The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, February 05, 1922, Page 3, Image 3

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Sing at Boys School
The girls glee club of Willam
ette university gave IU first con
cert of the year at the boys' train
ing school last "night- They went
out with tbe Hotary club's toys'
work committee of which Dr. M.
C. Findley Is chairman. Miss Lor
lel Blatchford is manager of the
club this year and Miss Gemvleve
Findley played the accompani
ments. Among the stunts put on
by the glee club was that of "The
Four Imps." Miss Blatchford and
Marguerite Cook sang a number!
of solos.
Want a Job
Next summer If s, you
should be spending this time in
getting ready. New classes In
shorthand Monday, February 6.
Capt. lirumbau&h to Talk
Cantaln IT. C. nrnmhanrh .
retary of the World war veterans
state aid commission, will be the
speaker of the day at the Tuesday
noon meeting of the Kiwanis club,
held at th Commercial clnh. Can-
tain Brumbaugh will tell of what
is going on in the bonus commis
sion In regard to the aid law.
Distance 1,000 Miles
Since thf Palmltn Hal VarAa ia.
land off the west coast of Mexico
nas Decome a more or less famil
iar eeoeranhical nnim tn man- a
lem people, it has been figured
om mat travel to that distant Isle
Watkins Products
A. A. Enf lbrt City EUUr
Phone 1784-W 240 Lelelle St.
Goods delivered at your door
S. C. STONE, M. D.
nd does a general office practice
umcfl Tyler's Drug Store
157 South Commercial Street
Hartman's Glasses
j Easier and Better
Wear them and aee
fhone 1235 Salem, Oregon
kv buvintr vour hardware and
furniture at The Capital Hard,
ware & Furniture Co., 285 N.
Commercial street. Fhone 947
IptUin at 163 H W. OommareUl StrMt
Chop Buey, Noodle and morlcta
PiakM iM Cma ui Drinks.
. , Optn 11 .m, to 1 aja.
SpoU1 Bom4y
We pay highest-price.
We bay and sell -everything
We sell for less.
215 Center St. Phone SOS
, -. - - -
We want them and want
them bad. Because we do
"we will pay you the high
est price obtamaoie any
where. Bring us all ; you
have, .a:
Also old clothing, furniture
and junk of all kinds.
The House of Half a Million
and One Bargains
402 N. ComT. Phone 523
After a day's work must j
you sit down and "rest your !
eyes?" Or is there open for
you a full evening of delight-'
full entertainment in read
ing? Don't let your eyes
get bo far gone they must
be rested every little while.
An expert optician can re
tain their efficiency for you.
204-211 Salem" Bank of
Commerce Building
Oregon's largest Optical
. Institution -
Phone 239 for appointment
' II ' i
is about as much as traveling to
the Atlantic coast. It figures out
like this: Salem to San Francisco
by rail, 720 miles; San Francisco
to Tuscon, Ariz., 983 miles. Tuc
son to , Nogales on the Mexican
border, 65 miles. Nogales on the
Mexican side to Mazatlan, off the
west coast of Mexico. 1181 xuUes.
This makes a total of 2949 miles
by rail from Salem to Mazatlan.
The islaad is about 50 miles or
more south of Mazatlan. The to
tal mileage from Salem to Pal-
mlto del Verde Is 3,000 miles.
Yiavl Manager, Mrs. Fooi
Will be in Albany next week.'
Collars Handed Out
At the county clerk's office yes
terday, business was good at the
dog license counter, as 112 were
handed out and' with each a nice
thick leather collar, with the li
cense number stamped thereon.
The totahnumber of dog licenses
issuea during me past weeg . is
Chicken Dinner
At the Grey Belle today, 11 per
plate. Adv.
Wants to Be Citizen
Julius Kopp. born in Russia 35
years ago and who came to this
country February 20, 1918. wants
to be a real American. He has
filed his declaration of becoming
a citizen, and forswears allegiance
to the government of Russia. He
now lives at Shaw. He cannot
make his final appearance fqr fin-
al appearance for citizenship un
til 1923, as the law requires a
residence of five years before for
eigners are admitted to citizen
French pastry. Birthday cakes
made to order at the Grey Belle
i Adv.
Book Presented
One volume, heavily bound In
brown leather and of a very an
tique appearance was presented to
the library of Willamette univer
sity. It is a copy of Dante's In
ferno, printed in the Italian lan
guage-and presented to Willam
ette university by the Italians of
United States of America in com
memoration of the 600th anniver
sary of the death of Dante. The
book was dated September 14,
Gray Belle French pastry. Adr
Dinner and Line Party-
Prosperity having hit the man
agement of The Clarion, the Sa
lem high school official paper, Ar
thur Montgomery, business man
ager tendered a line party it a
local theater and a dinner to
Watkins Remedies
C. L. Coulee, Distributor
331 N. Liberty Phone 4 02 J
Salem. Oregon
Dr. Stone
will remedy that hacking
cough in short order
with a small bottle of his
Cough Remedy
For coughs, colds, croup,
whooping cough, hoarse
ness, bronchitis, sore
throat and lungs.
This remedy is even bet
ter than Dr. Stone's usu
al prescriptions. Price
Manufactured by
Tyler's Drug
157 S. Com'l Phone 35
Whatever causes
the lights to go
out we'll have
them in working
order again in a
hurry. We will
wire your house
with skill or exe
cute a repair job
with dispatcn
Our, electric goods are warranted
to serve you well and our prices
are margined closely for your ben
members of the Clarion staff. The
event was celebrated last night.
Income Tax Statements Prepared
G. Ed Ross, public accountant
and auditor, phone 209SR. Adv.
livesley Musician Ambitious
Young men who are musically
inclined and who live near Lives
ley are planning to organize a
brass band of 25 pieces. William
H. Matheson will be in charge as
director and C. D. Query, merch
ant of Livesley will serve as bus
iness manager. It is understood
the. Livesley, Turner and Liberty
brass bands will arrange lor a
band tournament in Salem next
Drs. White and Marshall
Osteopathic physicians, U SBk.
Music Contributed
A number of musicians are re
sponding to the call of the Salem
public library for music. Miss
Flora M. Case, librarian, said yes
terday. The music department is
one that has just recently been
inaugurated and those interested
hope that within a short time a
large collection will be ready lor
patrons of the library. Among
those who have contrmutea music
are Miss Elizabeth Putnam, Mrs.
W. H. Burghardt, Jr., Miss Angel
in McCullough. Dr. John R. Sites,
Mrs. James Fairchild and Mrs.
Charles Baker. Mrs. Baker has
contributed one of her own com
positions. A Box of Candy-
One pound and three-quarters
for one dollar and a quarter.
Hass' Home Made Special. The
Ace, 127 Nv High atreet.-AdT,
; - . i"i i ii .'j't ' ,
Son is Born
A son was born recently to Mr.
and Mrs. Christopher Butte or
1148 Norway street. He has been
named William John. Mr. Butte
is a plumber associated wttb r.
M. Barr.
Wall Papering
Leave orders for wall papering
at Hamilton a furniture store.
Back from Montana
R. J. Valiton returned yester
day from a business trip of two
weeks in Montana. He was there
lust in time for the 20 below
zero weather.
Fitted at Tyler's drag store by
an expert in the business. Adv.
Left for Gnadarrayara
For the benefit of his mothers
health C. K. Valiton left yester
day with his mother for Guadal
ayara, Mexico., a city well up in
the mountains, west of Mexico
city. They will travel from San
Francisco by steamer to Monzam-
lllo. about 100 miles south oi
Mazatlan on the western coast of
Mexico, and then by rail to Guad
alayara. The city is known as a
great health resort.
Consultation and examination.
Drs. Bradford & Bradford. D. C,
state licensed physicians. Ten
years In practice. Phone 626.
Suite 319 Oregon Bldg. Adv,
Tuesday, Feb. 14 Is Date
The next meeting of the Cher
rians will be held one week from
next Tuesday, February 14. King
Bine McGilchrist is preparing to
announce the names of his com
mitteemen for the coming year.
Students Reeisterlne
The registrar's office of Wil
lamette university was crowded
yesterday with students register
ing for the second semester, ac
cording to the number of lnquir
ies it is estimated that the reg
istratlon will exceed that of the
first semester.
haw onin. minaral mna Dfttut. meav
m! treatment! and raisngc. ia
springs re located 20 milet from Mc
Winnville on the S.P. line. Asle for
-i ' -
? m ;
2 1 :
m '
Normal Times Will Soon
Be Here
There is every indication
that the Northwest is about
to experience a revival of
prosperous times. Thi3
means that there will be an
increased demand for com
petent office help.
Will you be ready to take
advantage of this new de
mand? Begin now to train
yourself- for this emer
gency. -.
New classes beginning
Monday,; Feb. 6.
Capital Business
r College - -
Salem, Oregon
Contrfbatkm Received
Dr. Henry E. Morris, treasurer
of the Associated Charities,' yes
terday reported that the Past
Worthy Matron's club of the
Eastern Star had paid in the
club's Quota of 10 cents per mem
ber. The money secured is trans
ferred to a general fund for the
relief of destitute families.
MacDonald's Farmer Almanac
At Tyler's Drug Store. Adv.
Chickens Annoy
Poultry said to have been per
mitted to stray with impunity in
the vicinity of 1790 Fairgrounds
road, caused a complaint to be
filed at the police station yester
day. Officers will send post
cards to the chickens or their
Republican Club Will Meet
The Women's Republican Study
club will meet Monday afternoon
with Mrs. C. P. Bishop.
People Cs Swift's Fertiliaer
Because It makes them money.
See C. S. Bowne or phone 353.
Tom Kay Is at Home
T. B. Kay Is now at home, and
feeling fine. He is rapidly re
covering from the effects of his
operation last week for hernia at
the Salem hospital.
Will Hoar Lect
The men of the Baptist church,
after their 6 o'clock dinner next
Tuesday evening, will adjourn to
the church auditorium in order
that there may be room for all
men women and children who
may care to hear Dr. A. S. Phelps,
noted world traveler, deliver his
address. "The Light of the East."
All will be welcome.
Standard Make New Piano
1298. Easy terms. Tallman
Piano store, 121 South Com'l.
Hickman to Return
Rev. E. C. Hickman will return
Monday morning in time for Mrs.
E. E. Gilbert's funeral. Revj Dr.
Hickman cancelled his Idaho ap
pointments in order to be in Sa
lem for the funeral.
Dr. Kennedy Dies
Dr. J. H. Kennedy died in San
Francisco February 1, according
to information received here yes
terday. He is survived by two
daughters. Faith Kennedy and
Ruby H. .Kennedy, both teachers
in the Salem schools, and a son.
B. E. Kennedy.
A Classified Ad
Will bring you a buyer. Adv.J
Medicine Case Lost
Dr. J. Shelley Saurman yester
day reported to the police that
a small medicine case had been
lost from his car.
Spot. TJglit Stolen
Officers reported yesterday that
they had failed to find any trace
of a spot light stolen Thursday
from the car of H. N. Crain of
the Capital Journal. '
Register for May Festival
Chorus, with Dr. John Sites.
Mrs. W. H. Burghardt or Mrs.. W.
Carlton Smith. Adv.
Silvertoti Man Arrested
E. O. Loe of Silverton was ar
rested yesterday by State Traffic
Officer Bloom on a charge of
driving 28 miles an hour on
South Commercial street. Mr.
Ltoe depostied $20 for his ap
pearance in city police court at
10 a. m. tomorrow.
Legal Blanks
Get them at The Statesman of
fice. Catalog on application.
Move Back to Portland
The proprietors or the North
western Pipe company, 219 North
Commercial street, plumbing and
house supplies, have closed their
store and moved the stock back
to Portland. They have been in
Salem but a tew months.
Used Piano like New
Very cheap for cash. Tallman
Piano Store, 121 South Com'l.
Contract Mixed
In order that a contract between
two parties, neither of which un
derstood legal phraseology, might
be corrected, Frances L. Estas has
brought suit against O. WY Harv
ey and L. A. Jones. The plain
tiff alleges that the parties had
entered into an agreement to buy
20 acres in section 14. T. 4, S. of
349 North
Commercial St
Get our prices first
The cheapest place in
the city to do your
trading. You'll get, a
fair and square deal
here '
of R. 2 W. for $4400, that a
prominent citixen of Can by offer
ed to draw up the contract, did
so. but.forgotto mention anything
about" JteJ estate, and then in
making 'the contract, inserted the
figures 3aQ0 instead of those
agreed upon, $4400. The plain
tiff ask that a judgment and de
cree be entered reforming the
Women's Home Companion
Si. 50 a year. The Ace, 127 N.
High. Adv.
Jollj-lp Held
The post-exam jubilee of Wil
lamette university was held last
night n the society rooms of
Waller hall. About 200 guests
were present and the entertain
ment and proeram was of the
kind that meant a real joliy-up.
Games, songs and acts that pleasel
all were presented by the com
mittee in charge of entertainment.
This is an annual affair of Wil
lamette university and its purpose
is to jolly-up the students aftei
the examinations. Many out of
town guests were present.
Oj-htere, Cans" Trouble
Oysters, said to contain from
35 to 50 per cent of water in a
five-gallon can are the cause of
a complaint made out yesterday
by J. F. Jones, deputy sealer of
wefghts and measures, acaLnst
Loufs M. Tent. According to
dealers of fish and oysters, this
dilution of the shellfish is a very
dangerous 'practice. ptomaine
poisoning often being traced to
shellfish that have been handled
in this manner.
Brother Causes Arrest
Norton Vanderhoof of 1420
Bellevue street, was yesterday ar
rested by Constable Walter De
Long. Vanderhoof is faced with
a charge of assault and battery
preferred by his brother, Nelson,
who bears certain substantiating
proof of his brother's fistic prow
ess, it is reported. Norton will
be arraigned in justice court at
10 a. m. Monday.
Booze Car Mislaid
A car, reported to be carrying
liquor from Portland to Eugene,
failed to arrive in Salem early
Saturday morning although Pa
trolmen Elmer White, Marion
Putnam and George D. White
waited for several hours on the
main highway north of Salem.
The information concerning the
car was received from a bureau
of the Portland police depart
Accident Report
C. W. Southworth of 1105 Mis
sion street, yesterday reported to
the police that while driving- west
on D street ho had been Involved
in a collision with a car driven
by W. W. McReynolds of Morn
ingside, who was proceeding
south on Capitol street. Both
cars were damaged.
Wants Real Estate Commission
Frank Readen has brought suit
against WT. A. Rutherford for
$190 commission in making a real
j estate sale, according to a com
plaint filed in the Marion county
court yesterday. He alleges Mr.
Rutherford secured his services
to sell lots 4 and 11, in the Ruth
erford fruit traets to W. T. Nep
tune; that a commission of $10
was to be paid when the deal was
made and $190 when the purch
aser had paid a total of $1000
The plaintiff alleges he got the
$10 but never received the $190
Final Hearings
The date for the final hearing
in tne estate or airs, r-nzaut-ui
Haynes Burpee has been set for
Monday. March 13. Henry Hur
pee is executor. The date for the
final hearing in the estate of. Is
aac waggoner, nas Deen set ior
Monday. March 20. The admin
istrator is Alfred Bates.
Estate Appraised
The estate of William Ernes;
Hoffman has been appraised , st
$1675 as the value of a lot, tools
and stock of the blacksmith shop
at Hubbard, and a half Interest
n two lots in Hubbard, a praised
at $1200.
Cupid Got Busy
Yesterdav was a fairly active
day at thai marriage licence coun
ter of th? Marion connty clerk
The first license was issued to
Alex Robertson, 'of Condon, a
grain buv?r. and Lillian Harts
horn, a music teacher of Salem.
The seeon 1 wa to FIcyd Eberly
White, a s;tdent of Corvallis and
Gladys Evelyn Page of 100i
Court 3t?eet. a stenographer. The
third wis Clarence Fellows of
64a Ferry street, an engineer and
Alice Woi-'-enweda, oi 310 Leslie
Salem Physicians Attend
Kuykendall Funeral Today
Dr. W. Carlton Smith and Dr.
IX1 R. Ross will go to Eugene to
day where they will attend the
funeral of pr. J. E. Kuykendall,
who died, while serving with the
army In France. The two Salem
physicians will serve as pall
They also atendM the first
funerat of Dr. Kuykendall when
he was buried with full military
honors at Le Mans. February 22,
1919, With an escort of French
and American soldiers.
J. O' MrCnrm'-k left vesterday
for Hood Rirer for a short " isft
Judge T. A. McHrido went to
Portland4 yesterd.17
County Jud3 A. B. R'Mnson
was hera veorday from Dallas.
Pan! Ficgel, former president
of the student body of Willameile
nniversitv was a visit-jr in Salem
j Charles Ilartman cf the Silver
toarSco!a Mills section. was a Sa
lem Tisiw yesterday.
William Anrsi. Mt Aael.
was a caller at the office of C'nun-
I " ... ' .... V 111
a i. :.i .: ..a. -v.-. vjt.
V... :y. ...
.' : : 7 .
i u j, am, ii in' iim ii i ii i ii I i iii 'in ii ii ii i il mfitrim-lrt j
Mrs. Mary Freed, mother of three children, has Just been elected
magistrate of Atlantic City. N. J. Mrs. Freed is the only woman magis
trate ever elected in New Jersey. She says thct sbs will tote a gun and
use it it necessary. She was elected by a count ot 612 to 12 votes. Mrs.
Freed Is in a unique position, being boss ot bor husband, who ia a con
stable. He receives his work from her hands. In fact, with both in
the' same office, it is a "closed corporation."
transacted business in Salem
Saturday afternoon.
W. IT. Downing of Sublim'ty.
was a vis:1. - at the Marion coun
ty ccwr.'ijn Snrl-tv
Mr. and Mrs NorrU Hunt, of
Sublin traded with Salem mer
chans yesk-tday
H. C. upv? of Sunnyside.
trans-.cted hufinen with Marion
county effi-ials yesterday mora
ing. DIED
EVERSON In this city at a local
hospital. February 3, Austin J.
Everson, age 81 years, husband
of Sarah E. Everson, father of
Goodhue Everson of Eugene;
Ford Everson of Kelelr, Minn.;
Austin Everson Jr.. of North
Yakima, Wash., Mrs. Hattie
Prahl ov tJoodhue, r.tinn.; Miss
Bessie and Chester Everson of
Salem, brother of E. M- Ever
son of Chicago. The funeral
will be held today (Sunday.,
from Rigdon's chapel at 3:30.
FURRER At a. local hospital,
February 4, Dan Furrer, age 66
years .husband of Mrs. Dan
Furrer, father of Mrs. A. A.
Krueger and Victor Collins of
Salem, Leland Harris of St.
Lawrence, S. D., and Dan Fur
rer or Sioux Falls, S. D. The
body is at Rigdon's and the
funeral will be held from the
chapel at 2:30 Tuesday.
RLT'HM At the Abst residence,
235 South Fourteenth street,
February 3. Christian Bluhm,
ace1 81 years, father of Mrs.
Elizabeth Noble and Christian,
Jr.. and George Bluhm of Port
land, William Bluhm ot Oregon
City. Charles Bluhm of Pendle
ton and Mrs. Marie Abst of Sa
lem, brother of Mrs. Charles
Priebe anad Gottfried Bluhm of
Oregon City. " Also survived. 07
10 grandchildren. The body is
at the Kigdon mortuary from
, where it will be forwarded to
Oregon City-for funeral serv
ices and interment. Funeral
services Monday at Oregon City.
FRANKLIN At Chemawa. Feb
ruary 4, Tillie Franklin, age 15.
years. Body at Rlgdon mortu
Funeral 'services foX the late
Mrs. Irene Gilbert, wifeof Rev. '
E. E. Gilbert, will be h !'l Mon-!
day. February 6. at 2 o'clock from ;
the First Methodist churrh. Rev. j
Avison and Rev. Kirkpatrick offi
ciating. The body will lie in state
from 11a. m. until the time of the
service. Rlgdon & Son, directing.
Funeral services for the late
William E. Garner, ex-service man
who died Fpbruary 3, at a local
hospital, will take place Monday
at 1 o'clock from Rigdon's.
Funeral services for the late
W. H. Pruett wiU. take place on
Tuesday at 10 a. m. from Rig
don's, Rev. Bryan officiating.
Funeral of W. L. Garner, under
direction f Amnfir;ii lesion.
Monday, 1 p. m.. at Rigdon nn
dertakinr parlors. , T:t -service
men requested fo attopd
Webb & Clough
Leading Funeral
Expert Embalmers
The exas Paris Oil company,
capitalized at $500,000. has filed
articles of incorporation. The
headquarters will be in Portland
and the incorporators are W. W.
Boscow, R. S. Hartramtf and J. R.
Alcock. Other articles have been
filed as follows:
Guaranty Investment company,
Portland; incorporators, Anthony
Eckern, LeRoy D. Walker. S. J.
Graham; capitalization, $25,000
Gus Luellwiti Lumber company.
Portland; incorporators, Gus Lu-
ellwltz, R. E. Williams. Frank H
Hilton, capitalization, $25,000.
Capital Ice & Cold Storage com
pany, Salem; incorporators, Louis
Lachmuna, II. A. Talbott, John
It. McNary; capitalization, $75.
Resolutions showing an In
crease In capitalization from
$300,000 to $600,000 were filed
by the Murphy Timber company of
Medical Student is Held
for First Degree Assaul
SPOKANE, Wash.. Feb. 4.
Maurice P. Codd. Northwestern
university medical student and
Barrett medal men at Oanzaga
university of this city, where he
was prominent in athletics, was
released oh -$10,000 bonds today
on a charge of first degree aa
bault. 1
France P. Brinpn. an army prl-
1 A1 BIG
tag "Just Around
j The Comer"
Established 1868
General Banking Business
Office Hours from 10 a. m, to f, m,
Goods packed,
Fireproof Storage.
vate. stationed-, at t- 'Fort Qeorc
Wright. nr here, whom Codi.ts
accused or having thrown jovor a
raiUag on the third floor of a lo
cal business building, during, aal
altorcatioa last weaaesuay, viw
tid today to be hovering between i
lire and death at the Tort hospi
tal. 4I sustained t& , fractured
skull, and little hope. h. via de
clared, is held for his 'recovery.
Have yon ever, thonght irhat a .
little' we Enow about thinl
think we know, all about? .
Thomas Meighan
In I
A Prince There Was"
Clyde Cook
In -
The Sailor
Continuous Show -
Four Course Table de .
Hote Chicken Dinner ;
$1.00 Plate
A la Carte Order.
(Including Bread .andv
Butter and Mashed
Potatoes)' ;
65c Order
Service, Noon to 8 p. m.
Restaurant and ' .
Confectionery. '.
382 State St. ' '
can you:
or is your head ;sp filled '
with that stuffy' cold
that it" is a ' continual
sniff, sniff, sniff?
Schaefer's Cold
will break up your cold in
short order. Hundreds''
of Salem people are with
Dut colds because of these' '
little winder workers.
Get a package today
4 i:n-
Schaete fs - ?
Tinier .Wir J
,Sole A?ent Garden Court
Preparations '
' 135 N. Coral. Phone4P7 !i
, 4
Our Utah Coal is going at
These prices are cash: -Utah
Lump CoaU.$17,00
S Utah Stove Coal 16.00 I
We guarantee all our ; ;
snipped or stored.
Prices to Please Yon
... ..- - . - ... . -. . h -