The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, September 06, 1921, Page 3, Image 3

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'Phone 106
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. r-i HERE wu a treat exodus
1 from the city daring Labor
; ' day week-end : and many
families closed their in lads t
business and household . cares to
stct quiet spots at the seashore
'. or mountains In order to enjoy to
fullest capacity these days when
Hummer's inn is brightest. 'Last
evening maty parties of tired but
happy excursionists retnrned with
v spirits f reshendl to begin anew
ii the dally found of 'duties." .House
parties at the beacftes were draw
ing cards for many while the quiet
rest of the mountains with the
Jure of good fishing holes proved
equally popular to the sportsnian.
Many automobile parties were
: . planned, having' for their destlna
' tion some Interesting spot upon
t 'the Columbia highway. -1
And now the vacation' days
V Pickling Spices . '
Stone Jars . ' i
.Fruit Jars
13? N. Liberty Phone 67
Idlfu. a. ara alt ft &
V cream
mill).- .
have flown everyone is once
more settled into the regular
routine of work and we took for
ward to a few quiet weeks before
the days of the state fair dawn
upon our horizon.
Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Bishop are
being welcomed to their home in
Salem after an absence of five
weeks. Mr. Bishop arrived m
Portland on Saturday evening: af
ter an extended business trip to
New York. During Mr.
Wshop'a -absence-; Mrs. Bishop
has . been ' the. guest or
i. r son Roy Bishop of Portland.
Mrs- Bishop also enjoyed a two
weeks' outing at Rainier National
park, later spending a few days as
the guest or relatives and xrienas
at Seaside and Long Beach.
Mr. and Mrs. B shop returned
to Salem on Sunday.
' .
Miss Hazel Seeley who has
been much feted during the past
week as the house guest of. Mr.
and Mrs. R. Monroe Gilbert and
Miss Dorothy SMusloff. left Sun
day for Corvalliv where she will
visit with friends and relatives
for a brief period before return
ing to her home in Independence.
Mrs. Frank Snedecor who with
her houw guests, the, Misses Su
sie and, Llla Pearson.' has enjoy
ed an Interesting tour of the Til
lamook ' beaches Columbia high
way and Crater lake returned to
her home last week. ' The Misses
Pearson are from Birmingham,
Ala., and will remain In Salem
until the middle of September.:
Mrs. Clara Thompson of San
Francisco who has , been . visitlng
friends In Portland Is now enjoy
ing a few davs as the house guest
of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Lachmund.
' Miss Florence Canwrlgbt who
has spent the past month as the
house guest of Miss Adah Hark
ness of Tacoma is expected to ar
rive In Salem today.
Mr. and MrsO. E. Lewis were
Portland visitors during the past
week. Utfon their return to Sa
lem they were t accompanied : by
Mrs. Cora Starr and Mrs. C. R
Child, both olMPcrtland.
' .Vtiy'. .?'.
Robert AlbrlRhf and Joseph
Hall' of Portland who have been
guests ot the Theodore Barr
Daily 'StoH' Hollrs 9 a. m." to: 5 :45 p 'm, Saturdays 9
. a m. to ip. m. . ,
f"'W. '.fi '.','''-"-',;'' ,:'; "'-.
ms: ' lis
Mother. Will be interested
in the attractive prices on
wear things for school girls.
Children s Coats for School Wear
You will be pleased to know that we have quite a
good stock of Children's Fall and Winter Coats. You
should not overlook this : ; , - t
1 Prices Range From $4.5 Up To $16.50 ;
" i New Ginghams for School Dresses
It js high time to select the materials' you intend
making up into school dresses. ? We have a bis: assort-'
ment of Ginghams in, pretty plaids, checks and stripes.
Priced 25c, 30e 35c, 59c, 69c a Yard
choice assortment light
colored Percales very
good quality. -Priced per
yard.' '''..
19c, 20c, 22c, 25c
Lovely, sha4es that will
make pretty dresses for.
school wear. Priced, yard
Wool Serge $2.95 a Yard :
This is a splendid quality of serge; and it really
pays to buy. this because there is no wear out to it.
Pretty colors as navy, brown, red, sirento , blue and
black.!' ' . '
In .Our Dbvn Stairs T ?
You will find all kinds' of materials suitable for
School Dresses, .
Romper Cloth
v inMiU Ends
' ' at, yard , .
, Devonshire -Qoth
in . Mill
Ends, at yard
Good looking
' - at yard,
MAIL ORDERS--We pay the postage or express, on.
- all mail orders. . ' .
We guarantee . satisfaction or give you your money
: , back. ...
'1 Pbs877
borne durinr the past week -returned
to their boraea on Sun
day. ; ; s ' i v i:.'r:i
- " - ' "..'''-.
Mr. and Mrs. Allan Pynti are
leafing today for - Agate Beach.
Trhere they plan to remain for a
fortnight. j
Mrs. W. P. Babcoc an'l hr
daughters, the Misses Amelia and
Bertha Babeock returned
evening from an outing, at Breit
eabush springs.;
; :
Judge and Mrs. J. H. Bean are
entertaining as their houseguest
Mrs. Bean's ni?ce. Miss Lillitb la
gain of Portland. 1
- - - ' '
Mr. and Mrs.! Whitney Boise or
Portland were week-end guests at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. R. P.
Boise. - , ... .
"' -' ' ' .' .;
Mr. and Mrs. George. M. Brown
and dautrhters. the Misses Marjor
ie and Elaine Brown have return
ed from Roseburg where they
spent the entire summer months.
Miss Marjorle Brown will leave
next week for CorvalJis where she
will resume her studies at the
Oregon Agricultural college.
Henry Barr has entertained as
bis guest during the past week
Raymond Cudahy of Portland. Mr.
Cudahy is a member of the foot
ball team of C61umbia university.
Mr. and Mrs. Clifford G. Far
mer have been, entertaining as
their house guttts Mr. and Mrs.
George Haack of Portland. Mr.
and Mrs. Haack left yesterday for
their home accompanied by Mrs
Farmer tffco will remain as their
guest for several days.,
" .'
Miss Dorothy Hall, popular Se
attle girl, has -returned to hor
home after a .brief visit at th"
home or Dr. and Mrs. Richard
Mr. and Mrsj W. D. Clarke left
on Friday tor Portland Where
they spent the week-end.
Mrs. C. C. Cory returned to
Portland last evening after spend
ing the week-end at the W. W..
Cory "home on South Seventeenth
Dr. Angle FoTd Warrem for
mer Salem resident who now re
sides In Portland la visiting here
for a few days.
A pretty ceremony uniting Miss
Bertha Clark and Emil Carlson
was performed at seven-thirty
Sunday morning at the study of
the Reverend H. C. Stover. Im
mediately following the service a
wedding breakfast was served at
the home of the bride's parents.
Mr. and Mrs. ML L. Clark, only
Immediate members of the family
being' present.'
Mr. and Mrs. Carlson are now
enjoying a motor trip to Astoria,
Seaside and the "Tillamook beach
es. After a fortnight they will be
at home to their many friends at
their new apartment on Hood
street. !
Miss Eunalne Craig, Charles W.
Craig, Miss Wanda Hawley and
Harry Depew formed a party mo
toring to Seaside for the week-end.
Reverend H N. Aldrlch return
ed last evening from Oregon City
where he was called to officiate
at the funeral services of the late
W. T. Gortinaker who was fatally
burned last Saturday in the con
flagration at the Oregon Pulp and
Paper mills.
The Writers Section of the
Salem Arts league will enjoy a
unique meeting this evening at
Spong's landing. The affair will
be la the form of a picnic and
later an interesting program will
be given consisting of original
contributions M)y' the ' members.
This enterprising club has planned
several such- affairs during the
summer months and each one has
been classed as a complete' suc
cess. - I . il
Mark Skiff Jr., Miss Thelma
Dyke and Mr, and Mrs. Dyke: were
week-end 1 guests at the !Mark
Skiff 'f cottage at : Breitenbush
Springs. . : '
""J. ' "
Mrs. W. P. Lord and Miss Eliza
beth Lord who have spent the
vacation period at their summer
home at Seal Rocks are expected
to mrrire in Salem today.
'I The Tri-L club will hold Its
regular meeting this evening at
the Y.' WV C.' A. An " Interesting
program has been prepared and
refreshments will be served- All
business girls of the city are cor
dially invited to be present, i
, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Farmer and
Miss Irene Curtiss spent the last
week-end at Seaside. !
'Mrs. F. L. Porvine has returned
from a two weeks sojourn at Sea
view. . Before her return to Salem
- i
ft I ..w, -f i r& ? r i g
1 fL,Ji: Cls-
? ii' f? :i .:fs u
4mW X
tin 1 I
tkeaa, 4
' c!oUm mm mm miO '
ba have been, .visiting Coi. and
Mrs, J, .M. Poorman at Kocka
way. ' ' ' '
' Mrs. J. V. Colvin of Aabura.
Wash., is visiting her .mother,
Wr. O. H. HasktH.
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Hereford
land Mr. and Mrs. Tom Odekirk
are having' an outing at Rocka-
way. "" '-'
Mrs. lrw Ames of Susanville,
Cal., vlsit-d .at the home of Mr.
.md Mrs. D. A. McKte last .Tues
day. '
Mr. and Mrs. H.'M. Austin and
daughter Dortha Ccricn and Mr.
and Irs. Frank Proctor and
J children spent last week at Rock-
f Mr?. Fred Lichte and cbiMren
cf Heniingford, Neb., are spend
ing a month, visiting her parents;,
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Oitwerth.
Mrs. F. W. Settle ruler euler
taiued a few friends at bridge in
hoaor of Mrs. Iawa.n M. Toombs
of Denver. Colo. Tbose enjoy
ing the evening were Mrs. Blaine,
The Westminster Liberal -Association has invited Lady 'Bonhami
Carter, daughter of former Premier Asqnith, to become a candidate lor
Parliament for Westminster. 'She 4s shown here with, her small son ana
daughter. -She is the widow of Capt. Gay Bonham-Carter of the Nine
.teenth Hussars. ., . . ; . i
she spent some days as the guest
of her sister-Mrs. Jphn ,Sto;ken
burg of Yakima, "Washington. A
party onsIstilng , of Mrs. John
Stockenburg, Miss Mildred Stock
en burg, Mr. A. Thomas, and Mrs.
F. L. Purvine motored to Salem
to spend - the week-hd at the
Purvine home.: ,
Mr. and Mrs. Sherman Heck
man and their grandson . Robert
Heckman motored ' to Pacific City
for a sojourn over the Labor day
Could Hardly Straighten Up
. When the kidneys are over
worked and fail to throw oiltl
waste matter from the svstein. it
causes aches, pains, lame back,'
swollen ankles sore .joints, dizzi
ness, floating specks, etc.; J. w. ;
Seabock, Chester, Pa., writes-;
"My kidneys and back hurt me o
when I got out of bed in the;
morning I could hardly straighten
up. Had to rub the small of my
back before Ij could walk. 1
could hardly button my shoes, i
haven't felt the soreness since ,1
took Foley Kidney Pills.' Sold'et-H
ery where. Adv. x '
was the gueet of '.Mrs. F. W. Sifc
tlemler Wednesday. .
Silases Ft eia and Elma tlohn
decided-to try it again and go to
Berkeley, Cal. They were almost
on the point of remaining home,
after the fiist.'trip, when they
were passengers on the ill-fated
Alaska, for - they lost all their
clothes, but were thankful they
were alive. They left on the
train this time. i
" 'Dr. and Mrs. A. A. Parker were
guests of Mies Laura Austin Sun
day. Dr. and Mrs. Parker are
missionaires from Rboda, India,
and they worked with Miss Aus
tin In India. I
Mr . and Mrs. Ed 'Tyler and fam
ily 'are visiting the-Tillamook
beaches. !
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Poorman df
Tillamook motored to Woodbiirn,
bringing with, them Mrs. T. (f.
Poorman and daughter Margaret,
McCord. Mrs. ' S. flnisse. Mrs.
Lyman Shorer, Mrs.' IL D. "Miller;
Mrs. L:M. Bitney.Mrs.,.Toorab3
Mrs. J. W. Sadler, and Mrs.
Ottawa f ABfteofida
Mr. and Mis, .Wi A, Roberts
are spending a week 'with their
son, Fiaf red Roberti, and tamily
at ' Seaside.'' 1 ; ., -.
Mrs. Kutherine Bjornaas left
Wednesday for SlJburae, Minn.,
where he has. been engaged , to
teach next year. t
Miss Helen Wage man Is home
from an outing at the Washing
ton beaches.
Dewiry Aliman ,1s h6ftie' Trbhi
Nevada and southern CallTornla,
where be baa been for the last
two months. :v c-sfifM
Miss IdabeH Hendricks,' a trad
eateTof Vue dasi of!'21 atO At
C has aeeepted M t05itlon in the
High school at Vale ' and began
Irer term' Monday. A ,v '.;
Mr. and, Mrs. J .V.T. 'Nalbmaa
and family have returned from.
an outidV at Seaside. Gearheart
and Cash on beacbea.v- i
Dewer liilaey, a graduate la
mechanical engineering1 at-O. A.
C. - ela of -'t l . has - aceepted- a
position! in the Westinghouse con
cetnat Pittsburgh. Pa., and be-
Herbert Gordon Purchases
-I Sheridan Business Block
; ., ? .
SHERIDAN. Ore;, SepU- 5.
j Special' .tp The Statesman)
Herber Gordon , and ' family of
Pertland, were (a Sheridan tover
lhe weiek-end. r Mr. Gordon, , w bo
was a (representative m, the slate
ty .recently bought the Fanning
block here and , was In town on
business inspection of hU new
property. . Extensive improve
ments are being made on the
building. - .,' .
D CSS f.?Tn i
I I - I . mm tl i i ff5 V
.? J I J - . -:'..;
r-- S ,TTi V lOppR ) -.'
The new. sugar coated '' "gSi
chewing smiyMm)
which everybody JfwS. - JIS
'V ....
that m XW VZttt tr'ira til Ciii.
i isotjr thresh : .
t ,t r A t" fw
WOODBTJRN, Or., Sept. 5. -Frof.
and Mrs, M. S. Schrieber
and children have returned from
a two weeks vacation at New
port I .
Mr. and Mrs, E. J. Allen' and
daughter Helen are home from
Henry Bomhoff and Fred Mil
ler have returned from their trip
along the beaches from Seaside
te Rockaway.
Mrs. E. H. Scholes and daugh
ter Bonney have returned from
Buffalo, Mich., where they spent
the summer visiting relatives.
Miss Merle Hall is visiting her
parents for a month. Miss Hall
has been attending summer school
at the State Teachers' college at
Greeley, Colo. On October 1,'she
will return "and take a full year's
Air. and Mrs. S. A. Conner are
home from a very pleasant two
weeks' vacation,; spent at Spo
kane. Mrs. H. G. Barklage of Seattle
If Your Back Harts, or Bladder
Bothers You, Drink Lots of
When your kidneys hurl and
your back - feels sore, don't get
scared and proceed to load your
stomach with a lot of drugs that
excite the kidneys and irritate the
entire urinary tract. Keep your
kidneys clean like you keep your
bowlea clean, by flashing them
with a mtld, harmless salts which
removes the body's urinous waste
and stimulates them to their nor
mal activity. The! function of the
kidneys is to filter the blood. In
24 j hours they strain from It 600
grains of acid and waste, so we
can; readily understand the vital
importance ofrkeeping the kidneys
. Drink lots of water your cant
drink too much: also ret from atay
pharmacist about four ounces -of
Jad Salts;-take a tablespoonful?in
a glass of water betore breakfast
each morning for a few days aiid
your kidneys will act One. Tils
famous salts is made from the acid
of grapes and lemon juice, com
bined wttb lithia, i and has been
csed. for generations to clean and
stimulate clogged kidneys; also to
neutralize, toe adds ln.7urine ;so
It no longer is a source of irrita
tion,vthus ending .bladder weak
ness. ' .
Jad Salts Is Inexpensive; cannot
injure; makes a dellghtgnl effer
vescent llthia-water drink wbfch
everyone ? should take now and
then to keep their' kidneys clean
and active. ,Try this, also keep
up the water drinking, and no
doubt yon will wonder whatf "be
came of your tldey trouble and
backache. Adv. . ' -r !
f :j i
Totaling $51()M C&n
, , . ..... .
. 1 -'.i .,- . ....... ....
THESEC2ET Z TT. . I T7 I . SS' ' !K
cwES j- o ns real fflp Low m tears Had low net; h tfcgs ts!p
&f?e This 2"2rEtm5 L0E0WNLTNL A I HAD 0 10ERR0V KAIGAKHGESA' .
tUQue- ?????777?77??? ??7?y77????7 77777777777 7777777777?
- ' . ' ' -
i DdCiU-. fa kia fcautd rival. Mr l
daear jOaTid WarkfMM ertffta, I kava
J3 Bfife4 f of U ktst JCarlnj
Sctars Sun to Aaieries far my mil bit
jC.viBf Ptctara Play." - Of motn this tad
Griffm Mfir aacaoaw a Iikca ta aa tha
Craaiaat al all tha graa4 Xaria Pradnaars -m4
w trM kit bast to paittoada Da Milker te tdl
kim tb aaaaj of U grMt Mi Sua JrH
U Uautis kta, Car B. DtMillit mt
XWvi4 Tarkfiald Grill i aadaa
LiraBatiB &a aaaa al t a awr McrK
SUan ha ha4 arac4 c-4 toM U (ha tf ha
bnuu aaaock ta carar t aamaj f ra
tM aaem sadas Da aaaarr a4 ta kne taam.
It tn loa a psa)a far GrUTtB, m U
la aald ha eallad la SeatlaM Tard and f (ara4
tha a thaaaaad 4aUani if thy oaaj dia
eorar tha Bane for kha fram tha faor ta at
Mdas Uat DaMUWr hai rea him. T1U
waa aa aaay ak far tha graat fliiallaai Tax4
wataetira Tarea, had i iaaa thaa aa hoar
Shay had tha faar ajaaMat Thar fa i tha
aai it to Griffia sad aa (a a hia thajy ars-
iv .s aw taw ciaas.
vbica yea sm beaeaik sack aae el tae tou
MP tkM f Mr
a4 a a - - - -- - .
"f am o abaat it tkia way. Xaah aai
ms ma WMtMto i. Xach lattar rtra
raffaiayUa 11 "''t y,f
lr aau a, aadlaaarTh5:
teath latter la aach aaaa rrr "f tha -i .
tastaad af 10. , TrT7 7
''Each u. u mM, kaataad hmWa
li auda af lattara, Wt it aaaialaa aadr tha
lattar. that ara aaatala.d fat tha aadTaha
Ta ' ehaam tha .v 1
tttlr MaJralaat annaa , aeeaHiag ta tha
ada ak , aattiac tha- dawa lia? , lu
aa Mrta richt azaatlr aa TVT TitliiiiT.
teataaea. tha firat lattar at tha f iratMBaT at K.
" trUi aaa h, tha fixat iattor af th
Tliis Great Contest Is A-sohitely FR
Expense, SenH
a - am- aaa a all 11TH Bf-aSB '1M alMA
Uu tM th. aod. aha-a U. a-r-Ura itir.
ta Miiinai a. i .J -i
rj "After tm bar kurA efwy lattar sf
fha ana lata a aaaaaa. add aa ta aaai
asaatly aa yam vaaJd aay athar aaa tf 6
raa, aad tha total that fam gat ftraa: ya
mrelMs lets aastH af tha Sevis Btari. '
M rvar eiws tala war:
,Brit at tha laft-haad adal fh
at yaa aat ahaaja aaah flcara ad toa)
.'. toOaTS tovraaSta te tht
awrt ..da. aaara Ua aaa; far tartaaca, I
n JM that SW fim aaaaar ai tW total
af tha fim na tt T . Tha lataw Ota XI
aath Wttar .hl . aa7aa7 tka iW
aaa. tharafara tha fint lattar rasiaaaatad h
rw total la Uttar OaTahairTrlJ-i!
- aaaaa aVaaaaWSJ Sja JaafVata aaatBa
aatad hy that aaa." awaw
aa a aaa aa aaay araMaa. Vat
aaraararsaoa aay tSd yaa tha i
aa craai Jaaria Btara. as .k. i .
wa ata mt .tha tolaaad
i hi. iwi,i,i. I..
Tata traal aaataat a War aadaetad Vy
h fltataraaa PahUahlar Oa,- Batoa. Ora
Eaa, aa ad tha torgaat aad fcaet kaava aah
ahiar haaaaa ia Oraaaav ' Tha a yaa
raaraataa that tha ariaaa a-Ul ha avardad
ith ahaalato fatraaas aad aaaaraaeaa ta yaa
aad arery athar -aaataatoat. , frankly, it Is
"iaaa aa auaaaaa im none Jttaaattoad.
Oraraa'a Oraatatt fara Magaaiaa. aad Tha
. . . I I 111,.
aaay amtar aad via tha aaat af f lUaa whataar
yaa ara aaaaeriWr ta aithar af thaaa aah-
Manaaa ar -aoi aaa aaaara. yaa ana
aithar aa aakad aar aSpaetod to taka thaaa
gmaa ar apaad siaato yaa at yaar
Bar Is tha idea- Tha faaiTa
la tha aidaat aadtoat fara aafasaa aah-
waaa mm aaa x-aeiua jtauaai
tradaeUaa alaa
laa tmmm tt la. I
yto haaeiaUy waarth
tva aaadara to Tha Faefis Uaaaatoad aad
tw raaiata to Tha Xartlrvaat Paalary Jaar
aa. Wttf aOajhtaataayaaTikato
ua teas, D aaaUy faifflf tfca afcaaia
aad va will aaaa
aX iiu aaara tiaa.
t aa to aaah ad yaa
mnm to trss Totix goirsasai
TJfca nlr tat aida af tha
f tka Mvia Stariraad yaar
(atatiar Mxllra. arlkT)
Pr rtgat-haad aaraj. If mvkk
rito aaythtof hat t 1 1 u -
r-- a - i a a ar irausj. - ,v
l2Lf todrpaadait Wcto. aaria .
2toijiatw witkUa fim, via aard
pitoiiadtot t:ns8ii?
& TV targa aaabai af raaaaa.
Tha VartowMt Paaltiy - Joaraal a alae rarr
Whtoty wad aad aaa tha argatt airehlatwm af
r'fM""1.' Ua-eaw aabHahad i Ua
yeHie Kertharart. Bat aaa i atto is aaa af
raadata to lnai aenaiated -ith toaaa
yaWirartoaa. Thaaaf toa, aha wt
MkMvlaift yaar aatry ta i taa aaataat aad
aaar yaar atoadiax far tka ariaas. at
vary latest tarnaa. Thaa ta ardar to eaalifr
awa'--taa7r-a-r,'rSrSl"C 'JS srtor whiak
hMgto.toa.ttWaVal SI .T-Zddra VVZL L2r
Pie (viq jUy C(v salcmforT
is"'- JaWs.r ( .;.fc-to
ad the Jadgaa,7T r-.TTv
Taa i eaataat vfl eleee U g a. at- ,
These Prizes
ra M tt
li to.
ltta. .
if, $5 aa
ltth, S6.M
X7ta. Ua$
' 3X0 Casi
15X0 Ciii
Xttk. eaak
IKk, St. Oaah
it, IS Caah
Slet, 5. Caah
S2ad, $(. Camh
3rd, Caafe
4t, 5.e Cash
sect, it.oe cash
ttoit. SS.e Caah
S7til, SS.SS Caah