The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, October 02, 1921, Page 11, Image 11

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(Continued from" page '3.)
Mrs. Leroy D. Leedyand smaU
daughter Loin, are galn at her
home at the Court apartments af
ter a abort Tiait with j Portland
friends. Mrs. Leedy has scent the
summer afr thecoasV t i
Mlas Anna Boentje and M!sU
May. Ranch - returned Saturday
from;, their ' summer vacations,
ready to,take up their, school
worli, for. the coming year.
Mr. and Mrs.;. Frank. Shake!
ford of Seaside : have . been - the
guests of Dr.V. . J . Tnorapson
during Jair weet Mr, Shakel
ford is an official photographer
at the fairgrounds. , ,
The. many frienda of Miss Vera
Itoseouest, president, of , the Phi
Beta Phi sorority at Oregon Ag
ricnltnral college, -will he glad to
learn of her election as vice pres
ident of the Mask and Dagger
Dramatic ... society .' Miss Kosen
quest is a Wenlor and Is majoring
in Jnoxae, .nomIcs..,.:.!,Jw,.-.,..
... ......... -.
Mrs. Petri, the popular Port
land' pianist and teach-sr of teach
ers, has. arranged to open her new
Salem ; stndlo - in; the Masonic
building with the Moore-Dunn
Music company on Tuesday, Oc-
toDer 4. Tlili is Mrs. Petri's third
season in Salem and a number ot
the more progressive young mil-
sic teachers here are now study
ing with her. Her methods are
most advanced, having been
cleaned from many years of New
York and European study and ex
perience. In Portland her class
la largely tnade up of well known
teachers, She is , now preparing
Her 'book on? the "Psychology . of
Piano .TecTmlq.ue'', for. public a-
tiOB S-.-.ri- , -- v-v; -if ' ,
Mis . Jeanj McKeiuie, whose
home is near fMacIcay, has been
a house guest it the home of Rev.
and Mrs, Wi C. Kantnef during
fair week. ! Miss McKenzle left
Friday for Eiigena where, she will
take up the I work of her senior
.year at th3 VniTerslty of 'Oregon.
Mr. and Mrs. O. A. Thomas and
daughter. Arliss, of Seattle, are
guests at the home of Mrs. Thom
as parents. Rev. and Mrs. W. C.
Kantner. Mr. Thomas returns to
Seattle this evening, while- Mrs.
Thomas' and daughter will contin
ue their stay for some days.
In honor of Miss Doris Neptune
who left for Eugene on Saturday
last to attend the University cl
Oregon, Mrs. Louise Olson enter
tained at a s'x-rourse dinnsr on
Thursday evening. Covers were
laid for six. !
Mrs-oITv S. ;Laraport is spending
the week-end with Portland
friends. f '
Mr. and Mrs, E C. Hadel ot
Portland are spending" the week
at the home of Mr, and Mrs. Guy
Harris at the Court apartments.
Mrs. Hadel and Mrs. Harris are
Miss Catherine Anderson and
Mrs. Mary Martin and daughter;
Ida,-former Salem residents, were
fair visitors on Portland day.
I '
-Mr. and Mrs. Fred S. Lam nor t
left Thursday for . Los -Angeles i
Mis3 Edna Knight: ot Portland
attended the state felrhoriUPort
land day. lib.. Knight lit fid t bt
Salem some, years ago, her fath
er, John Knight, at one 'time hold
ing the position ot sheriff of Ma
rion county. ; ..,"J.'fX .
Mr. and Mnr. Joseph Bradley
of Juda, Wis., who have been
guests for several weeks at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Clark,
215 North Commercial street,
left yesterday for a visit in Cali-j
fornia before returning home.
w j
Among the out of town guests
at the Thorn pson-Kiltz wedding
were Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Terry of
Portland, Mr. and Mrs.. Percy
Yonng of Albany, Mr. and Mrs.
William Bell of Portland and Mr.
and Mrs. Joseph Rothschild' of
iMiss Laura Austin of Wood
burn is a guest at the home of
Miss Laura Heist over the week
lend. Mi33 Austin recently ar
rived in America from Godra, In
dia.' iMr.and Mrs. Al M. Crawford
vifejted in Salem during fair week.
Mr. Crawford was formerly at
torney general for the state of
Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Dick of
Garden Home were guests of Mr.
and Mrs. Milton Meyers on Port
land day.
O. L. Rahn left yesterday for
a stay of several weeks with his
brother at Milligan, Or.
where Mr. Lamport will attend' Mrs. C. A. Park, who is spend
the Bankers' convention. Mr. and ing a couple of months in visit
Lamport will remain in California, ing various eastern points, Is now
for about three-weeks. the guest of Colorado, friends.
A Mr. and Mrs. H. M. White and
Children and Mrs. Aubten Suy
ter and children, all ot Portland,
are week-end guests at the home
of Col. and Mrs. George
Mr. and Mrs. Milton Meyers
are spending the wrek-end in
Portland as the guests of friends.
A 30cial hour on Sunday after
noons, between 5 and 6:30, j has
I been inaugurated by the young
people of the First Presbyterian
church for the purpose of making
it easy for the young people of
the city to become acquainted.
Tho first df the series, held- last
Sunday, was a decided success
i.nd it has been definitely decided
to continue this feature. Every
onp -in welcome, without reier
creed or church affilia
Lena Belle Tartar, vocalist and
prominent musical director of;. this
city, had the honor of being jteat
ured as contralto soloist on; the
special program given in the; new
pavilion at the state fair last! Fri
day evening. Misa Tartar f ap
peared in a group of songs in
which her rich voice was heard
to splendid advantage and many
compliments were expressed! re
garding the marked improvement
she has made daring a summer's
study in Seattle. Mrs. WL H.
Burkhardt, who . has an enviable
reputation as an, accompanist,
gave splendid support and iptej'
pretatlon at the piano.
Mrs. Joseph Buchtl of Port
land is spending several weeks in
Salem at the home of her (son.
Fred J. Buchtel. the Court apart
ments. , . . - '
A dele Garrisoa' New jPhaao or
FAX, i ;
"Oh, I know I'm a perfect fool,
but I can't help it I cin't!"
Little Mrs. Durkee's voice rose
in a wail strongly tingedj with hys
teria. In the shelter of the rose
hedge secure from observation
Lillian gripped ray arkn signifi
cantly. I knew that she was wait
ing as tensely as I for Mother
Graham's reply, wondering what attitude would b ' toward
Mrs. Durkee's unreasoning disap
proval of her son's betrothal to
Leila Fairfax. i (
"You are all Df that.'f My mother-in-law's
voice was grimly dia
regardful of ghing offense as is
generally characteristic! of her.
"And it is all' nonsense to say that
you cannot help it Sit down on
that bench and get yourself, to
gether while I tell ybu some
thing." j
Lillian and I exchanged hope
.ful, amused glancfs. - Evidently
Mother Graham was "strictly on
me jod" as Dicfcy wouia say.
Wonderful Words. j
!fcd .. . " r
Mrs. Durkee's childish
voice held vast astonishment and
more than a Utile ressntfui cha
grin. We hejkrd her flounce down
on the seat With an angry rustltng
or silken draperies, very much as
a bantam hen would ruin a her
feathers at something which dis
pleased her.
"Of coursed I might have known
that you woald be against me
too," she said petnlantly, and" 1
knew just bow;her extremely pret
ty lips were poutingl Mrs. Dur
kee is one of the rarely fortunate
women who preserve a certain
youthful beauty far into the late
middle age and who art fully
aware of their good fortune.
And I must confess that I did
n't xpect it of you either," she
went on. "after what you said on
the way out here, about knowing
all about it j
"Don't be an anointed idiot
just because you know how, and
can do it!"inr motherm-law re
joined tartly; ana I grinned joy
ously at Lillian, as I recogniied
the phrase Mother Graham so of
ten used in talk)ng to Dicky and
me. "Of course I know all about
it, and that's i exactly the reason
why I'm trying to prevent you
from making' the same mistake 1
did. although if you must have
the truth, I never humiliated my
son in the public way that you
did" yours this afternoon. But I
objected so strongly to Richard's
marrying Margaret that I said
things which, ! am afraid. Richard
will never forger. He has never
seemed quite So near to me since.
And now, when 1 have learned
that Margaret: is exactly the wife
for Richard, t would give a good
deal to unsay the things I uttered
everything save the blessed fact
that a wound; long hidden,5 yet
none tke less ; painful, hmi been
suddenly healed. I had long
knew that my ntotheMn-law-BB-f Alfred-lurke rn.T?,opedii.i!i?
der all her grjmness iiad a wry
sincere affection for ' me.t But
that she appror?d or me; was ful
ly contented with Dicky's trholc
was news most grateful to me.
A Swift Retreat.,
Yon ought; to know; having
ones had a mother-l-law ywicr
self," went on' my mother-in-iaw
with " relentless logic; -"that' ' the
wife, if she be -even- ordinarily
lovable, always- has- thei Inside
track.- '' 'f ':
i - " -r - -it-
? "You ea ; Just bet I do,", re
plied little Mrs. Durkee. "I had
the most: caatankeroas old dame
managed It so that she never sue
ceedd In interfering , bet ween, say
hasband and cie aithongh'u ate
tried it often Miougb. u goodae&s
knowa.rf But I had my owa lway
in everything.'" ', i I.
i "And Leila FMrfax' will dor tht
same' thing you wark my-' word,
retorted my mother-in-law. "Al
fred win simply ear our p off her
hand. Sor If you dont want hr
and incidentally youri son- to
regard you as a I'can tan kf rOu s old
dame', I would advise you j ,
"Oh!" Mrs. Durkee capitulated
swiftly, entirely; at the dismal, pic
tura my mother-in-law. had- deftly
painted, i "X hadn't thought of it
that way., Do 1 yen suppose! Alt
will forgive me?" ? ;
' "Beat It quiekl"- Lillian -whis
pered in my ear, and nqiselessly,
swiftly, we skim sd back over the
now, and that yosr had nothing" to
dt with It," 1 " tJ ,
4 LeUa's answer raa smoiprtd
la thB lr bear hue wiin wM.u
both. anfT to ifhich I knew Alii bit
terness against his wothor ihad
been awauowea hp- ;
v To b continued)
Weddinajof Sllvertorvf
' Young Couple Solemn
rsmvtal to The Statesmiml
Miss nehrirtU Sforaa&ll. RfBttr bt,.
fju-r fitoraasll of Sllf ertCnJ te-.
P.m, Ihn bride of Albert CL, KerU
son. Tkeeday jit a Quiet wedding1 at
the hbm t Mrj ana, MW.ineo--
dor .Opsund.. atl Portland. Tha
vManx waa uwnuwt uij -u
mediate relatives I tne; young
you; ever set your eyes m. butrlMxru
manafAd It a is.i?r nhtt nerer sue-! DedDle. ; . I : ; p:1 r ? J
tTaotk UrandMrs. NerUon aiava
at the tim nf their marriaae."
"PaMlv th tv1a for Richard"! sra8S3r pain- eT?rca we oousw
ExacUy the wi for RlDal- breathlessly, and theit j i hufgfej
For a- moment while the wonder
ful worda poured over my con
sciousness, I 'forgot our errand.
. E -
i 1 1
VV;'.-;,,"X"' 'Ajj tnijr' .
l , .... , . i -i -, . T
!. t ,- .- . . . " ; . . ,. ...
. " 4 1 i z i
'1 -r. . t . . . , .... ;, ,
- - '3r-":--"-:Ti ; t ' i ! v : l f-V-"
& , - i-..,jr" ? ' r . . ; .. . . i -" t " -f -i . ,-.- r.i..t.r. . ., i. ,
..- i i ' . . .'-..i . X '. . . . ..... w- --tv i i . . . . - -
j i.
, V
K-rl m-g.aWHUrt J'V-" J ..:'... r T -: t.
- ;'-: . ..!.' '
- lhe 1 one j Coloring ,
Thte-wprideriulJnstrument al
l6ws you to playeworld'sBest
music like & finished artists - -
Ask for a Demonstration
'ii' ) '?r"'. r l h
i4 few reasons why this is a good place to
buy a pfyno or player piano
MERE is a piano department that offers you quality,
price and service. Here pianos and player pianos
of known worth are to be found, instruments bear,
in the names of ft e most celebrated and time
honored makers in America.
Prices are lower at this store because the overhead or
selling expense is reduced to lit minimum. The rent
charged to this department of our business is only a frac
tion of what is ordinarily paid by exclusive piano dealers,
and we are satisfied with a small margin of gross profit
The department is conducted by men of long experi
ence in the piano and player piano business. : -: ,
When a player piano is sold an expert demonstrator
teaches you the fine points of how to skillfully operate it.
AH customers are made to become more than satisfied.
They become enthusiastic boosters.
Our little monthly payment proposition without , ad
vance in price enables anyone in, moderate chxumstanees
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This is a good place to buy a piano or player piano.
Come in and let us prove what we say.
We Will Take Your Silent Piano in Exchange on a Player-Piano-Pay
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jlE-T" :i : I A
Hobert M. Cable
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Long; winter evenings are here. A Player Piano in your home is pot only a source of Vamkod,
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Kohkr & Campbell,! Stcinway, Singer, French & Sons, soG"
small payment down brings any one of them to your home. Pay j the balance m little monthly pay-
Piano Department
Second floor .
each other ecstatically.
"You'll find A If, and Leila i
thejihrary," JLllliau said a second
later. ' "Better Itib them! off and
get them back Into . th dininK
room so evteryving will be ja U
-was when ,Mr4 Durkee. Haul, the
coo.M r j - ; It'T ":
' , I -obeyed' bet 'and when Mother
Graham and Ma , PurJtee4-the
latter flushed, and, "teary around
the laehen" npcared ! In tha
doorway, -we werq all ;! chatting"
busily. t t . 'H, 1 . "
,Tli3 men, of course,
srfrang to their, ; feet, j but
Alfred Durkee ; did : not (fo
to meet his mother.1 ; Instead he
stood rather grimly watching- un
til she, with bat a Binsle appealing
Kiance at him,; went ! straight Xt
Leila Fairfax f and pat her arzn
around the1 girl's slender? Agar.'
"My; dear! i the Baid. -with
charming lovableness which! al
ways endears little Mrs. Durkee's
friends to her, "pleas believe that
I lote you and am very pleased at
Alfred's choice... And some' day
you'll know in your own heart
just why I was sol hatefol ! jast
spent most ol thlr" tiTes at Sil
Tertonv where both; have wahy . ?
relatives and friends HfkV NerU
son returned Sunday from IFinter
Bay, Alaska , where a nar oeon
spending the summe. f?e
, After October they wJU be t
home to their friends at Clad Tld-' .
inga . " ' 4
Now the time to buy your
f ; MTLang,' Range i ;
A A .Northwest 1 Prodiib -' 1
Ele-err 'Eittelusive' Features
Makesr her, work easidr
f Guaranteed1 to: cut your (
- ' ' fuel ohehaif V -
'., 1-': it :? I
A' ranee" for" iver 6sqi ?
f A-rtnge fdri every pvtrse
XtX commercial Street :
Salem Music Director
I' Teacher "of Piano
267 North Winter St. " - 1 '
' if ' a -
ji. nth
t Teacher of.o.MOl'-v u j
394 N. Church " ... Phonl
MRS. ffAfEfi'XJ:Ati;,i:
State accredited teacher. Modern tnetHoda ittfthtrstlidy' of
. I nihM ., fw.. a jH!l-J.i-.i.j:ji.ii.j-ti.jii,fci .... :
k . . . . ., T t F ' 3!. ' t
Stiidlo I4 North 12th St
f Phone !134
, leacher - of, Pianor. '
otuaio 540 Marion at. rnonp' iJ! -i
Derby Building1 Mondays and' TJiursdays. PKdnc 20S. '
.. - t . - J '- - t a:
ACC1EDITED1 W TUT !; nTm-'r;TTiTrirt
VUs Mirr Ittlditd Witk KMiirta-i VIII.ii- .:- it.i.
rdutin frw Chif iro Miukal collepe ander IerbrtJ Miller; tb I wiU
ST?,"nLDi,'Vi'". recntJjf prdli.f Mimner-i tndy wrffc- CkM
w Clark,, rarty.. . , Vr - , . . (v. . -i .,111
-.. 5r f-.' . - ' f" ' ' j i- '
Mw Mfr:bM bad IB 7MnV rxperjeaMt ik CfcieaM, 8ln ul Idrilai.
Her . student ,mbr profeaioaaI and eonrm aingpra. j Portlaod--4Iol)dr.
Tuesdar, WHidy j a ad Tkurtd.j; 8alwa Vridar d fiafartay. - 3 j
The modern-weiKht relaxation, governinrf the laws of torte
ductlon, promoting elasticity, plasticity and resiliency, for
vanced students. Accreditod by State Board" of Kdocationi
Dunning Syj?tenv of. Improved, Music Study, foi Beclnnefa.
dorsed by the world rehowndf Masters' In Music pr both. An rlca
T,;- ' '"'I'W and Europe 4 'r " "'l - '
- ' Students eati register ftr winter-work now' - f
Phone, 135 i .- : X h-m Residence Stndlo 95 No. LItwrtty Bt.
Miss Elizabeth Levy
Recently returaed from4 EufbDeah.5 af'dvtntl trio
.best and most modern- violin playing j OrcnrafclsM
training, jjirector ot largest Ensemble in the4
state, which appeared at Oregon State Fairs the
e into J mm i . T
Studio 563 Court St., y v.v i Pione 24J
Lena Belle Tartar
TeacRer of Sfnging;
Director or Musir saicmiiinh whrtnia Rnini.f vi.iitLi
of Christ Scientist: English FrenclwIItaJIanV LaUn Diction; f
- Credits glyen in pregonHIgb, Schools. Pupil , of William
rrederlc Gasklns, Certalllsi Clo Tyler Taglierl. Portland 'llrvinr
M. Glen, Seattle; Karleton Hackett, Chicago. Graduate 61 A. C
Stndlo, 102 Liberty 84 Ifili
. 1;
3 rhoheicaji