
promises big returns in enlov
ment. They are going first to Salt
Lake, for a sightseeing tour. Then
they go to Cody, Wyoming, from
wnere they take the eastern route
into the Yellowstone National
park. They expect to stay for five
days in the park. Then they go
out to Seattle, and finally home.
ah me young women are em.
ployes at the state house, and are
taking their summer vacation in
travel. -
i WEBER Mrs. Margaret Weber
passed away at a local hospital
August 8 at the age of 67 years.
She leaves her husband, George
Weher, and one son, L. G.
Weber. The body was shipped
to Portland by Webb & Clough
for funeral and interment in
the family plot.
Pool Repaired
The swimming pool at the Y.
that was laid up for repairs the
first of the week, has been fixed
and will be ready for use, start
ing today. It was not seriously in
capacitated and very little work
was necessary.
Boys to Report-
George Small, of 1887 Front
street, was cited toy the police to
appear at headquarters at 10
o'clock thia morning, and explain
why he and some other boys have
been pestering an aged woman
named Gourud. It was reported
that they had threatened to drive
her out of town, and she turned
L the matter over to the. police.
Vother. wht makei daddy eroti ana
I ran't ie juit how !' happy;
Mayb juat ,'tia constipation, "
Lark, ot DIXIE health bread ration.
er food gives health and con
tentment, but tho lack of prop1
tr foods will eventually break
, 'you down.
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The House of Half a
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402 N. ComT. Phone 523
SCHIEMAN William Schieman
pas.?ed away at his residence.
540 North Fifteenth street.
August 7. at the age ot 62
years. He leaves a widow,
Bertha Schieman, two sons,
Otto and William, Jr., and two
daughters, Mrs. George Pat
terson and Mrs. James Nash, all
of Salem. Funeral seryices
will be held from the Webb &
dough chapel Wednesday at
2 p. m.. Rev. Koehler officiat
ing. Interment in IO. O. F.
Jefferson Park Visited
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph White and
son returned Mondayfrom a two-
weeks' visit at and beyond Breit-
enbush springs in the east end of
Marlon county. They tramped
clear to Jefferson park, where
they have been going every sum
mer for the past six years, living
about as close to nature can pos
sibly be done with civilized gar
ments and sugar and coffee and
papered ham and a store knife,
a A. a
insieaa 91 a snarp stone and a
club to whack their wild food over
the head or go hungry. They re
port that Ol' Jeff is barer this sea
son than for many years previous
ly. The top snow is all gone, and
while there is some glacial ice in
some of the canyons, it looks al
most as old as the rocks them
selves.. They brought back a fine
lot of photos.
Mr. Carr So you spent Sunday
with Subbubs, did you? Is his
house far from the station?
Mr. Shanks About two miles,
as the dust flies.
GWJX At his home, 1590 South
Liberty street, Monday, August
7, 1922, Cyrus-Albert Gwin,
age 72 years. He leaves a;
widow, Mrs. Liille Gwin, one
son, Durward of Shatter, Cal.,
a brother. S. M. Gwin of Al
berta, Canada, and a sister of
Mrs. J. M. Williams ot Eugene,
Or. Funeral services will be
held Friday. Ausust 11. at 1:30
p. m. at the Rigdon chapel, the i
remains then forwarded to Eu
gene for interment.
Up in Washington a woman is
asking for a divorce on grounds
that her husband hypnotized her
into marrying him. Wouldn't
there be a merry time if every
body who might honestly use such
an excuse would make up- their
minds to do so? Hypnotism is
right, and it applies to both sexes.
Honeymoon Hikers Reach
Destination at Tacoma
teresttne statement that within a
weeh after Henry Ford has es
tablished his first factory sched
ule of ?5 a day for every worker.
the real estate valuation of De
tro t, the Ford town, had risen
$50,000,000, absorb'-ng in that
one week practically every dollar
of tho wage Increase in 'its rent
and business exactions upon the
public that lived on the wages
Such a condition, he said, could
not exist under a s'ngle tax ad
ministration. A quotation from
Senator Robert LaFollette, that
the railroad stocks contained
$12,000,000,000 in water, he said,
was true; but 4he farms of the
nation contain more than 12
time3 that much, he declared, in
unearned increment of land val
Instances Cited
He stated that when the New
York elevated railroad was built,
it wa3 held forth as a great boon
to the people who could get cheap
rates; but it was the land owners
who made the hundreds of mil
lions of dollars. The New York
subway, that cost $35,000,000 and
wS tc be a boon because It
brought cheap homes and .trans
portation to the toiling masses
paid 20 times its cost to the own
ers of lands that were benefitted
The speaker held that "the farm
er would not pay an excessive
tax on the s'ngle tax theory; for
only abcut one-tenth of the real
estate valuation of Oregon is ac
tual producing farm lands. The
Morzan building of Portland, he
said, paid $72,000 ground rent
year. This one lot would pay as
much under the single tax system,
he said, as 130 average Oregon
farms of 250 acres. He would
convert the unearned increment of
land values into "wages," and in
stead of having 10 men for 9"
jobs, ho would have nine men for
10 jobs, putting wages to a pre
mium and so up to a peak where
they vould stay.
Bonds Not Taxable
A question - was raised - as to
whether if a man had $50,000
worth of bond, they would be
taxable. They would not, accord
ing to the speaker. He had stat
ed that there were some $60,000,
000,000 in untaxed bonds in the
country; which under this inter
pretation wouldn't pay a cent.
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TACOMA, Wash.. Aug. 8.
'The honeymoon hikers," Mr. and
Mrs. P. X. Rademaker of Chicago.
reached their destination here to
day. They covered the 2 ,498
i miles from Chicago on foot with
j the exception of "Lifts" given
them by automobile drivers, and
arrived here 24 days ahead of
their schedule.
The couple, married In the
spring, agreed with President
, Lambert ot the Chicago Hiking
i club that they would come to Ta-
coma without spending money for
fare. They walked 520 miles of
! the distance.
They 'are guests here of Mr.
Rademaker's uncle, L. Gottschalk,
and they expect to locate in Ta
coma. Mr. Rademaker is 21 and
his bride 19.
. (Continued from page 1.)
' Atlantic cable, and Robert Fulton
with Tiis steamboat, and - Sir
Hen y Bessemer with his process
i for making- cheap . steel, were
laughed at and derided but they
made good with their theories,
the rpeaker recalled.
Exactions Absorb TTaees
night, ao f sent over Maady, who
takes care of me. Mr. Lukens
explained. ' v"--V'-' -
; " "That was very thoughtful ot
you. but I know of old the Utile
extra attentions you give your
tenants. the officer replied, and
the old , woman's '; thia cheeks"
flushed with leasurea v
MaJ. Cra'tland turned to tha .
car and flung open tho door ot
the tonnes u. v
"Pleasa dont think me pre-
sum!ng, fc6 said, addressing '
Dicky, "hut may I snggest that
Mrs, Graham remain her with ,
you until the rest hava been
shown their, rooms? Then yonr -mother
ran find out just whera r
he U to go. and yonr wife can
be spared, any worry or confus
ion t ; v,; V." ;
"Thanks, old man. Just what
I thinking. Dicky returned,5;
but l fancied thera was a slight "
stiffness la his tone, andI won
dered" it he -were foolish enough"
to recent what he might consider
otfieicusnesa on the part ot the
officer. ;
"I'll Back Mrs, Lnkens.'
'I can tell Mrs. Graham's room
as soon as I see It, my mother
in-law put In, the acerbity ot fa
tigue In her voice, "Thero were ,
threo bedrooms described In the
plan the woman sent us. One of,
them Is a sun parlor and sleeping'
porch combined. , with two bads.'
My son and daughter-in-law are
meant. And so there wouldn't be uch fresh air rraiks thst inch a
any misunderstanding I signed
Watkias to the one I sent back."
'That explains things," MaJ.
Grantland said. "I wondered It It
might not be you after all. But
am glad everything is straight
ened out. Now. If you can tell
us where Mrs. Graham's room la
she has had a sort of a nervous
collapse, and ought to get 'to Toed
at once."
'There's nothing like th's air
for nerves," Mrs. Lukens repl'ed
santentlously. "She'll be all right
in no time. But she probably
doesn't feel like walking across
the yard. I think you'll be able
to bring that car right up to the
door of the cottage, although it's
sort o a winding path among the
trees. Look here I'll walk ahead
of you a m'te, snd you follow me
slowly around the house. It's all
lighted up and ready."
She was down the steps and
skimming ahead of the car like a
young girl, although she must
hate been over 60 years old. I
had an impression of resistless,
nervous . energy triumphing over
old age and possible ill health.
and wondered anew at the dynam
ic force possessed by most ot the
women of the oMer generation.
am afraid when the women of our
generation are old we will make
by comparison but a poor shoe
What Does Dicky Think?
Maj. Grantland entered the car
again.' started it. and with its pow.
erful speed reduced to a mere
crawl we moved down the drive
way in the wake of Mrs. Lukens.
Before us, as we turned around
the corner of the house, seemed
a wall of trees and shrubbery, but
Mrs. Lukens darted to an opening
in it and MaJ. Grantland deftly
guided his big car through the
passage, though to my wondering
eyes It seemed scarcely wide en
ouglx for a wheelbarrow. Another
bit of winding path, and a quaint
vine-covered cottage, built after
the fashion of an old English
farm souse, burst jpon my de
lighted gate. t Lights gleamed
from the windows, snd the door
stood hospitably open, while at
one !de of the door stood a big,
smiling negress.
I thought, they might need
somebody to help them out to-
Hot and tired?
Say! a dish of cold ice
cream will cool you off
and make you feel like
Try Oar Fountain -Specials
. We make 'em right!
Drug Store
Sole 'Agent Garden Court
Preparation .
13S OwvrV.- Phnn 197
room is the only place for them.
will take Richard Second la one
of the others end Mr. Spencer
can tike the one that's left. How
do you do?" f.
The last remark was addressed
to Hrs. Latent, who was at her
side rs soon as MaJ. Grantland.
helped her from the ear. My fa
ther had taken the sleeping chlU'
from her, and followed her lm'
medMately. ; r;. ;
If yoo'llJus. show as the bed-
rooms ' With these words my ef
ficient mother-in-law took charge
of the entire situation. As she
disappeared w'.thla the , house.
Dicky chuckled.
Heaven help Mrs. Lukens, It
everything isn't op to snuff. he
murmured. r t -
ril back Mrs. Lukens, MaJ.
Grantland returned smiling, and
then under his breath I heard a
mutteredDamnatIoalcu ' 4
The covered car which we had
seen at the station .was coming
through the archway In the trees.
. (To be continued) ' '.' t ,
. C. P. Hagemann and J. D. Bee
be of . the publ ie, service comm is-
sibn .left last night tor; Bandon
on a vacation trip. , . ,
: Mr. and Mrs. Harloy Pugh re
turned, this week from Nye Beach,
where they, have been for two
weeks vacation. ; v, : ?
Bert Smith, deputy sheriff.' Is
home following his vacation which
he spent t Tillamook. 7 , ,
. Mr. and Mrs. Guy Scudder and
daughter. Vera, are guests at the
home of Mr. and Mrs.. Av E. Gib
bard. ,, y, - -
oejtis ruBjriiimrat ,
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There ia a"jauntyronth-,
f ul air about the decid- -edly
mannish coats that "
will be worn this fall.
Cut ( along those same .
straight lines that wo
men adrnire in a mans
overcoat, these distino; .
tive wraps will prove the'
correct , thing: for many .
autumn occasions. Fash- T
ioned of beautiful wool
mixtures, finished with
big patch dockets and .
sometimes bands of
stitching, they are espec- :
laily attractive in view,
of their moderate prices.
They Are Exceedingly Correct.
: and Smart
When yon Tay As You Go" youTl return '
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